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She should never have agreed to be a bridesmaid! Bridesmaid Olivia Matthews has arrived at her best friend’s glamorous society wedding – and stepped into her worst nightmare! From her cleavage to her attitude, nothing about Livvie is welcome – and before she knows it she’s won the disapproval of everyone there. The only silver lining is best man Edward Winchester. He mightShe should never have agreed to be a bridesmaid! Bridesmaid Olivia Matthews has arrived at her best friend’s glamorous society wedding – and stepped into her worst nightmare! From her cleavage to her attitude, nothing about Livvie is welcome – and before she knows it she’s won the disapproval of everyone there. The only silver lining is best man Edward Winchester. He might be a bit uptight, but he’s also gorgeous and kisses like an X-rated dream… So Livvie decides there’s only one way to redeem this wedding from hell: persuade control freak Edward to cut loose and have his wicked way with her. If only he’d stop being so chivalrous…!...

Title : Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid
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Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid Reviews

  • Desere
    2019-03-20 00:20

    Walking in high healed boots, dragging along her luggage, freezing her butt off and attempting to stay upright and make it to her best friend's wedding is not the picture Olivia had when she packed her bags and headed off for the event of the year where she could let go and get some hot action!Nor did she think she would be stripped bare of her make up or her soul before the weekend is over. Or that in the arms of Edward she would discover she is more beautiful than she ever knew. In this read from Jennifer Ray she takes a look into the lives of Olivia and Edward and how everyone has an issue from their childhood that leads the way to adulthood being everything it is not meant to be, or to not truly be enjoyed as it should.Olivia and Edward at first have nothing nice to say to each other at all, but soon they both realize their passion for each other and Olivia is more than happy to follow through with her plans of getting the sexual satisfaction she has been craving for over a year. But Edward is not the kind to fall at the feet of any woman nor into bed, he prefers to do the deed in his dreams only. Olivia is outraged! He wants her she wants him so why can't she get the man between the sheets. When realization dawns she's once again is thrown back into the past.The character of Edward was one of those hero's that has all the charm he needs to charm the pants off any woman, yet he refuses to actually use it. Shocking ! But when the author started letting more and more information surface and I was able to form a picture of what his issues are and just why he would rather live in a world of grey and dull instead of adding some color to his life, it gave a new meaning into the always responsible element, and quickly I became very attached to him.The character of Olivia was a breath of fresh air, not the usual kind of heroines you might think to find in these reads. She was outrageously OUT there!. I loved this touch and all the crazy wild and weird stuff Olivia does. It showed her as a free spirited person but at the same time when her reasons for being so out of whack are revealed, it showed just how badly we all want to fit in, and how deep the scars of appearances can run.The backdrop settings were very quint and fell nicely into line with the deep sadness and heartache both characters are hiding. The dialogue was a little bit of feisty mixed with passion and deep emotion.I am taking away a message that when life becomes dull, don't let it drag you with it, rather embrace any and all forms of color that comes your way, if you do not you will be nothing but an empty soul.I recommend this read for romance fans looking for something a little deeper than just a mere romantic wedding get together. Deeply emotional, sweet and sensual.4 star review "Color bursts into his world wearing feathers and boots" **Copy provided via Netgalley

  • Adite
    2019-03-12 23:12

    When bridesmaid Olivia arrives for her best friend Fiona's wedding in England she is all set to have a good time. But instead of being the life of the party she quickly becomes the joke of the party as everyone makes fun of her inappropriate clothes and her attitude. Except for the groom's brother, and best man, Edward, who is hot, chivalrous and besides kisses like a dream. But Olivia's plan for a weekend-only fling with Edward goes upside down when she loses her heart to control-freak Edward. The story was fun and flirty and had all the ingredients for a sexy romance-at-a-wedding romp. The "bad bridesmaid" of the story -- Olivia or "Loopy Liv" -- suffers from inferiority complex and thinks no one likes her because she is not as smart and beautiful as her older sister. As a result she dresses inappropriately, gets into trouble and acts in a needy way! I couldn't quite empathise with the character when she got too whiny while continuing to behave in a self-destructive manner. The chemistry between the "very propah" Edward and "loopy" Liv sizzles. Some of the scenes were quite funny and overall it was a pleasant read. I look forward to reading more of Jennifer Rae's books. (I got a e-copy of this book from

