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Jason and Kale have made a nice life for themselves in Naiara, but all is not as it seems. Jason’s hiding a letter with life-changing news, and Kale is plagued by nightmares he can’t discuss with Jason. Peace is within their grasp, but unfinished business threatens to disrupt everything. In order to move into their future, they must first face their past and seek answers iJason and Kale have made a nice life for themselves in Naiara, but all is not as it seems. Jason’s hiding a letter with life-changing news, and Kale is plagued by nightmares he can’t discuss with Jason. Peace is within their grasp, but unfinished business threatens to disrupt everything. In order to move into their future, they must first face their past and seek answers in the country they fled.Together, they venture back to Arine. Kale is searching for the mother and brother he left behind in slavery. Jason visits his father’s deathbed in hopes of finding the man he loved as a child.Neither is prepared for what they find. Their devotion to each other must provide them with the strength to weather the storms they unwittingly enter. If not, the truths they uncover in Arine may leave them too damaged to ever find peace....

Title : Measure of Peace
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Measure of Peace Reviews

  • Leta Blake
    2019-02-27 03:51

    So, I spent the whole weekend reading this series. That's a good indication that there are plenty of good things about this series. I am going to refrain from a star rating, though, because: a) the style didn't really float my boat but it wasn't a huge turn-off eitherb) I skimmed many pages of internal thoughts and long descriptive passages that I didn't really care aboutc) I skipped reading the sex scenes because they didn't do it for me for some inexplicable reasonThe good:a) I read the whole thing over the course of the weekendb) I was brought to tears a couple of times over a few incredibly real and poignant scenesc) the exploration of what it means to love someone was really well done and inspiringd) the exploration of what freedom means was also interesting and well donee) the exploration of forgiveness was also goodf) all the pieces came together very neatly and that was impressive given the scope g) I enjoyed the charactersSo, all in all, the good outweighs the not-as-good, but the fact that the style didn't really click for me and that I skimmed so much is sort of...yeah. Anyway, no star rating from me, but I have no regrets about reading this. Whether or not I'd recommend it for another person? Well, it depends on if the style clicks for you and that's a really personal thing, and also depends on your patience levels. To sum up: it was absorbing but didn't light me on fire but I got some good stuff from it. :D

  • Michelle
    2019-03-26 03:34

    *****5 stars*****A wonderful conclusion to the story. I read the entire book in one sitting. This is one of my absolute favorite series of all time. Kale and Jason have their HEA.

  • Discerningcritic
    2019-03-02 03:46

    This time a star was unfortunately lost, and the brilliance of Cathes Faron's writing could not absorb the impact as it could with book #1 & #2. The cover is an issue, but not the reason for the lost star. The plot is sound and Kale (Cabbage) and Jason are stronger than ever...but it seems as though the author had the same issue in letting these two beautiful men walk out of her life as I did. Book #2 left me wanting more and unwilling to let them go (separation issues by this point; I'd read for six hours straight), but book #3 made me start to think that maybe a dignified exit would have been better. Easier to cope with, perhaps.That said, the plot is there, and we're introduced to some new characters and the beginning of some kind of unspoken, unplanned revolution. It's plausible for another book to come from the threads started in this book, but with Jason having made his peace with his father, and Kale finding peace with his past, I hope that these amazing creations are allowed to rest now. I can dream of them doing other things and getting on with business and artistry, and maybe now, they're better left unwritten.

  • Jewel
    2019-03-21 00:39

    What a fantastic conclusion to this series! I read this book in one sitting; I just couldn't put it down. Jason and Kale are so lucky to have one another. After living very happily in Naiara for a couple years, Jason gets a letter about his father he wants to ignore and Kale starts having nightmares about leaving his mother and brother he wants to ignore. They should turn to each other, but neither wants to burden the other. I am so glad they get over that, because it's not healthy for them or their relationship. But, they each help the other face their pasts and make peace with it as well as themselves. Kale is the voice of reason throughout this book. He's a very introspective guy and has the ability and inclination to see things from other people's point of view. He has a calming effect on Jason, who tends to be more impulsive in his thoughts and actions.Now I want to go back and reread the whole series.

  • Dakota Hurlburt
    2019-03-17 21:28

    An amazing end to this trilogy. I was sort of scared there wouldn't be a happy ending, and there were a few bumps along the road, but the story got there. I would love another story set in this world after the events of this book to show the changes in the country, the things Kale and Jason started.

  • Jane Harper
    2019-02-27 23:45

    See my review of the Measure of Devotion Trilogy for thoughts on this book.

  • Amy Shannon
    2019-03-05 02:29

    I enjoyed the trilogy and look forward to other books. This is not the usual genre that I enjoy reading, but I couldn't pull myself away from any of the books.

  • David Wickham
    2019-03-05 03:29

    Not the best books in the world but they're really sweet

  • Emme
    2019-03-14 21:56

    Perfect ending to the series. Farewell Jason and Kale!

