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It's been twelve years since Jenny Wilks lost her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Since then she's been floundering, trying to find her way. Taking the job as lighthouse keeper on Gansett Island was the best thing she could've done for herself. On the island she's found amazing friends and a wonderful new life. There's only one thing missing and that's romanceIt's been twelve years since Jenny Wilks lost her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Since then she's been floundering, trying to find her way. Taking the job as lighthouse keeper on Gansett Island was the best thing she could've done for herself. On the island she's found amazing friends and a wonderful new life. There's only one thing missing and that's romance. She's recently asked her new friends to fix her up with some of the island's more eligible men. While her friends are busy arranging dates for her, Alex Martinez comes to cut the grass at the lighthouse.He's given up everything to come home to Gansett to care for his ailing mother…Alex has gone from cultivating orchids at the US Botanic Garden in Washington to cutting grass on Gansett, like he did as a teenager. Running the family business with his brother while managing their mother's dementia requires Alex's undivided attention until a sexy lighthouse keeper shows him there's much more to life than work and endless obligation.During a scorching summer heat wave on Gansett, Jenny and Alex take comfort in each other, and what begins as a hot summer fling quickly becomes something much more lasting. But will it hold up beyond the heat wave when real life intrudes on their sexy interlude?...

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Meant for Love Reviews

  • Mo
    2019-02-17 18:32

    Another winner from Marie Force. I have loved this series from book 1. Great heroes, Wonderful heroines.It is always nice to catch up with all the McCarthys!Big Mac and Linda are a hoot, as usualOf course I love a rough guy who uses the “F” word more than ten times a day!Hope we see Paul’s story next. Wonder who his love interest could be?

  • Anne OK
    2019-01-26 20:41

    Do you want to know a secret? Number 10 is FANTASTIC! Readers won't be disappointed in the latest visit to Gansett Island -- count on it!! In MEANT FOR LOVE, Jenny and Alex will steal your heart, along with all the other surprises Marie Force slips into this storyline. That's all I can say for now . . . full review on release day, November 18th.Extended review posted 11/18/13:Each new journey to Gansett Island is like the best vacation ever and Marie Force is the creative genius who packages the agenda!! Meant for Love is a mix of everything special a book can offer. With one fell swoop, Marie Force has an uncanny ability to nail all a reader’s emotions and leave you begging for more. He’s a little bit rough around the edges – she’s all smooth and gracious. Watching both Alex and Jenny breathe life and love back into one another is downright addictive. The healing effects go both ways in this one. There are tons of laugh-out-loud moments along with some real life hard hits and sentimental touches to your heart as well. As Marie is always inclined to do, there are some real teasers thrown in tempting us with events on the horizon. Readers will no doubt be up in arms for sooner than later delivery of more information on all their favorite characters. Rest assured that Meant for Love doesn’t leave you hanging over the cliff and the happily-ever-after is a thing of beauty -- so don’t fret.

  • Nicola
    2019-01-26 20:18

    I do believe that this may very well be my favourite visit to Gansett Island to date. It's romantic, passionate, intimate, humbling and touching, with plenty fun witty moments and Jenny and Alex are amazing characters who I have fallen in love with.With so many residents the balance is perfect with some paying a fleeting visit whilst others are ever present and their journeys continue to flourish. But what I really love about this series is the realism. Every age group is covered and their lives and situations are realistic. I laughed, cringed, swooned and smiled and can say that Jenny is the only resident to have reduced me to tears. Marie has handled a saddening subject with such sensitivity that you can't not be touched and want Jenny to find complete peace and happiness with Alex. He's rough round the edges, all man and despite suffering his own form of loss he manages to bring fun and wit to their burgeoning relationship. They are kindred spirits and he has become one of my favourite men.I can't wait to see more of them in future books. Book 11 cannot come soon enough but in the meantime, I shall just have to read the entire series again.

