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NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk—introduced in Law & Order creator Dick Wolf’s New York Times bestselling debut The Intercept—must stop an assassin in the pay of a shadowy cartel in The Execution, a tense thriller that superbly blends suspense, politics, intrigue and high-flying action in the tradition of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, and Robert Crais. Soon after the MexicanNYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk—introduced in Law & Order creator Dick Wolf’s New York Times bestselling debut The Intercept—must stop an assassin in the pay of a shadowy cartel in The Execution, a tense thriller that superbly blends suspense, politics, intrigue and high-flying action in the tradition of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, and Robert Crais.Soon after the Mexican presidential election, twenty-three bodies are discovered beheaded on the United States border, each marked with a unique symbol - a carving of a hummingbird. Detective Cecilia Garza of the Mexican intelligence agency recognizes it as the signature of Chuparosa - an assassin feared for his cunning and brutality. The fierce and intense detective has been pursuing the killer for years, yet knows little about him, except that he's heading to New York - with the rest of the world.It's United Nations Week in Manhattan and Jeremy Fisk can't let grief over a devastating loss keep him from his duty to safeguard the city. Complicating matters is news of a mass murder nearby - and the arrival of the disturbingly beautiful and assertive Cecilia Garza, determined to do things her way.In the race to catch Chuparosa, these uneasy allies must learn to work together, and fast. As they soon discover, there's more to this threat than meets the eye - and Fisk will have to learn the hard way that justice is not always blind....

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The Execution Reviews

  • Susan May
    2019-04-21 14:58

    Who hasn’t seen at least one episode of Law and Order, the longest running scripted show on television? It’s been around, would you believe, since 1990. Dick Wolf, the creator of the show, is an award winning director, and producer. Now he's turned his hand to writing books, and he's proved that he can tell gripping stories no matter the medium.In 2013, he released his first book THE INTERCEPT, and it took me a while to get around to reading it. (If you saw my to-be-read review pile, you would be afraid.) Once I did get to it, I read it in a few sittings. It was brilliant, and a masterful thriller debut.Its not surprising that Wolf can write a page turning thriller/drama. He does wonders with a 40-minute television slot. Through that discipline, it’s clear he’s learned the craft of grabbing hold of a reader and not letting them go until the last page.This year he’s released the second in the series THE EXECUTION—although you can read either of these books as a stand-alone. Both stories are a cross between a police procedural and a political thriller set in New York.His protagonist, Jeremy Fisk, is an investigating officer from the department's Intelligence Division in New York, and he is the perfect, intelligent character on the wrong side of authority to take us on a thill ride.The story setups are very good. In THE INTERCEPT a plane hijacking is foiled and the passengers who prevent it become instant celebrities. Fisk suspects there is more to this attempt than meets the eye, and that there is an even greater terrorist threat connected to it.In THE EXECUTION, we follow on directly from the first book, and in the opening scenes, there are some grizzly, nasty chapters à la Breaking Bad involving a Mexican drug lord. Wolf introduces us to Detective Cecilia Garza of the Mexican intelligence agency, and she is a great foil for Jeremy Fisk.Dick Wolf has become one of my favorite authors. I never miss an episode of Law and Order; in 24 years I’ve only ever missed a couple of episodes of any of the series. I won’t be missing any of his books either. He is an accomplished author and knows how to entertain in any format.Thank you to Hachette Australia who supplied both these books to me in return for my honest opinion.

  • Mike French
    2019-04-02 17:56

    Tremendous second novel in the Jeremy Fisk series! I would highly recommend you read "The Intercept" first as this is a continueing series. If you haven't read the "The Intercept", start ASAP!

