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Savannah Dupree is halfway across the country from her Louisiana bayou hometown, a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship. But academic excellence is only one of Savannah’s gifts. She possesses something even more remarkable than her quick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning. With a simple touch, Savannah can see an object’s past—a skill that pSavannah Dupree is halfway across the country from her Louisiana bayou hometown, a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship. But academic excellence is only one of Savannah’s gifts. She possesses something even more remarkable than her quick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning. With a simple touch, Savannah can see an object’s past—a skill that puts her life in danger, when her studies bring her into contact with a centuries-old English sword and the secret hidden within the blade’s history: the vicious murders of twin boys by a group of fanged creatures borne of the worst kind of nightmare.In all his three hundred years of living as one of the Breed, vampire warrior Gideon never dreamed he’d see the blade again that spilled his young brothers’ lives ages ago on that blood-soaked night in London. Ever since the boys’ deaths, Gideon’s been on a personal quest to rid the world of Rogue vampires, but now he can’t help wondering if the brutal slayings of his only kin was something more sinister—an act perpetrated by an unknown enemy. An enemy who is apparently living in hiding somewhere in Boston. There’s one certain way to prove Gideon’s suspicion, but it will mean using innocent, gifted Savannah to help uncover the full truth—a truth that will shatter everything she knows about herself and the world around her. And with danger closing in from all sides, the passion that ignites between Gideon and Savannah will tempt them to risk their hearts and lives for a love that might just last an eternity…This novella, a prequel to the Midnight Breed series, was previously published in its entirety in The Midnight Breed Series Companion (May 2013)....

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A Touch of Midnight Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-03-25 10:27

    It was great to read the story of how Gideon and Savannah met. I must say that they are one of my favorite Breed couples, and I always wondered how they got together. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I didn't like it quite as much as I wanted to though. I think that was because Gideon is so sex-bombalicious nerdtastic in the other books, I wanted to see more of his oh-so alluring geekiness. Instead, he was much like the other Breed males in his demeanor although there was a cool part about him creating a precursor to the laptop we know and love today (cause guess what I'm typing this review on right now?). Thus, this book didn't really stand out that much from the other books. That was probably my biggest issue and why this wasn't higher rated. Also, I didn't like (view spoiler)[how Gideon promised not to fight in the field because of Savannah's fear of it. To me, it makes her into the bad guy to take that away from him. Fact is, they live in a world with a lot of violence, and I think that Gideon's status as a warrior is honorable and something to be proud of. Yes, there is risk, but he's very good at what he does. I wouldn't want to take that away from him. It does answer why he doesn't fight, but since he had a bullet stuck in his head, that was just as good a reason for him not to fight (hide spoiler)]. Even though Gideon wasn't as geeky, I still liked him a lot. I love his typical British colloquialisms, which we see in this novella as well.What I loved was getting to know Savannah. I really, really like her. She's very young, but she has a maturity that I respected about her. She's a very intellectual person with a keen mind, and I could see part of why they were drawn to each other. Also her strong sense of right and wrong, and that traditional heroic urge, which is addressed in the novella. When she gets a vision of Gideon by touching his sword, you could instantly feel that bond begin between them, and when they meet, the rest is inevitable. One thing that stood out to me was that Adrian stays grounded in the 70s setting throughout this book. The scene when Gideon tells her to call the Order, she has to grab coins out of her purse and run outside to a pay phone. That was really well done. At first, I expected her to pull out her cell phone, and I would imagine that would be Adrian's gut instinct to write that, but she remembers that they don't have cell phones at that time. I was instantly reminded that this is set about thirty-odd years in the past. She didn't have to keep hitting me over the head with descriptions of bell-bottoms and stuff like that either.Ultimately, if you're a fan of the Breed series, I don't see why you wouldn't like this. It has the same feel and intensity of the other books. I think the biggest draw was getting to see Gideon and Savannah's backstory on paper, and although it was a short novella, it was well done and I believe in their love, past, present and future. Of course, it was awesome to see more of Tegan, 'cause I just love him!And I'm really happy to see a popular paranormal romance novelist who is upfront and comfortable with depicting a loving, committed interracial relationship in her books. Kudos for that, Ms. Adrian.A respectable four star read for me.

  • Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽
    2019-03-02 02:30

    FREE 12/24/14 on Amazon right now. stars. This was a novella at 184 pages, but I actually liked it better being shorter because it's basically your typical paranormal romance formula (but Lara Adrian does PNR well). And this way all the extra stuff was left out and it was just about the relationship and the action was contained to one small storyline. I liked how Savannah was quick to accept Gideon. We didn't have to go through the typical half a book or so of her running from what he is and being afraid, etc. etc. I got this for free off Amazon for my Kindle, and it was a great, quick read. I've also read the first 3 novels in the Midnight Breed series. They are all pretty good. If you like PNR and vampires, you'll love them - lots of hot alphas and steamy scenes.

  • Jonetta
    2019-02-24 08:14

    When the series was first introduced, Savannah and Gideon were already together and not much has ever been given about their histories. I was excited when I learned of this series prequel and the story doesn't disappoint. It wouldn't be a Midnight Breed story without mystery, intrigue and excitement to accompany Savannah and Gideon's romance. The mystery didn't seem tough to solve but there was an interesting twist at the end. And, who knew there was more than a fashion statement to Gideon's shades? Lastly, Breed warriors had a bit of a different lifestyle and Lucan Thorne before Gabrielle...not so pleasant. The narration was excellent! Huber gave distinctive voice to each character and I loved Gideon's. It's a short story with quite a bit packed in. I'm glad to finally get the back stories for two of the originals in this series. (I received an ARC from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review)

  • RondaTutt
    2019-03-02 02:30

    Gideon is such a sweetheart!I am so glad this novella came out because I always wondered about Gideon and his mate Savannah Dupree's story and how they got their HEA. Anyone who reads the Breed Series knows that Gideon is the computer lab guru and usually is the one always left at base and for some reason I never really understood why he never went out on patrol with the other Breed brothers. Well thanks to this sweet novella we get our answers and with a little added history about Gideon and Savannah's past.Of course like always, Lara Adrian kept me entranced through out the whole book with the action and drama of old. The words are always smooth and filled with visionary brilliance. The connection between Gideon and Savannah is passionate and respectfully descriptive though electrifying with their emotions between each other.I loved Savannah's unique gift of being able to see the objects past with a simple touch of her hands and how Gideon has the gift of being able to see/detect the radiant heat of human or Breed on the other side of a wall. The ending was very sweet but dangerously sad for Gideon (Hint - has to do with what's in his head). Over all, this was a fantastic novella.

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-03-05 06:08

    Breed warrior GideonSpecial ability: Extremely high IQ, technology expert Age: Over 300 years oldBreed mate Savannah Special ability: Reading the history of objects when touching them (phychiometry) Occupation: Art History student Mark place: Left shoulder blade Settings: Boston, Luisiana Gideon and Savannah is one of my favourite couples. Perfect for each other and deeply in love. Gideon gave up his life as a warrior to keep safe for his mate. Savannah trusted him and offered him everything.Gideon is an interesting character. He is the mastermind of the order, i.e.the nerd of the order. He lived through the computer's revolution and he became an expert on computers. It was actually interesting the flashback of the book in the seventies technology.Savannah is one of the oldest breed mates of the order. She joined them when she was just a 19 years old kid in 1974. Since then at the following books she grows up to be the calming figure of the order, the one that brings everyone together.The book although it is a bit shorter than I would like, it is still well developed, enjoyable and to the point.

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️
    2019-03-23 06:16

    4 Breed Loving Stars!!We finally get Gideon and Savannah's story in this too short (for Breed fans) novella. The storyline flowed nicely, and things wrapped up very quickly at the end....too quickly for my taste, but that's only because I wanted more!!! Gideon is a 300+ year old Breed Warrior and Savannah is a college freshman, it seemed like an unlikely and odd pairing in the beginning because of Savannah's young age but, there is just no denying the connection between the two of them.I loved getting to see Gideon as a warrior and, I especially loved the brief glances of Lucan, Dante, Rio and Eva, and Conlan and Danika, and bonus we get a little bit more insight into my favorite Breed Warrior Tegan!!.

  • Ginger
    2019-03-12 03:24

    I liked it. A great introduction into Laura Adrian's world. Another twist on the vampire lore, I am an Anne Rice fan though so I don't like seeing them played with much.I have to say that it is very much like a series I am currently reading.....Lets just say it could get confusing it you tried to read them at the same time. All that aside I like the characters and I will certainly read more of the series just to get to know them a little more. Tatoos that change with his moods, a farily strong h and some fair steam mixed with some action. Lets do this!Side note: I hate the 'suckhead' references. What a horrible name for the 'villans'. It makes me think my 8 year old named them....

