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Trevor Shay has it all—a successful football and baseball career, and any woman he wants. But when he finds out his college mentor’s daughter is in trouble, he drops everything to come to her aid.Haven Briscoe has finally landed a dream job as a sportscaster for a major network. But she hasn’t been able to move past the recent death of her beloved father, and it’s affectinTrevor Shay has it all—a successful football and baseball career, and any woman he wants. But when he finds out his college mentor’s daughter is in trouble, he drops everything to come to her aid.Haven Briscoe has finally landed a dream job as a sportscaster for a major network. But she hasn’t been able to move past the recent death of her beloved father, and it’s affecting her career. A plum assignment following the daily life of sports superstar Trevor Shay might be just the inspiration she needs…Trevor will do anything to spark life back into Haven, including letting her into every aspect of his world. The chemistry between them flames higher than one of Trevor’s home runs and faster than his dashes to the end zone. But as they grow closer, Haven stumbles onto Trevor’s closely guarded secret, one he’s hidden his entire life. And despite his protests, now it’s Haven’s turn to put everything on hold to help Trevor. Will he let her in and trust her with a secret that could blow his professional and personal world apart?...

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Straddling the Line Reviews

  • ✿
    2019-01-24 21:18

    I liked this one. It was simple and didn't have the unecessary push and pull drama lama that books often have in romances. It was sexy and cute. And not over the top.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-01-21 19:23

    Originally posted at Shay seems to have it all. A successful football and baseball career and an enviable lifestyle but when his college mentor’s daughter runs into trouble, Trevor drops everything to help her get her life back on track. He pulls some strings to get her an exclusive interview with him, hoping the interview and change in scenery will pull her out of her downward spiral.Haven Briscoe has landed her dream job as a sports journalist but the recent death of her father leaves her grief stricken and unable to move forward. When she is approached to do an exclusive expose on dual sports playing star Trevor Shay, Haven feels this could be exactly what she needs to jump start her career and her life.The chemistry ignites as Haven spends time with Trevor and learns the differences between the boy she knew in college and the man who stands before her today. Haven doesn’t mind a little play time but she knows her career could be ruined if she crossed professional lines. Trevor is willing to let Haven into his life and his bed but a secret he keeps hidden from the world prevents him from letting her into his heart. When Haven accidentally discovers his secret, Trevor is forced to either trust her with everything or let her go forever.Straddling The Line is number eight in Jaci Burton’s racy sports theme romance series-Play by Play. Originally built around the popular and sports orientated Riley family, the series has spun off the family and is now divulging into relatives of the Riley’s and various friends and teammates. While I enjoy the fact the series is continuing, I feel it has never quite gotten back to the same level it had when it was based solely on the Riley family. Since Playing To Win, I’ve noticed Burton’s books have undergone a transformation. Softer edges and less volatile characters blunt the edge this series used to possess.I’ve felt the series has become repetitive in its undertaking. We are seeing the same story, right down to almost identical scenes. The only difference seems to be different names and careers. The conflicts are weaker and resolve almost instantaneously. Stilted formal dialogue, formulaic love scenes, and low key emotional reactions from the protagonists had me longing for the earlier books. There is no surprise or anticipation in the last few books I’ve read which was a huge selling point for me in the beginning. We were never 100% sure our couple would make it. Now, there is no doubt they will end up together and the story merely maps out how they get there. Unfortunately, the story isn’t all that interesting.Trevor and Haven are personable characters whose interaction is comfortable and almost 100% conflict free. They are extremely similar in their character makeup. Intelligent, loyal, and witty with a lack of the usual deep seated emotional baggage that often sparks the tension and must have misunderstandings in these romances. Though hard working, their well balanced personalities and dry humor sparks throughout the story. It was nice that neither were made dependant on the other for their happiness. Both are successful in their own right, Trevor more so, and comfortable with themselves. Even Trevor’s secret didn’t cast a heavy pall over the storyline with him being rude or cutting to Haven in his efforts to hide it.The chemistry between Trevor and Haven is steamy but rhetorical. We know they are sexually attracted to one another but beyond that I never was convinced they actually fell in love. It felt that they were just going through the motions. The attraction felt convenient to the story, it could have been anyone. They never really argued, fussed, or fought beyond Trevor repeatedly shutting down any talk about his father and childhood. There were no real sparks between them.Sexual scenes are rote and predictable. A masterbation scene clues us into their attraction to one another. This scene has been used as the sexual opener since book four. In every love scene from then out…Trevor goes down on Haven and then they have sex. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No change up. The dialogue during the lovemaking was also repetitive. Listening to Haven say, “Make me come. I want to come. Let me come,” became irritating after the 5th time. She never variates.The main conflict was interesting in that Burton brings forth two issues; grief and embarrassment. Both are steeped in realism. In Trevor’s case, Burton addresses a common problem; touching on the stigma one can face when the issue becomes known. My qualm though was that neither held a strong place in the story. We are told but never really shown the effects on Haven and Trevor beyond cursory glances. They weren’t as big of a problem as we are led to believe. The resolution(s) were quick and painless which negated all the posturing both did during the book because of them.While Burton’s sexy romances have always offered me a cozy respite from the normal rigors of everyday life, I’m no longer sure if the direction this series is taking is appealing to me anymore.Rating: D+

