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A novel of small-town hearts and big dreams...Molly Burnett dreads returning to her hometown of Hope for her sister’s wedding, especially knowing she’ll have to endure a weekend with the one man she never wants to see again. It’s only a couple of days, so Molly will try to forget her painful past with high school sweetheart Carter Richards. Because despite the bitter memorA novel of small-town hearts and big dreams...Molly Burnett dreads returning to her hometown of Hope for her sister’s wedding, especially knowing she’ll have to endure a weekend with the one man she never wants to see again. It’s only a couple of days, so Molly will try to forget her painful past with high school sweetheart Carter Richards. Because despite the bitter memories, she still can’t forget what they once meant to each other.But when Molly is forced to extend her stay, Carter sees this as his second chance to do things right, to start over again with the only woman he’s ever loved. This time, he isn’t going to let Molly run. Together they’re going to confront the past and put it behind them, and hope for a future as bright as the flame that still burns hot between them....

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Hope Burns Reviews

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-02-16 21:23

    I was excited to get my hands on Hope Burns because I’ve been wondering what went wrong with Molly and Carter. The past books in the series have featured mysterious references to a romance that didn’t end well and residual feelings on both sides. Molly has been gone from Hope for the last twelve years, moving from town to town when the mood strikes her. She claims to have this wanderlust, but the truth of the matter is that a bad breakup with her high school sweetheart, Carter, sent her running. Now that her sister, Emma is getting married and she’s the maid of honor, Molly has no choice but to go back and face her past. She ends up having to stay longer and help care for her mother when she’s injured. Carter suspects Molly has been absent from Hope all these years because of their breakup, but he’s never found out for sure. He’s gone on with his life and dated but no has ever really measured up to Molly. Seeing her again brings that all back, but he knows she’ll be moving on as soon as she gets the chance. When her mother’s injuries force her to stay, Molly and Carter can no longer ignore the ever present chemistry and longing between them and so they start up again. Carter won’t pressure Molly into defining what they have because he senses her hesitancy and feels like she could bolt out of town with the slightest pressure. I was worried that Hope Burns would be a constant back and forth between Carter and Molly, with Molly giving in and then pushing him away every other chapter. I was thankful that wasn’t the case for the most part, and this story was more like a journey back to each other. What happened in the past was sad, but it was something that probably could’ve been worked through had they been more mature or if Molly hadn’t taken off. Such is young love. The spark and magnetism they shared back then came back to life immediately and their relationship becomes passionate, but comfortable as well. Those years they spent together in the past were because they got along so well and had that special something that just made them click. This made their years of separation even sadder to me because it just felt like a colossal waste of time. I was happy that they were getting a second chance at something that seemed meant to be.I was a little miffed at Molly because she neglected her relationship with her family and sister. She hurt herself more than anyone with her decision to leave and stay away, but she also hurt her family. The fact Molly blew back into town without sharing in Emma’s wedding more and taking on the normal maid-of-honor duties ticked me off. She was fortunate Emma didn’t hold her selfish behavior against her. I wished there was more communication with Molly and Carter. Molly denies her desires for long term because she didn’t want to be hurt again. Carter never gave any indication he didn’t want more with her, so I didn’t get why Molly held back when things were so amazing between them. Also, I wished Carter would’ve shared his feelings on the past, how he hurt as well, instead of ignoring the elephant in the room. His feelings about the past were barely touched on and only just brought up at the very end. One thing I did appreciate is the fact that there was very little angst or drama and any frustrations I felt were short lived. Carter and Molly drew closer and closer until finally acknowledging what they knew deep down all along. A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This review is also posted at The Readers Den.

  • Jonetta
    2019-02-08 21:22

    Molly Burnett left home twelve years ago after a failed romance with her high school sweetheart, Carter Richards, and never returned. Now she's back for her sister's wedding and isn't looking forward to seeing the man who broke her heart. I enjoyed returning to small-town Hope and the dynamics of the close-knit friends. At first, my curiosity about the specifics that drove Molly out of town kept me in the story but that took too long to develop. Once revealed, it just didn't square with her staying away from her family that long. Carter was too nice of a guy for a woman who just wanted to run to nothing, especially after they resumed their relationship. Unfortunately, there just wasn't much else going on in the story to balance the weak romance, although they certainly burned the sheets!The story was entertaining, just not remarkable. I'm looking forward, however, to the next book as those main characters should prove much more interesting. (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

  • Jess
    2019-02-19 15:09

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: DI’m going to start off this short and sweet review by saying that the hero, Carter is simply an awesome guy. He’s a hard worker, loves his family and small town, enjoys helping others, I mean really, he’s just a sweet guy. He and Molly were teens in love until she got pregnant and miscarried. Their relationship fell apart soon after and Molly ran. Now she’s back in Hope for the first time in 12 years for her sister’s wedding and then “she’s outta there” – get used to that line, Molly says it over and over and over again. But after her mother suffers an accident and Molly’s help is needed, she stays in Hope for longer than she wanted and is forced to deal with her feelings toward Carter, the guy she’s never stopped loving but the same guy that she can’t let the past go with.If it weren’t for Carter, I’d have probably DNF’d this book. He’s great and I liked everything about him. From his interactions with his friends, his family, the town, he was a character that worked for me. My issues were all with Molly. She has her foot one step outside of Hope the entire time and makes sure we all know it as she tacks on after everything she says things like - “but I won’t be here to see this” or “I’m leaving soon because that’s just the life I enjoy”. Gah. I wanted to shake her and yell at her to just leave already! Maybe if her reasoning for wanting to leave again was more believable and made sense I could have got on board with it. But her reasoning seemed to always come down to, that’s just her life and that wasn’t good enough for me. So of course in the end she runs away, too scared to actually be an adult and talk to Carter about what she’s feeling. To make matters worse and the one issue I had with Carter, he was going to go after her. No Carter, just no. She was the one who needed to do all the groveling and come back to you! I won’t spoil how it all goes down, but their happy ending is neatly wrapped up in the span of about one page. The ending was way too abrupt and another chapter or epilogue was needed to really feel like things were wrapped up.As is the case with many of Burton’s books, I enjoyed the supporting cast, especially the girlfriend scenes as those are always fun to see play out. But it just wasn’t enough. Not even a hot, sweet hero could get me to enjoy this book and sadly it’s a miss for me. I can’t deal with a heroine like Molly, I never warmed up to her and I ultimately wanted her to just leave like she kept saying instead of sticking around for her man.

