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This is the complete Dear Teddy Series. Dear Mr. Ted, contains all four books.Dear Teddy Book One -Little boy little boy,Curled in a ball.I know your secrets,I know them allI write in my journal as much as I can. I talk to Mr. Ted. He is my only friend. He understands when the bad man comes. He holds my hand when I have nightmares and my mummy doesn't hear me cry. Mr. TedThis is the complete Dear Teddy Series. Dear Mr. Ted, contains all four books.Dear Teddy Book One -Little boy little boy,Curled in a ball.I know your secrets,I know them allI write in my journal as much as I can. I talk to Mr. Ted. He is my only friend. He understands when the bad man comes. He holds my hand when I have nightmares and my mummy doesn't hear me cry. Mr. Ted doesn’t tell. He won’t say when my daddy hurts me. He keeps my secrets and my stories. I love Mr. Ted. He is the only one who loves me back.Mr. Ted.I keep falling asleep. Bad things happen. I get sore all the time. But I don’t know why. My mum says it’s a demon. Because I got evil. Please make me be good....Where does an abused child turn when he has no one to talk to? Believing that he is evil and meant to be a victim, he tells his horrific journey to his only friend, Mr. Ted. The boy is five. In his own words through the compelling pages of his journal, he writes in terrific detail of unspeakable abuse forced upon him by his parents. Through manipulation and control, he is moulded into a creation of their own design. Fear follows close behind in the guise of the “bad man.”His voice is no longer silent.Telling Teddy Book Two-Mr. Ted. I love you very much.I love my Mr. Ted. He is all mine and he is magic. He keeps me safe from the bad man. I hug him all tight. We sit on the floor by the fire. I don't be allowed to sit on the chairs. I am too evil.Me and Mr. Ted like to write stories. He tells me what to write. Then I draw the pictures about it and we make it all nice. I put it in my scrap book. My Nan bought me the scrap book. It is big and has lots of pages. It has a car on the front and my name.Stupid Boy Book Three -Stupid Boy, the sequel to the #1 ranked book, Dear Teddy and Telling Teddy.” I am a stupid boy, with stupid hair and stupid clothes. I am always stupid, forever. My badness comes out and makes it all stupid. I don’t tell Mr. Ted though. He is my friend. We go outside and we get to play. We chop up all the bad people with our swords. We play with Andrew too. He is magic, he is invisible. He doesn’t know that I am Stupid Boy. Nobody ever wants Stupid Boy.”Stupid Boy is the third instalment of Dear Teddy, and continues the pain-filled journey of a seven-year old boy through his horrific childhood of abuse. In his own words, he shows you his scars and tells you the lies that he believes; every page an accounting of the deliberate destruction of a child by those he loves and the strangers he is forced to please.His gentle spirit will reach out and amaze you with its strength. Wrap your arms around him as he opens his heart once more and shares his life with you.His story continues…Goodbye Teddy Book Four -This journey has been an odd one; I didn’t even know I was on it. Dear Teddy was born out of a conversation with my therapist at the time, a way for the child to speak after so many years of silence and being locked away in the dark. Once I gave him a pen and told him it was okay for him to talk, he didn’t stop. He had so much to say, and he did.Goodbye Teddy is the fourth and final book in the Dear Teddy series, as with the previous books; it is told through the eyes of the child. He asks you to walk with him as he shows you his world. This is a tale of child abuse in all forms. Every page takes you through the horrific events and the ways he came to survive them. It shows you the betrayal by those very people that should have protected him; his mother and father.Listen as he shares his secrets, his fears, his hopes and dreams. Laugh with him, cry with him, but don’t stop or close your eyes.ExcerptI sit on the cushions. I look at my dad’s bottle of petrol. Maybe I can drink it. It is poison. My dad says it is. He shouts when my brother plays in there. Because there is lots of things and it is poison and can make him die and go to heaven. I look at it lots of times. Maybe I can drink it all...

