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To Catch a Thief…For centuries, Gideon Montrose has served the King of Fairies without question and, often, without mercy. So when the King orders him to apprehend a notorious thief, Gideon obeys. But when he finally gets his hands on the beautiful culprit, Gideon’s in for a shock.Arabella Locksley is none other than the spirited, unpredictable woman he knew back in Make BTo Catch a Thief…For centuries, Gideon Montrose has served the King of Fairies without question and, often, without mercy. So when the King orders him to apprehend a notorious thief, Gideon obeys. But when he finally gets his hands on the beautiful culprit, Gideon’s in for a shock.Arabella Locksley is none other than the spirited, unpredictable woman he knew back in Make Believe as Robin Hood — the love of his life whose tragic death destroyed his chance at Happily Ever After.Now, he has an impossible choice. Betray the woman he once loved, or the king he’s bound to serve?...

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Ever After Reviews

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-02-07 22:13

    4.5 Stars!SeRine has created a very unique take on modern day fairy tale characters and put such an unexpected, fun and even dangerous spin on stories that we all grew up hearing that you can't help but be enchanted by them. Her characters, while versions of the fairy tales we grew up with, are nothing like what we remember. In fact, their story is usually only bits and pieces of what we grew up hearing and loving. They almost always have a dark past and most of them are not innocent at all. So how could I resist a very different take on Robin Hood and Little John? Quite simply put, I couldn't.Oh how I loved Gideon! In fact, I am going to go so far as to say that this whole book is by far my favorite yet. I just loved everything about it and once again I love that we get all the characters we have come to love from the other books in the series. I live for those glimpses! Not only did I love Gideon but I also loved Arabella. How could I not love a feisty heroine who started the tale of Robin Hood and her band of Merry Men?This truly was outstanding with just the right amount of steamy romance and like always, a mystery to keep us on our toes as well as inside info on all the Tales we have come to love. I love learning more and more about them as the series progresses and I love that even though some of the characters already had their book, we are still getting little inside info and glimpses into their past as well as their present. I am so excited to see what SeRine comes out with next.

  • Jaime
    2019-02-19 20:27

    This book is my least favorite of the series. I put the book down several times and it took me a while to finish. Although I love Gideon and was looking forward to his story, I was extremely disappointed. The Robin Hood aspect of the story was completely unnecessary. It added nothing to the plot, and to me detracted from the story. There was more than enough to take from Camelot and Fairy Lore. Even though there can be more than one Tale of the same name I am assuming we won’t get a Robin Hood story, and that is a shame.Arabella was an alright heroine. But to be honest her affliction would’ve been better suited to another character. I really didn’t care of she lived or died. And seeing how Gideon found love after her disappearance I have no doubt that he could’ve found it again. This book dragged on and should’ve been a novella. If you really love this series than I recommend reading the book, just so you’re up to speed with the universe before the next book comes out.

  • Jenne
    2019-01-26 22:36

    4.25By far my favorite in the series! I've always liked Gideon so getting to know him better was great. The heroes in this series are always drool worthy and Gideon was the best by far! Loved Arabella too, and who'd of thought Robinhood was a girl?! We also meet Merlin in this one who was awesome! The romance was just right, the mystery kept me guessing until it was revealed, and of course the Tale interaction was great! All in all a very entertaining read!

  • Marcela (BookaholicCat)
    2019-02-18 16:18

    Originally posted at The Bookaholic Cat4 ½ StarsEver After is the fourth installment in the Transplanted Tales series by Kate SeRine.Five hundred years ago Gideon Montrose lost the love of his life. Since that day he has been bound to the Seelie king as his protector. In the last centuries he has also become the king’s right hand man.After some shipments of Fairy Dust are stolen, the king orders Gideon to investigate the robberies and apprehend the thief.The investigation leads Gideon to an encounter he dreamt about all his life, but thought impossible. Seeing the woman he saw fall to her dead, the woman he has mourned for five hundred years alive and well is not easy to believe or to understand. Gideon has many questions for her, not only about her sudden appearance in his life, but also about the robberies.Gideon has never failed his king, but knowing that the thief he is supposed to apprehend and bring to his king is the woman that owns his heart may be enough to go against his sovereign’s orders for the first time.Arabella Locksley also known as Robin Hood doesn’t remember much of the last couple of centuries. She only remembers an event three hundred years ago when she tried contacting Gideon while he was still living in the Ever After (fairyland) and learned he was in a relationship with Lavender Seelie; not wanting to disturb his life she disappeared again without letting him know she was still alive. Couple of months back Arabella arrived to the Here and Now (our reality). Her arrival wasn’t a normal one and she is experiencing some physical difficulties, difficulties that made her keep her distance from Gideon, or at least, made her try to keep her distance, she has been following him around in secret successfully, until the day she was careless and Gideon caught her.Having him again in her life is more than what she could have ever hope, but it won’t be easy for them, there are forces at work that don’t want the together.I fell in love with Gideon in The Better to See You (second book) and my love for him has only increase throughout the series. Now, finally we get his story and what story it is. Kate SeRine has always gone the extra mile in her stories, mingling characters from fairy tales, classic literature and nurse rhymes and Ever After was not an exception. In this installment we get characters from the stories of Robin Hood, Arthur Pendragon, and a few others.It was really nice to learn about Gideon’s past. Knowing everything he has gone through made me like him and admire him even more. From previous books I knew he was a swoon worthy hero, smart, strong, and loyal, but in this installment, being him with the woman he loves boosted all his qualities tenfold.The case with Arabella was a bit different, on the beginning I didn’t like her much because she was secretive and wasn’t completely honest with Gideon. After a while I understood why she kept things hidden, but I would have preferred if she had been honest from the very beginning. Another thing she didn’t have in her favor was my love for Gideon. As I said before, I have loved Gideon since previous books and I wanted a perfect heroine for him, Arabella wasn’t perfect… for me… but she was perfect for Gideon.Their relationship is one of second chances. Destiny separated them and brought them back together, they have loved each other for centuries and time hasn’t been able to change that. Now they have an opportunity to be together again and they will do what ever is necessary to accomplish it.In this installment we see all the characters we love from previous books, we see where they are in their relationships and with their new families. This made Ever After feel kind of like a conclusion to the series. I really hope I’m mistaken because I love the Transplanted Tales so much I’m not ready to say goodbye. I hope we get more books in this fantastic world Kate SeRine has created.The story is well paced, with the perfect balance of suspense and humor. Many things are happening at the same time and we don’t know who to trust or who to believe. Secrets, betrayals and unexpected surprises made of Ever After an impossible to put down book.Ever After works perfectly as a stand-alone. I recommend it to paranormal romance and fairy tales fans. If you like the TV series Once Upon a Time I’m sure you would also like the Transplanted Tales series.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-01-22 20:23

