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'I don't like killing, but I'm good at it. Murder isn't so bad from a distance, just shapes popping up in my scope. Close-up work though - a garrotte around a target's neck or a knife in their heart - it's not for me. Too much empathy, that's my problem. Usually. But not today. Today is different . . . 'The year is 1955 and something is very wrong with the world. It is fou'I don't like killing, but I'm good at it. Murder isn't so bad from a distance, just shapes popping up in my scope. Close-up work though - a garrotte around a target's neck or a knife in their heart - it's not for me. Too much empathy, that's my problem. Usually. But not today. Today is different . . . 'The year is 1955 and something is very wrong with the world. It is fourteen years since Churchill died and the Second World War ended. In occupied Europe, Britain fights a cold war against a nuclear-armed Nazi Germany.In Berlin the Gestapo is on the trail of a beautiful young resistance fighter, and the head of the SS is plotting to dispose of an ailing Adolf Hitler and restart the war against Britain and her empire. Meanwhile, in a secret bunker hidden deep beneath the German countryside, scientists are experimenting with a force far beyond their understanding.Into this arena steps a nameless British assassin, on the run from a sinister cabal within his own government, and planning a private war against the Nazis.Now the fate of the world rests on a single kill in the morning . . ....

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A Kill in the Morning Reviews

  • Michael Logan
    2019-05-16 10:28

    Sometimes I don't understand the world of books. Over the last few years, I've read many hyped thrillers that turned out to be rather dull - average plotting, predictable characters, and clunky writing. Yet they sell like crazy because the publishers choose to push them.Then there is a book like A Kill in the Morning, which pisses merrily all over these over books from a great height, yet remains scandalously unread a year after its release.This is possibly the best alternative history book I've read. Not just because of the thrilling story line, great writing, excellent pacing and so on, but because of the smart twist at the end. Yes, I saw it coming, but it was still a very clever way to play with the whole alternative history genre.If you enjoy thrillers, war tales and/or alternative history, go buy this book right now.

  • Brian Coughlan
    2019-05-08 10:29

    I saw this in a book shop while heading through Centralstationen in Gothenburg. It has a lurid cover with aircraft, explosions, a sniper, a woman in lingerie slipping a pistol from her stocking and nazis; lots and lots of nazis! It really tried to pack in EVERYTHING and it looks like the worst sort of pulp adventure story. I almost laughed out loud and thought immediately of the Book Challenge I'm involved in as it fits the category "A book based entirely on it's cover" perfectly!Incredibly, the book turns out to be the debut of an author I've never heard of writing in my absolute favorite genre: Alternate History. I could NOT put this book down and read it in about 5 hours over two days. It takes place in an alternate 1955 where the British and German empires square off in an uneasy cold war peace. Both empires have atomic weapons, supersonic aircraft and so forth, Hitler is still alive but the Reich is basically run by Reinhard Heydrich. The timeline departure is the death of Churchill in 1941. It's awesome rip roaring stuff. If you like Alternate History, SciFi, WWII and Die Hard (as I do!!) this book is a 5 hour long orgasm in print!!You should definitely consult with a medical professional before reading it:-)

  • Gram
    2019-05-19 09:22

    On the surface, this is a story about a James Bond type character fighting the Nazis in 1955 and trying to prevent them from conquering the World using alien technology that is thousands of years old. But author Graeme Shimmin certainly knows the history of World War II's early years and peppers the plot with scores of incidents and historical characters - both major and minor - to help him provide the reader with a fascinating alternative history of that war and its immediate aftermath. The plot has our hero - a deadly British assassin - teaming up with a beautiful (female) British secret agent and a young (female) member of the German resistance in a bid to halt the Nazi psychopath Reinhard Heydrich from achieving World domination. A fast paced thriller which is enormous fun. Suspend all belief and enjoy!

  • Nathan
    2019-04-24 08:14

    A thrilling read which reads like a classic pulp novel/comic, A Kill in the Morning is a fun ride. Great plot, likable characters and a quick pace makes it a good read. A great book for travelling or having time to kill to go into this alternate world with Nazi Flying Saucers and political intrigue. It feels realistic as you get put into the viewpoint of the vengeance seeking Narrator. Lovers of alternative history and fast pace action/adventures would enjoy this book. If I were to give the books a fault, it would be the desire for a little more into the environment and character development. If you like a quick book to read while your on your break or any other period of rest; definitely check this book out.

