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The men in Texas are hard to resist . . .Seattle event planner Allison Lane is an expert at delivering the perfect wedding—even if she might not exactly believe in the whole "'til death do us part" thing. When her father decides to tie the knot with a woman he barely knows, Allison heads to Sweet, Texas, to make sure his new honey is the real deal. What she didn't expect tThe men in Texas are hard to resist . . .Seattle event planner Allison Lane is an expert at delivering the perfect wedding—even if she might not exactly believe in the whole "'til death do us part" thing. When her father decides to tie the knot with a woman he barely knows, Allison heads to Sweet, Texas, to make sure his new honey is the real deal. What she didn't expect to find at the local honky-tonk was a sexy Southern man as bent on charming her pants off as he is on blowing her "true love doesn't exist" theory all to hell.And they always promise . . .Veterinarian, former Marine, and Sweet's favorite playboy Jesse Wilder takes one look at Allison and knows she's a handful of trouble he can't deny. But even after a sizzling kiss and obvious mutual attraction, it seems Allison has no such problem. When Jesse uncovers her sweet side, can he crush his playboy image, melt her cynical heart, and change her mind about taking a trip down the aisle?Something sweeter...

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Something Sweeter Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-03-27 10:05

    Happy Release Day to Candis Terry and Something Sweeter!Amazon: "ride me... errr...ummm... ride 'em cowboy" stars!!Romantic, passionate, poignant, sexy... Something Sweeter is all that and more!I'm in love with Candis Terry's Sweet, Texas series! Every story, every couple... I just can't get enough of the incredible Wilder brothers! ARC provided by Avon Books and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review, and honestly, I loved it!

  • Didi
    2019-04-06 11:26

    2.5 TO 3 STARSAllison Lane has come to Sweet, Texas to check out and investigate her fathers new fiancée. She's not sure he knows what he's doing getting engaged to someone he barely knows. Allison is also a cynic when it comes to love which you might think is at odds with her career as an event planner doing many weddings at that, in Seattle. But coming to Sweet brings her into the arms of Jesse Wilder, a bonafide playboy that values his family and their happiness above all else. Sparks fly and lust ignites between Jesse and Allison, but can Allison look past her experiences and embrace the call of true love? Can Jesse put aside his familial obligations and grab hold of his HEA? This was for the most part, good. For the first 40% I was close to dnf'ing it though. Things moved slowly then picked up only to move slowly once again. There was lots of narrative which bothers me because I love dialogue. But the premise was sweet, the characters endearing and it was filled with lots of sweet and sexy time. Nothing really new here, and not one sub-plot grabbed my attention. I wouldn't call this insta-love, although there was plenty of insta-lust, but all was said and done within a months time. The other thing that bored me slightly was the predictability of everything. I knew what was going to happen with some plot threads like Allison's blog and her sisters situation. The wilder brothers were a sexy and funny bunch but they didn't often speak like alpha Texan men. They used a lot of flowery speech that took away from the plausibility that men actually spoke like that. Anyways, this is part of a series but the books work as standalones. Ultimately I somewhat enjoyed this but there was lots left to be desired, so not quite 3 stars for me but more than 2.

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-03-29 17:18

    gads I love this series.Five reasons to grab an iced coffee and curl up with Something Sweeter:1. Brothers. The Wilder brothers are good men who are smexy, former Marines, and good to their Momma. The Wilder family is delightful. They are true Texans who love their football and country. They are far from perfect, but they have strong morals and family ties. I love the banter, teasing and concern they express for each other.2. Sweet, Texas. This small-town is charming. Neighbors step up and help when needed and Terry had me longing to pack my bags. This town is quaint, where everyone knows each other and while folks might spread rumors like wildfire, they are quick to protect their own.3. Characters. Terry creates characters that wrap around your heart. Jess Wilder loves his family, and chokes-up when an animal is abused or neglected. The man is good with his hands and easy on the eyes. He has put the happiness of his family first and despite rumors that he is a ladies’ man and the truth is he works long hours, takes care of his family and spends his nights sleeping with his pets. Can I just say, “I adored him?” Allison Lane arrived in Sweet, Texas to meet the woman her father intends to marry. Her own opinions of marriage have been tarnished by her rocky childhood and her mother’s bevy of ex-husbands. Previous characters and couples are present, and it was delightful getting updates and seeing them all interact.4. Something Sweeter is a feel-good, slow-building romance that begins with attraction and good intentions. Jesse is attracted to little firecracker Allison, but also considers her hands-off since her father is marrying his Mom. Her cynical views of marriage and true love have him trying to change her mind, and he enlists folks in town to help. The tale was sweet, with magic romantic moments. The romance built slowly from stolen kisses to holding hands. Both Jesse and Allison learned lessons, and see growth as they find something special.5. Perfectly paced with realistic angst, and adult responses make this the perfect escape. I find that when I read Terry’s novels I lose track of time. While some of the tropes are familiar, and the issues that arise to keep Allison in town longer made me laugh she makes her characters come to life. I swoon, giggle, blush and even though I know my HEA will come it is a joy to see how it all come together.Copy received from publisher in exchange for unbiased review that originally published @Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Susan
    2019-04-04 17:08