  • Jess
    2019-02-05 21:06

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: CTrevor Shay has been close with Haven Briscoe’s parents for years when they were the college “parents” to him and his group of athlete friends. Haven’s father recently passed away and she’s not doing well in dealing with the pain and grief. She’s letting a sportscaster job that has been her dream for so long slip away and without a big story to bring to the table she’ll be heading home. The thought of going home doesn’t sound bad to her, but her friends and family don’t want to see her dreams slip away so the ungettable get, an interview with two-sport superstar Trevor Shay, is heading her way. Trevor agrees to the exclusive interview with Haven for the sole purpose of giving her something to do to help jump start her career. Even though they’ve known each other for quite awhile, being in close proximity brings to the forefront feelings on both sides, and the professional relationship gets personal fast.I kind of dislike starting a review like this, but really, there was nothing about this story that made it stand out in Burton’s Play by Play series. Trevor and Haven start out their sexual relationship being in it just “for fun,” thinking that there’s no way can they get serious, then bam, it’s serious. Trevor has been keeping a huge secret from everyone but two people, and while I won’t spoil what it is, I swear I’ve read about this hero with this problem before, another book, another series. But that aside, for as desperate as he was to keep this a secret from everyone and the main reason he declined ever doing interviews, he sure does a fast 180 on his attitude after Haven finds out and wants to help him overcome it. I expected major push back from Trevor but he was all in. Maybe the burden of the secret being out freed his mind and attitude about it, but it still his quick attitude change felt a bit abupt.Maybe it’s just my overall love of epilogues and I really enjoy seeing the ending of story play out a bit beyond the couple finding their happily ever after and I would have liked to have a little bit more here. The ending felt too rushed for my taste and I was left wanting just something more. I did enjoy the sports aspect, especially with Trevor being a two sport athlete and wish there would have been more of it. I’m a sucker for some great sports scenes!Now don’t get me wrong, I know the review above may be more focused on the negative, but it is a likeable story overall. The series as a whole is one of my favorites and Liz is by far my favorite character and as usual has some of the most memorable lines in Straddling the Line. But that said, everyone and everything is so friggin perfect. All the time! Perfect athletes, perfect jobs, perfect friendships. Sure it can be fun to read for the escape factor, but it can also be boring at times. This book introduces a jump to a new set of characters, brothers (yay!), so hopefully they’ll liven things up a bit going forward.Just a quick note on the romance between Trevor and Haven – of course it’s steamy, Burton can write some great sex scenes and she delivers here. But even those got a little monotonous at the end. I liked parts of Straddling the Line, the friendship scenes always seem to be the parts I remember most, but I wasn’t in love with the story as a whole.P.S. I swear Jaci Burton gets the BEST covers in the romance world. Seriously drool worthy, every, single time!

  • Angela
    2019-02-07 17:20

    DNF at 31%I don't even have the inclination to write a real review for this so here's (essentially) a Play-by-Play of my thoughts while reading this book.I'm a bitch. Chick's grieving her father, who died about a year ago, and all I can think is 'Stop feeling sorry for yourself.' Yes, I know that grief takes its own time. I'm still grieving my aunt (she was more like a sister to me), who passed nearly a decade ago. But I still participated in my life. I didn't just let my career fall by the weigh-side, as Haven seems to be doing.Oh. He plays two professional sports. Huh. That's pretty rare. I know, I know. I really should pay more attention to those damn blurbs (and in this case, cover art). But who has time. I'm reading here.Football AND baseball. Wow. Wonder which team is understanding. There's quite a bit of overlap there. Hmm. *goes to look up schedules for baseball season and football season* This is really, really unlikely. He must be amazingly good. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders are two notable athletes that competed in both baseball and football, showing that it does happen. However, I stick to my assessment that it's incredibly rare.Boring interview is boring. Thank goodness he cut that short. I know she's supposed to be doing a report piece on him, but blah. What a crappy way to have them get to know each other. His 'Can I interview you, too' line. *rolls eyes* Oh. Surprise. Vaguely sexual pool play. At least she's not overly virginal or puritanical about her body. I like that. I'm still not sure where any attraction between these two is going to come from.Ugh. Have I mentioned that I hate baseball? I think it's boring. Watching it is boring. Reading about it? Good god. Kill me now. Wait. He doesn't seem that good. *frowns* How isn't he better than this? Maybe it's not an awesome game. I do have to hand it to Jaci Burton, she knows her sports (at least I assume she knows baseball, it feels as boring as it is in real life).O.M.G. I have to read about another frakking game?!Obligatory catch up with previous novels' characters. Haven't read their books. Don't care about their impending marriages, children, or any other 'Look at how happy and perfect we are' moments. I feel like a romance-scrooge here.Oh! So he plays the full season of baseball, and then joins his football team. He must be really good at football. Most teams won't be that understanding. Not only is he missing the first several games of the football season, but he misses the entirety of training camp, and pre-season. O___O He's gotta have one hell of an agent.Really? A couples wedding party (or was it baby party)? Whatever. It's a time for the 'heroine' to sit down with some other women and talk about the 'hero.' Couldn't they talk about something else? Like, maybe their careers - and not how it led them to getting married? Ugh.Talk about not-sexy. She watches him jerking off, on the chaise by the pool, from her bedroom window. Then is awkward about it the next morning. Blah. Boring. I don't see why he wants her, and I don't see why she wants him either.Oh Christ. More boring interview stuff. I'm really not a fan of this method of get-to-know-you. Says something about how (not) invested I was in the "romance" that I spent nearly the entirety of the time considering how his schedule worked. I think it's better for me to quit while I'm not so far behind.

  • Janine Bosco
    2019-02-16 22:01

    I received An Advanced Readers Copy from First To Read in exchange for my honest reviewThis series has been amazing as a whole. Each book has been a real page turner and I am so happy I was selected to read an advance copy of Straddling the Line. Like each of the books in this series it did not disappoint.So the last few books we were introduced to a group of college buddies that shared a dorm and grew very close to their dorm parents Bill and Ginger Briscoe. We learned that sometimes we are lucky enough to choose our family and aren't always bounded to the ones we share the same bloodlines with. That's what the Briscoes stand for with this group of college men. Bill and Ginger are their family they chose and they all felt the lose of Bill much like his own daughter Haven.This book starts off with Haven going through the motions of life after losing her dad. Her dad was her best friend her confident her inner voice that pushed her through life and cheered her on throughout it all. With a new career in the works, Haven is willing to put it all on hold to go back home and care for her mother, believing that is her rightful place. Why she should chase her dreams and move on? Her father wasn't there to share in any of, so what was the point.Fearing her daughter was giving up, Ginger reaches out to Trevor, in hopes he can reign Haven in and show her that it is okay to move on. Bill Briscoe would want his daughter chasing her dreams and finding her happiness.Trevor immediately offers to help, and scores Haven an exclusive interview with him, the Superstar Football and Baseball player. Journalists have been dreaming of being the one to get their hands on him, yet the newbie Haven is the one he requests for the interview.Her network sends her off on assignment which includes her becoming a guest in Trevor's house. Haven who had a long time crush on Trevor, doesn't believe he could be attracted to her so there is no harm in the two of them living in close quarters.There is a part of the book where they determine that while they know each other a very long time, they don't truly know one another now. As they work together they begin to learn who they truly are.Trevor notices Haven in a new light and sees her as woman, one he wouldn't mind getting close too for the time being.As the story progresses the characters bloom and truly begin to captivate your heart. The grief Haven overcomes as she begins to fall for someone her father loved like a son is beautifully written.You will fall in love with Trevor from the beginning and then towards the end you will fall in love again and again.A sensational edition to the Play by Play series! I can not wait for the next ark in this series!

