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An al Qaeda team gains access to a huge supply of radioactive cesium and plans a deadly July 4th fireworks display over 12 American cities.America’s national security forces focus on al Qaeda, while their allies, the soldiers of the White Aryan Resistance. are free to pursue the cataclysmic scheme. Cal Bellotta, a terror expert, and Ray Nassiri, an American Muslim and goveAn al Qaeda team gains access to a huge supply of radioactive cesium and plans a deadly July 4th fireworks display over 12 American cities.America’s national security forces focus on al Qaeda, while their allies, the soldiers of the White Aryan Resistance. are free to pursue the cataclysmic scheme. Cal Bellotta, a terror expert, and Ray Nassiri, an American Muslim and government computer genius, form a partnership that frustrates and inspires the national security apparatus as they peel away the layers of deception.The chase is on, and as Cal and Ray close in, the terrorists lash out, and now there are just three bombs left and only hours until they explode. In Montana, WAR is holed up in its fortified compound. In Venezuela, al Qaeda is hiding out. In Washington, everyone is searching desperately for the bombs.And for Cal and Ray, being right doesn’t matter if it’s too late....

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The Rockets' Red Glare Reviews

  • John Darrin
    2018-12-07 02:12

    I'm biased, but I liked it better each of the nine times I read and re-wrote it.

  • Josephine Nolan
    2018-12-06 03:03

    One of our other reviewers on the zine I edit, Films & Books, reviewed The Rocket's Red Glare for our magazine. He had read John Darrin's previous Screenshot, and gave it a 93 out 100 on his review. So, I had to try it.He began his review with "too real and too scary" and that's about right. The subhead says, "Because it could happen." Well, that's what's scary. And really, I was scared, because this is written by experts in terrorism and nuclear industries, and they've virtually written a how-to book on how a massive act of terror could be perpetrated in the homeland. There's no fluff here. It's somewhat in the style of grand thrillers, but has a flatter, almost journalistic tone to it. Which, by the way, I liked for this topic (I don't like terror topics to be glamorized more than they need to be, and I think the events are scary enough). Some readers might interpret that as stylistically spare, and I'd concur, but I think that's the right tone here. John Darrin and Michael Gresalfi were going for credibility points, and it comes across through a non-hyped prose style that dryly reports the unfolding events. When the plotline is this intense, the "reporting" on the events should not be intense, and that's what they've achieved.In other words, they showcased the "what if" story-- rather than their own writing skills. There's no poetry here, but it's the right amount of spare prose for an undertaking like this. It read like a retelling, by journalists, or a reconstruction by a non-fiction author, of a real event, a real terrorism event. And that's scary. If a reader's expecting deep character development, they won't find it here. This novel is more about the events, the scary events, that could lead up to this horrendous scenario. For real. It really could happen this way. The concept of two completely non-aligned (and contradictory) terror groups working together against America is scary -- and plausible. A neo nazi racist group working together with Al Qaeda, doesn't seem likely in our lifetimes. But, what if -- the fiction writer's blessed "what if" -- what if these two groups "used" each other to target their own vicious agendas? I read this right through in about 2 days. It's not the sort of novel to put aside, because it unfolds in virtual real time and that's how you want to read it. I gave it five stars because this type of novel, in the form of a "reporter-style" narrative (not exactly, but you get what I mean) doesn't call for, necessarily, deep character development — which clearly is the weakness of this novel. I'd normally drop a book to 3 stars for that reason alone. To me, character development is critical in most novels. Here, I just didn't think it was part of this genre... which, by the way, the authors are promoting as "forecast fiction" complete with a website to champion the new genre. I'm not sure it's that new an idea, maybe a narrow niche within an existing genre, but I get what they mean. The style is dictated by this "news reporter" style forecast fiction. It works. Is it my favourite style? No -- but here it worked.Let me explain. If another author took this story line on, say a Stephen King or a Grisham, it'd be a different type of book. It'd be grand epic fiction, perhaps, but it wouldn't be, what I came to like here, which is that spare, flat reporter style. I'm not sure it'd work on a different type of story, but for a complex story, that involves dozens of characters (by necessity) I think it's just right.Weaknesses: too many characters, hard to keep track of, no character developmentStrength: plausible, scary, too real, and unique in style.Recommendation: For thriller fans, a good read.

