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Tate and Sebastian are having trouble maintaining a successful monogamous relationship. When trust is betrayed and old friends reappear, the men are faced with the challenge of making things work or changing the way they will be together. Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and when sexy Dom James Lucas swoops in at the right time, things get even more complicated. OTate and Sebastian are having trouble maintaining a successful monogamous relationship. When trust is betrayed and old friends reappear, the men are faced with the challenge of making things work or changing the way they will be together. Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and when sexy Dom James Lucas swoops in at the right time, things get even more complicated. Or do they? Do gay men have to tow the traditional line, or is there room for a new definition of true love?*graphic sexual and BDSM content*Note: This book is the sequel to Beyond the Edge.Cover image of Michael Tattersall by Stéphanie Amesse...

Title : The Cross and the Trinity
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The Cross and the Trinity Reviews

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-04-13 22:02

    Reviewed for Prism Book AllianceThe Cross and The Trinity is a well executed story of how a triad relationship can work. I’ve read my fair share and am usually left with a distinctly HFN feeling. My contention is everyone in the triad has to bring something to the table and they all have to be attracted to one another for it to have a chance at survival. I have that feeling about The Cross and The Trinity.We parted with Tate, Sebastian and James in Beyond The Edge on a bit of a sad note with James being left out of the equation. About a year later, things between Tate and Sebastian are beginning to unravel due in large part to Tate’s punishing work schedule, leaving them both dissatisfied and marginally unhappy. All of which is complicated by the fact that Tate cannot seem to put James in his past. He’s haunted by him even in his dreams.Events occur and James finds himself rescuing Tate from his drunken stupor and thrust smack dab in the middle of his and Sebastian’s relationship woes. I don’t know about you, but I did a happy dance. I don’t mind telling you I was a tad butt hurt with the ending of Beyond The Edge, so I was more than ready for a reunion.James is primarily a Dom. He’ll bottom occasionally for the right person, but it’s not really his forte and his Dom prowess is exactly what both Tate and Sebastian need in my opinion. Tate and Sebastian have been playing at dominating one another but there’s something missing. Maybe they don’t have enough experience. Maybe it’s too much of a game and there’s not enough danger involved. Maybe their heart just isn’t in it. I don’t know but what I do know is James is the missing link.The Cross and The Trinity struck me as a weightier read than Beyond The Edge. It looks at the fragility of life and there is even a bit of a philosophical bent. Don’t get me wrong, there is kinky sex galore-Ms. Lister can write some kinky sex like nobody’s business-and the fetish party sequence still makes my pupils dilate just thinking about it, but there is also depth and emotionality that moved me. I would categorize it much the same as its predecessor as a slice of life tale with infinitely relatable characters.The Cross and The Trinity is told exclusively from Tate’s perspective, but I don’t think that precludes the characterization of either James or Sebastian. There aren’t any car chases, antics or shenanigans. All of them are rational and logical people who don’t regularly make impulsive decisions and communicate with one another honestly. The dialogue is clean. I enjoyed the hell out of their growth as a triad, though I wouldn’t mind learning more about the dynamic between James and Sebastian as the relationship progresses. I still have issues with the complete lack of condom usage and overreliance on testing, but that’s just me. I will say, it does have a bit of an open ending-not a cliff thank all the deities so I’m hopeful for more.The kink is in the moderate range and much the same as Beyond The Edge, the difference being they embarking on an actual romantic relationship without a contract, so of course, the dynamics evolve. If you’re looking for hardcore, you’ll probably be disappointed. Anyone who enjoyed Beyond The Edge will surely enjoy The Cross and The Trinity.An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Vivian
    2019-04-19 18:54