  • Larry Pieniazek
    2019-05-04 15:28

    I love this book. It's a great mashup of several genres... spy thriller, alternate history, and straight up science fiction.It's also a great read. The protagonist clearly has internal demons he's struggling with and it is fascinating to see them unfold during the course of the book. But that's set against a much larger context... Britain is going to lose the Cold War it is fighting with Nazi Germany if something drastic can't be done about it. Lots of fun chases, not just one, but two femme fatales, great advanced tech, and a fast paced, gripping story. I cannot wait for Graeme's next work.Disclaimer: I was privileged enough to get a proof copy of this book so my reading experience had a few (very minor) typos in it... yours won't, I promise!

  • AlastairWatts
    2019-05-13 12:38

    Good fun.

  • Jasper
    2019-05-16 10:28

    originally posted at: once in a while a book comes a long that is different from the general Science Fiction and Fantasy stories that I generally read. A Kill in the Morning by Graeme Shimmin is just one of those books. When I read the synopsis of A Kill in the Morning in the Transworld catalog it directly got my attention, with a premise of an alternate World War II where Churchill was murdered and an ongoing arms race, cold war style between Britain and Germany I really wanted to know where Graeme Shimmin would bring his story, and what topped it all off was following the footsteps of an assassin as he navigates his way through these perilous times. A Kill in the Morning is Graeme Shimmin´s debut in the fantasy fiction, his debut hits where it has to hit and counts where it has to count, it´s a tour de force. Graeme Shimmin shows that he's got the skills and already makes himself an author to be reckoned with!As soon as I had read the first paragraph in A Kill in the Morning I was hooked line and sinker "I don't like killing, but I'm good at it". The first few sentences of a book can really help to either make it or brake it. As you read through the start up of the story I really got into the whole spy mood for which this book has received many praises, it directly fits into the lines of James Bond, without the high tech gadgets, all that this assassin needs are his wit and skill. I really have to give a hand to Graeme Shimmin for being able to inspire such a great atmosphere in his story, it readily bring out the best in the world and the characters that you read about in A Kill in the Morning. Besides the heavy emphasis on the spy theme, Graeme Shimmin also shows that he can write dark, bloody and gritty scenes, the part with the kneecaps was just one that I looked away from the book, he neatly mixes these dark scenes with some more humorous ones between different characters. But, wait, yes there is still more to come, the story set in this alternate World War II era, and Graeme Shimmin really up the ante when it comes down to the Science Fiction element he introduced in the end, I didn't see that one coming! Graeme Shimmin had some great and bold idea's when he thought about the story of A Kill in the Morning and for me they all work together well, did I mention the Science Fiction twist? Just brilliant! The story of A Kill in the Morning follows to different characters. The first is the middle aged British assassin who's name remains obscure all throughout the book, he does have a name but for his sake it's better to keep this secret, he makes up the main protagonist of the story. In the beginning of the book you how he is planning his revenge on a German Army Commander, and this basically set the whole mood for the story. Soon after this action packed introduction you are introduced to the perspective of the other character that you follow along the story of A Kill in the Morning, Kitty. Kitty is a young girl working for a resistance group known as the White Rose who try to make statements against Hitler, unfortunately for her the Gestapo is hot on her trail as she is "stickering", but bold statements on lantern poles or the sides of buildings. Luckily for Kitty the nameless assassin save her just in the nick of time, though they do part ways after the whole heat has cooled down. With the assassin returning back to England for a meeting with the Old Man (who gave the assassin his jobs and saw over the "Service" for which he worked think MI:6) and Kitty being safe and sound once again she continues her resistance. Now after their chance meeting several important things happen in the storyline, which I have to refrain stating here but they marked a turning point for both the assassin