  • Auntee
    2019-01-22 22:08

    This is the third book in Jaci Burton's small town contemporary series (Hope), and it was good, just not my favorite of the series.This one features Molly Burnett, vagabond sister of town veterinarian Emma (Hope Flames) and Carter Richards, local business owner of several auto body repair shops. Molly and Carter were each others first love, but their teenage relationship ended tragically, and Molly's been letting that tragedy control her life for the past 12 years, and has been running from Carter and the town of Hope, OK, for all those years. There is a similar plot turn in the recently released Robyn Carr story, The Homecoming, so I had a sense of deja vu when I was reading it.Molly...Molly makes a rare visit back to Hope for her sister's wedding, runs into Carter (who's also in the wedding party), but tries to give him the cold shoulder. She still blames Carter for the failure of their romance and hates that she still has feelings for him. For his part, Carter regrets how he handled things back then, but Molly barely gives him a chance to apologize. Carter realizes that he's never gotten over Molly, and would like a chance for a second chance with her. When an accident in her family forces her to stick around in town, carter sees it as an opportunity to get close to Molly again...if only she'd let him. Will Molly finally be able to put the past behind her, and move forward with her life, or is she destined to run from her feelings forever?Carter...For the most part I enjoyed this book, even though Molly's unwillingness to forgive after 12 years grated on my nerves just a bit. I wanted to say "grow up sister, it's been 12 years, and you both were just teenagers!" and "give him a break already!" I wanted Molly to open her eyes and see what a wonderful, mature, funny (not to mention sexy) man Carter was, and to just open her heart to him. I also wasn't thrilled how she planned to just use him for casual sex while she was in town--who was she kidding? Molly really needed to take a good look at herself and what she wanted, and to grow up a bit.This picture will make sense when you read the book...Despite my ambivalence about Molly, I loved Carter, and thought they were good together. It did take Molly quite a while to gest her head on straight, but thank god she eventually did before wearing out my patience with her. I am looking forward to the next in the series-- Love After All--teacher Chelsea and bartender Bash's story. 3 1/2 to 4 stars

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2019-01-22 23:06

    I usually love second chance romances but Hope Burns didn't really work for me and it was all down to the heroine, Molly. After avoiding her high school sweetheart for 12 years she is back in town for her sister's wedding, and finally coming face to face with him. I'm sorry but in all honesty 12 years is a long time to have your head stuck up your ass and not have some perspective about what went on in high school, and this summed up Molly to me. It was somewhat ridiculous and more than a little annoying because it lasted until the final pages of the book. I enjoyed the first couple of books in the series but this was a bit of a let down. Maybe Jaci Burton just isn't for me because her Play by Play series is a little hit and miss with me too.

  • Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe)
    2019-01-25 20:04

    3.5 starsWelcome to Hope, a small town with a big heart and dreams. Molly's sister Emma is finally getting married and that means that Molly finally has to come home after leaving many years ago due to a bad heart-break. The one thing Molly had hoped to avoid was the man who shattered her heart, Carter Richards, who is now all grown up and no longer the boy she remembers.Carter is now a successful business man who works as a mechanic in his own garage and owns a small chain of them. He is very involved in Hope's community and has a great relationship with Molly's family despite what happened years ago.I have to say I was very curious about this black cloud that hung over their heads and even though the situation was heartbreaking I wasn't sure it really called for her to run for as long as she did. They were both young and things got uncontrollable and Carter's actions may have been a little harsh, but in the end you cannot help but feel for the bot.So when Molly's mother falls and suffers a few breaks. Molly has no choice but to stay behind and help take care of her. Avoiding Carter this time might not come as easy as she had imagined. I found myself rooting for them I really did. I thought they seemed like a sweet couple once together, but Molly doesn't want to suffer another heart-break with a man who has the capability to cause a lot of damage to her heart.I like Burton's writing. The story seemed simple enough, with well rounded characters. Lot's of heart-warming relationships, friendships and setting. The story felt like I was after the character's everyday life, but it was done tastefully and still entertaining enough. The chemistry between Molly and Carter was clear, and I like how it grew as the story went on. If you are looking for a simple romance, with a bit of heart-breaking background, healing and strong sexually chemistry, this book is probably right for you.I got a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

  • Nathi *Shut it and let me read*
    2019-01-21 15:08

    5 starsBest book of this series!I'm such a HUGE fan of second chance love and I just really like this author so it was a perfect book for me.It was also a very well planned book. Because I wanted to know about the characters from this book since book one, so the expectation certainly helped this one.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-01-29 23:01