  • Josh
    2018-11-23 22:16

    Author John Darrin, along with co-author Michael Gresalfi, has penned another techno thriller that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. The tale is full of technological twists and political machinations which intersect and divide seamlessly.Someone has stolen radioactive cesium and created dirty bombs that have been positioned throughout the nation. It is up to terror expert Cal Bellotta and crew to find out who that someone is. Various government entities have linked at least one weapon to North American Al Qaeda. Strange enough not all weapons are being delivered by Muslims but white Mid-western drivers. Could this plot really be masterminded by Al Qaeda or perhaps the homegrown terror group known as WAR White Aryan Resistance? What intrigues me the most about this book is the realistic plot. Seldom is there a point in the story where I thought to myself "that could never happen." The United States multitude of cesium producing technical facilities are just another terrifying reminder of how vulnerable our society is. Anyone with the right connections to a facility that has lax security measures could be a significant threat. As it has been said by many, " Technology is a tool for some and a weapon for others. " We can prepare and protect each other but it takes just one person with ill intent to inject fear into society. Both Darrin and Gresalfi do an excellent job at illustrating this point.I received a copy of this book from the author for my un-biased and honest review

  • Bryan Cacciatore
    2018-12-06 05:29

    This is the second book that I have read from this author, and it blew me away even more than the first one did. There was a joke in the opening of the book about movie rights and that is exactly what the book felt like. A coming twist is obvious, the twists themselves are not at all!When you break it down, The Rockets' Red Glare is a book about terrorism and how organized it really is. What separates it from every other book about terrorism out there is that the terrorists in the book are just about as clueless as to what is going on and who is pulling the strings as we, the reader, are. Starting from the bottom and working all the way up to the top, no one knows exactly what is going on which added many levels of suspense and mystery.The characters (and there are many of them) were well thought out and easy to follow. Usually when there are so many scenes and so many plots going on it is hard to follow who is who and doing what, but the way the author introduced them each time it was there scene made the whole book flow very nicely. The realism was there as well which made it a good read; there was no part that made me question the reality of a situation or a tracking method.Overall I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good action or adventure book, a conspiracy theorist, any against terrorism even if it is your neighbour, a good FBI/CIA/NSA or any other abbreviated government agency chase drama, a book about twists and turns, or just someone who likes a great piece of literature that is well thought out and very well executed.

  • Christopher
    2018-11-19 05:20

    A terrorist thriller that could happen tomorrow!This book kept me awake way past when I should have gone to bed. I just couldn't make myself put it down. And even after I finished, the ideas in the book kept me awake thinking about what could happen in real life.'The Rockets' Red Glare' is a novel that follows terrorism and radiological expert Cal Bellotta in a race against time to track down a host of dirty bombs somewhere on American soil before they can be detonated by either al Qaeda or neo-Natzis.The authors paint an incredibly detailed and realistic picture of how such events could occur. There isn't anything in this work of fiction that I can point to and say "that couldn't happen", which scares me! The authors must have some expert knowledge themselves or have had some incredible sources for researching this book. I could see these events taking place in real life. In fact the authors describe the book as "forecast fiction". I hope that someone in Homeland Security reads a copy so that they can prepare appropriately.Despite the realism, The Rockets' Red Glare reads like a Tom Clancy novel (think Sum of All Fears). Fast paced, with a cast of dynamic characters, in the fight against terrorism.Read this book. Unless you had plans on sleeping!

  • R.W. Lang
    2018-11-10 22:28

    Tag Grainger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), and Ibrahim al Hasan, the leader of Al Qaeda of North American (AQNA) unite to steal enough cesium powder to make 16 dirty bombs. The plan is to set them off in various locations around the country, but Tag has his own plan. He wants to bomb Washington DC and create The Christian Covenant of America in the upper midwest with the capital in St. Paul. A vehicle accident near Lexington, Kentucky reveals radiation and starts the hunt for the bombs. It's easy to get bogged down in all the detail, but the authors do provide an exciting fictional thriller none the less.

  • Al Goodwyn
    2018-11-18 05:04

    A gripping tale that combines page-turning excitement of a modern thriller with technical accuracy and federal government authenticity. A terrifically realist view of the challenges faced by both adversaries and law enforcement when radioactive materials are involved. The result is the best and most realistic portrayal of a terrorist dirty bomb attack I've ever seen. The authors know their business and provide their readers with insights that make The Rockets' Red Glare both realistic and terrifying at the same time.

  • Mona Grupp
    2018-12-02 00:13

    This is an excellent thriller that could happen at anytime. Once you pick this book up you will not want to put down until you finish.

  • Tabitha Chamberlain
    2018-11-20 22:23

    The rating for stars is different from Amazon, which I gave it 4 stars on theirs. I did really enjoy the book. While I liked Darrin's other book Screenshot better this is still worth the read. I do have some serious issues with one of the character, the book is very hard to keep track of in the beginning so you have to have patience.

  • Chuck
    2018-11-11 23:18

    What happens when terrorists get enough radioactive material to make 16 dirty bombs and they set them loose in the United States? Thats the premis of this book. The story is a good one but it tends to lag in spots and then jump all over the board in other spots. The end is a little abrupt also.