  • Fanny
    2019-02-09 21:00

    Straddling The Line es el octavo libro de la serie Play By Play de Jaci Burton y tiene como protagonistas a Trevor y Haven, personajes que conocemos en los libros anteriores.Esta saga era una de mis favoritas hace años, le tenia un cariño especial porque fue una de las primeras series que recuerdo leer pero segun han ido pasando los años ( y los libros ) ha ido decayendo, ya no siento la misma ilusion que sentia, en parte porque los ultimos libros me han parecido bastante flojos y por otra parte porque la empiezo a sentir un tanto repetitiva.La trama de esta novela me parecio demasiado simple, no pasaba nada interesante y todo era plano, ademas me costo cogerle el ritmo ya que el inicio se me hizo un poco denso.Voy a esperar un tiempo antes de leer el siguiente, cuando no tenga tan reciente esta lectura.2 Estrellas!

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-01-28 18:54

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, but the later books in the series don't compare to books 1-3. Those Riley boys and Ty were D-I-R-T-Y and weren't afraid to show their women. I've missed that. STRADDLING THE LINE gets closer to that original formula. The characters and their relationship is still the main focus, but the author also brings sex back in as a secondary character. For me, that secondary character is important because during sex seems to be the only time Haven and Trevor are honest with their feelings (as was the same with Mick/Tara, Gavin/Liz and Jenna/Ty). And it's through sex that forge the bonds that build on their relationship.Still one of my favorite sport romance series and one that will continue to be on my auto-buy list.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-01-27 19:07

    This one was good but could have been excellent had Trevor's secret been revealed earlier and developed. I really liked Trevor - arrogant but sweet about it but the relationship with Haven Briscoe felt forced. They never really fought. Heck they never even argued. Everything ran very smoothly which was sort of boring. There was no conflict until the very end and even that was quickly glossed over. I'm wondering if future books are even worth reading. Maybe I'll just look at the yummy covers.

  • Amanda
    2019-02-03 15:21

    Straddling the Line by Jaci Burton was pretty much just fluff. I’m not saying that to be overly critical. I’m just being factual. It was fun, light-hearted, and incredibly smutty so it had all the ingredients necessary to compel me to want to finish the story. But, at the same time I can’t call this a masterpiece of contemporary romance either. Straddling the Line is Trevor and Haven’s story. Haven is a sports journalist dealing with the grief of losing her father. Trevor is a hot shot athlete who plays both professional baseball and football who is keeping a secret about himself. (view spoiler)[I pretty much figured out his “secret” immediately. He can’t read. Well… he can a bit but he’s dyslexic.(hide spoiler)] And that’s kind of it… there really wasn’t much of any conflict here. I’m not entirely sure if I liked that or not. On the one hand it was nice to not have to deal with the characters constantly second guessing themselves or some other ridiculous drama thrown in just for the sake of it. On the other hand without any conflict the story just turns into fluff with no real emotional depth. As the story stands we are firmly swimming in the shallow end of the emotion pool. I think I would have enjoyed getting to venture into the deep end a bit more than I got to. But I also kind of liked the absence of useless drama. It’s kind of a catch 22 situation here for me. Speaking of the shallow end of the emotion pool, the vast majority of the dialogue in Straddling the Line was just small talk. SOOOOO MUCH SMALL TALK. It was basically like: “Thank you for inviting me to the party.” And in response: “I’m glad you came to the party.”And that would be pretty much where the conversation would end. And I don’t get the sense that this was done on purpose because the author wanted to show a normal interaction. Almost all of the dialogue was about the same. It started to feel like these were conversations taken out of an ESL text book. I just wanted a bit more personality out of the characters because it was starting to feel pretty bland. But even with the bland dialogue, I still found Trevor and Haven to be likeable characters. I was charmed by them enough to care about them having a HEA so I kept reading. Here’s the deal with Straddling the Line: I wasn’t really reading it for the story. I didn’t expect this was going to be a masterpiece. In all honesty, I was reading this one just for the smut.I mean… have you seen the cover? I was totally counting on this being filled with smutty delights and Straddling the Line definitely came through on that one! The smut was super steamy and there was lots of it. So in that regard, the story was very successful. It just couldn’t bring that same steam into the other aspects of the story like the plot and the dialogue. I’m not saying this was terrible because it wasn’t. It also wasn’t amazing either. It just felt kind of average for me which is ok.

  • Floripiquita
    2019-01-28 20:00

    A medida que avanza la serie, me convencen menos los libros, los encuentro cada vez más planos y superficiales. Lo siento, no me ha llegado y eso que trata un tema interesante.

  • Jayme
    2019-02-18 15:59

    I don't believe that I gave only 2 stars book in the Play by Play series. As usual in this series the best part of it is connected with family and friends. That's why this series is so popular. And those moments were again the best. As always there are also a good sex scene. What didn't work is too slow action. Everything has happened in the last 15%, I expected more.A long time ago I read other books and I love this family and friends thing. I've been waiting for this book because it is the last part of (I think) which is so close link between Riley family and group of friends. I was hoping for a wedding Alicia and Garrett Scott (Play by Play 5). Come on! That would be fantastic! The whole Riley family from Alice and Garrett friends -Trevor, Drew and Gray. I think it was the only such a occasion that they might be in one place together all the same time. It did not happen. Maybe short history? But in the next book, we move away from this connections more and more and I don't know if Jaci still create this. She wrote there is a connection with the guys Garrett, Trevor, Drew and Gray in the next book, So I can read and see.I understand the popularity of the series, even if sometimes it happens weaker part. It's a book you are reading to relax. When you do not want something occupying your head all the time. I needed to read something like that. And I read the next part because I'm curious to see how it all turns out. This is a family and just make you feel a part of it by reading this over and over again.

