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OPPOSITES ATTRACT... MAYBE?Haru Yoshida is feared as an unstable and violent "monster." Shizuku Mizutani is a grade-obsessed student with no friends. Fate brings these two together to form the most unlikely pair. Haru firmly believes he's in love with Shizuku and she firmly believes he's insane....

Title : My Little Monster, Vol. 1
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ISBN : 9781612625973
Format Type : Paperback
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My Little Monster, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Christine
    2019-02-14 22:29

    I watched the anime first, and wrote a review for it because I just adored it so much. I then went on to read the manga, which I adored even more! For simplicity and organization's sake, I am going to copy/paste that review here since it would essentially be the same.Within the first few minutes of the show, I felt bombarded with clear signals of mental instability within almost every main character. I immediately started getting annoyed, thinking that my decision to watch a seemingly corny high school anime at age 23 was going to be as bad a decision as I had warned myself it would be. I thought, "Oh great, it's going to be another unhealthy romance all dolled up to make it look like stalking is cute." But.... as I kept on going (because there was just something about this relationship that I needed know) I started to realize that that was the theme. It was supposed to be about those kids. The ones who were a little off, or didn't seem to have any friends. Among all other shows I've seen, this one (in my opinion) did the most accurate job at successfully creating an anime for the outcasts. It's about feeling normal for once amongst a sea of people who think you're weird or strange. These kids are all so lonely, so awkward, so goofy, socially unacceptable (whether for good or bad reasons) that it had me thinking about my own judgements on others, and especially about myself. What was really wrong with these kids? Why were they not accepted? They have the same worries and fears as the others. Once they find each other, we start to see them learn the same lessons as their peers, only they seem to be more aware of the fact that they're experiencing something simple (such as happiness, jealousy, and friendship). I think a lot of these psychological aspects are often overlooked, but they're part of what makes it so great.In their own clumsy way, the main characters stumble through lessons of love, friendship, growing up, and some important life lessons. It's absolutely adorable, completely relatable, and it's quite funny.Another majorly refreshing plus is the fact that the main female, despite the main dude's attempts to control her actions, remains a strong and independent individual. Instead of the average anime girl who falls head over heels for the bad boy and would do anything he asks without question, Shizuku tells Haru straight-up that he has no right to tell her what to do. I love it! And I know, I'm totally over-thinking this... but I just felt something so deep in watching this anime. If you have ever felt like you were not accepted, or like friendship could never be possible for you, I can almost guarantee you will find something relatable in here. Whenever I think about my own social awkwardnesses I just tell myself, "Haru would be my friend" :3 I just want to stress that this isn't your average romance story. It's about being a little bit weird (or, in some cases *coughHarucough* a lot-a-bit weird), and figuring that out yourself, and then learning that it's ok. That's what I like most about it. They don't look at Haru's violent outbursts as normal. They know it's wrong, he knows it's wrong, but they recognize the fear in him and stand together and help each other out. It truly is about friendship and getting to know those friends. The fact that there's a cute romance story on top is just an added bonus!Final verdict: It's a great anime about friendship for the socially awkward, and it's officially one of my favorites of its genre. :)

  • Sonja
    2019-01-29 14:34

    Shizuku ist ein Mädchen, für das nur das Lernen zählt. Sie hat keine Freunde und auch keine Hobbys. Die Schule und gute Noten stehen an erster Stelle für sie. Als sie dem Schulschwänzer Haru begegnet, hängt dieser sich an Shizuku und geht ihretwegen sogar wieder zur Schule. Anfangs ist Shizuku total genervt von ihm, aber mit der Zeit wächst er ihr doch ans Herz...Mein Leseeindruck:Ich weiß nicht genau, was ich von diesem Manga erwartet habe, aber auf jeden Fall hat die Story mich in einigen Punkten überraschen können. Shizuku ist kein liebes und naives Mädchen, sondern sie ist recht bissig und kommt zum Teil auch gefühlskalt rüber. Zum Ende des Bandes taut sie etwas auf und lässt auch Gefühle zu und ich bin gespannt, was sich da noch entwickeln wird. Ich glaube, diese Manga-Reihe umfasst 12 Bände, von daher kann und wird hoffentlich noch viel passieren. Der erste Band hat mich auf jeden Fall neugierig gemacht auf den zweiten Band. Ich mag die Grundstory und auch den Zeichenstil.