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Molly fled her hometown at 18. Now, it’s 12 years later, and she has to return for her sister’s wedding and face a man she hoped never to see again. It’s only one weekend though, right?Opening Sentence: This wedding was going to be a disaster.The Review:In high school, Carter and Molly were inseparable. By senior year, they were planning their future together. Then, something terrible happened, and Molly couldn’t stand the thought of being in the same town as Carter anymore. She left and never looked back. It’s now 12 years later. The thought of returning to Hope still makes Molly feel panicky and sick to her stomach, but her sister’s getting married. Molly knows she’ll have to face Carter because he’s also in the wedding; however, she’s hoping to avoid him as much as possible and leave town again once all the wedding festivities are done. Things never go as planned though, and Molly finds herself in Hope for an extended stay. Will this extended visit make issues between her and Carter worse, or will they finally be able to move on and possibly have a future together?This book has me so torn. I really liked about 50 percent of it. The problem is, the parts I didn’t like were at the beginning and the end, so it left me feeling frustrated. The first 15 percent of the book has Molly constantly repeating that Carter did an awful thing, but never elaborates on what that awful thing was. By the time we finally find out, I was just tired of hearing about it. Now, let me say, what did happen was awful, and I hope never to be in that situation, but I couldn’t help thinking that Carter was a teenager when all of this went down, and I believe he acted accordingly. That doesn’t mean he acted correctly, but I think it needs to be taken into consideration, and it annoyed me that that point never seemed to be made.I also just had a really hard time liking Molly in general. Up until the very end, it felt like she was just stringing Carter along. She thinks they’re just friends with benefits when they clearly act like a couple, and anytime Carter tries to do something that a boyfriend would do, she backs off and freaks out. Her actions just made it very hard for me to connect to her.As it seems I’m just going on and on about what I didn’t like, I should reemphasize that I really did like the middle portion of the book. Despite my dislike of Molly, I really enjoyed seeing her and Carter rekindle their relationship. Carter is a great hero and any scene with him was just wonderful. The love scenes were hot and full of chemistry. It was really fun to read.All in all, I just feel conflicted about this book. I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of the issues I had with it, but it doesn’t deserve a really low rating either. So, I’m going with the middle of the road 3. A lot of it didn’t work for me, but when everything was clicking, it was very good. I’ll be checking out more of Jaci Burton’s work to see if this one was just a fluke that didn’t work for me.Notable Scene: Molly had been preparing a speech, but it was going to be hard. Still, she knew as the maid of honor it was her duty, so she took the mic next.“I haven’t lived in Hope for a very long time, which means I wasn’t here to witness Luke and Emma’s love story. But I know love when I see it. It’s a palpable thing. Something you feel, like instinct. It’s just…there. And when it happens between two people, it can’t be denied.”She felt Carter’s gaze on her, saw him out of the corner of her eye despite her attempt to focus only on the smiling bride and groom. She retrained her attention and concentrated on the simmering tears in her sister’s eyes.“So, when Emma brought Luke to meet me, their love hit me instantly, and I knew he was the one for her. She had changed from this focused, driven individual, to someone who was part of a couple. She became a lot less ‘me’ and a lot more ‘us.’ And that’s what love is, when it becomes less about what’s best for the one, and more about what’s best for the whole. Because love is not a singular thing. It’s not about what’s best for me, but about what I can do to make you happy.”FTC Advisory: Jove/Penguin provided me with a copy of Hope Burns. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • Helyce
    2019-02-06 20:55

    You know when you’re watching TV and a trailer for a movie is played and you think to yourself, “that looks really good; I really want to see it.” And every time you catch that movie trailer or hear a promo on the radio, you remind yourself that you want to see it. You make plans with friends for opening night, anticipation and excitement high. But after actually seeing the movie you’re disappointed, the movie not meeting your expectations at all! The movie trailer’s promise having not delivered in any way. That was this book for me.I was beyond thrilled to get Carter’s book so early in the series. The build up of his supposed past with Molly Burnett in the previous two books hinted at some kind of huge love in a way that promised a secret being revealed and a second chance at true love-a favorite trope of mine. While we had gotten to know Carter a bit over books one and two, he had already held a special place in my heart and it was clear that for whatever reason and despite his ‘way with the ladies’ there was something special between him and Molly and we were aching to find out the what and why of it all.The ‘what’ was a teenage romance, so strong and intense, the young couple believed they were destined for forever. An unplanned pregnancy only cemented their feelings toward each other, marriage and family a given. Until Molly miscarries and their relationship falls apart because neither knows how to deal with the loss. Carter-young and totally unprepared for his emotions not to mention everything Molly was going through, moves forward with plans for college etc., while Molly shuts down into herself and leaves town vowing never to return again.I had a couple big issues with Molly’s story line. First, it is clear that Molly and her sister Emma come from a loving family with involved parents. I totally understand a young woman keeping a pregnancy a secret from her parents out of fear and disappointing her parents, but once there was a miscarriage why wouldn’t she tell her mother or her sister? There was no indication that she would have received anything less than love and support. Instead of taking time to grieve her loss with those who clearly love her, she runs away and never looks back. Molly shuts Carter out and then blames him when he goes off to college and is able to ‘move on’ with his life. I don’t want to sound harsh. I have two healthy children and cannot speak to the emotions a woman faces when losing a child via miscarriage or otherwise. I don’t want to come off as insensitive because I know it would be devastating. But in this instance and for this fictional story it didn’t work for me. Molly made a choice to deal with her grief in the way that she did, by running and alienating her family and choosing never to return to Hope. Perhaps that was what she needed as a young woman unable to deal with her loss, but as she got older and her family repeatedly reached out to her and wanted to welcome her home, well, her continued rejection of their love and support was her choice.Secondly, Molly was just unlikable to me. At every opportunity she can’t wait to state that “she’s outta here” or “I’m leaving the first chance I get”. Go already! You don’t want to be here, just go! But then, we wouldn’t get the second chance at love that was promised, would we. When Molly’s mom has an accident and she’s forced to stay in Hope to help care for her, Molly and Carter find their way back to each other. But I had already decided I didn’t like Molly and I didn’t want her for Carter. Secondary characters, especially Carter’s friend Bash and Emma and Molly’s friend Chelsea make for some humorous and lighthearted moments. I find Bash intriguing and hope his story will be up next. This is not a bad story and it’s probably my own fault for building up Carter in my head and having a certain expectation for his story. The disappointment is of my own making. There are moments where I was almost convinced I could be okay with how it would go-because we want that happily ever after, right? Unfortunately, no amount of redemption or forgiveness was going to make me okay with Molly.