  • Nanda
    2019-02-04 18:37

    Meant For Love is the story of Jenny and Alex.Jenny Wilks is a 37-year-old woman who stopped living twelve years before, when she lost her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks. After years of letting life pass her by, she ended up in Gansett Island after submitting to the lighthouse keeper position. Her letter to the city council was one of the most beautiful and emocional things I've read, even if I know her particular story isn't real. It's been a year since she moved to the island and found a bunch of friends who have helped her move on with her life, even setting her up on dates when she tells them she's ready.Alex Martinez was born and raised in Gansett and had to return home from his dream job in DC after his mother's Dementia took a turn to the worst and his brother couldn't handle it all - their mom and the family business - alone anymore. It's heartbreaking to read the scenes where she's present, but it's incredible how much Alex and his brother, Paul, stood up to the challenge.In the middle of a heat wave, Alex gets to the lighthouse to mow the lawn after months of delaying it due to his mother willness. He wakes Jenny up from a dream that's been haunting her for years and she angrily storms out to have words with him. Neither of them expected the instant attraction they felt for each other, though. And even if Alex isn't sure there's room in his life for love and even if Jenny has still some demons that keep her from completely surrendering, they're not able to stop the pull and quickly engage in a relationship. It starts out as pure heat, but it climbs to meaningful really fast, taking them both by surprise.Alex is a little rough around the edges and a swear-at-every-turn kind of guy, which is a stark contrast to Jenny's sweet personality. He's also impulsive and has some jealousy issues that'll make you laugh and want to pull his hair out a few times along the book. Alex doesn't expect anything from Jenny and he feels like he can't drag anyone into his life with the huge space his mom occupies at the moment, but Jenny doesn't care about it and is constantly surprising him with her willingness to help and to accept him and his life, just as it is. As for Jenny, she still strugles with the loss of Toby, her fiancé, and she has to deal with the guilt, but also the elation of finding out she was able to find a connection to another human being again. She has some trouble sharing her story with Alex in the beginning, out of fear of it changing the way he looks at her and treats her. I can't imagine being in her place, but what a burden it must be to be seen only for the tragedy you've lived through. She's one amazing and resilient woman and Alex sees that. He's the perfect fit for her."The more time she spent with him, the more she began to suspect he could actually be all right for her."One of the things I like the most in Marie's stories is that they seem real, not fiction. I could easily imagine her characters living just like it's told on her books and it means we can relate to them, which makes for a great reason to love it. Her writing is incredible and her characters are always complex and likable, so it's always a plus when we get to meet the couples from past books and "see how they're doing".This is the tenth book in the Gansett Island series and, although I imagine you could follow Jenny and Alex's story without previous knowledge, I fully recomend reading them all in order, especially for the secondary stories, which are mostly abouth past characters. There have been a couple of books in the series that left me wanting more cause I didn't much like Adam and Abby or David and Daisy, but that was my personal feelings for them and I could still enjoy the books, especially for the glimpse into other couples in between the main plot. This one has done it for me again and I was so hooked I simply couldn't stop reading.If you're already a Marie fan, I'm sure this one will go up there amongst your favorites. If you're not, yet, just get to it and surrender, starting with Maid For Love, which is currently, and almost always since I first read it, free.

  • joyceadrianne
    2019-02-12 20:22

    The only problem with any of the Gansett books is that when they are released, I manage to finish it a day and I absolutely hate how I feel when I'm finished. :(Marie Force is brilliant and I absolutely loved this book. While everyone kept saying that Jenny would end up with Laura's brother, Shane, I'm really glad it was Alex. They were absolutely perfect for each other. Their passion was strong and their experiences throughout life made their relationship stronger. The moment these two meet and connect, it's incendiary. It's flat out all-consuming and you just can't help but connect with them. I know I'm not the only one but you just can't help but put yourself in Jenny's shoes. You just want Alex all to yourself. I loved escaping to Gansett and meeting all these people that grace these pages. Coming across this series was nothing short of a miracle. I cannot wait for the next book. I'm hoping I get Paul and certain new addition to the island paired up. I feel like we might have some drama in a the next installment. All in all, amazingly beautiful and heart warming.

  • Tana
    2019-02-14 20:37

    Meant For Love is book 10 in this series. I have to say this is one of the better series I have read. Marie Force not only brings you new characters and their own romance she fills the books with all the old character and adds new ones.This is a great series and one I can not stopping reading. I cannot wait to read more and catch up with old friends.Fantastic writing.Meant For Love I have rated it 5 stars, loved that Jenny finally found romance with Alex.

