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This 3-book bundle contains stories from the Caedmon Wolves series: Wolf's Haven, Wolf's Promise, and Wolf's Touch.Lose yourself in this shapeshifting romance trio.WOLF'S HAVEN - She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man.WOLF'S PROMISE - True love awaits in the path of danger.WOLF'S TOUCH - No woman could resist his touch....

Title : Caedmon Wolves: Volume I
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ISBN : 9781484996591
Format Type : Paperback
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Caedmon Wolves: Volume I Reviews

  • Renate Ridley
    2018-09-25 18:37

    Sorry, but I had to put this down about halfway through the second book in this bundle.Honestly - "barred" teeth? Biceps located in forearms? "Slowly spurting" blood? If I had really liked the stories and characters, I might have been able to overlook such absurd word choices. A lot of people might not be bothered, but poor grammar and poor word choices totally ruin my fun, just like thes did in this case.Good proof reading would have been the right way to go here.

  • Romance Novels in Color
    2018-09-26 10:35

    Personally, I have always been a fan of Ambrielle Kirk’s. Her books tend to be spicy with a kick of sweet to make the reading more fun. She is well known for her sense of adventure with her plots and characters. So when I was given the chance to read the Caedmon series books one through three, I jumped on it faster than my morning latte with extra foam. (To be fair, I have previously read the first novel as a free offering a few weeks ago and loved it.)Since this was a three book omnibus, I’m going to do a mini dissection of the books and the series as a whole thus far. So forgive me in advance if I’m a bit wordy.The first book, Caedmon Wolves, has the hero and heroine, Devin and Tamara, meeting at a gallery after dark. The heroine is a thief, due to an abusive fiancé and bad circumstances. She had made plans with the aid of a counselor to escape the situation the night of the heist, but finds herself trapped with no way to escape due to a twelve foot fence and an ankle injury.She is saved by of all things, a wolf with emerald eyes. But this is no ordinary wolf, this a man who has found his mate, even if he believes he is not ready for the challenge. The couple are striking together, and there is an immediate and obsessive type of protectiveness of each other. There are typical elements in the read, boy meets girl, girl is in need of saving, etc. But the take on those concepts is very fresh and erotic.But the re-read of part one was even better this time, I think mainly because I was able to jump immediately into book two, Wolf’s Promise. This story takes two characters from the first book, Nick and Selene, and gives them a chance at love. Remember the counselor mentioned in book one? Well, Selene is the social worker that set up an opportunity for Tamara to run away from her abusive fiancé. Nick is the friend Devin chose as his second in command.When Selene gets a shady phone call from Tamara in the first tale, she can’t leave well enough alone and rides out with only a map and her gut instincts to go to the last place she knew Tamara to be at. The caregiver in her won’t allow her to use her vacation time to take an actual vacation.(That left me with a lingering thought. Would I be willing to use my coveted two weeks holiday to check on a person that I don’t even really know? Dare I be honest? Probably not. Don’t judge me, at least I’ll admit it out loud just how selfish I can be.)But in this case, Selene’s selfless nature earns her a car accident in the backwoods of Virginia in Caedmon territory, stay in a dungeon and a near forced breeding. But it also earns her Nick, a wary man and wolf, with unknown hang-ups and baggage along with eternal love.Just as well written as the first, and with a poignancy that deliberately tugs the heartstrings, this book was a splendid follow up!Wolf’s Touch is the third book in the series and was almost as good as the first two. The only reason I say that is because the characters involved were mostly unknowns, so I didn’t get the chance to care for them as much before starting, though it mattered very little by chapter two. Our hero, Jayson, was given a not so honorable mention in book two for being tardy for the party (really, a council meeting, but I couldn’t resist the reference).But his intended, Arianna doesn’t want to have a mate. In fact, she doesn’t want to believe she has one, or should I say pretends she doesn’t. The two of them are a fiery couple in bed and out of it. Actually, they have been on and off again lovers for years, and that only makes the romance aspects even better.Jayson and her father have a joint business venture, inherited son to son over the years, but the men really despise working together. Both of them want out, but at what cost? Arianna cares for Jayson, but she doesn’t realize just how much until she is forced to sacrifice her right to choose the roads she will walk in life.This is a fluid series that is well thought out, with a simplified structure and tiny twists in plot that leave you wondering where the time went after reading. I personally read the entire omnibus from start to finish overnight as the volume wasn’t burdensomely large, but peppered with enough meat to complete the tale and enough spice to make you wish for more.The interracial aspects are present, but not obnoxious and the couples never seem to even truly notice their physical differences.The stories can stand alone, which is awesome, as I personally hate to be coerced into serials. On the whole? Splendid! I only noticed two errors in the entire volume. But they were minimal afterthoughts as I was so wrapped into the story. This is a must read for any lover of shifter paranormal genre in general and a great start for those who haven’t jumped on that particular bandwagon yet, but want to try one on for size.And to boot, there is a fourth book that I will be certain to pick up.Brava Ms. Kirk!-Reviewed by Jennifer