  • Mary H
    2019-01-25 15:17

    The best thing about this book is the cover, and that's just unfortunate. Okay, that's not true. As many others have said, Carter is pretty amazing, but since he literally has no flaws, he has pretty much zero character development. Like all the characters, actually. The plot was boring and predictable; the heroine was not at all sympathetic; the writing was not good by my standards. Seriously, there were some sentences that I just didn't understand why they were there because they didn't fit the scene or seem to move the plot along whatsoever. And then, since I was already annoyed with everything, small details bothered me more like the names being super outdated for characters who were born in the 80s, characters with too similar names (father/daughter duo Emmett and Emma, the mc's mom is Georgia and the mc's car is George, etc), the LI ordering a DIET coke at a restaurant (men, as a general rule, rarely order diet drinks). Anyway, although I know Jaci is supremely popular among the romance set and is a bestseller and comes recommended by just about everyone, I'm just not sure they're for me. This is possibly my first and last Burton book.

  • Jo
    2019-01-22 15:11

    What I enjoyed most about this book was Emma and Luke’s wedding, which was pretty special. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the romance between Molly and Carter. I felt that their young love meant more to Molly than to Carter. Since they broke up in their youth, Molly has been running from her hurt, never committing to anyone or anything, while Carter continued with his life just like he planned before everything went wrong between him and Molly, he even had a few serious relationships over the years. That really did not make me believe it when he said he’s always loved Molly. I couldn’t fault Molly for leaving after what happened all those years ago. Overcoming such a tragedy, especially when you are so young, would devastate most people.I still enjoyed the small town, and all the people in it, and I can’t wait to read Chelsea’s book.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-27 21:02

    Hope BurnsThe CharactersMolly Burnett is trying to outrun her past. We all know that can’t last forever.Carter Richards seems to be living life day by day and, at least at the beginning of this book, starting to realize something is missing. The StorySo here it is. My first DNF of 2015. Honestly I’ve been trying for three days now to get into this book but I’ve failed, miserably. I don’t really feel any chemistry between the main characters. Maybe their pain is just too big for me. Either way I’m spending too much time avoiding reading this book when I could be reading other things. The Random Thoughts*DNF so no rating Stars

  • Wenrog
    2019-02-03 20:23

    I liked the characters but it was kind of boring. Not much happened from beginning to end. Molly was a little ridiculous. Who moves away from their family and stays lonely for 12 years over a high school break-up?? Seemed silly and unrealistic. Then she comes home, sees the guy again and way too quickly hooks up with him again. There needed to be more dialogue between Molly and Carter. I'm not a fan of this one.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-11 21:05

    ** 3.5 stars **First Line This wedding was going to be a disaster. That's right! Hope Burns has a wedding! I'm not sure why I'm acting surprised by this, given it's in the book synopsis, but still, Luke and Emma are getting married and that makes me happy! But even more importantly, the wedding finally brings Emma's long gone sister Molly back to Hope, and to the boy-turned-man she left behind, Carter. Hope Burns is, you guessed it, a second-chance romance, a much-loved trope for a lot of readers. The history behind the couples lends an extra layer of emotions, and this couple's history is messy. I'm not going to divulge why they broke up after at the end of high school, other than to say this history was messy and carries over a decade's worth of pain with it. Molly and Carter were young and so in love, but when they ended their relationship, it wasn't the average high school break-up. With Molly back in town - temporarily- Carter sees his chance to make some amends, at least. But with the still-smoking chemistry between them, and the fact neither has ever loved anyone else as much as each other, it doesn't take this smart guy long to realize what they have is worth fighting for... But will Molly fight with him?Molly and Carter's story is fairly simple, but told with heart. Despite the hurt feelings between them, it didn't take me long to start rooting for these two. And with a guy like Carter, it was easy to see why Molly is tempted to give him another chance. In Hope Burns, the author has given readers another great book hero in Carter Richards. He's a good friend and member of the Hope community, a nice guy who is fun and successful, what more can you ask for, right? Molly Burnett is quick to realize how much well Carter's turned out, but is slow to put her heart on the line again. It's understandable, really. I was a little slower to warm to Molly, despite getting why she's so reluctant. I didn't quite see why she spent so many years running from family and friends, it honestly felt like a bit of a stretch. But as Molly begins to see how Carter's changed, and how she has not, I began to embrace her more and more. In the end, I really liked this couple, and hoped for their HEA.Hope Burns is a really typical second-chance romance, and while it didn't blow me away, that's absolutely fine. What I was very impressed with, though, was the friendships. The bromance in all forms of media is common, celebrated. And it's present here. But female friendships is a different story altogether. In Hope Burns, we get the strong female friendships, but one really stood out for me. When Molly comes home, she learns that Carter dated her former friend Stephanie a few years back, with the relationship ending after a year, leaving the two as friends. Instead of Molly feeling super jealous and hateful towards Stephanie and Carter, she accepts this as a part of life and is cool with it. They all remain good friends, no irrational conflict or drama. IT WAS NICE, so nice to have an author write such a female-positive response, rather than making it ugly. Thank you. Hope Burns was a nice, easy read with a lot of heart. It was fun and sexy, too. I'm not sure why, but I'd assumed the series ended here, which is not the case. Love After All, featuring Bash and Chelsea will release April 2015. Their book was set up very nicely here, with little hint of moments that have me highly anticipating that story. Favorite Quote He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Molly.Maybe this was just a "right now" relationship for them. Maybe they had no future together, but dammit, when they did, they were great moments. And tonight, she was here, in his bed, wrapped around him. For now, that was good enough.