  • Dee
    2019-02-03 17:38

    My favourite of the series! Brought out a variety of emotions, had me laughing but also had a very sad section too - Readers of the series already know as Jenny's background has already been shared in previous stories. Loved both H/h and really felt the connection between them.....Didn't want it to end!

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2019-01-29 15:43

    3.5 Stars - Just good, low-angst romance! Immediate chemistry & connection between Alex & Jenny, very hot! Their story unfolds with almost no ripples - just one little thing near the end, that's quickly resolved. And still, the story touches on an important tragic event and a heartbreaking medical issue that many families face in reality. Very well handled. A Must Read for lovers of good, solid romance.

  • Ang (Sizzling Pages)
    2019-01-27 21:43

    Every once in a while, I need a sweet, mushy romance story - this one fit the bill. Alex is hot and sexy; Jenny is sweet and these two get busy real quick ;)The sad story behind Jenny is the loss of her fiancé Toby during the 9/11 attacks. This hits home for me - I grew up in NYC, worked a block away from the Trade Center, and lost friends as well. Never easy reading a story about the events of that day, but Marie Force has done it delicately and tastefully.This is a feel good story despite the sadness these characters experience, I truly enjoyed Alex and Jenny's love story.

  • Jodster's
    2019-01-26 21:18

    Please read with caution... spoilers included. This it tied as my Favorite along side Evan and Grace. I absolutely loved Alex and Jenny. Jenny a 37 year old who is trying to get her life back on track after the devastating loss of her fiance in the 9/11 attacks. She has not allowed herself to open her heart to another since. She leaves her comfort of her family and moves to Gansett Island to be the Lighthouse Keeper. She is comfortable in the solitude of the privacy and the fact that no one there knows her or of her loss. Through time Jenny meets the rest of the girls and friendships and bonds are formed... realizing she may be ready to start dating again, they agree to set her up with eligible guys around town. Alex moves home after working in the D.C. area... (wonder if he is friends with Nick and Sam. ;-) might be nice to see them appear for a wedding or a vacation on the Island).. gives up his dream job to move back home and help his brother run the family business when their mother is diagnosed with dementia. This book had so many raw emotions. Alex is caring loving and giving and really cares. The care and love both he and Paul showed and gave to their mother was unbelievable and somethings that they did is something two grown men should never have to do. Period... and yet they did.. Jenny who thought she could never love again found herself falling in love with Alex. Telling him her story was the probably one of the hardest things she had ever had to do and she did with style and grace. The way Alex handled the news with respect and grace. Then comes the letter she wrote to apply for the job.. now that is raw emotion that tugs at your heart strings.. the way Alex cried and was not afraid to should what a good and loving and sensitive man he is. The way he admitted to Jenny that he had read the letter... the way he cradled her after her nightmares and accepted Toby in to their lives was truly amazing. I am sure the nightmares for Jenny will be less and less with Alex by her side.We can not forget the way Jenny was with Moma Martinez. She was respectful and loving and caring to a woman she had just met. She had no problem staying in and helping her get ready for bed or repeating her name over and over for her. She took on a relationship with a man who in his eyes has family issues no one should be burdened with and took them head on. We all know Marie and even though Alex tries to push Jenny away he can not stay away long and she takes him back with open arms. Trying to push someone away to protect them sometimes is harder than anything.. your mind tells you it is the right thing but your heart tells you something different. I just love HEA endings.. It was nice to see the others make an appearance... Mac and Maddie, Grace and Evan..Evan had some tough choices to make and went with his heart. That song totally amazing. Nice to see Buddy Longstreet make an appearance.( I am still hopeful for a book four ;-) ) Syd is always nice to see.. of Course how can I forget Big Mac.. he does love to embarrass his boys.. "just shoot me now" "I do not need that vision in my head.".. Lol Caro and Seamus, David and Daisy, and their kindness and affection towards the boys and their mom.(Okay I'd admit he is growing on me.)A few new faces and names are brought.. Hope the nurse and of course I did notice Toby's Sister (name eludes me right now). Maybe she will come out, fall in love with the Island with one of the many single bachelors, Paul maybe.. I am not why I feel this way but I see Hope with Jared.. would be nice to see him with a child.. he has so much to give... although maybe Jared would be good with Toby's Sister. I don't know I am never any good at predicting. In fact I suck at it. How can I forget Kara and Dan and the confrontation with her sister. That was awesome.. felt like I was right there when she chewed her outThe mere mention of a little blue pill during a marriage proposal had me in stitches...that was one of the best proposals ever. The Knotting hill reference fit perfectly. There is so much I am sure I am forgetting. I read the book so fast maybe I will have to re-read it in January on vacation seeing as no books are coming out until after I return. I have to say Marie I have no idea how you continue to amaze me.. this was absolutely beautifully written and had such raw love and emotions. You draw me in every time and I feel like I am right there with them all. Part of the gang. Except I am the fly on the wall know one see's but enjoying all the going ons. Okay if truth be known since I started reading I always picture myself as one of the characters.. usually the lead.. but for some reason I can relate with all or most of the girls. I may just move Jenny and Alex to the top and place Evan and Grace and very close 2nd. Bravo Marie... Job well done!!. :-)

