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This is the 2nd in the Stevie Tenderheart series. A Bedtime Story... Sharing a Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybook with your child is a true bonding experience you will treasure for years to come. Perhaps a lifetime... The illustrations are splendid, fancy fun, creative and adventurous. They are bright, wonderful and cheerful. The illustrator, Nancy Watson, does such a plThis is the 2nd in the Stevie Tenderheart series. A Bedtime Story... Sharing a Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybook with your child is a true bonding experience you will treasure for years to come. Perhaps a lifetime... The illustrations are splendid, fancy fun, creative and adventurous. They are bright, wonderful and cheerful. The illustrator, Nancy Watson, does such a pleasing job with this author's imagery...she outdoes herself with great art capturing the story perfectly and introducing Stevie to the world...yet again! Introducing this most charming story to your children will affect them in positive ways. Stevie Tenderheart will soon become one of their favorite storybook heroes. It is a unique and fun story filled with kindness. Children will giggle and even talk to Stevie as you read it to them. It is very engaging as you will come to learn. In Wait a Minute! the author continues the theme of Stevie's bed being his Favorite Place to Be. This time however, instead of Stevie taking his bed everywhere he goes, as he does in the first storybook, here, he finds it more appealing to fill his bed with all of his favorite things. That's when the fun really begins. You won't believe what those things are. This is one silly boy your children will love.This bedtime storybook is meant to quiet your children at bedtime while also having a little fun. The tone of this story puts them at ease by reassuring them a delightful presence is with them as they snuggle up for a good night's sleep. The unintended consequence is how pleased parents are with this story. Laughter and giggles are guaranteed. Kids fell in love with Stevie in his first book, My Favorite Place to Be...(A Bedtime Story) and this story duplicates the joy. Ages 3-8. This bedtime storybook is destined to become an instant classic. As small children grow older and learn to read themselves, they will be reading their own bedtime story. How cool is that?The author has a real knack penning his books with a fun cadence and which can put any kid on the planet to sleep with just one read. (Yeah, it's that good!) Parents love that!...

Title : Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE!
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ISBN : 9780984478422
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE! Reviews

  • Lorraine
    2018-09-22 03:57

    I received my copy of Stevie Tenderheart, Wait a Minute (A Coloring Book)as part of the Goodreads book giveaway. I was really impressed with the quality of this book when I received it. Also, the fact that there are two pages with the same picture which is perfect for parent who wants color along with their child. Also really good if you have more than one child who want to color together! Also included with my book were extra goodies: a fan club member certificate, an Integrity, True North document, 2 bookmarks, and a temporary tattoo. Would recommend this coloring book!

  • Lori
    2018-10-06 03:30

    I was a lucky goodreads first reads winner of "Wait A Minute![A bedtime Story}" I very much enjoyed this fun imaginative book. Stevie is a little boy with a big imagination. It is time for his bedtime and he is thinking of what he would like in his bed with him.Anything for frogs, to dogs, to birds and every thing else he can think of. Then when he imagines what this could be like he says " wait a minute!"Steve William Laible has written a sweet and fun book that I think young children will love.