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    2019-02-10 15:10

    Ahh how I love the sporty goodness that Jaci Burton masterfully creates. It's just make-you-tingle good! And this time not only is there a baseball player but he's a footballer to boot! *swoons* Straddling the Line was a super charged sports romance and a damn good time as Trevor caves to doing an interview for his late mentor's daughter and winds up rather taken by her.The quick of it is that life has been hard for Haven this past year. She landed her dream job but she also lost the man that meant the most to her. Her father and her best friend. And she's flailing. Cue her mama drafting family friend Trevor to help bring her out of her funk and get her passionate about life again. Which brings the two together for an extended time as she comes in to interview him and do his professional bio for her sports news stationsI really enjoyed both Haven and Trevor. They're just easy people to like and get to know. They've got a shared past that totally melted me and were just fun to watch as they worked together and realized that while they've known each other for ages they might not really know each other. There were lots of light hearted moments but also some rather serious as they dealt with traumas and insecurities--Haven finally grieving the loss of her father and Trevor dealing with a secret he's kept fiercely hidden his entire life and that's being forced into the open. I liked that combo in them seeing their confidence in some areas but seeing them still struggling with certain aspects in their lives. Gave them a nice bit of depth I thought.Okay this was after getting caught in the rain on their way home and it so made me chuckle..."Are you going to stand there dripping and ogling me, or are you going to get our of your wet clothes?" she finally asked."Sorry. My brain cells sank right to my dick when you started stripping."She laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment. In the meantime, I'm going to go to my room and take a hot shower.""You don't want to wait while I undress?"She actually paused to look him over, then said, "Probably not a good idea. See you later, Trevor."He liked that she'd pondered the idea. "Yeah. Later, Haven."There was some very nice heat brought to the page--even if it's a tad inappropriate given their working together-and humor as well. These two had some great chemistry and the steamy bits were pretty dang steamy. Some a wee bit daring. Some pretty fun and light hearted. And all of it sensual and quivery. Yep. Things quiver. Lots of quivering happening. lol Aside from the romance sparking the sports aspect was nicely done I thought. My non-sporty self might not have understood ALL of it but I still enjoyed seeing everything play out and that Trevor was a double threat playing both baseball and football professionally. It was an interesting addition and neat seeing him make that work. There were quite a few cameos by previous characters along the way as well and while I loved that in a way it didn't always feel right. More often than not the dialogue/scenes were a little too...not stiff exactly but they just didn't feel quite natural as they were reintroduced and everyone caught up.All in all, Straddling the Line was a blast. It definitely filled scratched my itch for a sexy sports romance and while not perfect was pretty dang enjoyable.Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.

  • Issa
    2019-01-30 22:11

    What was the point of this story? Really? Haven Briscoe is grieving the the death of her father and is ready to give up on life. Her mom is concerned and shares all this with Trevor Shay, a family friend. Trevor plays both football and baseball and has conveniently never given a full interview. So he decides to get Haven back into life by giving her an exclusive.That's your story. Seriously, that it. Now I don't always mind a plotless book if it's relationship driven and the relationship is well written. This story fails her too. Haven and Trevor talk. And talk, and talk, and talk. About nothing. The dialogue is as dry as can be. She can't interview worth a darn and he's god's gift. Not one person he plays with can do less than sing his praises and even the guy who's after his job is won over when Trevor hosts a BBQ.The story brings in characters from previous books and they are no more interesting. In fact it's insulting when the author puts all these women together, women with fascinating jobs, and all they talk about is sex and how Haven should sleep with Trevor despite the unbelievable unprofessionalism and the fact it would be career suicide.Nonetheless they hook up, have boring sex, and Haven blows hot an cold followed by Trevor blowing hot and cold. And then there is the big secret. The one that has to lead to the inevitable temporary break up. That secret comes out and it's so ridiculous I almost fall off my chair. (view spoiler)[ dyslexia(hide spoiler)] I'm not mocking the condition or those who have it. I understand it makes school and work hard. But this is a man with a ton of money, a laundry list of connections, and unbelievable power and he not only has failed to diagnose the problem, he makes it out to be the worst condition a person could have.At one point in the story I had hope. Haven comes home to find her mother has lost weight, has new friends, and is engaged in new activities. She's a different person and Haven lashes out believing she's lost her mother too. It's an incredible showing of insight into the grieving process and I thought we finally had an story line that made sense. But it's disappointingly resolved two paragraphs later.I've only read a few in this series but can't remember one this frightfully dull. It's definitely my last though.

  • Tina
    2019-02-18 14:20

    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5I really enjoyed Straddling the Line. I don't know how Jaci Burton does it. This is the 8th book of the Play by Play series, yet every book feels fresh and has new storylines. It just doesn't feel like the same story with a different sport and character names like many do when you get this far into a series.I loved Trevor as a character. He was a bit cocky, but never in an annoying "I am entitled way". It was more like "eh, since I'm so bad*ss at everything I do it's expected of me". But, it was more with the flippant off-handed not trying very hard cocky comments. He made me laugh. It's not often that a character offers so many sides in a book, but I really felt like we got that with Trevor. He was an amazing athlete that excelled at not one, but two sports. He was a genuinely nice guy that would stop at nothing to repay old debts and help out a friend. He was a loving and proud brother. And he was hiding a secret that if came out would be the worse thing in the world to him. Haven broke my heart. Losing her father was so hard for her and she just couldn't seem to bounce back from it. Worse yet she beat herself up because of it and began to question pretty much every choice she made. When Trevor requested her to be the one to tell his professional story she had hoped it would rekindle the drive she once had, but also worried about working with the guy that held her heart so many years before. The one positive she held onto was that Trevor had no idea that she had a mad crush on him back then. Trevor and Haven together was explosive. I truly enjoyed their romance in and out of the bedroom. Trevor was all hot, sexy and sweet. Haven had no problems holding her own with Trevor and his teammates. And when Trevor's secret made itself known it broke my heart for him. I think this kind of thing is hard for anyone to admit to, but when you are used to be the best of the best it has to be even harder. This was a great subject for Ms. Burton to illustrate and for that I thank her.You can find this review and others at Books, Chocolate and Lipgloss

