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Alanna is a young werewolf, and her best friend Quinten is a human. They’ve been best friends since they were children, and he desperately wants to be a part of Alanna’s life. Unfortunately, Alanna catches the attention of a century-old werewolf by the name of Roger Mason. Roger becomes hell bent on having Alanna as his own, and when she refuses to be his mate, she and QuiAlanna is a young werewolf, and her best friend Quinten is a human. They’ve been best friends since they were children, and he desperately wants to be a part of Alanna’s life. Unfortunately, Alanna catches the attention of a century-old werewolf by the name of Roger Mason. Roger becomes hell bent on having Alanna as his own, and when she refuses to be his mate, she and Quinten are both abducted and shipped off to compete in the Arena Wars.The Arena Wars is a brutal fight to the death with your bare hands that takes place in a reconstructed gladiator-style arena. The fights are headed by Elias, a nine hundred year old vampire. Partners fight to the death with no weapons and no rules. If you refuse to fight, you’re killed on the spot. If you lose a fight, you die. Elias takes a special interest in Alanna, especially in her blood. This leads Alanna to believe that she’s meant to be his soul mate. Can Quinten convince her otherwise?...

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The Arena Wars Reviews

  • Isa Lavinia
    2019-04-09 09:28

    This book had so much potential!You get the feeling all it needs is a good editor.Despite its weaknesses (I'll get into those), this book had a lot of good points:- Quinten: he felt real and his struggles were well written.- The romantic relationship. There was no insta-love. There was a natural progression and it didn't dominate the plot.- The action scenes were very well written.- The pace was on point, seriously, even though I couldn't help noticing faults, I couldn't stop reading.Bad points (which, I can't point out enough, a decent editor would have eliminated)- Too much tell instead of show. There wasn't even a case of not knowing how to show. The show was all there, the reader could infer all the plot points, all the character's relationships and motivations by what they did. But it was always hammered in, sometimes more than twice, why something had happened. There was no need for this, really. The reader starts getting the feeling he/she is being talked down to.- The younger sister. This is a 14 year old who went through a traumatic event, lost her mother, and can clearly see her father favours her other sibling. Yet no one cuts this girl a break. No one seems to understand and try and talk things out with her in a manner befitting her age. They just argue with her and are quick to dismiss her and set her aside as "lost".- Alanna, the main character, constantly criticises her sister for being immature. Then she is just as, if not more, immature than her sister. The problem is that, while her sister is 14, and thus is expected to be as she is, Alanna is 20. After a while I really started to dislike her for this.- Too-Stupid-To-Live: Alanna has a lot of these moment. I actually tended to forgive them (which I usually never do) because her best friend Quinten always pointed them out in the story.- Her father: he was basically a non-entity. Same goes for Jax.- Villains with flimsy and ridiculous reasons to be villainous.Despite the bad points, I recommend this book. It's well paced and entertaining. You really get the feeling that Hoffman could be writing great books but is being held back by not having a proper editor and, perhaps, a lack of experience - you get the sense that her writing could mature a bit.

  • Chrys
    2019-04-04 11:34

    Wow. Just wow. I really liked this story. It was a different take on werewolves and its nice to not have certain things glossed over. For example she hunts deer/animals. Most book tend to overlook things like this or even make up random stuff to make the 'monster' look better. (Sparkling vampires??) I loved the main character. She has personality and I liked that she wasn't perfect. I was also very fond of her best friend and her father. Great story. Highly recommend I can't wait to read other books by Hoffman.