    Good book. Allison has come to Sweet to check out the woman her father plans to marry. Her parents' marriage hadn't been a good one, and she wants to make sure he isn't making another mistake. On her arrival in town, she spends a little time in the local bar, where she meets a super sexy cowboy. Jesse is the local vet and is at the bar with his brother. He has a reputation as the town playboy. He notices Allison right away, including the heat that flares up between them. I loved their first meeting, as Jesse "rescues" his engaged brother from the advances of the beautiful stranger. There's some serious flirting going on between them, and Jesse is ready to take it to the next level when she leaves him high and dry. Both of them get quite a shock the next day when they discover that his mom is engaged to her dad. I liked Allison. She is a wedding planner who is quite cynical about love. Her parents' marriage was a bust, mostly due to her mother's selfishness. She has also seen many of the "love matches" she has done the weddings for end up in divorce. She is very wary of the whole Wilder crew when she meets them, finding it hard to believe that they are for real. She is protective of her father and doesn't want to see him hurt. I enjoyed seeing her watch the interactions between all the Wilders. For all of her cynicism about marriage, when Reno and Charli's wedding runs into some snags, she steps in to help. This puts her into further contact with Jesse, who is determined to change her mind about the existence of true love.Jesse is fantastic. In the previous books, he is the brother with all the good advice. He helps his brothers through their relationship woes, while avoiding the same for himself. In this book we learn that he has a reason for that, which involves a promise made to his oldest brother who was killed in action a short time later. He feels it is his responsibility to make sure that they all have their happy endings before he can allow himself to look for his own. Jared has been a presence in all the books so far, as his place in the family is never forgotten. I loved the development of their relationship. It starts out simply, with Jesse determined to change Allison's mind about love. He doesn't have any intention of falling for her himself. It doesn't take him long to see the soft center inside her hard candy shell. It was sweet watching him bring out the softer side of her. At the same time, Allison begins to see that there is much more to Jesse than his public image as a playboy. She senses the conflict that he is going through and encourages him to share it with someone before it eats him up. As they grew closer, the attraction also heated up, until they couldn't resist any longer. Allison slowly begins to realize that not only is true love real, she is developing those feelings for Jesse. He is a bit slower to admit it to himself, and only after being on the receiving end of the same advice he gave his brothers. But it isn't an easy road to his dream of what could be when a crisis sends Allison back to Seattle and her fears come roaring back. I loved seeing how being around the Wilders changed her way of looking at things, and the effect it had on her handling of the crisis. Jesse had his own "aha" moment, thanks to his mom and brother. I loved his big moment at the end.I loved the close relationship among all the Wilders and how they are there for each other. It was great to see how they absorbed Allison into the group with such ease. It made it very easy for Allison to want to help with the wedding issues. I loved the teasing among the brothers, but also how they had no problem getting serious when it was required. Their reactions when Jesse finally opened up were great. I also enjoyed the various characters in the town of Sweet. The two old ladies were quite a trip, especially when they were around Jesse. It was great to see how so many of them got involved when Allison needed help to rescue the wedding from disaster.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-27 09:58

    This is my favorite in the series so far, and by a fairly wide margin. I think this is mainly because this is the first one where the Wilder boy wasn't an emotional coward, afraid of his own shadow. That's not a surprise, really, as Jesse has been the one giving the best advice to his brothers so far. And he shows here that he's not only capable of receiving their return, but that he can see his own way clear if you give him some time to think about things.And it didn't hurt, either, that I fell just a little in love with his strong cowboy ways layered over a heart as big as (say it with me, now) Texas. Candis Terry does a good job not just describing his soft heart, but goes farther to infuse it deeply into his character in a way that lets it shine in just about everything he does. You can see how Allison would crack under the sheer sincerity aimed her way.Allison is less engaging. I get the damage from her completely self-indulgent mother, but I don't get her cynicism from working with weddings. It doesn't help that she repeats (ad nauseam) the misleading statistic that half of marriages end in divorce, adding to the error by saying that she's seen as much herself. I call shenanigans on that, if only because she's young enough that only the most fragile marriages she's seen have had time to implode.Still, she's fun and engaging, and more or less exactly what Jesse needs—i.e. someone to challenge him when he gets cocky, dance with him when occasion arises, laugh with him in the good times, and pick up the pieces when he shatters. So while I didn't really cotton to her on her own, she's excellent for Jesse and that made her alright.I was also less than happy with Terry's finally revealing what was up with Jared before he died. (view spoiler)[Making it be about teh ghey not only comes across as trendy for its own sake, but the reactions were so very mono-chromatic that it ended up feeling rote, if not outright ritualistic. It felt more like posturing than anything real in the story, like Terry wants the cachet of showing how great she is with gay folks. This isn't helped by the similarly stereotyped gay friend/business associate of Allison's who brings the flowers to the wedding. Yes, I get the message. Terry supports gays. Yay. I'm so glad she got that off her chest. It might have been better if she'd actually done something with it besides just the barest skimming possible, however... (hide spoiler)]Anyway, the story was solid, though the outlines of it were predictable. I loved Jesse and Allison grew on me. The ending was touching and felt very real and made me laugh out loud a few times (in that strained, I have to laugh or cry I'm-just-so-happy kind of way). That all adds up to a solid four stars in my book, even if some elements weren't as engaging.A note about Steamy: Upper mid range for me. Three explicit scenes, though only the first was longer than a page (and lots longer at that). This is mitigated, somewhat, by having those scenes being important to their emotional relationship.

  • Lisa Filipe
    2019-04-06 14:01

    These Wilder brother's just keep getting BETTER and BETTER!! Jesse...what can I and sincere with a HUGE heart...he captivates and completely steals the show in SOMETHING SWEETER. From that wicked smile down to his spurs...OH MOMMA!!And Allison was pretty awesome too. Candis knew she had to give Jesse someone special, and I say she gave him exactly what he deserved. Even being a romance cynic, she couldn't help but lick...I mean LIKE Jesse and his special brand of "Lessons in Romance".Candis Terry writes about that deep love that we are all searching for, with Jesse and Allison, she makes you believe in true love.If you love a romance series with Big Heart, you need to read the "Sweet" series by Candis Terry. You won't want to miss the fall of the Big and Bad Wilder Brothers!!Full review to come closer to release date.