    Originally posted at Smexy Books: Quote: ”But trust me when I tell you, living in the past will bring you nothing but misery. Now is all that matters.”Gideon Montrose has spent centuries mourning the loss of his one true love. Bound indefinitely to the Seelie King, Gideon serves without question or mercy; using his fairy powers and skill as a merciless warrior to carry out the king’s commands. When his king charges him with finding the person behind a recent rash of fairy dust thefts, Gideon obeys without question. But when he catches the culprit red handed, he can’t believe his eyes.Known as Robin Hood back in the day, Arabella Locksley spent her days thieving from the rich and her nights in the arms of Gideon Montrose aka Little John. Having supposedly fallen to her death 500 years ago, now she’s back and with a multitude of secrets clouding her eyes and no ready answers for Gideon.Gideon is duty bound to turn her over to his king but his heart demands answers. How is she alive? Where has she been all this time? And why did she never try to find him? As Gideon works to discover what happened so long ago, he finds himself involved in a series of mysterious thefts and deaths that all seem to lead back to Arabella.Ever After is the fourth installment of SeRine’s Transplanted series. A series based on the premise of what would life be like if some fairy tale, nursery rhyme, and literary characters suddenly found themselves transported from fantasy to reality. Well-plotted and cast with strong and dynamic characters, Ever After is a paranormal romance filled with suspense, betrayal, dangerous antagonists, and a heavy dollop of humor and romance.Strongly character driven, SeRine expands her world using her characters lives; adding dimension, personality, and some tongue in cheek dialogue. SeRine takes a very liberal route in the retelling of certain fairytales; giving us a modern updated version of what we all read as children. She twists the stories, giving her characters a voice to offer readers a different version of how events really transpired…directly from the source(s).Though multiple storylines intertwine and expand, giving us a juicy mystery that is rather convoluted in it’s make up, this is still primarily Gideon’s and Arabella’s story. Gideon has been briefly mentioned in previous stories; the king’s right hand man, trusted advisor, and eventually best friend. An Unseelie warrior who is the last of his people and became bound to the man who helped destroyed them all.. Portrayed as a hard somewhat merciless man, ReSine explores Gideon’s rich backstory and we learn the events surrounding how he became bound into service and the love he lost so long ago.Arabella’s backstory is equally heart wrenching and compelling. Intelligent, loyal, and quite spirited, Arabella has used her wits to triumph over tragedy throughout her life. Both she and Gideon are self sacrificing; willing to do whatever they can in order to help someone. You never doubt her love for Gideon, especially when you learn she has been shadowing him for years, only staying away when she saw he was in what appeared to be a serious relationship.Second chance romance is a favorite trope of mine and SeRine does a beautiful job of setting the stage of Gideon’s and Arabella’s reunion. Even with the sparks between Arabella and Gideon instantly burning hot and bright, regardless of all the lost time between them, Gideon moves slowly, wary of Arabella and everything that seems to be happening around her. I do admit it took me awhile to like Arabella. She comes off slightly selfish in the beginning. She refuses to tell Gideon exactly what’s going on and only comes clean when he grows tired of her omissions and threatens to leave her.I enjoyed the liberties SeRine takes with the legends of Robin Hood and Arthur Pendragon. We see plenty old and new friends; ReSine uses them to expand and wrap up some ongoing storylines from the series. The conflict and subplots are action packed and a bit nerve racking as the SeRine plays her hand close to the vest. The ending resolves itself perfectly and leaves just enough open so we have no doubts we will be seeing more of this couple and world in the future. Readers who enjoy an action packed retelling of fairy tales and the show, Once Upon A Time, are sure to enjoy SeRine’s version of “Happily Ever After.”Rating: B

  • Melliane
    2019-02-06 19:29

    3.5/5Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI love Kate Serine and her retellings are always a treat to discover. They are always full of ideas and mix all kinds of stories we know. We have a nice mix between the Arthurian story and the one of Robin Hood. Several characters we know are present again to our delight and others appear here.We follow this time Gideon as we had the chance to meet him as a secondary character in other volumes. His history is not very easy, his lover died before his eyes and he has since become the slave of the king of the fairies. But times have changed and Gideon has befriended the king whom he helps whenever he can. However, when one day he is led to seek the thief plaguing the country, he does not expect to fall face to face with the young woman he thought dead for years. And then he discovers a new truth, the story of this young woman he thought he had lost forever and he will do anything to help her now. He will therefore team up with her to collect all the Arthurian artifacts existing in this world before anyone else does it to protect them whatever it might cost. But the woman he thought he knew is ultimately far more important than it seems and her relationship with the king is not what it appeared to be. Gideon will learn along the Chapters many things, as some stories combining characters such as Guinevere, the Lady of the Lake, Arthur and many others.I really enjoyed reading this new novel even if it is true that I still have a preference for the first novel featuring Red. Gideon is a character we had seen many times before and I really enjoyed learning more about him. It was very touching to see him reunited with Arabella and see him fight for her. Oh yes, because of course their history will not be easy and many pitfalls are sown in their path. I confess that I had a little trouble understanding the young woman, I found it sad that she didn’t try to contact him before the man she has always loved. I know that the events are not only lent but I think they would have lost a lot less time. She is also trying to protect Gideon as best as she can but she does it in a fairly clumsy way which ultimately hurts more than anything. But here too we understand the reason behind all this. In all cases the couple is really touching and I enjoyed discovering their history.Kate Serine once again presents us with a pretty novel, leaving us with a few questions and I am very curious to find out who will be featured in the next volume and if we’ll conclude some of the problems presented here.