    Polyamory done right.I loved Tate, Sebastian and James as soon as I read them in the predecessor to this, Beyond the Edge. At the end of that one I had concerns about long term issues and, no surprise, they reared their ugly heads and brings us here. I gotta be honest, the bridge for the two stories is rough, and not just content-wise but also writing style. In order to get from there to here things have to implode. I get that and it makes sense, but the crash is long and drawn out. It needed to be tightened. Plus the style of writing was significantly different, much more a reportage/summary and that would have been great if it was 10% of the beginning of the book, but it went on for the first third. If I wasn't so familiar with the characters and their interaction potential I would have DNF the book and been disgruntled. Soldiering on pays off. When Tate, Sebastian and James finally come back together it is as if we never left the first time. Spectacular sensual play featuring fisting, puppy play and a decadent play party they attend. Smorgasbord of cock, tail and toys. Little spoilery bits that I'm gonna hide :)(view spoiler)[On top of that, the positive portrayal of polyamory and the inherent sticking points is well done here. James always has Sebastian and Tate's best interests even before his own. When they are weaving their lives back together it is clear and sure, there aren't any big problems so it does flow nice, but I still enjoyed seeing it. The issues of jealousy, inclusion and respect are so well observed that it is "ideal", but it does make you hope that others could find a way to make it work. And the toys? Oh Hell, the anal hook and all of them fucking Etienne until he was just oozing and Tate loving playing with it was so good. I loved the fisting and the uptick in Sebastian's puppy play, too. *Big smiles* (hide spoiler)]So, how do I rate it?The beginning was so dreadful that it is 2 stars and the second half is the delight I expected and 5 stars--so I'm gonna use math and divide the rating. 3.5 stars. Favorite passage 'cause James is so damn hot:“You don’t get it that easy, boy. You still have work to do. And so do I.”

  • jenTed
    2019-04-01 16:57

    First off let me start by saying that this book cover was/is way hotter than the prequel, Beyond the Edge. I almost didn't ready "Beyond..." because of the cover. I know, shame on me for initially judging a book by it's cover! I learned my lesson, for now at least. Anyway, I read both books back to back and I'm glad that I did. Not that you have to, that's just how I did it. I will say that it is a good idea to have read "Beyond..." at some point before reading this one though.So, about the book, well...I've got to say it took awhile to get into this one. All the stress in Tate and Sebstians lives was stressing me out. I wanted to slap each one of them for being idiots. I was happy when James came back into their lives to restore some order to the mess they created. I think each of them deserved the punishments they got, but damn if Tate wasn't a whiny ass about his punishment. After the punishments were served the book rebounded to the greatness that I expected after reading "Beyond..." There were also a couple of surprises in here that I found really HOT, (view spoiler)[like the fisting, the anal hooks, and the Prince Albert wand.*fanning myself* Whooo! (hide spoiler)]All in all it was a great read. It was worth suffering through the stress in the beginning to get to all he hotness in the end. I'm thinking after 3 successful reads of Elizabeth Lister I'm going to have to check out some of her other works. One final note to end on...this was my favorite line in the book..."Eeny meeny miny mick, catch a slave-boy by the dick. If he hollers spank him quick. If he cries then use the stick."

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-04-15 20:40

    WANTS! We NEEDS it!!WE HAS!!!!!!!

  • JustJen
    2019-03-22 16:45

    A review by The Blogger Girls.I have been so excited for this book. I remember liking so many things about Beyond the Edge, from the realistic feel and likable characters to the smoking hot sex scenes. One aspect that left me saddened at the end, however, was that even though I understood Tate and Sebastian’s decision to devote themselves to one another, I wanted so much more for James.The Cross and the Trinity picks up with Tate and Sebastian continuing with their relationship, although some issues have arisen. Tate is having to work a lot of extra hours at his job which, after months and months, is leaving Sebastian a bit attention starved. Tate comes up with a solution in the form of a puppy, but that seems to backfire in more ways than one. There is also the issue of Tate not being able to forget about James to the point where he consistently dreams about him. It is obvious these guys love and care about each other, but they both are at such loose ends about different things.Then James is back in the picture, and it is like a breath of fresh air all over again. He still has feelings for Tate but goes out of his way to not get between Tate and Sebastian’s relationship. He even goes so far as to mediate for them when things are brought to a head. Here is where one of the main things I love about this story really starts to take shape. While Tate and Sebastian have been getting along with being the dom/submissive each other needs, it is obvious they are only playing or testing those roles.James is the missing piece to this puzzle, and he fits perfectly. For example, Tate doesn’t seem to ever fully understand Sebastian’s puppy play needs, not is Sebastian ever really able to dominate Tate the way he needs. But James is able to that and then some. He is exactly what each of them need and he is confident and knows exactly what to do and when to do it. They are each considerate of what the other needs, all of them conscious of not leaving one of them out at any time. This is definitely a ménage that works well in favor of all parties, and for that reason, it is on my favorite ménage shelf.As for the BDSM scenes, I find them very well written and believable and just a pleasure to read. If nothing else, I looked forward to this book for that reason alone with the rest being an added bonus. They do take things a step further than last time with some fisting, but it is done in such a way that makes it more personal, as opposed to just something done in a scene. There are plenty of other fabulous scenes as well covering kinks we already got a taste of in the first book, and they are just as hot, if not hotter, this time around.I thoroughly enjoyed this story, though when the guys all get on the same page is when it really took hold for me. I wanted to read this slowly so as to savor it to the very last page. I was still sad when I got to the end, as I was not ready to say goodbye to these guys just yet. I will be jumping for joy when news of seeing them again hits my radar, and in the meantime, have definitely added Ms. Lister to my auto-read list.