  • Ami
    2019-03-20 10:21

    Allison Lane – daughter of Martin Lane who is going to marry the Wilder’s matron, Jana – comes to Sweet to check out her future step-mother. Allison is a non-believer of true love and happily ever after. And it’s up to Jesse, a well-known womanizer in Sweet who believes in love though he thinks that it is not yet his time, is set to prove Allison wrong.I think my main issue is that I’m not completely convinced of both Allison’s and Jesse’s reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship. Sure, Allison’s logic feels more reasonable than Jesse’s – the wreckage of her parents’ marriage, the statistic of divorce cases of the marriages she helps planning – but at the same time, I don’t feel that she is completely against happy endings, thus her accepting that she falls in love with Jesse feels predictable (although. of course. that should be the end result).Meanwhile, Jesse’s justification over his ‘I-do-want-my-happy-ending-but-not-right-now’ stance feels weak. I just don’t see it as a strong logic for avoiding a relationship. However, his back story is VERY moving. It actually broke my heart and I had tears in my eyes when I read it. It’s a heartbreaking storyline and one I hope Ms. Terry follows in the future.Despite that, I still love this story very much. I love Allison, as she is a no nonsense big city girl, and she can take care of herself when dealing with Jesse’s reputation. I love the way she flirts, and I love how efficient she is when she is determined to ensure Reno and Charli’s wedding goes without a hitch.And Jesse … aaaaah, Jesse *swoon*. I love that he is more than meets the eye. That there’s something more beyond the surface, beyond everybody’s saying that he beds different woman every night. In fact, Jesse has a heart as big as Texas – I mean, come one, he’s a sucker for animals (which is why he’s a very competent veterinarian), he cries when kittens are being saved, and HE ACTUALLY LOVES “THE NOTEBOOK”! *dies*I love the banter between Allison and Jesse … and they have such great chemistry.Now, I always highlighted supporting characters in the previous books. This time, let me speak about Jared. Truthfully, even when he is not around, big brother Jared has been a very significant supporting character throughout the whole series. Even if he only appears in memory from those he left behind. Thus the combination of that big reveal about Jared’s ‘secret’ and his presence in loving memory during Reno and Charli’s wedding adds a very beautiful subtlety to this third installment.So in conclusion, I love Jesse and Allison and this story so much. I think it is pretty romantic and well, it is so far my favorite title of the series. What can I say, Jesse the sexy cowboy/veterinarian = ♥♥♥A Guest Review for The Blogger Girls

  • Crystal (Kris)
    2019-03-21 17:15

    Something Sweeter is sweet, hot, and full of spice. I couldn't get enough of this!This summer I've been on a little bit of a contemporary binge. While I love a good speculative fiction with fabulous world building and intense plot development, sometimes a girl just needs a light-hearted contemporary romance with some sexy action. And the Wilder boys know how to deliver, as Jesse proves in this delightful read.One of the main reasons why I picked up this book definitely has to be the rural Texas setting. I love a book with some hot cowboys in it, and having read some great reviews on the previous books in this series, I knew that I had to read this one! It didn't disappoint. I love the gorgeous setting, and I love the warmth of the large, boisterous Wilder family. They're upfront, supportive, and not afraid to tell you what's on their mind. This is what I envision when I think family. It's also cool how the books in this series link so well together with the leads of the first book getting married in this third installment of the series.Allison and Jesse are two wonderful characters in need of help finding it within themselves to commit to love as much as they desire it. Author Candis Terry does a wonderful job portraying their personalities and reconciling the persona they present to the outside world with the person that they are on the inside. Allison is a cynist who doesn't want to believe in happily ever afters and yet still hopes to find the one. Jesse believes in love and marriage but puts the happiness of his loved ones before his own. When these two characters come together, you know that there'll be sparks flying as they seek to prove the other wrong. It gets a bit clichéd and predictable at times, but the banter and chemistry between the two was more than enough to hold my attention and keep me wildly entertained.While it is possible to read this book without having read the prior ones, I recommend starting from book one. I feel like I'm missing out on some inside jokes—such as the recurring comment on the method that Charli used to finally snag Reno at a party. Plus, the Wilder family is filled with so many cool and amazing people. Reading the prior installments beforehand would have helped me to better understand them and the roles they play in this story. Well, I'm going to be remedying this problem fast. I already have a copy of book two in my hands and a copy of book one on the way. These books have priority seats on my TBR pile.I recommend the Sweet, Texas series to those who love a good contemporary romance with some cowboys, great banter and sizzling chemistry between the lead characters, and some good sex scenes.--For more of my reviews, visit my blog Imaginary Reads.