  • Kathie (katmom)
    2019-02-02 20:41

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!This is book four in the Transplanted Tales Series. It read like the final book in the series. I've read Grimm Consequences (Transplanted Tales #1.5). It's fun how Ms. SeRine puts King Arthur with Robin Hood and people from fairy tales in the here and now. Gives a new spin on them. They are living in contemporary times, and some of them have adjusted better than others. Gideon was in love with Robin Hood (a woman) back in Make Believe. He lost her over a cliff and has lived with half his heart for many years. The king, who has enslaved him, sends him out to catch a thief and his world is rocked when he realizes it is Robin Hood herself. Her real name is Arabella and she's been hiding from him in the here and now. She knows how hard her "death" was on him and she doesn't want him to hurt anymore...because something bad is about to happen. Arabella and Gideon have to find all of Arthur's trinkets given to him by Arabella's mother. It may help the Tales who are fading. There is lots of action as items are stolen, hidden away, stolen again. There's plenty of back-stabbing and mystery as the plot unfolds.There's lots of magic and many Tales in the series. I'm rather hoping that Merlin finds his own HEA at some point, maybe a novella for him? A small complaint is that the end was so very tidy. It felt rushed and I was left wishing that there were just a few more words. Still, it was an enjoyable read and I'll be watching for more from Kate SeRine.*Thank you, NetGalley and Kensington, for the opportunity to read Ever After

  • R.C. Matthews
    2019-02-11 20:35

    I’m not one to watch Once Upon a Time, but I imagine this story must be very much like it with fairy tale characters living in the Here and Now because they had to leave Make Believe. The author has a lovely writing style that flows and feels natural.The hero is a wonderful character. I really loved Gideon Montrose. He was everything you would want in a hero. Trustworthy, loyal to a fault, strong, handsome, loving. Which is why I think I didn’t care much for Arabella, the heroine, – because she seemed to take all of that for granted and had chosen a “shield” over her love for Gideon. I was so angry at her on Gideon’s behalf and never understood why she did what she did 500 years ago, that I never really warmed up to her. And because of that I didn’t have an emotional connection to the characters and didn’t cry or even feel my chest tighten as the story unraveled. Given what happened in the story line, I think I should have had a strong emotional reaction. The author did a really great job of giving the other characters' “Tales” an interesting twist on what we know about fairy tales. The story was complex and unraveled slowly. But I never really got closure about why Arabella was unwilling to open her heart to Gideon back in Make Believe. He didn’t even know that people who were close to her called her Bella. That was just odd. I also didn’t like how obstinate she was ALL OF THE TIME WITHOUT FAIL. I’m all for feisty heroines, but I like them to possess an ounce of reason as well. I got kind of tired of the fight scenes that dragged on and on. I was ready for the story to end and think it could have been concluded sooner.

  • Felicia Wood
    2019-02-17 14:20

    I took a break from these books, because they are the type that you could devour in a weekend. I'm glad I did. Reintroducing myself into this fairy tale world is just as fun and adultly whimsical this time around. I've always loved Gideon, so I much enjoyed hearing his story in this installment. As always, I love hearing from the old gang (I actually could've used a bit more of that). I hate that this series is over.

  • Cherie
    2019-01-28 15:26


  • Franjessca
    2019-02-17 15:41

    3.5 moons - "Ever After" by Kate SeRine Fans of the show Once Upon a Time should definitely consider reading Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales series.  If you are like me and are waiting patiently for Once Upon a Time to return in the Fall season, you need your fairy tale fix and Kate SeRine delivers in her Transplanted Tales.  Kate SeRine has our favorite classic fairy tales in her own creative version with twists and turns for our favorite characters.In Ever After, Kate SeRine gives us the tales of Robin Hood and King Arthur (with a few other tales showing up that are mentioned).  If you’ve read the previous book, you would have been introduced to the lead character of Ever After, Gideon Montrose.  If you are like me, you were excited to read Gideon’s book because he deserved a HEA.  Kate SeRine has Gideon telling the story from his point of view and in Ever After he is serving King of Fairies without question.  The King of Fairies wants Gideon to find out who is stealing the fairy dust from the fairies.  Gideon is going to find out the culprit happens to be someone he knows very well.  In comes Arabella Locksley (aka Robin Hood), who supposedly died five hundred years ago.  She’s in the flesh, and Gideon is perturbed to find out what really happened and why she has stayed in hidden.Kate SeRine gives not only the storyline of Gideon having to find out who is stealing the fairy dust, but she also throws in twists and turns in the matter.  One matter will hit close to Gideon and Arabella that may jeopardize their future again together.I enjoyed reading this installment of Kate’s Transplanted Tales, unfortunately there were some elements missing that I was used to from the previous books.  The previous installments had a lot more humor to them and some build up to romance.  Don’t get me wrong, Kate throws in romance into the story, but she didn’t have the build up like the other books.  There’s already a HEA and the book focuses on something else entirely. Gideon and Arabella had amazing chemistry together, but they didn’t have me swooning like the other characters did in the other books.  (I will always love Nate & Tess, and Trish & Nicky…especially Nicky!)  I will say this…I have always loved King Arthur and Robin Hood, and was ecstatic to read how Kate was going to tell them in her own creative way.  I loved every bit of the background and other characters in the story that came forward.  Merlin for one was an interesting character, even though Gideon was pissed off at him.  I would be too, no doubt because he kept something huge from him.Although, this book is not my favorite in the series it still was an enjoyable read. It quenched my thirst for my favorite fairy tale characters.  I anxiously wait to read the next installment in Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales.  This series has been a favorite fairy tales re-make since I was introduced to it and plan on re-reading this series whenever I can (especially during the time I can’t watch Once Upon a Time)  =)I give this book 3.5 moons and recommend it to UF/PNR readers out there.I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Angela ReadingCave
    2019-02-13 21:16