  • Leisha
    2019-03-26 15:38

    *Copy provided by the author through the BDSM TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review*Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★★(★)Overall: ★★★★★ (4.5)~~~What can I say? I loved the continuation of Tate, Sebastian and James' story. Personally the decision Tate and Sebastian made at the end of Beyond the Edge thoroughly frustrated me - Tate being a switch through and through certainly needed Sebastian and James in his life. Whilst somewhat predictable, I enjoyed the lead up to their reunion and I definitively enjoyed their reunion.This is a love story, a story of needs and wants and, whilst I still crave to know James' point of view, I appreciate that Lister consistently stuck to Tate as a means of telling this story from the point of view of the middle element of the men's trinity.I am absolutely enchanted by James and the wisdom and intelligence the character brings to the novel. The three of them are on different points of the BDSM spectrum and I felt that the author dealt with that really well.Sebastian remains a mystery to me, whilst he is submissive to his core, he also has a dominant streak - this is not a criticism but me saying that I want more, I want to make sense of him completely.*ponders* - I think that is all I have to say for now, reading both of these novels was a true pleasure :)You can read my review of Beyond the Edge here.

  • Chappy
    2019-04-14 20:03

    Wow, even better than the first book.The beginning was a bit troublesome with Tate and Seb having some relationship problems. However, once James steps in to help out, the situation improves dramatically.I felt a much deeper connection to James this time around. He wasn't just this all powerful Dom with rules and strict emotional control. He reveals a lot more about himself and is happy to take Tate and Seb under his wing.OK, lots of hotness here and some cool toys you don't often hear about like anal hooks and Prince's wands. James even gets spanked once with a Ping Pong paddle, oh man that was awesome. That "play party" in Montreal was wonderful and so raunchy.I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Lister at last year's Romancing the Capitol Book Convention in Ottawa. I told her that I was happy to see erotica books being based in Canada/Ottawa.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-04-03 18:04

    ★★★★☆Sebastian and Tate are now living together and James is no longer in the picture except as a figure in Tate's erotic dreams. Tate has begun working way too much and Sebastian is left alone far too often and even when Tate is home, he's exhausted and sex has become perfunctory. Enter Tate's solution for Sebastian's loneliness - a puppy, after all he likes pup play, he'll like a dog right? This leads Sebastian to the gay dog trainer. Until the day Tate comes home sick early and spies Sebastian at the trainer's house in his pup gear. (view spoiler)[No actual cheating occurred (hide spoiler)]As Tate is drinking his sorrows away, James happens upon him and takes him home to sleep it off. When Tate returns home, he continues to treat Sebastian badly which culminates in a big blowup and James becomes involved. He doesn't take advantage of the situation, but it's clear Tate and Sebastian need some discipline and direction to get them back on track.After the almost-year apart, it's also clear that James hasn't gotten over Tate and cares quite a bit about Sebastian. Can they build something together, all three of them, each contributing their strengths and needs? Lots of sexing and I used this in the BDSM group's 2014 Unusual Implement challenge - check my tags if interested.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-27 20:52

    I was so excited to see this book as it is the sequel to one of my favorite books, Beyond The Edge. I was so sad at the end of that book as Tate and Sebastian had decided to be just a twosome and James was left out.This book takes place several months after the end of Beyond the Edge, with Tate and Sebastian still together but suffering from relationship issues as Tate's job keeps them apart.One night, after seeing Sebastian in what he considers to be a compromising position, Tate visits a bar and gets drunk. There he runs into James.Feelings between the two are still there and gradually both James and Sebastian start to feel things for each other and James is able to give the two boys what they need from a D/s relationship.Thankfully, the threesome gets their HEA.