  • Glamdring
    2019-03-04 08:34

    I think the story would have been better if longer. The beginning is quite slow then the story is rushed. They meet, fall crazy madly in love, there is a misunderstanding, some life threatening situations, the HEA, but no place for real relationship development. That's said, I love Gideon. <3

  • Alp
    2019-03-16 05:36

    This novella is a prequel to the Midnight Breed series. Gideon and Savannah's story was truly enjoyable. I always wondered why Gideon never went out to fight and kill Rogues with other warriors. He was usually the one who remained at their base. Finally, I found the answer here, in this book.

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2019-03-13 09:19

    Finally!!I get the back story to Gideon & SavannahI've been waiting to read their story since I started this series many years ago. This is a great story. Although very short, it's still packed with story. I love how you get the background of Savannah & GideonThe plot, how their paths cross, everything is done superbly. And Gideon? Dude is on fire. I like how you get to see that side of him, who he was before he met Savannah& after he meets her. And the path that leads him to the Breed Male that we know him as today. I only wish that we got a little more time with them. I would have been overjoyed with 50 more pages here, but I am satisfied with what we got.I would recommend this read/this series :)

  • KBeautiful1
    2019-03-09 06:14

    WOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! This book was Fiyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! See this is what happens when you have so many books on your Kindle and the really good books become lost and overlooked. So yesterday I removed about 200 books off of my Kindle, moved them to the cloud and can now see the excellent unread books that I have and can now read uninterrupted Woot! Woot!Savannah Dupree is a freshman at Boston University on a full scholarship. Hailing from Louisiana, she is a huge history buff and that is her major Art History. So she has volunteered to log artifacts for extra credit in her class. But Savannah has a secret, when she touches things she gets the history as if on a movie screen whether it was good or bad, it comes rushing to her and she can't stop it. As she was going into the closet, she discovers a box practically hidden behind a large curtain and inside the box once opened is a sword centuries old. Savannah studies is and decides to touch it without her curator gloves on and what is revealed to her is so frightening and violent that she wants to run but she wants to see who would do such a heinous act.Her roommate Rachel is also doing the artifacts cataloging along with her for the extra credit. But her roommate is also messing with Professor Keaton which Savannah tried to warn Rachel about but young and dumb, thinking she knows everything waves off her. What was supposed to be a date though turned into a brutal murder, a murder that once Savannah gives her interview to the news, she catches the notice of A Vampire Breed Warrior by the name of Gideon who is centuries old. Gideon notices that what Savannah describes as the missing artifact from the University, is the same sword that Gideon wielded in the Killing of a Vampire that slaughtered his brothers. He seeks out Savannah but discovers there is more to her than meets the eye. Savannah is Gideon's Breedmate.Gideon is a centuries old Vampire Warrior, he kills rogues hoping to exercise the guilt centuries later of losing his baby brothers to his enemies. So he has joined an Order that works to eradicate the world of Rogues. But once Gideon meets Savannah, he realizes that all bets are off and he is willing to go against his Order to be with her and will kill anyone who tries to get in between him and Savannah. The one thing Gideon didn't want was to love anyone else again because his heart was brutally broken when his brothers were killed. But the heart wants what it wants and his heart wants Savannah.This was a great start to a successful series that has been out for a while. Being that this was my first read I already have the next couple of books so that I can continue reading.Well Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas!

  • AJ
    2019-03-25 02:26

    A little extra from the Midnight Breed, as Gideon and Savannah finally get their story told!In the books that span the Midnight Breed series, Gideon is the smartass tech-geek of The Order, an elite group of Breed (vampire) Warriors. He is the tireless control centre of their operations, and unlike the rest of the warriors, he remains at the compound, never going out to fight with his brothers. He is also happily mated to his one true love, Savannah.This is the story of how Gideon and Savannah met, fell in love, and how Gideon found his unique place within The order. Set in the 1970s, Savannah is a College freshman, while Gideon is a 300+ year old Warrior. While this may sound like an unlikely pairing, when these two meet, the feels are there from the very beginning. Sparks fly and the relationship between them unfolds very quickly – including some smoking sexy time (up against the wall, no less!). But the emotion between them is really strong and, getting the story from both POVs, we get to see exactly what they are feeling as they fall for each other. I loved getting to see Gideon as a warrior, in full-on protector mode.“You make me feel safe, Gideon. In a way I never knew before. You make me feel as though nothing bad can touch me so long as I’m with you.“It can’t. I won’t allow that. Not so long as I am breathing.” His voice was thunder, deep and rumbling. “You’ll always be safe, Savannah. I’ll stake my life on that”And he even managed to bring the romance and make me swoon…“Let me love you … Say you love me, and let me start being the man you want me to be.”There is a secondary storyline featuring nastiness from Gideon’s past, and Savannah’s Breedmate gift of seeing the history of an object with one touch, and that leads to some excitement, and a few surprising developments!Fans of the series will love the brief glances (and I do mean BRIEF) of Lucan, Dante, Rio and Eva, and Conlan and Danika, and we even get a little bit more insight into one of my faves – Tegan. But it’s Gideon’s story, and although it’s shorter than I would have liked, and things are wrapped up very quickly at the end, it shows us the beginning of this fantastic couple, and answers the questions that I wanted answered.I really enjoyed it – 4 stars.