  • Debbie Lester
    2019-01-26 22:18

    Jaci Burton brings readers a second chance love story with the third book in the Hope series. Hope Burns finds the small town inhabitants of Hope, Oklahoma getting ready for a wedding. Happiness seems contagious except for the bride's sister, who left Hope in her wake many years ago. Molly plans to breeze in and back out of Hope in a whirlwind but Jaci Burton had other plans for her. Readers will love the small town setting, the love of family and friends and a love that has lasted through the years and the miles.What I liked:The small town of Hope, Oklahoma has really gotten under my skin. I love good small town setting for a novel and Jaci Burton has really provided that for this series. Hope is a place that might remind you of your own small town roots. In this series we get to know the locals through, the sheriff's department, the local vet, a surrounding ranch, the bakery, the local car mechanic and everybody's favorite hangout, the local bar. Readers will quickly fall in love with this backwater town and it's inhabitants. Burton has created a place many readers would like to call home. The characters are also a fun group. In Hope Burns readers are treated to Emma and Luke's wedding, the main characters from book one of the series. Not only do the characters from previous books become a part of this story, but a very important part. Molly is Emma's sister. She has been away from Hope for a very long and really doesn't want to return now. I thought Burton did a great job with Molly's reasons for being away. I can see a woman running from her past in this way. Everyone is such an integral part of this town, Molly could never have avoided Carter any other way. I liked the long lost sister theme and I loved the way the town was quick to re-embrace Molly and want her to stay.Carter was a great hero. Yes, he made a tragic mistake with Molly, right out of high school. But that's been a long time and he has grown up a lot. I wouldn't say that he has changed because he was a good guy back then too, but he has matured and become more experienced and seasoned in life. He knows more of who he is and he's comfortable with himself. His confidence and swagger were appropriate and hard earned. Burton did a wonderful job of showing the man Carter had become as opposed to the boy he had been.I loved these two together. This is my favorite book of the series so far. There was just something about Carter and Molly that resonated with me. When you are in high school everything is emotional and chaotic. Bad decisions are easy to make and I loved that Burton gave them both a second chance. Second chance romances have become some of my favorites. I wasn't sure in the beginning how Carter was going to convince Molly to stay, but it all worked out for awhile, before the urge to run hits Molly hard. This is an emotional and heartfelt happy-ever-after that will have readers rooting for Carter and Molly, from the first day outside the bakery. An all around great read!What I didn't like:I'm not sure I am an advocate for sex without strings relationships. Yeah, that sounds good on paper, makes for some great reading sometimes, but is it realistic? Emotions always get involved and I think maybe there may have been another, better way to get these two together. But I still liked this book soooo much!Bottom Line:This is a great second chance romance that will have readers smiling from ear to ear, from the dolphin in the town square, to the skeleton's hanging from the tree's in Carter's yard at Halloween. There was so much home town spirit and comraderie among friends. I loved all of the relationships that were forming from the girl's day outs to hanging at Bash's bar. A really great addition to the series!

  • Adria (Musings and Reviews)
    2019-02-19 20:09

    Originally posted on Adria's Romance ReviewsMolly Burnett is back in her hometown of Hope for her sister’s wedding and she’s dreading every moment. Not because she doesn’t love her sister or want to be a part of her wedding but because of her childhood sweetheart Carter Richards. Years ago, he crushed her heart and left her no choice but to run away from all the painful memories. Molly thinks she only has to bear Carter’s presence for a few days and then she’s gone again, back to her wandering lifestyle but as luck would have it, she’s forced to extend her stay a bit longer, giving Carter the chance he’s only dreamed of: Winning Molly back.This series has charmed me so effortlessly and Hope Burns is no exception. The small town of Hope is unlike other small towns in romance. Sure there are the busybodies who get into every one’s business but never once has the town come off as something from a horror movie. Carter and Molly may not have had the red hot passion of first time lover but they had the emotional connection of long time life partners even when Molly was fighting hard to keep from falling in love with Carter again. These two knew each other inside out, what the other liked, what they didn’t like; it was difficult to see where they went so wrong and then BAM! There it was, the reason they suddenly broke up and Molly went running for the hills. I sympathized with both of them, particularly Molly. Author Jaci Burton did such a wonderful job of giving Carter and Molly such a solid base for a relationship, even as teens that it was so easy to root for them to get back together again. I could see glimpses of the teens they were whenever they were together.Hope Burns is a definite second chance romance but it doesn't take Carter and Molly, erase their past and then give them a blank slate to start with. Rather, it gives them the chance to remember their past. The good, the bad and the ugly, then come to terms with it and use it as a strong foundation to continue that same relationship but as mature adults. Their past relationship was important and if they wanted to have a future they couldn’t just forget what happened and start again. It required some tough conversations that sometimes left Carter and Molly feeling like they didn’t stand a chance in hell of making it work.With such a heavy obstacle in the way of Carter and Molly’s relationship, I’m glad Jaci Burton didn’t add more conflicts like a third party wanting to break them up. It would have pushed Hope Burns into “tacky soap opera” territory. Instead, Hope Burns is heartwarming with an engaging cast of old and new characters, a powerful love story and of course, typical Burton humor.Final Verdict: A lovely, romantic tale of high school sweethearts reunited, Hope Burns is a wonderful addition to an already amazing series that takes place in a small town. Rarely do these small town romances work for me but the Hope series will always have a special place on my e-reader.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-02-05 16:06

