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Rescued on her doorstep After an annus horribilis, the glittering lights of Manhattan are irresistible to English girl Carrie McKenzie. She's climbed the Empire State Building, but can't get a smile from her gorgeous neighbor! Until a tiny abandoned baby on her doorstep brings her to his door…. Cop Dan Cooper has an obligation to protect, and witRescued on her doorstep After an annus horribilis, the glittering lights of Manhattan are irresistible to English girl Carrie McKenzie. She's climbed the Empire State Building, but can't get a smile from her gorgeous neighbor! Until a tiny abandoned baby on her doorstep brings her to his door…. Cop Dan Cooper has an obligation to protect, and with Carrie out of her depth, he must come to her rescue. Surely two pairs of hands are better than one? Until she becomes a distraction, not just because of her tempting curves, but because of the pain in her eyes when she looks at the precious bundle in their charge…....

Title : English Girl in New York
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English Girl in New York Reviews

  • Nas Dean
    2019-03-18 22:32

    ENGLISH GIRL IN NEW YORK by author Scarlet Wilson is a Harlequin Romance release for January 2014.Carrie McKenzie finds abandoned baby on the doorstep during a snowstorm. She brings the baby in to her downstairs neighbor, cop Dan Cooper. But Dan asks for Carrie’s help in looking after the baby as he doesn’t know anything about babies. Would Carrie be able to help Dan? She has been running away from her past and babies. So how can she help look after this tiny bundle of joy? Dan reads her sadness but hesitate to ask her. Would Dan’s view change when he comes to know of Carrie’s past?ENGLISH GIRL IN NEW YORK is a heart-warming story which would hook you from the first page as you flip pages to get to the end. It is an emotional romance with the baby mystery.Read this astounding romance to find out all answers. Author Scarlet Wilson once again mesmerizes her readers with her characters emotions. Highly recommended for all romance lovers.

  • Desere
    2019-02-25 02:18

    Lots of people have traveled the world only to end up in a place where you fall so head over heals in love with it all , you decide to stay. But this new life does of course not always turn out the way you pictured it, among-st the glittering lights and vibrancy of Manhattan the heroine from this read finds hiding her heartache is far less easy than she thought.Carrie climbs the highest of heights but fails to gain a smile from her sexy neighbor Dan but when fate or rather a little bundle of joy brings her up close and personal she is in for a whole lot more than just a smile.Only her pain and sorrow stays hidden, something that Dan intends to bring out into the open, but cracking the tough nut that is Carrie proves easier said than done.I loved. loved, loved this story to bits. It was one of those perfect romances that just had everything falling into place! My mind would conjure up the outcome or the say this or do that and it would happen! Yes, to some readers this might sound a little too predictable but to me it was a really nice way of picking up on just how much the author knows her audience.A story written to show sadness can be turned into something so beautiful it will teach you a lifetime of lessons. The character of Dan was very awesome, I really liked that he is so much in touch with everyone around him, always doing good or trying to save someone. It showed him as I think everyone in life should be, for when doing good let's face it, you might not get rich from it but you will be loved and that is the best reward there is!The character of Carrie was very, very sad. And at first I thought she was going to be one of those heroines that has so many or such strong issues that it would take forever for the hero to bring her around and into the open, but that author surprised me by letting the character flow very easy and I found her road to happiness very intriguing. The backdrop settings were so, so, so romantic and sent my heart all into a flutter! The dialogue used by the author was one that I found delightful mixed with just a hint of playful and lots of sweet sensual heat. I am taking away a message of connections with lots of people will come and go, it's part of life but when that one true magical connection comes that is so strong and overpowering, don't panic and run. Grab it with both hands and never ever let go! I recommend this read for all fans of this author's brilliant work! Romance perfection! 5/5 star review"Tired and broken, only he can save her" **Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