  • Lynsey
    2019-01-29 18:26

    Listened to on audio, narrated by Holly Fielding.The audio quality for this series really does vary. This one was ok. We still have the narrator saying a wrong word here and there, but overall it was good. At least she managed to be consistent in pitch, pace and volume, which is not always the case.Now, the book was amazing! Along with Longing for Love it's my favourite of the series so far.The love story is perfect, with two wounded souls looking for comfort. I would sure like an Alex to come along and comfort me! Both of their stories are actually really moving.There's also a lovely side story about Kara. You go girl!

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    2019-02-15 18:34

    This story had a fun beginning, the dementia theme was heart tugging and all the secondary love interests were nice but is was pretty heavy chick-lit and not real big on action. A couple times I felt the hero behaved a little over the top for the circumstances. Lighthouse keeper Jenny gets angry when she finds Alex mowing the grounds at five in the morning.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-24 16:20

    Piper‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSI know I have said this a million times, but Marie Force is one my favorite romance writers. I cannot award get enough of her McCarthys of Gansett Island Series. The only problem I have with these books is they end!Meant for Love is book 10 in this wonderful series set in a small island town. We Gansett lovers finally get the story of Jenny the lighthouse keeper. Jenny has been through one of the worst tragedies our county has seen. She has put her life back together piece by piece over the last 12 years. She finally is ready to put herself out there again to try and find love after losing her fiancé on that horrible September day.Alex Martinez grew up on Gansett Island, and has come back to the island full time to help his brother Paul with the family Landscaping business and help with their mother, whose health has declined rapidly. Alex left a job he loved in DC, but he knew it was the right thing to do. He will do whatever it takes to keep is mother on the island she loves. With the help of the island residents, Alex and Paul have the support they need, but things with their mom are getting worse and they need help fast.When I learned that Marie was putting the lovely and sweet Jenny with Alex, I wonder hmmmm how is that going to work. But, as always, Marie had me in total love with Alex by a few pages in, and I knew my Gansett boyfriend Grant was going to be replaced by the end of this book.Alex and Jenny really are perfect for each other. Alex is gruff and hard, but really he has the most wonderful heart, and his dirty talk does not hurt either. It was wonderful to see Jenny really find herself again. The way Marie writes these stories you are just sucked in. Marie writes with such emotion that the stories just seem to come alive and you find herself feeling as these people are your friends and you’re taking this emotional journey with them. To me that is the mark of a great writer. When you read about Jenny and her past you’re transported back to that day in September, and really live it all over again. The interaction between Paul and Alex with their mom dealing her dementia, truly gives you a look into what a family most go through when a loved one is dealing with this terrible illness.As always we get to catch up with all our favorite Gansett residents. I love that even after 10 books the character’s from previous books have their stories continue. This is one of the thing I love most about this series. We also meet Hope in this book, and I am already playing matchmaker in my head!Meant for Love is one of the BEST Gansett Island books so far. I immediately wanted to read it again when I finished. For me these stories have everything that make for a great read. This is a must read series for me and I am already counting the days until book 11.Oh, and yes I have a new Gansett boyfriend!!Happy Reading!!

