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This is the (2013) updated 2nd edition of the ever-popular and adorable initial Stevie Tenderheart storybook of the same name. Guaranteed to plant smiles and giggles in your ears as you read to your children. Age range: 3-8 intended for both boys and girls.The book has been reformatted allowing a price reduction of $4 with not one page of the story being omitted. In fact,This is the (2013) updated 2nd edition of the ever-popular and adorable initial Stevie Tenderheart storybook of the same name. Guaranteed to plant smiles and giggles in your ears as you read to your children. Age range: 3-8 intended for both boys and girls.The book has been reformatted allowing a price reduction of $4 with not one page of the story being omitted. In fact, the story is even more charming with the updated revisions.This is a very kind (tenderhearted) bedtime story that kids really identify with and their belly laughs will prove this.A kind, lighthearted story of a little boy who simply loves his bed and wishes he could take it everywhere he goes. Beautifully illustrated and destined to be a children's classic, this bedtime story is a wonderful addition to your child's library. Think Leave it to Beaver meets Dr. Seuss, meets Peter Pan. This book was written to be read aloud. The cadence and rhyming are fun. You will enjoy reading it as much as your children will enjoy hearing it. The text is large and clear; the story, charming and adventurous and the art (vivid and detailed) is fascinating for children. Many animals with cute faces are used in this story which makes it even more adorable....

Title : Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be...
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ISBN : 9781624850165
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be... Reviews

  • Anastasia Riebs
    2018-09-20 01:32

    I received my copy of Stevie Tenderheart/ My Favorite Place to be as part of the Goodreads book giveawayI don't understand the high rating this story received; the concept was somewhat imaginative, but the storyline's execution was poorly done.The the book was intended to rhyme, but the meter was off, making difficult to follow. Perhaps if it were formatted in such away that the lines of the rhyme scheme were easier to identify and and anticipate instead of being hidden away within the narrative structure Stevie Tenderheart would have won me over. As it is, I tried to read it to my seven year old twice, and he abandoned ship each time.A physical copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author for purposes of review.

  • Sarah Kat
    2018-09-24 00:15

    *Goodreads First Reads Giveaway*3.5/5.0I really liked the concept of the book. The tie-ins of positive messages throughout the book made it very appealing to me. I wanted to crawl into bed while reading. I started to feel very comfortable. The illustrations were very well done, and the animals on nearly every page made me smile. :)The writing could use a bit more polishing. The rhyming was a bit off at some points, and as other people have commented - the pace of it was also a bit off. The story line jumped around a bit too much for me, but I'm not sure a young one would notice that much. I was thinking that a sticker page would make this book more complete and to help spread the concept of the book and character.I will pass this along for another person to enjoy. Thank you.

  • Debra
    2018-10-01 00:16

    * Received from GoodReads first reads giveaway. Cute boot with great illustrations in the book.

  • John Boettcher
    2018-09-26 21:45

    My kids both LOVED "Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be..."! The story and illustrations go great with each other and are just different enough from the normal run-of-the-mill children's book that we read every night that they were captivated by both of them. The length on it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. It kept their attention from the first page to the last. The last page of the book is particularly special as it says to children in such a great way that going to sleep is the best way to have a great day. (See, one time through the book and I have already picked up the rhyming technique!) One particular thing that I love about the books is that the author is truly genuine in his desire to tell the kids a great bedtime story that they will be captivated by and unique illustrations that will spark their imagination. If you are ever in a bookstore or would like to get your children or friend's or grandchildren a GREAT kids book, the Stevie Tenderheart books are fantastic!!!

  • Johanna
    2018-10-10 19:28

    In this adorable book, Stevie imagines what his day would be like if he could take his bed with him everywhere he went- from school to the beach, to the moon, and beyond. This rhyming bedtime-story chronicles Stevie’s would-be adventures and all the characters he meets along the way.This book is too cute, from the silly imaginings of Stevie, to the colorful illustrations by artist Nancy Watson. From a critical standpoint, I feel like the rhyming could use a little more work, but I can just imagine kids having a blast reading this book with their mom or dad. Stevie Tenderheart – My Favorite Place to Be is a light-hearted adventure your kids are sure to love!I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.Check out this review on my

  • Jodie
    2018-09-28 20:16

    What a wonderful surprise to find this in my mailbox today! I was going to read it to my 2 youngest children tonight, but my son wasn't feeling well so he went to bed early. I decided to read it anyway. My sweet little 1 year old daughter loved to listen to this delightful story of Stevie 'Bo Bo Kakers' who wishes he could take his bed everywhere he goes. It really was a wonderful imaginative story of the adventures Stevie would have if he could stay in his bed all day. I am sure this story will become a favorite of our family's for years to come. Thank you Steve Laible for bringing this book into our lives!! You have shared a sweet story of your childhood in your companion coloring book (which I won on a Goodreads First Reads contest) that put a smile on my face. It is nice to have such fond memories of your first trip to Disneyland. I felt sad for you when you said your dad didn't put you on his shoulders like the other kids - but it sure worked out for the best! I am looking forward to checking out your other books and items!! Thank you again! I recommend this book to all!!!