  • Landslide
    2019-03-19 23:31

    *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*I have a predilection for romances where the hero and the heroine are neighbors so when I read the synopsis for this book I couldn't resist requesting it on NetGalley.Carrie McKenzie is an English woman living and working in New York, for a year. She's still feeling the effects of the annus horribilis and not even the fact of being in another continent seems to get her out of the autopilot her life has become...Until the day she's sent home sooner because there is a snowstorm for which the city was not prepared seeing it's only October, and everyone is advised to stay home for the next days.But already at home, Carrie listens to a strange sound outside and ends up finding a baby at the door of the building. Completely panicking, she knocks on the door of her downstairs neighbor. Who just so happens to be a cop...Dan Cooper has had his share of the snowstorm, having injured himself while saving a group of people from being buried under the snow, which forces him to stay indoors like the rest of the population, instead of on duty with his colleagues. So when his upstairs neighbor shows up on his door with a baby, he has no intention of letting her leave him alone with the baby.Dan immediately contacts his precinct and is informed that circulation in town is completely interdicted and it will be impossible for someone to pick the baby up until the weather improves. Luckily Dan has a pediatrician friend (talk about coincidences) that tells him what to do over the phone.Carrie is divided between wanting to help Dan and take care of the baby, or take refuge at home until the snowstorm passes. Because the whole situation reminds her of her annus horribilis and she's afraid of not being able to deal with it.The forced cohabitation ends up getting Carrie and Dan closer and they form an improvised family of sorts while taking care of the baby. But besides Carrie's problems, there is also the question of Dan's traumas to surpass...I liked the story and the protagonists and I also liked that the ending didn't resort to the easiest solution. But it felt forced to me and I would have been more pleased if, in the end, Dan had only given Carrie two presents instead of three.

  • Nancy Crocker
    2019-03-23 21:17

    English Girl in New York: When New York is hit with an early blizzard it brings together two neighbors, and one abandoned baby. This book touched on so many emotions. It had me laughing out loud as many times as it had me crying buckets of tears.Carrie McKenzie is in New York working and trying to forget her past. The one thing she can’t handle is finding an abandoned baby on the doorstep of her apartment building. Panicked, she knocks on her neighbor’s door for help.Officer Dan Cooper is home, after breaking his wrist earlier in the day. He is shocked to see Carrie at his front door with a baby. He knows he needs to help, but he has no experience with an infant. So he talks Carrie into staying to help him with the baby.Scarlet does an amazing job with the emotions of these two. I felt shattered when I read what brought Carrie to the United States. The characters were very well written, as well as the scenes. The plotline was believable. The ending was a little rushed for the timeline set in the story. But this is still a book worth reading.I highly recommend this book to romance readers, just make sure you have some Kleenex too!There were a number of really humorous exchanges between the hero and heroine. Here is one of my favorites:‘How can all that stuff come from one tiny little thing?’ He really wanted to pinch his nose shut. Carrie was shaking her head, too, as she made a dive for the baby wipes. ‘I have no idea, but the next one is yours.’5/5 StarsI received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Robin
    2019-02-24 23:22

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.One of my guiltiest pleasures has always been reading Harlequin Romances. With a Harlequin Romance I know I am going to get a sweet story with a very happy ending. But when that story is also well-written and includes characters that I really grow to care about – Bonus! And that’s exactly how I felt about An English Girl in New York by Scarlet Wilson.Carrie is a London transplant in New York trying to put her life back together after one of the worst years anyone could have. She barely makes it home before a huge blizzard shuts down the city. Imagine her shock when she discovers a newborn infant on her doorstep. Carrie immediately seeks help from her neighbor who she believes is a cop.Dan is a police officer and with his protective instincts set to high, he steps in to help Carrie. Neither has any experience in taking care of a baby but with the whole city shut down, they have no choice but to work together. Finding the baby isn’t the only unexpected surprise they face. Imagine their shock when they discover feelings for each other.The writing in An English Girl in New York was delightful. Ms. Wilson did an amazing job of slowly revealing the reasons behind Carrie’s awful year and Dan’s cynical attitude. Then she would throw in some wonderful humorous moments to lighten the tension. I could relate to Carrie and sympathized with her struggles. There is nothing sweeter than an alpha man falling for the charms of a baby and Dan was no exception. The interactions between Carrie and Dan were filled with so much emotion. Even Carrie’s conversations with their upstairs neighbor added another emotional layer to the story.There isn’t hot, steamy sex but I don’t expect that from Harlequin. Instead, I was able to enjoy an emotional read about the start of a relationship between two people who are due some happiness. The ending was just a little too pat for me keeping the book from being perfect. But overall, An English Girl in New York left me feeling happy and satisfied.