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Dear Mr. Ted Reviews

  • Teresa
    2019-05-25 13:38

    This series by JD Stockholm, is not only raw, powerful, uniquely and excellently written, but it is true.With every word, JD Stockholm isn't just telling his story, he is also reliving it. And he is teaching us. The unique way he shares his lesson, makes it possible for the reader to absorb what he is trying to convey. And one does. Every chapter is a lesson. A lesson of reality. A lesson of survival. A lesson of his life.His words will change you. They will enlighten you. They will open your eyes to the sick and twisted world that is child abuse. Some things that happen to this baby, this old soul as I call him, may have never been heard of by some of us.... or could even be fathomed for that matter. And yet sadly, other things - other acts perpetrated upon him, have become all too common in the world we live in today. Yes, his words, his story, his lesson, his very existence, will definitely open your eyes... even if you don't want to see.Be warned, for once you read his story, hear this tiny voice, you will never forget it. And you will be forever changed.When those around him behave less than human, his mind, his resolve, his loving nature and his Teddy Bear help pull him through. Times of betrayal, fear, self-loathing, pain, and utter despair, are cushioned, if you will, by that bear. Though he may sometimes falter, even crumble a bit, his spirit is not crushed. He proves it in these books, and he proves it still today. This boy's courage will do more than just tug at your heart strings. For most, it will rip them from one's chest and leave them dangling in silence, while the reader is left gasping for a breath to relieve the disgust, anger, horror and sorrow, while trying to dry the continuous flow of tears blurring the pages of these books.What if, that because of the prolonged horrible abuse from the ones you love most in this world...the ones who make up your world... what if, you actually believe you are evil; and as result, you stop caring what happens to you? You begin to believe all the lies they have filled your head with for your entire life. Yet you push onward.That is what these books are about. Unthinkable, unimaginable, horrifically cruel abuse. Ultimate betrayal. Catastrophic rejection. Torture. Rage. Sadness. Loneliness. Self-hatred. Abandonment. Starvation. Degradation. Humiliation. Slavery. Sociopathic predators. Unconscionable acts.And survival.As well as, resolve. Courage. Strength. Love. You will feel all of these and much, much more. Perhaps you will cry. Perhaps you will be angry... maybe only simply stunned. It was practically impossible for me to comprehend that one sweet little boy could have so many depraved "people" around him.So much evil.He isn't viewed as a human being by them, but simply an object. One that they find easy to prey upon. One that they condition to suit their sick needs. To torment. To torture. To use. And to abuse. When he rebels, everything is intensified.Everything.These books are not for the weak-hearted. They contain a powerful, personal account of a little boy's nightmare. One that he could not escape ... not in slumber... not in the waking state. It is one of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. Perhaps in its cruelest form, as most of it was inflicted upon him by the very ones who should've protected the most. His parents.Just imagine. When the only attention received, is abusive. Maddening. Just plain cruel. To have a a lifetime of it.A lifetime.This is far from being a fairytale. And so, imagine if you will, this child's mind set. That if, from as far back as you can remember, you were viewed as nothing more than a nuisance... by your own parents. Never receiving a loving touch or embrace. Never a kind word. Never being able to fully trust. Never feeling accepted. Wanted. Loved.And craving it.Always on edge. Ever vigilant, anticipating the "next time." Feeling like an intruder. An outsider. Worthless - within your own family. Actually fearing the help by any outsiders, because you know your parents would retaliate... or worse, that you might be taken away from them. To love them with all your heart, yet receive none in return. To live in a family where you are reminded daily, that you are not wanted. Where you practically do not exist; except when they want to use you for their own sick gratification. Never hearing the words from your parents, that most of us take for granted; a sentence most of us either hear or utter every day, to our loved ones. "I love you."Wishing for something that would never come. Love.I say again... just imagine.JD's courage in writing and sharing his story should be applauded. I know that it is. I also know, that in some ways, for him, doing so was far more terrifying than living through it the first time. What if you felt you had to reveal your most intimate embarrassing and humiliating of secrets, to try and make sense of it all? To just try and heal? Yet that in doing so, thinking the world would hate you? Despite that fear, he has shown us what to look for, within the realm of abuse. He has taught us that things like this really do exist in this world. And he has proven to us that there is always hope...even if it is not easily seen.There are those who will, and have said, that this story isn't happy enough. It is that kind of attitude that allows and fuels the "head in the sand" mentality regarding the subject of abuse. If we don't believe it exists, then it won't. - Right? Well it does. In far too many forms. There is NO excuse for any child to endure even a fraction of what JD has, (and to a point) still does today. JD's life is a perfect example of how the human spirit can and does survive.Here in the U.S., amidst these violent times, we have a saying, which I know applies here. It is simply, "See something - say something."JD is saying something. And we, as a decent society should listen.Thank you, James, for sharing your story. For teaching us. And for making us "see."You are an amazing man, and an incredible author.