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon
    2018-10-12 23:30

    Any book from Author Steve Laible, also known as *Stevie Tenderheart* a wonderful Children's book writer is a Must order for your little ones! The bright colors and art design, make his books enjoyable to kids of all ages. Stevie Tenderheart is WELL KNOWN throughout many communities in Oregon, USA! He also helps sick children in many of the Hospitals nationwide with his "Million Pillow Project" which people purchase books as donations, then books sent to kids in area Hospitals to give then some CHEER and SMILES! Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  • Christopher
    2018-09-23 21:42

    I actually just learned that this was the 2nd edition. Very good bedtime story book Steve Laible is the one of the best kids book writer you can think of! Steve Laible writes about Stevie and the wonderful adventures in his bed. He travels everywhere and does everything. This will be a wonderful book for your son or daughter for bedtime.Nancy Watdon did such a great job with the illustrations they were very good! Thanks Steve for the extra prizes along with the book. Thank you First Reads for giving me the chance to win this book. My brother really liked it Thank you Steve! Thank you for your kind words in this book,and the autographed copies! Thank you once again, Christopher

  • Sandy Richardson
    2018-10-14 22:38

    This is a wonderful imaginative picture book. The child in this book takes a magic carpet no make that magic bed ride into wonderfully descriptive and colorful playland. This is a great bedtime book, while safely snuggled in his bed the child reviews the adventures of the day. He travels from breakfast to watching a kitten rescue to helping in the kitchen. Then his imagination takes over and he travels from the forest to the sea and finally to the sky before settling in his room for a much deserved sleep. This is an excellent book and will be a favorite for years to come for both children and parents. I can't wait to read other books by Stevie Tenderheart, a true lover of children's dreams.

  • Kirstie
    2018-09-19 00:20

    I won this book in a goodreads first reads giveaway. Thank you Steve William Laible and goodreads for the book.I think this would be a good bedtime story or for a child who is sick. The storyline seems good for children aged 3 - 6, but it has lots of words, so a captive audience that needs to rest would probably be ideal. Also, Stevie wants to do everything from his bed, so maybe that would enchant hospitalized kids? I had a hard time finding the rhyming rhythm on most of the pages but I know it is supposed be there. Maybe reformatting the pages so the last words on each line rhyme would help readers? The pictures are great with a lot going on. My 2 year old loved all of the animals in the pictures.

  • Cynthia Frey bryant
    2018-10-09 01:23

    I received this book because the author is an extremely generous man. He read my review of Wait a Minute (my kids, 4 and 9 absolutely loved it by the way) and saw that our copy we had won in a goodreads giveaway was bent by our mailman. He sent us not only another autographed copy of Wait a Minute, but also one of My favorite Place to be, as well as other Stevie goodies. I felt like Christmas opening our box. I can't wait to pick my kids up from school in a few minutes so I can read it to them as soon as we get home. I know they will be as excited as I am. Thank you Mr. Laible. We got your package and want you to know that you are awesome.

  • Kendra
    2018-09-22 21:30

    I received this book in a giveaway from the author...along with some great extras, including a membership to the Fan-Club! Great book for a bedtime story read by parents to younger children, or for beginner readers alike! My Step-Son is 7 years old, and in second grade. We determined that this was a, "just right" book for him right away, since 2-3 words or less stumped him on each page. He loved it. I think even a grade level or two up would feel the same way. The illustrations are great, especially the tall stack of pancakes in bed-that was his favorite part! Younger children will enjoy Stevie's lighthearted perspective about things too. Highly recommend.

  • Kurlann
    2018-10-01 22:16

    I received this book free, through Good Reads First Reads.This was a cute little book. My daughter and I read it together. I don't think she liked it that well. I think it was geared more toward toddlers maybe. This was about Stevie, and how much he loves his bed. He wants to take it everywhere. The only problem I had with this book was that some parts don't rhyme. It was a rhyming book and as we were reading we would come across a page that didn't rhyme. We would read it a couple of times to make sure we were reading it correctly. We were, it didn't rhyme. Overall, this was a cute bedtime story.