  • DelAnne Frazee
    2019-03-05 02:03

    Title: Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid Author: Jennifer Rae Published: 12-17-2013 Publisher: Harlequin Kiss Pages: 223 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Women Sleuths; Cozy Mystery; Amateur Sleuths ISBN: 13: ASIN: B00EB3FJJY Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 3.5 Stars I received a copy of "Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Description From the Publisher:She should never have agreed to be a bridesmaid!Bridesmaid Olivia Matthews has arrived at her best friend's glamorous society wedding—and stepped into her worst nightmare! From her cleavage to her attitude, nothing about Livvie is welcome—and before she knows it she's won the disapproval of everyone there.The only silver lining is best man Edward Winchester. He might be a bit uptight, but he's also gorgeous and kisses like an X-rated dream…. So Livvie decides there's only one way to redeem this wedding from hell: persuade control freak Edward to cut loose and have his wicked way with her. If only he'd stop being so chivalrous…!My Review:Livie is there to honor her friend as a bridesmaid, Edward is there to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch then get out of there. Livie feels like a fish out of water and the British society's upper crust let her know she doesn't belong. To find something to redeem the week-end Livie decides stuffy Edward would make th perfect diversion.A bit stereotypical characters, but it did make for some funny situations. Good thing Jennifer Rae gave Livie a sense of humor. Unfortunately Edward needed to develop one. The book was not bad, but the tedious snobbery Livie is shown made me want to slap a few of the other characters. The book moves at a steady pace and is a quick read.My rating of "Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid" is 3.5 out of 5 stars.Amazon link: and Noble link: link: Reading Room link:

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-24 04:22

    My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: Matthews is ready to let loose! Armed with tight dresses and a perfect tan, the Aussie bridesmaid is ready to take England by storm. Or at least ready to have a good time at her best friend’s wedding. But from the first, nothing goes as planned. The only appealing part of the weekend is the groom’s brother, the sexy Mr. Darcy-ish Edward Winchester. Now if only Olivia could convince Edward to give into their mutual desire and enjoy a fling that could turn into so much more…Society weddings and familial tension are a combustible pairing before you throw in an outsider, so it’s no surprise that Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid has drama to spare. Romancing blooming in the midst of a chaotic wedding weekend is nothing new, but author Jennifer Rae makes it feel fresh, thanks mostly to her leading lady. Olivia just about broke my heart. She’s always been seen as second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) best when compared to her near-perfect sister and her friends. As a result, Olivia is insecure about her looks and is determined to try and be the kind of woman men find attractive. Needless to say, it’s Olivia’s true self Edward falls for and what I liked best about Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid was watching him peel back the party girl persona Olivia wears like armor to find the woman underneath.While Olivia herself made Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid impossible to put down, the story as a whole was a bit of a letdown. I grew frustrated with the push-pull between Edward and Olivia and their romance never quite drew me in. The secondary characters (Edward’s sister, Bunny, in particular) grated on my nerves more often than not. Still, Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid wasn’t a bad read, just not a story I think I’ll re-read. However, I liked Olivia so much that even though Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid wasn’t for me, I’ll be giving another one of Ms. Rae’s books a try.

  • Lapada
    2019-02-25 04:17

    The writer has a nice voice and the love scenes were very hot. That's one star each. Unfortunately the heroine in this book is so insecure, needy, dysfunctional and cringe-worthy embarrassing that she has no business being a bridesmaid at her bf's wedding - she should be in therapy and taking very strong medication. There is nothing likeable about her and I really struggle to read a book where my feelings for the main character vacillate between pity and embarrassment. The hero is not much better, he likes her but he doesn't want to and he is so disrespectful of her most times that the only saving grace for him is knowing that you think she's pretty pathetic too. I mean, come on, how many times can one woman lose her dignity over the course of a wedding visit? How are we ever going to believe that the hero will respect her enough to fall in love with her when she is so continually pathetic? How is the reader ever going to respect her enough to champion her HEA? The story had a really good premise but just goes from bad to worse and I had to skim-read the last bit because cringing for hours on end really leaves you with sore facial muscles! And why would anyone allow themselves to be treated as badly as these bfs by the groom's bitchy sister? And why doesn't the groom do anything to defend them??? There's a secondary story that has all the hallmarks of another cringe-read! I really wanted to like this story, but that's hard to do when you dislike the protagonists so very much. Skip if you are looking for a sweet romance, maybe read if you like dysfunctional romance - this story has got that in spades.