    I’ve completely fallen in love with the people of Hope, Oklahoma. Small towns are my favorite book setting and watching each story unfold is both exciting and heart-warming.Molly and Carter were high school sweethearts and so in love. They were planning for the future when their relationship was dealt a crushing blow leaving heartache in its wake. Being young, the couple didn’t handle it well and a lot of hurtful things were said, causing Molly to pack up and leave Carter and the town of Hope for good…or so she thought.Molly has made it back to Hope for her sister’s wedding after being gone several years. No one knows why she left so suddenly after high school except for one person: Carter. Luckily, Molly is only here for the wedding and then she’s leaving with plans of never coming back. However, Fate had other plans.As Molly readies to leave, her mother has a terrible fall and is hurt badly. With her dad’s heavy work schedule and her sister on her honeymoon, Molly decides to stay and help her mom recover. But soon, Molly starts regretting her decision as she ends up spending lots of time with Carter. Can love grow a second time around or will the possibility of it send Molly running for the hills desperate to protect her heart?I’m always a sucker for second chance love and I hate to say it, but it almost didn’t happen. The hurt Molly carries is still so potent, even several years later. Carter was a total flake back in the day but he’s a changed man now and desperately wants Molly to see that. I can totally relate to Molly because I’ve carried hurt like that around. And while staying away from places or people might make us think we are protecting ourselves, we’re really doing harm and we could be missing out on something great because we’re so scared to feel anything but the pain.Molly and Carter are exceptional together and I also loved seeing all the secondary characters. Although, I wished we could’ve seen more of Logan and Luke’s brother, Reid. He was mentioned at the wedding and then flew back to Boston and we never really hear much from him. Will he get his own book soon? I’m curious to learn about the man who shirks the small town life…and has two sexy as hell older brothers JThis was a beautiful story and I absolutely loved it! Jaci Burton is an extremely gifted storyteller and I’d recommend her books to everyone.***I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-02-16 17:16

    Rhayne‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI couldn’t wait for Hope Burns to be released so we could get back to Hope and reunite with some characters I absolutely love. This is a second chance love story with a side of humor and an extra-large dose of sexy.I honestly think so far this book is my favorite in the series. Carter and Molly deliver much more than a typical romance plot. They prove that happiness and true love do exist. You just have to let go of the past and not be afraid to claim what your heart desires. They have both been living with a lot of regrets and they have to find a way to overcome the hurt they caused each other and learn to trust each other in order to move on, heal, and love.Molly is a wanderer. She left Hope twelve years ago angry and hurt and has no plans of ever settling down. Without having a connection to someone she feels she is protecting her heart. Her sister’s wedding brings her back home to Hope and to Carter. It is obvious twelve years were not enough to relinquish the feelings she has for him.Carter never got over the love he shared with Molly. Mistakes were made in the past when they were both young and going through some life changing events. He can’t take back what was done or said all those years ago, but he is determined to show her that he has grown and changed a lot over the years, but the one thing that has not changed is the feelings he still has for her.Witnessing these two characters working through the hurt and anger that still lingers beneath the surface was heartbreaking at times. I absolutely loved Carter. He is definitely making my book boyfriend list. I also at times wanted to jump into the pages and slap Molly for being stubborn and not admitting what was in her heart. They didn’t have an easy journey to travel to find their happiness, but the layers of hurt, anger and passion just added a little extra spark to their relationship.I highly recommend grabbing this series and enjoying a visit to this enchanting small town full of family and true friends that will never abandon you and always support and love you.

  • Pam
    2019-02-04 21:14

    This is another winner in the Hope series, an emotional second chance at love tale that will tug at your heart when secrets are revealed.Molly Burnett is coming back to the town of Hope for the first time in twelve years, her sister Emma is getting married and since she is the maid of honor she swallows the pain and regrets and returns home, she left angry and hurt, but never told anyone why. Throughout the years she has continued to run, never staying in one place, moving every six months. Her family always keeps in touch with her by visiting wherever she is but they let her know how they feel about her wandering ways.Carter Richards still lives in Hope; he is now the owner of several full service auto shops in the area. He was always a hard worker and when the owner decided to sell the shop he bought it and continued to expand. He and Molly dated in high school, even planning to get married at one time, but when things got tough and the wrong things were said, she left town. They have a lot of unfinished business.I like anything this Ms Burton writes, her books are usually full of sexy men and women who love and play hard while steaming up any scene when they are together. This series features a small town called Hope and the people who live and love there.I love Carter; he is sexy and sweet and has spent the last twelve years building a successful business. He knows Molly is coming to town for the wedding and in his mind he has planned how they would met, unfortunately things never work out the way you plan and they meet by accident on the street, and it goes poorly. I really felt for him, all the years he was hurting but he never got the chance to say what he was feeling, he just listened to what Molly had to say before she left, and stayed silent. I like when he finally gets to say the words that have been stuck for so long.Complete review at: Ramblings from a Chaotic MindCopy from publisher for an honest review