  • Beth
    2019-04-17 17:21

    Something Sweeter is a delightful jaunt into Sweet, Texas were an endearing romance blooms.Allison Lane, wedding planner, is coming to check out the woman that pulled her father into an unexpected engagement. What she finds is a family that sucks her in and a steamy Vet she can't stop thinking about.Former Marine and town Veterinarian, Jesse Wilder, is taken by the spitfire Allison Lane. The attraction explodes before they discover they are going to be step-siblings. Fun, sizzling and highly entertaining, Something Sweeter will captivate and indulge the romance lover in us all. Electrifying romantic chemistry and the most charming family ever envelops you in this fabulous hometown story. I found this story a perfect book vacation to Sweet, Texas.I received this ARC copy of Something Sweeter from Avon in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication June 24, 2014.Written by: Candis TerrySeries: Sweet, TexasSequence in Series: 3Page Count: 384 pagesPublisher: Avon Publication Date: June 24, 2014Rating: 4 StarsISBN-10: 0062237268ISBN-13: 978-0062237262Genre: Romance ContemporaryFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Bube
    2019-04-19 16:56

    I would describe Sweet Texas series as a Milka chocolate,simply you just want more and more,once you taste it :)Heartfelt,emotional,beautiful story like the previous two books in the series.Two extraordinary characters who are truly beautiful,perfect couple. Jesse - hunkalicious :D ,sexy as sin,but with big,golden heart. Allison - sincere,who doesn't believe in happily-ever-after,but in her path step out one hell of the hot cowboy - Jesse :)This story will fill your heart with happiness,joy and so many other wonderful,sincere emotions and happy,wide smile on your face."Just remember,it dosen't matter what road you travel,or how far,or when you come around.When love is meant to be,there's nothing that will stop it.Not time.Not Place.Not circumstace."Will Jesse successful convince Alisson to believe once again in a happily-ever-after?If you want to discover the answer,don't think twice,go grab it,this series/books are simply brilliant!*I received an ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for honest review*

  • Blackravens Reviews
    2019-04-12 18:19

    Blackraven's Reviews:What happens when a woman who doesn't believe in love crosses paths with a player who does? Fireworks. I loved Allison and Jesse's story, especially when I found out the burden Jesse had been carrying since his father and brother's death. It quickly becomes obvious that this player isn't all he's cracked up to be. He's anything but selfish and self-involved. Yes, he loves women, but he's no womanizer. He's a good man with a kind heart who will sacrifice his own happiness for his family. Read More. . .

  • Danielle (Love at First Page)
    2019-04-08 15:16

    There are some companion series that I wish could go on forever; the Sweet, Texas series by Candis Terry is one of them. Her books always give me exactly what I love in a romance: effortless storytelling, low on the drama and angst scale, a story that focuses more on the growth of the relationship rather than what tries to beat it down; heroines I can connect to and relate with and heroes I always swoon for; a unique southern charm that infuses the pages and makes reading a breeze. Something Sweeter, the third book in the series, brings together Allison Lane, an event planner who doesn’t believe in everlasting love, and Jesse Wilder, the town’s veterinarian and former marine who, although he knows true love exists, can’t let it be his time yet. Sparks immediately fly between them, as well as a fun battle of wills, and things only get sweeter when the heart starts getting involved.Let me just say that I love big families, especially when they’re a family of hot, sexy cowboys, because that means I have many books ahead to look forward to. We’ve already gotten Reno and Jackson’s stories, and now it’s Jesse’s turn at love. Except Jesse doesn’t want it to be that way at all. The Wilder brothers were once a clan of seven, but the oldest brother died overseas as a marine and their dad died shortly thereafter due to a broken heart, leaving a gaping hole in their family unit. Ever since, Jesse has felt that it’s his responsibility to see to the happiness of his mom and his three brothers. As a way to ward off serious relationships, he dons the image of the town playboy, allowing rumors that aren’t even true to escalate. Allison has come to Sweet for one reason and one reason only: to make sure her father isn’t jumping headlong into a marriage mistake. Her parents had a terrible marriage, defined by her mother’s obsession with material possessions and her careless, callous attitude. So Allison wants to make sure that her father is marrying again for the right reasons, and that he has found a good woman. What she didn’t count on was the fact that said woman is actually Jana Wilder, and Allison is undeniably attracted to her son. When small town boy and big city girl first meet, before they realize who the other person is, the banter is instantaneous. Jesse can’t help but to flirt, and Allison gives it back in equal measure. When it comes to a couple’s chemistry, Candis Terry sure knows how to make it flow immediately. But it’s Jesse and Allison’s growth into friendship and soon more that I really enjoyed. With romances especially, time restrictions often cause a problem. Can we really believe that this couple will stay together after only knowing each other for a few months? For a couple like Jackson and Abby (from Sweetest Mistake), their back and forth is more reasonable because of the history already between them; with Jesse and Allison there’s very little drama, making their relationship much more realistic and believable. Almost every page is dedicated to their moving forward rather than backward. After Allison tells Jesse that she doesn’t think marriage can last, he takes it upon himself to prove to her that it can. This series of “dates” is really cute, and it even involves The Notebook at one point. :) Allison isn’t my favorite heroine of the series – that still belongs to Charli – but I loved her generous spirit and her loyalty to her dad. She wants to believe that she can find “the one,” but a life with her fickle mother has made her weary. As for Jesse, well, he just may be my favorite. He’s charming, flirtatious, and such a sweet talker:‘Evening, ma’am.’ Jesse tipped his straw hat and grinned. ‘Oh. My. God. Get in here.’ She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him inside. ‘Got news for you, darlin’.’ He leaned in and whispered in her ear. ‘I’m the one going down in flames.’ ‘Darlin’…’ His Texas drawl came out deep, smooth, and sexy as he propped his arm on the seat behind her and leaned in. ‘You can deny it till the cows come home, but you are as hot for me as I am for you.’But it’s his heart that you’ll fall in love with. He cares about his family more than anything, and he’s even willing to forego his own happiness if that means they get theirs first, as misguided as that might be. He’s determined to show Allison that marriage can be forever, and I love a guy who desires a family and believes in love.I highly recommend this series if you’re a fan of the Travises by Lisa Kleypas, or if you like sweet summertime romances in general. It’s going to be a long wait for the next one, but as long as they keep coming I’ll be happy.This review can also be found at Love at First Page.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-06 17:20

