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Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond. There is nothing he can’t steal, nothing he can’t have...except for the life he left behind. Now it’s go time for his Venice heist — and THIEF OF THIEVES’ most EXPLOSIVE story arc yet! Collects THIEF OF THIEVES #14-19....

Title : Thief of Thieves, Vol. 3: Venice
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ISBN : 9781607068440
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Thief of Thieves, Vol. 3: Venice Reviews

  • Crystal Starr Light
    2018-10-01 11:19

    Bullet Review:Quite possibly the best of the 4 I've read. The plans we've seen since volume 1 get set into motion. Lots of twists and turns - some predictable, some not so much. It's kinda more disappointing, though, given how kinda cheesy Volume 4 ends up.

  • Sesana
    2018-09-29 12:14

    This volume is a lot like the second, in some ways. Good, but not great. I have to say, one specific element of this volume's heist was a bit of a blow to my enjoyment of the story. Because stained glass doesn't really work like that, guys. Luckily, it was a relatively small thing, and that part was over quickly.

  • Drown Hollum
    2018-10-05 15:09

    The quality of the book goes up again with this story arc, featuring a brisk, smart story. Martinbrough's art is poppy and perfectly suited to tone, while Andy Diggle's succinct writing shines, allowing the art to tell its side of the story. Conrad's relationships with Audrey and Detective Cohen make some progress, with focus turned away from the father son dynamic seen in the last trade, and a clever set up is pulled off here, pointing us in the direction of the next big target, without ever saying it out loud. The Thief of Thieves books are breezy and easy to absorb, and this story comes back up for air after the blood soaked story arc just before it. The humor is still not in place with Nick Spencer's absence and I'm still waiting for a Celia story arc, but it's a good book, and a strong offering in the sparse world of graphic crime fiction.

  • Prîñçê Deepu
    2018-10-04 18:24

    Big score

  • Akke
    2018-10-13 11:29

    I can see its flaws, but honestly idgaf because I loooooooove this series.

  • Rolando Marono
    2018-10-21 13:19

    The good:-We see all that fuzz about Venice and is great.-Just at the moment when you get revelations, you get more secrets to keep going.-The rhythm is just great.-Even when you know that there will be a plot twist, you can't tell what will it be.The bad:-This volume is less dramatic and heart breaking because it doesn't depict the past relationships of Redmond, (in volume one we see him with his best friend and wife and the second volume is about his son) but this kind of rest feels good for this volume, you have an action packed volume after two sentimental volumes.

  • umberhulk
    2018-10-11 18:18

    Good shit. Although i'll say that I hope Cohen wins at the end of this series. I guess.

  • Chenise
    2018-10-13 18:31

    Actual rating: 3.5Redmond is very, very good at what he does - in everything except for his family life. Like how we finally got to see this con that is hinted in the very first volume.

  • Meran
    2018-10-13 17:16

    Conrad Paulson has been avoiding working for his previous employer, who has NOT accepted Conrad's notion of retirement. Apparently, he's not allowed to EVER retire. Especially not since he'd begun planning The Venice Job.I enjoy the adages at the beginning of each chapter. This first one is "Old Thieves Never Die. They Just Get Taken."[NB. The artist and writers know NOTHING about stained glass. And didn't take the 30 min. to learn about going through one either. I need to say that first part, TWO. MORE. TIMES. I'm sure they research the damned guns!! Later on, famous artwork is depicted at TWICE real size. (C'mon guys, the Internet is FREE and pretty quick for research!)]Maybe the decline in writing quality is because the author is working on too many projects. THIS series will be a TV series in Fall 2014, which means it's in production NOW.

  • Cale
    2018-09-27 15:37

    This book isn't quite as strong as the previous volumes, mainly by virtue of the fact it's only half the story. But what story is here is really strong. Paulson brings his entourage to Venice to perform a heist he has had planned for years. But the number of strings he is pulling is up in the air - what is he doing and what is out of his control? The whole heist is hurried due to an outside influence, and much of the book feels less focused and more off-the-cuff than the previous volumes. This works to up the tension though; more than the other volumes, the sense that something's going to go wrong pervades, and the way things conclude leave that sense in place. Andy Diggle's art is perfect, and everything works really well. It leaves you wanting more.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2018-10-14 15:13

    The weakest of the three Thief of Thieves volumes to date. The biggest problem is that we almost entirely lose the flashbacks, so the comics becomes a shallower action-adventure. (And that shows in the lack of much depth for any of our character.) Still, we have another fun caper here — and even though "Venice" has to live up to two issues of build-up, it does a pretty good job of doing so. There also are a few surprising twists and turns. So, it's an enjoyable read, but closer to 3.5 stars.

  • Paul Allard
    2018-09-26 16:08

    Clever caper story with twists and turnsThis volume continues from the last one and involves Redmond saving his son from Lola by carrying out the Venice heist. There is, of course, a lot more to it than that as he manipulates the FBI, his colleagues and the Mafia. A good yarn well-told with fewer flashbacks thankfully, left on a cliffhanger, so Volume 4 beckons.

  • Brendan Nicholls
    2018-10-18 14:09

    Better chapter and full of interesting twists and turns. I'm a little interested in this series and eager to see how this story unfolds. I'm not sold on the characters and still think they are underwritten. I don't see if it climbing into the five stars but it might keep my interest for the time being

  • ***Dave Hill
    2018-10-16 10:24

    Andy Diggle takes on the story, which means guns and violence and still more capers, but none of it quite gets the traction I'm looking for. As with previous volumes, the tale sometimes gets too complex in its double- and triple-crosses (especially with Shawn Martinbrough's chunky, shadowy art). Entertaining, but not enough to make me buy more collections.

  • Jeff Raymond
    2018-09-28 11:26

    While book three left me a little cold, I have to say that the way books three and four ramp up for this series is impressive. The series still isn't without its flaws, but the vast improvements certainly make this at least worth some time if you're looking for a read.

  • Kelly Lynn Thomas
    2018-10-15 11:31

    A decent ending to the first story arc. But I'm not sure I liked this series enough to keep reading beyond this--a lot of things are very stereotype-y and the women all play hyper-sexualized typical roles. So meh.

  • Douglas Gorney
    2018-10-04 13:12

    This has been of the bunch so far. I'm a sucker for high-budget international locations.I have to say it was this series that made me understand how comics have much more to do with film and television than they do with fiction. Kirkman storyboards well. Great fun.

  • Edward Lebowski
    2018-10-14 17:19

    Di una fiQezza inaudita sto fumetto. Non vedo l'ora che ne facciano una serie TV perché ha tutte le basi, potenzialità e strutture per diventare un cult.Figo, figo, figo.

  • Nick Wahlstrand
    2018-10-12 16:15

    a well written heist story with eye catching artwork

  • Kenny
    2018-10-03 10:25

    Almost perfect heistmeister's reluctant comeback story.

  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    2018-10-04 17:34

    So Oceans 11! I need to read the next volume now.

  • Joey Heflich
    2018-10-21 11:14

    Everyone involved in this book should have done a better job. It could have been amazing, but instead, it's just okay.

  • Joseph
    2018-10-08 15:37

    Another exciting volume here. Redmond goes to Venice and has to find a way to dupe the FBI into helping him. Another brilliant play by the Thief of Thieves.