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Being heaven's bounty hunter isn't easy... Emma Jane Hellsbane just makes it look that way.The war between good and evil is on and as a nephilim—half angel, half human, Emma Jane is caught in the middle. She’s trained hard, lost a lot, and made some horrible mistakes. But too often it’s been those she loves who’ve paid the price. She can’t let that happen anymore. What sheBeing heaven's bounty hunter isn't easy... Emma Jane Hellsbane just makes it look that way.The war between good and evil is on and as a nephilim—half angel, half human, Emma Jane is caught in the middle. She’s trained hard, lost a lot, and made some horrible mistakes. But too often it’s been those she loves who’ve paid the price. She can’t let that happen anymore. What she used to believe about right and wrong, good and evil, what she used to believe about herself is changing. Emma Jane is changing and that scares her most of all.Both sides want her working for them, and someone is using innocent humans as pawns to sway her. If Emma doesn’t figure out who’s behind it and why, the human race as we know it could end. To save humanity Emma will have to betray everything and everyone she’s ever known, but when it comes down to a choice between saving the world or the man she was never meant to love, whose side will Emma ultimately chose?...

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Hellsbane Hereafter Reviews

  • Eva Millien
    2019-03-22 12:39

    Caught in the middle, Emma Jane will have to decide for herself just who’s playing who and what is right and what’s wrong in the battle between good and evil in this thrilling paranormal fantasy romance.With a steady to fast pace and smooth flowing plot, this story enthralls readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance. It isn’t easy being Heaven’s bounty hunter and Emma Jane has just about had enough of being used and manipulated by both sides especially with Eli’s grace on the line. The love between Eli and Emma is still burning strong and Emma will do whatever it takes to give Eli back the life she thinks he wants. The reader can’t help but get caught up in the epic battle for humanity with all the strong compelling characters that grab the reader’s attention and bewitch them into coming back for more.The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life and the well orchestrated suspense draws the reader into the story ensuring that they stay tuned until the very end. Spine tingling anticipation builds as the danger to humanity escalates and both sides try to out maneuver the other and turn the tides to the outcome that they are looking for, too bad they can’t know what Emma Jane or others will do once they’ve been manipulated into place.The fascinating world keeps reader on their toes with lots of surprising twists and turns and I couldn’t help but relate to Emma Jean’s emotional turmoil as she tried to figure out which side to chose and what decision would be best for not only the man she wasn’t supposed to love but also for humanity. I was completely caught up in the story from very beginning and this is one series that is definitely better read in sequence to completely understand all the complex plots and manipulations if you have any chance of figuring out which you would fall on that is.4 ½ STARS