    Once upon a time there was a series that captured my imagination- literally sucked me into the pages of each book for hours on end. So much so that I have recommended this series to literally everyone that will listen. Ever After is the end of that series, and as such it was bittersweet to read.Throughout the Transplanted Tales Series the reader has been blessed to catch glimpses of Gideon, the Unseelie Fae that is the faithful servant of the Seelie King. Questions would pop into our heads, like why would an Unseelie Fae be a servant to the Seelie King, aren’t they mortal enemies? He once was in love with the daughter of the king- is that allowed? As the series went on more and more questions popped up about Gideon without any answers for the reader to grasp at. Until now… Ever After is Gideon’s story and boy is it story that you will not want to put down.Gideon was once in love with a beautiful gal name Arabella Locksley, also known Robin Hood. Her tragic death left him bond in the service of his mortal enemy the Seelie King. For five hundred years he has faithfully service the king, doing his bidding as instructed. Someone is stealing from the king, finding out who is the job that Gideon is tasked with. A job he welcomes until he catches a glimpse of Arabella. How is she in the Here and Now? Why is she not dead- she died in Make Believe, he saw her. Why is she stealing dust from the king? Why in all the 500 years that they have been apart has she been hiding? Did she not love him as he loved her?While Ever After is supposed to be Gideon’s tale at times if felt more like Arabella’s. The Hunt for the Arthurian artifacts, her connection to the king, her background, and of course her connection to Merlin and the Lady of the Lake at times drown out his story. That is until the reader realizes that both stories blend together. There were moments when I wanted to pull Gideon aside and tell him to save his heart- that Arabella was not worthy. I did not trust her as easy as he did, I was angry that she left him in the dark for 500 years. Umm hello that is like eight lifetimes in the Here and Now, so I felt that she could have suffered his wrath a bit longer than she did. I realize that would not be Gideon’s style, though.Speaking of style, Gideon has pure swag in this tale. Not only does he chase and catch the gal. He goes up against the traitor in the king’s household. He protects the king’s life and his family. Gideon realizes a few things along the way about his king that he never knew. These revelations are pretty amazing, his admiration and love for his king runs deeper than even Gideon knows.Ever After is a beautifully spun tale that leaves the reader satisfied that all of their favorite characters from the series have achieved their Happily Ever After. Red, Nate, Nicky, Trish, Lavender and Seth all make an appearance and rally among their friend. Their loyalty to each other will bring tears to your eyes. When you finally read the words The End you will sigh, smile put down the book and know that you just read a fabulous Tale.My Rating 5 out of 5 starsFavorite Quote “Living without love isn’t easy for anyone, let alone a Tale.”Other PeopleMerlin- well, he is merlin magic and allKing- the Seelie king, whom Gideon is bound toIvy- one the King’s daughtersQueen Mab- reminds me of the evil queen My Review

  • Julie
    2019-02-15 19:34

    Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass ChicksEver After is the fourth book in the absolutely awesome Transplanted Tales series by Kate SeRine. I have never read anything like this series. Fairy Tale and literary characters come to life and live among us, blending in the best they can and taking on career paths you would not expect. At all. So fresh and entertaining, these books never cease to both surprise and amaze me.Ever After follows an intriguing character we’ve met previously but don’t know much about. We know him as Gideon, aid/guard/muscle to the Seelie fairy king, but who he ‘really’ is surprised me greatly. It’s so fun and completely unexpected! I won’t tell you specifics but I will tell you that it has to do with Robin Hood. That is his HEA after all.Robin Hood, in Kate’s world, is Arabella (Bella) Locksley. As in Miss Arabella. As in, a woman. And her story is way more intricate than you would imagine. She was well written and you feel her and Gideon’s chemistry right away. She and Gideon made a good match.Gideon is, as always, awesome. Kate did a good job writing how torn he is between doing what part of his heart is telling him and what the other part of this heart is telling him. I felt he and Bella made a good match and I liked how his story, while sad, wasn’t too over-the-top. Well, I suppose if it were real like it would be considered insane but where book heroes are concerned, it wasn’t too extreme.I loved the twists the fairy court presented and I adored the Merlin and Arthur aspects to the story. Yup, Merlin and Arthur! Merlin was such a fun character! (Yes, we meet him and you can’t not smile when he’s on the page)The fairy king surprised me in this book. In a good way. And man I hate the queen! Also, not at the very end but close enough, there is one scene…yeah… Just when you think you know how everything is going to go down, shock. Not world-changing but my jaw hit the floor nonetheless.Kate is now working on two, yes two, new series. That means that this is the last book in the Transplanted Tales series…for now. And you can tell while reading it. It’s written somewhat like a final book, featuring heroes and heroines from past books in some pretty fun and impressive scenes. Like a reunion of sorts, wetting our need to know how these characters are doing and giving us a bit of closure at the same time.I love how this series takes me by surprise. How Kate imagines her characters, their path from their ‘stories’ to their new realities, is always fun and unexpected. Her imagination never ceases to blow me away. The fact that the stories are well written, well paced as well as entertaining makes the Transplanted Tales a must read series.Ever After leaves the series is a very nice spot, ready to pick up again or not. I am definitely on the ‘please write more of these books someday’ team. Ever After reminded me how well these books are done and I don’t want to see it come to an end quite yet.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-02-12 20:40

    An ARC given in exchange for a honest review.Gideon Montrose was once "little John" and loved "Robin Hood". He would do anything for her. Gideon is the only one left of his kind, the unseelie. But when being chased through the woods by the kings men, he ends up with a arrow in his back and the love of his life thrown off a cliff and killed. Now he has been in the service of the seelie King for many years, and has developed a close bond to the man, he would do anything for him. But now he has been sent on a mission to find the thief who has been stealing fairy dust, and he finds the one woman who he thought had been dead these centuries. Gideon has no idea what to do, but when he discovers there is one more than one thief, and that Arabella, his Robin, is fading they go on a hunt to save her life. Will Gideon be able to save the woman he has loved for centuries or will he lose her forever...Ever After is the fourth book in this unique style of fairy tales. This is the first time I have ever heard of this author, so when Kensington and Kate SeRine gave me the wonderful opportunity to do a review for this title, I was very curious by the synopsis. Who does love a romance with Robin Hood right? You don't see twist very often and I loved the way that this author has created a world where magic exists and fairy tales aren't what they have been written in the books. With it being the fourth book in the series, I didn't know if I could read this alone easily or would I find myself lost? Well I can definitely tell you that it can be read as a stand alone. But seeing other characters from the previous stories, makes me excited to read their stories and seeing more of them. I love it when you find a author that is unorthodox and different, but completely sells you. I had such a fun time with this one.The story begins with seeing Gideon and Arabella together in the beginning, and then the tragic end. Pull out your tissues ladies and gentleman, because this story will put you through the emotional ringer. Not for the faint of heart when it comes to intense emotion and true love. Gideon has power, but has a sense of loyalty and honor about it that I found refreshing in the way his character was portrayed. Arabella has done what she has to survive, and through a unique set of events she finds herself alive again, with Gideon in her life once again. Arabella is a fighter through and through, but we see other portions of her personality that I found likable and she won over my heart. This story is written in the first person, so we see more of Gideon than Arabella, which was a fun twist. Usually you see more of the heroine's side of things...but not in this one. We see more depth in Gideon's character. But who doesn't want to see more from the sexy hero right?A fun tale that will sweep you off your feet with the magic of fairy tales, a world full of magic, characters that are stimulating, and a plot that thickens with each chapter. One you all need to try out~~~ UNFORGETTABLE!!!