    This is absolutely my favorite adult romance series. Candis Terry just has this way of pulling you in with her writing, her characterization, and her fun storylines! I love these characters so much and the small town feel just puts a huge grin on your face. There's so much warmth and love and the good people of Sweet don't hesitate in lending a helping hand when someone is in need of it. I really enjoyed Jesse's story and I was ecstatic we got to meet the youngest Wilder brother, Jake, as well as learn more about the eldest brother, Jared.Pacing: Always spot-on. I love how quickly I read these books. You'll immediately be charmed by these characters and desperate to find out how their stories end.Storyline: Not only is Jesse Wilder the town's veterinarian, but he is also known as the town playboy in Sweet, Texas. He's a fun-loving guy and we see that right from the start. Allie saunters into his life and she is quite the spitfire. She's only in Sweet for her dad, who is actually engaged to Jesse's mom. She wants to make sure she's legit, as her dad has been hurt in the past by her mother and doesn't want to see that happen again. Seeing how her mom treated her dad really messed Allie up, making her think that love doesn't really exist. After blowing Jesse Wilder off one night at the bar, she never expects to run into him again, especially at her step-mother to be's house. Jesse is determined to prove her wrong and show her that love is real and it can be lasting. He just never expected to fall for her in the process....Characters: Even though everyone thinks Jesse is the town playboy, that's not quite true. He just never corrects them in their assumptions. He is carrying the weight of a secret and a promise he made to his eldest deceased brother and that really plays a great role in Jesse's story. He wants to fall in love, have a family, etc but doesn't think it's his time- he wants to ensure everyone's happiness first. I love how selfless Jesse is. We expect it from him in his profession, but I love that that's just who he is.Allie, while quite the cynic on love, actually has a really big heart. She jumps at the chance to help Charli and Reno when their wedding encounters a few kinks, despite her apprehension that the couple will even last. Spending time down in Sweet with the infectious Wilder clan will definitely change Allie's worldview and maybe even convince her that life really is sweeter and love does exist.Final Thoughts: Jackson is still my favorite Wilder, but I loved Jesse. I'm so excited for Jake's story and I can't help but hope his story includes a side character we've already met. Fiona, Jackson's ex-wife, is getting the next book and I'm excited to read that one too. These books will just make you smile, sigh deeply, and put a dopey look on your face while you're busy swooning over the romance. *Received a copy via Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

  • Terri
    2019-03-25 17:19

    review also found at starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Avon via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is June 24 2014.I did not realize when I requested this book that it was the third book in the Sweet, Texas series. I was able to read this as a stand alone however I do feel I missed out on the stories of the other Wilder brothers. I will need to go back and read them.This story does not stray from the formula that typically defines this genre. Boy meets girl...instant physical attraction....they can't be together for various reasons that make sense to only themselves....yet they can't stay away from each other. This is what I expected from this story and this is what I got. Delivered as promised.Terry does a great job with the chemistry between Allison and Jesse. It sizzles off of the page from their first meeting and continues to build momentum as the story continues. I must spend a little time talking about Jesse. The description of Jesse was downright drool worthy. He had the perfect eyes, the perfect chiseled body and a personality that put his amazing looks to the background. This is how I know this was fiction as I do not think such perfection is achieved in real life. He did have one downfall to put him among us mere mortals. He had long hair. Seriously who does that anymore? I think this fad went out in the nineties and it certainly isn't attractive. Then again maybe there are those out there that appreciate it so he would be perfect for them. Allison was the typical description. Short....why are they always short?... long hair and a body that is every mans dream. That is about all I remember as I had my focus on Jesse ;-)There are some steamy scenes in this story that should be enough to satisfy those who crave it. There was also a lot of more substantial parts that explored the family bonds of both Allison and Jesse. This was probably the best part in my opinion. The bond between the brothers is what made me really wish I had read the first two books.I enjoyed this read and I plan on exploring the rest of the Sweet, Texas series. I look forward to reading about the other droll worthy Wilder brothers!

  • Vilia
    2019-04-12 11:20

    This review was originally posted on Backchatting Books When Allison Lane's father announces that he is about to marry Jana, a woman he barely knows, she packs her bags and heads to Sweet, Texas. Her life has been filled with less than stellar examples of love so she's convinced that the woman must have a hidden agenda. Jana's sexy son Jesse however makes it his personal mission to convince her that true love is out there.While we never meet Allison's mother, her mercenary attitude towards marriage has shaped Allison's adulthood and made her fairly cynical. It is particularly ironic that Allison's day job is being a party planning where she has to organise weddings. Allison might be a bit of a fixer upper in the romance department but she has a huge heart. She puts her life on hold a number of times for the greater good even though she doesn't believe in love.Jesse has a pretty big reputation as a ladies man but he hasn't exactly been living up to the hype. He's done nothing to dispel the rumours because, let's face it, all the people he cares about know that it isn't true. Jesse's been holding on to a pretty big secret for a while concerning his elder brother and while revealing it led to some of the most poignant moments of the book, I couldn't help thinking he should have just trusted the Wilder pack sooner.The chemistry between Allison and Jesse sizzle to the extent that there is never really any doubt that Jesse will succeed. I didn't really mind though as the journey they went on was highly entertaining and often humorous. The only quibble I had would be the side plot with Allison's brother-in-law as it seemed a bit out of character.Something Sweeter luckily is just as sweet as the other books in the series. Please start with the first in the series though so you can track how the relationships have developed.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-04 18:15