and Kitty. What I do can say is that the assassin makes his way back to Germany to do one thing and that is set Europe ablaze... From this point onwards the assassin finds himself digging deeper and deeper into the truth of what actually happened and what brought the Cold War between Germany and Great Britain. And some of these truths he wished later to have kept buried as it reveals also just what his mentor has done... I must say that I was very impressed with how Graeme Shimmin had set up the story of A Kill in the Morning to say the least, you are in for a lot of surprises! And I haven't even broached the subject of what German scientists under the command of Reinhard Heydrich are up to!Just as the engaging story and world that Graeme Shimmin shows in A Kill in the Morning, the characters are also well developed. Sometimes it happens that a book has either a rich and detailed world or character. Luckily for me Graeme Shimmin didn't falter in any of those two departments and has created as set of interesting characters. I already mentioned above the ones that you follow, the assassin and Kitty but you also have the perspective given by the "Bad Guy" of the story Reinhard Heydrich. What I liked most about the characters and mainly the nameless assassin that you follow is that he has the classic military spy thing working for him, he is a charmer and likes to talk up the lady's but doesn't take advantage of them, so more of a gentlemen. And when push comes to shove, which is mainly caused by events set into motion by Heydrich, you get to see his determined and self sacrificing nature. This is assassin is far from the standard stereotype this makes his character highly enjoyable to read and readily sets him apart from the others. On other character that enjoyed reading about, and who added a nice flavor to the thriller spy theme of the book was that of Heydrich. Showing the perspective of the bad guy, when done correctly, add a lot of atmosphere to the story and Graeme Shimmin shows Heydrich in a great way, down right a simple he is just one mean bastard with an agenda of it's own, wouldn't you when you would have the potential he has? In short he is one of those gives that walks over corpses to get what he wants, he will never hesitate to pull the trigger when something isn't going his way. Graeme Shimmin was definitely spot on when he wrote Heydrich's characters.A lot of the secondary characters like the Old Man and Molly added their own influence to the story and though the concept of the Old Man, who runs the Service, might sound a bit done and done, it's completely the opposite, trust me. This is an alternate story and luckily Graeme Shimmin isn't afraid of breaking some stereotypes. (view spoiler)[Now I was pondering writing this bit. But I just have to share it, as it will cause you to get a copy of A Kill in the Morning asap, at least I would. So what are those Germans up to that will change the course of history? Well the answer is: time travel. BAM! They have divised a machine that allows them to travel back in time. How great is that for the premise of this story? And you know what. Our hero, the British assassin does his best to stop them, but he doesn't succeed and this leads to on terrific ending of the story, chock full of edge of your seat action. I also have to say that Graeme Shimmin did a great job it weaving this element into his story, it doesn't at all sound out of league or unconvincing but he wrote this up so that it really felt natural, belonging to the story. Also with this big idea at the ending of the book only fortifies this story even more that it should be made into a movie. Great theatrical stuff right there! (hide spoiler)]A Kill in the Morning is one of the best debuts that I read so far this year, the synopsis promised a lot of action and intrigue but this is only the tip of the iceberg as Graeme Shimmin pulls out all the stops to write one terrific story. In building the world and setting up the characters it comes to show that Graeme Shimmin did his homework and by this created a very intriguing scene, the alternate setting of Europe in the 1955 where England and Germany reached a stalemate when it comes down to the Second World War and where Churchill died down to the enigmatic lead character, the nameless Britisch assassin that you follow along the story. I hope that this is only the first of many stories that I will read of Graeme Shimmin, he shows that he has a very imaginative and creative mind, I am eager to see with what he will come up with next. Make sure you do as well! Don't miss the release of A Kill in the Morning!