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-01-20 18:22

    4.5 starsMeet Trevor Shay. Well, we’ve met him already in previous books and I personally was anxious to read his book because I could tell there would be some crazy sparks that would fly between him and Haven. Trevor just became my favorite book boyfriend in this series right after Tyler Anderson. He is hot, sweet and just perfect.One thing I was surprised by with this book was the relationship between Trevor and Haven. She always had a crush on him since college and he couldn’t have looked at her twice back then. The daughter of his dorm parents though, they always had a close relationship. But when Haven’s mother manages to put them in a situation of really close proximity, and just as I was expecting, sparks start flying! They get along great right from the start when I thought they would be more at each other’s throats. And I loved that!I also loved Haven. Her easy going attitude, she doesn’t take herself too seriously when is not necessary, she’s playful, she’s caring, she’s independent. She was pretty much the perfect heroine for the perfect hero. Did I say perfect enough? But she really is a cool chick, that immediately warms you up to her.Another great thing about this book is the interrelations with friends. All of our favorite characters, almost, are back. With Trevor playing for two teams we have access to the Rileys again and their women, as well as some of Trevor’s best friends from college and their girls. Haven fits right in with them and that feeling of friendship and family that I love is strong in this book.But what can I say other than I devoured this book in one sitting? Prepare to swoon, drool and sweat. STRADDLING THE LINE is romantic and tender, funny, but also spicy and very sexy. Jaci Burton once again with a winner. Not sure if in Trevor’s case it should be a home run or a touchdown. ;)Favorite Quotes:“We talk cock around here.”“He was living in Wayne Manor. Was he Batman?”“I said I love you. Want me to say it again?” *ARC provided by publisher

  • Kathy Martin
    2019-02-07 18:12

    STRADDLING THE LINE was a nicely spicy sports romance featuring Haven Briscoe and Trevor Shay. They have known each other since college. Haven's dad and mom were the house parents to a house full of athletes. Trevor was one of them. Haven had a massive crush on Trevor but he didn't even notice. He was too busy being charming, skating around his schoolwork and developing his skills in baseball and football.When Trevor gets a call from Haven's mother saying that Haven isn't doing well after the death of her father, Trevor decides that he will do anything to help. He knows how much Bill Briscoe loved his daughter and he feels that he owes Bill a big debt for all his help when he was in college. Since Haven is now a sports reporter, Trevor arranges things so that she can be the one to do the long sought in-depth interview on two sport athlete Trevor. Haven isn't sure she wants the job. She is bogged down in grief and is ready to throw her career away to got back to Oklahoma to be with her mom. Also, she isn't sure she wants to be around the guy she had such a crush on. She decides to give the whole interview and career thing a try.When they meet again, sparks fly. Trevor is seeing Haven in a whole new way. But Trevor has a long-held secret and he is willing to do almost anything to keep it, even give up the possible love of his life. Now, I'll admit that I saw the secret coming from a long way off. But I still enjoyed and believed Trevor's reactions to it and to sharing it with anyone.Fans of sports romances and lovers of hot athletes won't want to miss this latest entry into the Play by Play series. It was good seeing some of the characters from the earlier books in the series making their appearances in this one too.

  • Becca
    2019-02-20 18:18

    Jaci Burton can write Sports Romance like no other. Her Play by Play series is seriously like crack to me! LOL. I can't get enough of these sexy sports figures and the strong women who come into their lives. Straddling the Line was not a disappointment. Trevor Shay does it all. He plays not only baseball but football too, leaving little room for romance. But when Trevor gets a call from his old dorm parent, asking him to step in to help her daughter, Trevor makes sure to help out.Enter Haven Briscoe. Havena and Trevor go way back. She was his tutor in college and had the biggest crush on the star athlete who never paid her a minute of attention unless it was get out of school work. Now Haven is a national sportcaster who has landed the exclusive insight interview with the ever elusive Trevor Shay.Sparks fly between the two of them but secrets lurk around the corner that could tear their friendship and pending love apart.This was a page turner for me and stayed up all night to finish. If you are looking for an exciting and extremely sexy series, I highly recommend the Play by Play Series.*I was given an ARC by the publisher for a honest review.

  • Laura
    2019-02-03 21:01

    I thought this book was deeper than the rest of the series and it really got to me. Haven is dealing with her grief of losing her father. Trevor is helping her move on, at the same time as he is trying to keep a secret that he's kept hidden his entire life. Haven and Trevor are so sweet together. I loved how the book wrapped up and how the problems were dealt with. 4 1/2 stars

  • Carmen Rae
    2019-01-29 14:12

    Just sweet and easy sports romance with some steamy sex thrown in.Check out my reviews

  • Katherine
    2019-02-12 14:18

    Trevor Shay is successful both football and baseball professional player. Trevor wants to help Haven Briscoe so he hires her to write his biography. Trevor even thought he is amazing in sports, but he isn’t good with education.Haven is still grieving her father’s death.

  • Kath S
    2019-02-17 17:55

    Empecé a leerlo y no sé por qué pero pensé al instante: Ya sé cuál será el gran secreto del protagonista.And guess what? Le atiné. Ya he leído libros así, así que no quería perder el tiempo.(view spoiler)[El protagonista es disléxico. Listo. Resuelto el problema. (hide spoiler)]

  • 20012206
    2019-01-26 20:01

    Tenia ganas de leer esta historia ya que desde libros anteriores habían hablado del chush de Heaven por Trevor; por eso me dejo con la sensación que algo faltaba, no me gusto tanto