  • Pinky
    2019-02-07 20:21

    It's been awhile since I've read a manga. This was the first anime I ever watched, and I hated how it ended. The anime was awesome, but it didn't have a good conclusion. I wanted more, but I was left disappointed. But then I heard that there was a manga and that it was much better, so I thought I would give this a go, and I am so glad I did."If you don't hold any regret in your choice, that means you must've made the right decision." Shizuku is a girl who cares about her studies, she works hard and tries to maintain her high marks. Haru is the guy that everyone is scared of, he was suspended on the first day of school due to a fight. Ever since that day, he refuses to go to school. Shizuku is given the job to give Haru his homework and convince him to come back to school. They keep running into each other and feel comfortable with each other. Slowly, their relationship progresses into something unexpected.Does it really matter that people don't like you? Shizuku is one of those girls who doesn't care about what people think. That's one of the biggest reasons of why I like her. She is so unique and cute, I love her hairstyle. Haru is crazy, his character never fails to surprise me. I never expected him to be so funny, I thought he was going too be one of those cliche badboys, but he wasn't. When people look at Haru, they feel scared because of the fact that he doesn't smile. And whenever he is angry, he doesn't think before he acts and hits others. Ever since he met Shizuku, he feels different. Natsume is a cool character and I can't wait to read more about her. I know that I will like her because of the anime! The anime and the manga are both hilarious. I laughed so much while reading, remembering the parts that I watched before. The story is great, I can't wait to catch up to the part where I was left at in the anime. I am hoping to write a review for each of these books so it might feel repetitive. The pacing is super fast and I couldn't believe that I finished one volume already! I can't wait to read the next volume, I hope it's just as great as the first volume!

  • Inés Izal
    2019-02-07 17:40


  • Andy
    2019-02-17 17:36

    Let's just say I never knew this manga existed. Ok...maybe I did see the cover once or twice while I was aimlessly scrolling through shoujo stuff to read but meh it never really caught my eye. I feel like kicking myself now because if I had seen this earlier, yesterday would not have been the boring day it was. Anyways this manga had one of those cute fluffy story lines. Now let me tell you straight up cute and fluffy repetitive plots earn only a 3 star rating from me because I tend to get bored easily- most probably while reading the second volume. However, My Little Monster was humorous as heck. There were times I was falling out of the couch with my stomach queezing in pain from all the laughter and since it was incredibly funny I went and watched all the anime episodes. The relationships between the characters were not shallow like those seen in other mangas/animes. Usually there is a sub plot where a girl's new/childhood best friend does something to betray/anger/make her jealous her etc.. BLAH BLAH BLAH and so on. Tonari though, boy was it sweet. Not only was the girl a smart ass confident individual who could live on her own two feet but she was one who didn't unnecessarily go gushy mushy and start crying at the slightest of problems. She had an ambition and that required her to study hard day and night. Haru was a cutie. His naievity, anger issues, sweetness and the way he discovered himself along the journey. He was not perfect but he was not overly flawed. Haru was adorably fine and that's what I liked about him. The sub characters including the rooster were utterly enjoyable as well with their witty dialogues and mutual chemistry. Overall, it's light story is perfect for relaxing -something I finally did today.

  • Mary
    2019-02-15 20:22

    It was SO PROMISING until he threatened to rape her. I mean, I get that the mangaka was trying to go for comedy but NOOOOOOO that is not funny in the slightest. And now I'm supposed to pretend that didn't happen? That one scene just left a bad taste in my mouth and I won't be continuing this.