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-20 18:57

    I like what Mr. Wolf does to television. He is a master and he knows how to create good television shows that last a long time due to really nice writing. That is why I was excited to see what he could do in the book world. While there is not a lack of action, I struggled with this book. In fact, I finished this book a long time ago and have not found the right words to put down for my thoughts on this book. In fact, I don't know if I still really have found them but I am going to try. The beginning started out great but then it slowed down in the middle, which was kind of funny as the chapters were short, but the ending finished out alright. With the chapters being short, it felt rushed and therefore I did not get the connection I usually get from Mr. Wolf with his characters. So I found myself breezing through the book but going through the motions. Nothing special about this book just another book. If you want to feel a stronger connection to Fisk then you might want to start out with book one, The Intercept.

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    2019-03-26 16:57

    This was my first introduction to any writing by Dick Wolf, create of TV's successful Law & Order series. I had high hopes therefore going in. But for me this was a mediocre crime thriller. I read crime and thrillers more than any other genre so I know what I love and what I don't, this was a middle of the road novel in my opinion.What's the book about?The second page-turning thriller from the creator of Law & Order starring NYPD Special Agent Jeremy Fisk.Soon after the Mexican presidential election, twenty-three bodies are discovered beheaded on the United States border, each marked with a unique symbol - a carving of a hummingbird. Detective Cecilia Garza of the Mexican intelligence agency recognizes it as the signature of Chuparosa - an assassin feared for his cunning and brutality. The fierce and intense detective has been pursuing the killer for years, yet knows little about him, except that he's heading to New York - with the rest of the world.It's United Nations Week in Manhattan and Jeremy Fisk can't let grief over a devastating loss keep him from his duty to safeguard the city. Complicating matters is news of a mass murder nearby - and the arrival of the disturbingly beautiful and assertive Cecilia Garza, determined to do things her way.In the race to catch Chuparosa, these uneasy allies must learn to work together, and fast. As they soon discover, there's more to this threat than meets the eye - and Fisk will have to learn the hard way that justice is not always blind.My Review:So essentially we have murders galore going on at the US/Mexico border, executions of rival Cartel members and innocent people alike, the dead bodies are piling up (minus their heads and various other body parts) and Detective Cecilia Garzia knows who she is looking for to pin the blame on. She's after a powerful and dangerous Cartel leader called Chuparosa, known for his drawings of a Hummingbird sometimes on the bodies of his victims. We are talking ruthless Mexican drug cartel stuff.I had trouble connecting with Garzia as a character, she is known as the "Ice Queen" due to her poker faced ability to be tough, she has to be, she is in a man's world and has to earn the respect of those around her. I wanted her to be more realistic, I wanted to connect and see underneath a bit more, we got glimpses but I was left wanting.When execution style murders happen on US soil with the signature of Chuparosa all over the bodies, Garzia teams up with NYPD Special Agent Jeremy Fisk to solve the crimes. For a lot of the book they are not gelling together well, approaching things from different angles. I found Fisk a better character to feel connected with slightly, perhaps reading the first book might have introduced me to his character more in-depth, but again, he kind of escaped me. Didn't stand out as a memorable character at all.The middle of the book just lost me after it's all-action gruesome starting point and developments. I was just bored, too much emphasis on ongoing conversation, politics and procedures for me. I felt it lacked the flair it needed to keep the book really bouncing along. I like my crime to be gutsy and to hold me through every word. Don't get me wrong, there are good parts in the book too, it just was not consistent for me.It combines politics with police work, blends together police and special forces from Mexico and the USA, throws together unlikely people into working relationship but do they get their man? Does The Hummingbird fly free? Is Chuparosa's time up as a violent and dangerous man. And how many headless bodies turn up before they even gets close to him? You have to read the book to find out.I think fans of this style of crime novel might indeed love this book, as will fans of Dick Wolf's previous novels. It's not bad, but it's not going to stick in my memory. I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bella Swann
    2019-04-07 13:48

    I loved this book. There were a lot of different stories that interconnected. I loved the character of Garza as she was such a strong, incorruptible police officer. Her story was fascinating and her interactions with Jeremy were compelling. A very interesting and well-written story. Can't wait to read more stories by this author.