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-03-30 09:26

     Hellsbane Hereafter, (Hellsbane 3) , Paige CuccaroReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: Romance, Fantasy/ParanormalThe final book...and what a fun trilogy it’s been. Poor Emma Jane – it seems like she’s been used by both Heaven and Hell. Though she started off believing it was a simple good v evil battle, and knowing she was on the side of good, recent events have made her look differently at things. She’s lost so many friends to the battle and now she’s working for her father she’s made friends among his side too, and can’t bear losing any of them. I’ve always found that the way the Nephilims were treated as strange – the Bible tells us they were evil, some were monsters etc and they all needed to be killed, and would go straight to the Abyss. Well, how that ties up with the God is Mercy and Suffer Little Children to come unto Me etc I’ve never understood. Children can’t help who their parents are, and it seems wrong that if the angels who fathered them simply gave up them and their mothers and repented they could return to Heaven, while they who’d done nothing except be born were punished and their mothers, who did nothing but fall in love – or were raped – were left literally holding the baby....Double standards and certainly not Merciful.Archangel Michael here epitomises how I feel about these stories. so much for being Angelic, he and his brothers are judgemental, will torture and are horrifically cruel to get what they want, twist the truth to suit their needs, and want Emma Jane ( and others like her) to do their dirty work as they can’t possibly soil their own hands, and yet they call her and the others “it” and an abomination....Now she’s unable to return to human, as her father isn’t an ordinary angel, and has seen the supposed “good” side arrange some awful things she’s doubting herself. Her love for Eli though is true, and she’s feels so sad about his Falling, she knows he misses his brothers and they will have no contact with him. That’s what I mean about judgemental, he’s worked for them and for Heaven for centuries, and yet fall in love and all is over, he’s doomed, shunned by all his former angelic friends, except those that have also Fallen. Why did God make them capable of loving humans if he won't allow it to continue?  Jakar, her father wants her working for him, and Michael wants her spying on Jakar. Both sides make her promises, and all she really wants is for Eli to be able to return to the Grace she thinks he wants, to be able to be back with his lifelong friends. That’s true love when you’ll give up someone  to ensure their ultimate happiness, and it was heart-breaking seeing her try to arrange it, knowing all the while Michael would find some way to weasel out – he and the others of the Seven really were two faced. They infuriated me in earlier books and this one they really are shown in their true colours..She’s keeping a lot of secrets and struggling, trying to work out what’s best to do, and then finds out that humans are being used in the latest theatrics from both sides. who can she believe? What can she do?  Its clear do nothing isn’t an option and yet whichever way she turns people are going to get hurt.  I so feel for her, she’s been ( in my eyes) betrayed by her father, and by Heaven and the angels. All she’s ever done is try to do right, to help people, and yet its as if the two sides are just playing and care nothing about people dying, whether supernatural or human. Its a real struggle and I was as puzzled as Emma Jane much of the time. I kept thinking “what would I do” when she’s faced with some awful choices, has to decide who she can trust and how far, and what she can do to save people. When the final battle comes – that was so sad....I felt really tearful and gutted. That just couldn't  have happened could it? but yes it did...I was heartbroken along with her. Paige manages to pull off one final event though, and just when I was thinking how on earth could it end, as I couldn’t see how either group could win, without destroying humanity somehow she pulls off the perfect finale. Stars: Five, loved it, was swept along with the story and characters and it’s a perfect ending. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

  • Maghon Thomas
    2019-03-22 17:26

    So, I don't think I was prepared for this one to kinda be the end. It has some opening that can let it continue, but I still wasn't prepared for such a big wrap up. I love this series. It has so much fun and interesting things, even though I am usually not into angels. Plus, poor Emma, she finally realizes that things are never going to go back to normal, and she could lose everything with one choice. After the ending of the last book, I wasn't sure where this one was going to go, but it didn'd disappoint. Everyone thinks of Angels as good and Demons as bad, but angels can fall, and demons can be nice, and angels can be the biggest bleeps on the planet. Yeah, I'm thinking I didn't like them all that much. LOL Emma Jane Hellsbane is part angel, and now she's turning into something more than that. She is stuck between the angels, who are going to give her the chance to take back what she and Eli did, if she will play both sides of the field, spy on her daddy, one of the baddest fallen angels around. But she likes some of the people who are supposed to be bad guys. She loves Eli, even though if cost him his angel status, if she gives him up, she loses herself. And if she doesn't, she loses everything to the angels. She has some really hard decisions to make. She isn't sure who to trust because everyone just wants to use her for their own plans. She's a strong woman, a great character, and an even better heroine. The plot for this one had my head spinning. She is learning her dear old daddy has some seriously crazy plans, and he's using innocent college boys to gain it. He's backing Emma into a corner she won't be able to get out of without serious pain. The angels are leading Emma into another corner that's just mean. And on top of that, she is trying to save the world while she's at it. All she ever wanted was to be normal. And now, she has mysteries from all sides she has to unravel before things get too bad, like letting demons out of the pit bad. Life needed a little drama LOLI will say that I loved how things turned out. It wasn't maybe the perfect happily ever after, but it was close. It was the point that not everything is black and white. Sometimes the good are good, and something they are bad. And the bad can be good too. She's making a life of what she has, and she's going to fight for it. This one is definitely a wild ride and though I would love to see more, I am not sure we are going to get that. It's the end. And it's a good one!! :) 5 ANGEL PAWS!!

  • Elaine
    2019-04-10 13:28

    A good story about the battle between good and evil and choices that need to be made by the characters - and how their view of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ depends on so many other factors.This is the third book in a trilogy but still works well as a standalone story. A nephilim, Emma Jane loves her angel partner, Eli, but consummating their love means that Eli is now a fallen angel - one of the angels she is supposed to kill! Her father is also a fallen archangel and he has plans for her . . . ones that conflict with her original goals. Now she’s confused as she can’t trust anyone but Eli and her love for him makes her really want to redeem him - whether he wants that or not! Life certainly isn’t a bed of rose petals for Emma - more a bed of thorns - as the two sides try to use her and her skills against others who were actually her friends. Emma needs to find out who is behind all the drama, angst and try her best to make the “right” choices, but will that be to save humanity or the angel/man she loves?Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley too for letting me read this book in exchange for this, an honest review.