  • Ann
    2019-02-09 21:39

    Hmmm…Well I liked it, but the story seemed so rushed. Maybe it’s just because there’s so much packed into each bk and the reading is so smooth it goes by so quickly. And speaking of quick–Alex/Jenny – BAM! Insta-sex which goes just as fast into insta-love. Did I say quick? I’m talking hot stranger sex right there at the 1% mark. These two had some explosive chemistry. My eyebrows were definitely raised. MF has turned up the heat in this bk. That Alex is a major alpha too. Hot, rough and ready…and I mean ALL THE TIME! ;DAlex goes on my list of favorite McCarthy Island guys….and not just in the hot, sweaty sex kinda way. He’s so sweet and caring with his mom who’s suffering from dementia. So many emotions and frustrations that disease drags along with it which was just so darn sad. Alex and Paul, two brothers having to rearrange their lives to care for an aging parent was a good theme for today’s times. MF had me thinking about what many of us may unfortunately be facing in the future with our parents for one reason or another. Nurse Hope coming to the island to care for Mrs. Martinez? Sounds like a perfect love interest for Alex’s brother Paul to me. Got my fingers crossed MF finds some “hope” for Paul too. :DAnd talk about sad….Jenny’s story of lost love in the 9/11 disaster was a bit strung out for something that happened 10 years ago, but sad all the same. Jenny and Alex were perfect for each other and they got a well deserved but very sudden WTH? Already?!? HEA. Appears that Alex/Jenny were given an abrupt happily ever after in order to include a snippet from MF’s new Green Mountain series due out early next year. Personally I would rather have had a longer time with our starring couple. Not to be left out we have some loveable side stories about Evan/Grace’s future, and Mac/Maddie’s every growing family along with snippets from Dan/Kara, Luc/Sydney, etc. Meant for Love was over too soon but a nice addition to the series and I’d call this one a 3.5 stars worth of entertainment.

  • Slick
    2019-01-21 18:20

    Dear Marie,When I downloaded Maid For Love back in May of 2011, I never would have believed I could love a series as much as I do this one. With each book I fall more in love with Gansett Island and its residents and while I adore the McCarthy family for starting it all I find myself completely caught up with the rest of the island's residents. In your latest Meant For Love I think you've outdone yourself! First off I want to commend you for taking a very hard topic and treating it with the respect it deserves while showing us that life goes on despite terrible tragedies that were designed to break us apart. I want to thank you for showing how dementia affects everyone who has a loved one stricken with this horrible disease but again treating it with respect. I applaud you for writing a Latino alpha man and getting it right, because while you've written many alpha men there is something different about Latino alpha men and you captured that perfectly. The heat, the passion, and yes the jealousy! I love that you allowed Jenny her grief, that you didn't remove her past, and that you made sure Alex understood that without Toby, Jenny wouldn't be the woman she is today. You moved me many times over to tears both in sadness and in joy and while you put me in a book coma, it was one I went into willingly. I've enjoyed each and every book in this series and yes, I have some favorites but I don't think any have quite captured me the way this one did. Take a bow Marie, because you deserve it. You outdid yourself with this story and that's something that is really hard for you to do!Your adoring fan,Slick Reads

  • Jane
    2019-01-27 16:28

    Just when I thought Gansett Island couldn't get any hotter and steamier, Marie Force does it again! Every time I read the latest book in this series, I think....."Wow, this is my favorite". But then I read the next one, and...... well you get the picture! What's not to love? Fun characters, steamy sex and island life! I am so hoping Marie will continue this series! So many unanswered questions.....Does Syd finally get pregnant? How will Mac and Maddie handle their latest addition? And of course, we have to be there for Evan and Grace's wedding! But let's not forget, Marie has introduced us to several characters that I know I want to read more about and see a happily ever after for -- Paul, Jared, Laura's brother, Toby's sister, Victoria and Shannon! And now, we have Hope coming to the island! Do I see a book about her and Paul???? can hope!I loved visiting the characters from previous books...... I think my new favs are Dan and Kara! I love their banter! I hope we are able to see more of them. But where would we be without the lovable and adorable Mac and Maddie?Please, Marie, don't stop.....keep 'em coming! This is a series that will never get old!