  • Chris
    2019-04-17 13:56

    This is the second book by Dick Wolf and you may recognize his name since he co-created/wrote the Law and Order series on TV. Main character in this book is Jeremy Fisk and he works for the NYPD. Jeremy is what you would call your normal cop working for the department. He works on his own trying to find terrorists based in New York. This time he is after a group that reminds me of ISIS. This book is scary and not in the horror way but in the real life way because this can happen and then again it may be happening as your reading this. I thought the book was going to be like this throughout boy was I wrong. The book opens with Jeremy sitting in a car at the Canadian border (New York side) waiting for terrorists to cross who have a highly toxic, radioactive isotope in the middle of winter during a snow storm. Windows ice up and it is Jeremy’s turn to scrape windows. Jeremy goes to take care of business in the trees and hears a lot of gun fire (fade out). Now it is July and the setting is Mexico where a group of men standing around smoking cigs while 1 guy is chopping heads off of people that are tied up with a tool that was made just for this purpose. This is all tied in to the book. Just reading the first couple of chapters I know that I was going to be kept guessing till the end of the book on who the real culprit is. What I liked about the book was it wasn't your normal espionage/political book. The story is told as if you were watching a movie. Doesn't jump back and forth a lot and is written very smoothly. Love it when the good guys win fairly without any dirty tricks and the right thing is done. Only if our world can be like that.

  • Jim A
    2019-04-25 14:07

    I enjoyed this book by Dick Wolf more than his first. Maybe it was because, having read the first one, my expectations were lower.Pretty fast paced thriller about two agents, one NYPD and the other Mexican, chasing an assassin. You learn early on that this assassin is one bad dude.Twists at the ending, although the clues were there during the book, were surprising to me. All in all worth the read, even though I don't think it will ever achieve 'classic status' along the lines of Flynn, Berenson, Thor, etc.But that's just my view and as always your mileage may vary.

  • Kerry
    2019-04-15 14:54

    Great read. Beyond the lines drawn between countries there are those who blur the lines for their own benefit, they are called assassins. With one federal agents mission to find the truth and another agent from Mexico trying to catch a self made man in brutality. Then add this directive of the killer, whom has managed to hide his idenity, to make his mark before he is killed in this game of cat and mouse. Very well written, thoroughly enjoyed this book. Highly recommended read.

  • Alaina
    2019-04-21 19:00

    I was confused in the beginning despite having read the book before this one though the main story does not revolve around the first book it should be rent for this onebut once I got past that it was good

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    2019-04-14 14:11

    Jeremy Fisk has been cleared for police duty only it won't be the kind he was hoping for. It's United Nations Week in New York City which means he will be working Intel in aiding foreign dignitaries for their week long summit. After losing his former partner and girlfriend Krina Gersten in a terrorist plot what was discovered before it had a chance to be carried out, he still had feelings that justice had not been served the way he would have wanted. Even though the trial carried with it a guilty verdict, Fisk still wanted more than just seeing the man responsible spending life behind the bars of prison. Fate would see to it that Fisk would be allowed that brief moment to right the wrongs he felt he was due in life and no one would be able to prove he had anything to do with it. Hoping to find out just what information they could glean from Swedish Muslim terrorist Magnus Jenssen before he was locked up for good, Fisk was granted the opportunity to speak to him privately as long as he didn't physically lay a hand on him. The Feds believed that Jenssen would be smug enough to let something slip they could use to further prevent any further terrorist activity from occurring in the United States. Just because one terrorist act failed didn't mean there were not others who were working on bigger plans. Once Fisk had his words with Jenssen, he began to work on Intel for the UN Week. What he didn't expect during this time was that he would once again be called back into work when a mass of headless bodies appears on Rockaway Beach. Could this have anything to do with the recent mass murders that are plaguing the Federal Police Department in Mexico headed up by Commandante Cecilia Garza, also known as the Ice Queen. Now assigned as the Personal Security detail for the Mexican President, she begins to work with Detective Fisk to uncover a bigger terrorist plot that will place both of their presidents at risk of execution, if only they can unravel it in time. In the latest novel from Dick Wolf, the New York Times best selling author of the Intercept brings you the sequel The Execution. This one will leave you virtually hanging on every page as the threat draws closer and the body count begins to add up. The real back story is the past that both Fisk and Garza carry that refuses to let them see justice prevail despite the fact that the bad guy simply gets locked up. When things get personal, it seems that revenge in the purest sense begins to rear its head and shows that justice truly is blind in the eyes of the law and for the criminals. I love the way this one ended in a so called double standard but could see that as something I would be tempted to do as well. I'll have to let you see how it truly plays out in the end. If you love shows like Law and Order, then you will definitely want to pick this one up. I received The Execution by Dick Wolf compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Being a huge fan of crime novels, I easily give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars more for the ending than anything else without giving away the ending. I can't wait for more Jeremy Fisk novels from Dick Wolf in the future.

