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When a new family move in next door, Violet is sure there's something strange about them. Then her eccentric, but lovely neighbour, Dee Dee Derota, has a precious jewel stolen. Could the new family be to blame? Violet is on the case to uncover the truth…...

Title : Violet and the Pearl of the Orient
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ISBN : 9781471118968
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Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Violet and the Pearl of the Orient Reviews

  • Lauren
    2018-11-26 19:44

    Oh, now... where to start? I absolutely loved this book. The story will inspire any young reader, and the images are perfectly complementary. Harriet Whitehorn has a brilliant imagination, and I was thouroughly impressed with the storyline and the characters - especially as this is her first book! I have no doubt that children all over the world will aspire to be just like Violet; and will enjoy the journey as though they were by her side every step of the way, putting their detective hats on, too.The illustrations, beautifully created by Becka Moor, are simply stunning. The attention to detail is prominent and appreciated; and makes Violet's journey so much more compelling. They say to never judge a book by its cover... but trust me when I say, this is the exception.I emplore every adult to add this book to a child's collection. Congratulations to both Harriet and Becka, a job well done!

  • Charlotte Jones
    2018-11-11 20:33

    Disclaimer: I received this book at work in exchange for an honest review.This is a brilliant children’s mystery novel that combines an exciting, sometimes funny plot, with endearing characters and amazing purple-toned illustrations.Although as an adult I felt like this book was a little predictable and under-developed, this would be great for kids of all ages and there are really important moral messages portrayed without feeling preachy.The characters were quite stereotyped but I enjoyed the cast that was created with this first novel in the series and am looking forward to the following books.Overall I really enjoyed this children’s book and would recommend it to any parents reading this who have children who like mystery novels, and also adults who love reading kid’s books.

  • Titis Wardhana
    2018-11-19 02:40

    nice light reading, gambarnya keren, meski ceritanya pendek tapi bagus, apalagi jadwal kegiatan Violet bisa ditiru nih...

  • Laura
    2018-11-10 22:23

    This was a total cover-buy. This book is just stunning! With it's cute illustrations, fun colors, and most of all, the amazing golden details:)It was a fun read. I've read better children's books. Ones that had some more depth, better definition of the different characters and just a better story arch. However, it was still very entertaining! And whenever I'd be afraid the story would become way too predictable, it would often pan out slightly different after all. Also, the fun purple illustrations throughout score some bonus points:)My favorite character was Dee Dee. Oh, to have a neighbor like her... A girl can only dream of such things!Anyway, I also own the second book in the Violet series. I know there is more after that. I'm not sure I'll read all, but I did like it enough to give the second one a go as well.

  • Matthew
    2018-12-03 20:38

    It was about a girl whose neighbour has her piece of jewelery stolen. I liked that she suspected her next door neighbours to have stolen the jewelery.

  • Letitia
    2018-11-11 02:30

    Any kids' book worth its salt should be enjoyable to adults, too. This was a really idiotic book. The font was horrible on top of everything else. Major thumbs down.

  • Kate B
    2018-11-10 21:36

    Fun middle-grade adventure

  • Holly
    2018-12-07 00:18

    These are my nine year old daughter's favourite books.

  • solukrenklerdukkani
    2018-11-23 22:35

    Çocuklar için güzel ve eğlenceli bir kitap.Karakterler ve olaylar eğlenceli ve gizemli.Büyükler için basit ve açık bir konusu olsada çocukların hoşuna gidebilecek bir hikaye.

  • Lola
    2018-11-25 22:21

    it was just a very nice book to listen to. I like books that are like that. I like the pictures that are in it. They are very neat and tidy. Thats all.

  • Heather Lawson
    2018-12-04 02:34

    Originally posted here: charming mystery adventure for younger readers, Violet and the Pearl of the Orient is a delightful read for parents and children alike. With beautiful illustrations that help to guide a reader through the story, this book is beautifully presented to entice young readers.Violet lives in a quiet area with an eclectic bunch of neighbours. When new neighbours move in and things start to change – for the worse – Violet sets out to prove that they are the reason that things are going bad. Determined to help her aging neighbour, Violet conducts her own investigation to uncover the truth and see her new neighbours have to face the consequences of their actions.This is a wonderful story for the middle grade audience. It’s got a great mystery that is easy to follow (and solve if you’re slightly older – or perhaps even if you’re younger, kids are smart these days!) and a brilliant cast of characters that bring the story to life.An excellent read that can be read to a child or by a child.

  • Luna
    2018-12-03 03:42

    This was one of a few MG Mysteries that Jim from YAYeahYeah recommended and I just couldn’t pass it up. I do want to compliment the publishers because it is a stunning hardback and I bet I’m not the only who treasures their copy.The inside of the book is, of course, wonderful. I had pretty high expectations and Violet and the Pearl of the Orient was a joy from start to finish. Firstly there is Violet who I adored from the beginning, then add a multitude of great characters on top and do not forget the cats. Never mind the illustrations…And I haven’t even touched on the wonderful writing. It’s so engaging! It’s the kind of writing that you’re almost tempted to read out loud (even if you don’t have an audience) just because you want to hear it.Violet and the Pearl of the Orient really brightened up my day and there’s a new Violet mystery out next month – hurray!

