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The fourth Laura Marlin mystery from the Blue Peter award-winning author of DEAD MAN'S COVEWhen Laura Marlin's Siberian husky, Skye, saves an actress's life in Cornwall, she and her best friend, Tariq, receive a surprise invitation to work as extras in a film about an art heist in St Petersburg, Russia. But what promises to be the coolest holiday ever quickly turns deadlyThe fourth Laura Marlin mystery from the Blue Peter award-winning author of DEAD MAN'S COVEWhen Laura Marlin's Siberian husky, Skye, saves an actress's life in Cornwall, she and her best friend, Tariq, receive a surprise invitation to work as extras in a film about an art heist in St Petersburg, Russia. But what promises to be the coolest holiday ever quickly turns deadly as a series of accidents threaten both cast and crew, and Laura finds herself at the centre of a deadly game. Meanwhile, the Straight-A gang are dead set on revenge and Laura is at the top of their hit list. As the doors open on a lavish film party at the legendary Hermitage Museum, Laura and Tariq have to decide who and what is real. Could art be about to imitate life?...

Title : Rendezvous in Russia
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ISBN : 9781444009446
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Rendezvous in Russia Reviews

  • Rowda Altamimi
    2019-02-27 09:26

    I guarantee you that the greatest shock of the year is in this book. And there's something about Mr.A that I will not reveal of course! I've learned a lot of new information, first of all the Russian word Dasvidaniya means goodbye and that The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersberg, Russia has a vast collection of over three million works of art including Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces and that encouraged me to put it in my list of places to visit & that Siberian Huskies are faithful to their owners. Also, I learned about the White nights Phenomenon that happens in St Petersburg where it's light almost twenty-four hours a day, I somehow got scared of film sets in one point of the story. Let's move to the abstract things -> If there's one thing that I wish to have from the series is the friendship between Laura and Tariq, I've learned that it can be a powerful weapon and a great pleasure. What amazes me is that in every book of The Laura Marlin Mysteries you get really puzzled and try to think of how she'll get out of the trouble she's in but you can't! And I have some good news for those who are sad that the series has come to an end.. There's an extra book in the series: The Midnight picnic, special story for the UK World book day.

  • Scorch
    2019-03-24 09:16

    As the last book in the series, I think the uniqueness of this book compared to others is fabulous, although Dead Man's Cove is still my favorite by far.

  • Gill James
    2019-03-15 12:40

    Lauren St John delivers again. If you enjoyed Enid Blyton’s Famous Five or the Nancy Drew mysteries you will enjoy this. Except it probably wouldn’t displease your parents and teachers as much as Blyton did: it is more 21st century and much better written. Laura Marlin – and the book is subtitled “A Laura Marlin mystery” - is a feisty teenager who loves mysteries and detective stories. She is an orphan who used to live in a children’s home. She now lives with her uncle Calvin, a Chief Inspector of Police. She has two great friends - Tariq Ali, who is good with horses, and her three-legged husky, Skye. Laura, Skye and Tariq get a lot more than they bargained for when they get involved with filming The Aristocratic Thief. They are once again swept into the world of the deadly “Straight As”. There is pace and tension a plenty here along with good characterisation. I read it virtually at one sitting. Do give it a go.

  • Stan Kirkman
    2019-03-06 10:32

    I thought this book was amazing. It is a mystery book very similar to books by Enid Blyton, it is so clever when you read through it and lots of different areas and clues slot into place in the great climax. One example of this is when the deputy prime minister asks Tiraqu (one of the main characters) whether he thinks the enemies or good guys will come out on top, he then says 'so sad life cant be more like the movies' This gives a clue to the fact the PM turns out to be the leader of the notorious gang , The Straight As.... Mr A. In the book the children are joining in the filming in St Petersburg of the 'aristocratic thief', a film about an art heist in the beautiful Hermitage museum, but while the heist is being shot with a fake da Vinci picture. The story line is taking place in real life with the real picture by the gang!

  • Rita
    2019-03-15 12:27

    You may view this review at Weaving Pages:, I will point out that though this is a great book title, I cannot spell Rendezvous for the life of me.. Just bear with me because although I will check this review before I publish it, I shall warn you before hand that I cannot spell that world. Not even for all the books in the world. (Okay, maybe then I'd make an effort to learn it.. )Something that I want to state is that when I'm giving this book 3.5 stars, isn't because I just liked it and didn't really think much of it, it's because I consider this series a light read. Whenever I read one of these books, I usually read them really quickly, and they aren't something that's hard to read. I think this is the perfect book to read after reading a hard, long book. Or maybe even after a reading slump! It's a little something just to get you back into the swing of things.I found that when I read this book, it seemed to me like I could predict the things that were going to happen. This could be because it's a more of a children's book than a YA one, so that could be expected. However, I found that this meant that some of the events lost some of the surprise there could have been.However, sometimes when I thought I knew what was going to happen, it was the opposite. Instead, I found that I was surprised because the outcome was different then what I had expected. This was good because it meant I found myself being surprised instead of always knowing what was going to happen.One thing that stood out to me whilst reading Rendezvous in Russia, was the portrayal of the film world. I thought that it was very accurate and that the truths were very realistic. Also, I thought that Laura and Tariq's reactions were very realistic and they had a great perspective towards it.Now, I am going to share a quote that I loved SO much that I burst out laughing! To set the scene, I'm just going to tell you that Britney is a pomerian who is (in the film) about to save a girl who is about to fall of a cliff. "The Husky took one look at Britney bounding like a bunny through the long grass, wrenched out of Laura's grasp and tore after her." "...Britney glanced over her shoulder and let out an audible squeak when she saw the husky bearing down on her. Realising that escape was impossible, she chose to leap over the cliff."Is it incredibly mean that I find this funny? Anyway, I can't wait to see what Laura get's up to next, and I'm even more excited for the next book in The One Dollar Horse series!

  • Sue
    2019-02-27 09:43

    Rendezvous in Russia (Laura Marlin Mysteries) by Lauren St.John (2014)

  • Ursula
    2019-03-21 13:22

    My favourite out of all the books is still Dead Man's Cove. They were all a little repetitive but I really enjoyed all of them. I liked how different this one was although I didn't always find it as gripping, I was hoping the ending would be a little more dramatic but a[art from that it was really good and great fun to read. I had fun working out the mysteries with Laura. Sad thing is I'm guessing this is the last book in the quartet...

  • ilsa ➹
    2019-03-24 09:22

    It was good but I have read better books. It wasn't too exciting. The other books in the series are really engaging.

  • Aisha
    2019-03-05 08:38

    This is an amazing book which I have read and reread and never gets old. Definitely recommend to mystery lovers!