  • Amy
    2019-02-27 23:18

    Carrie McKenzie has had a bad year.No, really. Hers truly was bad, in a very sad, heartbreaking way.So when her boss offers her the opportunity to spend a year in New York, she takes it. Perhaps what she needs is a change of scenery?She lives in a cute brownstone and is surrounded, for the most part, by elderly dwellers. Except for that one good looking dude who doesn't give her the time of day.Thanks to a freak October snowstorm and a baby abandoned on the doorstep, though, Carrie meets this man and discovers that he's a police officer. And that he isn't just good looking, he's HOT.For his part, Dan Cooper is one of those "I serve the citizens of New York" kind of guys who's too busy to spend quality time with the ladies. His idea of a relationship is breakfast the morning after. So when Carrie shows up with that abandoned baby, he is none too thrilled.All it takes, though, is a few days of forced living together to bring these two crazy lovebirds together.As Cute Romance Novels go, this one is fairly standard. Both Carrie and Dan have what you'd call tortured histories, and of course their broken souls are drawn to each other. In Cute Romance Novel fashion, they have a wizened helper (not to mention a newborn infant), and it doesn't take long for them to wonder if perhaps they shouldn't take each other more seriously, romance-wise.There isn't much to this, other than its cuteness. The ending is quite tidy and convenient, but hey. It's a Harlequin romance with nearly zero hot headboard rockin', so, you know. It is what it is.Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.Published on cupcake's book cupboard@VivaAmaRisata

  • Rhonda
    2019-03-06 01:26

    4 STARSA charming tender story. There is some action but most of the story is about the characters and how they relate to each other. Some tender moments. Some full of humor while some are sad. Clean read.I like the characters. It would be scary to be stuck inside and not be able to get help for days. Glad when you see people helping each other to get through the tough times.Did have to look up a few words like annus horribilis. It means a horrible year. The others were English words not American terms.Carrie is new to New York and finds a baby left on her building front door in middle of snow storm. She knows the guy below her is a cop and goes to him for help. Dan Cooper is a cop who saved some lives earlier and broke his arm. So together they try and take care of the baby. Of course both of them have issues they need to work on.The setting is the city of New York during a major snow storm that has stopped the city.I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin.publication: January 7th 2014 by Harlequin Romance 256 pages ISBN 9780373742745

  • Chantale Canadian Book Addict
    2019-03-04 00:30

    I am surprised I actually really liked this book. Lately I haven't been enjoying these Harlequin novels but this one was very good. Sure it was predictable but I did enjoy it and I did it all in one evening.If you are looking for a easy romantic read I recommend this book.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-26 02:29

    "TOP PICK! In Wilson's romance, she lets readers in on a little secret: Everything happens for a reason. Her book is heartfelt, exciting and warms lovers to the core". (RT Book Reviews) rated 4 1/2 stars

  • Rachael Johns
    2019-03-16 00:27

    Absolutely loved this!!

  • Jessica Figueroa
    2019-03-09 23:13

    Carrie's job gave her an offer to work in nyc, and with the past shes had this could be just what she needs. It should've been a relaxing night for Carrie but she found an unwelcomed surprise at her door: A Baby. This was the last thing she needs all her emotions about the past come flooding back and she rushes to ask help from her neighbor Dan. Dan is a police men who is willing to but others before himself and is willing to help Carrie. Problem is they both don't have a clue what to do with it, where does the baby belong. For a short and snowy couple of days the two warm up to the baby as well as with each other.I thought that this book was a very heartwarming and sweet book. At times it was cheesy and I couldn't help but roll my eyes a couple of times. I enjoyed watching them slowly get comfortable and the connection between the two was sweet. I thought it was a bit rushed in the end but that was okay. I think for me this book was at a good timing to read, it's somewhat of a blizzard out there where I am at. Perfect time to read, especially a book like this, it was a perfect escape, but now I unfortunately gotta think of all the snow I'm going to be shoveling soon. UGH. Highly recommend you lovely readers check out this book! 5 of 5 stars!

  • Hsiau Wei
    2019-03-23 00:20

    Carrie found a baby at her door. She could not possibly leave him there. She took the baby in and enlist her neighbour, a cop named Dan Cooper for help. This s the last thing that Carrie needs at this moment and having a baby in the house make her relive all the memories that she have desperately want to forget. Dan know nothing about babies least of all, a newborn. They do not have the standard necessity for a baby around their apartment neither to they have any knowledge to handle the baby. But emergency such as this call for drastic measure which they did in the end. For the short two days, they learn about each other as well as getting used to the baby in their home.This book is a sweet read for me. I enjoyed reading on both the main character’s relationship and the progress that they make from a barely acquaintance to something deeper. The author did a good job in revealing the reasons behind Carrie’s past. The only thing lacking in this book is the ending which I feel a little too abrupt for my liking.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-01 01:15

    didn't think the title really fit, but otherwise a fun little read.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-19 05:11

    Sad situation brings them together but what better way to get to know your neighbour than babysitting in a snow storm.

  • Jennifer Mcpherson
    2019-03-12 03:05

    Total waste. This is suppose to be a romance novel but this is a who left baby on door step. No connection no hero or heroine. Scarlet wilson you need a new editor. So glaf i didn't buy this.

  • Andreina
    2019-03-13 22:11

    Un harlequin diferente a los demás es raro de encontrar.