  • Stacy Reid
    2019-04-20 12:28

    I feel torn. I loved this book...but the ending left me a little deflated. I am looking forward to the next installment. This book is a standalone, and it is able to read as such. The world building was seamlessly woven into the story, and I had enough back story for complete enjoyment. I am still compelled to read how Emma and Eli got together. I am desperate to read that journey and then maybe I will feel better about the ending. Overall this story was a fast pace, and a thoroughly engaging read. I loved how on edge I was just dying to know what happened next. Lying is a huge sticking point for me, and I was so pissed Emma lied to the love of her life and did so several times. For me, there is no justification for lying on such a deep level. While that is a peeve of mine, I found that I understood Emma's fear, her motivation for bending the truth, and I was firmly caught up in her emotion and angst. I kinda really dug her and rooted for her all the way to the end. It was a good read and I would recommend. I will be reading the rest of book in the series.

  • Cherie
    2019-04-06 09:48

    Emma Jane Hellsbane must choose between Heaven, Hell, or something all her making in Paige Cuccaro's Hellsbane Hereafter. I've been a big fan of Emma Jane since reading the prequel novella Commencement. It took me a little while to get into this book since it's been so long since I've read book two, but once I got into it a bit and remembered who was who and the like, I didn't want to put the book down. Emma Jane is strong and pretty badass, but Cuccaro really forces Emma Jane to grow in this last book of the series. We see new characters, old characters, and the return of characters we haven't seen since the prequel novella. My favorite thing about this series is no one seems completely good or evil. There are so many shades of gray, even among angels, the Fallen, and demons. The ending is really perfect for the series as well. I highly recommend Paige Cuccaro's Hellsbane series and Hellsbane Hereafter doesn't disappoint!

  • Patricia
    2019-03-21 12:31

    Even if you haven't read the other books in this series you can pretty much follow along.Emma is a strong, sassy character who walks a neutral line between the battle of good and evil. Her father is a fallen archangel, her lover a fallen angel and she has friends on both sides. It's not always easy figuring out what's right when you have key figures playing you from both sides yet shes determined to help Eli earn back his Grace, destroy her father and go back to a normal life.This was a interesting take on angels, demons and the battle between good and evil.

  • Anita DeVito
    2019-04-15 15:21

    Hellsbane Hereafter proves that paranormal genres can be more than nice little stories. The intricate plot deals with concepts of no creature being wholly good or evil, the consequences of inaction and the feeling that no matter what you do, it's wrong. It is easy to care for the multi-dimensional characters and hard to see them fall. The strong plot and great characters drive non-stop action, double-crosses, and unexpected twists. Hellsbane is a hell of a good ride.

  • Chrissy
    2019-04-11 11:19

    **********I received this book, from The publisher in exchange for a Honest review****I loved this book, it was a great read, as always this is a truly amazing and talented author. Get yours today, I am not willing to say more, I want you to read this. Trust me you will love it.... It hooked me from the first page..... Get yours today!!

  • Melissa
    2019-03-26 13:39

    This book is a great read. Emma and Eli story is loving someone with all your soul can be the most powerful weapon of all.