    The third installment of the Sweet, Texas series did not disappoint - it was just as sexy, heartfelt and enjoyable as the first two! Jesse Wilder has an undeserved (although uncontested) reputation for being a playboy, and his first encounter with Allison certainly encourages the image. However, he's more than selective about whom he chooses to spend his time with, and this veterinarian is shocked to find out the woman he kissed in a bar is the daughter of the man who plans to marry his mom.Allison is scoping out the Wilder family after her dad suddenly announces he's marrying someone he's only known a short while. She's busy in Seattle with a life of her own planning weddings and watching her sister lead the perfect life. Allison's not a fan of the "true love" idea, but she does love her father and wants to ensure he's okay. What she gets is a dose of reality when Jesse decides it's up to him to prove her wrong. He brings her around town, introduces her to the fun-loving cast we've gotten to know over the last two books, and we even get a scene that had me laughing so hard, I was wiping tears from my eyes! (Let's just say it was a luncheon gone horribly, horribly astray.) Jesse wants to show Allison that true love exists in Sweet, Texas...and by the end of it, I was once again wishing these Wilder brothers were as real as they seemed on the page. Sweet, at times emotional, and humorous - this is one novel (and series) not to be missed. Candis is an automatic pre-order author for me - I highly recommend she become one for you, too. Witty dialogue, flawless character development, realistic plot lines, down-to-earth heroes and heroines, and a strong family bond made stronger by shared loss and love...In my book, that's a clear winner. I'm looking forward to my next visit to Sweet, Texas!Five stars.Disclaimer: I was provided an eArc from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Melinda
    2019-04-14 10:12

    I find that I like cowboy/rancher type books lately but the world makes me think about value systems. I know that romance novels are not viewed as books that make you think deeply about the world but they do for me. I spent most of my reading of this novel thinking about the ideas of family, place and belonging. There is a lot of value place on family in this novel part of that is because the heroine Allison has had such a crappy family life but the hero Jesse has a very strong one. What is interesting is the idea of sacrificing for your family because they are the most important thing in the world. I understand that romance novels are about the fantasy of things working out. You have conflict with your family but you talk it out and all is well. Your family's expectations of you are in line with your expectations of yourself, so all is well with the world and your community. But what happens when your family's expectations of you and your expectations of yourself conflict? Can a sense of family and community thrive when you are at odds with that community? You may have similar values but what if you don't have the exact same values? Could a novel based on blood family and community work without the outsider character assimilating? Is this too deep a thought process for a book that is expected to be read for entertainment? Maybe but this is how my brain works. With all of this said, I liked Allison and Jesse's story. She's jaded and scared and he's a self appointed patriarch and family martyr (He doesn't view himself as a martyr by the way). He believes in love and she doesn't. What brings them together? Family. Family is all that matters. What I do appreciate about this story is that the idea of true love is challenged and reinforced. True love is defined and explored which was fun. It's still idealized but the story also acknowledges that marriage is work and I liked that a lot.

  • Save Your Money For Books
    2019-04-04 16:11

    Something Sweeter is the perfect name for the latest addition to author Candis Terry's Sweet, Texas series.I love this series. The Wilder boys always guarantee a great story and I couldn't wait for Jesse's story.Allison is in Sweet for one reason, to figure out what is going on with her father and why he had decided to marry someone he barely knows. After witnessing her mother's relationships, Allison doesn't believe in love, much less love at first sight. She is in Sweet to protect her father. Enter Jesse Wilder, who's reputation makes him the least likely person to change her mind, but once the spark ignites, these two heat up the pages. The developing relationship between Jesse and Allison is fun and mix in all the family members and town folk that I was already in love with and this story was a win-win for me.I gave Something Sweeter 4 BIG HAPPY HEARTS! Fans of this series will love this story and if you aren't already reading this series, start now. This book can be read as a stand alone story, however I recommend reading this series in order, each book builds and pretty soon the Wilder's start feeling a little like family. If you are looking for a fun, sweet upbeat contemporary romance series, take a trip to Sweet, Texas!

  • Tina
    2019-03-20 10:04

    Ohhh these books never fail! This is the third book in the Sweet, Texas series and I'm lucky enough to have read and reviewed them all! Candis Terry sure knows how to capture your heart and pull you into her stories! I was highly anticipating the release of this third book because I wanted to know what Jesse is up to! He's a tough (on the outside) vet with a soft spot for his family. Allison is very similar to him in that she cares deeply for her family, but puts up a tough exterior because of her past, and she doesn't really believe in love. Jesse takes this as a challenge and tries to teach Allison what love actually means. Throughout the book, they establish a fun, caring relationship, but each are still holding something back. As the story develops, we find out what they're running from and why they both think they shouldn't fall in love. Like I said above, Candis Terry definitely knows how to pull at your heartstrings! I read this series a little out of order (reading the 2nd one first), but I was immediately hooked! I couldn't wait to get to the rest! And now that I'm done with Jesse's story, I can't wait to read Jake's!

