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ALERA, rainha de um reino perdido, secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo. SHASELLE, filha de um pai assassinado, uma rebelde com causa. Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e caminha no fio da navalha para manter a frágil paz na sua amada terra. A outra erra pelas ruas devastadas pela guerra, em busca de vingança para a tragédia que atingiu a família.ALERA, rainha de um reino perdido, secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo. SHASELLE, filha de um pai assassinado, uma rebelde com causa. Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e caminha no fio da navalha para manter a frágil paz na sua amada terra. A outra erra pelas ruas devastadas pela guerra, em busca de vingança para a tragédia que atingiu a família. Ambas fazem escolhas que as irão separar daqueles que não conseguem deixar de amar. Como as suas histórias se entrelaçam, uma conspiração toma forma e tanto pode acabar em escravidão ou morte, ou ter de novo liberdade, mas apenas se cada uma conseguir enfrentar o que deve ser sacrificado....

Title : Sacrifício
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Sacrifício Reviews

  • Leslie Vasquez
    2019-03-26 09:34

    Crossing my fingers that Alera will stop being a dumbass n go back to steldor!

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-03-27 15:31

    Considering this was my most anticipated read in 2012, I feel I have a right to feel so slighted and disappointed by the way it turned out, so bear with me if I get a little too harsh on my criticims:)Not only did it not continue in the venue of the second book, where Alera finally turned from a hesitant girl to a decisive leader, not only did she became once again as impassive as she was in the first book, she even betrayed her country and friends in favor of her beloved! Alera is the Grand Provost of Cokyri's new province. She's technically still the leader of her people, even if she has to answer for her decisions to Cokyri's empress and even to Narian, who's appointed as the empress's man in Hytanica. In fact though, Alera is just a figure head throughout the book, posing as the leader and making the speeches, while Cannan runs the kingdom. Alera has to ask more than once about how her people are actually faring under the Cokyrian rule, since even though she's assigned the task of listening to her people's complains every day and finding solutions for them, she doesn't get the city's pulse, the depth of their desperation, the effect of Cokyrian's regulations on everyday life. She's focused 100% on Narian and how he will be accepted by the Hytanicans so that their relationship will also be accepted; This is all she thinks of for the entire book. Even when Steldon points to her the fact that her people are not allowed to rebuild their churches and practice their religion, even when Cannan points how removing their weapons leaves them without food and meat and mostly without dignity, Alera can't be roused for more than a chapter. Her answer to all these problems reminds me strongly of Marie Antuanette: "Let them have a fair". Yeap, that's apparently the solution to a defeated nation; let's have a fair, so we can rise the citizen's morale. Which of course is not bad when it's combined with other measures, but if that's the only measure taken to help a defeated nation (as in this case), then I have to say it's completely ineffectual.Unfortunately, not only does Alera refuse to take any action that will help her people's life, she takes active measures to make sure they accept the Cokyrian rule without fight, going as far as to make speeches about peaceful co-existance with the Cokyrians and even betraying them to the enemy when she's informed of a revolution plan. A woman who chooses to betray her country by crashing her hopes for freedom and at the same time commiting her childhood friends to death, is not in my book a heroine. She's the villainess of the story, a self absorbed girl who only cares for her own happiness and that of her lover's instead of her country's and that's not someone I can cheer for. I kept on reading hoping that at some point she would realize that her country could and should fight for its freedom instead of remaining under occupation so that 'no one would get hurt' (meaning Narian wouldn't get hurt), but she never changed her tune until the end. And when she proudly said to the Cokyri Empress that her people would accept her(=Alera) as their leader and that Steldor, London and Cannan would always follow her rules(!!!) right after those said men had rebelled without telling her anything, I felt like laughing at her face for the blatant lies she spoke while actually believing them:)In short, I felt towards the end that the author had written it before the rest of the story and she for some reason stuck with it, even when the development of the plot changed from what she had originally in mind when writing those lines, so it did not in any way fit with the people or events as they unfolded here. We were told for 2 books and even at the beginning of this one, that Hytanicans believe that "once a King, always a King", yet we are guaranteed by the end, that they will accept Alera as sole leader and have completely forgotten Steldor, who was the one to fight the enemy and boost their morale to boot, when Alera did nothing but stand hand in hand with the enemy and ask for their peaceful surrender! Sorry, but I'm not that gullible or forgettable as to accept that.There was another heroine in this book, Shaselle, who's Bailic's daughter and Steldor's cousin. She's eighteen and at first she seemed to have the spirit that Alera lacked in this book and could move the story forward on her own. Sadly, Shaselle turned out to be a rebel without cause, a girl who liked to cause trouble and disobey her family just for kicks. She kept on finding herself in trouble and had to wait for others to rescue her from her folly; once that was acceptable, maybe even twice. When it became the pattern of her story, Shaselle getting in trouble by her obviously stupid choices and a bunch of people having to rescue her again and again, it got tiresome and annoying. In the end, she even decides to go out of her house when war strikes out, not because she can fight and help her people, not because she wants to go to someone in particular she cares for, not because she has a task to acoomplish, but because she wants to see how the war will go and who will win for herself. So, she goes out in the streets alone, while soldiers are gutting each other and burning houses and cutting heads and (as in all wars though not written here) raping women. While she's proven she can't defend herself. REALLY? Can there be anything more stupid than that? Irresponsible? Childish? Personally, I doubt it.So, two unlikable heroines, two completely self-absorbed ones, two 2-dimensional heroes (Narian and Steldor), little to no action and an ending that doesn't fit what we've learned about Hytanica and its people in 1500 pages. I really can't think of a worse ending to this series, except if Steldor was killed as well:(

  • Sydney Kate
    2019-03-21 10:36

    My god. That's all I can say. This book took me an ENTIRE MONTH to complete - that's how much I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I finished the other 2 in a day each, and I enjoyed both novels, but oh god, this was just terrible!First off, with all these novels with empowering women coming out, I feel like this one is a step back. I mean Alera, she just sits around hoping for the best, doing everything she can for Narian, and I cannot take it. I mean if something invaded my country, I'd be doing all the plans to get it back. She just sits around, and even when she has a hunch about something, brushes it off and lets it go. The fact is, she's clever, and has the right intentions, but just does absolutely nothing with it!Then we have Shaselle - a new POV in this novel. She was just up and down with me, changing her mind and thinking every other chapter, and it was exhausting. She runs away from home because she feels "captured" and does nothing but come back home after realizing how stupid of a mistake that was. I feel like so much could've been done with that character, but instead, all that I got from her was some wannabe hero.I was looking forward to the ending of this series, but I honestly cannot stand it. I mean throughout several times I was reading the novel, I was tempted to chuck it across the room! Here we have a book, about a country that was forced to its knees, with pain, suffering, and war at its roots - perfect chance for redemption, but instead I get pathetic behind the scenes attempts. I mean if we were only given the scenes about the planning of the uprising. And man, did I learn to love Steldor in this book - he's all about doing something!I believe than instead of Shaselle's perspective, it would've been better to have Narian's - his struggles, inner conflicts and his role in the entire book would've made such a better story.Oh well, too bad I got this poorly written novel instead. Such a waste of money.

  • Isabella
    2019-04-12 09:25

    Alright, I said when I read this book that I would review it. I am now, after months of stalling, writing it. I love Legacy. It is my favorite series. But I don't love this book. I don't hate it, but I am seriously disappointed with it, and there are some things about it that just make me angry. And worst of all, my opinion of it soured a lot the more I thought about it, which is not good in a book.Alera When she wasn’t drooling over Narian (something she never did in the earlier books) she was complaining about how unfair it was that her fellow Hytanicans (who she would have done anything for in Legacy and Allegiance) couldn’t just accept the outcome of the war. (view spoiler)[And, at the end of the book, when the High Priestess tried to kill Narian instead of accepting Alera’s proposed treaty, she and Narian fled back to Hytanica, which had been reclaimed by Cannan, Steldor, London, and co. while they were in Cokyri. Suddenly, Alera had the renewed support of the Hytanicans she had been arguing with and siding against for the whole book, and she decided to offer the Cokyrians peace. Now, even though the High Priestess had chosen to kill Narian instead of signing the treaty, and Cokyri was more than capable of crushing Hytanica again, Alera felt confident that the High Priestess would sign it after she learned her attempted assassination had failed. Why? You’ll never know; the book ended on that note. (hide spoiler)]Shaselle When I learned that Shaselle was going to be a main character in Sacrifice, I was mildly pleased. I liked Shaselle, and even though I would have been happier with just Alera, I accepted that there would probably be things in Sacrifice that couldn’t be seen through Alera’s eyes—which there were. But, despite her valid reason for being in the book, every time I got to one of her chapters, I was annoyed and/or bored. I’m not used to being bored while reading one of Cayla’s books, but Shaselle was, to put it simply, forgettable. Her reactions to everything around her were the reactions of a dozen different YA heroines I could name. I have a harder time remembering Shaselle’s name after reading the book halfway devoted to her than I ever did before.Saadi Unless you’ve read the book, you won’t recognize Saadi. Here’s the summary: he’s a high-ranking Cokyri stationed in Hytanica, who finds Shaselle interesting after he catches her trying to steal, and starts appearing everywhere she goes. There was thankfully no insta-love between these two, but since Shaselle evidently needed a love interest, Saadi was handed that part. I didn’t really have a problem with him, although he seemed to be just a filler for Shaselle’s chapters, (view spoiler)[until he fell out of a window, assured Shaselle that he was fine, and then proceeded to depart so he could die of internal bleeding off-camera. Apparently, once Shaselle’s chapters had been filled nicely, Saadi needed to be gotten rid of so there would be no problems when Cannan and co. reclaimed Hytanica—and if there was a ‘good’ Cokyrian, there would have been. So, when the time was right, Saadi was just... gone. It was both entirely too convenient, and pointless at the same time. That sentence is actually the best description I can give for Saadi. (hide spoiler)]Cannan Basically, anytime he was around, he was either trying to undermine Cokyri, arguing with Alera, criticizing Shaselle, (those three actions were what every Hytanican military man with a name was doing through the most of the book) or trying to play matchmaker for Shaselle. His personality was the same as ever, but it was like he was a good actor given a bad part to play; there wasn’t really any way he could shine. (view spoiler)[And, since someone needed to die reclaiming Hytanica, Cannan drew the shortest straw. Now, I would be upset but fine with this, if he had at least gotten a death scene. But alas, it was not to be. There was a battle while Shaselle was hiding in her house with her family and Alera was in Cokyri, and when it was over Shaselle ran out into the streets to find Cannan lying dead. After all Cayla’s hard work making Cannan awesome, that’s just cruel. (hide spoiler)]The Book I’m done knocking now, so… on to the good parts. Sacrifice is not a bad book, despite my many problems with it—mostly, because of Cayla’s writing. It’s beautiful. Cokyri was lovely, and after two and a half books building toward Alera seeing it, it didn’t disappoint. I would love to read a book on one of the Cokyri, because their culture is amazing and their country is gorgeous. Also, even though I wanted a lot more of him, London was awesome—he raises the book a full star in my eyes. While my opinion of some of the characters were soured in Sacrifice, some of them were as awesome as ever, and I’m always glad to have more material on my favorite characters. I still like Steldor, and seeing him through Shaselle’s eyes was a nice change. Similarly, having someone other than Alera thinking about Narian was nice; it made him seem less perfect, which is something I appreciate in a character. I love Alera, but Shaselle’s added perspective certainly had its merits. All in all, the plot of the book was very good, I just wish that it had been carried out better.Legacy is still my favorite series. Cayla Kluver is still my favorite author. Sacrifice is not one of my favorite books.