  • Mark
    2019-05-19 11:12

    You may not know this, but, just in case you didn’t, I do like a good alternate history (aka these days as ‘a counterfactual’.) From Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle to L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall and even Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula series, I like the fact that in an alternate history the tale is recognisable yet undeniably different.Outside the genre, such ideas in books have become mainstream. Books such as Len Deighton’s SS-GB and Robert Harris’ Fatherland have been big sellers, covering similar ideas but of more notice amongst the crime/thriller crowd.A Kill in the Morning is a novel that manages to combine the best elements of mainstream spy fiction (Ian Fleming’s James Bond, Len Deighton, John le Carre, Frederick Forsyth etc) with an sf-nal alternative timeline – namely that after the Second World War parts of Europe have, by 1955, been ruled by the German Social Democratic (Nazi) Party. Britain agreed to peace in 1941 after the death of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and now German occupation covers much of Europe, lying between The European Community (France, Germany, Italy) and the Communist Soviet Union to the east.Our unnamed hero, is suitably grim, a mentally tortured British secret agent whose life is made difficult by dealing with death on a daily basis. In counterpoint we also have the equally tortured German femme fatale, Katharina Geissler/Kitty, whose family were murdered by the Nazis and now seeks revenge as part of the underground pacifist White Rose Group.Our hero finds himself with a mission- whilst also being hunted by a sinister cabal within his own organisation, he has to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, a rising SS leader whose killing of a key player in the British Secret Service (SoE) seems to be the vanguard of a new Nazi uprising within the tired ranks of Germany’s politicians and one which is determined to change the Cold War.Part Day of the Jackal, part James Bond, this book surprised me in its assured nature. This is a very confident debut, well-written and surprisingly adept. I loved the way that real characters and fictional ones are mixed here. Historical figures British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, German Deputy Rudolf Hess and British Dambuster pilot (now jet bomber pilot) Guy Gibson are intermingled with our fictional characters, alongside a James Bond-ian pulp-style plot involving super-weapons, jet bombers, atomic bombs and even time travel.All of which written down in such a short summary sounds rather preposterous. But A Kill in the Morning deals with such matters in such a way that the necessity to believe is never compromised, even when there’s the odd coincidence that is a little too convenient. The alternate Cold War future of 1955 comes across as it should, and it reads as if it were a spy novel of that time – think The Ipcress File or SS-GB, but with an element of the Commando comics and Indiana Jones thrown in. Even the cover comes across in the style of an old 1960’s Pan Books paperback.With this in mind, some of the viewpoints are a tad old-fashioned, yet understandable given the context of their tale. The villain is, as to be expected, appropriately evil, yet coldly logical from his view. There’s also a couple of great heroines that show determination, panache and bravery, even whilst the men are muttering “not a job for a woman…”. A Kill in the Morning manages to play on these antiquated roles with a wry grin and a knowing wink, all the while adding a post-modern sensibility to the proceedings in the same way that a TV series like Mad Men does. They were different times, and we relish in their difference.It’s also clear that there’s a fair bit of research gone into this one to make that alternate seem real. Maps and diagrams, and the Timeline and Glossary at the back of the book show that there’s been a lot of effort put into creating a realistically possible alternate fiction. It seems fairly tangible, which is a key part of any counterfactual.In short, A Kill in the Morning is a wonderful page-turner with a plot that would make a great action movie. It’s been in the ‘to-be-read’ pile for a while, and I’m rather sorry I’ve left it so long to read, for from the start it is an action-packed romp that Ian Fleming would be proud of. Like Fleming’s James Bond, A Kill in the Morning’s not to be taken too seriously, but whilst reading gives the reader a great sense of entertainment. A pleasant surprise.