  • Jenny
    2019-04-15 10:03

    Something Sweeter is a fun foray into the heart of Texas, use of the endearment "darlin" present and as swoon-worthy as ever as it flows from the mouth of former Marine–and current veterinarian–Jesse Wilder. In addition to a slow-burning relationship between our lead couple, we’re also treated to the meddling, antics, and unwavering support of his brothers and his endearing mother, their playful familiarity allowing us to really snuggle into this story surrounded by the warmth of love and laughter on all sides. There’s plenty of conflict in the relationship between Jesse and Allison, but the drama is kept to a bare minimum, making this the perfect read for a lazy summer afternoon when a little heat and a whole lot of charm top the list of reader must-haves...Full review available at:

  • Mcfree
    2019-04-19 18:03

    The guy and his bros were over the top studs. So while Terry stuck in things to make them a little more realistic, it didn't work. Stepping into the middle of the series was probably a mistake as Terry didn't make much effort to fill in their background. I guess making them good ole cowboys was supposed to be enough.The marine was pretty much missing in the hero Jesse. I knew it only because Terry mentioned it. It had little to no bearing on the story, which isn't like any marine I've ever known.Allie was a wedding planner with a very revealing blog--another strange combo. I don't think a wedding planner would put all her trials and tribulations out there for her customers tosee. It feels like Terry went back and stuck the blog in so the hero could discover that Allie really did love him. And having her future mother-in-law as the one who revealed it to Jesse? Let's just say ewww.

  • Felicia
    2019-04-08 14:19

    This is my first Candis Terry novel. I was lucky to win this in a contest [not a goodreads contest]. I am not usually a romance novel reader. I prefer more chicklit and am a huge historical fiction fan like Ken Follett. But this book was great. Right from the get go I was interested in Allison and right away I loved Jesse. God I wish that man was REAL! Everything about their chemistry worked. The sex scenes weren't nauseating~ I hate romance novel sex scenes and is probably why its not my favorite genre. But this book had it all and just the right amounts that was necessary to keep it interesting. Now that I have read one book of hers it has made me want to read more of her. So great job Candis Terry!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-16 14:10

    Best in the series so far! Allison has come to check on her dad's new fiancée, who happens to be Jana Wilder. Jana's son Jesse meets her at a bar and is attracted to her before he knows who she is. Allison is an event (wedding) planner who doesn't believe in lasting love. Jesse is on a mission to change her mind, except he doesn't think love is in the cards for him right now.Jesse has misguided reasons for wanting to make sure everyone else in his family is happy while neglecting himself. Allison is terrified she is exactly like her mother, who changes husbands like some people change underwear. It is great to watch them fall for each other, realizing that love waits for no man and you can't turn it down when you find it.

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-04-13 13:07

    I would have to say that I haven't yet found a Candis Terry book that I didn't like and Something Sweeter is no exception. You will find that you can't help liking Jesse. Him and his family of sex brothers just have a way of taking over the story. He's a hard working vet, who always finds time to be there for his family. He is mister fix it within the family. His new project is Allison. He feels it's his job to teach her about lasting love. Of course Allison family life hadn't shown her that side of love. Both characters are enjoyable and I love visiting with the town people. I can't wait for the next story in the series.

  • Jennesa
    2019-04-04 10:21

    Allison and Jesse two of the most stubborn people I have ever read about. Seriously though who doesn't have a little hope for a happily ever after for someone. How can you be a party planner and just not believe it will work out? I know Allison had a tough childhood to make her not believe, but I am happy she put it all on the side to fall in love. So happy Jesse never gave up. Seriously I love Candis Terry and I cannot wait to read the last two books of this series.

  • Kimberly Lund
    2019-04-02 18:11

    What I loved about this book in the series: Jesse. Gosh, he just makes a heart go mushy. Allison was great and I love that she made him work for it, but Jesse was the reason this book works. These books are just perfect contemporary romance focused on the relationship and not the sex. So happy to have discovered this author!

  • Tina Jenkins
    2019-04-02 10:23

    Another Beautiful ReadThis series by Candid is addicting. I can't get enough and thank touched there are more to read in this series. How can you not fall in love with Sweet Texas and the residents. Absolutely in love with these books

  • Karen
    2019-04-13 14:12

    Allison's was the reason I didn't particularly like the book, she was annoying with her views on love and marriage. Blah blah blah! I liked Jesse, what's not to like about the Wilder Bros, their mama raised them right.