  • KG
    2019-03-25 15:46

    Werewolves and vampires and a fight to the death. It sounds like a promising idea. For good reason, too. While I can't make too many comparisons to Twilight, it would be hard to ignore the parallels between the arena portion of this book and The Hunger Games. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either, since that was what made me pick The Arena Wars up to start with. From the start, the book didn't go easy on the exposition. For pages at a time, Alanna lectured about life as a werewolf, her sister, that sort of thing. And if Alanna wasn't telling us, then someone else would be, through the dialogue. This really slowed the pace at times. The story would have flowed much more smoothly if crucial information was given out more naturally, rather than hitting all at once like a ton of bricks.The action scenes, on the other hand, weren't slow at all. I really did enjoy them. Toward the beginning, there was a fight between Alanna and a vampire. I think that scene was what hooked me, even through the exposition overload.Aside from the overall pace, there were a few other major hangups for me. For one, Quinten's blindness. It didn't hinder him much at all, which seemed pretty unrealistic. At one point he was able to track Alanna through the woods on his own, while she was trying not to be found, and he even managed to find her in time to save her from Roger. It was explained away by his incredible hearing and perception, but I'd think those must have been supernatural for him to do as well as he did. I thought that overall, he was a good, sympathetic character, and other than that I really liked him. He and Jax were my favorites, and a less legitimate complaint would be that Jax didn't play very much of a role in the plot... but I digress.The plot itself left me scratching my head. It was almost like two entirely separate novels. The first half was about Alanna trying not to mate with Roger, then suddenly in the next half she and Quinten were transported to the Arena Wars and there was nothing left over from the first part. The antagonist from the beginning was only ever mentioned again in passing, if that, and there was someone new to take his place. The entire plot shifted to the fights, and Alanna's brand new struggle against a brand new bad guy. The resolution wasn't much better, and it was never explained exactly how the rescue happened. It just did. As in the first half of the book, nothing was mentioned about what happened to the antagonist afterward. Nothing was mentioned again about the arena, or the other people that Alanna met there. They just disappeared.I do have another good thing to say, and I should probably warn about a smallish spoiler in this paragraph. During Alanna and Quinten's first arena fight, Alanna was forced to finish off a twelve year old kid. It was a disturbing moment, and I have to say that I think the author handled it really well. Alanna's reaction was well written, and it had me choked up while I read that entire scene. Overall, this book had its good points and bad points. I wasn't quite hooked enough to read the sequel, unfortunately. But who knows. There's definitely promise here, and I'm sure that one day I'll be reading a book by this author and giving it a full five stars.

  • Candace
    2019-03-20 11:19

    I LOVE this book it is so good! When I was reading this book I don't think I would have but it down for 10,000 dollars. I was literally screaming at the book at points when roger did something really terrible. I wanted to jump into the book and kill him. I can't wait to read the next book War of Hearts!!!!!

  • Paranormal_Madness
    2019-04-05 17:47

    What I liked:-The main character. Alanna is strong and she cares deeply for her family and her best friend, Quinten. She has anger issues sometimes and can make rash, stupid decisions, but she felt real and believable.-The best friend. Quinten wasn’t your typical borderline abusive love interest. He was completely blind and he was insecure about his disability, but he felt real, and you could tell he cared about Alanna. He and Alanna’s relationship was not a case of insta-love; it was fleshed out and meaningful.-The action scenes. They were very well written. My favorite thing about this author is her ability to write great action scenes that can be intricate without being confusing.-The secondary characters. Alanna’s father Ray and her cousin Jax were both loving, caring men that were major players in the game. Unlike many Young Adult books, Alanna’s father played a huge role in her life, and he wasn’t just there for an occasional page or two.-The Arena. The fights were gruesome and heart-breaking, and the author did a wonderful job of portraying all the emotions Alanna went through.-The ending. I never saw it coming. Honestly, the last two chapters and the epilogue were amazing. There was so much raw emotion and action I couldn’t put it down.What I disliked:-Alanna had a couple of stupid moments that left me shaking my head, but they weren’t too bad because she was under a lot of pressure, she had no other options, and she thought she was doing the right thing and saving someone she loved. Plus, Quinten pointed them out to her and she agreed with him. She knew she was being stupid.-The villains. There are two major villains in this book, and I felt like they could have been given more detail and maybe some back-story. But I know this is only the first book in the series, and we could learn more about them later.Overall, this book was a quick (kinda short) read that left me entertained and wanting more. There was a ton of action, drama, and love that was easily portrayed even though there wasn’t a ton of description. There was also a huge twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. 4.0

  • Rachel
    2019-03-26 13:34

    The author combines the paranormal world with really life dilemmas - such as physical handicaps and Alzheimer's. I see some reoccurring character traits between The Arena Wars and Zombieland. The protagonist's love interest is never perfect and deals with a physical determent somewhere in the novel. The love interest always teases the protagonist about hot he is. My favorite part of the book was the story about how werewolves were created. First to turn into a werewolf you have to first have werewolf genes. Second you must get bit by a vampire and if your werewolf genes fight off the vampire infection then you can transform into a werewolf at your own discretion. If your body can't fight of the vampire infection then you die. Also once you become a werewolf you no longer age so werewolves are all different ages depending on when they turned so a child could stay a child forever if that is when they turned. I think this novel would be a good teen novel since reader's get to experience the heroine's internal conflicts on life, love and what is wrong and right. The book synopsis gives too much of the storyline away but I liked the unexpected twist at the end. I was a little confused on why Roger and Elias had scars if they could completely heal. I also hope that I will get more background on Elias plan with Alanna and Alanna's vampire encounter that turned her into a werewolf in the next book, War of Hearts.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-22 17:33

