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Now a decade after the Four Steps to the Epiphany sparked the Lean Startup revolution, comes its sequel…The Startup Owner's ManualThe Manual incorporates 10 years of learning and best practicesthat have swept the startup world. It:Incorporates the "Business Model Canvas" as the organizing principle for startup hypothesesProvides separate paths and advice for web/mobile prNow a decade after the Four Steps to the Epiphany sparked the Lean Startup revolution, comes its sequel…The Startup Owner's ManualThe Manual incorporates 10 years of learning and best practicesthat have swept the startup world. It:Incorporates the "Business Model Canvas" as the organizing principle for startup hypothesesProvides separate paths and advice for web/mobile products versus physical productsOffers a wealth of detailed instruction on how to get, keep, and grow customers recognizing the different techniques for web and physical channelsAnd teaches a "new math" for startups: "metrics that matter for fueling growth"The Startup Owner's Manual is a step-by-step, near-encyclopedic reference manual or "how to" for building a successful, scalable startup. Want to know what to do the first, week, month or year?What's the right distribution channel for your product?How to get traffic to your web site? …and how to activate customers or users on arrival?Who are the right "first customers," and why? …plus many more great tips in nearly 500 pages, complete with index, glossary, and Customer Development ChecklistsIt's the indispensible reference guide for any startup founder, entrepreneur, investor or educator....

Title : The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company
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ISBN : 9780984999378
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company Reviews

  • Bob MacNeal
    2018-09-21 21:28

    This book is dry and formulaic, but it has one basic insight that's worth repeating: don't bother making anything until you discover & understand who's going to buy. I gave it 3-Stars because it's not an inspiring book. However, if you're considering bootstrapping a product or company, this is a slam-dunk, 5-Star must-read because it will save you years. Many aspiring entrepreneurs fancy themselves as undiscovered geniuses, but the reality is that bootstrapping a product or company is much more formulaic than inspired -- it requires lots of gumshoe work finding and listening to potential customers. Any clown can make something. It's the clowns who make something that people will buy that count.

  • CAC
    2018-09-30 22:39

    The text I use for my class. Not perfect (e.g. doesn't emphasize competition, risks and category and concept economic viability enough) but still the best entrepreneurial guide I have found so far. If you don't feel like wading through the text book, try and stream a series of short ENTR lectures, also done by Blank.

  • TarasProkopyuk
    2018-09-25 01:38

    Мощнейшая книга!!!Недавно прочёл более раннюю работу автора "Четыре шага к озарению". Теперь же дошла очередь и до "Стартап. Настольная книга основателя". В принципе должен сказать, что последняя книга усовершенствованная старая. Да и в новой версии спустя годы сделано множество поправок и автор сделал акцент на цифровой бизнес.Чтобы снова не повторятся читайте о книге здесь -Если не читали "Четыре шага к озарению" можете смело начать с этой книги. Если же читали, то всё равно очень рекомендую прочесть данную.Лучшее книги о построении и развитии стартапа я ещё не видал! И даже если вы уже тот предприниматель или менеджер, который думает, что его сложно чем удивить - значит книга точно для вас!!!

  • Tadas Talaikis
    2018-09-29 23:31

    OMC, boring as heaven, real life has no "step by step instructions". Like from Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days: "Second system may be years late and fixes none of the first system problems."

  • Tom
    2018-09-26 22:32

    Blank, Steven Gary, and Bob Dorf (2012), The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step-Guide for Building a Great Company, K and S Ranch, Inc. K&S Publishing Division. This is a brilliant book about a new approach for entrepreneurs to build lasting companies. It includes a four-stage model Steve Blank made famous called customer development, which complements the traditional product development model. Customer Development is comprised of four processes: 1. Customer Discovery: Who will buy my breakthrough innovation, and what do they need? 2. Customer Validation: Will our product satisfy that need better than all others? What assumptions am I making about my business model? Let’s get out of the building and test them! 3. Customer Creation: Who is buying the innovation and how do we create a scalable model to attract paying customers? 4. Company Building: How do we grow our company as we continue to innovate with new product ideas and iterate with our customers? The book is comprehensive (over 500 pages), but every page is worth reading.

  • Joshua Pitzalis
    2018-10-13 21:20

    This is the best business book I have read till date.It effortlessly dismantles the bullshit idea of a good entrepreneur as a modern day Indiana Jones hacking their way through a jungle of self-doubt armed only with an iron clad will and a penchant for making the right decisions at the right time. This books recast my understanding of the ideal entrepreneur as a scientist, methodical and precise.The book outlines exactly what to pay attention to through each of the four stages of turning an idea into a sustainable business that earns 10x on its initial investment. To be honest, I didn't even know there were stages before I picked up this book, let along what to focus on in each one of them.Zero bullshit, just super useful, highly-actionable advice from someone who sounds like they know what they are talking about. It's not a particularly enjoyable read but then again, its not the kind of book you read for enjoyment.I intend to reread this incredible book at least once a year.