  • Heidi
    2019-03-22 21:07

    When Australian, Olivia, travels to England to be the Maid of Honour for her best friend, little did she know how many difficulties and humiliations she would need to overcome. Why is the groom’s family so hostile towards her? Are all the family members the same or does Edward (the groom’s brother) make an exception?I love reading Modern Tempted books! Contrary to what I always thought, these books encompass so much more than just the typical boy meets girl scenarios. There is always a deeper underlining issue embedded in a wonderfully romantic setting.In Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid, Olivia and Edward both battle with inner demons that they have to overcome before they can think about new relationships. I love the fact, that this book highlighted and showed the not so perfect character traits of its individual cast. Olivia often feels like a spare part (thanks to her own family) and hides her insecurities through heavy make-up and child-like behaviour. Edward is a lot more sophisticated, but is troubled by guilt about something that happened a long time ago.The storyline switches beautifully between Olivia’s and Edward’s point of view. The sexual tension between these two characters was apparent from the first page onwards, but the reader does not find out until much later on, whether they decide to act on their attraction.If you are looking for a quick read with plenty of passion and romance, but also some deeper troublesome issues, than Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid is the book for you!This is Jennifer’s debut for Modern Tempted and I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

  • Cheryl M-M
    2019-03-12 05:15

    Do you believe in instant attraction or love at first sight?This story features the colourful party girl Olivia. She has the dress sense of a peacock in high heels. She meets her exact opposite in Edward, who is straight-laced and very conservative. Poor Edward finds Olivia completely exasperating and is also inexplicably drawn to her from the get go.I felt bad for Olivia, who has self-esteem issues. What is wrong with me? Seemed to be an automatic mantra or inner earworm to any type of attention she was given by the opposite gender. Many young women in our era seem to suffer from the same kind of insecurities. Olivia is bold and independent and yet thinks she is unworthy of positive attention or love. Such a sad contradiction.On a more personal note I think Bunny could have done with slap up the side of her snarky face with a wet kipper. Super condescending and insulting to those she believes to be below her on the rungs of society. The author has a good sense of humour and I found myself chuckling quite a few times, especially during the first few chapters. She has also managed to capture the unpredictability of the power of lust when it comes to making decisions based on mind over heart. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your head says when your body and heart are dancing to a different tune altogether.I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.

  • Gail
    2019-02-28 23:32

    Nice story. The hero was supposed to pick the Australian heroine up at the London airport and take her to the family pile for his brother's wedding to her best friend but didn't, due to a mixup in times. He catches up to her as she's struggling down the country lane in the December cold. The heroine has brought all the wrong clothes and is still jetlagged. The hero sees himself as the family fixer and the heroine as a complete ditz, but a sexy, intriguing one. I liked this story, but it's really hard to describe. It's pretty much all angst and nonstop "come here come here-- go away go away" from both of them. They both have big issues, though the heroine's get more play. Her sister is tall, beautiful and a tennis star. No one paid any mind to the little sister and her sister's friends were often cruel. She has big time self-esteem problems, so she takes everything the hero says the wrong way. But he does the same to her. He thinks she's gorgeous and deserves better than stuffy boring him (he works in the government's economic and finance department). His messed-up family doesn't help. I understood the push-pull issues so I didn't mind them as much as I sometimes do, probably because things progressed in the story. There were two steps forward for every one step back. I liked it, even without any plot and all the back-and-forth, because there was some nice juicy angst. It's a good read.