  • Heather andrews
    2018-09-24 17:32

    WOLF’S HAVENCaedmon Wolves Book OneDevin he's really caring and sweet, and caring, "he caressed her hand as it lay against his skin. "Rest. You've been up all evening in the kitchen." He's not afraid to let his girl know what's going on, "my wolf wants to claim you as his own." I loved the dirty and passionate side he had for his girl, "you will need to hold on tight, because I'm going to eff you good and hard." I think I'm going to enjoy this series. WOLF’S PROMISECaedmon Wolves Book TwoNick I loved, he was a more show then tell kind of man, "let me give you a hint." Nick grabbed her hips and pulled her forward. She bit her lip as her center pressed firmly against his rock hard evidence of desire." Selene she was strong in her own way but there was some reservations she had, "I know what will happen," she said, wringing her hands in her lap. "I'll return home and never hear from you again. You have no intentions of contacting me after I'm gone, do you?" Once the boy removes his head from his butt things got a rolling with him and his woman, "yes. Just like that," he hissed, holding her about the waist. "Offer yourself to me." With each book I'm falling more and more in love with this series. WOLF’S TOUCHCaedmon Wolves Book ThreeJayson he's demanding his presence would/might scare the crap out of people. "look at me when you're effing me, Arianna." He has a great soft side for his woman though he'd do anything to make her happy, "I don't have full-time servants," he said, kicking the door closed. "I like my privacy, now and then, but if you would like them-" Jayson's book was okay I mean I was expecting something more from him I'm not sure what I was expecting maybe just a more demanding presence then what he had

  • Lisa
    2018-10-04 11:39

    Caedmon Wolves: Volume 1 by Ambrielle Kirk gathers together the first 3 books in the series.Wolf's Haven (Book One) -Tamara's fiance, Brad abuses her and forces her to join him on burglary jobs. When she finally gets the chance to run from him she is saved by a wolf. Unknown to her the wolf is actually a shape shifter named Devin. The cast of characters are believable, impressive and engaging. The story has secrets untold, jealous pack members, intense passion, heart-wrenching moments, and romance. It's a good story. Would've been better had it been longer though. Still it's a 4 star book. Wolf's Promise (Book Two) -Wolf shifter Nick has been burned by love in the past and doesn't trust women because of it. However while caged by an enemy he meets fell captive Selene and finds himself desiring her like no other before her. I loved the chemistry between these two. It's explosive hot. The characters are strong, engaging and believable. The story is intense, sensual, exciting and well written. It's a good story. Another 4 STARSWolf's Touch (Book Three) -Wolf shifter Jayson Truman has found his mate in his boss’s daughter, Arianna Klein. But his boss forbids him from going any where near her. So what's a wolf to do? Pursue and claim his mate of course at all costs. I loved how stubborn and driven Jayson and Arianna are. They make for an awesome, hot and believable couple. The story is well written with just the right amount of obstacles to over come. Good book. 4 StarsOver all this is a great series and I highly recommend it.***Gifted ARC copy***L.