  • Eivind
    2019-04-26 15:26

    I'm in two minds about this book. You see, normally I'd not pick up a book in this genre, but in this case I've enjoyed quite a lot of the writings of the author elsewhere, and so I decided it'd be worth a read.I enjoyed the story. It's fun. It's got a lot of action, and I was greatly amused by the use of time-travel to resolve the dilemma of which of the two heroines in the book to pick.If you love James Bond, you'll love this book.The things I don't like, are things that are very prevalent in the genre, so I guess you can choose to read this as critique of the genre more than critique of this particular book.The women, especially Kitty are, despite attempts at making them pretty tough, still fundamentally damsels in distress, and still feel as if their primary role is to act as trophies for our hero to sleep with. They live and die at his whim. It does not, for example, feel like an accident that the older Molly is the one who dies, this leaves only a younger Molly and the already young Kitty after the time-travel. (if the older Molly had survived, she'd have been superfluous.)The Nazis are caricatures, and fairly over the top. I read the book as comedy, the same way you can't really take recent James Bond stories at face value. These are villains that, when they capture the protagonists, wine and dine them, then let them loose in an arranged manhunt for their own enjoyment, rather than simply shooting them and being done with it.But these are tropes of the genre, really. The heart of stone device was the only one which felt out of place and superfluous. It's also the kind of device that would've changed the entire world had it existed, yet in the story it exists and has no particular impact at all other than making a single guy harder to kill, I think the story would've benefited from the removal of this entire device. (no important plot-elements hinge on it, really)So what do I like ?I like the writing. It's fun, and very appropriate to the setting. I like the pacing, I'm never bored in this book, it's got a classical arc with a opening full of action, a calmer part that establishes the main actors and a grand finale 85% into the book followed by a wrap-up. I also like that especially Molly is actually usable for something outside of the bedroom.And it's amusing that bits and pieces of reality is mixed with fantasy to create a sauce where you often have to wonder precisely where reality ends and fantasy begins. I've met and talked to one of the guys who was at Vemork, and though he's no longer with us, I think he would've approved of the treatment Graeme gave this story in the novel.

  • Royce Gondo
    2019-05-02 07:14

    "A Kill in the Morning" by Graeme Schimmin is a book set in a alternate history where Winston Churchill is killed in 1941 resulting in an armistice between the German Reich and the British Empire. This results in Britain and Germany obtaining nuclear weapons preventing either from attacking each other in fear of mutually assured destruction. In the armistice Britain retains its colonies while Germany is left in control of most of mainland Europe and northern Africa which are in a German puppet state called the European Community (Switzerland and Sweden are neutral). In this alternate history there are three other great powers: Japan which is the least technologically advanced, the Soviet Union now controls Finland and Norway but has ceded control over Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and the Baltic states to the German Reich, and finally the United States which recovered from the great depression but remains isolationist.The main character of the book is a unnamed deadly British spy in the British Secret Service who goes AWOL after his mentor "The Old Man" and Admiral Carinas, a high ranking Nazi defector are murdered. Deciding that the man who killed "The Old Man" and Carinas is Reinhard Heydrich, a young ambitious leader Nazi leader, he decides to go on a suicide mission to avenge his mentor. He is joined by Molly Ravenhill, a skilled, lonely, and headstrong fellow spy who was benched for being 'to old'(over 40) who has the same agenda as the protagonist, kill Reinhard. The main character is also joined by Kitty, a member of a pacifist German Revolutionary group who lost her family to the Gustapo. The book has excellent storytelling as the character's extraordinary feats are believable and descriptive yet remain awe inspiring all the same. The book has a tone of urgency which makes it feel like every moment matters, yet slows down enough to develop characters which are in depth and relatable to. The book fits perfectly into its niche of alternate history with historical people and events mixed with a new timeline and sci-fi concepts, complete with a timeline of the alternate history along with a map of the Nazi Europe. My biggest complaint about the book is the lack of mention to the British dominions as well as the rest of the world's 5 major powers. In other words, I want more!!!This book is a seriously fun read with action at every turn and the coolest alternate history story I've read so far!

  • Mathew
    2019-05-13 08:35

    Here is a spectacular, speculative thriller worth every page. Graeme Shimmin's A Kill in the Morning is a wild ride of alternate history, hard edged British spy homage, and Nazi super villainy.Throughout, Shimmin's tight prose delivers and plot twists abound. The author's love of thriller fiction from the post-war period soak into each chapter. Here are fond echoes of Flemming, MacLean, Higgins, and more.But, the novel is no mere homage. Shimmin constructs an alternate history of 1955 that if not exactly plausible, pulses with excitement and rich detail. The Nazis control much of Europe in a double-front cold war with the British and Soviets -- the Yanks are largely absent from the situation.The book's unnamed protagonist is a veteran special agent with a knack for killing, and a license to go with it. He's hyper-competent and hard-edged. Shimmin peels back his unnamed history. The poor bastard does all for queen and country without feeling like a robotic superman. His exploits are exciting, but tempered in the face of incredible opposition.Along side him are two women that shape and soften his determined suicide missions. Molly is a fellow agent with a hard, lonely heart that softens for the hero. Kitty is a German revolutionary who suffers at the Nazi's base cruelty. Both are likable and headstrong, if perhaps a little too defined by their sexual charms and suffering. The book is filled historical figures, especially Nazi leaders like Heydrich, Hess, and Canaris. Heydrich is the aggravating villain of the book, and the target of the protagonist's main mission. He's over the top and a wonderfully aggravating character, even for his rival Nazis.Shimmin makes no bones about his speculative thrill ride that boils ever higher into crazed Nazi super-science fiction. There are parts and pieces of the book that feel obligatory for sub-genre fans. Wewelsburg castle and the Black Sun occult appear, as does Nazi ramblings about Aryans, Hyberboreans and Ultima Thule. And, there is some wry humor and cheek, but it remains a serious and violently real book, to its credit.The reader can keep both feet on the ground through the grit of the British agent and his compatriots. They meet Nazi absurdity and cruelty to the end with fortitude and blood-and-guts action.In short, this is an extraordinary engaging read I highly recommend. A gorgeous cover certain doesn't hurt its appeal!

