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When a full moon fills the night sky, Private Investigator Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls The City's neon and blood soaked streets.Roman Dalton - Werewolf PI is a short, sharp collection of vivid and violent noir horror stories.Drunk On The MoonThe MissionaryBlack Moon RisingThe Brain Salad MurdersShe's My WitchBefore The Moon Falls...

Title : Roman Dalton - Werewolf PI
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ISBN : 9781492131861
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Roman Dalton - Werewolf PI Reviews

  • Gef
    2018-11-27 23:19

    With this collection of six short stories involving a werewolf private-eye, I find myself wishing there was a Saturday morning cartoon adaptation for it. Granted, the subject matter might wind up psychologically scarring little children, but I don't have children so that's not my problem.Roman Dalton is the kind of world-weary gumshoe you might find familiar if you read a lot of hard-boiled fiction, but the werewolf aspect sends him into that realm of urban fantasy that I have grown to love most. It's gritty, grimy, and gratifying.Individually, each story might feel like more of a teaser than anything. They are each as quick as a hiccup, but the economy of words shows of Brazill's ability to not muddy up a story with heavy description and introspection. As a collection, each story bleeds into the next, with a cavalcade of some of the most weirdly suited characters you're likely to find in the genre. If the lycanthropic detective isn't a big tipoff, how about the zombie muscle, voodoo kingpins, or even femme fatale witches.I want more of Roman Dalton and my knock on this book is that it's just so brief. There are more Roman Dalton stories out there on the Kindle Store though, penned by an assortment of writers using Brazill's brainchild, so I have those to look forward to, but I could really go for a novel-length story. Maybe in time, but for now fans of urban fantasy noir should check out these stories to see if they leave you hungry for more.

  • Darren Sant
    2018-11-20 05:31

    If you like noir then you’ll love this. If you like supernatural fiction you’ll love this. If you like great descriptive prose you’ll love this. Paul D. Brazill has been writing his Roman Dalton werewolf PI stories now for about 3-4 years. I enjoy the pure escapism of it, the author’s imagination roams in the same way that Roman roams the streets of The City.What this collection of stories brings is a sense of solidity to the city for me. With each little revelation we get another insight into the place the author calls simply The City. I enjoy the fact that anything can, and often does, happen there and it seems there are no boundaries. The descriptiveness is at times heavy and other times a feather’s touch but nothing disturbs the flow of the stories and the style, which is vitally important here. Brazill’s writing is like a watermark and you can tell his work instantly. To me it’s become as comforting as meeting an old friend - you know you’re not going to end up frustrated and unfulfilled.The relationships between the characters has also been intensified and made more solid. With the release of Roman Dalton PI it feels like the series has reached another higher level. Absolutely top rate.

  • Warren Stalley
    2018-11-26 00:06

    Roman Dalton is an ex-cop turned private eye turned werewolf who prowls the noir world of The City in Paul D Brazill’s excellent crime fantasy story. The City is a place of criminals, cops, zombie henchmen, werewolf bikers, psycho Nazi killers, mythical invincible hitmen, Brain Salad murderers, torch singers and voodoo crime lords. We follow the title character and his associates through a series of adventures, dodging and fighting the foul villains who inhabit The City. Mr Brazill uses his vivid imagination and sharp intelligence to turn The City into a living, breathing world full of unique characters. When he’s not battling the evil forces Roman spends his downtime in Duffy’s bar as the wurlizter plays golden age songs. Having the Roman Dalton adventures collected together in one book really gives the characters space to grow. To summarise hard boiled noir and werewolf fantasy are mixed together really well in another excellent book by Paul D Brazill that’s hard to put down. Enjoy.

  • Dave
    2018-11-26 03:25

    Great read. The scripting is tight, the language sharp and the characters as dirty and disheveled as noir demands.Some very evocative scene setting and Mr Brazill really paints a picture with few words;"A sharp sliver of moon garrotted the coal black sky"A particular favourite of mine.The characterisation is great and the characters all get a personality that stands them apart. If anything Dalton himself was the least developed (Duffy and Ivan were painted in great detail) which was a shame but hopefully something for the future.A full length novel with even more depth (and a surprising amount of depth is crammed into 60 odd pages as it is) would be a great addition to the Dalton series.Keep up the good work!

  • Rowena Hoseason
    2018-11-11 23:17

    These six short, sharp stabs serve as an almost hurried introduction to an intriguing cast of characters, the kinda gumshoe guys who inhabit a hard-boiled urban environment straight out of the gold age of pulp fiction. Indeed, The City shares some similarities with Frank Miller’s (Ba)Sin City – if not in geographical location then certainly in style and sensibility, and in the blood running into the gutters of its sleazy backstreets.Within this collection you’ll encounter femmes extremely fatal, throwaway one-liners so sharp it’s a surprise the pages ain’t flayed, menacing gangland bosses with tribes of easily-identified henchmen, and tantalisingly obscure musical references. Just to flex some literary chops, there’s the odd Shakespearean reference, too. At the centre of most of these stories stalks the protagonist himself, an emotionally bruised and physically battered investigator who can be horribly vulnerable and hideously violent. Inevitably he comes with the trappings that the role demands – a friend on the force, a sometime partner to watch his back, a very bad girl indeed, and a safe haven in the smoked-filled bar of a scuzzy gin joint.Oh yeah, and Roman Dalton is a werewolf. Although that fact is far from being the driving force behind these stories. Dalton’s tendency to run amok at certain times of the month is played down in the mix – his lycanthropy is inevitably a major component of the narrative, sure, but these aren’t stories about being furry on the inside. The sinister brutalism of The City is expressed by all of its inhabitants, be they voodoo houngan, regular guy or a weirdly attractive witch.Don’t expect acres of exposition. Brazill’s characters are expressed in bloody deed and snappy dialogue instead of detailed description. Also, don’t be even marginally misled by the slightly cutsie cover-art. Roman Dalton is not the kind of cartoon cuddly character you’d want to see at a child’s birthday party… (There's more info about this collection over at http://murdermayhemandmore.wordpress.... )The problem with this anthology is that it’s all over far too fast. I’d only just about acclimatised to the author’s style and the surreal situation when each episode came howling to its conclusion. There’s plenty of black humour and carefully crafted writing to admire in this collection, but it left me feeling slightly unsettled and not entirely satisfied. Letting Roman Dalton loose for longer would, I think, make for more rewarding reading.8/10

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2018-12-05 00:10

    I grabbed this book for FREE the other day and decided to read it on my Kindle. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it.DRUNK ON THE MOONThis is an introduction to Roman Dalton--PI and werewolf--and his associates--Duffy and Walker. It's an interesting story that reveals how Roman became a werewolf, what he does when the full moon hits, as well as showing us just how gritty and dangerous The City is. It's a place filled with crime bosses and killers.THE MISSIONARYRoman is being hunted by an assassin known as the Missionary. He's a killer who kills what he considers to be scum, and that includes those less fortunate than him. But taking him down is only the beginning...BLACK MOON RISINGThis gives us a glimpse into Walker and Duffy, who actually have a past together. It's not just that Walker is Dalton's former partner, there's more that ties these three men together.THE BRAIN SALAD MURDERSIt seems like a killer from the past has returned and Roman might be responsible for his latest killing spree. This was really short, but I still enjoyed it.SHE'S MY WITCHCool story with a macabre carnival atmosphere that ends in a very satisfying way. I particularly enjoyed Roman, Walker and Duffy working and getting caught together. And a siren femme fatale saving the day? Yeah, very cool! :)BEFORE THE MOON FALLSThis was another violent, atmospheric story that also happened to be a prequel about Duffy and how he inherited the bar. I liked how even though it was in the POV if a different character, the setting retained its authenticity.I really enjoyed this collection of stories about a werewolf and his friends, living in a shitty and very dangerous place called The City. The noir atmosphere drips off each and every page as much as the horror imagery. I loved that about this book.

  • Erin Cole
    2018-11-17 00:23

    Paul D. Brazill has created an extraordinary short story collection with his series character, Roman Dalton, a hard cop turned werewolf turned private investigator. Brazill has layered these well-written and entertaining stories to read more like chapters with each one introducing new villains and heroes, return characters brimming with originality and strong voices, and compelling subplots that compliment an overall thickening plot. From Ton Ton Philippe and his zombies, to The Missionary and Otto Rhino and his Frog Boys, Private Investigator Dalton, his former partner Detective Ivan Walker, and bar friend and former Sergeant Duffy, battle it out moon after moon in the hard streets of The City."Drunk on the Moon" introduces us to the main character, Roman Dalton, and how he became a werewolf, and it's also the first run-in with Ton Ton Philippe. In "The Missionary," we discover Dalton has another enemy, this one with a definite mission, and Dalton has to pull himself together to stay alive. "Black Moon Rising" gives us a glimpse into Walker's character and the thugs behind Operation Desert Wave and "The Brain Salad Murders" continues with Dalton's struggles and another crackpot killer on the loose. "She's My Witch" was one of my favorites with the return of a familiar soft-spoken voice with great timing. Then, in "Before the Moon Falls," we're taken back to the beginning, a clever spin in this rich, noir short story series collection.I really enjoyed "Roman Dalton, Werewolf PI." The writing is rich and dynamic, nothing cliché at all. I highly recommend this book to all readers of genre fiction. It's loaded with action, conflict, sharp dialogue, vivid language, humor, and a subtle dark undertone that deepens the characters and story line. Worth every euro and more.

  • Ryan Bracha
    2018-12-06 01:13

    Plain and simply, I really enjoyed this collection of dark and supernatural tales by Paul D. Brazill.Roman Dalton is a police detective, attacked in the call of duty by a trio of mystery bikers, who leave him a jaded and alcoholic ex-police detective with an unfortunate (or otherwise, depending on how you look at it) tendency to transform into a snarling, crime fighting werewolf monster.These stories chronicle his scrapes and encounters with a series of cartoonish bad guys in a dark, mysterious, all consuming place simply called The City. Along the way he's joined by Duffy, his bequiffed bartender sidekick, and Ivan Walker, his former partner in crime fighting, who still needs a bit of help now and then.Okay, so this collection is not my usual reading material of choice, but I'd heard nothing but good things about Brazill's works so I thought why not? Turns out there isn't a single reason why not. His writing is effortlessly smooth, and descriptive. The word choice throughout is inspired, and he paints phenominally dark pictures around the sleazy City. The whiskey soaked voice of the anti-hero Dalton floats from the page like a ring of smoke from any one of his bizarre characters' lips, and leaves a nasty yet addictive taste in your mouth.It brings to this reader's mind the works of Raymond Chandler but with the lawless anything goes world of Frank Miller's Sin City, and any comparisons will never be anything but complimentary from me.It's noir. It's supernatural. It's sleazy as hell. My only gripe, hence the lack of a star, is that it's not long enough. I'd devour a Roman Dalton novel like he himself would do a zombie henchman, and the after-belch would stink like whiskey.Recommended reading.

  • Nik Morton
    2018-12-02 01:35

    A collection of six short stories about a werewolf private detective in a nameless city, this is bound to appeal to a wide modern audience.Roman’s pals are Duffy, a bar owner and taxi driver, and Detective Ivan Walker. His enemies are many and varied, most notably Ton Ton Philippe, a Haitian gangster, the Frog Boys, Count Otto Rhino and The Missionary. It’s surreal, dark, humorous, and a quick read, laced with music riffs. Brazil has a good ear for the amusing phrase, in the wisecracking private eye manner, for example: ‘She stood before me looking like a long drink of water crying out to a thirsty man and a stiletto chill sliced through me.’ Or maybe try, ‘The Pink Pussy was usually crammed full of the sort of people that give pond life a bad name.’His descriptions are minimalist, but they seem to work, viz: ‘The DJ, Fritz Neuman, was a gaunt pallid man who looked as if he’d been dead for a decade and no one had bothered to tell him.’ And: ‘His mouth still felt like something had died in it.’Brazil plays with style, too. The last story is a prelude, the events happening before the first story, and it’s in the present tense, where the rest are past historic. Some are in the first person, from Roman’s point of view, others in the third person. And there’s a knowing cleverness that’s infectious: ‘A Salvation Army band stood outside the tent playing the old hymn about angels watching over me. Foreshadowing, hopefully.’Roman Dalton, PI, has great potential. The stories need to be a bit meatier, I felt, with more depth than the short story markets he’s used perhaps allow. Even so, a highly enjoyable ride.

  • Liam Sweeny
    2018-11-11 21:10

    I have read short stories by Brazill on the noir scene, if that's what you'd call it. I liked his style, so I bought Roman Dalton, Werewolf PI, a black comedy with a real hardboiled attitude. Now, I'm not big on werewolves, voodoo zombies and witches, so I was a little "wait and see" about reading this. But I had nothing to worry about here.Roman Dalton is a former detective-turned-werewolf, who has to leave the force and become a PI, alongside Duffy, bar owner and compatriot. The City, as it's called, is filled with paranormal conflict, between Ton Ton Phillipe and his Haitian voodoo zombie thugs, the experiment-gone-wrong Frog Boys of the shady Count Otto Rhino and the quasi-religious undying hitman, The Missionary, bent on purging the City of degenerates.Roman Dalton - Werewolf PI is not a continuous story, but a collection of short stories that interlace against the City backdrop. Brazill doesn't dwell on the supernatural; the story is not about that. That's the setting. It's interesting, but this is a very human story.Paul David Brazill is a master of the craft of hardboiled writing. Each and every patragraph reads like High-Def; you see it, hear it, smell it and taste it. The prose in every paragraph is saturated with character, and the flow is easy, which is hard to do with such rich narration. As a reader, I loved it, and as a writer, I'll admit to feeling a twinge of envy at his talent. Paul lives this; you can tell. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants some blood pouring out of the (e)ink.

  • Tony
    2018-11-20 04:27

    One of the things I enjoy about Crime Noir is the modern take on pulp fiction covers. This cover is very simple in terms of detail and yet manages to convey everything that it needs to. It is clean with no wasted effort. It sets the tone nicely for the stories inside. I’ve read a couple of these stories before in other anthologies but there are others that I haven’t read. My favourite Dalton story is She’s My Witch. It is one of the stories that I had read before and even though I could vividly remember most of the story I enjoyed it just as much the second time round.Paul D. Brazill has a definite and distinct style. As you start to read his work they feel like American Noir, but not quite. There are little things that could only possibly be written by somebody that has spent a lot of time in the UK. There is a blue collar Brit feel that comes across quite subtly at times but at others it is bleeding obvious. This book is insanely easy to read and I enjoyed all of the stories.Roman Dalton was a police detective. He retired after being mauled whilst on the job. He’s kinda recovered to become a PI. I say recovered. Now he’s a Werewolf with an insatiable hunger. Luckily he has just enough control to aim his hunger at criminals most of the time. He is a ticking time bomb. There is a sense throughout these stories that at some point he’ll eat the entire population of an orphanage and not be able to live with himself. This provides an extra level of tension that I really enjoyed.This is an unflinching blue collar Brit Noir that should not be missed. Seriously, buy it now.

  • Tess Makovesky
    2018-11-14 01:18

    I’m ashamed to admit how long it’s taken me to read this book. So long, in fact, that Kindle had an upgrade while I was at it, and I had to download a whole new version of their e-reader. And it’s only a handful of short stories. Imagine what I’d be like with a novel!Seriously, I do tend to read digital books slowly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. In this case, I had a blast. Paul D Brazill’s collection of stories, centred around a private investigator who’s a werewolf in his spare time (or should that be the other way round?) are tremendous fun. That might sound like a strange description for such obviously noir writing, but it’s true. The stories are a rip-roaring roller-coaster of monsters and mobsters, booze and guts, and (of course) the obligatory femmes fatales.The setting intrigued me. Described only as The City throughout, it had elements of 1940s America overlain with something distinctly post-modernist and European. Smoke, mist and grungy bars vied with fine buildings and squares. Mostly, the grunge won.My own favourite story was probably the last one in the collection, the prequel ‘Before the Moon Falls’, if only because it was good to go back and see where the story started. But if you’re looking for a good dose of traditional ‘private investigator’ paired with an unhealthy seasoning of werewolves, zombies and clones, then the rest of the collection ain’t bad either.

  • Robert Cowan
    2018-12-10 02:20

    This is a collection of short tales of the noir genre, based around ex-cop, private detect Roman Dalton, and his two equally hard boiled associates Duffy and Walker. I love that Dalton being a werewolf is almost treated as the most natural thing in the world, but in amongst the madness of Ton Ton Philippe's zombies, the frog boys, the missionary…why wouldn’t it be. Brazil's descriptive flare is top drawer. He says more with a few words than less skilled writers can in a paragraph, drawing you into a wonderfully sleazy, chaotic landscape with wit and panache. I'd love to read a full length Dalton novel, see a film…great possibilities.Overall this is a vibrant cocktail of stylish, classic noir, embellished with the surreal and supernatural. As the book itself says, "It's like a circus every day in here."

  • Keith Nixon
    2018-11-24 21:25

    I've read most of Paul D Brazill's work and Roman Dalton is up there with the best. The author writes with an enviously languid style, highly descriptive in a minimum number of words. It's brilliantly done.In this latest tale we meet Roman Dalton, an ex cop, now private investigator who has an additional skill set to deal with the local criminals - he's a werewolf. Sounds crazy? Well it's not, it works extremely well in the context of the tale. The writing is gritty, down at heel and hard hitting. And bloody clever. Here's an example:The dance floor would be cramped with hot and sweaty bodies. On the stage, partially clad women slid around like spaghetti on an alcoholic's plate. A cracking read.

  • Edward
    2018-11-10 02:09

    Paul Brazill writes noir pure as fresh cut cocaine. His prose is sharp, gritty, and lean. He has a great character here in Roman Dalton and this collection of interconnected stories is fast and edgy. A werewolf PI? What a fantastic idea. I wish the supernatural aspects weren't glossed over though. I wouldn't suggest it for horror fans, but it's a book I'd highly recommend to hard-boiled noir lovers.

  • Chris Rhatigan
    2018-11-15 21:35

    Starting with the wonderful "Drunk on the Moon," this is an instant classic of a short story collection. Whether Roman's hunting down The Missionary or tangoing with Ton Ton Phillipe's thugs, this is modern pulp at its finest. I could hang out with Roman and Walker down at Duffy's, the grimiest pub in The City, all day long, drinking shot after shot of Dark Valentine and reminiscing about the bad old days. Immensely enjoyable stuff.

  • Simon Logan
    2018-11-24 21:10

    Werewolves fit the noir genre like a glove and Brazill has created a nice little world for it to inhabit here. It seems like the book comprises of multiple short stories instead of one main narrative and I think it might have worked better by editing them into one to avoid too much repetition but overall highly enjoyable.

  • Rory Costello
    2018-11-10 05:33

    Cool concept. Well-drawn graphic-novel atmosphere. Fun twist on the hardboiled genre.Taken all at once, though, these stories have a drawback: many small details (such as character description) are repeated. It gets a little wearing. I'd have been better off reading them one at a time, the way they were originally published.

  • Brandon Nagel
    2018-12-01 23:13

    Stylish as hell. Atmospheric and a blast to read. Brazill created a great character. I am not a big fan of the "supernatural" genre in general, but this was right up my alley. Gritty, violent, and a lot of fun.

  • Caroline
    2018-12-05 01:33

    "Roman Dalton Werewolf P.I" does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a collection of short stories in the noir style, featuring the title character. It's like a graphic novel without the graphics. In fact, I think it should be a graphic novel. Very enjoyable.

  • Fiona Glass
    2018-11-19 05:19

    Great fun, which is an odd thing to say about a noir title, but it really is!