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Just Between Us there is determination to reminisce and reveal all that once crippled our lives. You are invited to share in this short story collection of Tina Brown, Tamika Christy, Nicole Dunlap, Selena Haskins, Janice Ross and Adrienne Thompson. These stories are all real, no work of fiction can match the emotional expressions displayed in this heartfelt collection ofJust Between Us there is determination to reminisce and reveal all that once crippled our lives. You are invited to share in this short story collection of Tina Brown, Tamika Christy, Nicole Dunlap, Selena Haskins, Janice Ross and Adrienne Thompson. These stories are all real, no work of fiction can match the emotional expressions displayed in this heartfelt collection of inspirational tales of life. Our experiences reflect what many women have had to endure in silence – but no more.Just Between Us there is strength, happiness, satisfaction, courage, love and fulfillment. Was it always that way? No, not nearly. As women we’ve learned to persevere, regardless of the circumstance. We’ve faced off with the thorns of life and overcome. And now, it is with the utmost humility that we bare our souls to women of the world. Please take our lessons of depression, abuse, overwork, misuse, uncertainty and loss – use them to encourage and grow....

Title : Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women
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Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women Reviews

  • Lyn
    2019-04-14 16:58

    I can not remember the last time a book made me cry outside of my Bible. Powerful. Applauds to these woman for penning some of their story. Thank you. I am important. ummmmmmmmmm

  • Cheryl D
    2019-04-08 10:01

    * I received a copy of this book through the goodreads sweepstakes*"Obsessions, confessions and lessons. A great little book that reminds us about what is important and how we must treat/treasure the important things in our lives (especially ourselves)"

  • Trelani Michelle
    2019-04-11 18:08

    This is a very intimate, refreshing read. I enjoyed exploring the different facets of love and the many lessons learned from it. Each author had a unique style and each story compiled to.create a well written anthology. I thank the authors for their openness and honesty.

  • Rebecca Trotter
    2019-04-02 11:50

    Six short memoirs that are truly inspiring. I could see bits of myself, or people that I am close to, in every narrative.I am going to look into reading what else these six authors have written.

  • Arlena
    2019-04-17 16:17

    Title: Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By WomenAuthors: Selena Haskins, TM Brown, Janice Ross, Nicole Dunlap, Tamika Christy & Adrienne ThompsonPublisher: Calidream Publishing CompanyReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women by a host of wonderful authors...."Just Between US there is a determination to reminisce and reveal all that once crippled our lives. You are invited to share in this short story collection of TM Brown, Tamika Christy, Nicole Dunlap, Selena Haskins, Janice Ross and Adrienne Thompson. These stories are all real, no work of fiction can match the emotional expressions displayed in this heartfelt collection of inspirational stories."What I enjoyed from this novel....I enjoyed reading from these six good author's... their version of 'Life.' They all really had some inspiring short stories about their personal and important moment in their lives that were a good encouragement to all who reads for it. Be ready for a stories of "self doubt, challenges and disappointments." I found each author anthology had its own unique and personal message with such a deep lesson that was learned from their own particular lives. Each ones life's weren't perfect but they were able to rise above it all so well....and look at them now definitely having over come the odds. I believe each of these author showed that they wrote from their heart with each intimate story showing such emotions that can be conquered. These are definitely stories that can be related and pass on to others who are dealing with such issues such as 'hardships, love, conflict, loss, redemption and the salvation through God's healing love." What I especially like from this novel ....I liked how these authors were able to share with their readers about such details that will help others that were definitely written with love showing us your openness and honesty. Great job to all of you! Here are the six short story titles by these authors...Mirror Don't Lie- Selena HaskinsFor the Love of Your-Tamika ChristyEpiphany-Adrienne ThompsonLove Letters to Jahdai- Janice RossFalling for the One-Nichole DunlapTinaah-T.M. BrownI recommend you pick up this read "Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories by Women."

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-03-20 17:07

    "Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women" by Selena Haskins and other wonderful writers is a very touching and quite inspirational selection of short articles about personal and important moments in the authors' lives. I had the pleasure of reading fiction by almost all of the authors in this book before and so the stories had an additional impact on me, seeing the real women behind the fictional stories they have published elsewhere.What I took with me from this book is the need to be true to myself, as the opening story so importantly relays. Each story has its unique and personal message, deep and meaningful lessons learned from life. It shows how we can learn from every life and from every experience. The women in this book are not only sharing these precious musings, they are sharing them for free as a gift to us all, and they are received with great thanks by this reader.

  • Mahoghani 23
    2019-03-28 15:01

    Truly InspiringThis book is a compilation of a group of women sharing their experiences in life and showing that you can come out on the other side unscathed. these stories are very in-depth and providing insight into their lives and what they experienced. if you're judgemental, don't read this book.

  • Sheba
    2019-04-04 11:00

    Great readI loved the idea of this book. It captured so many moments of my life and lessons I could learn.