  • Dimmikhan
    2019-05-19 10:36

    I’m always sceptical when a novelist’s work is compared to favourite authors of mine (in this case Ian Fleming and Robert Harris), because they rarely live up to the hype. But let me start my review by saying A Kill in the Morning delivers, and for once the comparisons are genuine.The story will appeal to any fans of Bond or Fatherland - high octane action scenes, the slimiest villains (well you can’t get worse than the Nazis), fast-paced and page turning. Not to sound clichéd, but I couldn’t put it down. I haven’t been so addicted since reading Bourne and Jack Reacher, and the hero should be very appealing to fans of both of those. The hero has a very accessible voice, and I was immediately thinking and feeling like him. He really is what a genuine star of thriller novels should be, and I was on his side pretty much from the start.The ‘what if…’ scenario is an interesting take on the Nazis and very plausible. I also found myself using Google and Wikipedia after I had finished to get more information on the shocking truths that are in this novel.The main characters are all well drawn, especially the women, who aren’t mere ciphers as they can be in thriller novels. Kitty and Molly are brave and and interesting themselves, and I won’t spoil the big surprise for me in terms of female characterisation, but I’m sure readers will know when they come across it.A Kill in the Morning feels like the fifth or sixth offering from an established thriller master like Nesbo or Deighton, not a début. The writing is on point, and the author has mastered the x factor that makes an unputdownable thriller.I really can’t recommend this enough! Buy it, you won’t regret it!

  • Chook
    2019-05-02 09:12

    A combination of action, espionage and woman. It's pretty much all the best bits James Bond, reinvented with an better story-line.In terms of characters, I found them on the whole, enjoyable. The villain is cold and stereo-typically arrogant, yet different to what you'd normally expect (read the book, you'll see). The main character (I don't think we ever learn his real name) is loyal to his country and yet, by the end of the book, develops a consideration for others as well.[SPOILER ALERT] The main German plan the book revolves around is the invention of time travel by the Nazis. Yeah, I know, I almost groaned too. But in actual fact this aspect of the storyline turned out to be well developed and not really contrived at all. It turned out to be a very solid storyline, although quite James Bond-ish (not a bad thing, though).Oh, and the cover art is amazing (drool, drool).The only thing I didn't like about this book was the lack of action after the first 50 pages. I remember reading the first 50 pages online as a teaser of Graeme Shimmin's website, enjoying them thoroughly. There was stealth, extortion and action. The conclusion I came to after reading this snippet of the novel-to-be was that there would be a reasonable amount of action and fight scenes within the novel like it (sniping, lying to village children and hunting down German gaurds from nearby concentrating camps). However, I found none of this style of classic action in the remaining 300-something pages. Oh well, still a very enjoyable book.Congrats Graeme Shimmin, I loved the book. Almost spot on what I was looking for.