  • Shari
    2018-09-21 04:55

    As soon on MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE…(A Bedtime Story) A kind, lighthearted story of a little boy who simply loves his bed and wishes he could take it everywhere he goes. Beautifully illustrated and destined to be a children’s classic, this bedtime story is a wonderful addition to your child’s library—Think “Leave it to Beaver” meets “Dr. Seuss.” This book was written to be read aloud. The cadence and rhyming are fun. You will enjoy reading it as much as your children will enjoy hearing it. The text is large and clear; the story, charming and adventurous and the art (vivid and detailed) is fascinating for children. Many animals with cute faces are used in this story which makes it even more adorable. WAIT A MINUTE! (A Bedtime Story) A Bedtime Story… Sharing a Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybook with your child is a true bonding experience you will treasure for years to come. Perhaps a lifetime… This is the 2nd Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybook published by this author; and once again, he pens a kind, lighthearted, tender and fun storybook for children and parents too. You can begin reading this book to small children (age 2) until they can read for themselves. Typically, 4-8 is the ideal age range. The illustrations are splendid fancy fun, creative and adventurous. Nancy Watson does such a pleasing job with this author’s imagery. A must have storybook for your library. The book is loaded with marvelous illustrations and a wonderful story line with a nice cadence. A particularly well-polished style strength is just how nicely the easy-flowing rhymes are structured. You can tell each word has been auditioned. The story is written in a way so when parents or grandparents (or aunts and uncles) read this story to children, the voice inflections are natural and fun. The story is written in a fun, interactive style which really draws children to the Stevie Tenderheart experience. This is a clever, fresh and smart book. It definitely piques interest and wonderment perking up little children’s ears. Giggles and belly laughs aren’t far behind. Kids feel really cozy and content and ready for bed when the final page is turned. It’s a nice end to a long day. A good night’s sleep is most assured. About the Author:The author and founder of the Kodel Group, LLC is the proud father of three sons, Adam, Chase and Kyle. Steve served his nation admirably completing his distinguished twenty-two year Air Force career on New Year’s Eve, 1993. Steve founded the Kodel Group to pursue his philanthropic interests. He envisions a kinder world. To that end, he created the comic strip, Stevie Tenderheart which has now become a series of children’s books, where he promotes his messages of “Try a Little Tenderness”; “A Change of Heart Changes Everything” and “Choose Integrity as your True North and You Will Never Get Lost.” More information can be found at http://www.stevietenderheart.comfollowMy Review of the Books:Turner Family CollageReading Books With My KidsI love reading books! Although, as much as I love reading books, nothing is more rewarding then reading to my girls and hearing their enthusiasm and excitement with every flip of the page. My children are very similar in age, but their personalities and reading styles are so very different. When reading books I always have to ensure I have books that will entertain both of them and it is even better if they are able to read it on their own.My girls and I got the privilege to read MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE…(A Bedtime Story) and WAIT A MINUTE! (A Bedtime Story). When we first opened the mail each of the girls wanted to look at a book. They opened the books and little did I know at the time, but they had each picked the same book, but different editions. My youngest who will be five in September is just learning how to read and she grabbed the first edition of MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE…(A Bedtime Story). As my five year old is just learning to read it was perfect for her with larger text and not as much writing on the pages. Whereas my eldest who will be seven in December thought the second edition of the book was perfect for her. With text and pictures on almost every page she was kept busy reading and checking out all the great pictures for a while. They liked what they saw and asked if we could read the stories before bed as much as they love reading on their own, they love when I read to them too! This book was a hit. It was fun and entertaining for both the girls and myself and the images and text brought a lot of giggles. One of the first giggles was when both of my girls noticed how much pancakes Stevie had in his bed. Although, if that was not silly enough for them, they also could not believe what utensil he was going to eat the pancakes with, which I honestly had not noticed at all. Each time they read it they notice something different and this just shows how entertaining the book is over and over again.We decided to save WAIT A MINUTE! (A Bedtime Story) for the next night. If I thought my kids had laughed a lot the first night, I was wrong. There without a doubt was nothing in comparison to how much they laughed from start to finish with this book. They have been asking for it every day since for bed time. My kids love Robert Munsch and Dr Suess books and the silliness in WAIT A MINUTE! (A Bedtime Story) I would compare to their books. My girls got involved and loved saying “Wait a Minute” and almost every page brought on a discussion between them about that page.I definitely would recommend the Stevie Tenderheart series if you are looking for the next great book! All the books are available on Amazonfollow and you can also get a matching colouring book to help bring out that artist in your little ones. They can colour and bring Stevie to life any way that their own imagination sees him!