  • Nathan
    2018-10-12 19:44

    Great companion to The Lean Startup and Business Model Generation. I found it to be more useful in B2B application than in B2C. The edition of the book I have, First Ed/5th printing, has both B2B and B2C content and the way to two are presented in succession within a single chapter does not make for the best read. But the author states early in the book that it is not meant to be read straight through, rather used as a reference - thus the name.In any event, it's a great book on the subject - presented in a much more detailed, hands-on manner than The Lean Startup. This makes it less useful as a read-through intro/overview to the subject, but perhaps more useful as a guide once you are starting to practice Lean techniques.

  • Barry Graubart
    2018-10-13 17:30

    Simply THE best book on product strategy and market entry for startups.I follow the customer development method closely in bringing new products to market.My only criticism is that the book could have used a good editor. Steve writes more like a blogger than a book author and he frequently repeats concepts. But, that's a minor annoyance considering the value this book provides.If you're a product manager or a leader of an early stage company, buy copies for your whole team and use it.

  • د.أمجد الجنباز
    2018-10-12 18:35

    الكتاب الأهم في التخطيط للمشاريع الرياديةيحوي خطوات توجهك لتبدأ فكرتك الصغيرة، ثم تكبرها تدريجيا وبشكل مدروس إلى أن يتحول أعلى مشروع قاءمومؤلف الكتاب بروفيسور مشهور في ستانفورد، وله الكثير من الدورات المجانية أن لاين حول بدء المشروعات الصغيرة

  • Nate Desmond
    2018-10-03 17:39

    This book provides an amazing level of detail on running a successful startup. Perhaps more important than the 400+ pages of reading though, the checklists in the back can be pulled out as needed for specific startup tasks.

  • Frederick
    2018-10-04 17:22

    Great reference guide for startup owners.

  • Tim
    2018-10-06 21:29

    Essential reading for startups. Gotta thank my friend Tiang Cheng for recommending it to me. Wish I read it a long time ago ;-)

  • Viktoriia
    2018-10-13 22:46

    It is an amazing book! I am about to see how it works in practice.

  • Ricardo Cabral
    2018-10-01 00:25

    Too much focus on customer/market discovery and validation, so it misses many steps on how to build a great company.

  • Todd
    2018-09-22 01:26

    It's like Twilight of the Idols for business approaches.A revolutionary yet practical method for violently growing a business.

  • Peter Fedichev
    2018-09-24 01:23

    business manual bla-bla-bla

  • Danny Shemesh
    2018-10-07 23:18

    The startups owner's manual is a fantastic, must-read book for all wantrepreneurs out there.Applying the techniques shown in this book will help you develop an extremely beneficial mindset, and work on your next product in an almost-scientific fashion.I can summarize the book to the following points:* Prepare a set of assumptions that surround your idea - mark the riskiest ones* Try disproving your assumptions first using market validation - ask people, understand your market* After you're feeling good with what you have - use a business canvas (or similar approach) to vividly outline your business - Partners, Costs, Revenue streams* Always strive to build the most basic product you can to show your strengths and test it in the wild - Sell what you don't yet posses, mock software with manual work* Drive traffic, offer incentives for collecting feedbacks and get ready to re-iterate and change your plan & assumptionsHave a great read!

  • Jawad Sajwani
    2018-09-25 23:23

    a great book for startups and entrepreneurs needs better orginizaiton though and it will be more amazing book

  • Luis
    2018-10-12 17:36

    Just like Lean Startup, just for the fact that anybody having read it will have a big edge over anyboady that hasn´t, you need this book if you´re building a start-up, specially if it´s a digital product.

  • Khalid Alnaqbi
    2018-10-08 17:22

    Recommended for all entrepreneurs :)

  • Manuel
    2018-09-23 00:44

    Es realmente un manual de 640 páginas en formato de bolsillo. Es definitivamente un libro muy extenso, diseñado, supuestamente, para llevarlo encima "en caso de emergencia emprendedora".Es un libro muy recomendable si quieres hacer lo que dice el subtítulo. Mil veces mejor que el inservible libro "El método Lean Startup" de Eric Ries y, diferente y complementario al "Generación de modelos de negocio" y "Diseñando la propuesta de valor" de Alex Osterwalder. En las primeras páginas el autor te indica que no pretendas leerte el libro como cuando te sientas a leer una novela o un ensayo, tranquilamente sentado en un sillón. He leído otros libros de la temática y no le creí pero el autor lleva razón. No es un libro para sentarse a leerlo, es un libro para trabajarlo, para tomar notas, marcar páginas, subrayar y estropearlo. No me he leído ni la mitad pues he saltado, según el índice (que no es muy clarificador, todo hay que decirlo), de página en página según lo que me interesaba leer. Lo compré porque estaba de oferta a unos 11€ pero ahora que lo tengo en la mano creo que es un libro para tenerlo en digital, donde los libros se pueden 'guarrear' digitalmente sin estropearlo y donde la información está indexada, se pueden buscar términos, se puede subrayar y anotar y todas esas cosas que permiten los libros digitales. Curiosamente, este libro no lo venden en formato kindle y sí venden otros, como el de Osterwalder, que en formato digital son un auténtico desastre. Lo bueno de este libro es que tienes toda la metodología de desarrollo de clientes y desarrollo de modelos de negocio en un mismo sitio porque realmente toda la información está ya, aunque desperdigada, en diferentes webs de Internet. Incluso en español hay mucha información.