  • OOSA
    2019-04-19 14:47

    Their Stories“Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories by Women” is a compilation of short stories by six women.‘Mirrors Don’t Lie’ by Selena Haskins is a glimpse into the author’s past. The story starts off with the bible verse James 1:23-24 from the New World Translation. The symbolism of this scripture is the ‘mirror.’ “A mirror will always tell you the truth about yourself. A mirror could only reflect what was being presented.” Ms. Haskins pondered this while walking by the mirror one day. She noticed she looked tired and in need of rest. She had responsibilities to her child, husband, family and friends, but the one person she neglected more than anyone was herself. (4 stars)‘For the Love of You’ by Tamika Christy tells of her background as a kid growing up. Ms. Christy was raised by her father. She never knew the true reason for her father being the one to raise her. She would visit with her mom as she was growing up but it was not often enough. It took her father’s disappointment in her for her mother to step in and be the mother she was never to her before. Ms. Christy soon found in her not only a mother but a best friend. (3 stars)‘Epiphany’ by Adrienne Thompson begins with a powerful poem of a woman hurt by a man that has hurt her emotionally. Thus begins her story about a woman recently divorced with two children to take care of on her own. Although she had a good job it was still difficult to do alone. In a state of depression is when she met ‘him.’ Even with the truth being stated up front, she goes into the relationship eyes wide open. Little could she know the man she thought she knew would be the one to take her through hell and back. (3.5 stars)‘Love Letters to Jahdai’ by Janice Ross is the story of a man in her past. A man that she shared a forbidden love with since she was married to another. Unhappy and physically abused is what spurned her affair. The fact that another man loved her was enough to endure the physical abuse she received at home. (2 stars)‘Falling for the One’ by Nicole Dunlap opens with a poem of a young mother who has had enough. Her story involves a man who comes after the one that has hurt you more than any other man. Almost every woman has had a man in her life that was the one to hurt her, make her look at the next man and question whether he is doing the same things as the last man that hurt her. Questioning where he has been, who he was with, if he was telling the truth or a lie. Maybe not outright accusing the next man, but always those thoughts in the back of your mind. What does one do to shake the negative of that old one, to give the next one the benefit of the doubt? (3 stars)‘Tinaah’ by T.M. Brown is about a college graduate still living at home with her mother in the projects. She was embarrassed how she lost sight of her own dreams constantly running behind a man. With the thought of starting fresh, she makes the decision to take a job that would relocate her out of state. Confusion led to her being with a man that lied and left her with a gift that would change her life. (3 stars)“Just Between Us-Inspiring Stories Told by Women” is an okay read at best. Every story any woman can relate to in one way or another, whether it’s you or someone you may know that may have went through it. Selena Haskins tells her story though a scripture and the symbolism of what it represents is enough for any woman to understand. Tamika Christy tells her story of love and loss but the story itself was too short and lacked background information. Ms. Thompson's story was a very personal glimpse into her life. At times the story is a little choppy due to an unclear timeline. There are also a few editing issues within her story. Overall it was a good story. Janice Ross’ story was the one I had the most difficult time with. Her story was told in descriptive words, poetic if you will, but failed in the fact that it was just confusing. It was overly descriptive. Nicole Dunlap’s story had a good premise but it was just was too short to really hit the mark. T.M. Brown’s story kind of jumped all over the place. Also, she noted her story is something that she didn’t share in her first book. Many readers of this anthology may not have read that book.Reviewed by: LeonaR

  • Claudette Alexander
    2019-04-06 15:07

    A collection of heart warming short storiesThis is a collection of six stories by women who have felt pain and before hitting rock bottom pulled themselves from the brink to reclaim their lives. The common denominator is a love of self. They eventually learned to love themselves more than the men or things that dominated their lives and in so doing was able to be of more use to their families.First story by Selena Haskins: Salena reclaimed her life, learned to say NO and found quality time for herself with the help of her mirror and God. A touching story that is very relatable to the hectic schedule working women go through making time for everybody else except themselves. Stopping to breathe again.Second story by Tamika Christy: A moving story of a mother’s love and a father’s guidance. The author expressed the tender moments shared with her mom who she did not grow up with but bonded later in life. Her dad who she grew up with was rigid and showed his love differently. It’s a story that shows kids from broken homes can still have an effective loving relationship with both parents when they are civil with each other.Third story by Adrienne Thompson: Entering into a forbidden love only leads to heartache and despair. The author shows a typical relationship in which a woman forsakes her sole and kids for the love of a man. It ends with her redemption as she reclaims her life and care of her kids.Fourth story by Janice Ross: A letter about stealing love on the side. What was and what could have been. A love tasted and lost. When abuse forces you into the arms of another but the pain of being unable to hold on lingers.Fifth story by Nicole Dunlap: The story started with a simple poem then rolled into a broken story. For whatever reason the author was afraid to use names and instead used a list of labels to describe individuals which only made this an annoying read.Sixth story by T.M. Brown: Another story where the author was afraid to use names and refers to the main character as HIM. A story of revenge sex.All in all a good relaxing read. Many women will be able to see themselves in these stories. The key is to not stay in the rut.

