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'South America on a Shoestring' is full of helpful advice on what to see, where to go, local customs, where to stay and other useful hints for those travelling through South America on a restricted budget....

Title : South America on a Shoestring
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ISBN : 9781741044430
Format Type : Paperback
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South America on a Shoestring Reviews

  • Catherine
    2018-11-27 01:25

    Jef gave me this for my birthday. He wrapped it in a pizza box. Truuuueee Stooorrry. How do you wrap something in a pizza box, you ask? Well, you put it in a used pizza box with the leftover sauces, throw at the giftee and then leave the box in her car. So sweet. Anyway, he gave me the Central America on a shoestring for Christmas 2006. And a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo. Truuuueee Stooorrry. I used the book to plan the trip to Nicaragua, including picking the town we stayed in and the school we went to. I did not ever use the shampoo. The book was super helpful, although it did not keep us from getting lost in Leon. Or keep the crab out of my bed. Or keep the electricity on for most of the nights. But other than that, it is great. And when I came home, I left it with Jef, so he could use it to get around without me. And it worked for him too. And he is dyslexic. So, I think that is the best review you can give a travel book - even the dyslexic kid can use it!

  • Stacey
    2018-12-11 00:37

    I don't care what anyone says. No guide book out there currently can compare to the LP series. They are hands-down the most comprehensive, thorough, budget-friendly guides on the market, and their recommendations are almost always spot-on. They only employ freelance writers, so we are getting first-person accounts of places and people and things. I'm forever indebted to LP.

  • Madeleine
    2018-11-30 19:16

    Maybe this would be a good time to ask for input (or mocking) of my crazy what-if-i-don't-have-a-job-when-i-graduate plan of language school and budget travel for six months. I almost don't *want* a job anymore... I guess I'm set enough on this plan to shell out $35 for a guidebook. And why does a BUDGET travel guidebook have to be so darn expensive?! This is my dad's fault. I ignored his come-to-argentina nagging for YEARS and then I finally gave in and look. You've created a monster...

  • Katie
    2018-11-26 01:15

    actually kind of hit or miss, particularly on hostals where it seemed a few years out of date (ps, the el dorado in bogota is a love hotel); got better info off the internet and in hostals as we went; plus, heard good things about the moon guide.

  • Violeta
    2018-11-19 19:11

    So budget friendly and it has all the info I need to plan my trip before i embark embark to the south.

  • Lucy
    2018-11-16 23:29

    can't wait!!!!

  • Lauren orso
    2018-11-11 21:27


  • William
    2018-12-03 01:18

    Great read, now there is not a lot of information about La Gran Sabana, where mount Roraima is. My homeland has also inspired the locations re-created on the animation movie "UP" If any of you readers want to visit this magical place I humbly invite you mi casa es tu casa