  • Kirsty
    2018-11-25 00:19

    Violet and the pearl of the orient is everything I wanted from a middle grade detective adventure story. I loved every page of it and didn't want it to end. Violet is 10 years old and is shocked when her friend and neighbour's very expensive brooch is stolen and is frustrated when the police dismiss the case despite clues that Violet uncovers and presents to them. I loved Violet as a character and loved her determination and cleverness and loved following her as she worked on the case. The story itself is beautifully presented with lots of lovely illustrations to go alongside the text including maps. I do love a good map in a book. If you loved Robin Steven's Murder Most Unladylike you will adore this book too.

  • Thien Le
    2018-12-05 21:39

    "Sherlock Holmes nên dè chừng ,Bởi Violet rất ... tưng bừng!"Sách cưng lắm nha, nguyên cuốn sách trong lẫn ngoài toàn là màu tím nhạt và màu xanh turquoise. Tranh minh họa theo phong cách biếm họa Pháp, đẹp thật là đẹp, duyên thật là duyên.Thể loại: trinh thám!!! Đọc tựa là biết mấu chốt câu chuyện là viên ngọc, vào trong vài trang là biết thủ phạm nhưng cái chính yếu ở đây là hành trình thuyết phục người lớn tin vào những lời nói của Violet kìa. Nào là cúp học, nào là theo dõi, nào là ngụy trang, nào là đột nhập, nào là tra hỏi, đầy đủ yếu tố của 1 quyển sách trinh thám rồi nha.Không biết chừng nào nxb mới cho xuất bản tiếp mấy vụ án khác nữa. Đau nhói trong tim.

  • David
    2018-11-16 22:43

    Violet and the Pearl of the Orient is a book written by Harriet Whitehorn and illustrated by Becka Moor.I liked how Harriet describes things and Becka’s drawings are really cute. They also make the characters look like their personalities with a lot of detail.There is nothing I don’t like about this book. It is very lovely and I also like that Violet solves cases and in the end it all makes sense.Of course I rate this book 5/5 stars and for ages 9-14. I hope one day you read this beautiful book too.Ruby

  • Keiran Thegreat
    2018-12-01 19:26

    A lot of fun, some nice characters and a mystery combine to make an enjoyable read. Violet and her friend Rose try to find who stole their friend's elaborate brooch. A mixture of suspense, comedy and action make this a great book for children and parents to enjoy. Illustrations add to the fun of the story. The actual mystery is pretty easy to solve, but like in Columbo the point is more to see how it was done rather than who did it. A lovely book.

  • Carolienvanderwaarde
    2018-12-06 19:35

    Een detective voor jonge meisjes, goede lezers van groep 4 zou ik het wel aanbieden. Het verhaal is erg voorspelbaar en de hoofdpersonen worden aan de hand van hun lievelingseten voorgesteld. Aardige grijs-paarse tekeningetjes geven het boek een zeer meisjesachtig uiterlijk. Ook geschikt voor kinderen met nog heel weinig verhaal-ervaring.

  • Sarah Hay
    2018-11-17 00:17

    Cute mystery for girls grades 3-5. Fairly short with lots of pictures and charts throughout to add visual interest (just in case the very fancy cover does not draw them in by itself). Some complicated vocabulary for younger readers, but there is a glossary at the back for most of the words that could be tough.

  • Zoe
    2018-11-14 03:42

    If you like to read about rich kids vs even richer kids, with nannies, and over-timetabling and excess, then you might enjoy this detective story. Although beautifully produced it didn't work for me, though its format means I might suggest it to those who enjoyed the Ottoline books, for example.

  • Brigitte
    2018-11-14 22:14

    Violet en de Parel van de Oriënt .Dit boek is zo speels geschreven dat het fijn is om te blijven lezen. Het verhaal is eenvoudig, daardoor is het geschikt voor kinderen die moeite hebben om een verhaal te volgen. Een aanrader voor meisjes die blijven hangen in serieboeken.Vanaf 8 jaar .

  • Just_me
    2018-11-23 23:34

    I wasn't overly interested in this book but my daughter (7) seems to enjoy it.Violet and her friend Rose play detective to find out what has happened to the pearl of the Orient.

  • William Flatau
    2018-11-26 20:14

    Excellent story and engaging characters in a very pleasing format. Great!

  • Justine
    2018-11-29 21:22

    if you like mystery you will like this!!!

  • Yuska Vonita
    2018-12-02 00:20

    Found this cute little gem somewhere on the internet. Now I want to collect the series. Cute, girly, adventerous story about Violet and her best friend, Rose.