  • ♥Knhebek, hbeebti♥
    2019-02-02 22:48

    I love this series, a lot, i love them all. Well, i decided to read this one very slowly to enjoy it, but noooooo, i couldn't put it down at all. I knew i needed to attend the kids and they needed to eat and everything else and they did, but my kindle was glued to my hand. I loved Jenny she was a "nice" heroine, hahaha. Alex, he sounded so hot and he was, he somehow came out a little bit stalkerish but it worked in a way. There are a few unanswered questions...How is Grant dealing with his PTSD? What is up with Steph? Are Jared and Paul having their own book or their stories will be secondary? Who is Hope going to end up with? Ahhhhh too many questions so little little pages.... Can't wait for next installment.Also, the little glimpse we got to see of All you need is love was so good, it feels that 2014 is so far away...Highly recommended....and if you have not started with this series start with Maid in love....

  • Donna Porter
    2019-02-08 15:48

    I loved this book. I really have enjoyed getting to know the people on Gansett Island and more about their lives. This is a continuation of that story. This one centers on Jenny the lighthouse keeper. She moved to Gansett Island after she lost her fiance on 911. She is full of hurt and pain and she doesn't want to go on. Years later she meets Alex. He comes to cut her grass at 530am and she gets mad. Their relationship starts off rocky, because he has hurt in his past also. They try to bridge that as others try to support both of them. If you have time read this book. It is great, as all of Marie's are

  • Lori
    2019-01-22 16:32

    Another wonderful installment of the McCarthy series! Alex and Jenny were combustible with their connection. You could almost feel the zip between them. They are truly two very selfless caring people who grabbed your heart at the first meeting. It was so sweet to see how genuine and considerate they were for others and so not concerned for themselves. Beautiful story! Loved how they helped heal each other. The small snippets we got to see of the other characters were priceless and only make you want more. The characters in the McCarthy series play out so beautifully in your mind like a real movie. I would so love to see this series in a movie or a recurring television show.

  • valee
    2019-02-16 22:26

    Now this was an amazing addition to the series... I even dare to say one of the best stories so far.Everything about it appealed to me. I loved the heroine and how she managed to go through a huge tragedy and still have a bright smile for everyone. And the Hero, let me just say I ADORED HIM. Everything about him was RAW, HOT and sincere. Such an amazing couple since page one. Let me just say it has been a while since I got this hooked with a contemporary romance book. It just managed to grab my attention from the beginning.This was an amazing story: Moving, lovely and down to earth. I just couldn't stop reading.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-17 19:27

    One of my favorite couples! This book tugged on my heart strings a little harder because I've dealt with a parent afflicted by dementia. Many tears were shed as I read this but, thankfully, they were cathartic tears. I did want to smack Alex really hard at one point but he finally realized the error in his plan. I enjoy reading the stories in this series again. It seems I find something different each time. Thank you Marie for all of the wonderful stories you've shared with us! Don't think your work is done though. We're a greedy bunch and want many more visits to the island!

  • Roberta
    2019-02-13 17:47

    This is my favorite so far. I really liked the back story for this couple. A nice mix of Hot and Sweet. The intro of new folks looks promising as well as the updates from the past. Marie Force has become my go to author. I'm thankful for Gansett Island and to Marie for sharing her stories with us.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-20 14:34

    This series just gets better. I love all the characters and can't wait to catch up each of them every book. Highly recommend. Alex is hot, very alpha but so sweet with his mum. The perfect guy really. Can't wait for the next instalment from my friends on Gansett Island.

  • Laura
    2019-01-21 19:18

    Another great Gansett Island book.