  • Cynthia Frey bryant
    2018-10-10 06:00

    I won WAIT A MINUTE! from a Goodreads giveaway. I was anxiously awaiting it's arrival. It came today. I wanted it for my 4 year old daughter. She absolutely love it. Since it was autographed, (the only autographed book we own) I was planning to keep it high on the book shelf and out of my little ones hands. But that's not gonna happen. She's in love with this book. I'm a little sad that the mailman bent it in half when he put it in our box, but if my little girls laughter is any indication, this book will we showing signs of being worn and loved by morning. We've read it three times already. At first I found it hard to read aloud because some of it rhymed and some of it didn't. I might have been distracted by the illustrations. They're stunning. They look across between painted and airbrushed and they're so bright and colorful. The third time I read it, my 9 year old son was in the room. He was rolling his eyes and laughing and said it was the goofiest thing he ever heard. At first I thought I didn't like it, but then I realized, I read it 3 times to my kids, by choice. My Choice. I guess I like it a lot. :)

  • Denisa Howe
    2018-09-29 03:34

    Amazing illustrations…. It’s a quite a happy, cheery bright colored bedtime book. My grandchildren loved it. We had a sleep over with more than two at once and it was definitely a hit. The grandchildren stay overnight and love to go pick a book out of my library to read. They were very excited to find the new book in my collection. The bedtime trip was simply Delightful, Charming, entertaining and exciting. The story held their attention and lit up their eyes as I read aloud and showed the pictures.. The grandchildren asked for more of Stevie’s stories sooo later on we will take a trip through the online store and purchase more. This book and the very way it was written and illustrated is very unique. It is also a favorite of my Amazon Parrot. She loves to be read to and even likes to look at the pictures. If she likes a particular book.. she repeats certain parts of it AND she liked this book. We usually have bedtime stories right by her because she loves being read too also… so from the grandkids and Gloria the 31 year old Parrot.. this book is a keeper.I won this book through goodreads and so very much enjoyed it

  • John Boettcher
    2018-09-26 00:46

    My kids both LOVED "Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE!"! The story and illustrations go great with each other and are just different enough from the normal run-of-the-mill children's book that we read every night that they were captivated by both of them. The length on it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. It kept their attention from the first page to the last. The last page of the book is particularly special as it says to children in such a great way that going to sleep is the best way to have a great day. (See, one time through the book and I have already picked up the rhyming technique!) One particular thing that I love about the books is that the author is truly genuine in his desire to tell the kids a great bedtime story that they will be captivated by and unique illustrations that will spark their imagination. If you are ever in a bookstore or would like to get your children or friend's or grandchildren a GREAT kids book, the Stevie Tenderheart books are fantastic!!!

  • Steve Laible
    2018-10-07 04:47

    Brave Kids Book Pledge"Your gift brightens the faces of kids you'll never meet."Do help: All roads lead to Camp Tenderheart...Thank you for reading my newest book, Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE! or WAM! for short. I’m very proud of it. I think it’s going to be epic! I so want to put an end to bullying. Giving small children kinder role models is my first strategy. Getting them to feel great about themselves is another and eventually, building Camp Tenderheart. I also hope to one day have a Disney/Pixar movie featuring The Misadventures of Mischievous Stevie.Reading Stevie books to your children will also gain another tool in your parenting toolbox when you say, “Now what would Stevie do?” Just be mindful when you say, ”It’s Stevie Time,” they will likely hear, “It’s TV time.” :-) Age Range: 4-10Available in print & eBook and soon, as an audiobook on and iTunes.

  • Angel
    2018-10-02 02:58

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I won this through First Reads. After all, it's a coloring book. I was quite surprised when I opened my mail yesterday. The illustrations (or as my kids say "coloring pages" are great and full of detail to be colored in. I can't wait to start coloring them in with my kids. When I slid the book out of the envelop a few other things slid out too- including a little certificate, a little tattoo, some info about what Mr. Laible is up to and hopes to achieve (such as his Million Pillow Pledge and Camp Tenderheart). It's great to see a coloring book by someone so involved and caring about kids rather than the overproduced sort of "and here's a snowman on an empty background and then this next page is a gingerbread man with a candy cane". Okay, so perhaps I'm swayed a lot by the detail and complexity of the coloring pages in the book, but Mr. Laible still sounds like a good guy. :-)

  • Debi
    2018-09-30 01:41

    Wow! I really love this coloring book. I love the quality of the book. The paper quality is very good, as some color books have flimsy pages that tear easily. The paper used in the book is very good quality. Thank you Stevie for signing my copy, very nice touch... I love that there are two of every picture. The parent can color along with their child, or two kids can color the same picture, no arguing who gets the picture... Smart... I love the anti bullying theme and the doing the right thing, even when no one is looking Stevie speaks about. Good job Stevie and thank you for giving me the opportunity to check out your books. I have eight grand children who will love this and all your other books....Also the certificates are a nice addition...I will be buying these for my grandchildren.... Love them...