  • Faye
    2019-03-11 04:31

    The final chapter of the series, the guys go back to where they started to close that part of their lives. In doing so they become closer discovering past times. A Must for this hole series.. FANTASTIC. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2019-02-26 00:32

    This book has a 2 year time jump from Measure of Strength. Things seem to finally be looking up for Jason and Kale. Kale finally has a purpose and Jason's business is still growing. Their relationship is going great now that Kale is a citizen of a country that does not believe in slaves, but what happens when the guilt of leaving his mother and brother behind gets to be too much for Kale. What about when Jason receives a letter about the father who disowned him. Will traveling back to where it all started tear them apart or will the be able to find peace.This book takes you back to both Jason and Kale's past. The reader gets to see things from their memories that helped shape these characters into who they are. Getting to know these two characters on a deeper level meant that I as a reader felt even more emotionally invested in them then I did in the first two books. This book has a lot of tragedy in it for both characters and it broke my heart to read about the things that Jason and Kale had to go through both in the past and now in the present also. I cried more during this book than I think I ever had because I felt like it was my friends and family that the author was writing about. I cried both tears of happiness and sadness. While there was tragedy for both characters there was also very good things that happened that improved lives as a whole!Reviewed by Melonie

  • Len Evans Jr
    2019-03-25 02:34

    Based on the first two books in the series I was expecting to be wowed by this final book. I am happy to say the author delivered in spades. She managed to not only tell an incredible story, but did it while tying up all the loose ends created over the earlier books. I look forward to reading other books by Ms. Faron, she has an immense talent and I hope she continues to share new stories with us all in the future!One last thing... I will many times buy the first book of a series by an author I have never read when they are just 99 cents to try them out. Even if I like what I read many times it might take a few weeks till I get around to purchasing and reading the rest of the books in the series. After reading Measure of Devotion my only option was to immediately purchase book 2 finishs it and immediately go on to book 3. The author makes her characters so real you have no choice but to find out everthing you can about them and their lives. Addictive reading at its best!

  • Emily
    2019-03-05 22:53

    I got the first book free at Amazon. The characters were so great, I had to know what happened and I bought books 2 and 3. All three books were great, and the final one a great finish. This book was leisurely and contained all the closure I could have hoped for with characters I had grown to care about. Theses are finely written romance novels, superb examples of the genre. The slavery angle is relevant in terms of differing social castes, varying positions of power and so on. Not just a beautiful story but one that explores all the issues in a relationship. The extent to which we sacrifice too much for loved ones is explored in book 2, in this book we see how much our support allows loved ones the ability to find their best self. It is in the LGBT realm, but I felt it was more than the sum of it's genres.

  • Damir LJ
    2019-03-16 22:32

    Struggled to get through this one, then finally just gave up. It's now a DNF. The problem I had was after everything these two men went through and are now finally free and together, why is it that they are also more insecure than ever before?Way too much "I'm not worthy" bullshit for me. The self pity is so overly saturated with saccharin its impossible to enjoy it as a story... because there is none for the first two chapters or so. It ruined it for me. The blurb was cool, I was looking forward to some more detailed drama which was on the thin side in the previous two books of the series. Guess it's not going to happen, because I just can't keep reading the "woah is me" crap.

  • miss_chams
    2019-03-15 21:28

    I put off reading this for ages. Kale and Jason were happy and together, it would break my heart if something went wrong. Every time I picked it up I put it back down, but I finally read it. Yes, it was emotional. Yes, I was anxious because I wanted everything to work out. But in the end I had nothing to worry about: of course there's a HEA. A sort of irritatingly convenient one, like the last book. But I guess the book isn't really about the political aspects of slavery and the mechanics of how the HEA is reached. It's about the dynamics of relationships and misunderstandings, and setting yourself up emotionally to accept the HEA. That part was done really well.

  • Gerisgrltrl2
    2019-03-11 22:52

    Final book in the Measure of Devotion trilogy. Jason and Kale have established a new life in Naiara, a country that abhors slavery. Kale has established himself as an artist with a message: he specializes in paintings juxtaposing wealth and poverty and he and Jason are socially active. Jason and Kale return to Arine to deal with unfinished family business. While Jason faces his father after years of estrangement; Kale goes in search of his mother and brother from whom he was separated when he was 14 years old. Will Jason and Kale be able to deal with the truths they uncover?This was a satisfying end to this well-written, thought provoking trilogy.I highly recommend it.

  • Juxian
    2019-03-03 04:32

    It was a wonderful book and a beautiful finale to the series. Frankly speaking, I was relieved it was not so heart wrenching as the previous book, the problems Kale and Jason face don't come from within the couple but from outside and are not destructive, it is rather the need to closure. Their love for each other, their mutual support never faltered. They are such a beautiful couple, I'm totally in love with them. They absolutely deserve each other and their very thorough HEA.I also must say I terribly liked Demetri :) I don't usually care for spin-offs but I'd be happy to read his story and see him find his home, too.