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-02-12 15:06

    Eighth in the Play-by-Play romantic sports series and revolving around friends and family in the sports field. The couple focus is on Haven Briscoe and Trevor Shay.My TakeThe way Straddling the Line started off…I dunno. I liked that Trevor was involved enough to want to help Ginger, but Haven irritated the hell out of me. She's had her "dream job" for…oooh…six whole weeks! And she's whining on and on about it. Admittedly she is whining on about how much she misses the dad who has been dead for less than a year. This tells me he's been dead a lot longer than six weeks. It may not be a whole 52 weeks yet, but, ahem. Didn't she miss her dad before she took this job? Supposedly she's a smart woman, so why doesn't she act it? Why isn't she thinking this through? Getting some help instead of whimpering about fleeing home? The way it sounded at the start with Ginger's worries, Haven's been on the job for months. Maybe even several years, so when I learn it's been less than six weeks…WTF? I'm sorry but this simply isn't plausible. Nor does Trevor's house/neighborhood sound plausible. Oh, yeah, I can see his having a mansion with four acres, but not that it's one of six houses (just as big) on his side of the street. How long is this block, anyway?She goes on about how this isn't the right career for her, but gives some lame reasons most of it being that she misses daddy. Who, of course, loved sports and taught Haven to love sports as well. Well, yes indeedy, I can see why sports journalism just isn't for her. *Nnnngh, must pull tongue out of cheek…nnnnnggggghhhh*Burton did a nice job of stretching the suspense, starting with very, very, very low-key mentions of Trevor's disliking academics but needing to keep that scholarship.I do like this one…"Think of it as honoring your dad whenever you cry for him."What I do like about the entire series is the insight into sports from behind-the-scenes. I do like those peeks at the inside! Liz is a crack-up with her real approach to having her baby daughter. She adores her, but is totally upfront about the negatives of babies. LOL, this group of ladies is going to be very good for Haven.Trevor points out that she never has to let go of her memories of her dad, she just has "to let go of the pain".The sex scenes are fine. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt. The interactions between Trevor and his friends are great, very heartwarming. And Trevor is such a sweet guy helping people out, taking care of them. I also like the ideas Haven comes up with for more interviews. Interesting point about zoos. It's an okay story. Sweet, but so obvious with minor change-ups in the basic storyline. Some of those change-ups are good, but I think Burton is starting to lose steam. Trevor's pushing Haven away is klutzy, and his reactions to some of Haven's questions are too abrupt. They seem out of character for the guy. Then there are the usual doubts about if the other party is attracted to them, which have a rote feel to them. They feel plopped in. Although I did enjoy Haven's suggestion at the restaurant. Definitely not your usual feminine reaction, lol.The StoryHaven has a dream job working as a sports journalist in New York City, but her grief over her dad's death has left her anchorless. It was Ginger who inspired Trevor to help her out. An interview the networks have been wanting for years. And he only wants Haven to interview him.It's an encounter that brings back memories with a new perspective for Trevor — Haven's always wanted Trevor…The CharactersHaven Briscoe is the daughter of Bill Briscoe with a dual degree in journalism and special education who used to tutor jocks who needed the help. Yep, Trevor was one of 'em. The recently deceased Bill who "had been more than just a dorm parent" for too many of the boys who went through the University of Texas. Ginger Briscoe is the widow and Haven's worried mother who's gone back to school herself.Trevor Shay is a nice guy, extremely arrogant, but in a nice way, a man who knows what he wants. He plays for the St. Louis Rivers baseball team during their season and is a tight end for the Tampa Hawks during their season. Zane Mellon is pre-med and his younger brother, okay, half-brother, of whom Trevor is incredibly proud. Seems Zane adores him right back. Their mother is a hairstylist. His father…well, he doesn't talk about him.Hammond is Trevor's chef. He's married to Lyla, and they're taking care of two of their grandkids. Jasmine is their troubled daughter. Bradley Rayburn is his lawyer, in on his secret.The Rivers baseball team in St. LouisTennessee "Ten-Spot" is a teammate, friend, and the birthday boy. Gavin Riley (Changing the Game, 2; he and his sports agent wife, Liz, have a little girl, Genevieve) still plays first base; Dedrick Coleman is on third; Chase Henderson is the new hotshot shortstop; Garrett Scott (Thrown by a Curve, 5; Alicia Riley is the fiancée he's marrying at the end of the season and the team physical therapist) is pitching; Manny Magee is the grouchy coach; and, Sanchez.The Hawks football team in TampaBarrett Cassidy is the safety (his brother Grant plays quarterback for St. Louis and his brother Tucker plays basketball); JW Zeman is their quarterback; Brady McCall is the wide receiver; George is the coach who warns him of Warrell Timmons, a hotshot rookie tight end who also works as a receiver; George is the offensive coach married to Amanda; Elvin Detteridge is the wide receiver, and Allison is his girlfriend; Mowery and his very-pregnant wife, Luisa Wilson; Brady McCall and Felicia; Rodney is one of the offensive lineman, and his wife is Tania Ford; Larry is the receivers coach and Sally is his wife; and, Louis Trammell with his wife, Vivian.Quarterback Mick Riley shows up with Tara (Perfect Play, 1) who mentions Nathan, her college-age son along with her toddler, Sam. Jenna sings and has a musicians' club while Tyler plays hockey (Taking a Shot, 3). Football-playing Cole Riley is here with his PR managing wife, Savannah, (Playing to Win, 4).Audrey and Petra are a couple of pickups. Jerome Kayman was a high school rival set up by the scheming Heather Whitfield. Chad and Lauren work at one of Trevor's favorite restaurants. Wanda Dixon and Cathlyn Simms are a couple of Ginger's friends. Ralph owned the luncheonette where Trevor used to eat a lot with his friends and teammates in college — Garrett, Gray Preston (One Sweet Ride, 6, shows up with his wife, Evelyn; they have a baby boy, Lucas), and Drew Hogan (Melting the Ice, 7; he makes an appearance with his fiancée, Carolina). Denise Lancaster works with dyslexic students. Chandler Adams is Haven's boss at the network. Andy is the head cameraman.The CoverThe cover is of a glistening and bare-chested Trevor in jeans, hauling his equipment and standing against a rough concrete background.The title is true enough, for Trevor is Straddling the Line between baseball and football.

  • It's Me - Yvette
    2019-02-01 13:56

    This one didn't hold my interest, unfortunately. I made it all the way to chapter 17 and just couldn't make it any further. I was extremely bored and uninterested in the story. So many others have loved this series, but this one didn't work for me. Deducted one star because this narrator isn't my favorite; sure this brought down my overall rating.