  • Maria
    2018-10-17 06:55

    I won this from a Goodreads Giveaway. Thank you to Goodreads and the author.I plan on giving this book to my cousin's son for Christmas. He's only two years old. This book might be a little old for him, but I think he'll like the pictures and the gist of the story. I think another year or two he will appreciate the story better. (The story came with some bookmarks, sticker, and a certificate.) The rhymes in the story tell how Stevie loves going to bed. He fills his bed with all sorts of things before he realizes it might be a bad idea. It's a cute story and the drawings are well done. I'm sure my little cousin will enjoy this.

  • Judie Dooley
    2018-10-06 23:49

    I won this book from goodreads. This is a childrens book I wanted for my great-grandson. I always read childrens books before I give them as gift to make sure they're appropriate. This one hit the target right on and I'm sure he'll love having it read to him . Stevie Tenderheart "Wait a Minute" is a bedtime story where a little boy can't decide what to take to bed with him and persues many options--Now I don't want to give the whole story away, but let's just say I know he (my geat grandson who is almost 6) will love it. It came with stickers--a Fan club certificut and book marks. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it and be able to give it to my "Little Bug"

  • John Boettcher
    2018-10-13 00:51

    A great coloring book for kids. The pages tell a story, similar in kind to what a Cat in the Hat story would be like, except for the kids get the enjoyment of coloring in themselves the wonderful art that Laible did in the books. Kids of all ages, including mine, are going to LOVE coloring this book and going through it's wonderful story. Steve Laible put alot of time and effort and creativity into his books, and it shows. There is so much more detail in the books that actually tells a story than just the random coloring book. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give their child more than their normal coloring and learning experience.

  • Crystal
    2018-10-12 03:47

    I read this with my daughter and she loved it!! I loved how it had a moral to the story that was easy for my daughter to understand, and that is something that you do not see very often today. I will be on the lookout for more Stevie Tenderheart books because they are great stories for children; these books teach them things that are important but hard to find in today's books. Everyone with children should get the amazing books. They are short and straight to the point; let them teach your children things that can be difficult to teach without aides.

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon
    2018-10-18 04:44

    Any book from Author Steve Laible, also known as *Stevie Tenderheart* a wonderful Children's book writer is a Must order for your little ones! The bright colors and art design, make his books enjoyable to kids of all ages. Stevie Tenderheart is WELL KNOWN throughout many communities in Oregon, USA! He also helps sick children in many of the Hospitals nationwide with his "Million Pillow Project" which people purchase books as donations, then books sent to kids in area Hospitals to give then some CHEER and SMILES! Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon
    2018-09-23 01:44

    Any book from Author Steve Laible, also known as *Stevie Tenderheart* a wonderful Children's book writer is a Must order for your little ones! The bright colors and art design, make his books enjoyable to kids of all ages. Stevie Tenderheart is WELL KNOWN throughout many communities in Oregon, USA! He also helps sick children in many of the Hospitals nationwide with his "Million Pillow Project" which people purchase books as donations, then books sent to kids in area Hospitals to give then some CHEER and SMILES! Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  • Sarah Pantoja
    2018-10-15 04:34

    I, along with my almost three-year-old son, and my five year old daughter really enjoyed this book. It is an adorable story about a boy who loves his bed. He just imagines all of the things he could fill it up with to make it even better before he decides that they are mostly bad ideas. It is a great story to read aloud because it has a wonderful cadence to it. It also has great illustrations that do a great job of depicting each page as the boy describes it. Both kids actually sat and listened to it even though it was a little long. I'm sure we will be enjoying it for years to come.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-19 07:30

    I was a goodreads winner for this adorable book. I opened it up and immediately lost it to my kids who read it and loved it. Later in the evening I finally got to look at it and words are unable to describe how sweet this book is. I could not imagine any little kid not loving this story. Two thumbs up also go to the author for what he is doing. It's warming to find an author who actually cares for his audience and tries to do the right thing. Now that I am finished with the book, I think I will pass on the love and donate mine to the peds ward at our local hospital or to the library.

