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Amy Koehler was reared to exacting standards to be a better version of her father – a senior counter-intelligence officer with the CIA, an American hero killed in his prime. He devoted his life to his country. Then his country betrayed him. A loving daughter must choose between loyalty and love… Even if she must betray her country in the pursuit of justice, Amy will finishAmy Koehler was reared to exacting standards to be a better version of her father – a senior counter-intelligence officer with the CIA, an American hero killed in his prime. He devoted his life to his country. Then his country betrayed him. A loving daughter must choose between loyalty and love… Even if she must betray her country in the pursuit of justice, Amy will finish her father's work and avenge his death Amy. Todd Birch is a charismatic diplomat who complements Amy's rise to the apex of her career. Despite her best intentions he becomes more than just a means to an end. The pure, primal attraction between them can neither be tamed nor denied, and they know they could wait a lifetime and never feel the like again. But Todd is not who he claims to be. When the time comes to choose between sacrificing herself and running from the consequences of her work, will Amy finally understands what it means to love someone more than herself?The Sins of Our Father is the first of The Sins Trilogy. It follows Amy as she scours the criminal underworld to find her parents' killers. Finding love was never part of the plan, but the best-laid ones often go awry....

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The Sins of Our Father Reviews

  • Melinda
    2019-03-24 13:18

    I received a free copy through Goodreads.---I would give it 3.5 stars.Right away we are thrown into a scene, which was the result of digging too deep and looking where they shouldn't be looking. It's like a foreshadowing of what's to come for everyone, especially Amy Kohler. Interestingly the story switches from 1st POV (Amy) to 3rd POV (Anne) a few times, although most of the story is told through Amy. (view spoiler)[ Curiously, I was very, very intrigued by both Amy and Anne and started to question whether or not Anne is Amy and vice versa. After all they do tell the same back story and a lot of their story overlap. While the question of whether or not they are siblings came up, it didn't last long given how we are given glimpses into the past. And the pills that they are taking... is it to help with split personality/whatever disorder Amy/Anne had experienced with the traumatic murder of her family? Anyways that's just my thoughts and interpretation(hide spoiler)]. Wow, this story is full of delicate yet somewhat firm web of lies and partial truth that Amy had weaved. Her web has now caught the attention of Robert Townsend and most of all Todd Birch. You got to hand it to Amy, for being able to spend so many years composing and weaving her web. Right off the bat, we know Todd's diplomatic cover is just as cover, while we do see glimpses of the real Todd behind his cover throughout the story, we haven't had a chance to really dive into who Todd really is. (view spoiler)[ I wonder if the twist to the story in the trilogy is that Todd was one of the person sent to assassinate John the Gardner or he works for the person who John was trying to unmask before being assassinated. Now that would be quite the twist, leaving Amy torn between love and revenge. Then again, why did the assassin leave Amy alive, when they found out she had escaped? Maybe Todd is an undercover agent sent to stop Amy from uncovering the truth. Just my thoughts, but hey anything is possible(hide spoiler)]. There is definitely a lot of steamy, rough and passionate sex scenes between Amy and Todd, which was deliciously written (yeah I admit I'm guilty of enjoying it). There were also a few action scenes where Amy demonstrates her combat/undercover/killing skills, hey you got to expect that, how else is she able to do what she does while plotting revenge. (view spoiler)[ The way she took down those would be assassins was scary and precise (well it was slightly tricky with the cop). It totally makes sense why Amy was so vigilant and determined about checking her surroundings, making sure no one enters her premise/area without setting off her internal alarm and creating escape routes. She is very, very well trained that it's scary and borderline secret agent/assassin level. Question is why did they want to kill her/Todd (not ruling out Todd as a potential victim since we don't know the full story of him beyond his cover)? Who told the assassins to come after them?(hide spoiler)]By the end, more questions than answers were given. I am desperate to read the next book and find out more about Amy's quest for revenge and Todd's cover. There were a lot of missing pieces that left me confused and scrambling for a connection or answer. To me a number of scenes were abrupt and a bit ambiguous. The whole drugs/guns front story was OK and required a lot of stretch to cover a fairly flimsy assumption based on Amy's intelligence, which did amount to something and became a stepping stone for her, however it was a front story that was somewhat boring and tedious while trying to find a purpose with the overall story. Also, I would do without a lot of the violent scenes between Todd and Amy. Plus, I would love to find out the connection between Amy and Anne because that part left us tangling in the dark quite often that it's really starting to test my limits. Especially when we got to see Anne less and less as the story progresses, yet Anne is very much part of Amy's life.Overall, it was a book that I just couldn't put down and if I did the story was constantly on my mind, making me question everything. I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy...and indulge in some guilty pleasures.