  • An Odd1
    2019-03-27 18:55

    "What kind of mind dreams up abominations like this?" p 45. Creepy Mexican mobster called Chuparosa artistically carves hummingbird into "headless handless corpse" p 47. Rating could stay high to admire author ability, even if I don't "Like" mutilation. "The explosive noise of the guns had set off a chain reaction" p 1 starts book with a bang. NYPD Jeremy Fisk holds only a windshield scraper while Swedes massacre all other agents in a white-out snowstorm. Tension builds as he takes out bad guys."Chain of command .. Distance yourself from Commandante Hottie" p 253. Inter- and intra-agency squabbles mean Fisk has trouble with more than villains to get the job done. He mourns girlfriend Krina Gersten, unready to romance "Ice Queen" p 46 Mexican Detective Cecilia Garza. During UN Week in Manhattan, for "grand finale" Presidents Obama and Vargas will "sign a narcoterrorism treaty" p 101 in restaurant of Andrés León, who funds Vargas. In a twist, Hummingbird "destined to fail" p 317 makes suicide run for "someone measurably more influential" p 322 than Presidents. (view spoiler)[León "rarely leave .. once a year .. paranoid" p 274 witness program "beautiful prison" p 270. Hummingbird wants revenge on Ochoa, former Cartel leader after "plastic surgery" p 328 changed name to Andrés León. So does Garza. "Eleven young Mexican women ages 15 to 20" were saved. Hummingbird killed by Garza "stopped forever" p 311. Ochoa is reason Garza joined police. In her "college years .. mother and sister were kidnapped .. ransom was paid .. never returned" p 44, died after "forced into sexual slavery" p 330. "I wanted to kill him .. inside the consulate ... and suffer the consequences .. I learned from you. I am bringing him to justice .. obeying the rule of law, not of vengeance. Blood vendettas are the old Mexico. This is how we will bring about real change" p 333. Garza holds back, does not "ruin herself for revenge" p 329.(hide spoiler)]C-warning. "Karma" p 334 hits Janssen, book #1 enemy who killed hero's girlfriend, "after serving only a few weeks in prison" p 335. (view spoiler)[ "Fast-moving cancer" p 335 kills Janssen. Fisk bakes cupcake with last "microgram of deadly polonium-210" p 335, tempts Janssen to gobble sweet.(hide spoiler)] Retribution loses CIA buddy Dave Link "I'll f-ing drone-strike your house .. You and I are strangers" p 334. "No aftereffects from the radiological poisoning?" "None, Fisk lied" p 99. Fisk will face more personal problems and international terrorists. I flipped these pages past fast but undecided whether to continue series hinting at cancer for hero.