  • Oceans
    2019-03-31 15:05

    The book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreads - TPE barThe cross and the trinity is a sweet bdsm and erotic romance about three men in non-conventional relationship. The title itself promises ménage. Even though the story can stand by itself, I would recommend first reading part one (Beyond the edge) to better understand the relationship between characters. James, Sebastian and Tate became involved and they somehow "click". James is older, mature, rich and handsome. Tate and Sebastian are younger and still struggling through some personal matters. But all three together were perfect and balanced match. The book is meant for older audience, who love lots of MMM kinky sex and not so depth in the story. The writing was clear, the plot was predictable. There are some hot bdsm scenes. From puppy play, fisting, hooks, public humiliation, canning, lots of spanking and sex. The sex itself is the primary goal, even though the author tries to involve some side story it didn’t seem real, it didn’t persuade me. It seems like their libido is all over the roof all the time, which makes it a bit unrealistic. The scenes at the party were good. I liked how they included others and pointed out safety issues. On the other hand, I couldn't completely connect to characters. They made me feel detached and some descriptions were a bit clinical like from the textbook. I found them lacking of real emotions, even though they were saying the right things. I couldn’t feel the connection they were saying was there. I would recommend this book to all MMM lovers, who prefer older and mature Dom who likes to play Daddy for his cute and younger subs and are not afraid pushing limits with bdsm.

  • Pati
    2019-04-16 14:49

    This book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreads in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is a hard review for me, there are some things I loved and some I really didn't. It'll be hard to say without spoilers, but I'll try my best not to. Three of the things that I loved were Tate, Sebastian & James. Though I must say early on there were a few times when I wanted to smack some sense into both Tate & Sebastian. I also loved the kink, Ms. Lister certainly does give us some terrific scenes. However, so much just didn't mesh for me. Certain things were just 'fixed' too easily while others were mentioned in passing but never addressed again. There were also a couple of times when I was told "emotion" was being felt & seen instead of shown. I needed to see it in order to believe that they were really feeling it. Instead all I saw was the same sort of smokin' hot scenes that they had that very first weekend. Lust does not equal love. Ultimately, I'm still left feeling that someone is always just a little left out. We have Tate & Sebastian, James & Tate, James & Sebastian right up through the epilogue I see and feel that.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-03-30 14:01

    I enjoyed this one - there was little of the angst I found in the first one. All parties were a go...they are all starting to come into their own. I still love James - and even more here as he feels very human to me. The scene in Montreal - super hot!

  • Elizabeth Lister
    2019-03-23 17:01

    I've heard this book is awesome ;)

  • Amber
    2019-03-28 17:00

    I liked this book in a lot of ways and enjoyed revisiting characters from Beyond the Edge. The first book left James out of the relationship but in this one we see them trying out a threeway relationship. What I really liked about this was that it wasn't all about D/s play nor was it all romantic lovers. The three manage to strike a good balance between both in a very realistic way. They have there problems but work through them without the standard mis-communication and running away that other books fall back on so often.The sex scence are hot and varied and I liked seeing some pet play that isn't to common in m/m. I do think there was a lack of talk about condoms and what was expected in the D/s relationship that was disappointing. Also there was an easy out with everyone in their lives fully accepting the threesome but over all I enjoyed this book alot.On a side note I really hated the cover to this book :P

  • Trio
    2019-04-18 21:56

    That was so beautifully written, I love Elizabeth Lister's writing style and am now devouring everything I can find by this author. The first person pov through Tate's eyes is done so well, he is such a caring and lovely character. And the way we get to know the secondary characters through Tate's eyes... Sebastian, sweet and adorable and just a little bit naughty. And James, well *ahem* yeah, holy shit. Anyway, the author gives a little bit of info about this gorgeous cover model (aka. Mr. Cellblock and Mr. Leather Ottowa dayum and all around great guy) on her blog. His name is Mike Tattersall and he is truly that beautiful in real life: on to the next one, yay. (I'm a little pissed at myself right now though for having already read The Loft >:/ though, why didn't I wait!)

  • Natalie
    2019-04-20 16:00

    I have a lot of love for this series. I adore the characters, and the way James is reintroduced into Tate and Sebastian's relationship feels right. Not gonna lie, there are some painful moments to get through before that happens, though. There's a lot of sex in this book, and that's not a bad thing when it's written so well. It's among the hottest I've ever read in this genre, and that's saying something. This story pushes a lot of my buttons: sexy older man, daddy kink, cum play. Loved it.