  • Jessica
    2018-09-30 23:58

    I won this book here in GoodReads!!My 6 years old son love it! Usually, he's never sleepy before bed. The story is very funny and engaging. At the same time, it's long enough for kids to getsleepy.When I asked my son what he though about the book he said, "Awesome, awesome!!".Next question that I asked he couldn't even answer because he was too sleepy to talk.I very recommend it , especially for parents who have trouble putting their kids to bed.Your children will love it!

  • Cyndi
    2018-10-13 06:36

    This is a coloring book that a lot of kids would love. I like how the author put two of each picture in the book; this way you won't get kids fighting over who gets to color which picture.I took away 2 stars because I felt this coloring book was very, very small. It's size would be acceptable if there were not 2 of each picture. In this case, if the pictures are going to be duplicated, I would suggest adding about twice as many unique pictures.

  • Alyson
    2018-09-28 03:39

    I received this as a promotional copy from the author as a Goodreads First Reads. This is a fantastic coloring book, and a great companion piece for the storybook. The drawings are adorable, easy yet still fun, and include everything from dogs to dragons. I really love it, my son really loves it, and I can't wait to get him all of the storybooks!!

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-03 05:31

    I was a lucky enough to receive the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Thanks so much Steve and Goodreads.I absolutely loved this book. It is such a cute read and will be perfect for any small child for a bedtime story. The illustrations are amazing and go directly with the reading. This book is highly recommended.

  • Deborha Mitchell
    2018-10-17 05:59

    This book is a nice change in bedtime story reading. I am sending it to my grandson, so that my daughter can read it to him. Stevie Tenderheart is an advocate for helping to get rid of bullying. The pages of this book have vibrant pictures and the storyline is totally unique and fun. I highly recommend it to every parent and child.

  • Hyacinth
    2018-10-17 03:39

    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. Thank you for choosing me and allowing me to review such a fun book. It is beautifully illustrated and the print is easy on the eyes. I found myself chuckling as I read and look forward to reading this time and time again to my grandson. I too would like to take my bed everywhere, lol!

  • Maria Kiguthi
    2018-09-18 23:41

    The book is full of beautiful illustrations. This is intended to be a fun read aloud bed time story. Steve has fun with taking different things to bed, but WAIT A MINUTE of course they don't fit. I did stumble over a few words the first time I read out loud for bed time.I received a copy through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Brian Mccoy
    2018-10-10 23:58

    "Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE!" has a good story, and great illustrations, but it is a little too long winded, and the rhyming scheme is horrible. I would have enjoyed it better if written with a shorter, more traditional story format.In compliance with FTC guidelines, I must disclose that I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Michelle
    2018-09-26 00:52

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. My daughter was so excited about this book. She immediately sat down and started reading as soon as I had opened the package. She has read it numerous times since then. I love that this isn't just a silly story. It actually has a point. I will definitely be purchasing more books from this author.

  • Shayla Williams
    2018-10-10 23:50

    This is a great book! It's very cute, and the story is wonderful for children. I'm also inspired by the author and what he is doing to improve the world around him. This was a Firstreads book, but I would have gladly paid twice for my copy. I'll have to pick up more of his books soon! I know someone who would absolutely love them!

  • Debra
    2018-10-19 03:57

    *Received the coloring book through Goodreads first reads giveaway.This color book was a lot of fun for my child. He and his cousin enjoyed coloring in it.

  • Dawn
    2018-09-29 00:35

    **I received this from a Goodreads Giveaway**The illustrations are beautiful! I'd give them 4.5 stars.The story is okay, but it's not very well written. Did anyone proofread it? The sentiment is whimsical, but it's wordy. 2.5 stars.I'm planning to give this to a child who frequents the emergency room/hospital.

  • Yolanda
    2018-10-09 23:59

    I recieved this copy thanks to a first reads giveaway.This was well liked by all four children (ages 12,10,7,5). It is playful and fun, I think it might be too wordy for younger kids unless it is read over a couple of nights.