  • Sophia
    2019-02-03 14:01

    Okay, I put this series off way too long. I've been aware of it since the first book came out and just never picked it up and then I topped it off by jumping right in with book eight in the series. Crazy I know! I love sports and this one offers a hero who did the Bo Jackson thing and straddled two different pro sports so I guess that was the push I needed. Fortunately for me, I did alright reading out of order and really enjoyed the story and the peek-ins with the past characters in the series just left me eager to read about them now instead of being confused.The story opens with Trevor Shay promising the widow of his college mentor that he would help do something about her daughter who was still struggling over her dad's death and getting ready to throw her career away because she doesn't care anymore. He knows just the thing. Trevor arranges for Haven Briscoe to be the one who gets the exclusive interview about his life. He has restrictions and doesn't plan to let her delve completely into his past, but he's never allowed a reporter to follow him around so this will hopefully really help her get in good with her new job as a sports journalist. His first glimpse of Haven since she was his college tutor makes him wonder why he never noticed her before. His policy of never getting involved in a relationship with a woman is about to be tested as is his ability to keep Haven from nosing out his secret.Haven misses her dad deeply. He was a good father and her best friend now she can't seem to move on. She has the job she always wanted and she is on the brink of losing it if she doesn't pull herself together. The opportunity to write up the story on Trevor is just the break she needs. She had the hugest crush on him in college when he couldn't see her as more than the tutor who he tried to finagle into doing his work so he could focus on his sports. Now that he does see her as a woman, she doesn't know what she wants to do with that. She needs to stay objective so she can do her job and she also wants to stay distant so she can keep the detachment she has had in place since her dad's death, but Trevor has a charming way of being real and honest and bursting right through the walls she puts up. The other gals she has come to know that are associated with Trevor's baseball team encourage her to stop overthinking things and live. Trevor tells her that too. Living means feeling and now she feels more than she ought to for Trevor who will walk away when her assignment is over.The story line on this one worked well for me. I enjoyed the challenge of Haven healing from her grief and figuring out Trevor's secret. I especially enjoyed the relationship that built up between the two of them. It was nice getting the story from their alternating perspectives. The pacing was good and the story wasn't rushed. I liked that the story spanned days and weeks instead of coming to a head quickly. I have to say that it was the first story with a female reporter in it that I've enjoyed. I don't like the typical attitude that a person's private life is fair game and the person almost owes them the details, but that's not how this story rolled out so it was a nice change.Haven's mind is a bit of a mess as she tries to sort through her feelings and actions rationally. She gets up a bit of the hot and cold treatment with Trevor, but eventually she opens up and comes clean to herself and to Trevor for the most part. She really goes for it, but that is about the time that Trevor's issue comes out and he withdraws. It sounds angsty, but it really wasn't that bad. Neither of them drew it out too long. Their steamy mutual attraction brought them together physically at first, but then it progressed. Others saw their true chemistry while they're still oblivious and both tried to deny it mostly to protect themselves. They were good together and I enjoyed that there were a few of those down time scenes that helped authenticate and establish the relationship and the characters. Trevor was so driven, but not just about sports. He cared about the people in his life, he had outside interests and he always gave back. Due to the fact that he was the interviewee, this led to me feeling better acquainted with his character, not that I minded in the slightest. I totally ended up with a Trevor crush. The sports aspect was nicely balanced in as was Haven's work as a journalist. I liked how all that meshed with the romance. So the sports is there, but you don't have to be into these sports to enjoy the story.In the end, it was passionate, fun and heartwarming. It was a lighter read that wasn't overly challenging. I will definitely read more from the series and the author. Sports romance fans or just those who enjoy passionate contemporary romance should give this one a try.My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-02-11 22:06

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: While certainly steamy and well written, this story just didn’t have enough plot to keep me entertained.Opening Sentence: “Haven’s in trouble.”The Review:Haven hasn’t been the same since her dad died. She has what she always thought was her dream as a sports reporter, but she just can’t get herself motivated to work. Her mother sees this happening, and contacts Trevor, an old friend who is now a famous baseball and football star. Haven’s mother asks him if there is anything he could possibly do to help. Trevor contacts Haven’s boss, saying that he wants her to do a piece on him. Even in her grief, Haven can’t pass up this opportunity. So, she agrees to follow Trevor around during the end of the baseball season and beginning of the football season. As Haven and Trevor begin working together, it’s obvious there are sparks between them. Haven wants to keep their relationship professional, but she just can’t resist Trevor’s charms. As their relationship evolves, they both want to keep an emotional distance for their own reasons. Love, however, might have a different plan for them.I was hesitant starting this book. I wasn’t thrilled with the last Jaci Burton novel I read, and I was worried that this book might go the same way. Unfortunately, I was right. There just wasn’t a whole lot of plot here for me to sink my teeth into. It seemed like once Haven and Trevor admitted their attraction, all that was left was a bunch of sex, with some other scenes thrown in here and there. I have no problem with sex scenes in general, but when that appears to be the only basis for a relationship, it makes it very hard for me to suspend my disbelief when the “I love yous” are finally shared. Sure, Haven and Trevor knew each other in college, but not on a really personal basis, so I couldn’t even use that as an excuse for why there wasn’t much relationship building going on.The next thing that annoyed me is really just a personal quirk of my own and no real fault of the book’s. I kept getting yanked out of the story every time Trevor’s baseball team was mentioned because it’s not an actual professional team. Again, just a personal quirk of mine. Living where I do, I’m very familiar with both Chicago and St. Louis sports, so hearing the St. Louis team referred to as the Rivers just served to remind me that I was just reading a story. I couldn’t let myself get caught up in what was going on. I am fully aware that this probably won’t bother most readers. It was such a big source of frustration for me though that I had to mention it.I also couldn’t help but feel that Trevor’s big secret was just thrown in to add some last minute drama. He literally mentions nothing about it until maybe the 70 percent mark, and then it’s suddenly such a big deal that it’s the reason he feels he can’t be in a serious relationship. It just felt very random and once again yanked me out of the story.On the good side, the book is well written, and the sex scenes are certainly steamy. There’s no denying Trevor and Haven have chemistry. While light on plot, I was interested enough in what was going on that I feel I have to give the book more than two stars. I just wish there had been a little more to it than what there was.Notable Scene:“You take the game seriously.”He shot her a look. “Hell, yes, I do. This is my career. I love this game. Every guy on the team does. We hate losing, especially when getting into the postseason was within our grasp.”“There were some tough calls out there, and every game was close.”“And we made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes. I struck out with the bases loaded. That right there was the potential to turn that game around.”“So you take personal responsibility for losing tonight’s game.”“I do.” He looked around. “Talk to any guy on the team tonight and every one of them will say the same thing.” He paused to take a breath. “Look, I know I tout myself as some kind of superstar. That I play two sports and I like to think I do both of them well. But at the end of the day, we’re a team. We win as a team and we lose as a team. And right now we the team think this sucks. And we’re going to continue to think it sucks until the start of next season, when we get together again, bound and determined to take the team all the way to the postseason again.”FTC Advisory: Berkley/Penguin provided me with a copy of Straddling the Line. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-22 18:02