  • Nick Brett
    2019-05-08 14:13

    A bit of retro fun that is a little more in-depth than you might expect.This is an alternative history dealing with WW2 and afterwards (really important that you read the timeline at the back of the book first as it gives context).Our focus here is a trained agent and assassin working for the British in a very different post war environment. Britain has done a deal with Germany to cease hostilities, based on the Brits having a nuclear weapon and using it as the ultimate deterrent. When our agent’s boss is killed, he goes on a personal mission of revenge and finds that there are a number of agendas he was not aware of and he may be the only one able to stop history being re-shaped.It’s a first novel and suggests good things for the author in the future. This is not the pulp fiction the cover suggests but offers some interesting thoughts on an alternative post-war future. It needs focus and the story sometimes jumps perspective when you don’t expect it (almost as if things have happened “off screen”) and it does have a distinct style. There will be those that compare it to “Fatherland”, but that is a far deeper book whereas this is written for more pace and more fun. And fun it is.

  • Balthazar Lawson
    2019-05-13 13:25

    In May 1941 Rudolf Hess, deputy fuehrer of Nazi Germany, flew to Britain. he was subsequently arrested. In this book this is the divergent point in the history time line as things go differently for Hess and the whole world.The book is mainly set in 1955 and is really a cold war story of spies and assassins. The cold war is mainly between Britain and Germany but the Soviet Union still plays a part or though Josef Stalin is no longer in charge and hasn't been for a while. The main character , an ex-SOE operative, is an assassin and set out on a course of revenge against Reinhard Heydrich. Of course it doesn't going according to plan but he must learn to a adapt to the changing circumstances if he is to complete the mission.This is a thriller, action and sci-fi ride of a story, just set in an alternative 1955. A good read.The only thing about this story I found annoying was that the author seemed to want to change the alternate history back to the way real history went. Instead of just going with the alternate time line the author takes a large left field leap to take things back to the way the rest of know history went and I don't think it's needed. The ending could have been much better.

  • Sarah Jasmon
    2019-04-22 14:08

    A Kill in the Morning is great. There are secret agents, beautiful SOE heroines and French Resistance fighters. There's more than one evil Nazi, and the action takes us from England to Italy and Germany, via Tel Aviv. Hold onto your seats, this one moves fast.We open in an alternate world, in a 1955 where WW2 ended in a truce, Hitler is still in power, and there is a Cold War going on between Germany and Britain. A nameless secret agent has gone AWOL and has his sights trained on Reinhard Heydrich, the Blond Beast and SS leader. He will go on to discover disturbing truths about the British Establishment, which will shake his loyalty and lead him, ultimately, to an impossible decision. And there's a twist at the end that you will not see coming, I can guarantee it.I reviewed A Kill in the Morning more fully on my website, in tandem with a review of HHhH by Laurent Binet. You can read that by going to

  • André
    2019-05-10 07:13

    I give this book 4½ stars.A kill in the morning was a book I won in a goodreads contest and I am grateful for that. The subject of the book is really interesting. It involves a parallel universe where the Second World War did not end as we know. The story is about a nameless character, assassin and protagonist trying to do the best for his country, England. In this universe, do not trust appearances and a twist may surprise you at every corner.I found this book really interesting to read. With a fast paced, yet well-developed storyline the author enthrals the reader until the very end. Despite being a good book for its genre, its pops of sci-fi won’t work for all readers.I recommend the reading of this book and I am expecting more works from Graeme Shimmin.

  • Jaye
    2019-05-21 07:25

    I picked this one up on the strength of it winning the Terry Pratchett Prize for Best First Novel. It's 1955, and the world is not the one we grew up with. World War II ended in 1941, with a peace treaty signed between Germany and Britain. A Cold War has ensued in the years since, with the Brits developing the first nukes, while the Germans control space and are headed to the Moon and planets.In this scenario, a nameless British assassin is loose on the Continent, killing high Nazi officials without sanction from the Intelligence Service. The Service don't know who he is, so they assign him to hunt himself down. The Germans are planning a knockout blow against the British, involving a time machine and flying saucers and all sorts of other gobbledygook. It's still a good story.