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2018-10-16 10:09

    Caedmon Wolves (Volume One), Amber Ella Monroe, Ambrielle KirkGenre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews This volume contains three books: Wolf's Haven, Wolf's Promise, and Wolf's Touch. The series has 5 titles available with 1 coming soon.I enjoyed this read, but didn’t really feel the stories had enough content and detail for me. I need a stronger plot and these are really light and simple romances, a how a wolf shifter meets his mate, with a bot of wolf pack politics thrown in. I needed a bit more excitement, a bit more plot and adventure to keep me engrossed. The characters are good, well drawn and feel real, and in a more in-depth novel I’d have enjoyed them. If you’re looking for a gentle shifter romance, one that's easy to follow with a bit of heat added for spice then this is perfect. for me it was just a bit too light and fluffy. that’s the way it works – what suits some won’t be right for others. I don’t enjoy Terry Pratchett, J K Rowling and Tolkien (gasp!!) but millions do Smile and its what gives us books to suit all tastes. Stars: Two, a book that’s great for some readers but just didn’t work for me. ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

  • Claire
    2018-10-21 18:11

    i picked this one up as id been on a vamp ride for a while and fancied a change.This was one book with books 1-3 included in it.Each story revolved around one wolf and basically the fact they stumbled across their mates by mistake.Alot of sexual scenes so, adults only.Each book had roughly 90 pages, so not very long. Im not sure how i feel about them if im honest. I didnt seem to bond with any of the characters and the story seemed a little....far fetched. It was written very simply so no major brain power needed. Having said that, i probably would pick up the next books to just see what happens.It was easy to read, but if i was searching for something to read to get my teeth into, unfortunately this wouldnt be one of them that would catch my eye.Good to read if youre in the mood to not really think and want an easy and quick storyline.Read on behalf of Bewitching Book Tours for an honest review

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog
    2018-09-22 10:26

    Quick ReviewThis omnibus has the first 3 books of the series complied together. Since the reads are pretty short it was kinda like reading a continuous story. I enjoyed the novels but can't rave over them. Nothing too new, the characters were all right. I think if given a bit more "teeth" these could have been something really special but there was just not enough content in each book to bring out the feelings of LIKE/LOVE. We needed more character depth, less sudden happenings with no story backup and this made the stories a bit jerky and at times confusing. 3 star read was ok..not meh but far as a recommendation? Not at this point in the series. I do have book 6 to read for review so I will update my thoughts on that review.

  • Shawna
    2018-09-28 17:16

    I'm not going to lie there is a part of me that liked the story lines in this series but the grammatical errors in my Kindle e-book are outrageous. There are times I had to read the sentence two to three times to understand what was said. I know Im not perfect by far with my spelling but I don't write books. As for the story its self it was pretty good. Nothing I could read over and over like some books but still good entertainment. She does need to stop repeating things though. the "Oh! I didn't know you were a virgin" thing was irritating the second time.

  • Sweets Books
    2018-10-17 10:14

    This was a great read of 3 short stories! I loved all 3 guys Devin, Nick & Jayson, they all had their own turmoil! Each had their own damsel in distress! Out of the 3 I would have to say that Devin & Jayson's stories tied with me! I loved them both! The women in the stories were good my favorite of them would have to be Tamara! Overall I recommend!Till next time ~ Sweets Books

  • XxTainaxX
    2018-10-16 11:26

    These books are a light enough read but the pacing seemed rushed to me. I felt there was much more to be discovered from the characters. With a little more time/length, it would have felt more complete. It felt like your typical reluctant werewolf alpha story set. Nothing really stood out to me.

  • Ann
    2018-10-07 15:13

    I enjoyed this book containing 3 shorter novels. Easy to read, quite spicy these werewolves are all very protective of their women. I enjoyed the style of writing that includes characters from previous stories into the new book. Hope the series continues.

  • Michelle Butterly
    2018-10-17 10:16

    Brilliant read I really enjoyed this series it was well written with lots of edge to it this series will keep you engrossed from the first page to the last. I loved the whole package the alpha males and the feisty woman who tamed them I will be reading more of this authors work.

  • Catherine Montgomery
    2018-10-21 15:33

    All Three Were A Great Read!I really enjoyed the characters in each book and then learning more about them in each of the successive books! I would recommend these books as a great read. I'm looking forward to the next to come!

  • Ceola
    2018-09-22 12:29


  • Linda
    2018-09-26 16:28

    Am enjoying this series and from a new author (for me). Enjoy so much that I have already both the next two in the series.

  • Tina
    2018-09-24 14:27

    review to come

  • Hayzbaw
    2018-10-21 15:34

    The characters were good, the plot not bad, but the length of each book – too short. Just as I thought each story was going to evolve into something more, it ended.

  • Rhonda
    2018-10-19 18:12

    Great series. Can't wait to read the rest. It wasn't a quick read, I just couldn't put it down. Very glad I started the series.