  • Geoff Noble
    2018-10-05 18:34

    I am cheating a little here as there are three books in this edition and I have only read the first of the three. Having said that, from what I can tell the remaining two books are more specific than the first book which is a generalist's version of the Start-up Owner's Manual. Okay on to the review.So the title sounds boring. No one really wants to read a manual. Having said that I am quite relieved that the book wasn't titled "10 Steps to Follow When Launching a StartUp which Will Mean You Will Never Fail" or "The Magic Formula for Startup Success". This book is anything but that. Now, I don't work for a startup but I learned quite a lot from reading the book. First of all, you have to do the hard yards. Blank calls it "getting out the building". The startup founders have to go out and test their business model. The idea of pivot also was intriguing. The idea of pivot sort revolves around: "Founders who succeed observe that something isn’t working in their current business model, orient themselves to the new facts, decide what part of their business model needs to change and then act decisively." (As an aside, in today's world with new skills readily available (think it has never been easier to perform a career pivot).This is a great book. Anyone considering going down the startup road best read it.

  • Mohammad Rauf
    2018-09-25 20:33

    Good concepts and great insights around understanding customers prior to committing serious resources. However, I find it repetitive with unnecessarily long checklists and 'concept manufacturing.' This is a 200-page book stretched to 600-pages.

  • Yeswanth Devisetty
    2018-10-01 20:25

    Well, definitely one of the most comprehensive books that I've ever come across. It teaches a philosophy/methodology called"Customer Development Model"in conjunction with a concept called"Business Model Canvas" . For people like me with little startup experience, it provides a great insight into what exactly goes into making a business successful. The customer development model has 4 steps through we are expected to progress while making a startup. As the process claims, this method will save us tons of time, money & effort by not letting us do premature scaling, making huge bets just based on hypotheses.In a nutshell, this book warns against premature scaling and execution based on just guesses & hypothesis. They claim that, validation of the problem & solution from the customer is a must, before taking any serious action.I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who has anything to do with startups.

  • Manuel
    2018-10-07 01:43

    No he leido el libro aun, pero por el autor que es realmente el creador de toda la teoria moderna de desarrolo de startups (Steve Blank) y por las entrevistas que he escuchado, este libro es obligado a quien le interesen los temas de innovacion ,startups, inversion en capital de riesgo y negocios en general.Blank escribio "Four steps to Epiphany" hace algunos años pero era un libro mas anecdotico, dificil de seguir y relativamente mas conceptual que practico.Este nuevo libro corrige esos errores y pretende ser un manual bien estructurado para ser usados por emprendedores y reducir al minimo posible los errores mas comunes al crear empresas que estan buscando sus clientes, su producto y modelo de negocio.

  • Alan
    2018-10-06 01:20

    O livro apresenta uma versão estendida e revisada do "The Four Steps to the Epiphany" com maior foco em negócios digitais. É de fácil leitura, porém é uma leitura chata e repetitiva.A abordagem dos autores gira em torno de quatro passos para iniciar o desenvolvimento de um produto e crescer ele gradualmente até se tornar escalável. Não importa o que você queira fazer, antes de tudo entenda bem o mercado e quem vai comprar o produto. Valide cada passo muito bem antes de ir para o próximo e esteja disposto a rearticular (pivotar no dicionário startupeiro brasileiro) seu negócio.Ponto positivo: o livro vem com um vasto apêndice onde os autores listam os checklists de cada passo de validação do produto.

  • Jorge Reyes
    2018-09-18 21:22

    Steve es un genio. He tenido la oportunidad de atender a sus cursos, comprende y sintetiza el ecosistema emprendedor como muy pocos. Al mostrar sus hipótesis ha apoyado al mejor entendimiento de las diferencias, profundas, entre emprendedor y empresario, no solo eso, estructura cursos con temas fundamentales para el desarrollo empresarial, sustentado con años de estudio, investigación y experiencia. Este libro es un "deber tener" para todo enamorado de las instituciones, empresas, innovación y creatividad. Mi twitter es @emorar

  • Raveen
    2018-10-17 23:16

    Amazing book for anyone who wants to start on their own. I can say i literally owe my startup journey to this book and Steve Blank's site and resoruces on that site. Since reading this book, i figured out the complexities and skill gaps and the need to have a experimenter's mentality to startups and everything a startup does. Hammerhead Navigation Inc., would not have come to be if not for this book

  • Brian Finifter
    2018-09-29 01:25

    Probably useful, but as a textbook it's difficult to drum up the motivation to keep actively reading it. If you need a detailed guide through the startup process, this offers several different potential roadmaps, but there are probably better places to get the same information more succinctly. It does provide many checklists however which might be very useful as references.

  • BundyBear
    2018-10-12 17:29

    Gosh, what a pricey book I've gotten. It is a good book, but for the point which they are trying to make, and the enormous amount of regurgitation of marketing concepts without much explanation, the best I could give is 3 stars. Just get the online book on GooglePlay. It's one third the hard-copy price.