  • Natasha (books_n_dreams)
    2019-01-31 15:13

    I definitely was excited to finally read this book, because after books one and two you definitely are intrigued to the past that Molly and Carter have and in this book you basically get the answer upfront which was nice, so then you get this chance to see things go afterwards and the progression in the story was nice, just a little slower than usual but under certain circumstances cause of the characters I could totally understand that.I definitely love Carter he is such an amazing male character, understanding, hot, knows what he wants, is successful but not in the billionaire kind of way, he is honest, and I could go on and on about him, anytime the book was in his POV I was a happy camper!Molly she didn't so much annoy me I just got frustrated with her, yes you can understand why she is so hesitant because of the past, but man I have to say does she hold on to the past or what! But I will admit I love it when she is letting go and is truly herself when around Carter, it's such a completely different character and you love this side of her, there is no way not to love it.I definitely did enjoy this book, I needed something easy going and not hard to get into while working on finals and this book definitely made that possible for me to enjoy doing what I love while trying to do my best at my other love. So it definitely was a win, win situation. The only reason this book wasn't a four or five stars was definitely because of the over dragging story, but still is definitely a good book and I can't wait for the next one.

  • Kelly at
    2019-02-14 19:10

    Review will be posted .NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2REVIEW: With Emma & Luke’s wedding on the horizon Molly has no choice but to return home for her sister’s wedding. You see Molly left Hope 12 years ago and never looked back. Never visited. Never seemed to care about what and who she left behind. But being back will change all that. The only question is will Molly let it change or will she run again? It was so nice to get back to the lovely little town of Hope, Oklahoma. I am totally in love with Carter. He is just so sweet and thoughtful. Yet, he knows what he wants and is willing to take that leap of faith to get it. Even if that means using a sledgehammer to knock it into Molly’s head. Molly on the other hand is so catch up in the past that she can’t see what an amazing future she could have. I loved both of these characters so much. There is hurt that they both have to get over. But if they can do that they future could be so amazingly bright. If you have not stepped foot into Hope yet you need to pack your bags and take a trip down here and see what can happen in Hope, Oklahoma. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL / Signet Romance, DAW in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

  • BBMoreB ~
    2019-02-11 16:19

    Molly Burnett left Hope, OK shortly after her high school relationship with Carter Richards ended abruptly -- 12 years ago. She lives nomad lifestyle; often relocating. She has not once returned to her hometown, even for a short visit, until now. However, this weekend’s visit is unavoidable. Her sister, Emma Burnett, is getting married to Luke McCormack. Carter knew Molly would be returning for the Burnett/McCormack wedding, but he is caught completely off-guard by the feelings that still exist between them. I especially enjoyed the maturity of Carter’s character. The story gains momentum once he makes the decision to mend the riff and create a future with Molly.All the elements of small-town life are incorporated into a familiar temperament. The author successfully navigated the intricates of a realistic second chance romantic courtship. As a long-time fan of Jaci Burton's writing style, I recommend this to contemporary romance fans. Looking forward to reading Love After All featuring Chelsea Gardner and Bash Palmer.

  • Becca
    2019-01-23 14:55

    I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this series! Molly comes back to Hope for her sister's wedding. The one person who she has tried to avoid for the past 10 years is the first person she runs into only moments after getting back into town. Carter Richards.Carter and Molly were high school sweethearts. They had their life planned out until the unimaginable happened. Molly never got over the lose of her first love but could she ever forgive the one person, she never thought she could be without.Carter has tried to forget about Molly. But after 10 years, no one has ever been able to measure up to Molly. So when he sees her outside his garage, fates have stepped in. Or have they?This story pulls on your heartstrings and I was giddy at the renewed love that Molly and Carter found. Another great book in a fabulous series!

  • Lisa
    2019-02-01 16:07

    2.5 stars.I feel like the whole past between Molly and Carter isn't addressed enough. They didn't really discussed it before reconnecting and that kinda didn't sit well for me.

  • L.E. Chamberlin
    2019-02-08 19:15

    Love a second chance story! I was rooting for these guys! Review to follow.

  • Anca
    2019-01-27 17:58

    2.5*See my review for Hope Flames, that goes for all the books in this series ;)

  • Jaimie Marshall
    2019-01-28 16:07

    First reviewed at Red Hot Books here: Burns is the third full length book in the Hope series by Jaci Burton and I was really looking forward to this one. The story focuses on Emma’s sister Molly Burnett and local business man Carter Richards, and it was clear from previous books that there was some serious history between these two. The former high school sweethearts have not seen each other for 13 years as Molly has not been back since she skipped town all those years ago. Coming home for Emma’s wedding, Molly is determined to get through the ceremony and get right back on the road. A family emergency puts her careful plans – and her heart – at risk.Molly Burnett hit the road right after her high school graduation and never looked back. Her family and friends have speculated as to why she refused to even visit, but no one could have guessed what really happened. Convincing herself that she likes the freedom of moving from place to place and job to job, Molly is content to reassure everyone that her life is great. Her sister’s wedding, and her position as the maid of honor, have left her with no more room to run. She will return to Hope, get through the wedding and get the hell out of Dodge right after.Carter Richards has made a good life for himself in Hope. He purchased the auto shop where he had his first job, and over the years has opened more locations. He earns a decent living, owns his own home that he is renovating and is ready to settle down and have kids. Running in to Molly when she is literally just rolling in to town, it becomes clear to him that he has not quite gotten over his first love. Unfortunately she is still running from him and cannot say loud enough that she is heading out of town right after the wedding.With Emma off to her honeymoon, Molly prepares to head out of town and get back to her life. After her mother takes a fall and will be immobilized for several weeks, Molly knows she has to step up and stay. Emma has been handling everything on her own for years and she deserves her honeymoon. When she finds out her mother has been working on a town revitalization project she is excited to take over. Unfortunately her mother has been working closely with Carter on the project and that means a lot more time with the man she was hoping to avoid.During the time they spend together, Molly has a chance to get to know the adult Carter and realizes that he is nothing like the young man she left behind. Telling herself that she can just have a fling with him and move on, the duo begin heating up the sheets and spending time together doing couple things. Carter knows he wants her to stay and have a future with him, but every time things get close Molly panics and pulls back.I loved these two. They experienced something as teenagers that many adults would have had difficulty handling and they reacted as typical teenagers would. There were two scenes that really stood out for me and I thought Ms. Burton wrote them perfectly. The first was when Molly confronted Carter after her sister’s wedding and let out all of her hurt and frustration. He allowed her to vent and get things off her chest, but was quiet about how he had been affected. His turn comes later and Carter does not hold back when he unloads on Molly, saying the things he has been keeping pent up for all those years. It was clear that no matter how much time had passed, those two were stuck in the past and in their pain.One of the enjoyable things about this series is that the community is very close knit and even though some people have had “their” story already, we still get to see a lot of them. I am really looking forward to Chelsea’s story and we get a glimpse at who her HEA will be with. Thankfully its not a crazy long wait, their book hits stores in April 2015.So far this is my favorite book of the series. I loved both main characters and I was dying to find out what this history was between them. I was a bit worried there would be build up but a unsatisfactory story, but I was wrong. The couple had crazy chemistry and the book was not crammed full of plot points distracting from them. Cannot wait for the next one.Rating: B+

