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Frankie Stein comes into the world on a bright, sunny day. He’s not at all like his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein. They’re scary looking. He’s cute. They try to make him look like them. They can’t. But he does end up being scary—just in his own way! Kevan Atteberry’s digital illustrations lend a hand to this family-friendly story perfect for a Halloween read aloud....

Title : Frankie Stein
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ISBN : 9780761453581
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Frankie Stein Reviews

  • Melki
    2018-10-04 00:35

    Something is wrong with the Stein's baby! It's . . . cute!?!With his peachy-pink skin, and golden hair . . . oh, how will they ever make him look scary?I wasn't wild about the illustrations, but the story, and the message about being yourself, more than made up for that.

  • David Schaafsma
    2018-10-05 21:22

    Thanks to Melki for her review that led me to read this book, which reminded me of Katherine Dunn's Geek Love. Geek Love is a about a couple of freaks in a freak show who value differences from the "norm," since the more grotesque their children are, the more successful they are in the freak show. It's a crazy allegory about difference and the contextual nature of value and beauty.Frankie is born to the Frankensteins, and to their horror, he appears humanly conventional, not scary. But Frankie helps them realize that just by being different, he can be scary, even if he has blond hair and blue eyes. He smiles, he hugs, he's nice, and to their family, this is startling, unnerving. They try to make him into a monster of their own interests, but they fail. He just wants to be himself.Wasn't a huge fan of the art, but hey, it's a picture book, it was still humorously cute.

  • Brandi North
    2018-09-29 00:38

    Cute Halloween story. The Frankie Stein's did not enjoy that their first born son did not look like them so they tried everything to make him look like them until one day when Frankie wanted to be scary himself. He scared his parents so he could be the person he wanted to be and not what they tried to make him be! Cute story!

  • Egallagher2016gmail.Com
    2018-09-21 01:37

    I like that Frankenstein is in it.

  • Hallie Jackson
    2018-10-16 21:19

    3.5 stars. It runs a little too wordy for preschool storytime but the theme of acceptance and being true to yourself would be a nice one. Likely a fun Halloween read.

  • Rommel Sison
    2018-10-17 17:34

    6-year-old daughter: 4 stars4-year-old daughter: 3 stars

  • Jennifer ☼
    2018-10-06 22:22

    Frankie Stein was my son's library pick this past week. It turned out to be a really cute Halloween read.Frankie Stein was born into a family with a long history of being scary. Cute little Frankie Stein didn't look scary at all so Mr. and Mrs. Stein set out to help Frankie fit in. In the end, Frankie turned out to be the scariest Stein of all just by being himself. (As it turns out, hugs and kisses and cuteness will stop a monster right in his tracks!) The illustrations in Frankie Stein were awesome. I think I'm going to be obsessed with hunting down more Kevan Atteberry books. We are going to have to add this book and Frankie Stein Starts School to our personal Halloween library.If you are looking for a wonderfully illustrated Halloween book full of monsters, ghosts, and all things spooky without the book actually being spooky (so cute!), Frankie Stein is a perfect fit.

  • Brenda Kimble
    2018-09-27 19:27

    Frankie Stein was a really cute story his parents were monsters with green faces and they dressed scary. When Frankie was born he did not resemble his parents at all. He looked like a human. This upset his parents so as he grew up they made changes to his appearance toe scare to make him look scary. No matter how hard they worked to make their son scary. Frankie tried to be scary with no success. He decided to be scary in his own way. Since monsters were not friendly and are not used to affection he kissed and hugged his parents and that was the scariest thing ever to them. This book is a good story line to help children understand that every one is different in their own way and that is ok. The illustrations were wonderfully colored and followed the wording. This is a fun and exciting book.

  • Kallie Krammes
    2018-09-18 21:26

    This was a Halloween inspired story about a child who was not exactly fitting into the mold that his parents wanted him to. The story is engaging for children and can be used as a good real aloud for entertainment. The message behind the story is that people can be unique and do not have to act just like someone wants them to. This story is about accepting others as being different and still caring about them.