  • Rena
    2019-03-25 18:30

    Won this from GoodReads.This was a compelling book. First, I was really interested in the main character, Amy. I feel a lot like her with regard to people. She goes to work, doesn't want anyone to look at her, talk to her, bother her. She just wants to be left alone. (So like me!) She's anti-social in a way. But her job means she has to deal with people all the time. It's not exactly told, but I believe she works for the CIA, as did her father who was killed when she was a teen. Anyway, she's trying to find out who killed her parents at the same time she's trying to succeed at her job. Amy is a strong character and physically strong as well, which I love. Amy has a bit of OCD about her. She wears specific outfits for specific days and seriously examines all around her workplace to see if anything's been touched or out of place. But considering her job, I guess as the saying goes "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't really out to get you". And since she's making inroads with her father's case, she worries about that too. She takes anxiety pills to function, but as her relationship with Todd improves, she takes less. Amy's job is intriguing. I don't enjoy politics much, but this was written well and Amy's case with the guns and drugs was a good one. Some parts I didn't like as much. We know she works with mostly men, but why is she so hung up about it? Yes, they can be condescending, but I don't think that would happen much in today's society. Maybe from the older generation, but not her peers. She seems to hate other women because she feels they resent her or are jealous of her. She does not get along well with other people. She barely tolerates them. Then there's the violent sexual aspect of her relationship with Todd. That's a little too much for me. It seems odd for me that given her past with violence, that she would actively seek it. Moving on to Anne, I have an idea who she can be. At first I thought she was Amy's sister, but then when we read about Amy's parents' murders, no mention is made of a sister or other child in the home.*SPOILER*There are clues that lead me to believe she may be a second personality of Amy's. She has the same initials, but a slightly different name. The story is told mostly in Amy's first-person voice and sometimes in Anne's third-person. As Amy takes fewer pills, we see less of Anne. Later in the book, Amy takes lots of pills again, and she sees Anne while she's looking at herself in the mirror. This also may be why Amy is so disciplined about what she wears on which day, so she can make sure she's really herself. Also, some of her paranoia may be due to Anne. There's one thing that I can't figure is that Amy works full-time, yet we see Anne working in Immigration, so how can they be at work at the same time? Unless Anne was working part-time and Amy got off work early. I don't remember exactly the details. Also, I don't understand why Amy's bosses would want her dead. She's good at her job. Didn't she help them with the smuggling case? Or does it have to do with her father?*END OF SPOILER*The book ends with a scene (love kick-ass heroines!) and Amy's case resolving nicely, but there are still many aspects that have to be addressed in the next two books. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Wanda
    2019-04-06 10:17

    This book was an excellent read, the plot was great, it kept me turning pages, and at times hard to put down. Don't want to give away too many details to take away the suspense, but I am hoping to read the sequel. The only complaint I had about the book was the fact it had more sex scenes than I liked, but overall, it was a great book.

  • Shana M. Garrity
    2019-04-01 12:31

    I enjoyed the read and wanted more. I will say I didn't quite understand what Amy was hiding and still am not sure. I also don't get the connection to Anne. Perhaps the following book will lead to more answers to this unanswered questions. There was a good taste of eroticism in this novel as well, very intense and painful that it came across as strange to me. Again, I liked the book but there were pieces missing that I couldn't put together. The plot was intriguing enough for me to continue reading the series, and I definitely think answers will come that way too. Thanks for a good read!

  • Super Fast
    2019-04-22 16:18

    Awesome! Great characters, intriguing plot! I couldn't put it down. It's a romance for people who don't like the soppy stuff. The mystery part is very realistic; hard-boil readers can appreciate it.I can't wait for the rest of the series.

  • Kate Knight
    2019-04-09 16:20