  • Jennifer Y
    2019-03-25 08:34

    Nice to see how Gideon and Savannah got together.

  • Snow White
    2019-02-24 10:10

    I love Gideon and his big heart. One of my favorite couple.Location: Boston and Louisiana Savannah Dupree (power: see a glimpse of past from objects she touched) : Gideon: (power: see life energy through solid mass (talent lost due to injury))

  • Melody
    2019-03-25 02:20

    Gideon and Savannah were just secondary characters throughout the Midnight Breed series but they were my favourite couple (together with Dante and Tess). I always wanted to know how they met so I was glad they finally got their story even though it was a novella.Unfortunately this reading left me unsatisfied! The romance moved too quickly and I "felt" more for them when they were simply secondary characters than here where they were the main characters. Don't get me wrong, I still love them but I expected more!

  • Lesley Book Lover
    2019-03-24 10:17

    An enjoyable read, Gideon and Savannahs story is set in 1974. A shame it was just a short story, as I would have liked to have known what happened afterwards, but maybe they are mentioned in other books, and I have forgotten. Maybe more books I will have to re-read in the future.

  • Mamacita wants a Bedtime Story
    2019-03-06 09:32

    Will Def continue with this series!

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva
    2019-03-18 10:10

    I’ve wanted to know Savannah and Gideon's story since I met them in Kiss of Midnight. Adrian has given readers their story with A Touch of Midnight. A Touch of Midnight takes readers back to 1974. The Order is six members strong and Gideon is part of the fighting although he is very excited about the technological advances he sees coming in the near future. I was giddy right along with him about where the world is going when it comes to computers. Savannah is away from her Louisiana home for the first time in her life. She’s attending classes at Boston University. She loves the art history classes she is taking. She seldom uses her extrasensory ability of psychometry to help her determine the history of an object but some items are too difficult to resist. Once she sees the past of a sword she’s found during an extra credit assignment she can’t resist the temptation to see more. There are others interested in this sword and that soon brings otherworldly creates she never fathomed right to her apartment door. This books works as a nice intro into the Midnight Breed world. It’s also a wonderful addition to someone like me who started elsewhere in the series. It answers the questions about a couple who have just always been there in this series.

  • Lynsey A
    2019-03-20 05:21

    It was nice to finally read Gideon and Savannah's story. It was a quick and enjoyable read. Gideon wasn't such the tech geek in this story since he was still a fighting member of the Order. In this book we discover how he just sticks to the tech now.Fast paced story. Abrupt ending but I guess since we know exactly what is happening with these two now, that makes sense. Still, I would have liked to have seen a fast forward to "now" showing them. Good story and a nice little hold over til next years release.Oh and it was quite interesting seeing Danika with her first mate Conlan. There were just small glimpses but it was a bit bittersweet yet still good knowing that she does have a forever HEA.Then of course, we get Rico(??) and Eva. Not so much a HEA there and for me, I didn't need to see them together in this, even if it was brief. Ultimately she betrays her mate and causes great damage. It was actually kind of sad to read about them in this story. Anyway, just my opinion on that little tidbit.

  • Hbeebti
    2019-03-20 08:31

    4.5 Thank you Lara Adrian for curbing my curiosity about Gideon and Savannah. I always wondered how they met and what their story was. It was really great to go back to the seventies and see where it all began with those two.This book answered some questions about Gideon. Like why was he always at home base and not out kicking butt? What was with the glasses? And that hidden room. Oh that made me so sad for ?? This made me want to start with book one all over again. This book was a delicious treat. Thank you.