  • Diana Hanke
    2018-09-17 00:35

    Frankie Stein tells the story of Mr and Mrs. Frank N. Stein's first born child. The problem? He has beautiful white teeth, beautiful white skin, and golden hair. Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein do all they can to make him look and act like a Stein. It isn't until Frankie decides to be himself that he really fits into the family. This is a very cute book and a great addition to Halloween collections.

  • Stephanie Davis
    2018-10-09 21:26

    I did not enjoy this book. Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein have a child who looks nothing like them. They try to change the child, Frankie, to look and act like them. As much as Frankie tried, that was not who he was, though. The one aspect of this book that I liked was the theme of originality. Frankie wanted to be himself and not what anyone else wanted him to be.

  • Jen H.
    2018-09-27 18:26

    Frankie Stein is not like his parents. They are scary looking and he is cute. They try to make his scary but they just can't. In the end, he finds his own way to be scary. Cute Halloween story that will make kids laugh.

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    2018-10-07 19:23

    A humorous story about Mr. & Mrs. Frank N Stein whose son does not look scary like them. I chuckled throughout and young children will get a kick out of the way the parents try to get their son to be scary like them.

    2018-10-06 20:27

    If you are looking for that perfect kid-friendly Halloween read aloud book, look no further! Frankie Stein is an unforgettable humorous tale of individuality and acceptance of oneself and also of others. Visit Reading Jungle for the entire review!

  • Shasta
    2018-10-11 22:17

    Thus book is a delight! Not only is it well written but the illustrations are too cute, but it's more than that. It's the message that each of us is born just the way we are supposed to be. So be yourself it's what you're best at!

  • Renee
    2018-10-15 18:28

    Mr. & Mrs. Stein are shocked when their child is born looking cute instead of frightening. They try to make him scarier, until he figures out a way to really scare his parents... A cute story about finding your place in a family.

  • Kelsi Bowman
    2018-09-19 17:28

    This is a fun book about how a character can be different and embrace their uniqueness. There is a twist from the usual or traditional Franken Stein story because the parents are monsters and the little boy is a typical human.

  • Mary Dye
    2018-09-29 22:32

    This was an interesting book for me to read, because it was all about parents that did not accept their child. I feel like even though this was meant to be more along the lines of humor, but for a child who isn't accepted by their parents or caregivers might take this book seriously and be hurt.

  • Kaitlin
    2018-10-05 01:41

    This was a cute book to illustrate the idea that everybody is different and unique in their own way. This book would be good to use for younger grades and maybe even for students who had been adopted and don't look like their parents.

  • Jen
    2018-09-28 22:42

    Very cute book about the son of Frank N. Stein and his wife who just isn't like his parents. They try all they can to make him like them, but he surprises them in the end by wanting to just be himself. The illustrations are great and my classes loved hearing this story.

  • Frank
    2018-10-05 17:14

    Frank really liked this book, possibly just because his name is Frank.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-13 18:22

    Crappy computer art but I enjoyed that being "normal" meant being the most frightening of all. Subversive, much?

  • Sheri
    2018-10-18 00:27

    Cute and change of ending than expected. The third graders I read it to loved it and the way it ended.

  • Kathy
    2018-10-06 22:17

    I enjoyed this book. Fun for Halloween. Frankie doesn't quite fit into his family until he finds his own way to be scary.

  • Liz Todd
    2018-10-01 21:38


  • Sarah
    2018-09-26 22:16

    A good book about being different in a family, kind of silly, but fun.

  • Ashley
    2018-10-04 17:19

    Such a cute Halloween book--a holiday favorite in our home!

  • Ashley McCarten
    2018-09-19 23:22

    Great StoryMy six year old thought this was a funny book. He didn't believe the boy was their son. He also liked the illustrations.

  • Tricia
    2018-10-06 23:42

    Great fun! Monsters have a "normal" son and try without luck to monsterize him. Would be good for monster storytime or one scheduled in October, although dare us not say Halloween!

  • Miss Kelly
    2018-10-17 17:42

    Okay book. About embracing who you are.