  • William Stafford
    2019-05-08 09:10

    Wartime thrillers are not usually my thing but I rather fancied this one, with its alternative history: in 1941, the Second World War ended in stalemate. Germany and England continue hostilities with a kind of cold war and espionage runs rife. Written in the present tense, the prose has the immediacy of a screenplay, and the action sequences are vividly depicted. It's all here: those pesky Nazis up to no good with a top secret weapon that could put them back on top; the plucky protagonist super-spy out to put a stop to them; the femme fatale; the twists and turns...It's easy to see this book as a film and I enjoyed the wry humour as well as the speculative imaginings of how Europe could have turned out if the war had a different outcome.

  • Usman
    2019-04-26 13:08

    Excellent. Tight prose. Fast action, but not senseless, as we sometimes see in some thrillers. The action is set up with good characters. Especially the main character and narrator's--a British agent out in Germany during WW2. Another plus is that the writing gives you a visual description. The closest thing you'll get to watching a movie while reading a novel.I won't talk about the plot. But if you're looking for a new writer who 'can' write thrillers, read this book.

  • Nats
    2019-04-24 13:10

    I've been told 4.5 should be rounded up...A great thriller with the great bits of sci-Fi, fantasy, spy thriller. I managed to ignore my three children and read this in 2 days.

  • Fred Douglis
    2019-05-11 09:26

    This alternate history novel is a real page-turner with a great mix of excitement, humor, and (well, a bit of) debauchery. Hard to say much else without giving spoilers.

  • Tomáš Bók
    2019-05-02 12:11

    "A Kill in the Morning" is a short, action packed alternative history. The worldbuilding is amazing, enough info for it to be interesting, not too much to make it boring. The ending was also smart.

  • Sophie Jones
    2019-05-18 07:36

    A Kill in the Moring is an alternate-history novel by Graeme Shimmin. It’s 1955; the Second World War is over, and the Nazis have control. A nameless British assassin, a retired SOE agent, and a young White Rose member are all that are standing between freedom and the evil SS leader restarting the war against the British Empire, while German scientists work in underground labs, messing with a technology they know too little about.My favourite character was the SOE agent, Molly. Her bravery captivated me, and slowed down the quick-tempered narrator, which I was thankful for. She’s also disgusted at the men saying, “it’s a man’s job”; I’m glad Shimmin included this, even though it’s a small theme. The story line was entertaining, although it was slow in some places. It was also a struggle to follow the story in some spots as I don’t have a very extensive knowledge of guns and World War II planes, for example. Luckily, there is a glossary at the back, which explains all of this. There is also a World War II timeline, adjusted for the alternate history. Once I figured out what was going on, however, I really enjoyed the story, and I honestly couldn’t put it down. It’s sad to know how under-appreciated it is. I would read a sequel, however it’s not necessary; I love how it ended. I would definitely recommend the story to anyone who enjoys the alternate history, sci-fi or World War II genres.

  • Jeevan Chyle
    2019-05-06 13:35

    Highly overrated.

  • Andy Hickmott
    2019-05-04 12:18

    A fascinating conjecture in alternative history - America stays out of WW2, Britain develops a nuclear weapon, Europe is plunged into a cold war... The hero of 'A Kill in the Morning' is an SOE operative behind enemy lines.This book is well written, and in the most part quite tenable, often convincing. If I ever get around to creating a distinct shelf for my guilty secrets, this will be on it (along with every Jack Reacher novel). Its weakness is lazy plotting - when the going gets tough, the tough hero gets lucky. Shimmin's hero too often only escapes from jeopardy due to some unlikely coincidence. Bond fans probably won't notice.

  • Rory Young
    2019-05-13 09:13

    I loved it. Exactly what I need to rest my mind and stimulate it after a tough cycle of work. I want to let my imagine run wild but I also want to keep enough of a link with fact and reality to allow my boyhood mind to come to the fore and force my grown up self to just shut up, accept the necessary suspension of disbelief, and allow my soul to go away for a bit. As a fussy reader that makes the author's task unfairly difficult. Yet the author has so kindly allowed me to let my mind sparkle and my emotions roller coaster. Thank you Graeme Shimmin!

  • Paul Curd
    2019-04-30 10:30


  • Ian
    2019-05-12 09:23

    Reviewed in Interzone.

  • Akira Watts
    2019-04-24 08:24

    The alternate history Bond pastiche was perfectly entertaining. The time travel was overkill and kind of ruined the mood.