  • Angela
    2019-03-19 05:16

    Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid saved me from book slump! Olivia flies from Australia to England to be a bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding. Since she has always felt less pretty and less appealing than her friends and sister, Olivia expects very little in the way of quality male attention. She puts on a party girl act to hide her low self-esteem. When she meets Edward, all that begins to change. Olivia questions her insecurities and her reality.... As does Edward. I'll be honest. This was a nice bit of fluff. It's a romance novel, a light one at that, predictable and a little bit repetitive, and not totally creative or original. The characters could've used more depth, blah blah blah. But it was fun... Fun, and funny, and entertaining. Prior to COABB I had just finished two disappointing reads. I didn't read for a week, and I was afraid to pick up another book in case it was as bad as the other two. So I needed a rebound read. Badly. I needed a party girl and a handsome guy living in a castle. I needed an Of Course They Did happily-ever-after. Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid was THE PERFECT REBOUND READ. I'm so happy! I'm no longer dwelling on those silly disappointments. I can move on! Thank you Bad Bridesmaid, thank you. NetGalley provided an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Alexis Sky
    2019-03-05 04:18

    I was given a copy of this by NetGalley and the Publisher for an honest review.Olivia's life is not going well. She's come to England to celebrate the marriage of her best friend Fiona. Livvie's always felt second best, second to her beautiful sister, never good enough for a man to stay by her side too long. The self doubting eat her alive making her dress and fix herself to a way she believes makes her attractive. Edward, the groom's surly older brother, becomes fixated on Livvie and soon the sexual tension mounts to a fever pitch. They succumb truly believing the other when they say, "just for the weekend". Can they really deny their feelings? One must crack first or all they accomplished will be lost.I love the Kiss line from Harlequin. The authors write with just the right amount of passion and humor.

  • Ali Williams
    2019-03-03 05:06

    Jennifer Rae’s debut Mills & Boon novel is charming from the very first paragraph. Opening with: “It wasn’t just cold. It was bones-aching, tits-freezing cold.” Her vivacious voice and ability to capture places and people caught me too.Olivia is not perfect. She gets unbelievably drunk at her best friend’s wedding weekend, flirts with all the wrong guys (including some creepy rahs who could have walked straight off the Made in Chelsea set) and wears dangerously high stiletto heels in the depth of a British winter...Complete review here: http://exploitsofachicklitaficionado....

  • Karen
    2019-02-26 00:26

    Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.comOlivia knew it was going to be a challenging weekend. It started off all wrong – a miscommunication between her best friend and her groom’s brother meant she was missing an escort from the airport. After the tube, a bus, and a slog down a muddy road in totally inappropriate boots, she’s flagged down by the most insufferable man ever. He just happens to be the man who was supposed to meet her at Heathrow, and neither of them are pleased to be meeting this way. Read More

  • Janet
    2019-02-26 21:18

    Instant attraction and a quirky heroine are only two of the elements in this wonderful novel from Jennifer Rae. She has a talent for creating characters that, while flawed, are compelling and it's worth getting emotionally invested in their journey to happily ever after. Ms. Rae writes with humor, but it's fun not slapstick. The dialogue is clever and witty, but appropriate to the characters and situations. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience and recommend this author.*I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carola
    2019-03-22 01:04

    I had a hard time with Olivia at first. I didn't like her. As the story progressed, I understood her and her facade. But it would have been nice to get a little bit more on her background. There were just a few snippets here and there. I am not usually a fan of "falling in love during a weekend" so I had to suspend belief a little with this one. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read.

  • Quinn
    2019-03-19 22:11

    Good premise, okay characters. Not a whole lot of lovable in these two main characters for me. I don't mind when characters start prickly and turn out nice but Edward stayed grumpy for too much of the story for me. Olivia needed to grow a backbone and not cow-tow to what they thought her to be.

  • Sandra R
    2019-02-26 22:25

    4.5 starsReally different story - fresh - flirty and very emotional and steamy. And Australian !! Yes, it all took place over one weekend, but it felt right. I also got a chuckle out of Bunny and her friends. I felt like I was watching 'The Only Way is Essex' when they were featured. LOL

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-02-24 02:32

    Miniseries: Harlequin The Wedding Party Collection

  • Karin Baine
    2019-03-26 03:11

    I so want this made into a film! The perfect rom-com :D

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2019-03-12 04:20

    3.5 out of 5Full review to come.