  • Marvel
    2018-09-23 19:17

    Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be...(A Bedtime Story) was a fun read. Simply stated it is about a little boy who loves his bed and wishes he could take it everywhere he goes.(I relate!) It is written in rhyme and prose which is a bit unusual. There are well done illustrations on every page which my granddaughter loved. We also had fun pretending where we would go on our beds.. I received my copy of Stevie Tenderheart as a part of the Goodreads book giveaway. It arrived directly from the author. Thank you.

  • Shannon Kamzelski sanders
    2018-09-20 01:38

    I received my copy of Stevie Tenderheart/ My Favorite Place to be as part of the Goodreads book giveawayI read this book with my eight year old daughter. I was over joyed to find a children's book that offers such a kind character. It is nice to find a book that will help instill morals into my child and not just the ability to act silly. Not to say that this book did not have all kinds of silliness in it because it did, but there was so much more to it. I will be heading out to get the rest of the series for us to read at home and then donate to her school

  • April
    2018-09-22 18:16

    "Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be...(A Bedtime Story)", is the first book I've read by author Steve William Laible. I enjoyed the illustration, it reminded me of when I use to draw as a child.The writing, at times, left me lost and a bit confused. The rhyme scheme was off, causing me to re-read sentences. That said, Stevie is a very loveable character, with loads of potential. Lastly, I would really love a Stevie Tenderheart doll...

  • Ceecee
    2018-10-03 18:16

    I received this through the First Reads program. This is an outstanding children’s book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my six year old niece! Beautifully illustrated and clever, we follow an imaginative little boy as he goes on an adventure without leaving the comfort of his own bed. From the kitchen to the moon, and tasting rainbows with his spoon, you and your children will laugh out loud at this wonderful bedtime story!

  • Val Didonato
    2018-10-05 23:38

    Thank you for my giveaway copy. I enjoyed reading this book to my grandchild. The rhyming and colorful illustrations were what captured the child. Any book that stresses that parents were involved in the adventures of reading to a child and nurturing imagination that comes from books is a book lovers dream. To be introduced to books by loving parents and being tucked in your warm bed is the start of wondrous things.

  • Cyndi
    2018-09-26 01:24

    This wasn't my ideal children's book. The rhyming was kind of there, but the cadence wasn't. While reading this book I'd often have to repeat the sentence and force it in order to read in a rythmic way. The idea behind this book was cute, but the author went off on so many tangents that it got really dull really fast. There was pretty much no cohesion between the pages. I would have appreciated some kind of flow to the book and far fewer (if any) tangents.

  • Aaron Lopez
    2018-09-26 00:43

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Steve Tenderheart book. More importantly my daughter loved the book! The writing was engaging and the animations fit the book perfectly. I liked how the book had a positive moral story and made me look forward to reading more from this author. Well Done. I received this copy free with the good reads early reader program.

  • Kimberly
    2018-10-09 01:40

    I won this through Goodreads.The story is about a young boy who loves staying in bed and relates what his day would be like if he took his bed with him everywhere. Great for children who don't want to get out of bed in the morning. The lines rhyme although they are written in paragraph form instead of stanzas. Cute and fun.

  • D'ambra Thompson
    2018-09-16 20:24

    My nephew is going to love this book!! Very adorable bedtime story for kids!! Well written for kids to understand and enjoy. Love the book, love all the nonprofit organizations the author stands for, love the coloring books that go with the book, love it all!! I won this book for my nephew in a goodreads first-read giveaway, but my pre-teen daughter and I enjoyed it immensely.

  • Sarah Crawley
    2018-09-19 20:44

    I won this book from a Goodreads First Read giveaway. I had my 6 year old daughter read this aloud to me and we both enjoyed this story. It is told in rhyme, reminding me of a Dr.Seuss type book. We both found ourselves laughing at some humor within the story and I highly recommend it as a book to read for all ages but is great to read between parent/child as well!

  • Tracey Renee Wilson-forrest
    2018-10-14 17:35

    I received this book free from Good Reads First Reads.It came signed by the author.The book is adorable and the pictures are super bright and colorful.My son loves this book.Every night we read to him before bed and he picks out like 5 books.This book is always one of them.I seen there is also a coloring book and I would really like to get it for my son too.

  • Debbie
    2018-10-17 22:39

    I received this book for free, and I thank you for this opportunity. I will be giving this book to a family with little children, one of which is battling brain cancer. I think this book is wonderful for toddlers especially if they have health issues and spend a lot of time bedridden. I will pass this forward and let you know if the family enjoyed it.

  • Kathleen
    2018-09-27 20:28

    Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be... A Bedtime Story was a good read for before bed. The cadence of the rhymes and the paragraphs were quite soothing and found both my son and I yawning and wanting our own beds in no time. The illustrations are well done and help to give visualization to the many different places and experiences.

  • Mahree Moyle
    2018-10-06 17:30

    Very cute children's book! My grandchildren enjoyed it very much. The book also came with a coloring book that my daughter thought was great having two pages the same that match the storybook. Will order his other books also and recommend this to all mothers and grandmas.

  • Sherry
    2018-10-05 01:42

    I won this book through goodreads. It came in time to give it to my Grandson for Christmas. I love the illustrations and the imagination of Stevie Tenderheart. I also like the values it teaches. I was also able to win the coloring book that goes with this book.

  • Lindsay
    2018-09-28 20:40

    I gave this book along with the go-along coloring book to my 4-year old cousin for Christmas and he loves it. I looked through it before packing it up to send, and it was adorable. It is a wonderful book, and I am so happy that I won. It is cute beyond compare. Wonderful Job!

  • Callie
    2018-10-11 01:41

    ***Goodreads First Reads Winner**** This book is a great story for young kids! I loved it and passed it on to my twin nieces who love to read this before bed.

  • Molly Anna
    2018-10-07 17:39

    This book had some cute rhymes and lots of animals! Unfortunately I felt it was too long and got bored halfway through. On the other hand, I can see how it could be an important book for children confined (or almost always confined) to their beds.

  • Sandy Costanza
    2018-09-27 17:22

    I was very excited to win a copy through the first reads giveaway! The illustrations are wonderful as is the concept but as I read along I wasn't sure if it was going to be a poem or a story. I also wasn't quite sure where the anti bullying comes in as nothing of that nature happens in the book.

  • Lorraine
    2018-09-27 22:27

    I received my copy of Stevie Tenderheart, My Favorite Place to be as part of the Goodreads Firstread book giveaway. This is a great childrens books! Love the silly story and the illustrations are great as well. My small cousins LOVED this book! Would definitely recommend!

  • Anne
    2018-10-02 00:44

    I received this as a goodreads give away. I must say such good book for children. I wish Steve had been writing when my children were young. I will now have this for my grand children. Thank you Setve for for having the wit, wisdom and beautiful mind.Anne Micucio-Hample

  • Kate
    2018-10-11 18:24

    I received a free copy of this book in a goodreads giveaway.I read it myself, just to see what it looked like. Seems cute enough although there are a few grammatical errors. I'm sure my nephew won't notice, though. I plan on reading it to him the next time he's over.

  • Tara
    2018-09-17 18:15

    I received this for free through the Goodreads giveaways.I read this book with my son at bedtime. I thought it was a well written, cute book.And more importantly my 4 year old very much enjoyed it.I would def. recommend this book!!

  • Christina
    2018-09-19 19:21

    Goodreads GiveawayThis was a great read and will be a perfect addition to my growing library for my classroom! =)

  • Joy
    2018-10-05 17:15

    I was excited to win this book for my kids through Good Reads First Reads. It's a cute bedtime story with great illustrations that my kids enjoy. I'm happy to add this book to their library collection!

  • Alexis
    2018-09-19 20:41

    Adorable children's book. Great for bedtime reading to your child. Characters are believeable with a positive message. I received this book via a giveaway from

  • KayCee K
    2018-09-19 23:42

    My little brother loves it! I give it five stars!

  • Dan Swartos
    2018-10-12 17:44

    My 7 year old absolutely loves this. He is a lot like Stevie Tenderheart. Thanks so much for writing these. The message is wonderful.

  • Judi
    2018-10-10 17:42

    Cute book, cute story. Nice rhyming. Adorable illustrations. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with small children.

  • Brett Axel
    2018-10-02 21:21

    I thougt it was kind of stupid but my eight year old loved it and it was written for kids not adults so who am I to judge.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-11 19:19

    This book was a cute read. The content was good, but the kids found it to be a bit long and were distracted by how long it was.

  • reader
    2018-10-11 20:29

    not bad :) my son liked it. that's all that matters. he loved the stevie temporary tattoo that came with the giveaway.