  • Sabina Bundgaard
    2019-02-05 17:39

    I have been on a speed read through the last three books of Kate’s Transplanted Tales, this being the last one – for now ;-) Ever After is Gideon’s story. The stoic bodyguard to the Seelie King captured my interest when he first appeared and continued to do so. Imagine my delight when I realized that Ever After would tell me more about him. But not just him. Kate surprised me again, giving a new spin on the Robin Hood tale, pulling in other new ancient myths and tales; Arthur (just his legend though), Lady Guinevere, even Merlin makes a glorious appearance. I even got the pleasure of meeting old loved ones; Red, Nate, Trish, Nicky, Lavendar, Seth, even seeing the Seelie King and his many daughters was fun.I’ve always wondered about the peculiar relationship between the Seelie King and his Queen; Mab. I’ve never truly understood why he could seem so dotting on her, affectionate of her and yet having so many affairs. Well, scratch that. I get it. I mean, have you seen how Mab behaves in this series? Cold hearted bitch doesn’t even begin to cover it! I never understood how she could act like she do toward her own children. But I’m side-tracking here.Gideon lost his one love many, many years ago in Make Believe. At the same time he got himself attached to the Seelie King, against his will. Fast forward to today and Gideon is still serving the King and his heart still belongs to Arabella (Robin Hood) that he lost a long time ago. The King is the official fairy dust deliver, but there has been troubles lately; transports with fairy dust have gone missing and Gideon is sent out to investigate, leading him straight to Arabella. Imagine his surprise finding her not only alive, but in Here and Now. But Gideon’s happiness is short lived when he find out that Arabella is in more trouble than anticipated, and her time is running short. Now he has to fight to save his love again, but the villain might be closer than he thinks.Kate didn’t disappoint with Ever After. As usual she gives a well built, action filled story sprinkled with fairy dust and magic, and I love every second of it. I am officially an addict to Kate’s Transplanted Tales Series and I can’t wait to read more. There’s so many ways this series could go next, I feel all giddy! There’s so much to love about Ever After, but the thing that struck me the strongest was how everyone banded together and helped out when Gideon needed it. I love the magic that spread through the book, the fairy dust, the love was sweet, the heartache real and devastating, the fights made me cheer for Gideon and Arabella, but the one thing that made me feel all fuzzy was the love for your extended family. If you have read Red, The Better to See You & Along Came a Spider you know how close they all have become, and unsurprisingly, they all include Gideon in their little band, and the most amazing part? Kate made me feel like I was a part of it too.

  • Marta Cox
    2019-02-09 18:21

    These stories in the Transplanted Tales series are such fun to read. Grown up twists on every fairytale, myth and legend that you have ever heard of. Seriously not for children though as this author weaves sexy romance around her fast paced plots which always include mystery and action to keep the reader on the edge of their seat!This book is told from the point of view of Gideon who some refer to as Little John and yes there is a Robin Hood in this story but Robin is most definitely all woman and the love of Gideons life. Robin whose real name is Arabella was cruelly torn away from Gideon five hundred years ago and now he's living in the Here and Now and serving the Seelie King but someone is stealing precious fairy dust which is a drug like substance and it's Gideon's job to catch them.Gideon follows a lead to the museum but what he senses there should not be possible and when he captures the person sneaking around he can't quite believe his eyes, Robin is not only alive and well but appears to be the thief! Beyond thrilled to hold the woman he loves again Gideon is not quite so happy to realise he will have to apprehend her but Arabella convinces him that there's something strange is going on and the legend of King Arthur is only the tip of the iceberg .! It's Gideons sacred duty to turn Arabella in but can they get to the bottom of the recent thefts before it's too late? Plus where has Arabella been all this time and just what secrets are really being kept from Gideon? He lost his love once and is desperate that this time they get their ever after!Oo Gideon is such a brute of a male and yet so modest and unassuming . He has amazing abilities as an Unseelie warrior and yet does not see himself as worthy. I wasn't as convinced by the quick reconciliation between the two particularly when faced with Gideons recent romantic past but there are so many secrets and untruths flying around that I guess we need a focal point. I'm not sure that I really liked Arabella and feel she kept Gideon in the dark far too much even before recent events but for him there's no doubt it's Arabella he wants. I really do enjoy this twist the author puts in traditional fairy tales and she throws so much into the mix that it reads like a veritable who's who! Fun, refreshing and always something to wonder at. I really liked that characters from previous books got to appear here and there are new ones too with quite clearly still more to come. If you are in the mood for a paranormal romance with a difference then this book and indeed this series will clearly be a huge hit. As for that cover, well whoever designs the covers for all these books should take a well deserved bow!Engaging and original and recommended I received a copy if this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Shauni
    2019-01-30 14:28

    Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookWhat a great book! Kate SeRine is a new favorite of mine! Ever After is Book Five in her Transplanted Tales Series and it's just wonderful! And yes this is my first look this intriguing series.Basically it's about those that live in our stories, our fairytales and well live in Ever After but over time have transferred to Here and Now (today's real world) Many of the characters you will recognize if you have ever read a fairytale and others, well if you are like me.. you will know them.Gideon Montrose was an Unseelie fae who had found real love once. A Deep true love but instead of getting that ever after he deserved he watched her fall to her death. Captured by the Seelie King and forced to serve as his guard, Gideon realized that this was his chance to make a difference. Over the centuries he became more than a slave, he became a friend and true guardian to the Unseelie King. So when he is asked to investigate who is stealing fairy dust and distributing it in the Here and Now, Gideon has no problems. No problem until he discovers that the thief is his one true love. Somehow she survived...Arabella Locksley is spirited, talented, quirky and was once the famed Robin Hood. When she slipped from Gideon's hands and fell to her death, no one was more surprised than Arabella to realize that she didn't die. But it took a while to come back and when she did, she discovered that Gideon was in some sort of a relationship so she didn't bother him. Over time, she discovered that she was fading (a horrid disease that kills you slowly and painfully) and once again she is forced to steal for her life. But when Gideon appears on the scene of her next theft, she can't help but show herself.So, someone is stealing artifacts and someone is stealing fairy dust and yes it's Arabella, but someone else is as well. Gideon is forced to chose, turn her in to his king or help Arabella. It's a no brainer. He has loved this woman for centuries unable to ever replace her.Of course the danger and politics are causing way more problems than a simple theft. There is a traitor in the castle and the King's life is in danger. How can Arabella and Gideon ever have a second chance if every moment is life or death?It's fun to see how Ms SeRine twists and turns her fairytale character. How most of them are just a little bit different than what the stories and legends tell. Some are good and some are bad and some... well they are just plane fun!A really excellent book!ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Ever After, provided by NetGalley and scheduled for release on August 21, 2014

  • Gigi staub
    2019-01-26 18:21

    To Catch a Thief…For centuries, Gideon Montrose has served the King of Fairies without question and, often, without mercy. So when the King orders him to apprehend a notorious thief, Gideon obeys. But when he finally gets his hands on the beautiful culprit, Gideon’s in for a shock.Arabella Locksley is none other than the spirited, unpredictable woman he knew back in Make Believe as Robin Hood — the love of his life whose tragic death destroyed his chance at Happily Ever After.Now, he has an impossible choice. Betray the woman he once loved, or the king he’s bound to serve?Review:Kate is a master of weaving fairy tales and making intriguing and smart stories that keep readers spellbound!In this newest Transplanted Tales story the tales of Fae's, Camelot and Robin Hood are expertly woven together. I am going to try to be vague so as not to give away the whole plot and who really is who and what they are up to, but be prepared there are some plot points given away.I know I have been wondering about Gideon and hoping that he would get his own story. Well, Yeah! it is here! Come to find out Gideon is really Little John and Arabella (the love of his life that he thought he lost long ago) is Robin Hood. Come to find out Arabella has been in the Here and Now for a while but thought Gideon was with someone else so she kept her distance. Gideon is trying to track down a fairy dust thief, who happens to be Arabella. She has good reason to take the dust, to help half tales that are fading and we find out she is fading too. Once Gideon and Arabella are back together they race to retrieve artifacts that could save her and others. The ending is great, action packed and emotional and that is all you are getting so read the book if you want to know what I am talking about ;) Now, I am going to say not everyone is who you really think they are and people have secrets and secret agendas, but I like the revelations and trying to figure out who and what everyone are doing. Loved the mystery, the action and the race against time as they are trying to get all the relics that were Arthur's a try to save Arabella and the others. Gideon has always intrigued me and so loved getting to know more about his character and love him even more now. Arabella is smart, courageous and caring, the perfect heroine for Gideon. It was great to see all of the characters from previous stories in this book, it was like old home week. Creative plots and story lines makes this one of my favorite series and a must read!5Stars

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-01-28 17:22

    Coffee Dates with Ever After:Coffee Dates with Ever After:First Date: Gideon Montrose serves the King of Fairies, and he is ordered to hunt down a thief who is stealing fairy dust. SeRine shares his back history and the loss of the woman he loved. Once again I feel myself slipping into another Transplanted Tale. Someone is stealing King Arthurs’ artifacts in the Here and Now in addition to the fairy dust. My spidey senses are tingled and sure enough; our thief is Arabella Locksley, the love of Gideon’s life and Robin Hood of Make Believe. I love second chance romances don't you?Second date: Anger, lust, love,and fear are the emotions we encounter as they two entwine. I felt their connection and loved that Gideon heard her side of the story, despite feeling betrayed. This is second chance romance, and I am not sure everyone will connect but I swallowed the pill and believed! They travel to see Merlin and learn more about who is stealing the artifacts and fairy dust. Robin is not innocent, but there is a lot she is holding back. Wait!- If she is the thief will he turn her over to his king? We get a couple of hot, intense, almost moments, but these two keep getting interrupted.  Gideon has one week to turn over the thief and right now Arabella is his only suspect. Eeep!Third date: Secrets, deception, lost artifacts and betrayal notch up the suspense. Our couple final reignites the old flame and ooh-la-la SeRine brings the heat. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, and nothing has changed; someone else is involved but who? With the aid of his friends, the Queens’ mirror, and Merlin himself they need to solve the crime before the king demands justice. I loved seeing Trish, Nick, Nate, Lavender, Red and Seth again. Ooo this last date was intense with battles, action, and one of our characters is in great peril. Will they get their happily ever after or will fate turn ugly? What you thought I would tell you how my date ended? Nope, not even for chocolate truffles.Copy received from publisher in exchange for unbiased review.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Monique
    2019-02-01 21:24

    Review written: February 27, 2017Star Rating: ★★½☆☆Heat Rating: ☀☀☀☼☼An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review.My initial reaction to getting this book from Netgalley back in 2014 was "I'm so excited. Can't wait to read and review this book." And then it languished on my TBR. I wasn't feeling it at all. I didn't even pick it up. Finally, I forced myself to read the book.Part of the problem was that I hadn't read all the other books yet. So I did that. Then, it was Gideon. As a character, he never interested me - not once, not in any way. He just never engaged my emotions. Even in this book, I struggled to connect to him in any way. I felt sorry for him, even sympathy at times. But it never elevated past that.Arabella, on the other hand, I loathed. Even when her backstory was told, I could not stand her. She had the courage of her convictions when she was blazingly wrong, but got wishy washy when she should have stood up and been counted. She sacrificed love for nothing and yet asked for everything in return. She was unbelievably selfish all the way through. Against the backdrop of the fairy dust thefts (from previous books), this story is one of hatred, revenge, spite, and just general ugliness. The Big Bad has no nuance. Instead, it's a toxic brew of "dog in the manger" which ends up killing untold lives. I'd have preferred to get a bit more of the thought process for Big Bad, so I could understand better. The lack of nuance really frustrated me.The end of the book and end of the series, wasn't overly abrupt but it was a bit of a "done and dusted" feeling. I wasn't sorry to see it end because the book itself didn't engender those feelings. I felt more disappointed than anything else - not disappointed in the book exactly, though it could have been better - but disappointed in the main characters and disappointed in the main antagonists. The steady friendships forged throughout the books maintained and were good. But I needed to feel something good for the main characters and mostly that wasn't there. This review is ©February 2017 by Monique N. and has been posted to Netgalley.