  • Ian Wood
    2019-04-02 09:31

    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three-fifths worth reading! The only reason I've relented and started putting stars up there is to credit the good ones, which were being unfairly uncredited. So, all you'll ever see from me is a five-star or a one-star (since no stars isn't a rating, unfortunately).I rated this book WARTY!WARNING! MAY CONTAIN UNHIDDEN SPOILERS! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!This is book three in the inevitable series because authors can’t write one-offs any more, evidently. I haven't read the previous two volumes. This one looked interesting and it appears it can be read as a standalone if you don’t mind being in some ignorance of the previous history, which is referred to often and of which we’re given details in mini-infodumps here and there. I honestly didn’t feel like I'd missed anything. Let’s face it, in a series, everything is prologue until the last volume, and I don’t do prologues anyway!The novel sounded interesting from the blurb - but that just means the blurb did its job - it lured me in, but once I got in there, it quickly became clear that this was not for me. The blurb and the cover image (both of which are typically misleading) are very suggestive of titanic angelic battles, but - at least as far as I read - there was no such thing. Instead there was a heck of a lot of moping around and soul-searching, which I didn’t enjoy in the least.The worst part for me was when the hero, Dominica Hellsbane (seriously?) went to see her evil father - the very father she should have slaughtered in two previous volumes and failed. This was no epic meeting in a palace with her father sitting a-throne. It wasn't even a hellish trip down into the baking environs of the pit. Nope! Dad-the-demon works in an office downtown. I kid you not.I have never understood the Harry Potter mentality whereby the supernatural is laundered into base currency, becoming tiresomely ordinary and losing all its color and appeal in the process. With Harry Potter it was the Ministry of Magic and boarding schools and so on, but at least Rowling had the smarts to poke fun at her designs. Here, we get the struggle between good and evil demoted to average-ville, with palatial offices atop skyscrapers, looking out over the city, and spreadsheets, secretaries, and hedge funds - on short, nonsensical in the extreme.We’re told that Hellsbane can teleport, yet when she gets into the building, she apparently has to ride the elevator! The boss has a secretary, and every person she touches sends an electric shock through her because they're fallen angels don't you know, and they're "beautiful" and "erotic". The problem is that if you have to keep on telling me how beautiful and erotic they are, it kind looses its "oomph" in the repetition.At this point I’d had quite enough. Not only did Hellsbane fail to kill her evil dad, she's now working for him by doing a little job involving her angelic step brother, who is a frat boy and lives with other angelic frat boys in an apartment. Honestly? What is the point? What is the point of writing a story about something as exotic and supernatural as angels and demons if all you do with it when you've got it is to render it into nothing but a juvenile Hellsbane Does Coed? Frankly, I didn’t have enough Promethazine on hand to make it through this kind of a novel, so I quit it right there.I yearn for something new and original in these heaven and hell books - something with power and majesty, and with an original take on angels and demons. I pray for something heavenly, but what I get is hellish: it seems that it's foolish to hope for something above average when all writers are capable of delivering in this sphere evidently is the ordinary, the tame, the boring. It’s truly sad. I can’t recommend a novel like that. Like this. It's time to turn the Paige.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-19 15:39

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a completely satisfying ending to a really great trilogy. While I joined a little late in the game, I still fell in love with Eli, Emma Jane, and all her friends and foes.Emma Jane is trying to find a "normal" life, as much as one can when they're working with their fallen archangel father. Eli has fallen now, but he seems happier than ever before. Unfortunately, Emma Jane is battling her overwhelming guilt over Eli's fall and ends up making some bad deals because of it. While trying to juggle her double agent status, she also manages to push away the few people who could be her allies. The book was filled with the witty sarcastic humor that I've come to expect and enjoy throughout. Even when Emma Jane is making horrible decisions for Eli, I still forgave her and could even understand her motivations (as wrong as they were). While I'm sad that this series has ended, the ending was exactly what we needed. It's not a perfect, fairy tale ending, but it's a very satisfying one.

  • Brittany
    2019-03-29 09:38

    I received this from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I just did not love this. This is the conclusion of the Hellsbane Trilogy and it was a disappointment for me. IN the previous books the main character Emma finds out that basically because of who her father is she is not condemned to a life of fighting and eventually she would have to kill her biological father. I liked in the other books that while wishy washy Emma was a force to be reckoned with. However, in this one is very whiny and cannot make up her mind. It was getting on my nerves the way she could not pick side. I understand at the end the point is that she is like a mediator but I need a heroine that has the guts and determination to stand up for what she believes in. This girl was just was too annoying in this book for me. Good premise but I needed a stronger heroine.

  • melissa
    2019-03-25 17:23

    A must read.I loved this book was sorry this is the last book in the series had me wanting more,this book is for everyone one it shows how in the end good always wins over evil,and also shows how far you would go to hold on to the person you love the most.real love and self worth is everything.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Krueger
    2019-04-06 17:31


  • JamesStanley
    2019-04-09 13:30

    Simply amazingTo mix action adventure love loss family and religion. Not something just anyone could do. Read it and see for yoursel