  • Amy
    2019-04-07 10:09

    4 1/2 star SWEET read! The ending might've been a tad rushed but the ride up to it was definitely something sweet. Allison Lane isn’t very happy about having to travel to some little town in Texas but here she is and she’s determined to discover how some woman named Jana Wilder has coerced her father into deciding to get married when he’s only known Jana a short while. Even though she’s planned her share of weddings as an event planner, Allison hasn’t any real faith in marriage unless it’s one like her sister has. So when a player cowboy, she meets in a honky-tonk who also turns out to be the son of the woman her father plans to marry comes on strong, her arguments about true love existing come screaming to the forefront.Jesse Wilder has a reputation as a playboy with a different woman in his bed nearly every night. None of it’s true though but he allows everyone in town to believe the nonsense because it allows him to stay single while he makes sure everyone else finds their happiness. He carries a deep reason for doing so but intends to see it through even when a beautiful woman catches his eye, full attention, and slowly burrows into his heart leading him to wonder if by showing her that true love can exist, he’s opening himself up to falling in love with her. There’s a side of Allison that leads him to believe she doesn’t believe in love not because she’s a true cynic but she’s afraid of opening up to the possibility. Jesse is the man to change her mind but first he’s going to have to convince her he’s not really a playboy cowboy.SOMETHING SWEETER by Candis Terry is an endeavor to convince a woman who doesn’t believe in love that true love can exist even when everything seems against it. I’m not one who usually quotes a book in a review but there’s one time when Jesse talks about love that just hit home for me.“Have you ever been in love, Allison?” He leaned in and draped his arm along the back of her chair. “I’m not talking about a crush or infatuation. I’m talking about where you’d do anything for someone. Can’t stop thinking about them. Be there if they were sick or just needed a shoulder to lean on. Someone you wanted to wake up to every single day and couldn’t wait until you saw them again at night. Someone who truly made you happy and magnified the good in you. Someone who made you feel like you’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be.” – SOMETHING SWEETERThat’s truly being in love.Every time Candis Terry conjures up a new hero, especially a Wilder man, I fall in love all over again. Thankfully, each of the brothers has something about him that distinguishes him from the next and allows me to remain in love with each one. Reno captured my heart with his past, his pain, and fears. Jackson, the sexiest and most stubborn pain in the behind of all heroes, still made me fall in love with him because, well, he’s Jackson. Now comes Jesse, former marine, loyal loving brother and son, the most caring vet ever to grace the pages of a book, and so very sexy that I wanted to crawl into the book, tell Allison if she wasn’t going to take him seriously then hit the road and make room for me. Jesse has the biggest heart, the most generous nature, and he’s a natural flirt, which I adore. Allison is someone I could easily be friends with and couldn’t ask for a more perfect partner for Jesse, or better addition to the wonderful Wilder family.As usual, the secondary characters play a huge role in SOMETHING SWEETER by Candis Terry. From the antics of the local town folk to the most amazing and romantic wedding ever, it’s always such a pleasure to visit Sweet, Texas. My only complaint was that I did feel the ending felt a little rushed. I would like to have seen just a bit more teasing on Jesse’s part, and groveling on Allison’s part. You’ll have to read this amazing story to find out what happens but I’m so completely addicted to Sweet that I can actually say, never has a sweet tooth felt so good.I don’t just highly recommend reading SOMETHING SWEETER by Candis Terry, I say - read this one, and all the others of the series, or you’re missing out on the most amazing getaways to someplace sweet and romantic ever.***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

  • Catherine Crook
    2019-04-04 15:02

    ***I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***The romance ninja, Candis Terry, welcomes readers back into the town of Sweet, Texas with a lot to take in. One upcoming wedding with two engagements. The Wilders are a busy bunch! In this 3rd installment, you get up close and cozy with Jesse Wilder. (My favorite!) Jesse is Sweet's amused playboy. When a mysterious new girl shows up in the rowdy bar - his world is flipped upside down. Especially when she leaves him in the dust looking for her purse behind the bar. Jesse looked like a bona fide heart ripper. After this scene, I instantly knew this girl would fit in perfectly with the Wilder bunch she would encounter while she was visiting her Dad in Sweet. Surprises were all the rage at Jana Wilder's impromptu party, and they were all in her new beau's truck. One of those surprises were the mystery woman from the bar. The one who said she was just passing through. "Award-winning performance," he whispered against her ear. "You always that good at that good at faking it?"The innuendo hit its mark.Candis really takes Sweet to a new level. The first reason is being able to see the brothers interact with Jake. Jake is a riot, and calls it like he sees it with the rest of the boys. "Ooooh," Jackson hooted. "Paddling upstream on the River of Denial."With a toss of his white jacket on the peg near the desk, Jesse turned and headed for the door. "Y'all coming?""Nope." Jake grinned. "Just breathing hard."And with Jesse being the main person smacking sense into his brothers in regards to their love lives, it is wonderful to see the tables turned on him. He doesn't like it much. Mainly because of this guilt he holds onto in his heart about losing his older brother too soon. And he has this insane idea that it is not in the cards for him. Jesse and Allie make such a train wreck of a couple. It is perfect! "Is it going to be like this every time we're in the same room?" she asked."Like what?""Like a fuse has been lit, and we're just waiting for an explosion.""God, I hope so.""I didn't mean that in a sexual way."Jesse takes on the challenge of changing her "realist" views on true love. Even in this attempt, it is for the sake of his mother's happiness. He always puts others (animals and people) in front his his own wants and desires. As they get to know each other with "dates" - they uncover things about themselves all while discovering their feelings for each other. "I knew I'd fallen hard that night at the movies when you doused your popcorn in butter, then licked it off your fingers.""That's lust. Not love.""Yeah. The love part came when you were bawling your eyes out and wiping your nose on my shirt, and I didn't mind."The way that Candis ties in all the supporting cast is incredible. You really feel like you are a part of the whole family. If you removed even ONE person from the story - it wouldn't be right. Every person plays a vital role from Chester and his irritation that the Wilder boys latch on to all the new women in town, not giving him a chance to Miss Giddy with her fashion sense. Jana continues to be the meddler, even if it was more subtle with this son. "My mom always says that if you listen carefully, your heart will help you find that one person whose hand you want to hold until they take their last breath."Allie and Jesse's HEA is (in my opinion) has the most bumps and hurdles, but that just made the GRAND GESTURE that much more swoon-worthy! The fact that they both had the GRAND GESTURE made the happily-ever-after even sweeter."You cut your hair!"The corners of his mouth lifted into a grin, and her heart felt like it had been hit with a blowtorch. "I fly two thousand miles to see you, and you want to talk about my hair?"Another FIVE star read from Sweet, Texas! Let me tell you, if you haven't visited Sweet, Texas before - you are missing out! Candis pens the perfectly chaotic Southern town that will have you booking yourself the next ticket (One-Way... because WHY would you leave??) to Sweet to enjoy lunch at Sweet Pickens and visit with Jana.