  • WTF Are You Reading?
    2019-01-29 22:27

    My ThoughtsThe masterful weaver of dreams, authoress Kate SeRine is back, and the fourth offering in her Transplanted Tales series, entitled Ever After, is proving to be just as charmed as its predecessors.This time around its all about Gideon.That's right! That sexy, aloof, and seemingly untouchable heartthrob, who stole reader hearts and set imaginations ablaze in Violet and Seth's story, finally gets his time to shine.To say that Gideon is a man with layers would be quite the understatement. It appears that this Unseelie empath is also a player in one of the most famous "tales" ever told.You see my lovelies, it seems that our dear Mr. Montrose is none other than Little John of Robin Hood.If that is not enough to set tongues wagging, the great love of his life is none other than Robin Hood herself.Yes! You heard right.Robin Hood is actually a girl, and it appears that Gideon was captured and pressed into the Seelie King's service while trying to save her from what he believed to be her hundreds of years have passed and Gideon has made quite the life for himself in the royal house of Seelie.It is in fact, while hot on the trail of shipments of very potent, and very powerful Vitamin D, a fairy dust drug made and distributed by the king that he discovers that his long lost lady love is very much alive and well.And...let then games begin!Ever After, is choc full of the edge of your seat action, minute to minute plot twists, and complex characters that has made the Transplanted Tales a staple on so many shelves.Authoress Kate SeRine manages to up the ante of fantastical expectation with each addition to this wonderful series; book four being no exception.Merging both old and new characters, bold and sexy plot lines, elements of mystery, magic, and mayhem, and a level of romance that has to be swooned over to be believed; Gideon's story is definitely one sure to keep pages turning and hearts burning for many a moon.

  • Eva Millien
    2019-02-01 20:31

    The little thief stole his heart and then fate tried to tear them apart in this enchanting Transplanted Tale. After the death of his beloved Robin Hood, Little John has been bound to protect his king. Now known as Gideon of Montrose, Gideon has been ordered to apprehend a notorious thief. When he gets his hands on the culprit, he gets the shock of his life and now he must make an impossible choice – betray the woman he once loved or the king he’s bound to serve.This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes with lots of action, suspense, drama and romance. The author brings her fairy tale to life with well written scenes that inspire vivid images and capture the imagination and the well orchestrated actions scenes are exciting and believable. The strong bewitching characters are easily related to and invite the reader to join in the here and now while the suspense and drama scenes draw them deeper into the complex world of the Tales.The attraction between Gideon and Arabella Locksley still blazes hot after centuries of being apart and the sex scenes are hot and steamy, but the relationship has a few complications. Gideon thought that the love of his life was dead so the reader can certainly empathize with anger and broken heart. Arabella has no idea what happened to her centuries ago and now the little thief has a terrible secret that she must keep from Gideon for his own good and the reader can’t help but get caught up in her story.All the drama and intrigue of court life adds lots of spice to the story as ages old secrets and betrayals are revealed. The author’s fascinating and unique world keeps readers guessing with lots of surprising twists and the reader certainly never gets bored. I thoroughly enjoyed this page turning paranormal romance and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  • Melissa Hayden
    2019-02-11 16:18

    I'm so in love with these tales! Gideon gets a surprise and finds someone he's long thought lost to him.****FULL REVIEW****Gideon is on the case. Someone is stealing the Fairy Kings transports - shipments of the king's very addictive fairy dust - and it's becoming far to common of an incident. It seems an unknown tale, from a list of known thieves, came to the Here and Now about the time the transports started to go missing. A tale by the name of Locksley. Al Addin and the Fairy King both want this tale brought in, the each individually. Gideon is on it, yet something feels...familiar.Oh, Kate. You steal my heart and make me so curious with your Prologues. I LOVE THEM!! I'm curious as to what she is taking back that is hers. Then to see who Gideon's love was! O.O WOW! The one he lost and the reason he's in the service to the Fairy King. But when we learn ALLLL the details at the end. I just can't say more. YOU need to read it!In previous books we learned a lot about fairy dust and the characters at play here. Three years after the ugly happenings with the Agency, a secret branch of the Ordinaries government. It all comes together.We get to see the characters from previous books, where they are now years later. Puck, Red, Nate, Lavender, Seth, and all. And it's adorable. I'm excited to see Gideon get a chance at his Happily Ever After.We touch into the King Arthur era here with a museum that was robbed of three items that belong to King Arthur. Even his wife is here in the Here and Now. Oh and her story! We get to see that play out here too. Like an added bonus!Kate once again mixes love into an amazing plot with characters that we all can enjoy, even the ones we don't love as they are bad. Thank you Kate for the amazing stories and characters in this world. I have enjoyed them all.

  • Vannessa
    2019-02-10 15:22

    As soon a I saw this book title on Netgalley I just had to have it being a big fan of the rest of the series. I love how these fairytale characters come to life in the Here and Now and still keep some of their fairy tale characteristics. This book focussed on Robin hood and Little John, although Robin Hood was not quite the same characters as in the legend as we know it. Robin, in this book, was otherwise known as Arabella and in Fairy Tale was in love with Little John, AKA Gideon Montrose. In the Here and Now Gideon is a bodyguard for the King and when his shipments of fairy dust start disappearing, he has to investigate them and bring the perpetrator to face the King. However, when Gideon finds out who it is, he has a really tough decision to make. Does he obey his King, the one who saved his life all those years ago in Fairy Tale or does he go with his heart and save the woman he thought had died on that same day? The story behind Arabella is not an easy one and there were many twists and turns and I was never 100% sure how everyone fitted together until quite near the end. I loved this story - the romance between Gideon and Arabella was beautiful, yet sad to read too because of what they were going through. I still wasn't sure how Arabella was going to pull through everything, but I am so glad she did. I can't wait for the next book in series and so hope we see a bit more of these two in the future books. Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for sending me an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    2019-01-24 20:28

    ** Copy provided by Netgalley and Kensington Books for an honest review**This book starts three years after the last book ends, and at the beginning with all the things that have happens since I feel like I have missed something, as a book 3.5 has not come out filling this missed gap it feels a little odd with a quick few lines as to explain what has happened. (I feel I can't really say with out giving that game away).The story is told from Gideon (Little John's) POV. We find out how fiercely loyal he is and how deeply he loves. He has always had pride in how well he completes the task of guarding and helping the royal family in all their needs.When he finds his believed long dead lover Arabella Locksley (Robin Hood) his whole word starts to spin on its axis. Secrets and lies become unravelled to lead with a dramatic ending .The book had me in tears a few times with the powerful feelings of love between Arabella and Gideon. We visit scenes from their past in Make Believe when things went well for them. We eve find strong friendships are even stronger than even he believed and it has a HEA with love conquering all.The previous main characters also appear in the book to a small intent as they do in previous books as they help out our main characters at the end.Again the stories we have been told as a child have been given the authors twist and rebranded as her own in these twisted tales of transplanted tales in the real world.A brilliant series.

  • Kathy (Kindle-aholic)
    2019-02-16 14:31

    4.5 stars. Solid addition to series.This action packed fairytale/legend based series has been a favorite of mine since book 1. This time around we have a gender-swapped Robin Hood, Arthurian legends, the Seelie court, old friends, and one of my favorite supporting characters from books 2-3, Gideon.Unseelie, the inspiration behind Little John, and Robin Hood's lover, Gideon has been in the service of the Seelie king since the day his love perished in a heist gone wrong. We've known him as the stoic, lonely knight in shining armor who has been a very helpful ally to our friends from previous books. Now he stars in his own tale and I am so very happy. Apart from the Nate novella, this is also a romance from the male characters POV only, something that is a bit different, but I really liked it.Any time you have an abandoned love theme, it takes awhile to get on the side of the abandoner, especially when the abandonee is your only narrator. Arabella worked though. She had good reasons for what she did. Thankfully, there aren't any BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Just hurt feelings and time needed to sort things out. It helps that Arabella fits right in with the kickass ladies of the Transplanted Tales.I did like the relationship and of course the action. I also liked the introduction of Merlin. Another fantastic addition to a great series!First posted on The Book Pile with an excerpt & a giveaway.[received review copy]

  • Crystal Marie
    2019-02-06 20:39

    I have been a fan of this series since I found it by total fluke a few months ago, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out who this book was about! We are given hints about Gideon in the other books, but to finally learn his story, was just amazing!I am constantly shocked at how well Ms. SeRine is able to bring the children’s fairy tales to life, but in an adult way. And she does it in a way that is not rude, crude, or socially unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of smuttiness that happens in the story, but it adds TO it, it isn’t what makes the story the way that it is.Ms. SeRine has a way with her characters that she is able to bring them from the pages, and is able to make you feel the emotions that the characters are feeling as well. Overall, she is just an amazing author who has such an ability to actually create a world, and bring you into it. A world that you don’t want to leave, and when the story ends, you’re left wanting for more and more.Even though this is the 4th book in the series, and it would be more fun for you if you read the other books, you can read this as a standalone. Don’t get me wrong, you will still be able to get into the story without reading the previous books, but once you start reading them, you’re not going to want to stop.I would completely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading!Reviewed by Crystal Marie for Crystal’s Many Reviewers*Copy provided for review*

  • Beth
    2019-02-08 14:13

    She was the love of his life until the day she died...Years later, Gideon is sent on a mission to uncover the thief behind some robberies, little did he know the woman he loved had survived. Now he must decide between loyalty and love.Kate SeRine writes funny and engaging characters that capture your attention and emotions. While the “tales” are fairy based these are not your family friendly characters, but scrumptious adult fantasies come to life. Don't be surprised by the highly imaginative twisting of these fictional characters into something new and totally unexpected, you will be delighted with the outcome.Steamy, fresh and fun, SeRine provides a highly entrancing storyline.I received this ARC copy of Ever After from Kensington Books - eKensington in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication August 1, 2014.Written by: Kate SeRineSeries: Transplanted TalesSequence in Series: 4Paperback: 284 pagesPublisher: Kensington Trade Publication Date: August 1, 2014Rating: 4 StarsISBN-10: 1601833253ISBN-13: 978-1601833259Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal | RomanceFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Laura *Little Read Riding Hood*
    2019-01-24 21:30

    Like the earlier books, SeRine's Ever After takes place in the Here and Now, but unlike the previous books, we get a glimpse of what life was like before. We start with a peek at Gideon's life before he began working for the Fairy King, and throughout the story we get enough of his back-story to understand why he stayed for so long. We also learn about his tragic romance, and of course that makes us fall in love with him and want to heal his broken heart.While I found the romance predictable (I have read a LOT of PNR though, so it takes quite a bit to surprise me) the action and mystery involved in the story kept me entertained, and turning the pages as fast as my eyes could read. And of course, cameos with our favorite Tales, including Red and Nate (still my favorite, for obvious reasons!) kept me grinning with what could only be described as a feeling of being in on an inside joke.I've always felt a closeness with these stories, and as fun as they can be, they also have a darkness to them. Ever After is no exception. It was exactly what I expected and was left at the end with a feeling of contentment and hopefulness for future books in the Transplanted Tales saga. (More Nate & Red please!)

  • Marisa
    2019-01-24 18:12

    In the fourth book in the series, Unseelie empathy Faire, Gideon Montrose loses his love and is enslaved to the King of Fairies. Five hundred years later, forced by command to find out what is happening to the Royal Fairie dust shipments Gideon is reunited with his lost love, Arabella Locksley. He and Bella join forces to track down the thief. Tales are fading and fairie dust is the only thing that can slow the process. Finding the missing shipments is imperative to the survival of Tales everywhere.Their love stretches from Make Believe to the Here and Now and is very complicated. With secrets and half truths both must learn to trust each other with their hearts. Can they trust one another enough to uncover the dangerous plot that surrounds them?I found this book to be very refreshing and a nice spin on a fractured fairy tale with the charterers from the Robin Hood Fairytale as our main characters. Great supporting cast and I was really excited to see how Merlin and Guinevere Pendragon were brought into the tale so smoothly. It was fun, fast paced, and snarky in all the right places. I really enjoyed this book.I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.