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2019-04-10 17:55

    I'm so glad that this has James getting a little more involved in the love portion of the story. I felt bad that he didn't get a hea last time around. I'm also glad that his story continued with Tate and Sebastian.This was a very well done menage. They seemed to be a good fit.

  • Scarlett
    2019-03-22 21:58

    Really hot sex and likeable characters. This was just too close to infidelity for my tastes, and that's something I hate to read. Other than that, it was a nice read.Received a free copy in return for an honest review.

  • Mercedes
    2019-04-11 17:40

    OMG!! why wasn't I told this story had a sequel! Must read ASAP!

  • L.Giselle
    2019-04-06 17:46

    Reviewed for MM Good Book Reviews I do enjoy reading a bit, okay a lot of BDSM king in my books, and you get a lot of that from this novel. I have not read the prequel to this story so I don’t know how Tate and Sebastian come together, but I feel their pain, and frustrations with their faltering relationship.It’s hard enough to balance a relationship with a work life, especially when the balance is not equal for both partners. Giving new relationships the attention they need, not getting stuck in a rut is often so difficult. This is why it’s not surprising that Tate is getting restless and Sebastian is stressed and frustrated, they aren’t getting what they need from each other and instead of facing the issues head on, Sebastian is ignoring them.Tate tries, and fails to get his partners help, so when Sebastian replaces his time and affection for Tate by buying him a puppy, Tate gets attached to the puppy trainer in more ways than Sebastian likes.When their relationship is tumbling down the drain, the man Sebastian dreams about comes back into his life and he grabs on like a lifeline. Good thing James Lucas is a smart man, he knows what he wants and he knows what is best, and it’s not the easy cheating route. He takes both Sebastian and Tate in hand and the magic and the kink begin anew!From this point, the story involves several scenes, and events featuring both subs playing with James, and the trio grows closer. All three see value in not just playing around but an even less conventional relationship involving not only their kink but also a relationship with three individuals for support and pleasure.Will it work? You’ll just have to grab this book and find out. There’s a bit of drama, family stress and loss, and a lot of kink.

  • Tia Fielding
    2019-03-29 18:55

    I rarely rate books I didn't like at all out of courtesy. But this one.... First of all, I've read the first in this series and I gave it 4 stars (3.5 rounded up), but when I started to read this one, I couldn't remember until quite far into the story. The characters weren't, apparently, super memorable for me or something.It's been a while since I read this, so I can't remember all the things that felt super wrong for me, but one of the things was certainly some of the BDSMy bits. They seemed not-so-well researched, slightly on the risky side, and... just not hot at all.The Dom annoyed me a lot for some reason. And something, in general, about the story just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess.So in the spirit of the last review in this series, I'm rounding 1.5 stars up to 2 stars. I get that people will like this, I do, it's not a BAD BOOK per say, it just wasn't for me. At all.

  • Sinclair
    2019-03-25 18:42

    Kept me reading, though it was longer than it needed to be. I find myself inherently skeptical of what seems to be a straight woman author writing gay male bdsm; I don't trust it. I suppose the work should speak for itself and it didn't seem ill-informed, but apparently I have a bias. Huh. Good to know.

  • Pamela Su
    2019-04-13 13:51

    Finally, the promise in the first book is fulfilled here.When we last met James, Tate and Sebastian, Tate and Sebastian decided to go their separate way from James. It was disappointing to many fans of menage.Like the first book, the story is a slow-burner and takes it's time to develop the relationship.

  • Elith
    2019-03-30 16:37

    When I heard that there would be a followup book to Beyond The Edge, I had crossed my fingers and wished that James would be involved again with Tate and Sebastian - and reading The Cross and the Trinity did not fall short. Again it was hot all the white new scenes were explored and deeper emotions developed. Good read

  • Vicki
    2019-04-04 16:54

    This was an awesome book 2. I loved the 3 MC's and the love they felt for each other. And even though James is a Dom and I am no sub, he's still my new book boyfriend, just no ropes attached. hehehe. The writing is tight, the conflict believable, the love palpable, the sex delicious. I loved it.

  • Bree Cheese
    2019-04-13 16:39

    3.5 stars.

  • Michael Joseph
    2019-04-04 17:39

    You will find my full review of The Cross and the Trinity at BDSM Book Reviews.

  • Lyndac
    2019-03-23 16:01

    Great catching up with the boys!