  • Lesa
    2019-04-06 14:03

    If you don't recognize Dick Wolf's name as an author, you may recognize it as the creator of Law & Order. He brings the same non-stop action and suspense to his second Jeremy Fisk novel, The Execution.Detective Jeremy Fisk of the NYPD Intelligence Division sees himself as an elite cop. He's a member of the anti-terror unit modeled on the CIA. He survived the action that killed his girlfriend. And, he's the survivor of a stakeout in upstate New York where two Swedish Muslim militants tried to cross the border. So, a liaison job during United Nations week in New York City isn't exactly what he enjoys. Then thirteen bodies with no heads are dumped on a Rockaway beach.Comandante Cecelia Garza has pursued a Mexican killer for years. He's a legendary figure in the Mexican war against drugs, a man known for his brutality and his artistic signature. When Garza is called to the scene of a brutal killing spree, she recognizes the signature of Chuparosa. "The Hummingbird" beheads his victims, and carves the picture of a hummingbird on a body. When she accompanies the President of Mexico to the United States for UN Week, she again recognizes his signature, thirteen beheaded bodies dumped on a Rockaway beach.Just as in his TV shows, Wolf provides fascinating backstories for his characters, Fisk and Garza. While the narco-terrorism angle is interesting, it's Jeremy Fisk and Cecelia Garza, with their histories and their daily struggles in their job, that make the story realistic. Like Linda Fairstein, Dick Wolf is able to find unlimited stories in the streets of New York City. Wolf is quoted as saying, "The NYPD Intelligence Unit provides a goldmine of story possibilities for Fisk. As much as the threats - narco-terrorists in The Execution and Muslim fundamentalists in The Intercept - what also attracts me about these stories is the possibility of exploring the things that drive the people involved in counter-terrorism on a daily basis. And the psychological toll they face when they know that the only good days are the ones in which nothing happens. Coupled with constant anxiety about the cost of failure against enemies who are often unknown. This make Fisk an idiosyncratic, yet totally disciplined investigator."Before I even finished The Execution, I recommended Dick Wolf's thrillers to a reader who said she likes some of James Patterson's books, and David Baldacci's. Now that I finished it, I have a pretty good idea that I steered her toward another pageturner..

  • Betty Glenn
    2019-04-24 20:48

    This book starts quickly, but I almost didn’t make it to the end, so a little advice up front: Do try, since the pace picks up and the story improves toward the end. Until then, although there were interesting, exciting moments, the story mostly seemed to plod along. Too much explanation, not enough action. There are frequent intrusions into the story while the author provides information he thinks the reader needs. These range from blatant parenthetical asides while a character is “on stage” to paragraphs of background information about government agencies and their operating methods. Every time this happens, we suddenly “see” the author, which ends our immersion in the story. This is not a book you’ll get lost in. Additionally, much of what happens to the characters is telegraphed well ahead. Any character who claims to be too busy to become involved will surely become involved, any head of state who fears making a bad decision will soon make one to move the plot along, and possible romances end up right where you suspected they would as predictably as a romance novel. Dick Wolf’s writing is solid, despite the issues with style and plotting. His knowledge of the setting (New York) adds great dimension, and the plot itself is an attention grabber.

  • Chris
    2019-04-12 20:14

    Dick Wolf does not disappoint. In this second novel we find Jeremy Fisk continuing to battle Islamic terrorists from Sweden in the cold woods of New York on the Canadian border. However, the main plot of this book is set in NYC and involves narco-terrorists from Mexico. Fisk butts heads with an attractive, no nonsense Latina from the equivalent of the Mexican FBI/CIA. She is in town protecting the President of Mexico. Fisk has been sidetracked to a mission involving the United Nations. It's UN Week in NYC and the place is crazy with diplomats and their personal security detachments. Fisk and Commandante Garza are attracted to each other but maintain a professional distance. This possible romance or hook-up is played out in a race against time to catch an evil drug lord who has left Mexico for it seems one purpose-to take out the Mexican president. When this novel is over, it's not over. So many twists in this plot left you just stunned at the end. Where's Dick taking us in book three? I can hardly wait.