  • Angela Peters
    2019-06-03 17:43

    There are some stories that leave an indelible print on your psyche. The Dear Teddy Series is one such story.Young Jamie takes us on his horrific journey of abuse, neglect and despair, inflicted by the hands of those who should love and cherish this beautiful young boy, his parents. With no-one to turn to he shares his deepest thoughts and fears with his one true friend, his teddy bear, who is his silent companion and protector.Beautifully written and told in the words of the child. Graphic in its depiction, not only is the Author telling us his story, he wants us to sit up and be aware of what is going on in the world around us. I wish peace of mind and a lifetime of happiness for this amazing Author and man.

  • Kirsty Adams
    2019-06-01 21:35

    A set of books that will stay with me forever. The horrors that are described are heartbreaking and as a reader, so many emotions such as fear, frustration, anger and such sadness was experienced throughout the books. My review will never do this set of books justice. The way JD communicates his story is inspiring and I thank him for his bravery in sharing his story.

  • Cynthia
    2019-06-07 19:40

    Absolutely amazing and heartbreaking series! Highly recommended.

  • Pat
    2019-06-02 16:34

    I couldn't put this book down with a tear stained face I read and read ..It's so darn raw and to think a little guy had to endure this as his life!!! Two weeks + and I still feel the same rawness I read it again and it hurts even more aren't we supposed be safe with our parents! It shattered me completely— my heart is so open for him as a man I need to hug him …To be able to continue his life amazes me ..So extremely proud of you Jamie

  • Isabel Rivera
    2019-06-10 13:51

    Dear Mr Stockholm I cry a lot ,but keep reading. Make me frustrated and desperate,becauseI couldn't helped ::::: Because is the true story,thinking about how many children suffered the adults abuse and neglect manipulate their minds .The afraid of the children believe everything the adults say like something bad happens and never talk.But why some woman called mothers,some are monsters.The Story is real well written, raw,powerful unique and excellent.Every chapter is a lesson of reality and survival highly recommended.

  • Yvette Grimes
    2019-06-05 21:39

    I completed book one. It has taken me 10 months.... Not because the book was poorly written, but because my heart would break with each chapter. The things endured by this courageous little boy no child should ever have to face. Not only did he endure, he survived! I honestly don't know if I will read the next book. My heart is breaking right now. The thing I'm clinging to is the fact that the author didn't give up.

  • Tina Henry
    2019-06-07 17:41

    My heart is broken for this little boy. So many emotions hit me while reading it. Love for him, anger at his abusers and desperation and frustration because there's nothing I could do to help. Excellently written and I know without a doubt I will never be able to forget his story.

  • Dusty
    2019-06-04 16:42

    To survive this kind of life. JD is a true warrior,hero,survivor. A blessing to my world.

  • Tracey
    2019-06-18 20:44

    Devastatingly saddening. A factual horror story, and yet it's also a heroic survival story. I applaud J D Stockholm on having the courage to share his tale. 5 Stars.