    I really did enjoy this book and I would have given it a higher rating if a few things were done differently. Seriously this book had so much potential.What I liked:-The whole no intsa-love and I loved Quinten.-The action scenes where very well written and I enjoyed them.-I could barely put the book down. I think the author did a great job with the pace of the book.-Alanna; she had her flaws of course but I did like her.What I didnt like:-The author told you everything instead of letting the story show you-Ilene, the 14 year old little sister. Ok I understand the whole he loves her more than me but her family obviously cared about her and I still cant come to grips with what this girl did. And it also doesnt make sense to me that Ray, the father or Alanna, the older sister (though I understand her a bit more seeing as its a sister thing) didnt just sit down and talk to her instead of just argue with her, shes a little teenager they argue with you but that doesnt mean that you argue back.Despite those I did really enjoy this book and didnt expect the ending... all I could do was stare at my nook like WHAT? O.O Well defiantly be reading the next book soon.

  • Mackenzie
    2019-03-30 10:25

    Alanna is a werewolf with a lot of problems. Her best friend is a human named Quintain. They have been friends for as long as they can remember. Unfortunately Quintain is blind but gets around quickly. One day she encountered a vampire, and it all turned around after that. In the book you will meet someone named Roger. He causes a lot of trouble in this book. Find out what happens in the book The Arena Wars.Ok, so I know what your thinking but it is nothing like the Hunger Games. Although in some ways it is but it is all way diffrent. It is only two on two. I read this book in about a week. I loved it so much. I literally couldn't put it down. I think what is the most interesting part of this is that a vampire named Eli started it all. This was a really great book and I hope you guys enjoy it.

  • Enchantedreader20
    2019-03-29 14:25

    This book was super cool. A book with vampires and werewolves can sometimes be kind of a Twilight copycat, but I really felt like this book was really different. I loved the characters, especially Quinten and Ray, and I felt like they were all one big dedicated family. There was intense action that was described so well I felt like I was watching the fights in person, and there was a relationship that grew over time and turned out to be true love. This book has it all. Drama, action, romance, suspense, and mystery.

  • Tia
    2019-04-14 16:18

    This novel was horribly sad in some parts, other purely tragic. I couldn't believe what all occurred in it. Alanna and Quinten have been given such a horrible life. If it was me, I don't think I could be so kind to the people that betrayed me. Death wouldn't be kind of merciful to those who got in my way.

  • Conniedt
    2019-03-31 13:32

    It is an amazing book I love the the way the author made no poured true heart n soul into it as I read it i cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed. It really is something not only for pre-teens teens but adults that have as vivid of an imagination as any young person. Thank you Samantha for a new dream to fall into....

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-11 17:37

    Amazing book! Took some turns I wasn't expecting, and anymore, that means a lot. I can't wait for the next book! I'm going to download it right now! I usually don't pay for E-Books, but I want to keep going!

  • Samantha Hoffman
    2019-04-04 15:21

    This is my first published book. You can get it for just a dollar!

  • Kimmie
    2019-04-16 13:47

    Lots of action, drama, suspense, and even a little romance. Great read.

  • Lacey Burnett
    2019-04-11 13:44

    I love this book, the author is amazing:)

  • Victoria Maurer
    2019-03-30 15:18

    This is my first review, never felt compelled to write one before reading this book. This trilogy had so much potential. I loved the premise for it but unfortunately the execution was abysmal. Firstly the arena wars was only a very small part of the story. The writing is the worst I have come across, like a middle schooler wrote it. Now I always give a book a chance and generally finish every book I start to read even if the writing is not the best as long as the story is still interesting. This book has neither. The Author spent way to much time repeating things and the characters sit around all day "plotting" their next move aka decide all is hopeless for the majority of the book. What bothered me just as much as the juvenile writing was how the author portrayed the blind best friend as almost always being a burdened and helpless. I respect any author for writing a book and putting it out there for us book lovers to enjoy but this book needs a lot of work.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-30 17:35