  • Amy
    2019-04-02 15:56

    Excellent! I did not figure out any of the resolutions (who did it and how/why) to the plot lines until they were revealed. Some were shocking. I certainly was fed the clues, but they were woven so well into the storyline, and there were so many things going on in the book, that I was still surprised. A great resolution for the first book; and an exciting new chapter waiting to be written for book #3. You really do need to read (and remember!) book 1 - The Intercept - to benefit from reading this one. Not a book that should be read out of order in my opinion. For fans of James Patterson - short chapter - lots of action but little details. Some complain because of the lack of details - said his books are written more like a screen play for tv. Sometimes that is ok. Sometimes you just need to get absorbed in the action and leave the tedious detail for other books. If it works for James Patterson, it certainly works for Dick Wolf.

  • Robert
    2019-04-10 16:14

    While not quite as good as the first Fisk book this one is still pretty decent. NYPD Detective Fisk is back on the case and chasing down a hummingbird in this installment. Hummingbird is the name of a ruthless assassin visiting the Big Apple up from Mexico. With the Federales hot on his tail he splits from Mexico with what appears to be plans of assassinating the Mexican Presidente at a meeting with Obama. This one just seemed a bit slower and fit with a rushed ending as opposed to the first Fisk novel. I did like the twists thrown in at the end even if it did feel a bit rushed. I look forward to the next novel in the series, if there are going to be more.

  • Sue Wargo
    2019-04-06 19:10

    The genius behind the Law & Order series is now author to a thrilling new novel series. Jeremy Fisk is a well formed character who is sharp and credible. The detail in story plot will keep you reading well into the night. This story connects New York with Mexico and an underworld of crime and drug lords. Wolf like in his tv series writes commandingly with threads of real time events and politics. The violence is portrayed with explicit detail, but is not gratuitous. I highly recommend both books in the series.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-23 18:53

    "The Execution" is the second mystery I have read by Dick Wolf. The author is creator of the long running TV franchise "Law And Order." The main character of the novel, Jeremy Fisk, and his counterpart from Mexico lead the action in New York City during a meeting at the U.N.. The plot has enough twists without being too hard to follow. I would read another Dick Wolf mystery.

  • Jim
    2019-03-26 19:00

    This was a good mystery & covered a lot of ground. I didn't read the first, but the author caught me up on what happened well enough, probably without being overbearing for those who had. There's not a lot of action, but that is well done & quite believable. The story was logical, the motivations very good. I'll be interested in reading another.

  • Esther Somorai
    2019-04-21 12:57

    This is an interesting and exciting read, here and there throughout, that kept me reading at a pretty fast pace. It just didn't hit the four or five star rating for me.

  • Laurie
    2019-04-15 14:45

    One of the main characters went to my high school -- The American School in Mexico City. Pretty sweet.

  • Kay
    2019-04-21 13:04

    This time Jeremy Fisk is hunting for an assassin from Mexico. Beautiful Mexican Commandant partners in the search. Exciting drama at it’s best.

  • Christine Ricci
    2019-04-24 16:04

    A fun read for the most part. Although there were some slow parts and a few paragraphs I thought the book could do without, on the whole it was a good read. It read like TV show or movie (makes sense with Dick Wolf as the author) in the beginning, but towards the end it felt as if Wolf was trying to drag out the ending. Was there a word count minimum? I wouldn't be opposed to picking up another in the series, but I'm not itching to read it either.

  • Michael C
    2019-04-18 15:06

    A fast paced book. Helped by a story line that moved rapidly. I loved the two disparate stories that merged into the main story. Structurally, this reader's experience was enhanced by short, snappy chapters. Recommended.

  • Mark
    2019-04-01 13:13

    Very good. I was always anxious to pick this up and was angry when I had to put this down to go to some appt.

  • Erika Cervantes
    2019-03-28 16:59

    Good book but had parts that were boring

  • Joe Parks
    2019-03-29 15:05

    An excellent and fast moving read! I very much enjoyed it. I didn't get bored at any time in this book.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-06 14:55

    Better than average crime thriller. Liked the main character Fisk.

  • Nick Constantino
    2019-04-13 12:57

    An excellent read!

  • Rick Parsons
    2019-04-24 13:50

    An excellent sequel to The Intercept, a little faster paced, with a nice twist at the end.