  • Alejandra De La Fuente
    2019-01-24 15:40

    So TNKK, as I will be dubbing it since the full name is pretty long, is a fantastic shoujo about a young girl called Shizuku. She is a total workaholic; all she cares about is studying and her grades so she can grow up and become a career woman like her mother. However, one day she is assigned to deliver homework to a student called Haru (who is emotionally crippled and kind of an idiot despite the IQ) and because of him accepting her as his first friend (against her will), she ends up meeting a whole lot of people and growing as a person and it is just wonderful.As a foray into Shoujo, there is no better choice. The dialogue is witty and funny; Shizuku instantly charms you with how blunt and honest she is in the face of a ridiculous cast. The main cast also includes: Natsume, a girl who’s only friends spawn from the internet; Sasayan, a boy who is easy-going and popular; Ooshima, a shy nobody who blossoms into a wonderful character; and Yamaken, a rich boy who is arrogant beyond belief but gets quite a number of wake-up calls. All in all, the cast is superb. Since it is a short series, the development is subtle but rich enough that by the end of the series, you just feel plain proud for how far the characters have come, especially in relation to each other. All their friendships start out rocky, especially considering Shizuku has never had friends and never felt she needed any, and her interpersonal skills are a little rusty.Haru in particular was the one character who I hated in the beginning, especially because of that sketchy scene where he grabs her in the alley way. However, as the story went on, he definitely becomes an incredibly multi-faceted character with plenty of issues that he is trying his best to work on. By the end, I found myself rooting for him as as much as I was for Shizuku. The romance takes a while to grow on you; Shizuku and Haru have a very complicated relationship with a lot of fumbles and misunderstandings but there came a point about half-way through where you just…I don’t want to spoil anything but they are just what the other needs. There are other love interests for both of them but unlike most YA these days, TNKK does an AMAZING job of making their “love rivals” into their own people and fleshing them out instead of just making them the other “man/woman”. There are side romances (one of my favorite pairings of all time is in here) that are nuanced and amazing. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! Family plays a huge role in the story, particularly for the two main leads. The most heart-wrenching chapters are always about their issues with their families and the role they play in their own lives; TNKK is a coming-of-age novel that not only deals with learning how to love other people, but learning how to love yourself.

  • Fatemeh
    2019-01-23 20:26

    با اینکه خیلی خیلی کیوت تر از تصورم بود ولی شیوه ی روایت داستان یکم اذیتم کرد. حس می کردم نویسنده خیلی اصرار داشته که وان شات باشه این مانگا:/ که خب نمی دونم واقعا درسته یا نه، اما روایت داستان زیادی سریع بود. از این جهت که نشون داده بود عشق یه شبه ایجاد نمیشه خوب بود ولی اصلا وقایع این بین خوب پردازش نشده بودن. توی یه صفحه یهو داستان سریع جلو می رفت :|اما خب، هارو شخصیت خیلی جالبی داره و دختره - که اسمشو یادم نمیاد:/ - تا حدخیلی زیادی برام قابل تصور و درکه. دوست دارم بیشتر از رابطه شون بخونم :)+ و یه چیز مهم، اصلا به تصویر جلد توجه نکنین. تصور من از داستان با دیدن عکس جلد چیز دیگه ای بود کاملا.

  • Katie (Kitkatscanread)
    2019-02-03 16:20

    I first watched the anime to this on Netflix ans fell in love with it. However like some animes it ended too abruptly and now I have to read the mangas to see what happens s next. Someone gave me the first copy. Shall read the rest online though.First volume was cute and enjoyable. Ends on a cliffhanger

  • Kate
    2019-02-13 17:35

    3/5stars hmm... I'm very neutral to 'meh' about this one. The premise is VERY similar to "Honey So Sweet" that I've obviously been loving, so I was hoping I'd love this one too... but I honestly don't have much of a desire to continue. (if you don't like comparing books/manga to other books/manga don't read ahead)Basically, where Onise in HSS is actually a secret softie and a cutie and only punches people for hurting turtles, the boy in this one - Haru - is just annoying with how often he gets into fights (literally every other page it seems like). It was cute at the beginning how he was all scared of school, but after that characterization on both of the main protagonists stopped. Also, while Nao in HSS is adorable and kind, Mizutani is just cold, stoic and annoying. Also this volume went really fast???? idk man a LOT seemed to happen in just a few chapters, considering this is 15 or 16 volumes long I have NO CLUE where it would go. It got to the same place development wise that HSS took 4 volumes getting to within just 1.I dont know if I'll be continuing, but I'm glad I finally read this!

  • Grace
    2019-02-09 15:36

    A great start to the series! This is the start of a cute (and hilarious) love story between Shizuku and Haru. All Shizuku has cared about since she was little was her grades. But after meeting Haru, it seems she starts caring about other people and even makes some friends! Can't wait for the next one 😄

  • Cindee
    2019-02-16 16:42

    I loved this manga about the delinquent and the smart girl it was interesting and well written and drawn. The characters are funny and well well made they are very interesting characters. So overall I really like this manga.