  • Monique
    2019-03-18 04:32

    This was such a great read. We finally get Savannah and Gideon's long awaited story. I couldn't wait to read this, I needed to read it straight away. We've read glimpses about this couple's past but they really deserved to have their story told in full and I'm so glad Lara Adrian decided to write a novella. Their story was beautiful and made me enjoy these two wonderful characters who have been mated for so long even more.

  • MountainKat
    2019-03-12 06:25

    Wonderful insights into Gideon and Savannah's beginning. Firmly set in the 70's - don't think there was a slip into the present at all! There were parts I would have liked to have been different, but I wasn't telling the story. Overall very enjoyable.

  • Lindsay
    2019-03-25 04:23

    I knew I had to stop reading this when I realized I was literally forcing myself to finish this novella. 65% of the way in and still this much of a struggle? No can do. Might give up on this series entirely.

  • Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly
    2019-03-11 05:30

    Rating: 4/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: 5/5

  • April
    2019-03-13 08:09

    I loved hearing about Savannah and Gideon's story. Sweet sexy story about the orders resident nerd.

  • Gabriella
    2019-03-16 05:21

    This is the story all of us have been waiting for. Finally we get the story of Gideon and Savannah, who’ve already been a couple for years at the beginning of the original series. We’ve waited years for their beginning, as we’ve got small glimpses of their story with each book in the series.So back to the beginning. Back to 1974.The time without cell phones, with 8 bit processors and 256-byte memory tabletop computer, the time men were compared to Burt Reynolds, disco music and a time were Conlan and Eva were still alive and a part of the Order.The time Savannah Dupree was an 18 year old student and Gideon a sword wielding bad boy in black fatigues and a leather coat.Unfortunately most of Gideon’s and Savannah’s story had already been revealed in the blurb. Some kind of phenomenon I’ve come across more often in the last months. (Do publishers think readers are stupid…?!)The story was nice to read, but with all the knowledge from the blurb there weren’t any big surprises. Except Lucan, who acted like an ass! and Tegan’s hidden house with Sorcha’s coffin in it...(so sad!!!)I liked getting in touch with the Order again. Seeing Lucan, Tegan, Dante, Rio and Conlan. Even if it was just a glimpse. I liked getting to know Gideon’s background, his yummy bad-ass warrior side. (Let me say it again…yummy bad-ass warrior!!!)Well, Savannah.I had some problems with her. She was different from the previous books. I think part of it was because she was to be 18 years old at the time of the story. But there were times she acted like she was older then her 18 years and times she acted like a young adult just out of high-school.WARNING! SPOILER AHEAD!But what pissed me off most was that she acted like some whiny scared girl at the end…“I can’t stand by while you go out to war every night. I’m not strong enough to give you permission to fight and bleed and maybe never come back.”HUH?!That was definitely not the Savannah I’ve pictured from the other books. Well and isn’t LOVE supposed to be accepting and unconditional?!All that aside, I would have liked some more pages. Some parts of the story just felt like there was something missing. An epilogue would also have been nice. Rating: 2.5 Stars, thanks to Gideon’s yummyness! I love cute, geeky bad boys!I only recommend the book if you've read and know the Midnight Breed Series.

  • Karen
    2019-03-05 07:06

    This is the first book I have read in the Midnight Breed series and I am glad this was my introduction. The characters are very well defined and make you want to know more about them. While I was not pulled into the story from the first moment it did not take long for me to get really involved in the story. The story flowed so well that it was easy to determine what was happening and why things were happening the way they were. Savannah Dupree is a student at Boston University in 1974 on a full scholarship. She is originally from Louisiana and is a very intelligent girl but has an ability which has always made her feel different from those around her, since nobody knows her here she feels more a part of things. Savannah has the ability to see the history of any object she touches. Gideon is one of the Breed, an elite vampire order which keeps the law by taking out rogue vampires. He has been a warrior for 300 years and in that time has never considered taking a mate.Savannah is working on a special project in her art history class, helping to identify and catalog items in a collection the school has recently obtained. She finds a sword and after touching it she sees twin boys slaughtered by men who seem wrong in some way. Not long after she finds the sword it is stolen and her friend is killed in a brutal manner by a man who seems to have a lot in common with those she saw kill the twins. While giving an interview on television she is seen by Gideon who seems to know the sword she is talking about and wants to find and question her about it. But when he meets her he finds that the sword may be the least of worries.There are the usual difficulties for the couple to go through such as misunderstandings about who knew what when and so on. But the story is kind of sweet, in a dark way. I wanted it to go on just a bit longer so I could find out just one more thing about them. I look forward to seeing them again in other novels though. I would say everyone should give it a chance.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-22 06:35