    This is probably a 3.5, but not quite a 4.I was expecting something more along the lines of The Hunger Games based on the title, but that was a misconception on my part. I liked the book overall. I thought there were some interesting quirks on basic vampire and werewolf mythology, though it felt very derivative - though it's pretty hard to write about werewolves and vampires without being derivative at this point. The characters were pretty interesting - I especially liked Quinten. It did read more like a YA novel and at times I had a really hard time believing that Alanna was 20. I think it might have read better if she'd been 18? I have nitpicks with a lot of the details, but pulled all together it somehow created something larger that I'm interested in enough that I want to read the next book. It was definitely worth the read.I did feel like there was an awful lot packed into one book, yet at the same time little happens until the last third of the book. There was quite a bit of time spent on certain things, especially the set up and build up with Roger (and his creepy dungeons), that didn't really pay off. The transition to the arena wars was confusing and I still don't really understand how they really functioned. Not enough back story for the villainous aspects, which is too bad because they were actually really interesting and I wanted to know more.My final nitpick is that the final third of the book had at least one typo or editing issue per page. Small, simple things, but the cumulative effect had me grinding my teeth. The wrong word, a letter or word left out, a sentence that didn't make sense, a paragraph that wasn't quite complete. I am all for self-publishing and this cover and the book overall definitely score higher than some other self-published books I've read, but for heaven's sake proof reading with a fine tooth comb are so very important.

  • Jagged
    2019-03-24 17:28

    ...What did I just read...?This was horrible...absolutely awful.There was no structure. Things happened just to happen without any real reason. There was no I said--things just happened. Nothing added up, nothing made sense. It was like a bunch of half thoughts put on paper, but never completed.Where the fuck did anything that happened in this book come from? You explained nothing. You set up nothing. Why was Roger introduced? Why was he interested in Alana? Why was Ilene so jaded? You gave lame half excuses, but nothing substantial--nothing that held any ground. There was no evidence of anything. Every time a new scene came into play I was left going "What the fuck? How did this happen?"Okay, so you cannot become a either are, or you're not. What was this "fussy werewolf" business? I think you were trying to portray that they were stuck up or something...but all I could think about was a crying baby or a picky eater.You can't claim that people are willing to do anything for your safety when they won't consider moving to keep you out of harms way. That's just ridiculous.How can you lose a fight to the death and survive? Explain that to me. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. If you lose a fight to the death--you're dead. There's no life left to be sacrificed. There was no character development. There was no story build up. It was just a bunch of nonsense. What's worse is that I could see the actual idea of this book as a good one--it was just executed so poorly that it is utterly ruined.No, I will not read any further into this series.

  • Joseph Barnes
    2019-04-02 14:20

    Alanna is a young werewolf, and her best friend Quinten is a human. They’ve been best friends since they were children, and he desperately wants to be a part of Alanna’s life. Unfortunately, Alanna catches the attention of a century-old werewolf by the name of Roger Mason. Roger becomes hell bent on having Alanna as his own, and when she refuses to be his mate, she and Quinten are both abducted and shipped off to compete in the Arena Wars.The Arena Wars is a brutal fight to the death with your bare hands that takes place in a reconstructed gladiator-style arena. The fights are headed by Elias, a nine hundred year old vampire. Partners fight to the death with no weapons and no rules. If you refuse to fight, you’re killed on the spot. If you lose a fight, you die. Elias takes a special interest in Alanna, especially in her blood. This leads Alanna to believe that she’s meant to be his soul mate. Can Quinten convince her otherwise?This was a quick read for me even though it was 420 pages. It was worth reading but beware. The orgin of the Werewolves is so friggin' complicated. Also there were 1 really major hole in the story. It led to me getting to the end of the book and flipping back 3 times trying to figure out how the ending even was possible.

  • Ruby
    2019-03-28 17:30

    Alanna is a girl who lives in a cabin in the woods with her dad, Ray, and sister, Ilene. Some people think she's ordinary, but she's not, neither is her family. Their werewolves, and a more famous, and more experienced werewolf Roger Mason wants Alanna as his own. her and her best friend Quinten, will not stop at anything to change is mind. Then when she has tried his patients long enough, Ilene agrees to be his mate! Want to find out what happens after Ilene's shocking news, then read Arena Wars to find out! This book was so powerful, like I could feel like I was watching all the fights. It seemed like I was right there. Sometimes during this book, I cried. This book was so sad at times I couldn't believe it. The time that I cried was when they were in and being taken to the Arena Wars. Also what made me so sad was when they had to fight they're frieds Tyler, and Dennis. If you want to find out what happens to Tyler and Dennis, read Arena Wars.