  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    2019-02-04 17:20

    Jaci Burton has the ability to make me fall in love with groups of characters.  That feeling that they belong together and they are one happy family or group of friends always stays with me and gives me the warm fuzzy feelings.  The Hope series is just like that!  I've fallen hard for the people of Hope.  When I first caught a glimpse of Molly's character, Emma sister from HOPE FLAMES, I was immediately intrigued.  What happened between her and her high school sweetheart that sent her running?Let me admit something right now...I devoured HOPE BURNS in one sitting.  Maybe it was the fact that Carter is an amazing hero, and that he knew exactly how to tame this wild cat, or maybe it's just that this was such a sweet second chance at love romance.  But everything about this book left me feeling happy and tingling.As much as I loved the hero, I really liked the heroine too.  Carter is truly a caring man.  A man in love and dying for a second chance to make things right.  A man who realizes his mistakes of the past and wants to move forward.  But Molly is everything I like to see in a heroine.  She's tough on the outside but soft and broken on the inside.  There's years of hardening that outside shell that have gotten her to where she is today.  And I suffered with her when her past was revealed.  When her heart was broken.  She's done the best she can since then, and that has been running.  Never staying in one place for long.It was endearing to see them fall for each other all over again.  Or simply let the feelings that never went away resurface.  Confront their past.  And their present.  Something that Molly is not happy about and may not deal with in the best ways sometimes.  But that's what made this story even better.  It was real.  Molly isn't perfect.  But she's real.HOPE BURNS is the perfect small town romance!  It's the perfect second chance at love story!  And it's another example of how great of a storyteller Jaci Burton is.  I am looking forward to reading more stories from Hope for years to come!  Sexy and sweet!  And probably my favorite book in this series!❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email! ♡ ❤

  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    2019-01-23 22:08

    2.9This is a second chance romance, a topic that I usually enjoy, but this one fell a little flat.Problem number 1: I didn't care about Molly or Carter. They were both a little bit boring. In fact, the most exciting thing they did was go to city council meetings and well, even that wasn't fun.Problem number 2: I figured out the reason why Molly left in the first book of the series. I was neither shocked nor surprised when it was revealed in this one. The biggest problem was that aside from Molly's outburst at the beginning of the book and Carter's outburst at the end of the book, these two never discussed it. They didn't discuss the past, the reason they broke up, or whether or not they should try again. I'm a fan of go with the flow but in this case, communication is what drove them apart so it would have behooved them to actually TALK.Problem number 3: the sex was ok. I actually skipped the last two scenes because I didn't connect with these characters.Problem number 4: the pain and the grief that Molly went through was put to bed by merely stating, "I'll get over it". It was glossed over just like Emma's past was and that kind of attitude, the "brush it off, it's not that big of a deal" annoys me. Especially with no development or breakthrough. Emma's domestic abuse should've been addressed better and Molly's pain, while experienced by a lot of woman, should have been handled better by Emma or even Carter.Ack.I will tell you this, I can't wait for Chelsea and Bash's story. That one interaction at the bar was seriously the highlight of this book for me.So in short, there is little development with these characters, especially for a second chance romance, and not one person is talking about the elephant in the room.

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-02-03 19:02

    I really enjoy this series. If you follow me then you know I'm a fan of small town. There is just something about knowing your neighbors. Or at least in your books. Does't always work well in real life. Anyway, as I was saying that I really enjoy this series. The characters are funny with many layers. At times all isn't always going well for them, but that's how life is. Right away I liked Carter. he is a very hard working sweet guy that you want to be around. In fact, many of the characters comment about how nice he is. I liked Molly too but I thought that she held onto the past way to long. She wouldn't allow herself to see that past with adult eyes. She kept looking back as a kid. I understood it, but as a reader I sometimes got tired of it. Because of that, whenever Cater and Molly took one step forward together, Molly took five back alone. There are a bunch of good times between them and that's what kept me reading. For the most part the story is very good and fun to read. I was glad that the book ended the way it did. Molly really needed to catch up to Cater. Reviewed for Romancing the Readers:http://romancingthereaders.blogspot.c...Romancing the Readers Facebook Page: