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**Librarian note: This is the paperback edition with the new cover art. 2nd ed. paperback run**The strength of Sloane’s heart is about to be put to the ultimate test. After the Eclipse – the night vampires began openly slaughtering human victims – everything changed. Out of fear, the government salvaged what remained of the human population and enclosed them in massive, se**Librarian note: This is the paperback edition with the new cover art. 2nd ed. paperback run**The strength of Sloane’s heart is about to be put to the ultimate test. After the Eclipse – the night vampires began openly slaughtering human victims – everything changed. Out of fear, the government salvaged what remained of the human population and enclosed them in massive, security-laden cities called White Sectors, while marking the vampire infested territory as Red Sectors. When seventeen-year-old Sloane McAllister’s twin brother disappears, she seems to be the only one who thinks he isn’t dead, and vows to stop at nothing to find him. Gathering her courage, she braves the Red Sector to search for clues to his whereabouts. By chance, she encounters Aden, a handsome, charismatic vampire with a hidden agenda. He turns Sloane against her will, and whisks her away to his underground city. Enemies quickly become friends as Sloane struggles against her attraction to Aden, and resists her growing loyalties to the creatures that ruined her life. But the vampires themselves are the least of her problems. The city is harboring a devastating secret, one that could change the tide of the war and threaten to destroy everything Sloane has come to believe in....

Title : The Scarlet Dagger
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ISBN : 9781484051634
Format Type : Paperback
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The Scarlet Dagger Reviews

  • Megs ♥
    2019-06-23 12:07

    I received this book to review from the R2R (Read 2 Review) program. Thank you for the book and the chance to read it.I devoured this book in a few short hours. It was about 180ish pages on the Nook, and I did enjoy it. This was a dystopian about a teenage girl named Sloane. In the beginning she starts out in the white sector, a place where she is safe. She soon travels to the red sector which is full of vampires to look for her brother who is presumed dead.The author's world building is honestly really good. You get transported easily, through her wonderful details. The plot was interesting enough, and had a little bit of mystery as well as a lot of excitement. Sloane is quite an awesome heroine. Very strong AND smart. She can handle herself, and she doesn't become all stupid when she meets a guy like so many other characters I've been reading about lately. (sorry for that little rant) But yeah. I loved Sloane. The story moves very fast and that's a good thing. It's never boring, but I believe it went almost too fast at times. Some parts felt rushed and contrived. Sloane does get out of some sticky situations too easily. The book could have probably been a little longer, but for a first novel I think it's very good.The story had some fun twists, and ends with a nice cliff hanger. I will continue this series when book two comes out!

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-06-04 15:48

    Quick reviewCover: Interesting RatingPG Thumbs Up4.5Overall: A whopper of a vampire story. Characters: Well done.Plot: A different twist on an old legend.Page Turner: Yes.Series Cont.? Yes. RecommendYesBook Boyfriend: AdenSUMMARY (50 words or less)I am upset I waited so long to read this one. What an interesting well written story. So captivating I stayed up until 1 am to finish it. A main issue is trust. The author does a great job of making you second guess yourself as who is trustworthy. To see my full review and yummy pic, check out my blog post below.

  • Midu Hadi
    2019-06-05 11:06

    I received this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics! I have to say this book surprised me. I went in expecting nothing and then had a lot of fun reading it. Its not a short book but I finished it in a few hours because it kept me hooked. Aside from a few spelling mistakes-which really put me off books- and a few other things, I liked the story a lot. Sloane is a kick-ass character and I enjoyed reading about her. What I missed was the lack of details of on the side characters. We only realized they were in the story when they were included in a scene to interact with Sloane. I loved the concept of a world populated by people who weren't quite human, yet not vampire. The other thing that bugged me was who Nero turned out to be. I don't know why I was disappointed with his identity, maybe I expected it to be Orion. But I loved the little tid bit about Sloane's dad having been of the vampire bloodline. This was also another place where I realized that we were told next to nothing about him. It was just thrust upon us in the last pages or so that he had rage issues. I was like huh? When did THAT happen? Lets see what the sequel brings with it.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-06 14:59

    This was a very entertaining young adult read. I was surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it!Sloan is a 17 year old vampire hunter who ventures out of the safety of the “white sector” to the vampire infested “red sector” to look for her missing twin brother. She meets Aden a young handsome vampire and is shocked because she has only seen the rogue vampires who are little more than animals. Aden turns her against her will and Sloan has to deal with her feelings towards vampires, her previous human friends and fellow vampire hunters, and her attraction to Aden.Sloan is a wonderful female heroine, she is strong and independent. I enjoyed this dystopian novel immensely and would recommend it to Teenagers and Adults.Thank you to Krystle Jones, read and review from the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics!

  • Jennifer Armentrout
    2019-05-31 15:08

    Just saw a great review for this and it caught my eye, and since I'm procrastinating in the writing department, I bought it. Now reading...

  • Kat (Kindred Dreamheart)
    2019-05-31 07:57

    I was given a copy of this novel from the author for any honest review!WOW! The overall composition of this novel was Jedi mind trickery at its finest! There is no way I could have guessed all the events as they played out in this dystopian, urban fantasy thriller. This novel takes us into a world riddled with a devastating discovery of vampires. Sloane lost her twin Orion and friend Rook the day the vampires revealed themselves in the most horrid manner. Three years later, unable to cope with the mystery of her brother’s death, she ventures back to the forbidden sector that was once her family’s home. It is there, she meets Aden, and her life is taken on a whirlwind of an adventure!Sloane wasn’t the most kick ass heroine, I’ve ever met but she was definitely someone to be reckoned with. Here’s my all time favorite scene:"I raced for the kitchen, careening into the cabinets as I flung open the knife drawer. Footsteps thundered toward me. Whirling around, I hurled one knife after the other as the men came through the doorway. Blades embedded themselves in their chests and foreheads, spraying blood along the wall. When I ran out of knives, I grabbed the biggest fork I could find and launched myself at the final man blocking my way. When he first saw the fork, he laughed-Right before I shoved it into his open mouth, so hard the prongs dug into the back of his skull."I was like a washed out high school quarterback watching the pros slam a touchdown at the Super Bowl on Thanksgiving when I read that scene. Like a proud papa bear, I leaped up so quickly, I almost broke my Nook! THAT’S WHAT I’m TALKING ABOUT! YEAH!*Clearing my throat* *brushing the nonexistent lint from my lapel*Pardon my outburst! This story almost read like a mystery novel, but like I said before, there was no way I could have guess all the events that took place. There’s♥ Betrayal, ♥ Romance, ♥ Secrets, & ♥ Assassination plots. Oh and to just leave your heart in your throat, we’re left on a cliff hanger! The next installment of The Red Sector Chronicles is definitely on my radar!

  • Fanny
    2019-05-31 13:55

    I would simply said "I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!"I love this book has a bit of everything, action, vampires, suspense, unexpected things, secrets, life lessons, romance, a heroine with a good personality-beautiful-kick-ass girl, a charming gentleman hero-sexy-hot-presumptuous-rough!!!The writer was showcased with the plot, I really liked quite interesting. She combine some of the Apocalypse (the red moon, end of the world for humans),the emergence of a kind of-resident-evil-virus-kick-ass-hunter-girl (I did not like the plot of that movie) but I love that she was able to combine this things. Have much influence from other vampire stories,has a touch of classic and modern vampire-stuff.Sloane is a very strong girl, haunted by guilt. ORION was her brother and ROOK, orion's best friend were turned on Halloween night when they were visiting a house "haunted" because Sloane insisted to go there. After that pratically is left alone, since her father died of cancer, she stays with her mother who is the soveringe of Pittsburgh, she is a cold, only cares about appearances, their political status ... and mother-daughter relationship is not good.After the Eclipse, the night of Halloween when the world distorted, the government created a new way of operating-save-from-vampires and created the white sector (only living humans). Sloane haunted by her guilt decided move in search of her brother (she has the hope he is still alive) and goes to the red sector (inhabited by vampires),when she return to her old home, she meet Aden, after a long fight with him, who discovers she has the "mark of the creator" he turns her into vampire ... and so the story unfolds ... she moves to a base secret where he attended training at the "academy" and get used to life as a vampire, is making friends and learn to appreciate them. All this while she was there,she live in Aden's house with his mom, she learn to see them as her family....she became falling in love with Aden as he is too.This book is a success ... I'm anxious to read DARK HORIZONS and see what happen next!!!!!

  • Jessica B
    2019-06-11 09:02

    3.5 StarsThe plot of this book was unique and refreshing. Two of my favourite things --- a dystopian setting and vampires! Sloane, our main character was a human living in the safety of a protected community heads into the Red Sector in search of the brother she left behind 3 years before. She finds so much more then that. Aden a vampire in control of his mind and hunger finds Sloane looking for her brother and changes her. I wish Sloane would have been more hateful toward Aden. He made her into what she most feared, what she most hated. I wanted more development for them I liked their romance but it seemed too rushed. The secondary characters were easy to love or hate. It didn't matter but I got a good idea of who everyone was and it is going to make the second book in the series so much more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the love triangle that was present in this book. I'm still on the fence about who I like more. If there was one thing I could change about this book it would likely be the length. I wanted more form this story. I wanted to watch the relationship develop more between Aden and Sloane I wanted to feel more suspense leading up the that huge cliff hanger ending.I will definitely check out the next book in the series... I have to know what is going to happen next! This book was provided free to me by author! Thanks, I really enjoyed reading it!

  • Alexia
    2019-06-21 13:49

    What an EPIC book!! I just love a book that is action packed – I’m talking about sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails type. The characters are freaking awesome and captivated my attention from the beginning. Sloane… um… wow just wow!! She is a warrior through and through, whether it’s physical or emotional. She is tactful and strong willed – you need to watch your back if you ever get on her bad side. Having said how amazingly kick ass she is, she is also soft hearted and gullible – I love that about her, she’s got the whole package. She is thrown into a whole new ‘world’ and yet she rises to every occasion, kicking ass’ and taking names. She is a true heroine. Now for the swoon worthy boy toy in the book – Aden! Firstly, can I have him?? Pretty please?! *bats eyelashes* Holy moly, cinnamon and cloves… he makes my blood boil *fans self*. Aden leaves you second guessing where his loyalty lies and yet when in doubt I still want to believe in him. He is very protective of Sloane and will do practically anything to care for her. *wipes drool from mouth* Ok I can carry on now… This is a very well written book, that leaves you wanting for more! Very gripping storyline with twists and turns – you better hold onto your seat when reading this sucker, it’s a bumpy ride.  I can’t freaking wait to read the next installment of The Red Sector Chronicles. Krystle you get a standing ovation from me!!

  • Amy :o)
    2019-06-18 13:41

    I was given an opportunity to Read and Review The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles #1) by Krystal Jones. I am so glad I got that chance!What a fun and exciting read. The story starts out as Sloane McAllister, a 17 year old girl, goes on a mission to find her twin brother Orion. To do this she must enter a part of the city called the Red Sector. Three years before, there was an eclipse. It was the night that vampires openly assaulted the human population. It was a night that the whole city changed. In the chaos that ensued, Sloane lost her brother and although everyone believed him to be dead, she never could come to terms with that. She decided once and for all to find out what happened to her brother. To do that, Sloane had to enter the Red Sector of the city. You see, the city was now divided into the Red Sector (those parts no longer safe for humans) and the White Sector (where the humans were surrounded and heavily guarded for their own safety). While searching for Orion she meets Aden, a vampire who ends up turning Sloane. He brings her down to where he lives and literally, a whole new world is opened up to her. Preconceived notions were pretty much thrown out the window. Sloane struggled with this throughout the story along with issues of trust. Aden didn’t help her there. If anything… he made it worse. You could sort of tell from the beginning he had an agenda, but Krystal Jones was very adept at leading us on (as well as Sloane). I loved that about this book. You knew there was ‘something’, but couldn’t quite put your finger on it. I also liked how the other characters were worked into the story. Paris, the doctor, Mrs. Knight, who becomes a sort of mother figure for Sloane, Angel a bubbly and talkative girl who Sloane befriends, Rook, who used to be Sloane’s friend from before the eclipse, Dezyre, a sort of intern who Sloane gets off on the wrong foot with and Frost… general of the whole vampire city. They were all enaging in their own ways and definitely added to the storyline.The overall plot intrigued me. I’ll admit that I really enjoy a good vampire story, but with all the new books/stories popping up, and some being genuinely awful, I was a bit apprehensive about this book. This book took on different angles and new approaches. There was mystery, some love, some angst, some very interesting twists and turns and also the dreaded… cliff hanger. It made for a really good story. I was pleasantly surprised.Honestly, the only thing I think Jones could have perhaps added more to was to maybe show a little more about how Sloane was accepted into her new ‘society’. There were a couple of parts that showed some definite struggles, but they all seemed to be solved so easily and I just think it wouldn’t have been that easy. That is just my personal opinion and at least Jones addressed it. I just wish she addressed it in a little more detail. Perhaps I just liked the book so much I wanted more to read.Overall I’d give this book a 4 star rating. It was a fun, quick, and entertaining read. It had a great plot line, fun characters and was a book that I definitely HAD to keep reading so I could find out what happened. Since there were quite a number of things left unanswered at the end (I really hate cliff hangers), I will anxiously be awaiting the second book. I hope it comes out soon!

  • Adrienne
    2019-06-20 10:50

    The story sucked me in the very moment I started reading it. The concept of the book was very original and refreshing; it was unlike anything I've ever read before. Krystle Jones created an extraordinary dystopian world full of vampires within those pages the book and I loved every single minute I spent exploring her make-believe world. Her vampires weren't like vampires; instead they could do typical-human-stuff like eat cheeseburgers and fries and slurp smoothies and stand in the sunlight and not drink blood. Their perks of being a vampire were only having heightened vision and hearing, and the ability to read people's minds and "glamour" them into doing what they wanted. But other than that they just seemed like regular teenagers. Well, teenagers that don't age that is.As much as I loved the story though I didn't grow very fond of the characters that the author had created. I had mixed feelings about the main character, Sloane, because she often didn't act the way I wanted her to act in certain situations. One minute I was totally loving her and cheering her on because she was being every bit of a fighter, swinging blades around and cracking skulls against the pavement, but by the next she'd be losing her resolve and hurling herself straight into somebody's arms to bawl her eyes out. Her meltdowns occurred during the times I expected her to be strong and fearless which was why I was constantly annoyed with her character in the book.Aden, her blue-eyed love interest, made me swoon a couple of times with his vampiric charm. I was firmly convinced he was one of the good guys in the book even when the author made it seem like he wasn't and I had no doubts about his intentions of keeping Sloane safe. He was irresistibly sweet and suave, and although he was said to be hard-edged in the book (because of his position as a high-ranking Captain) I didn't view him that way. He was my favorite character in the book and he made me laugh a couple of times. And well, in my opinion, he and Sloane make a great couple.I wasn't very surprised -- no cut that, I wasn't surprised at all when I found out that Orion, her supposedly pure and innocent and dead twin brother, was still alive and operating behind the scenes. I wasn't sure at first but eventually the pieces started to click together and make sense. Of course Orion would be the bitter twin who'd want to create a lethal virus capable of wiping out the entire population of vampires. He had every reason to act that way. His bright and successful future was taken away from him because of the vampires' invasion of their perfectly mundane world and he was left with a half-mutilated body and a twisted brain. Who wouldn't exact revenge after all that? The book ended with a terrible cliffhanger that had me incessantly worrying about Aden's health. Had he somehow acquired the deadly virus? Will he and the other good vampires be able to find a cure for it in book two? And what problems will Sloane encounter next? Will she see Leo (the best friend who's actually in love with her) again in the White Sector? All these questions ringing inside my head, tempting me to purchase the sequel to this one.

  • Maya
    2019-06-24 15:55

    Many thanks to the Read2Review program for giving me the occasion to read this novel!The Scarlet Dagger was a weird experience for me. It starts out as a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy – if I had to describe the atmosphere with a color it would have been indeed dark red (“scarlet”). But after a few chapters it turns into a kind of teenage drama and the aura of the book somehow changes to neon pink o_O Later the story gets back to the urban fantasy part and the mystery, but the major focus still seems to be the love story. At the end even something that could turn into a love triangle in the next novel is introduced ...So, I did quite like the setting and the way the author avoids black and white, with different groups and secrets on both sides. The writing is nice enough. Some repetitions, but nothing that makes you "stumble" while reading. Only, I felt there were too many "(...)". They somehow make the text look unfinished.Unfortunately several things bothered me while reading, starting with main character Sloane. The reader is told she is a trained vampire hunter and a very good one at that, but the way she acts seems so unprofessional, she doesn't seem to anticipate many things and is easily distracted, she also acts very emotional and impulsive (she takes part in a childish bitch fight (all while saying “I got better things to do”)). She is young indeed, and as the reader you don't get a lot of information about how exactly her guild works, how long she has been trained etc., some more of that would have probably helped. With the data I got I somehow expected her to be more of a "pro" concerning her behavior, more discreet and rational. Her capabilities are a different matter entirely.Sloane is very “imba” ;) She was the fastest fighter as a vampire hunter and as a vampire her skills are also much stronger than usual. She can glamour humans and vampires without having received any training, she can beat a group of vampires while being constantly electrocuted x_X She also has a photographic memory and is a mathematics crack. It gets explained somehow later on, but it was just a tad too much for me.Some precise scenes that made me scratch my head:(view spoiler)[- If Sloane being discovered as a hunter leads to trouble, why would Aden leave her alone in a crowd of people with her hunter mark only hidden by a glove, that could (and does) just by slipping a tiny bit reveal her identity at any time? Or why didn't they simply remove her tattoo right at the beginning? It makes no sense for him to be so … uncareful …- Aden keeps secrets from his boss concerning Sloane, yet as punishment she gets to live with him? I'd keep them as far separated from each other as I could when obviously Aden isn't trustworthy o_O- Why would Sloane go to meet her mother ... was she planning on moving back in? A blood test would have been the least I'd expect from that woman. (hide spoiler)]Overall, there is nothing particularly wrong with The Scarlet Dagger, it just didn't work very well for me. If you like vampire romances with a fair amount of action, you can definitely enjoy this.

  • KaSonndra Leigh
    2019-06-05 09:05

    Plot Style: Character DrivenNote: I was given this copy in the Read and Review program. Small Summary: There's an eclipse that has taken place and the world will never be safe again! Cities destroyed, earth in turmoil and chaos, vampires are terrorizing people all over the globe. A new government has formed, one to address the problems and difficulties of a new world. And that same government has created a deadly band of vampire hunters with a secret weapon unlike any forged for battling before. A young girl named Sloane and her family belong to this secret order of vampire hunters. Only Sloane’s life is changed forever once she falls into the clutches of the charismatic Aden, a boy who happens to be her greatest enemy.**spoiler alert**I like that the book takes place in Pittsburgh. I'm one to respect authors who think of new and creative settings for their urban fantasy novels into. I enjoyed the premise of an academy for vampires. The military aspect placed on it made it different from the slew of vampire academy books on the market these days. The characters: Aden, Sloane, Dezyre, Rook, Angel, and even Leo all had well-drawn quirks about their personality that made them stand out among their peers. This is crucial in novels where mass groups of kids residing in places such as boarding schools, academies, etc. are relevant parts of the story. There were a few things that made the story stumble a bit. Sloane was somewhat arrogant in her illegal role during her first few days at the academy. Sometimes the vampires seemed a bit too human. One example was the time when Rook almost drowned Sloane, and afterward Aden told her to go change before she caught a cold. Sloane made me a bit angry with the way she treated Aden at times. But then I attribute that anger to the writer's ability to evoke emotion in her reader rather than a flaw in the story. Characters are NOT supposed to act like perfect angels! Speaking of writing style, Ms. Jones's writing style was simple, straight-forward and very easy to read. I gobbled her book up in less than six hours. There are plenty of twists to keep you both guessing, so boredom becomes a figment of your imagination while the author has you in her grasp. Perhaps it was the biggest twist at the end that totally won me over in this story. Normally I'm not an avid enthusiast of the vampire book world. But Ms. Jones has given me something to be excited about in this genre. I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this series and added it on my "to-read" list.

  • Abbie
    2019-06-07 10:07

    Wow. I really liked this book, it was fast-paced, action-packed and 100% exciting. I actually thought I wouldn't like this book because I thought it was just another typical vampire novel. But I found myself entranced by the unique plot and Krystle Jones' style of writing. The book just leaves you wanting more.This book was set in a dystopia where vampirism was a virus. Humans had created safe zones to avoid becoming infected and vampires were killed on sight. But here's the good twist, not all vampires were bad. They're just like normal people only with heightened senses, blood cravings, slow aging process and aversion to sunlight. But other than that they still seemed human. I was really surprised when I found out they could still eat food and had a training school set up like a high school. The protagonist is in search of her twin brother who had gone missing but found herself sucked into the vampire world when she was turned by Aden. But soon Sloane learned that everything's not what it seemed when the innocent vampires who only seek to live out their lives in peace are attacked by the vampire hunters. I liked Sloane's character, she had a vulnerability to her that wasn't overly portrayed or masked by her tough personality. I liked Aden. He had the charming bad-boy thing going on. He wasn't an overprotective prick so that added to the appeal. Angel and Rook were loyal friends until Sloane found out about what Angel did. That part was a little sad. The action scenes were really thrilling to read; and I swooned over Sloane and Aden's budding romance (although I did feel sorry for Sloane's best friend Leo). The ending left me reeling. Orion, Sloane's twin was never really dead and was revealed to be the mastermind of the extinction plan. He became quite demented after he was left for dead by the bad vamps. I just want to know what will eventually happen to Aden because he was showing symptoms of the sickness. I hope I'll get to read the next book.

  • ♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity)
    2019-05-30 08:01

    Fans of YA titles by Richelle Mead, Jennifer L. Armentrout, P. C. Cast, Rachel Caine, just to name a few, will be elated to read The Scarlet Dagger.Tragedy, action, hate, romance and humor, all rolled into one book. Start to finished, I enjoyed The Scarlet Dagger. Teaser: "I couldn’t imagine a worse fate than being turned, and suddenly this talking, seemingly sensible man before me became incredibly tragic. He would never age, a beauty queen’s wet dream. I couldn’t imagine being a teenager forever. There were too many things I wanted out of life. Then I remembered he was a vampire, and any pity I felt vanished." Immediately, I took a liking to Sloane McAllister. Her character is young, naive in ways to be expected, noble, passionate, resilient, determined, and a self-thinker. The Scarlet Dagger kicks-off with Sloane deciding to defy her Mother in hopes of finding her twin brother in vamp infested territory. Perhaps, she is jumps the gun but when faced with choice Sloane makes hers and she does not back down. Sloane is a person of action.Ever felt the rug be pulled out from under you? Well, Sloane is thrust into an underground world and not only threatens but breaks down all that she has been taught about vampires. After a fit or two, she begins to play the game and starts gathering all the info she can. Of course, for the sake of plot of conflict, the info she finds has her second guessing the truth she knows and is now wondering what's what. To make matters worse she is falling for the one boy who changed her life and she finds the brother she so desperately wants to see safe.All in all, one heck of a YA read. I would recommend this title to all YA readers.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-28 12:07

    (Source: I won a digital copy of this book. Thanks to Proserpine@ Proserpine craving books, and Krystal Jones!)Sloane lives in a dystopian Pittsburgh, where vampires live in the ‘red sector’ surrounding the city, and humans are kept safe inside high fences.When ‘the eclipse’ happened 3 years ago, and the vampires came out, Sloan’s brother Orion was taken, and Sloan is determined to find him.Stealing her best friend Leo’s scarlet dagger – a weapon made with scarlet steel that is harmful to vampires, Sloan runs away and into the red sector, searching for any trace of her brother.Once in the red sector she’s attacked by a rogue vampire. She kills him, but her next encounter with a vampire ends in disaster, and she wakes to find herself a vampire!Still determined to find Orion though, Sloane perseveres in her search, but all she ever thought she knew about vampires is about to be proved wrong though.Can Sloane find her brother? What will she do now that she herself is a vampire? And does she really have feelings for the vampire that turned her?I enjoyed this book. Although it was about vampires, it didn’t feel like your average vampire story, and I liked the idea of the scarlet steel.Sloane was a great character, although she seemed older than her 17 years, and I admired her determination to find her brother, even if it was a little misguided. I liked Aden (the vampire that turned her), and thought that the subtle romance between them was done really well. He was a totally loveable character, and I liked the way he behaved towards Sloane.I liked the storyline, and didn’t guess the major twists and turns in the tale at the end! I’m intrigued as to what will happen in the next instalment now!7.5 out of 10.

  • Jenifer
    2019-06-05 12:44

    The Scarlet Dagger is a fun dystopian young-adult paranormal romance...perfect for a quick easy read. The story is set in what I believe to be the near future after an apocalyptic event that divides the world into two sectors (vampire and human). The heroine of the book is a 17 year old girl and there is quite a bit of action with her kicking some serious butt. There is also the beginnings of a nice romance (this is the first of a series so I imagine, we'll be seeing the romance develop over time)I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book and liked the author's new spin on vampires and human/vampire relations with regards to fear and prejudice but I was disappointed with the final 1/4 of the book. It seemed to me that it was wrapped up too quickly, with too many details left out, making it seem disjointed and almost like a completely different book. Now, that being said, I would still recommend The Scarlet Dagger because the first 3/4 of the book is worth a read. I'll definitely be giving the second book in the series a try with the hope that the author is able to get back to the writing of the middle portion of this book and will spend more time with the story rather than trying to cram the last chapter or two full of revelations and high action.I gave the book four stars but because I was so disappointed in the ending. I do foresee good things in the future from this author, though.

  • Berenice
    2019-06-21 15:43

    I just loved this book, Krystle Jones plays with a world that is post-apocalyptic with a pre-dystopian vibe. Sloane McAllister has finally found the way to run away from safety and venture into the red sector where she hopes to find her missing brother.Even thought three years have passed Sloane still hopes that her twin brother is alive and well from that horrible Halloween night that change the world for ever.She has been training to fight vampires since that faithful day when vampires stopped being a fantasy and became humanity's worst nightmare, but what McAllister discovered when she crossed to the red sector was something that not even all her years of training could prepare her for.Krystle Jones gives us this really great story full of freshness, the character where really fun to read and the twist and the plot of the story had this little voice that likes to make theories while I read hanging on every word to see if it could guess what was coming next.The only complain that I have about The Scarlet Dagger is that it ended in a point that I wasn't ready for it to end, even thought I saw it coming and even thought I knew it was only the first volume I enjoyed this book so much that I didn't want it to end.

  • Cori Moore
    2019-05-27 13:49

    I wanted to like this story- the synopsis sounded like my kind of story- dystopian, futuristic, with a kick-ass heroine and a whirlwind adventure sure to entertain. And yet ... I kept finding myself being thrown out of the story somehow, thrust away and unable to melt into Sloane's tale. I wanted to ride along in her skin, experience her life while reading her story, but I kept feeling like everything was just a little too forced. There's no question that this author has a gripping knowledge of language and lovely mastery of a strong story idea- but I just couldn't live it the way I wanted to; the way I often can when I've fallen in love with a lot of my favorites out there (like Kate Daniels in the Magic series, for example). Oh, and please don't get me wrong- this was purely a "me-thing". No offense meant at all because I can certainly see why others could enjoy the ride. I sincerely wish I could've too!

  • Sa
    2019-06-16 11:07

    *some spoilers*Okay, so the love interest turns our MC into a vampire, imprisons her, makes her a tool for a power-crazy freak then feels hurt when she tells him that she doesn't want him?!Really?REALLY?!JUST BC YOU'RE HANDSOME DOESN'T MEAN A GIRL SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU CHANGED HER, YOU DOUCHE!HE EVEN HAS THE NERVE TO TELL HER THAT SHE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL BECAUSE HE HAD EVEN LESS WHEN HE WAS TURNED!WHAT AN ASS!SHE DIDN'T WANT TO BE CHANGED!HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING TO SOMEONE'S BODY WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION THEN EXPECT GRATITUDE AND LOVE??!!And then he tells her to trust him.I don't even know why I'm so angry.Most books esp YA have awful love interests anyway.There is no romance.There's only a screwed up mess.

  • Karla(Book Addict)
    2019-06-21 07:40

    deleting reviews if you want to take a look at them you can do so on my blog, link on my profile

  • Kathy Coleman
    2019-06-23 07:52

    My rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3Awesome!I've been a little stingy with reviews lately. I use to review several books a week, but I've been trying to bring them out on Tuesdays and Thursdays this month. Truthfully, I've been suffering a bit of burn out. I do a lot of stuff -- writing, reading, web design, singing ... and I needed a breather.But I have to totally ignore my schedule today, because I just finished The Scarlet Dagger and I simply cannot wait to tell you all how utterly, totally, jaw-droppingly fabulous it is. I really, really loved this book. And as much as I thought I was going to be able to wait until tomorrow to fill you all in, I'm just to excited to do that. This is a book I loved so much that I just want to go: "Okay. Quit reading this and download the book. Now. Trust me. It's awesome!"But I'm sure that some of you might just need a little more convincing. ;) So here we go... My review for The Scarlet Dagger.The Plot: (Summary from GoodReads)The strength of Sloane’s heart is about to be put to the ultimate test.After the Eclipse – the night vampires began openly slaughtering human victims – everything changed. Out of fear, the government salvaged what remained of the human population and enclosed them in massive, security-laden cities called White Sectors, while marking the vampire infested territory as Red Sectors.When seventeen-year-old Sloane McAllister’s twin brother disappears, she seems to be the only one who thinks he isn’t dead, and vows to stop at nothing to find him. Gathering her courage, she braves the Red Sector to search for clues to his whereabouts. By chance, she encounters Aden, a handsome, charismatic vampire with a hidden agenda. He turns Sloane against her will, and whisks her away to his underground city. Enemies quickly become friends as Sloane struggles against her attraction to Aden, and resists her growing loyalties to the creatures that ruined her life. But the vampires themselves are the least of her problems. The city is harboring a devastating secret, one that could change the tide of the war and threaten to destroy everything Sloane has come to believe in.Heart-stopping action and scorching romance collide in this dystopian, urban fantasy thriller.It sounds awesome, right? Well, the story lives up to the summary in every way imaginable. This didn't just reach my expectations, it exceeded them in every possible way. There is so much that is great about this book and the plot is as good a place to start as any. From word go we are drawn into the world and into the action. This isn't done in a jarring "What the heck is going on?" way, but in a way that ratchets up the tension, excitement and anxiety in the reader as the story progresses. What I mean here is that it also does not make the mistake of giving the characters' life stories on page one, either.The next thing I can say about the plot is that it is intricately paced. I love how the level of action and character building ebbed and flowed so that the progression of the story felt real and interesting. This allowed the story to never really lose momentum, yet at the same time ensured that I could really grow to care for the characters of the book. This, in turn, made every new situation they found themselves in all that more tense, nerve wracking and emotional. I really cared about what was happening to these people, so much that I actually had to pause from the book at one point because I was gripping my Kindle so tight I was scared I might break it. *laughs* If I like a story I get very invested in the characters and I don't want bad things to happen to them. (Even though, as a writer, I realize that's the point.) I loved how the progression of the plot was stretched over time so that the changes in the way the characters behaved made sense. I also like the fact that Krystle was not afraid to simply point out that "three weeks had passed" if there was nothing going on there that I needed to know. Sometimes I think writers have trouble measuring time in a way that makes sense for what their characters are doing, and this can be one of the key factors in our minds that makes us scream "OMG insta-love". By the way, and I'll get into this more later, but there is no "insta-love" here. I can promise you that.Lastly, I would like to say that this book ended in a way that I found both fully satisfying and maddeningly frustrating. Krystle did a fantastic job of making sure that we know what has happened and what has been achieved, while deftly setting up a legitimate and real situation that will warrent a sequel. As opposed to feeling frustrated or cheated as some endings tend to do to me, this one left me feeling that I wanted the next book "now!". Is it a cliffhanger? Yes. Is it annoying? No. The Characters: Sloane was a great heroine that I found immediately likable. She was a very "take action" character who possessed courage, compassion and a certain level of vulnerability that made her very easy to relate to. She has a distinct voice that made it fun to experience the story through her viewpoint. I'm always happy when a heroine actually does things inside of a book, rather then meekly waiting to be rescued, and I can tell you that Sloane is a long shot from being a damsel in distress. Aden was awesome. He is a complex character and you will be left guessing as to what the heck is going on, torn between love and hate much as Sloane herself is. I liked the fact that he was capable of being strong, caring and extremely funny, all depending on what the situation needed. He was a character that I immediately liked but that I did not immediately trust. This really let me experience the feelings that I'm sure Sloane was experiencing and it was great. The supporting characters were all interesting, too. I liked Angel and Rook. I was just as uncertain about Paris as Sloane was until the very end. Leo is a complicated mess and I can't wait to see how that situation will work itself out in the future. And Dezyre was an interesting complication as well. The various villains in the story each had interesting backstories that made what they were doing make sense, even if I disagreed with them. It really seemed, to me, that Krystle Jones took a lot of time to really think about how her characters felt about what they were doing, not just what they actually did. And this really succeeded in drawing me into their world. The Romance: The Scarlet Dagger had some very interesting romantic elements. First off, there is the growing love / hate between Sloane and Aden. They start out in one of the most awkward situations possible and the romance that blossoms between them takes time and effort to develop. Further, Sloane does not become a non-thinking simpering idiot, either. She continues to question everything going on around her and tries to think through what she should be doing. This made her situation feel very believable without making the reader feel overwhelmed with sadness or despair.Aden is clearly very interested in Sloane and it was very sweet to see him trying to win her over. I liked the fact that he was so interested in her rather then her chasing him around as much. I also liked the fact that he was able to balance liking her with being himself. His feelings for Sloane did not weaken him as a character. He kept his edge and in doing so kept my interest. One thing that kind of threw me for a loop was the situation with Leo. We only catch a brief scene with him at the beginning of the book. He does pop up in Sloane's thoughts somewhat, but when he became a more important part of the story I must admit I was not prepared for the role that he ultimately played. I look forward to seeing how his character will develop in the future, because the situation between him and Sloane was left on a very tense note. In General: I simply can't say enough good things about this book. The Scarlet Dagger had me from page one and didn't let go. It was a heck of a ride, ranging from sweet and touching to being so tense that I actually needed to step away from it for a few minutes at one point because I was so concerned over what would happen. I'm always saying whether or not a book 'drew me in'. This one definitely did that, to the point where characters became treasured friends and I felt like I was taking this journey with them.The Scarlet Dagger is an absolute must read. I cannot recommend this book to you highly enough. Filled with action, romance, interesting world building and memorable characters this is the sort of book that is such a joy to read that you will forget you are holding it (well in this case, my Kindle) in your hands.Note: This book was a recipient of the Kat's Meow Award for Amazing Storytelling.View more reviews at I Write, I Read, I Review.

  • Faye {Daydreaming_Star}
    2019-05-27 14:39

    I was toying with how many stars to give this book. On finishing it, I immediately rated it four stars but then I contemplated giving it three, then thought maybe it should actually be three and a half but on final thoughts, I decided that in all honesty, this book simply deserves four stars. This book had me captivated from page one. It drew me into a dystopian world that was so well described and thought out throughout the entire story that there wasn’t ever a time when I was confused about what was going on. It was the perfect balance of everything and I simply adored it so very much!The story starts out with the main protagonist, Sloane, going on a mission to find her twin brother who has been gone for three years and whom she feels extremely guilty about. Never could she have imagined that her life would change so drastically in the process. Krystle has brought about such a wonderful, strong and independent character in Sloane but she is, above all else, extremely believable. She is vulnerable, scared and in a tricky predicament and yet she doesn’t let these things stop her from acting under impulse and simply doing what she must. In a nutshell, Sloane is as complex and complicated as every other single human being and it is for this very reason that I just love her so much.It is not, however, just Sloane who is amazingly written but in fact it is every single character in the book. Even those characters we see only once or twice. This world that has been created is just so believable and so full of rich characters that it is hard not to fall in love with the author behind these magnificent creations. They help to create a dystopian world that really draws you in from the get go and you find yourself becoming so attached.Which brings me to the romance. Often I sometimes find romance can be a little be too much or too pushed in books but in this novel, it is just right. Sloane doesn’t just fall naturally for him and there is even a moment where she is pressed for who she likes more. The reason I really like the romance in this novel, however, is simply because of how realistic it is. How Sloane tries to think rationally about what is happening and tries to let her head talk her around when, at the end of it all, it is her heart that carries her in the right direction. I love Aden and Leo both so much and yet, it was with a little glee in my heart when she finally made her declaration for the right man. It was just so natural.One more thing I want to touch upon are the vampires in this novel. I was in love with the vampires that Krystle has created within this story. And moments I liked the best are references to other vampires such as Dracula, and Stephanie Meyer’s horrid idea of vampires. Krystle’s vampires are believable and extremely scary, not because they’re horrifying but because they are just so normal and that, in itself, is terrifying because how can you hunt and hurt down a creature that is the same as the human being it was before its new life? Absolutely brilliant.The only thing, I felt, that ruined this book and stopped me from giving it five stars and which nearly made me give it three stars, is that the plot is slightly predictable. And say slightly, because, on seconds thought, I realised that there were two plot twists that I hadn’t seen coming and, if anything, these were the two things that really made things more interesting for me. It was for this reason that I stuck with four stars because, this book just truly deserves it! Better yet, this novel is only the start of The Red Sector Chronicles and it ends on an extremely interesting and gut-wrenching cliff hanger that makes you practically scream for more.I was given the chance to read this novel for free through Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Group’s R2R and I can honestly glad that I was given this amazing gift because it was a novel that I love and one that I hope arrives in paperback so I can own a copy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys vampire novels or dystopian novels and even more so to the people that like them both, like me!

  • Tiana Dalichov
    2019-06-23 09:54

    Oh my Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! This book is amazing! Why does it only have 600 ratings?! Like what?!I have read so many cliché vampire books in the past few years, it's past the point of being funny. So I'll admit that I was super-mega-ultra skeptical to pick up another one. But this is the real deal, guys. This PERFECTION.Before I get into all this, let me just say that the mere mentioning of Pittsburgh made me love this author ten times more. Like YES. Nobody ever picks Pittsburgh for dystopias, let alone a vampire dystopia.Anyway, back to the book. So the main premise here is that approximately three years before the novel begins, an event called the Eclipse took place, and vampires basically led a full-fledged feeding frenzy (say that five times fast hehe) on the human population. After it was declared that the existence of vampires was an immediate threat to the remaining humans, our society roped off specified areas called White Sectors, where humans could live without the fear of being constantly tracked by feral blood-sucking monsters. Ain't nobody wantin' Bella Swan to eat their face off.I've gotta say...I'm really starting to like this fusion of vampire and dystopia that's going on in YA literature right now. It's new and refreshing, with so many potential plot twists that haven't been explored yet.As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of kick-ass female lead characters (as you can probably tell from the appropriately named bookshelf), so I fell in love with Sloane from the very first page. Her courage, tenacity, and bravery are pretty novel in a woman, and I love how despite her inner turmoil she still manages to maintain her humanity, her kindness, and her tendency to hope for something better.Her relationships with the other characters are far from the cookie-cutter outline most vampire authors fall back on, especially her relationship with Aden Knight. Just...give me a moment here.SO. HOT. I CAN'T EVEN.....Aden Knight is the biggest enigma I've encountered thus far in my journey through the vampire genre. His position as a captain in the Emperor's imperial military academy is envious, sexy, and exudes so much power you can't help but bow at his feet. But at the same time, when he's with Sloane, he's an adorable, wounded, ordinary man who wants someone to hold on to when everything is said and done.Even the supporting characters were all very well illustrated and constructed. Angel, Rook, Leo, even Aden's mom (d'awwww) were genuinely interesting. I found myself literally dying to learn more about every single one of them.As most of you ALSO know, I'm a huge fan of action-oriented, character-driven fiction. And Jones gave me everything I asked for in this book. The action was non-stop, pulse-pounding. I read this book in one sitting, that's how irresistible it was to me! There was never a dull moment. Ever. And that is pretty damn impressive.Let me just take a moment to say....dat ending though.Absolutely perfect. I didn't see ANY of that coming. Well done, Krystle. Well done. *applause, applause, applause*I will definitely continue this series. Moooooost definitely.

  • Tana
    2019-05-29 14:47

    The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles #1) by Krystle JonesThis is the first book I’ve read by Krystle Jones, her writing style was easy to read and she told us a good story, I really liked this book and I can see a lot of potential for this series. The descriptions were good and not overly done, good plot, I definitely will be looking forward to reading Dark Horizons book 2. So we are introduced to 17 year old Sloane McAllister, vampire slayer. She is strong, independent and makes a great heroine, Sloane goal is to find her twin brother Owen who was taken by the vampires and she is unsure if he is dead or alive. Three years ago the world changed dramatically when the Eclipse occurred and the vampires tried to slaughter the human race. This lead to the remaining human living is the White Sector and Vampires living in the Red Sector.Sloan has trained hard and decides she is going to enter the Red Sector with a weapon called the scarlet dagger which is deadly to the vampires. The guilt she feels deep inside will not allow her to give up hoping that she will find Owen alive.Shortly after entering the red sector she is attacked and turned into a vampire by Aiden, you just know he is one of the main characters in this book, he is handsome, strong and Sloane of course is very attracted to him. But can she get past the fact that he destroyed her life and has turned her into the monsters she was meant to kill. She has always believed the vampires were monsters, blood thirsty and is she is having a hard time coming to terms with being a vampire. She still wants to get home even though she knows they may want to kill her. She decides to play along with them and get them to trust her knowing inside she is going to leave. She begins to make friendships and starts to fall in love with Aiden. This novel has romance, drama, friendship and of course the vampires so who wouldn’t love to read Krystle’s book, I for one really enjoyed it. The best part is the villain and I won’t say anymore on that just go read the book.I want to thank Krystle Jones for giving the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics group the opportunity to read and review your book. It is great that an author gives her hard work away for free for us readers to review. So thank you for the opportunity to read your hard work.I would recommend this book to all my friends who enjoy reading YA PNR/UF.

  • Jessica *The Lovely Books*
    2019-06-12 15:57

    What can I say, i absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. It was a nice new storyline with an amazing twist at the end.It started off with Sloane, a human girl who is searching for her twin brother after he had gotten bitten by a vampire three years earlier. Instead of getting closer to finding him, she gets herself captured by a vampire, Aden, who takes her upon seeing the Mark of the Creator on her body. But Aden isn't like any vampire, he is human like aside from the fangs and craving blood when needed. Soon, Sloane finds herself in a predicament, she is now a vampire too.The vampires have a secret city that they had built underground and all sloane wants to do is go home and warn everybody what the vampires are up to. To wipe out the human race! With every good vampire story, we have to have a love storyline, right? Who falls in love, you wonder? Well looks like you will have to read the book to find out! The romance in the story was sweet and fun. I found myself giggling and gettting all happy inside. Weird, I know!Besides the beautiful romance, it does has some action. Not much, but I am sure that will all change once we get more into the second book. Which by the way, I can't wait to read.What I Hated From The Book:Her mother! Wow, her mother is horrible, I would hate to have that woman as my mom. Thats mean to say but what she did to Sloane..It was sad! Whatever happened to family loyalty? Ugh, I hope we don't see her face in the next book, but sadly we probably will.My favorite character from the book was Angel. She was beautiful along with pure and innocent. And judging by the end of the book, I hope and pray she lives. She has been good to Sloane and she is also very kind hearted. People like he don't deserve what is happening to her.If you are looking for a thrilling read with love, betrayal, and a little bit of mystery, then I suggest you read this book. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!

  • Kat
    2019-05-29 09:58

    I liked this book a lot more than i thought i was going to. Going into the book i thought it would be just another vampire/human romance book, but it really wasn't. I'm glad to say that it was so much better!I loved Sloane! She was a total kick-butt heroine. She stayed tough and strong throughout the whole book. She took everything that was thrown at her, and instead of becoming weaker, she became stronger. She wasn't a damsel in distress, she was independent. When she wanted to know something and no one would tell her, she would find an answer herself. If someone suddenly became untrustworthy Sloane wouldn't continue to trust them, she would keep and eye on them. She really was an amazing main character. Now on to Aden. I liked Aden. I thought he was cool and all, i just found the whole little romance with Sloane and him to be predictable. But even though it was predictable, I still found Aden to be and awesome character. Next the plot. I loved the plot of this book. The whole book was perfectly paced and was just really fun to read. Although a lot of the time it could be predictable, there were still some surprises that i didn't see coming. I loved how this book wasn't about the romance between Sloane and Aden, this book was about Sloane becoming a vampire and trying to protect the people she loved from the upcoming dangers. Yes, there was some romance thrown in there, but it wasn't tons, which really worked for this book.The reason for the four star rating is I thought there were a lot of times where this book was predictable. I just would have liked to have been on my toes trying to guess what would happen next. Either way I loved this book. I thought it was a great book and i'm pretty sure Sloane has just been added to my list of awesome kick-butt heroines. I can't wait to read the next book!

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    2019-05-30 08:45

    Three years ago the moon turned blood red during the Eclipse and the world as Sloane knew it ended. While out with her twin brother Orion and their friend Rook, both guys get attacked by vampires and go missing. Not long after that, Sloane loses her father to cancer, leaving her with her mother who cares nothing for her, blaming her for her Orion's death. So after years of training with her best friend Leo as a vampire hunter, Sloane sets out into the Red Sector in search of her brother. What she didn't plan on was being turned into the very thing she was trained to kill. But soon Sloane finds out that not all vampires are crazy, blood driven animals. That some are actually are more human than the people she left behind in the White Sector. WOW oh WOW! Where do I being? This book was crazy good, crazy romantic and crazy suspenseful! I fell hard for Aden right from the start and when picturing him, I pictured Alex Pettyfer. *le sigh* Is that wrong? I mean, when she talked about his hair and his heavenly looks, Alex came to mind. Sure Aden can be a complex individual, but it’s obvious he cares for her. Sloane is instantly easy to love. Just when you wouldn’t blame her for shutting down, she steps up and gives it everything she has. I loved her feisty, cleaver quips, always saying what the rest of us are thinking.Immediately taken with this book from the very start, I couldn’t put it down. The book’s plot was so addictive and intense I feverishly read needing to know what would happen next. Now I am dying to get my hands on book two, Dark Horizons. Jones gives us a well written book with a nail biting storyline and amazing characters. Fans of vampires and the book Divergent will love this story. The Scarlet Dagger is one of my most fav reads of 2011!

  • Liz
    2019-06-01 11:57

    I read this book as part of the Read2Review program in the PNR & Urban Fantasy Fanatics discussion group! This program is aimed at getting lesser known authors exposure and 'chat' going about their books. The Scarlet Dagger is the perfect candidate for this kind of thing, probably not polished enough to gain a quick following, the story has a good foundation and potential. Sloane McAllister's quest to find her twin brother after the vampire rising leads her on a journey under the earth to another world, the world of vampires who are, to her utter shock a lot like herself. Turned against her will by the handsome Aden, for reasons she doesn't fully understand, we see her form new loyalties and develop respect for the very creatures she sought to destroy. I liked Sloan a lot and I always appreciate a strong main female character that can think for and defend herself. She is no milquetoast, that is for sure. The telling of the story however fell into a couple of traps. There was a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. Putting information in parenthesis is not a good way to get the exposition and fact telling out of the way and it's awkward for the reader. The ease with which Sloane got in and out of jams was a bit too pat for me. The attacks she survived, the immediacy with which she was accepted in the vampire's society were both problems that could have been resolved by fleshing the story out more, building the world more. I did like the overall arc of the story and think that the author shows a good deal of potential to improve. Wishing her the best of luck and thanks for sharing her work!

  • Suzanne
    2019-06-04 14:49

    Three years ago the Eclipse occurred. Humans were attacked by vampires. The remaining humans live in the white sector while the vampires remain in the red sector. Seventeen year old Sloane McAllister lost her twin brother Orion to the vampires that night. If there is any chance he is alive, she must try to find him. And that's why she heads to the red sector armed with a scarlet steel dagger, which is deadly to vampires. Here she meets Aden, a vampire who seems just like a human to her. She had been led to believe that vampires were bloodthirsty monsters with no self control. They fight and he changes her. She wakes up in an underground city and tries to come to terms with being a vampire, her natural enemy. She fears that if she goes home, she will be killed by her friends and family because she is a vampire. But she feels that she has to try to escape and plays along to gain the trust of the vampires. But unexpectedly, she finds herself making friends among the vampires and falling in love. This is a dystopian, urban fantasy full of action, friendship and romance. It was a unique take on vampires and completely unpredictable. The characters were well written and the protagonist was a very likeable character. As was her love interest. I love books about vampires and this one didn't let me down. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to fans of this genre.