  • Marcy Meyer
    2019-01-27 18:30

    I really don't know how Marie does it. With every new Gansett Island book, I wonder how she's going to keep it up. How does she get us so wrapped up in the newest couple, as well as give us snippets of our favorites? It is all done so effortlessly and beautifully, and this is why the McCarthy's are one of my most favorite book series EVER. Jenny and Alex are such great characters. They are riddled with different forms of heartbreak and grief, and this is what brings them together in the beginning. Wanting and needing a reprieve from the sympathy and pity they see in those around them, they find it in one another. The problem lies in whether they can move forward with each other or remain trapped in their own little world of hurt. I really enjoyed the playfullness and humor that these two had together. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments that I thought were perfect for this pair. Their journey was an emotional one though, so have your kleenex ready. Meant For Love is another great addition to this already great series. I love my visits to this wonderful island, full of people so dear to my heart.

  • Lisa Reigel
    2019-02-19 17:32

    Heat Wave on Gansett Island – HOT HOT HOTBook 10 of McCarthy’s of Gansett IlsandSparks fly (as well as tomatoes) when Jenny and Alex first meet. Jenny is ready to move on after losing her fiancé 12 years ago on 911. Her friends have been helping her find Mr. Right but no sparks on her end until rough, gruff, & bold Alex comes loudly into her life too early one morning. Alex has left his dream job in DC to come back home to Gansett Island to help his brother with the family landscaping business & care for their mother. Characters are relatable and lovable. Marie gives us the main storyline while keeping us up to date with previous characters. (who are like family members to us faithful readers and we HAVE to know what they have been up to). This book has romance, sex, comedy, overcoming tragedy, family issues, and finding/learning to trust and love again. I highly recommend this book (and series). Marie Force writing hooks us every time she puts out a new book. Couldn’t put this one down and eagerly awaiting book 11.

  • Karla
    2019-02-05 16:19

    I just read nonstop for six straight hours. This is the best love story I have read in a long time. That epilogue was beyond amazing. I fell in love with Alex somewhere between chapter one and two and I can't remember the last time I fell so fast and so hard for a fictional character. This series has been amazing from the start, and I have my favorites, but this one just beat them by a mile and to think I struggled a little with the first pages. Somehow going in knowing what Jenny had suffered and what she had lost made me question reading this book sooner. There's no way you can read this book and not fall in love with Alex, Jenny and Dan. And if you didn't love Evan and Mac before you will now.

  • Kristi
    2019-01-25 19:36

    The best thing about a Marie Force McCarthys of Gansett Island book is that they are always so wonderful and spell-binding that you can't put it down. The worst part of a Marie Force McCarthys of Gansett Island book is that they are so wonderful and spell-binding that you finish it in a day and have to mourn you friends all over again!This was a fabulous installment to the series and it was so great to get to know both characters who have been only peripherally mentioned previously. Alex and Jenny lit up page after page and the story captured your heart right from the start. Reading Jenny's letter to counsel about her desire to be lighthouse keeper was heartbreaking. This is a series that just continues to get better and better.

  • JackieKiwibooknerd
    2019-02-09 17:29

    There is nothing like coming home to Gansett Island and the McCarthy's to put a smile on my face. I absolutely 100% love and adore each and every one of these books. I want to be a freaking McCarthy and live on Gansett.Loved the story of Alex and Jenny. It was truly wonderful and beautifully told. I have been dying to read Jenny's story from when they first introduced her character with that amazing letter she submitted in order to obtain the position of Lighthouse Keeper.This book certainly does not disappoint and you get to catch up with all your favorite McCarthy's...Mine being Mac and Maddie of course!!!Cant wait for the next one in this series....Till then I look forward to her new series coming out in the New Year

  • Jennette
    2019-02-18 14:46

    Wow! I wanted Jenny's story since her character was first introduced. This was nearly perfect. I laughed, and I cried like a baby. Alex and his family set me into another jag of tears. I think this has been the most emotional of all the books and that is really saying something because this whole series is so full of emotions. Love is of course the strongest of all but I think one of the best thing about this and all the books is there is so much more to the story than the beginning of the romantic love story. There is always love of family and friends and community that is is threaded through the entire series that make every book a joyful visit to Gansett Island.