  • Lynn Dixon
    2019-03-24 16:08

    I enjoyed reading the short stories of these six women as they shared their affairs of the heart and simply learned to prioritize what is important in life. All seemed to understand the need for their spirituality as a source of strength whether dealing with being overworked; in an abusive relationship or in recovery from the onslaught of repeated disappointments. They all emerge victorious and I see facets of my own life in their stories. Well-done.

  • Delecia Hill
    2019-04-13 14:47

    Great short readsNice to see real life happening and knowing that others have come out of treacherous situations. God is in control and this book reminds us that He loves us despite our flaws. You will get through the storms of life as long as you give your life to the only one who can set you free.

  • Boyko Ovcharov
    2019-04-08 13:54

    Soul touching stories!Ladies with a voice!Excellent narration; several heartfelt stories of women struggling in their everyday lives. Very emotional, enlightening and inspirational. Invaluable insights into ladies' outlooks on life!

  • Neteira Anu
    2019-04-11 10:08

    I won't get into to story line of the book but I want to say this. It was so well written. The details take you through to story and it was quite amazing. I live by the word mirror image, fun that's what the author lead with.. Lol

  • Torz😝Tha📚Junky😜
    2019-04-04 14:03

    This book was very inspiring. The common factor in this read is "Self-Love". This book had amazing life experiences of how you always seem to forget about yourself and allow everything and anything to come and takeover. I can relate very well to all the various stories within the book.

  • Yolanda Morgan
    2019-04-05 17:54

    Really good readingThese stories were fascinating to read. Nice to know we not alone, they brave for sharing their stories. I recommend this book.

  • Cynthia
    2019-04-05 13:15

    A collection of 6 short and inspiring stories written by women. Some are stronger than others but each presents and intricate and intimate view of a woman's experience. A good book club selection.

  • ~Gen hearts books.~
    2019-04-04 16:53

    I enjoyed these uplifting stories of the struggles that these women went through. I love that they all made it through the dark times & that their lives were changed for the better.

  • Barbara Williams
    2019-04-18 12:55

    InsightfulThe sharing of the personal stories of the authors were inspiring and uplifting. I recommend this book to all who may be looking for hope and encouragement

  • Leona Romich
    2019-04-01 14:57

    The two stories I liked most were by Selena Haskins and Adrienne Thompson.

  • Camille Carter
    2019-04-07 16:57

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖Absolutely a Beautiful, Inspirational, & Wonderful read!👌 I Wholeheartedly THANK Each one of you Ladies, for such an Uplifting book and for being a vessel-allowing God to use your pain; struggles; knowledge; & lives to be able to help other Women.👊 I thoroughly Enjoyed reading this AWESOME tapestry of Love and Hope............EXCELLENT Work!💜💜💜 P.S. READERS, DON'T FORGET TO PASS THIS INSPIRING WORK OF ART & HEART ALONG AND SHARE......BLESSINGS!😚😚

  • Dianna Okoko-Udugba
    2019-04-20 18:03

    Great readWonderful stories with a spiritual undertone, a great read for our younger sisters to help build their self esteem. I wish the book was longer.

  • Tundra Martin
    2019-04-19 12:16

    AmazingVery good issues discussed I saw myself in some stories I enjoyed each story and received a message from it

  • Jackie
    2019-04-01 09:57

    This book was very mediocre , very typical story line.

  • Peni
    2019-03-26 16:55

    Please see individual stories for review.

  • Destiny
    2019-04-19 12:57

    Good short storiesI haven't read many short story books. So, I'm not quite sure if I'm rating this correctly. The stories were deep. A few editing errors. The stories gave you a glimpse of the writing styles of each author. I wasn't familiar with any of the featured authors. I really enjoyed the story by Adrienne Thompson. I will read a novel by her in the future. I recommend this book to those wanting to try new authors.

  • Amorelle Lewinson
    2019-03-23 14:16

    InterestingInteresting stories. Would've liked to hear more of how God actually helped them overcome in a few of the stories instead of a line or two stating that he did. Nonetheless, it made for a good read.

  • Nadine
    2019-04-19 18:16

    I won this book on Goodreads first reads giveawaysI liked reading it, it was a fast read and most of the stories were very interesting but I did skip one because I just didn't get it so didn't bother finishing it

  • Cath Martin
    2019-03-31 12:06

    Interesting reading - certainly brings to like the struggles of identity, self-love and respect, and courage that many women face today.

  • schenita n callender
    2019-03-20 16:59

    Great for womenThe book was a great read. It allowed you to relate in many different ways. I enjoyed it very much.