  • Holly Letson
    2019-02-03 14:34

    Just another classic "good girl turns bad boy good" story, where long after he confesses, she develops feelings for him. So much fun to read, though.

  • Amanda Lila
    2019-02-05 17:12

    I wasn't really sure about this manga when I first started it. But despite the fact that the drawings are not that great (my opinion, for sure!), it makes me laugh.

  • kim song ng
    2019-02-03 15:26


  • Noninuna
    2019-01-22 22:35

    I kept getting this manga suggestion from Goodreads for quite awhile so I decided to give it a try. Yoshida has no interest to come back to school. Mizutani, on the other hand, has no interest in anything other than her studies. One day, their teacher asked Mizutani to give lesson notes to him in exchange for new reference books. Unbeknownst to her, she's getting more than she bargains for.It's cute high school love story. As we move along the story, we'll get to know why Yoshida doesn't want to go to school & what change after that.

  • Evey
    2019-02-14 19:41

    I'm a little confused by how I feel about this manga. Some parts I like, some I don't. Same with the characters. I love the quirky side of Haru, but his violent side irks me quite a bit.

  • K. B
    2019-02-07 18:22

    I don't know what to say or think about it... yet. It says that it has a different approach to the relationship between a cold-hearted, studious girl and a boy who is violent yet sweet (also the fact that both are antisocial, one is by choice(I guess, because she has just one goal and that is to earn 10 million Yen per year, I don't know what she will do to get that much salary) and another one can't help it, he has anger issues.)I think it was too fast? for them to confess without having any real feelings towards each other? ... But of course, there are different kinds of "likes" so both their "likes" are different as this is just the first volume. I mean she just wanted to help this anger-freak by giving him notes and telling him to attend school again! geez! Slow down, Haru!But I was surprised how fast the cold and studious girl melted and think about another person, like at all. Characters that were introduced are all different like the puzzle pieces that don't match well with others but somehow befriends each other and have the time of their life. There are many more characters that are going to be introduced and it is definitely going to be fun!There is comedy, romance, slice of life and I think it is safe to say that it is a sweet and light story which is filled with fun. So let see what the next volumes hold for them and us, the readers. I hope the plot picks up and I don't have to give up. It will be the first manga that I would give up if that happens. Nah! That's not happening, even tho I'm going to give it 3 stars because I don't seem to be that satisfied and engulfed in the first volume... like I did when I read Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 1 and ホリミヤ 1 Still I really do want to know ho they end up! And, Haru is so cute!

  • Mehsi
    2019-02-16 16:20

    I watched this anime back when it aired, and I was all sad when the show ended quite soon. But there was much rejoicing when I found out that the manga will be getting an official English release!!!!This manga is just wonderful, silly, lovely and more. The anime really did its best though, the manga is pretty much the same as the anime. Same silly situations between the characters (especially Haru and Shizuku).I absolutely love Shizuku and Haru, they go so well together, though it took them some time to get used to each other. Haru is more outgoing, and his temper is really too much at times, while Shizuku is silent and doesn't care for much things but studying. But that changes. Both of them go through changes, Shizuku makes friends and learns to drop the whole I need to study now attitude, while Haru learns to control himself (well kind of) and also learns to make friends.I also loved the side-characters, they really make everything more colourful and fun. I would really recommend this manga to everyone. You like romance? Slice of Life? Comedy? Silly Situations? Then this is your kind of manga. :)

  • Yue
    2019-01-24 17:20

    This manga has a few cliches moments/characters (the stray dog, the 'tsundere' girl, the 'scary' main boy) but I found it enjoyable, and pretty funny. Shizuku (the Girl) is actually funny. She is supposed to be cold and heartless, and maybe she is because all that she used to care was her grades. Until Haru came along. And Haru is the typical 'bad boy' who is in reality a sweetheart. His reputation is based on misunderstandings. All the he wants to is make friends. When he started to attend school again, he was glued to Shizuku. He reminded me a little of the boy of 'Beast Master' in that aspect.Neither of them had a friend, and now they have two, who are very likeable. This volume is mostly about their new friendship and the adoption of a chicken as the pet of the class. The art is cute, when they were outside the school I liked their outfits, specially Shizuku's clothes, who were very old-fashioned.The romance does not seem rushed. Both of them have confessed their feelings already in Vol 1 (!) but it did not seem forced as in other shoujos.I rate this manga 3 and a half stars.