    I have to admit, I have been waiting for Savannah to die since the beginning of this series. Not that I have anything against her. To the contrary, I’ve never really developed any feelings for her at all. We see plenty of Gideon, but Savannah, has always just kind of existed benignly. Maybe it’s that. Or maybe the Black Dagger Brotherhood has destroyed my ability to trust in a pre-existing relationship. (Poor Wellsie!) But whatever the case, I figured it was only a matter of time until she bit the big one and eventually Gideon would fall in love again, but this time on page. I guess I need to rethink that, now that Lara Adrian has given us their origin story.I’m glad she wrote this. It gives this couple some depth. But I can’t say I loved the romance.Savannah is only 18 years old as this novella begins. We learn she has the gift of psychometry and can get glimpses of an object’s history when she touches it. Shortly after she discovers an old sword at her university, someone kills her best friend, hoping to get it. Gideon hears her talking about it on tv, and recognizes it as the sword he wielded centuries ago. He suspects a Rogue was behind the attack and goes looking for Savannah to get more clues.It takes a while for these two to meet up, but once they do, it’s pretty much love at first sight. OK, lust at first sight. It’s a whole day or two before it’s “love.” But regardless, it’s WAY too fast. I just couldn’t make any kind of emotional connection. I also had a problem with just how young Savannah is. The older I get, the younger 18 seems.I did like seeing the beginnings of Gideon’s geekiness and I liked the flashback of how the Order was back in the 70’s! This is a prequel novella, but I wouldn’t recommend new readers start here. There’s just not enough to it. Wait until you are a few books into the series for maximum enjoyment.Rating: B-

  • T.A. Moorman
    2019-03-13 03:13

    This review and more can be seen at Touch of Midnight truly only pertains to the story of Gideon and Savannah. Though it does take place before the series' began, the Order had already been formed. This novella does however give fans the story of how these lovers fell in love, how our tech savvy geek warrior ended up on virtual desk duty and that Savannah is more than just arm candy.Savannah Dupree always knew she had gifts that most people did not possess. Being born and raised in New Orleans she just chalked it up to being no more than part of her Creole heritage. When she comes across a sword giving her conflicting images; some so horrifying they struck to her very core, and one of a man straight out of any woman's fantasy, she finds herself wanting to know more. With the brutal death of a friend, her compulsion with the past of that sword doesn't seem significant. Until she learns that very sword may have been the catalyst leading up to events that are not only way beyond her control, but also put her very life at risk.Gideon had spent the better part of his life trying to not forget his past, but to kill as many bloodthirsty Rogues as possible to prevent more families from suffering the fate of his own. A plan he thought perfect until a captivating woman appears on the news describing not only a murder, but details of the very sword that shattered his life so many centuries ago. Short, sweet, simple and while I wish there had been a few more brutal parts, it was still a good read. Not a very integral part of the series, so fans can skip this read and not be lost, but I say go for it. The story does not cost a thing in eBook format, links are above, and it make readers fall in love with Gid a whole lot more.

  • Tam B.
    2019-03-17 05:17

    This book didn't work for me, but really I think it was me.First off, a free novella (and a reasonably long one) as a prequel to the series is a great idea. The setting of 1970s I'm not sure about. It quite possibly makes sense with regards to the larger series. I don't know.I thought the characters were introduced well and developed further. There was some solid world building about the Breed and Rogues and Breedmates. We also got introduced to further characters and given some detail about them. The storyline was reasonably solid and equally involved both characters. The heroine wasn't TSTL and the hero wasn't so alpha he had to "rule".This fell flat for me because I didn't care about Gideon or Savannah because I didn't really buy into their relationship. It was passionately presented and they had good dialogue. But for me, she is 19 and he's 30-ish looking (although LOTS older) and really what interest could Savannah hold for him outside of a Breedmate. The author does strive to give them common ground. But I just kept thinking of my taste at age 19 and that lost my interest. They had heat and this was well presented but this becomes a permanent bond. Savannah enters in to this bond unknowing that she did. Whilst she did this to save his life and says she loves him I would have preferred it being an informed choice. I would have preferred my heroine to have some life experience - a couple of months of college isn't. They're heading for their HEA and I'm sure they'll get it and keep it. But this just wasn't for me.A well written novella that introduces the series and characters. It's just not for me.