    Rhayne‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewWe are eight books into the Play by Play Series and each book is still just as exciting as the first. Straddling The Line really has a mix of everything a sports romance reader loves. We get lots of field action, lots of smoking sex, and cocky sexy athletes all wrapped around an original yet beautiful love story.Haven has been suffering the past year after the death of her father. She hasn’t been able to move on and get past her grief. She has landed the job of a lifetime as a sports journalist and doesn’t have the drive to peruse it. That is until her new assignment is to write up a bio piece on Trevor. She could never turn her back on him.Trevor is an athlete in a rare category of playing two professional sports. He is a baseball superstar as well as a football star. He rarely gives out interviews, but as a favor to Haven’s mom he agrees to give Haven a chance to do this assignment. She tutored him in college and she wasn’t a stranger by any means.Both Haven and Trevor have things they have to work through. She is struggling to move on from her grief, and fighting the attraction she feels for Trevor. Trevor is dedicated to be the best athlete he can be and remain in the elite category he has earned. He is hiding a huge secret and isn’t able to allow anyone to get close enough to him to uncover the truth. He also feels the pull towards Haven and is teetering on the brink of falling in love with her, but continually pushes her back to keep his secrets locked up tight.Pushing Haven away proves harder to accomplish than Trevor thought. He is able to recognize his feelings and accept that he has some changes to make. I loved the way Haven realized she was going to fight for him and try to help him. They share some very deep, heartfelt moments on their journey to claim happiness and love.As with all the books in this series, we get a lot of actual game time. Ms. Burton writes these scenes so well you really feel transported right into the game. I love the balance of sports action and romance action. It’s blended perfectly. There are some great stories up next in this series and I can’t wait!

  • Talk Books To Me
    2019-02-09 16:01

    I have to be honest here…this one took me a LONG time to get into. For a Play by Play book, the sex was a long time in coming (Irksome moment #1)! Normally this series gives the goods up front and then the relationship and story move from there. This one was quite different as Haven and Trevor knew each other back in the day and are now re-learning who the other is, what they are about and most importantly, sharing their common feelings about the death of Haven’s dad. I have read other reviewers say that grief and mourning are uncommon themes in romance and while that may be true in large part, it was the mourning of her dad that was more odd. I guess I just don’t see how his passing a year later would be still affecting her so greatly (Irksome moment #2).Interestingly, it was Trevor that pointed out to Haven that she may never had actually mourned her dad’s loss initially. That I could believe. Having been with my husband through his father’s passing, I believe that men and women deal with death differently. Also, since I believe that this is our temporary home and that death brings us to the promised land, passing is a gift to the one who died, even though all of us left here might be struggling with the loss. This topic of grief, guilt over enjoying life while others are dead or grieving are interesting plot points, but for me greatly took away from my overall enjoyment.I enjoyed the “interviews” and how they brought Trevor and Haven closer together. While some of the action was slow in coming, when these two do get their relationship started, they go all in!That said…I must point out Irksome moment #3: Haven constantly harping about the baseball/football thing. What don’t you get? He loves both and wants to play both and thus far has been enabled to do both. Get over yourself. Just because you felt you had to choose been sports journalism and teaching doesn’t mean everyone has to live with the glass half full. Some people really do get it all, and we should celebrate their successes and their happiness. Enjoy!

  • Downward dog
    2019-02-19 21:16 was given an advance copy of this book to write a review for Cocktails and Books. STRADDLING THE LINE is a delightful, steamy read that captivated me from the first page. Haven Briscoe is a sports journalist and is assigned to interview Trevor Shay, an athlete who plays both professional baseball and football. There aren’t too many athletes who can play two sports successfully, but Trevor thrives on the pressure and excitement. In college Haven tutored Trevor and had a huge crush on him, but he never noticed her. Now years later, as Haven interviews Trevor, there’s a lot of chemistry between them. Haven tries to fight her feelings for Trevor and keep things professional, but it’s a losing battle. Haven is different from all the other women Trevor normally meets, she’s a strong, independent woman, and has always been a bit of a nerd. She’s nonplussed by the allure of his professional sports career and likes Trevor for himself, not because he’s rich and famous. Trevor is strongly attracted to Haven and can’t believe he never noticed her in college. He’s an alpha male and a professional athletic, but also a laid back, modest guy who is popular both on and off the field. Sparks fly whenever Trevor and Haven are together, but Trevor has insecurities that he’s afraid to share and doesn’t want to get too close to anyone because of them. I’m always thrilled when Jaci Burton writes a new book in the Play by Play series and was excited to read Trevor and Haven’s story. This has just the right amount of romance and steam and I found myself immediately immersed in the story. The buildup of Trevor and Haven’s relationship and the plot is believable and didn’t feel rushed. Trevor and Haven have great chemistry and I wanted them to work through their issues. Jaci knows how to write an entertaining story with interesting characters that I care about. All the secondary characters added to the story, many of them from the other books in this series and it’s always fun to catch up with all of them.

  • Heather
    2019-01-28 20:13

    The Play-By-Play series by Jaci Burton is a favorite read of mine no matter which book. This book is number eight in the series and was just as exciting and entertaining as the previous books. I’ve read them all and have not been disappointed with each new addition. This series picks up not long after book 7. Trevor Shay’s mentor from college has recently passed away and the family is struggling with their grief. Trevor feels as though he has lost a father figure and is anxious to help out the Briscoe family any way he can. So when Haven’s mother calls asking for his help, he is eager to help Haven by giving her sports casting career a boost by giving her an exclusive interview on his life as both a professional football and baseball player. This couple has great chemistry that stems from Haven’s crush on Trevor back in college when she tutored him. Haven goes into this affair knowing Trevor is not into relationships and that she will probably get her heart broken. Trevor is willing to do what he can to help Haven with her career but finds himself unable to resist her as a friend with benefits too. Trevor is caring, driven and smoking hot which together make for a great hero. Afraid and ashamed of his past, he doesn’t allow anyone to get too close for fear his secrets will be revealed. When Haven continues to insist on reporting each aspect of Trevor’s career and personal life, she is faced with not only not completing her reporting assignment but also losing Trevor completely. The plot twist at the end was a bit predictable, but it was not disappointing or unrealistic. Like I said, Trevor and Haven have great chemistry and their happily ever after feels complete and heartwarming. Catching up with characters from earlier books is always fun and make this series an auto read for me. And as always, Jaci Burton delivers a sexy, steamy romance that keeps the pages turning. I hope this series continues for several more installments!