  • Rachel
    2019-01-24 15:25

    Shizuku has devoted her whole life to studying with the goal of getting a good job, but when miscreant Haru attaches himself to her, suddenly her goals start to feel a bit hollow; her orderly life gets swept away by his erratic and emotional behaviour. Haru has a lot more going underneath the surface than the summary suggests though, and because both of them are socially awkward, their relationship hits many a bump in the road. At first everything feels rather contrived, but as bits of backstory are revealed it starts to get better. Unfortunately, it is rather generic in terms of content, aside from the unusual character pairing and their internal issues. Shizuku is not a girl that is easily swayed, so there are less heart-pounding moments than one would normally want from a series like this, but it trades this for the hit-or-miss style romance that usually ends up rewarding those who keep reading.

  • Lynanne Carroll
    2019-02-05 18:28

    **This review is for the entire series (finished or unfinished). I started only adding the first volume from manga titles because, well, do you realize just how many volumes of One Piece there are?!**Thus far, I've enjoyed this manga immensely. The art style is simple and clean, the characters are endearing (if a bit confusing at times) and slightly quirky, and the plot is still interesting ~50 chapters in. This is definitely one of those laugh-out-loud-almost-every-panel kind of manga. The romance is also enjoyable.

  • Cammie
    2019-02-18 17:23

    Haru, Haru, Haru... you just kill me.He is so weird! Definitely different from all the other manga boys I have read in this kind of stories. I still see the "tragic pass" story coming but he is so odd that I don't think I'll mind. Also I really like Shizuku, she is not annoying even thought her characteristics would make her the typical annoying manga girl.Really enjoyed this one!

  • Amy
    2019-01-31 19:30

    My original rating for this is 4 stars, I'm gonna take half a star out, because of the art style, not my favourite but the story line was addicting. Haru is really really cute, one of those innocent but ferocious male leading characters. I liked Shizuku a lot, she's one of a kind! 3.5 stars!

  • Nay
    2019-02-16 22:35

    2.5 bintang

  • Jane
    2019-02-09 20:27

    I watched the anime version a few months ago and really liked it and had no idea that there was a manga version as well... Enjoyable this far. :)

  • Robin Eirini
    2019-02-11 14:42

    Yay! I like this manga so much! The drawing is great and I really enjoy the storyline :3 Can't wait till I lay my hands on a printed copy *__*

  • Mikaela
    2019-01-26 15:28

    This is interesting.. Cute artwork. I'll continue reading it! :D

  • Vilde
    2019-02-10 15:16

    I've already watched the anime and really wanted to continue on with the journey and see how things would develop between Haru and Shizuku (not to mention the rest of the cast!) and so I decided to go ahead and buy the volumes.Since I loved the anime, I knew I'd love the first volume of this manga since they follow each other pretty closely. The art style is really nice, the characters are great and a lot of fun (I can't get over how much I love Shizuku!), the plot is wonderful and it sort of feels slice-of-life-like without being quite as slow paced as that (and I do love a good slice-of-life from time to time, but this isn't quite that neither in pace nor overall plot/theme/execution). The story of a boy that alienates people because he comes of as kind of scary (though mostly just REALLY intense and very much brutally honest, which can be off-putting more so than scary) and a girl so caught up in her studies that she doesn't really have any friends and how the two end up crossing paths. Well, it gets pretty hilarious. Especially Shizuku's reasoning that leads her to meeting Haru in the first place and his rather overwhelmingly positive reaction to her a little later on when she stands up for him is pretty epic.I'm actually on volume 8 (no worries, I won't give anything away) and I know people like to know whether or not it stays as good as it goes on and so far I must say it really does! So yeah, it's well worth a read!

  • Hannah
    2019-01-30 19:35

    I battled throughout this whether to give to 2 or 4 stars! I like the fundamental elements of the story but the way it was told (especially in the beginning) made my head feel like it was being shaken up in a glass jar! I also found some of the more minor elements of the story to be boring? The personalities of the characters in this manga are so intense all the time which should be expected but it was A LOT to deal with!I was so sure for a good portion of this manga that I wasn't going to bother with the next installment but the last 10 or so pages has made me want to find out how the story progresses so I guess it did its job? In summary, I literally have no idea what I think of this manga except for confusion ahahaha