  • Pamela Wilson
    2019-03-23 01:46

    A very good ending to a great book series. In the last book Jason and Kale take a journey not only back to where they once lived but also within themselves. Jason and Kale have to work on some things in order to be able to be fully happy and put regrets behind them. They learn more about the other and themselves in this book. Their bond strengthens and is unbreakable. I was really relieved this book had a happy ending. I will miss reading about Jason and Kale. These are books I will re-read often.

  • Monchari S
    2019-03-08 21:32

    What a beautiful story!this series' one of great trilogy sets I've ever read.All three books were separated, plotted and set in great balance, not just the 'extended' book.They are 'real trilogy'.The love Jason and Kale have for each other is so strong and I could only call it pure love.Thank you and thank you and thank you to the author for sharing their beautiful love story with us (even though I cried so hard along the reading...)They are perfect at peace in my heart now too.And well, I just happened to get curious for John...(^_^;)...not sure we can can a chance for his story too?

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-25 03:42

    This third book in the series beautifully wraps up issues and situations from the first two. Kale and Jason continue to grow and strengthen as individuals and in their relationship. There are several interesting storylines involving old friends as well as new characters. The ending was all I could have hoped for. "It was the peace of two flawed men, joining their lives together, to create their own joy."

  • Roxana V.
    2019-03-04 03:40

    Simple as this: THE STORY IS AMAZING!. I am a total fan of the trilogy, the story touch very deep personal issues such as human rights, forgiveness, acceptance, family and love. Measure of Peace is a great conclusion for the story of Jason and Kale, found it profound, is not more about material love. For me it touches love in a soul level. I am very happy in how the story concluded. IT IS A MUST READ.

  • Nicole
    2019-02-24 23:53

    OMG this was the perfect ending to their story. I was totally expecting hot steamy gay sex but what I got was a telling of their passionate feelings for one another. How their love is pure and perseveres threw all perils of life and death. I am totally in awe of CFaron's talents to illustrate love and devotion this way. I found myself always wanting more from them...I was not let down, I just didn't want their story to end so I intentionally, dragged reading this one out.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-20 05:36

    This installment finds us after Kale is freed. Jason and Kale find life in Naiara to be wonderful - great friends, fulfilling work, and still so much in love. But Jason's father is ailing and he must go back to find peace with the man who he thinks hates him. Kale is haunted that he has left his mother and brother in slavery. So this trip back is cathartic for them both. A great ending to these men's story.

  • Renee Kelley
    2019-03-27 02:51

    I can't wait until the Author's next book. I love the whole series. It was such a touching love story with regards to slavery/caste system. I loved the aspect of the relationship by the tow main characters and how it started. It wassn't the tradition love or lust at first sight the two characters had to work at being friends first then falling in love and that's what made it such a wonderful story.

  • Tamela
    2019-03-07 22:47

    I thought the end of book #2 was good and that more wasn't needed. And it wasn't needed, but it sure was nice to see how well things were going for these men and to find out what they had decided to do with their lives.Great work to benefit ALL the slaves left behind. No revolution, but baby steps on the road to total freedom for all.Recommended===============================1st read - Dec 1, 2016

  • Donald See
    2019-03-16 00:50

    An Emotional EndingAn Emotional EndingThis book, along with the first two, deserves the highest rating as an amazingly enjoyable read. So much emotion and love between all the characters from beginning to the end. The feelings related as freedom is found will warm your heart. True love, compassion and caring fill this book and leave you smiling, crying and thinking. Awesome read!

  • Gail Thompson
    2019-03-13 01:47

    I was happy with the ending of book two and did not see why there was a book three. And then I read it. It was great to see these characters that I am so attached to (esp Kale) resolve all the issues they left behind in Arine. Sadly this now means that I am out of excuses to ditch everything else and spend time with these characters, although I may have to read it all again!

  • ♥J ♥
    2019-03-20 23:48

    I absolutely loved the first 2 books in this series but this one has fallen a little flat in comparison. There were still moments that were extremely touching but the overall plot felt a little underdone and too easy. I think this series might have done better to end with book 2.Discerningcritic's review sums up my thoughts perfectly.

  • Chom
    2019-03-22 22:50

    I can't believe she actually succeeded in keeping this story so inspiring and together as she did. With every book in this series I kept thinking "she can't possibly top this book" and she did. I loved these two men and I felt for them, cried and laughed for them. I truly recommend these books to everyone, no matter age or gender.

  • Geboyd
    2019-03-26 01:40

    Peace at lastSimply amazing. What an end to such an amazing trilogy. My heart broke in the first book, was torn apart and slowly mended in the second book and this book.....simply put is peace.Well done Caethes Faron! Looking forward to more books from you.