  • Alayna Payton
    2019-03-23 16:36

    This was shorter than I thought it would be but lots of action kept me interested. I'm pretty good at accepting any world rules and plot twists that authors set for their books but I feel like I would be more satisfied with this book if I had more background information. The rules of werewolves and vampires or the characters backgrounds are thrown around and barely explained. I liked what I read but I just need to know more. Which is obviously the point because there are 2 other books after this..... Anyway, I definitely cried at the end and I think everyone can agree that Ilene is a raging spoiled psycho bitch! I give this 3.75 stars. Great story even though I feel a little cheated on some details.

  • Selena Yukino (The Lioness: hear me roar)
    2019-04-18 15:43

    Ugh. I couldn't finish it, the writing was horrible, and it was so damn cheesy. I was cringing throughout every sentence. Okay, in all honesty this book really isn't horrible. I would have enjoyed it if the characters were less melodramatic, and more badass. The characters didn't put up more of a fight like they should have. I would've been kicking Eli's ass when I first saw that bastard. I'd be like bat-shit-crazy mode activated. If it wasn't so damn melodramatic and so bad it's funny, I would've liked it.

  • Colleen
    2019-04-09 09:35

    The reviews for this book were what led me to dive into it. I was severely disappointed. I felt like I was reading a high schooler's version of Twilight and Hunger Games mixed into one. It was poorly written, the characters were underdeveloped, and it just was not my thing. I kept hoping for more since the reviews were so great, but to be honest, I did not even get semi-interested until I reached the epilogue! Funny thing is that the epilogue was so well written that it makes me want to read the second book in the series, but I just won't because I'm afraid it will be a gigantic waste of my time.

  • Reader_girl94
    2019-03-26 09:27

    I loved Alanna. She was so strong and I found her to be very relatable, and I loved her relationship with the other characters in the book, especially Quinten and Ray. The description was a little bland and not very detailed, but the action scenes so well-written my heart raced when Alanna’s did. I loved the history of werewolves, and how their existence is directly related to vampires. It was more original than many werewolf stories. The whole last three or so chapters kept me on the edge of my seat, and the surprise twist ending left me wanting more. I was nearly in tears.

  • Mel
    2019-04-02 11:47

    This was a good read. It kept me interested. The beginning didn't start off slow. It was just such a short read that some of the repetition in the beginning wasn't necessary. How many times could we hear that Alanna's (main character, and werewolf)sister was turning into something her and her family didn't like and, becoming lost to them. I did feel like it was some sort of Hunger Games/Twilight mash up... Only in this case, the love interest was blind and human. I know there has to be a sequel some where out there. I am actually curious to see where the author will take the characters next.

  • Kira Blake
    2019-04-15 10:44

    I enjoyed the story. The plot was interesting, Quinten is awesome and I think the author does a good job of making the characters reactions believable. My biggest problem with this book was the language. F-bombs and other language-FYI. Kind of graphic in some parts as well when they are in the Arena.

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-25 11:20

    OH MY GOSHThis book is so different than any other. It's not the hunger games like some think. It's so AWESOMEThis is one of the few books that really, really, surprised me at the end. Near the end, I was contemplating...I WAS FROZENSamantha Hoffman, you did a good job!This book will make you think and suffer hard decisions.

  • Raven
    2019-03-24 11:34

    omg. wow..... it was... wow. this book is absolutely amazing!!!!! i swear it kinda seems like a hunger games/isle of night book. i thought this book was freakin awesome!!!! i cant wait to buy the second!!!!

  • Kathy Harrington
    2019-03-20 09:46

    I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot or I just don't pay enough attention but I really enjoyed this book. About the only complaint I had was that "human,blind,boy" phrase. Since when is 22 a boy? Otherwise good read.

  • Cassy
    2019-04-07 17:46

    When I first started reading it, I had a hard time getting into it. But the more I read, the more I fell in love with the book amd the characters. It's not your typical paranormal romance and I love that. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.