  • Cindy
    2019-04-04 17:31

    Cover love! This is the most PERFECT cover! This girl actually looks like my Alera ( you know the one I picture in my head) Love the dress. Can't wait for the book to be in my greedy little hands and devouring it's pages.:DAlera, Narian, Steldor, London, Cannon and Shaselle, Yay they are all in the final book to this amazing series. I was so glad to see Narian back in full force commanding Hytanican with Alera by his side. Narian is just so wise and smart beyond his years. Steldor is back in all of his awe inspiring glory and chilvary, he is so easy on my reading eyes, lol. My heart still goes out to the man, he is perfect! London we all love him don't we. He is so brave, and loves his country and fellow country man, and is always willing to go to great lengths for them to keep them a sovereign country. Shaselle is always finding trouble she is a great character. She is constantly miss understood, causes all sorts of trouble (which I wanted to yell at her for). Alera is Alera she tries really hard to help her country become stable under the Corkian rule. She is still young and naive at times, but she means well. She is so good for Narian she brings out the best in him. I know I am not giving much of the plot away, because I am sure you want to find out for yourself what happens now that the Corkians are in control of Hytanican. I love how a couple of relationships blossom and grow in this story. I am sad to have the series end, I became very attached to these characters and their stories and will miss them. However I am sure I will revisit it often after all it is my all time favorite series ever. I have already reread the first two twice, lol. If you haven't read it I would highly recommend it.As a side not Ms. Kluver could we have Steldor's story.....PLEASE!content: mild languageclean romanceThank you Netgalley and Harlequin Teen

  • Zografia
    2019-04-11 14:16

    i really cant wait! Allegiance, despite the war and hytanica's defeat, ended pretty well. I loved the ending, and I just cant imagine what is going to happen next. Is Hytanica going to be free? Will a new enemy appear? Will any other die? Will Nantilam die without having a heir? That would be quite a scandal. I hope she doesnt, I liked her from the first book. She is one of my favourite characters..!Plus, Kokyri is really cool, with all those weapons and the women fighters! I dont like the Hytanican's that much, because they underestimate women and believe they are superior. -.-i look forward to reading it! please let it be released in 2012...

  • Maraki M.
    2019-03-21 16:20

    Μετά από ενάμιση χρόνο αναμονής, πήρα στα χέρια μου την "Θυσία". Οι αναγνώστες της σειράς την περιμέναμε πολύ καιρό, όμως, όπως λέει μια παροιμία, το καλό πράγμα αργεί να γίνει. Φυσικά, δεν περίμενα τίποτε λιγότερο από την Κέιλα Κλούβερ.Μετά την κατάκτηση της Υτάνικα από τους Κοκυριανούς, οι κάτοικοι προσπαθούν να προσαρμοστούν στην νέα τους ζωή - ανεπιτυχώς. Η Αλίρα, πλέον, ως Περιφερειάρχης, πρέπει να κάνει ό,τι καλύτερο μπορεί για τον λαό της και παράλληλα να μην δυσαρεστήσει την Μεγάλη Ιέρεια. Η σχέση της με τον Νάριαν είναι μυστική, καθώς ο Διοικητής είναι το πιο μισητό πρόσωπο στην Υτάνικα. Η Σασέλ, η κόρη του αδικοσκοτωμένου Μπέλικ, δεν μπορεί να αντέξει άλλο την οικογένειά της, η οποία με κόπο προσπαθεί να την παντρέψει. Ξεσπάει, φωνάζει, το σκάει από το σπίτι και τους κάνει όλους να ανησυχούν. Τα πράγματα δείχνουν να πηγαίνουν προς το χειρότερο, καθώς οι Κοκυριανοί περιορίζουν όλο και πιο πολύ τους Υτανικανούς και τους τιμωρούν σκληρά με το παραμικρό. Φυσικά, οι άντρες της Υτάνικα δεν θα μείνουν με σταυρωμένα τα χέρια. Στην μάχη που ακολουθεί, ο καθένας θα πρέπει να θυσιάσει ό,τι αγαπά περισσότερο.Κατ'αρχάς, χαίρομαι πολύ που, επιτέλους, διάβασα αυτό το βιβλίο. Η "Θυσία", μαζί με τα δυο προηγούμενα βιβλία της σειράς, "Η Κληρονομιά" και "Η Πίστη" είναι τα αγαπημένα μου για πολλούς λόγους. Παρ' όλα αυτά, η "Θυσία" διαφοροποιείται από τα άλλα δύο ως προς την αφήγηση, καθώς ο αναγνώστης βλέπει τα γεγονότα όχι μόνο από την πλευρά της Αλίρα, αλλά και από της Σασέλ. Όταν άκουσα ότι η αφήγηση είναι χωρισμένη με αυτόν τον τρόπο, άρχισα να έχω τις επιφυλάξεις μου για αυτό το βιβλίο. Έχοντας συνηθίσει να βλέπω τα γεγονότα μέσα από τα μάτια της Αλίρα, φοβήθηκα ότι δεν θα με ενδιέφερε η ιστορία της Σασέλ. Μάλιστα, η Σασέλ δεν έπαιξε σημαντικό ρόλο στα προηγούμενα βιβλία, απλώς αναφέρθηκε το όνομά της κάποιες φορές. Όμως, μπορώ με χαρά να δηλώσω ότι όχι απλά δεν βαρέθηκα διαβάζοντας για αυτήν, αλλά, όσο συνέχιζα την ανάγνωση, ενδιαφερόμουν όλο και περισσότερο.Η Αλίρα θα είναι πάντα μια από τις αγαπημένες μου ηρωίδες. Με τον δυναμισμό και το πείσμα της, το ενδιαφέρον που δείχνει για τους άλλους και το απαράμιλλο θάρρος της, αποτελεί έμπνευση για μένα. Ήταν καταπληκτικό να βρίσκομαι μαζί της στο ταξίδι της αυτό, βλέποντάς την να ωριμάζει και, από πεισματάρα έφηβη, να γίνεται δυναμική γυναίκα. Λάτρεψα από την αρχή τον χαρακτήρα της, καθώς μου θυμίζει πολύ τον δικό μου. Είναι περίεργη και θέλει να τα μαθαίνει όλα, και αψηφά τις αντιλήψεις της κοινωνίας στην οποία ζει για την θέση των γυναικών. Θέλει να εμπλέκεται στα πολιτικά θέματα του βασιλείου της, παρ' όλο που αυτή θεωρείται απασχόληση των αντρών. Όμως, στο τέλος καταφέρνει να αναδείξει το πνεύμα της και να κερδίσει τον σεβασμό και την εκτίμηση όλων. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο, η θέση της ήταν πολύ δύσκολη. Από την μία, έπρεπε να κάνει ό,τι καλύτερο μπορούσε για τους συμπατριώτες της που υπέφεραν στα χέρια του εχθρού. Από την άλλη, έπρεπε να μην δυσαρεστήσει την Μεγάλη Ιέρεια, καθώς δεν υπήρχαν περιθώρια για να χάσει την θέση της ως Περιφερειάρχης. Επιπλέον, είναι παράφορα ερωτευμένη με τον Νάριαν, τον οποίο μισεί κάθε Υτανικανός πολίτης. Παρ'όλες τις δυσκολίες, η Αλίρα καταφέρνει να διαχειριστεί σωστά την κατάσταση και κάνει το καλύτερο δυνατό. Όσον αφορά τον Νάριαν, με χαροποίησε ιδιαίτερα το γεγονός ότι υπήρχαν πιο πολλές σκηνές με αυτόν. Μου έλειψε πολύ στο προηγούμενο βιβλίο. Επίσης, στην "Θυσία" ο αναγνώστης μαθαίνει περισσότερα για αυτόν και για την παιδική του ηλικία. Έτσι, σιγά σιγά, το πέπλο μυστηρίου γύρω από τον Νάριαν διαλύεται. Είναι από τους αγαπημένους μου χαρακτήρες, πάντα έτοιμος να θυσιαστεί για την Αλίρα. Η μεταξύ τους σχέση αποτελεί πρότυπο, καθώς υπάρχουν αμοιβαία αισθήματα αγάπης και εμπιστοσύνης. Τώρα, όσο για τον Στέλντορ, ράγισε η καρδιά μου για αυτόν άλλη μια φορά. Πάντα επιθυμούσε αυτό που δεν γινόταν να έχει, δηλαδή την καρδιά της Αλίρα. Η μία απώλεια διαδέχεται την άλλη στη ζωή του, πράγμα που δεν του αξίζει καθόλου. Θα ομολογήσω ότι, στο πρώτο βιβλίο, δεν τον συμπαθούσα καθόλου, τον μισούσα σχεδόν. Όμως, αυτό άλλαξε από το δεύτερο βιβλίο και μετά, γιατί είχα την ευκαιρία να θαυμάσω τον δυναμικό χαρακτήρα του. Αν και αλαζόνας κάποιες φορές, είναι απλά υπέροχος. Και αν πάντα προτιμούσα τον Νάριαν αντί για αυτόν, δεν σημαίνει ότι δεν ήλπιζα να βρεθεί κάτι καλό στη ζωή του. Δυστυχώς, αυτό το καλό δεν εμφανίζεται σε κάποιο από τα τρία βιβλία, γεγονός που με λυπεί.Μια μεγάλη έκπληξη, για 'μένα, σε αυτό το βιβλίο, ήταν η Σασέλ. Δεν περίμενα ότι θα με τραβούσε τόσο πολύ η ιστορία της, έτσι που να αγωνιώ για το τι θα γίνει στην συνέχεια. Ο χαρακτήρας της Σασέλ μου θυμίζει κατά πολύ αυτόν της Αλίρα στο πρώτο βιβλίο. Είναι ριψοκίνδυνη, θέλει να βρίσκεται μέσα στα πράγματα, επιθυμεί αυτά που δεν γίνεται να έχει, λόγω της κοινωνίας στην οποία ζει, που υποβιβάζει την γυναίκα. Όταν γνώρισε τον Σάαντι, μπορούσα να δω την αρχή από κάτι πολύ μεγάλο. Δυστυχώς, όμως, η συγγραφέας είχε άλλα σχέδια, πληγώνοντας ανεπανόρθωτα την καρδιά της Σασέλ, όπως και του κάθε αναγνώστη. Χάρηκα, παρ'όλα αυτά, όταν ο Γκρέιντεν μπήκε στη ζωή της. Η ιστορία της Σασέλ είναι στενάχωρη, καθώς έχει χάσει τον πατέρα της και ζει σε μια κατακτημένη πόλη. Ακόμη, χάνει πολλά και αυτό είναι κάτι που δεν της αξίζει. Ωστόσο, δικαιώνεται αρκετά, θα μπορούσα να πω, στο τέλος. Φυσικά, δεν πρέπει να παραλείψω να αναφερθώ στους δυναμικούς αυτούς Υτανικανούς άντρες, τον Κάναν, τον Λόντον, τον Αλίας και όλους τους υπόλοιπους. Αυτοί οι άντρες ποτέ δεν απογοήτευσαν το βασίλειό τους και πάντα έκαναν ό,τι καλύτερο για τους συμπατριώτες τους. Πολέμησαν τους Κοκυριανούς ώστε ο κάθε Υτανικανός πολίτης να μπορεί να ζει ελεύθερος. Έχασαν αγαπημένα τους πρόσωπα και θυσιάστηκαν οι ίδιοι για την ελευθερία. Θα ζουν για πάντα στην καρδιά μου, λόγω της ανιδιοτέλειάς τους και, φυσικά, του έξυπνου μυαλού και του θάρρους τους. Λυπήθηκα πολύ για όσους σκοτώθηκαν στον πόλεμο, όμως το έκαναν για τους συμπολίτες τους, και αυτό δίνει έμπνευση στον κάθε αναγνώστη. Η απώλεια τους έχει να διδάξει πολλά, και το κυριότερο είναι το εξής: Το τίμημα της ελευθερίας είναι βαρύ. Αξίζει, παρ' όλα αυτά, να χάσεις κάτι ή και να χαθείς ο ίδιος, όταν πρόκειται να ζήσουν ευτυχισμένα όλοι όσοι αγαπάς. Αυτοί οι άντρες το απέδειξαν με το παραπάνω.Η Κλούβερ έκανε καταπληκτική δουλειά και σε αυτό το βιβλίο. Η γραφή της συνεπαίρνει τον αναγνώστη και τον ταξιδεύει σε τόπους πολύ μακρινούς, σε εποχές που έχουν χαθεί προ πολλού. Αναδεικνύει όλα τα ιδανικά που χρειάζεται να έχει ένας άνθρωπος ή και μια κοινωνία και περνάει σημαντικά μηνύματα στον αναγνώστη. Λόγω της δράσης και των εξελίξεων αυτού του βιβλίου, δεν μπόρεσα να το αφήσω από τα χέρια μου. Δεν βαρέθηκα ούτε λεπτό και χάρηκα που ταξίδεψα στον υπέροχο κόσμο που δημιούργησε η συγγραφέας, έστω και για τελευταία φορά. Πάντα θα λατρεύω τα βιβλία της, τα οποία έχουν μια ξεχωριστή θέση στην καρδιά μου. Θα διάβαζα οτιδήποτε και αν έγραφε η Κλούβερ. Την θαυμάζω για το κατόρθωμά της, καθώς ήταν μόλις 15 χρονών όταν έγραψε το πρώτο της βιβλίο. Ανυπομονώ για τις επόμενες σειρές της.Και, κάπου εδώ, πρέπει να αποχαιρετήσω την αγαπημένη μου ιστορία. Καταλαβαίνω ότι όλα τα ωραία κάποτε τελειώνουν, δυστυχώς. Τα καλά νέα, όμως, είναι ότι θα έχω τους ήρωες κάπου όπου δεν θα μπορέσουν ποτέ να χαθούν: στην καρδιά μου. Εκεί θα μείνουν πάντα, να μου θυμίζουν ότι, μαζί τους, έζησα την πιο όμορφη εμπειρία.

    2019-03-30 12:17

    First Thoughts: This was the perfect middle ground between the slow pace of Legacy and the quick action-packed scenes of Allegiance. With a fitting ending and a story I found myself absorbed in, I could forgive the few things that annoyed me and enjoy the conclusion to one of the best series I've read.(Review originally posted on Alexa Loves Books)I’m an ardent lover of the Legacy trilogy. I absolutely adore Cayla Kluver's writing style, the incredible world she’s managed to create, and the characters that she's written to life. And this final novel in the trilogy, Sacrifice, is just a completely fitting way to end things. It was a little more difficult for me to get into the novel, mostly because of the constant POV shift between Alera (Queen of Hytanica) and Shaselle (daughter of one of the slain Hytanicans). Having an alternate POV provided the opportunity to see things happening in Hytanica from a different perspective. I definitely appreciate this, as Shaselle’s POV gave us the chance to see what was going on outside of the palace where Alera resides, including what the rebels were up to and how the city was faring under Cokyrian reign. While I do believe Alera has definitely transformed from when I first encountered her in Legacy, I still get frustrated with her a lot. When it comes to handling the matters of her kingdom and her people, she’s definitely intelligent, sensitive and diplomatic. There’s a new maturity to her actions, which draws my respect. However, there are certain choices she makes - especially when it comes to Narian - that I find particularly bothersome and disagreeable, and it also frustrated me when she didn’t take action on behalf of some of her subjects at certain points. Narian put me on edge a lot, even though he does the best he can to protect the Hytanicans and prevent the wrath of Cokyri from descending on them. He’s certainly intelligent, commands leadership and demonstrates compassion. However, I did think that he was still a bit aloof and closed off, even with Alera. And of course, as someone firmly in Steldor’s camp, it obviously bugged me that Alera chose him. Speaking of Steldor, he doesn’t appear to often, to my woe, but when he does, I could still see all the reasons I loved him. He toed the fine line between being recklessly mischievous and carefully responsible. I enjoyed his kindness, optimism, strength and protectiveness over the kingdom and his family. Plus, he’s still such a charmer! I will freely admit that I enjoyed reading Shaselle’s chapters a lot more than Alera’s most of the time. She’s the daughter of Baelic, who was Cannan’s brother and who was executed in the last book. She’s definitely unique among the Hytanican women, as she’s a free spirit who loves to ride horses. Her stubbornness and her independence definitely endeared her to me, and I sympathized with her plight as a young woman trying to make sense of a world without her father, and a world where she, as a Hytanican woman, would be required to wed. Her adventures range from exciting and fun, to scary and nerve-wracking, but I commend her general attitude of bravery (though it was often matched with irreverence and impulsiveness). As with Allegiance, there is so much happening in this novel. Hytanica is in the process of being rebuilt, and Cokyri is attempting to enforce its power over the city. Tensions run high more often than not, and I was saddened by the fact that there are so many losses and deaths in this novel. There are, of course, a few lighter, more humorous moments scattered throughout the book - trysts between couples, witty remarks and moments of wild abandon - and that definitely balanced things out for me. Cayla Kluver has again presented us with a novel that boasts real characters, extreme conflict and a thoroughly satisfying ending to a series that I love. While I do wish a few things had played out differently, I think it Sacrifice is pretty much the best way this series could have ended.

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2019-04-05 14:19

    Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.The Legacy Trilogy has not garnered immense acclaim from most of my blogger friends. In fact, a full three of them rated the first book one star on Goodreads. So yeah, these books aren't for everyone, and I know that, but, despite them being imperfect, I really love this series. Sacrifice was one of my most desired ARCs of 2012, and that's why it was my first ARC request as a YABC staff reviewer. I'm happy to have been able to read it early, because, yet again, I found myself wholly swept up in Cayla Kluver's world. At this point, be advised that there will be spoilers for the first two books in the rest of this review.Sacrifice gets off to a bit of a slow start, dealing with the political ramifications of Cokyri's takeover of Hytanica. That first chapter was a snoozefest, but, thankfully, things picked up a few chapters in. For the rest of the novel, I was wholly engrossed, just as I remember being every time I read a book in this series.What I love about these books, what makes me look past their faults and hold them up as personal favorites, is the fact they Cayla Kluver always manages to convince me that I know what's going to happen and then pull the rug right out from under me. Seriously, this happened in every book, usually more than once. It's so rare for me to be so unsure what will happen to the characters, and I love that feeling, especially since Kluver does so without stooping to impossible twists. I just find that so refreshing, and it's also why I'm always on tenterhooks as I read, because anything could happen.Both Legacy and Allegiance were written entirely in Alera's perspective, but in Sacrifice Kluver adds a second narrator, Shaselle. At first I was hugely skeptical, but I ended up really liking Shaselle's point of view. She's snarky and very different from Alera. Her romance plot line was cute, and I really loved her refusal to be put into a box of people's expectations. I was just sitting here about to make the assertion that her perspective doesn't really add anything to the story from a narrative point of view, but, on further reflection, I think her story serves as a foil to Alera's, showing how things might have been a bit different had Alera chosen another path. Maybe I'm crazy, but I like this new theory of mine.Now, the romance did get me down a little bit. Here's the thing. I liked Narian at first in Legacy, but I very much switched allegiance (see what I did there?) in the next book. Steldor, while obnoxious at first, just seems so much more passionate and interesting than Narian. I kept holding out hope for him to win in the end, but, honestly, I knew as soon as I saw the second narrator that Alera wouldn't have any love triangle drama in this one. I'm glad Alera's happy, but my heart breaks for Steldor. Perhaps a spinoff about Steldor is in order?The writing was a bit clunky in places, but I hope those issues will be fixed in the final version. I usually don't mention such things when reviewing ARCs, but I have to comment on one particular oddity. At one point, Shaselle referres to a horse as 'loco.' Since when do they know Spanish in Hytanica? The use of that totally threw me out of the text for a bit, and I hope it's caught by the editor before final printing.The ending was a little bit too happy for my tastes, but good enough. All in all, I declare this an immensely satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, though I still want that spinoff. I hope Cayla Kluver continues to write books than can completely catch me off guard!

  • Tiffany (About to Read)
    2019-04-03 12:46

    Sacrifice is a phenomenal conclusion to the Legacy trilogy. The second novel in the series, Allegiance, had so many twists and turns that I wasn’t really sure what to expect in Sacrifice. I am happy to say that it was just as engaging as the previous novels and had a lot of action, despite the conquest of Hytanica in the previous novel.Cayla Kluver is amazing at character development. The cast of characters we have grown to know in Hytanica are smart, cunning, and persistent—which means they won’t take their defeat lying down. There was a lot of secret plotting throughout the novel, which was a lot of fun to read about. You could see the strategy and the misdirects being formed which increased my respect for the characters involved.As always, we have a strong set of female characters in a world where they are supposed to seen rather than heard. What is unique in Sacrifice, however, is that we also have a strong set of male Cokyrian characters, who are supposed to be weak and feeble. I appreciate that Cayla Kluver really shows that genders are equal in her trilogy and explores both patriarchal and matriarchal societies. One of my favorite parts of the Legacy trilogy has always been the love triangle. I am a huge Steldor fan—he is charming, funny, arrogant, handsome, cunning—I just can’t read enough about him! I was in heaven with Allegiance because Steldor played such a major part in the story. While he is still present in Sacrifice, I didn’t get quite as much as him as I wanted. While I have never been opposed to Narian, I have to say that I just don’t like him as much as I like Steldor. He did grow on me throughout the course of the novel, however.I have immensely enjoyed the Legacy series and am sad to see it go. Sacrifice was a fantastic read and I am looking forward to more from Cayla Kluver in the future. What makes her writing truly special is the endearing characters she creates. Even though I am highly anticipating new characters and new worlds from Kluver, I am so sad to leave the Legacy world behind. I will be crossing my fingers for a Steldor spin off in the mean time.

  • Bambie
    2019-04-05 14:20

    Very excited for this book. I have only read allegience , have not yet obtained the first book as i did not realise that alegience was the second. in the second book i was dissapointed by the relationship outcome between steldor and Alera - i felt that there was actually a lot of chemistry between them and if she could just stop mooning over narian she could be really really happy with him - maybe this is just becuse i didn't see her relationship with Narian in the first book? but as much as i would like Alera to come to her senses about this i have a feeling that she will end up with Narian. I also feel that the fall of Hytanica was a somewhat good thing as it enabled a woman to be put into actual power - so that the men could see that women are not useless !!! i do however hope that Hytanica will be regained but that there will be more respect for women. Back to Steldor and Alera though - i heard in an interview - or maybe read it somewhere that there was a character - the second woman in command to the high priestess that Steldor would have quite a bit to do with. unfortunently i think this may mean that Steldor will be paired off with this woman - and good for him if he can find someone who loves him but i will be really dissapointed if this happens as i just can't see Steldor without Alera - i mean he is just so nice to her , sure he gets angry say when he finds out that ALera was running around with Narian when she was suposed to be ourting him - BUT SERIOUSLY - WHO WOULD NOT RESPOND THAT WAY??? she was practically cheating on the poor man!!I really hope that Alera and Steldor will end up together - perhaps the sacrifice that Alera must face is the loss of Narians love ... or perhaps his death. i hope that in this book Alera will be a stronger character and not such a girly girl .... i understand the time period and all but really what we want is a female lead who defies the status quo for women , which she is now in a position to do as she is the sole ruler. Can't wait for this book - and i hope that London , Cannan , Steldor and Alera can win back Hytanica.

  • Aleeshas2
    2019-03-20 11:40

    Sacrifice , the last of the Legacy trilogy tells of the  ongoing dispute between the two Kingdoms of  Hytanica aand Cokyrian. With Narian finally   by  her side, Alera, newly  stripped of her crown assumes her new position as Grand Provost of the Hytanican province as she  attempts to maintain order amongst her people  in the mist of rebellion and unfair treatment from the enemy . If you are yet to read this novel I will tell you now not to expect  the same writing structure found in the preivious two novels as Cayla Kluver freshens the story up a bit more with a new point of view. Young shaselle is thrown into the mix as one of the maim characters of this novel giving a new voice of opinion into the story .  Sacrifice alternates between Allera and Shashelle giving the reader two accounts of the rebellion. I praise Kluver on how she successfully intertwind the two chatacters stories to overlapp and thus giving the audience a sense of what is happening on both sides.   To be honest , Sacrifice fell a little short of my expectation. The first half although interesting, was quite slow paced and the action or suspense in this book seemed somehow lacking .  Things didn't really start to happen untill more than halfway through and then instead of stretching out the last battle it is left to end much quicker than it started. Honestly the plot was somewhat anticlimactic, in my opinion the lead up to the end overplayed the result. The characters talked about rebellion and what-not  but when it came to it ..well lets just say I expected more . The ending was just to easy for me. In my opinion this last installment was a let down compared to  Allegiance,  whiched seemed  much more fast paced and nail biting than this one was. All in all the book was still enjoyable and reading about the characters you love so much is good enough for me . Scraped 4 stars

  • Sena
    2019-04-03 16:43

    That is hours I will never get back of my life. If I had known how this series would end I would never have picked it up! Throughout the fist two novels Allera was growing as a character and the the third book she completely reverts into a spoiled, selfish brat. She took no care for her people's welfare and continually put all of her trust into her boyfriend. She is a terrible heroine. Shaselle is our other heroine in this story. She could have offered a different perspective on the story but didn't she is just as worthless as Allera (if not worse). She continually gets herself into trouble and does nothing but causes problems for herself. She is another spoiled, selfish brat that runs away from the trouble she causes. Both these characters are much like the rest of the women in the city with the exception that they are both disobedient. If a person can take care of themselves (clearly these two can't) then that warrants them a certain amount of freedom. These two are just stupid and have their heads so far up their butts they can't see the light of day.

  • Layla
    2019-03-26 11:33

    I was hoping for more with this third book. The author fell back into the over descriptive trance from the first book. The dissolution of Alera's marriage was way too easy and convenient. Her undying love for this man who destroyed her country is so unbelievable. It seemed like the author was trying to make a statement about women being able to lead, but Alera is not a good example of a woman in charge. This series could have been great, but instead just fell flat.Shashelle was a terrible addition. She made every bad choice possible and then would be so scared for about fifteen seconds before someone would step in and save her. Again it seemed like the author was trying to show this strong, rebellious women when all I could see was a unnecessarily reckless, spoiled teenager.

  • Kaitlyn
    2019-03-30 17:30

    Honestly, this book kinda dissapointed. I had high expectations for this considering the previous book but... well it didn't reach them. Mostly what annoyed me the most was the ending (don't worry I'm not going to spoil it). I mean it just ended! There were so many things left unaddresses but did the author put in an epiloge? No! Instead there's discussion questions!! I mean COME ON! And this is the last book right? I mean its a triology. I don't know, maybe if the author makes a whole epiloge type of book things will work out, but seriously! Who ends a book with basically, "..and I don't know what happens next so... the end?"

  • Λίνα Θωμάρεη
    2019-04-04 11:17

    Στην ουσία του βάζω 2,5 αστεράκια. Το 3ο βιβλίο ήταν λίγο καλύτερο από το 2ο και πολύ καλύτερο απο το 1ο. Σαν γενικό συμπέρασμα ήταν μια μέτρια 3λογια που δεν κερδίζεις κτ αν την διαβάσεις!

  • Celine
    2019-04-05 15:42

    Review originally posted in: like how the red colour of the girl's dress stands out from the background. Although, I think I prefer the US cover because it reflects the story more, compared to the Aussie cover.Story:In war, for peace, sacrifice is always necessary...If you remember reading my review of Legacy and Allegiance, then you'll know how much I enjoyed Cayla's books. This historical series, combined with a touch of fantasy is really entrancing and fascinating. I was really anxious to read the last book in the series and I'm glad it did not disappoint. Sacrifice is a satisfying conclusion to the whole series.Unlike the previous two books in the series, Sacrfice is written from two POVs; Alera's and Shaselle's. Alera is now no longer the Queen of Hytanica. She has a new title; Grand Provost after Cokyri took over Hytanica. This book ventures the story of Alera as she tries to maintain the peace between Hytanica and Cokyri even though she is in love with 'the enemy'. The story also ventures Shaselle, the nice of the Captain of the Guards, Cannan as she deals with her changes in life. The new addition of Shaselle's POV adds to the depth of the story and gives a new insight into the life of a girl in Hytanica since Shaselle is not of royalty. The story plot is enjoyable, although like the previous two books, I still feel that the story could have been wrapped up in a 200-300 pages book instead of 400 pages. The romance is sweet and the ending satisfied me. It gives new hopes for the characters and also the readers!Characters:Alera truly has changed within the 3 books. She has grown from a spoiled girl who lives in luxury, to a Queen and a leader of her kingdom. She becomes more resolute, making strong decisions for the sake of her kingdom and is trying her best to be a good leader. Her love for Narian is as strong as ever and I really enjoyed her relationship with Narian. Narian is charming, sweet and really kind to Alera and I'm really glad that things are working out really well for both of them in this book.As for Shaselle, sadly, I didn't actually liked her character. I found her annoying and quite selfish although luckily, she does get better as the book progressed. Cannan, Steldor, London and most of the characters from the first 2 books also appear constantly in this book and they are very enjoyable to read about!Overall:Is sacrifice necessary to end war and to create peace? In the last book of the Legacy series, Alera must try and maintain the peace between her kingdom and the 'enemy', proving herself as a good leader for her kingdom. Sacrifice is the enthralling conclusion to the series, one you definitely don't want to miss if you enjoyed the books in the series!Thank you Harlequin Teen Australia for the review copy!

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2019-04-11 09:28

    Sacrifice was a great ending to the Legacy series. This last novel did leave me heartbroken for Steldor, but really, I guess this whole series has left my heart bleeding for this beautiful guy. I knew by the second book Allegiance that Steldor wasn't going to get Alera—the girl he loved with all his heart. I accepted that. I accepted that Narian was the guy Alera loved, but I was hoping that in this final book I would at least get the ending I wanted for Steldor. And the one he deserved. But Steldor got ripped to pieces again, in my opinion. I can't say anymore, as I don’t want to spoil it for you. I can only hope that now the author will write Steldor’s own story and give him his happily ever after. There's no doubt that Steldor made the Legacy series a fantastic one for me, and he's the reason I love this story and kept reading it. Steldor’s character is my favorite and he out shined Alera and Narian, but I’m sure you too have your favorite. Also with Steldor having only a small part in this last book, it was kind of slow for me. I will say I enjoyed the author bringing in another girl character, Shaselle, who is Steldor’s eighteen year old cousin. Shaselle is the total opposite of Alera. Sacrifice is also told from her point of view, too. Shaselle’s character is awesome, just like Steldor. She’s a beautiful feisty tom boy. Shaselle is definitely Steldor’s cousin, she just as cocky and stubborn as Steldor. Shaselle’s character still brings the excitement and energy for me to this storyline after no longer having Steldor’s fun and cocky self to do this in this last book. Sacrifice is a great finale, and I recommend the Legacy series as an awesome, break-your-heart series. I plead to the author to write a book for Steldor, who is an amazing character. I love him so much. Please give him the happy ending he deserves. Thank you, Cayla Kluver, for the enthralling Legacy series and Steldor!

  • Brittany Rehage
    2019-04-11 10:39

    I'm not really sure how I feel about Sacrifice. Was it a good book? Yes. Was it engaging? Yes. But things were missing, and I didn't find myself enjoying Sacrifice as much as I had hoped.First, the romance. In the previous two books, I felt it. I was swooning as much as Alera was. In Sacrifice, I didn't feel it. Sure, Kluver told me about how amazing Narian was and how sweet, but she didn't show me like she did in the previous books. I feel like there needs to be more than kissing to make me fall in love, and that's really all I got from Alera and Narian's romance. There was some swooning in this book, but it didn't last as long as I wished it would. I could have handled a flat romance, if the rest of the story was spectacular. Unfortunately, it felt like there was a lot of build up to something that wasn't fully explained. I wanted to know more about that last battle. I wanted to know how things went down. I felt like 85% of the book was leading up to this epic battle, and then nothing. There was summary, but nothing of the actual action. I guess that's how I feel about the entire novel, though. Legend and Allegiance were fantastic build up to Sacrifice, while fell short of what I was expecting. It felt like more of a middle novel, lots of little things happened, and one or two large things happened, but it didn't feel like its own novel. Plus, the ending wrapped up a little too fast. I would have loved having the last 10% of the novel expanded. Sacrifice wasn't a bad book, but it didn't live up to the caliber the first two novels had set. It's a fine novel, but I wanted something more and it just wasn't there.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-16 09:22

    Blah. Not impressed with either Alera or Shaselle. Shaselle's POV wasn't necessary at all, and I don't quite understand why every other chapter was told from her viewpoint. And Alera drove me crazy! (view spoiler)[I kept waiting for her to DO something. Her entire kingdom was being destroyed, her people were being killed, and all she did was gush over Narian and how much she loved him and what a good guy he was. Um, hello...he was part of the army that KILLED the people of your kingdom! But, of course, Narian could do no wrong in Alera's eyes. UGH! I was actually hoping that the poison the High Priestess gave him would kill him! And how is it that Steldor ended up alone? It still drives me nuts that he let Alera have an annulment! (hide spoiler)] The first two books are definitely worth the read, but this final book fell flat for me.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-02 15:42

    I enjoyed the first two in the series because the writing was very good and the story decent, but the third and final chapter fell far short of my expectations. More than half of the book contains very little action, a new character is introduced as a spoken lead (and contains far more depth than Alera, who is way more subservient and meek than she has ever been before) which was okay, but a little confusing, and the ending takes all of the previous topics and runs around in circles until suddenly, a resolution, THE END.I always wonder when this happens during the final novel in a series if the author is tired of it and eager to move on.

  • Teya Peck
    2019-04-14 11:39

    OH MY HECK!! I loved and hated the end! It just feels like their could be another yet it closed well. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Excellent book great series, great character development. Endearing, clean, I am impressed! I think one of the reasons I love this book, is reality. It has a taste of reality to it. Not everyone gets their Happily ever after or what they want, they get what they need, type of thing. It's subtle but there and underlining of the books. A must read!

  • Sandie Mixa
    2019-04-04 09:35

    I loved this final book in the series. It was so hard to put down. The plot was intriguing and I liked the way things wrapped up. I highly recommend this series.

  • Mara
    2019-04-16 11:39

    Cover Blurb: Yes or No? Definitely not. I love the curlicues and even the dress (though the sleeves are not my favorite), but I dislike the character impersonator - a lot. And like Allegiance, it looks like a cheap Christian romance.Characters: I really wish that I could say Alera has improved in some minuscule way. I wish I could say that I managed to like her toward the end of the book. I wish I could say that she has become something of a character and has begun to learn what it means to be a leader. But my job is to write honest reviews, and to say such things would be the furthest thing from the truth. Alera, as Grand Provost, is the "voice of the people." She hears their complaints and takes an active interest in her peoples' lives. At least, she's supposed to. But Alera is too busy worrying over how to get her family and friends to accept Narian as her future husband, and she is woefully uninformed when it comes to her former kingdom's concerns. She hears petitions every day, and yet she somehow manages to remain ignorant of how the Cokyrians are not allowing the rebuilding of the churches, the harsh punishments doled out to Hytanican citizens, and the general unrest. Everyone else knows what's going on, except Grand Provost Alera - the "voice of the people." The one who is supposed to represent them and see to their welfare. And when she does finally learn some of what's going on in her province, what's her solution? A festival! Yes, let's throw a festival to boost everyone's morale. True, a festival can be a great way to momentarily divert general unrest and make things feel a bit better, but morale isn't what Alera needs to be tackling at present. She needs to be compiling a report for Narian to take back to the High Priestess in Cokyri. She needs to be meeting with her privy council and actually discussing problems with Narian, rather than making out with him on her study's desk. And what about Shaselle, Sacrifice's second protagonist? I held some hope there when I first began reading this novel. A girl whose family has been torn apart by war, and who is actively seeking retribution for her father's death - sounds great, right? We'll get to the "seeking retribution" later; right now, let's just talk about Shaselle herself. She was nothing special. Only slightly less annoying than Alera, Shaselle spends all of her time whining about dresses and needlepoint and accepting suitors, and doing everything possible to destroy what little trust her mother has in her. Shaselle complains about her mother's restrictiveness, but considering how many times this girl goes gallivanting off into the dark streets, alone, and pointedly ignores her mother's very reasonable request to be home at such-and-such time, I thought her mom was downright lenient. Shaselle did nothing to help herself. She wanted to help with the rebellion, and got irritated with her uncle Cannan when he told her she would only be a hindrance. And yet, whenever Shaselle got an opportunity to prove her worth, she did the exact opposite and put the rebellion in jeopardy - not to mention her own family members - more times than I can count. The only redeeming character in this entire trilogy - London - was barely in Sacrifice. I got so desperate that I even decided to like Steldor, who seems to have had a complete personality rewrite. Where he was once an arrogant, selfish jerk, Steldor was a courageous and caring cousin to Shaselle - definitely not the Steldor I knew and hated in Legacy and Allegiance. I will give the Author props for the High Priestess and her shield maiden, Rava - they were fairly convincing villainesses. Rava not so much; she displayed her swagger and cockiness a bit too often to be truly threatening, but she did get a lot accomplished. The High Priestess, meanwhile, keeps her cool most of the time, and isn't afraid to go to extremes to get what she wants, and I appreciated that.The Romance: Okay, when I first started reading this series, I liked Narian. Out of the two love interests, I supported Alera's choice in falling in love with Narian rather than Steldor. But I really grew to dislike him in this final installment, and it's mostly because a story that should have been focused on political quarrels and rebellion, was instead focused on Narian and Alera's relationship. Narian's presence in a scene always heralded yet another kissing, cuddling, and overall horribly mushy scene that I really grew to resent him, and I wouldn't have been at all sad if he had died. In short, the romance in this drove me up a wall. I was so sick to the teeth with Alera and Narian making googly eyes at each other, and just barely restraining their passion, that I even hated Shaselle's love interests, and deep down I actually liked the two boys she was attracted to. They were both nice. But I didn't want to read any more of that girly stuff.Plot: Cokyri has invaded Hytanica, turning it into a province. The High Priestess has removed Alera's royal title of Queen, and has instead named her Grand Provost, answerable to the High Priestess, but still overseer of Hytanica. Narian has been set up as Commander of the occupying Cokyrian forces and liaison between Hytanica and Cokyri. But while Narian and Alera are working hard to create a peaceful existence between the two people, the High Priestess is making that a bit difficult with many of the strict laws she is demanding be put into effect that restrict the Hytanican way of life. Alera's people aren't interested in becoming Cokyrians in any form whatsoever, and rebellion is quietly brewing behind the scenes. My optimistic side kept insisting, "Maybe this will be all right. With rebellion just over the horizon, something has to happen, right?" But this trilogy has never delivered when it comes to a fast pace or action, and my more practical side gently chided my optimistic side: "No, it will be worse than the other two; just you wait and see." Well, my practical side was correct. The rebellion and general unrest takes backseat to Alera and Narian's continued difficult romance. Alera spends all of her time wandering around the palace - now called the Bastion, - hearing petitions (which we Readers never get to sit in on), eating dinner or lunch or any other form of mealtime, and waiting in her apartments for Narian's nightly visits, where they cuddle and coo and generally make themselves silly. Occasionally, Alera actually takes some interest in what's going on in her kingdom, but usually can't be bothered. And when rebellion finally does happen, Alera spends the whole time in her bedchamber, and by the next chapter, the rebellion has been subdued and we Readers are subjected to yet another dinner - this time with one of Shaselle's suitors. We don't get to read about the subduing - heck, we don't even get to read about the rebel leaders' executions! With Shaselle "actively pursuing retribution," you would think that we get some action in her narration. Nope. She runs around the streets like a headless chicken, squawking about as loudly as one, and then eventually returns home for another chastisement from her mother and Cannan. She's also always conveniently elsewhere when something interesting happens, and we never get to be in the thick of things. So basically, the plot goes like this: Alera plods around the Bastion, has dinner, changes for bed, waits for Narian, cuddles with Narian, falls asleep, wakes up to sleepily ask Narian an irrelevant question, and then goes back to sleep, only to start the whole routine over again in the next chapter. With Shaselle, she gets up and has an argument about either dresses or suitors with her mother, starts to head outside, her mother tells to be home by such-and-such time, and Shaselle leaves with absolutely no intention of listening to her mother. Then she goes and does something stupid that gets her into lots of trouble - and causes even more unrest between Cokyrians and Hytanicans (in fact, Shaselle is behind a lot of what goes wrong for, well, everyone), - then returns home to get yelled at by her mom some more. And the next day is the exact same. That's the whole story of Sacrifice. There are a few demonstrations of Cokyrian cruelty, but all that did was cause even more frustration with the characters. Rava is Narian's second-in-command, and she is constantly flouting Narian's orders. And he never does anything to stop her. It's no wonder no one takes Narian - and Alera - seriously! They're in positions of power, and yet they stand there like petulant children, their faces screwed up in indignation, threatening to do something Rava will regret if she doesn't listen, but they never do. I half expected them to stamp their feet for good measure.Believability: Well, there's the fact that Alera is the most unbelievable leader figure in the history of literature. She's not even a good figurehead. She insists that her people will follow her, that Cannan and her other military leaders would never go behind her back, and that is exactly what they do! They keep her completely out of the loop when it comes to the important stuff. And if her people accept her so thoroughly as their ruler, why do they chant Steldor's name? The second rebellion was also way too smooth for my liking.Writing Style: This is about the only place that this novel succeeded. The Author's writing has very markedly improved from her first novel, Legacy. She has abandoned her copious clothing descriptions and actually has a pretty flair to the general tone of the story. However, a lot could have been cut out of this book - namely, the reiteration of Alera's daily schedule and every single one of Narian's night visits. Many of those latter scenes could have been combined, and some just left out entirely. The style itself, though, is rather nice.Content: 1 g--damn. Alera and Narian sleep together (pg. 417). It's not detailed, though. They disrobe and do it, and that's that.Conclusion: Again, my optimistic side chimed in and said, "Here! Another rebellion - maybe this will make up for the rest of the dragging plot!" But once more, my practical side won. Alera is yet again conveniently absent for the big climax, and Shaselle ventures out on the streets just long enough to realize how horrific killing really is, and then spends the rest of the takeover holed up in a cellar. The conclusion is also where Alera makes her ridiculous assertion to the High Priestess that her people respect her as a ruler, and that her military leaders would never go behind her back or flout her. As I said, that is exactly what they do - they flout her commands and go behind her back as completely as anyone possibly can. The few surprising "twists" (if they can, indeed, even be called that) that occur did nothing to even briefly penetrate my glazed expression of boredom. Sacrifice was, without a doubt, one of the most boring books I have ever read. And in that respect, it fits in right along with its other two books - Legacy and Allegiance. Only worse. It was pulling teeth, reading the last 100 pages of this book, and I never want to do it again. Thank goodness I am done with this trilogy.Recommended Audience: Girl-read, sixteen-and-up, great for fans of this series!

  • Mariana
    2019-04-17 12:19

    Η Υτάνικα πλέον δεν είναι μια ελεύθερη χώρα. Θεωρείται πια περιφέρεια του κατακτητή, η Βασίλισσα Αλίρα έχει τον τίτλο του Περιφερειάρχη ενώ ο Νάριαν ο μεγάλος έρωτας της είναι ο πιο μισητός άνθρωπος της χώρας της αφού πήγε ενάντια στο ίδιο του το αίμα και την κατέκτησε!! Για την Αλίρα τα πράγματα είναι πολύ δύσκολα, ακροβατεί σε τεντωμένο σκοινί κι αν δεν προσέξει και πέσει οι συνέπειες θα είναι καταστροφικές. Από τη μια πρέπει να είναι καλή στον νέο της ρόλο για να μην χάσει την εύνοια της Μεγάλης Ιέρειας από την άλλη πρέπει να εξευμενίσει τον ανυπότακτο λαό της που αν και κατακτημένος δε έχει χάσει την περηφάνια του και το θάρρος του και ζητά εκδίκηση και φυσικά ο Στέλντορ και οι φίλοι του με τις πράξεις τους βοηθούν να μην ξεχάσει κανείς αυτό που συνέβη και όσους πέθαναν για την Υτάνικα. Ο Νάριαν είναι πλέον ο διοικητής της χώρας, το δεξί χέρι της Μεγάλης Ιέρειας, αλλά όλοι τον κοιτούν με μισό μάτι κι αν μπορούσαν θα τον σκότωναν. Στο παλάτι προσπαθούν να κρατούν τους τύπους και εκείνος προσπαθεί να είναι όσο πιο ευγενικός μπορεί με όλους αλλά κανείς δεν ξεχνά αυτό που έκανε. Επιπλέον οι Κοκυριανοί που έχει μαζί του δυσκολεύον ακόμα περισσότερο τα πράγματα. Και ενώ στον τομέα της πολιτικής τα πράγματα δεν πάνε καλά στα προσωπικά της η Αλίρα είναι για πρώτη φορά μετά από καιρό ευτυχισμένη. Η σχέση της με τον Νάριαν πάει από το καλό στο καλύτερο! Όμως υπάρχει ένα μελανό σημείο στην ευτυχία της. Δεν μπορεί να την φωνάξει, δεν μπορεί να πει στους γύρω της ότι είναι χαρούμενη, ότι είναι με τον άντρα που αγαπά και ότι έχουν αρραβωνιαστεί!!! Πώς να πει η Αλίρα η Βασίλισσα των Υτανικανών ότι αγαπά τον Νάριαν τον κατακτητή??? Πώς μπορεί ο λαός της να δεχτεί κάτι τέτοιο? Πώς μπορούν οι γονείς της να τον δεχτούν??? Έτσι η σχέση τους παραμένει κρυφή, βλέπονται τη νύχτα όταν ο Νάριαν σαν άλλος Ρωμαίος σκαρφαλώνει στο μπαλκόνι της και για λίγες ώρες οι δυο τους ξεχνούν όλα τα προβλήματα και ζουν την αγάπη τους με μόνο τους σύμμαχο τα αστέρια στον ουρανό και το σκοτάδι.. Και ενώ η Αλίρα βρίσκεται σε αυτή τη δύσκολη κατάσταση στην πόλη μια κοπέλα ευγενικής καταγωγή προσπαθεί να προσαρμοστεί στα νέα διδόμενα. Η Σασέλ ξαδέρφη του Στέλνορ και κόρη του αδικοχαμένου Μπέλικ, αδερφού του στρατηγού Κάναν, προσπαθεί να ξεπεράσει τον χαμό του πατέρα της και να ικανοποιήσει τις απαιτήσεις της μητέρας της. Η οικογένειά της προσπαθεί να σταθεί ξανά στα πόδια της και μία από τις προτεραιότητες της μητέρας της είναι να αποκατασταθούν οι μεγαλύτερες κόρες της. Η αδερφή της Σασέλ έχει δεχτεί την απόφαση και ήδη έχει βρει τον άντρα που θα παντρευτεί, η Σασέλ όμως δεν θέλει να ακούσει για προξενιά και γάμους. Εκείνη το μόνο που θέλει είναι να εκδικηθεί τους δολοφόνους του πατέρα της να εκδικηθεί για τη χώρα της και προσπαθεί να πείσει τον Στέλντορ να ενταχθεί στην αντίσταση αλλά εκείνος απορρίπτει την πρόταση. Η Σασέλ όμως ήταν πάντα πνεύμα ελεύθερο και ατίθασο και τώρα που έχασε τον πατέρα της αυτό γίνεται ακόμα πιο φανερό. Το σκάει από το σπίτι της προσπαθεί να εκδικηθεί τον εχθρό ρισκάροντας τη ζωή της. Τί θα γίνει όμως όταν ένας Κοκυριανός θα εισβάλει στην καθημερινότητά της και θα της δείξει ότι δεν είναι όλοι τους δολοφόνοι και κακοί??? Τί θα γίνει όταν θα αρχίσει να περνά καλά κάνοντας παρέα με τον εχθρό?? Και πώς θα αντιμετωπίσει το τελευταίο προξενιό του θείου και της μητέρας της τον νεαρό Γκρέιντεν που τη θαυμάζει για τον ατίθασο και ανυπότακτο χαρακτήρα της???.. Αλίρα και Σασέλ ζουν στην κατακτημένη πλέον Υτάνικα και προσπαθούν να αντιμετωπίσουν τις νέες προκλήσεις με τις οποίες τις έφερε αντιμέτωπες η ζωή... Θα τα καταφέρουν άραγε και θα γίνουν ευτυχισμένες???Η Θυσία το τρίτο μέρος της τριλογίας της σειράς της Cayla Kluver με πρωταγωνίστρια την Αλίρα κυκλοφόρησε στην Ελλάδα το καλοκαίρι του 2013 ενάμιση χρόνο περίπου μετά την κυκλοφορία της Πίστης, του δεύτερου βιβλίου. Ποιός ο λόγος για την τόσο μεγάλη καθυστέρηση?? Ειλικρινά δεν τον γνωρίζω, η Κληρονομία και η Θυσία είχαν βγει με έναν χρόνο διαφορά και να πω την αλήθεια το ίδιο περίμενα να συμβεί και με τη Θυσία. Αλλά ο Ψυχογιός είχε άλλη γνώμη. Όπως και να χει το τρίτο και τελευταίο μέρος κυκλοφόρησε και μια ακόμα ξένη νεανική σειρά ολοκληρώθηκε στα Ελληνικά και αυτό είναι που έχει σημασία. Οι εκδοτικοί πρέπει με τον έναν ή τον άλλο τρόπο να σέβονται τους αναγνώστες τους και τα λεφτά που δίνουν και να ολοκληρώνουν τις σειρές βιβλίων που εκδίδουν, αν δεν είναι σε θέση να το κάνουν καλύτερα να μην αγοράζουν σειρές!!.. Αυτό το βιβλίο τώρα έχει 488 σελίδες η τιμή του είναι στα 17 ευρώ με την έκπτωση του 10% πάει στα 15 ευρώ και μπορείτε άνετα να το βρείτε στα μεγάλα βιβλιοπωλεία των πόλεων κι αν δεν το έχουν θα το παραγγείλουν και θα έρθει αμέσως. Το εξώφυλλο δεν είναι αυτό της Αμερικής αλλά προσωπικά δεν με πείραξε καθόλου γιατί τα πρωτότυπα εξώφυλλα αυτής της τριλογίας δεν μου αρέσουν. Ναι ξέρω ότι κάποιους θα τους ξενίσει αυτό αλλά προτιμώ τα ελληνικά. Τα δύο πρώτα είναι παιδικά εξώφυλλα και μπορεί να εξαπατήσουν εύκολα κάποιον, μπορεί να θεωρήσει ότι αγοράζει ένα απλό παιδικό βιβλίο και τελικά θα βρεθεί αντιμέτωπος με μια ιστορία πολέμου, έρωτα, ωρίμανσης χαρακτήρων, με μια ιστορία για εφήβους από 14 χρονών και πάνω και όχι για μικρά παιδιά. Το καλύτερο ελληνικό εξώφυλλο είναι αυτού εδώ του βιβλίου, το λάτρεψα από την πρώτη στιγμή που το είδα και το προτιμώ από εκείνο του εξωτερικού. Βλέπουμε την Αλιρα και ο Νάριαν με φόντο το παλάτι της Υτάνικανα να συναντιούνται κρυφά με σύμμαχους τους το σκοτάδι και τη νύχτα, ότι συμβαίνει δηλαδή στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος του βιβλίου και το σκηνικό σε κάνει να αγωνιάς για αυτούς τους δύο. Αυτό ένιωσα τουλάχιστον εγώ. Τα αμερικανικά εξώφυλλα μου παρουσιάζουν μια Αλίρα που δεν είναι αυτή που εγώ είχα φανταστεί επιπλέον ο άντρας με μπερδεύει. Με τίποτα δεν είναι αυτός ο Νάριαν πιο πολύ μοιάζει με τον Στέλντορ αλλά γιατί να υπάρχει στο εξώφυλλο ο Στέλντορ?? Ο Νάριαν πρέπει να είναι άσχετο αν δεν μοιάζει καθόλου με τον ήρωα του βιβλίου. Δεν ξέρω τα Αμερικανικά εξώφυλλα δεν μου αρέσουν δεν μου βγάζουν κάτι το θετικό ούτε με εντυπωσιάζουν προτιμώ τα ελληνικά κι ας είναι πιο παιδικά και λιγότερο εντυπωσιακά τα πρόσωπα πάντως μοιάζουν περισσότερο στους ήρωες του βιβλίου και φυσικά το τρίτο είναι το αγαπημένο μου!!!.. Το βιβλίο το αγόρασα μόλις βγήκε αλλά άργησα να το διαβάσω και αυτό γιατί το καλοκαίρι είχα ξεκινήσει τη σειρά του True Blood επιπλέον έφυγα και για διακοπές στην Κρήτη αφήνοντας το στην Αθήνα μετά καταπιάστηκα με άλλα βιβλία που ήθελα να διαβάσω μέσα στο χρόνο και έτσι η Θυσία έπρεπε να περιμένει μέχρι τα Χριστούγεννα του 2013. Πέρασα πολύ καλά μαζί της ήταν μια ευχάριστη συντροφιά την περίοδο των γιορτών!!!Την Κληρονομία την έχω βαθμολογήσει με δύο αστεράκια ενώ την Πίστη με τρία. Η Θυσία πήρε 4 αστεράκια και για αρκετές σελίδες φλέρταρε με τα 5 αλλά δεν τα κατάφερε έχασε από μένα την ανώτερη βαθμολογία στο τέλος. Δεν πειράζει όμως αυτό που έχει σημασία είναι πως αν και η Κληρονομία ήταν ένα βιβλίο χλιαρό, είχε ένα ενδιαφέρον αλλά είχε και πάρα πολλά μειονεκτήματα -τόσα που αν δεν ήμουν από εκείνους τους αναγνώστες που ολοκληρώνουν τις σειρές μπορεί να μην την είχα συνεχίσει- τελικά η συνέχεια δεν ήταν κατώτερη αλλά ανώτερη της και η συγγραφέας βελτιώθηκε τόσο στον τρόπο γραφής όσο και στην εξέλιξη της ιστορίας της. Υπάρχουν σειρές που το πρώτο βιβλίο αξίζει 4 ή 5 αστεράκια και μετά ξεκινά η κατρακύλα, το δεύτερο είναι κατώτερο του πρώτου ενώ το φινάλε είναι απογοητευτικό. Εδώ ευτυχώς συμβαίνει ακριβώς το αντίθετο, το ξεκίνημα δεν ήταν τόσο καλό αλλά με το δεύτερο βιβλίο ανέβασε στροφές η Kluver έμαθε από τα λάθη της ενώ το τρίτο βιβλίο ήταν το καλύτερο της σειράς αυτό που εγώ προσωπικά απόλαυσα περισσότερο αυτό που με διασκέδασε περισσότερο και φυσικά συμφωνώ με το τέλος του και με την εξέλιξη της ιστορίας γενικότερα. Αν δεν μου τα χάλαγε η συγγραφέας στις τελευταίες σελίδες αν ήταν πιο προσεκτική εκεί, θα του έβαζα 5 αστεράκια γιατί πραγματικά πέρασα καλά μαζί του υπήρχαν στιγμές που δεν ήθελα να το αφήσω από τα χέρια μου που ήθελα να προχωρήσω στο επόμενο κεφάλαιο και να αγνοήσω τις άλλες δουλειές που έπρεπε να κάνω που ευχόμουν να έρθει το βράδυ για να μπορέσω να συνεχίσω το διάβασμα. Η Θυσία χωρίς αμφιβολία για εμένα έχει πολλά περισσότερα θετικά στοιχεία από ότι αρνητικά και με χαρά της δίνω αυτή την βαθμολογία ενώ αναγνωρίζω πως η Kluver έχει ταλέντο στη συγγραφή και με χαρά θα διάβαζα κάτι άλλο δικό της αν έβγαινε στα ελληνικάΑς ξεκινήσω με τα θετικά του βιβλίου λοιπόν... το μεγαλύτερο του πλεονέκτημα ήταν ο χαρακτήρας που ονομάζεται Νάριαν το αγόρι της Αλίρα ο κατακτητής της Υτάνικα και ο εχθρός του λαού της ουσιαστικά. Ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα παράπονά μου στα δύο προηγούμενα βιβλία ήταν το ότι ο Νάριαν δεν εμφανίζονταν πολύ. Ενώ υποτίθεται ότι είναι ο μεγάλος έρωτας της πρωταγωνίστριας στο πρώτο βιβλίο εμφανίζεται στη μέση περίπου, δεν έχει πολλές σκηνές, δεν τον γνωρίζουμε αρκετά και όταν αρχίζει να γίνεται κάτι όμορφο ανάμεσα σε εκείνον και την Αλίρα τους χωρίζει ο Λόντον για να το σκάσει μετά ο Νάριαν και να χάσουμε τα ίχνη του αφού βλέπουμε την ιστορία μέσα από τα μάτια της Αλίρα. Στην Πίστη στις πιο πολλές σελίδες τον ακούμε μόνο ως όνομα και επειδή τον σκέπτεται η Αλίρα αλλά και πάλι δεν τον βλέπουμε. Προς το τέλος έχει λίγες σκηνές αλλά δεν είναι αρκετές για τον αναγνώστη. Υποτίθεται ότι μαζί με την Αλίρα και τον Στέλντορ είναι οι βασικοί πρωταγωνιστές, το ερωτικό τρίγωνο αυτούς τους τρεις αφορά. Και όμως τον Νάριαν οι αναγνώστες δεν έχουν τη δυνατότητα να τον γνωρίσουν και αυτό γιατί η συγγραφέας επέλεξε να πει την ιστορία από την οπτική της Αλίρα. Πιο πολύ βλέπουμε τον Στέλντορ που ζει μαζί της παρά τον Νάριαν! Ξέρω πολλούς που ήθελαν η Αλίρα να καταλήξει με τον Στέλντορ εγώ πάλι όχι, από την αρχή ήμουν με το αγόρι με τα ξανθά μαλλιά και τα γαλανά μάτια, το αγόρι της προφητείας, εκείνο που το άρπαξαν από την κούνια του μωρό το μεγάλωσαν για να γίνει ο κατακτητής της χώρας του και που τελικά την κατέκτησε αλλά επειδή δεν μπορούσε να κάνει αλλιώς! Εκτός κι αν προτιμούσατε η Αλίρα να χάσει την αδερφή της!!... όμως μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί οι περισσότεροι ήθελαν τον Στέλνορ, αυτόν γνωρίσαμε περισσότερο, αυτός εμφανίζεται πιο πολύ, ο Νάριαν και η τραγική του ιστορία στα δύο πρώτα βιβλία δεν παρουσιάζονται καθόλου καλά. Άκουσα πρόσφατα μια συνέντευξη της συγγραφέως που έλεγε πως ήθελε να πει την ιστορία ενός αγοριού που το άρπαξαν από το σπίτι του και ήταν μέρος μιας προφητείας και που κατέκτησε τον ίδιο του το λαό. Ε δεν μπορώ να πω ότι με τα δύο πρώτα βιβλία τα κατάφερε τόσο καλά. Συγνώμη κιόλας αλλά αν ήθελε να πει αυτή την ιστορία έπρεπε να επιλέξει να τη διηγηθεί ο Νάριαν και όχι η Αλίρα.. Τέλος πάντων το μειονέκτημα αυτό και η αδικία αποκαθίστανται στη Θυσία αφού ο αγαπημένος μου Νάριαν εμφανίζεται σχεδόν σε όλες τις σελίδες και ω ναι!! έχει μεγαλύτερο ρόλο από ότι ο Στέλντορ!! Μπούχτισα να διαβάζω για αυτόν στα άλλα δύο βιβλία.. Επιτέλους ήταν η σειρά του Νάριαν και η Κλούβερ τον παρουσιάζει σωστά. Ο κατακτητής Νάριαν λοιπόν είναι ένας άντρας τρελά ερωτευμένος με την Αλίρα που βασικά αυτό που θέλει στη ζωή του είναι να ζήσει μαζί της. Δεν θέλει ούτε την Υτάνικα, ούτε τα πλούτη της, ούτε να διοικεί τη χώρα, δεν θέλει το στέμμα της, θέλει μόνο την κοπέλα που αγαπά. Τίποτε περισσότερο. Όπως λέει η Σασέλ όταν την κοιτά λιώνει και αλλάζει όλη η έκφραση του όταν η Αλίρα του ζητά κάτι. Την λατρεύει και θα έκανε τα πάντα για εκείνη, θα έδινε ακόμα και τη ζωή του. Είναι ικανός να πάει ενάντια στη Μεγάλη Ιέρεια και τελικά το κάνει. Ο Νάριαν προσπαθεί να είναι ευγενικός με τους Υτανικανούς προσπαθεί να διοικεί σωστά χωρίς ακρότητες θέλει να είναι δίκαιος αλλά από τη μια έχει να αντιμετωπίσει την εχθρότητα και την αντίσταση τους και από την άλλη έχει τους Κοκυριανούς που έχει στείλει η Μεγάλη Ιέρεια και που δεν είναι τόσο φιλικοί με τους κατοίκους. Προσπαθεί όσο μπορεί να κρατήσει τα πράγματα υπό έλεγχο, σώζει το τομάρι του Στέλντορ αρκετές φορές-αν δεν ήταν η Αλίρα και ο Νάριαν ο Στέλνορ θα είχε την κατάληξη του Ρομπ Στάρκ στα βιβλία του Martin-σώζει τη Σασέλ. δεν λέει τίποτα για τα όσα ετοιμάζει ο Λόντον και η παρέα του ενώ ξέρει τα πάντα και το τέλος αποφασίζει οριστικά.. Υτάνικα ή Κοκυρία??? τίνος το μέρος θα διαλέξει?? θα μιλήσει το αίμα και η καταγωγή ή η αγάπη για τη χώρα και τους ανθρώπους που τον μεγάλωσαν και του έμαθαν όσα ξέρει??.. Θα μιλήσει η αγάπη βασικά. Αυτό επέλεξε ο Ναριαν. Αν στην Κληρονομία και στην Πίστη τον αγαπούσα μία φορά εδώ τον αγάπησα 10 τον εκτίμησα τον θαύμασα τον λάτρεψα…Αλίρα-Νάριαν.. ένα ακόμα θετικό του βιβλίου ήταν ο έρωτας του βασικού ζευγαριού. Επιτέλους οι δυο τους είναι μαζί και είναι καλά. Έχουν φοβερή χημεία ως ζευγάρι και η Kluver ήταν αρκετά καλή στις σκηνές τους. Είχαν πλάκα, χιούμορ και σου έβγαζαν και μία ζεστασιά. Ένιωθες τον έρωτα αυτών των δύο. Μου άρεσε που ο Νάριαν σκαρφάλωνε στο μπαλκόνι της τα βράδια και κοιμούνταν μαζί, αν και δεν έκαναν τίποτε, μου άρεσαν οι κουβέντες τους, τα γλυκόλογά τους, οι μικροί τσακωμοί τους, απόλαυσα όλες τους τις σκηνές και βασικά όλο το βιβλίο να είχε μόνο σκηνές Νάριαν Αλίρα καθόλου δεν θα με πείραζε. Ήταν με διαφορά οι αγαπημένες μου!!! Βέβαια έχω ένα παράπονο όσον αφορά την πρώτη φορά τους. Ενώ μου άρεσε ο τόπος που επέλεξε η συγγραφέας να γίνει και οι συνθήκες κάτω από τις οποίες συνέβη έχω ένσταση στην περιγραφή της. Δεν περίμενα να μου γράψει λεπτομέρειες δεν είναι ερωτικό βιβλίο αυτό αλλά ήθελα κάτι παραπάνω. Ήθελα η Αλίρα να είναι λίγο πιο περιγραφική όσον αφορά τα συναισθήματά της. Ήταν κάτι που οι φαν του ζευγαριού το περιμέναμε εδώ και καιρό και το περίμεναν και οι ήρωες. Δεν μου τα κατάφερε τόσο καλά εκεί η Kluver αλλά της το συγχωρώ αφού οι άλλες σκηνές τους με αποζημίωσαν…Σασέλ. Ήταν έκπληξη για μένα να δω σε αυτό το βιβλίο η ιστορία να παρουσιάζεται από την οπτική της Αλίρα και μιας άλλης γυναίκας. Δεν αρνούμαι ότι στην αρχή φοβήθηκα ότι δεν θα τα κατάφερνε η συγγραφέας και θα μπέρδευε τις φωνές αλλά τελικά τα πήγε πολύ καλά και βασικά η οπτική της Σασέλ και η ιστορία της βοήθησαν το βιβλίο. Η Σασέλ είναι ξαδέρφη του Στέλνοτρ και θα λέγαμε πως είναι ο θηλυκός Στέλντορ. Αν μπορούσε θα έβαζε μπουρλότο στους Κοκυριανούς και θα τους σκότωνε όλους. Αγαπά τα άλογα και δεν θέλει να παντρευτεί. Και ενώ μισεί την Κοκυρία ο πρώτος της έρωτας είναι ένας Κοκυριανός και μέσω αυτού βλέπει ότι και αυτοί είναι άνθρωποι με όνειρα, ευαισθησίες, πλεονεκτήματα Δεν είναι όλοι κακοί και δεν ήθελαν όλοι να έρθουν να κατακτήσουν τη χώρα της. Δημιουργείται ένα ενδιαφέρον τρίγωνο ανάμεσα σε εκείνη στον Σάαντι και στον Γκρέιντεν. Εγώ ήμουν υπέρ του Σάαντι και έπαθα σοκ με τον θάνατο του αλλά όσο κι αν με πονά καταλαβαίνω ότι δεν γίνονταν να καταλήξει με τον Κοκυριανό. Είπαμε η Υτανίακ προχώρησε, εξελίχθηκε, δέχτηκε κάποιες αλλαγές, δέχτηκε τελικά τον Νάριαν αλλά να δεχτεί και τον Σάαντι ως σύζυγο της Σασέλ?? Δεν γίνονταν. Το τέλος του με πόνεσε πολύ περισσότερο και από το τέλος του Κάναν ή άλλων Υτανικανών που μου ήταν πιο γνωστοί ο Σάαντι εμφανίστηκε σε αυτό το βιβλίο αλλά ήταν τόσο ισχυρός χαρακτήρας που επισκίασε πολλούς άλλους. Λυπήθηκα πολύ με τον θάνατό του. Βέβαια και ο Γκρέιντεν δεν ήταν κακός, ήταν καλός αλλά αν ζούσε ο Σάαντι θα ήθελα η Σασέλ να κατέληγε μαζί του, θα ήθελα το τέλος του παραμυθιού αν και όπως είπα παραπάνω καταλαβαίνω το γιατί έγινε ότι έγινε. Μεταξύ μας τώρα προτιμώ ως χώρα την Κοκυρία και λυπάμαι που η Kluver δεν μου την έδειξε περισσότερο.Το μεγαλύτερο αρνητικό για μένα ήταν το απότομο τέλος. Ενώ τα πήγαινε τόσο καλά η συγγραφέας, στο τέλος έγιναν όλα τόσο γρήγορα που πότε έγινε η εξέγερση στην Υτάνικα πότε νίκησαν τους Κοκυριανούς πότε γύρισαν η Αλίρα και ο Νάριαν πίσω και η σχέση τους έγινε φανερή και τελείωσαν όλα καλά δεν κατάλαβα!! Τα τελευταία κεφάλαια ήταν λίγο απογοητευτικά. Η εξήγηση για το τέλος του πολέμου και η λύση που δόθηκε δεν με ικανοποίησε. Ήθελε έναν επίλογο, να δω τί έγινε μετά την ανεξαρτησία να δω τί έκαναν η Αλίρα και ο Νάριαν να δω πως κατέληξε ο Στέλντορ, ήθελα κάτι παραπάνω. Επιπλέον ήθελα περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες για την εξέγερση και το πως η Αλίρα και ο Νάριαν ουσιαστικά έσωσαν με τη διαπραγμάτευση τους το λαό και οι Κοκυριανοί δεν κινήθηκαν ξανά εναντίον της Υτάνικα. Μέσα σε λίγες σελίδες έγιναν τόσα πολλά και δεν εξηγήθηκαν όπως θα έπρεπε κατά τη γνώμη μου. Έπρεπε να αφιερώσει περισσότερες σελίδες στην εξέγερση και στη νίκη και περισσότερες σελίδες στο πως η Αλίρα ξανάγινε Βασίλισσα. Ο τελευταίος της λόγος στο λαό της ήταν για γέλια, συγνώμη αλλά δεν γίνονταν να μην γελάσω με αυτά που διάβαζα... Πάντως διαφωνώ με όσους την κατηγορούν για έλλειψη θάρρους και το ότι δεν έκανε τίποτα για το λαό της! Πώς δεν έκανε?? Αν δεν ήταν η Αλίρα και ο Νάριαν η Υτάνικα θα είχε δικτατορία, δεν θα μπορούσε να σηκώσει κεφάλι ενώ όσον αφορά την εξέγερση θα είχε πνιγεί στο αίμα αφού κέρδισαν μια μάχη αλλά όχι τον πόλεμο. Τον πόλεμο τον κέρδισε η διαπραγμάτευση Νάριαν Αλίρα στο παλάτι της Κοκυρίας. Ο πόλεμος πολλές φορές δεν κερδίζετε με τις μάχες αλλά με τα λόγια και τη διπλωματία. Η Αλίρα βοήθησε το λαό της, ήταν δυναμική εκεί που έπρεπε και πήρε τις σωστές αποφάσεις και τελικά κατάφερε να του δώσει την ελευθερία του…Η θυσία με ικανοποίησε αρκετά. Αν ήταν λίγο καλύτερα ανεπτυγμένες οι τελευταίες σελίδες και μου παρουσίαζε και λίγο καλύτερα το θέμα της προφητείας και του Νάριαν θα μπορούσα να της βάλω και 5 αστεράκια. Αυτό που έχει όμως σημασία είναι η βελτίωση στο γράψιμο της Kluver που πλέον δεν μου λέει 100 φορές τι φορά η Αλίρα αλλά ασχολείται με σημαντικότερα θέματα, και το ότι οι χαρακτήρες και η ιστορία πάνε ένα βήμα παραπέρα. Στην Κληρονομία γνωρίσαμε την Υτάνικα ως μια ελεύθερη χώρα και είδαμε τα ήθη και τα έθιμα της, στην Πίστη είδαμε τη δύσκολη πλευρά του πολέμου και τις συνέπειες του και στη Θυσία έρχεται η αντίσταση ενός κατεκτημένου έθνους.. Από τα τρία βιβλία η Θυσία είναι το καλύτερο. Δεν μετάνιωσα που διάβασα αυτή την τριλογία ήταν καλή τελικά και αν έπρεπε να της βάλω έναν βαθμό αυτός θα ήταν τρία αστεράκια. Νομίζω ότι η Kluver έχει αρκετές δυνατότητες και μακάρι τα επόμενα βιβλία της να είναι ακόμα καλύτερα. Με χαρά θα τα διαβάσω πάντως αν πέσουν στα χέρια μου..

  • Misty Baker
    2019-03-23 15:42

    I will be the first to admit that being a blogger comes with some pretty awesome perks. I won't got into detail, because sounding like a superficial blow-hard is no fun for anyone, but let's just say that among other wallet is very happy. BUT...being a blogger also comes with a significant amount of stress. For example: making sure you post enough content to keep your readers happy, or agreeing to review a book by a certain date, and then realizing (3 days before the review is due) that the book you agreed to read is the 3rd in a series. I'll let you guess which category this falls under.Assuming you picked the second (because you are basically a genius...right?) let me explain how exactly I ended up reading three 500 page books in a matter of 3 days (and very obviously did not sleep.)Some of you might have figured out by now that I am a participant in the Amazon Vine program. This is a program created (by Amazon) to solicit reviews of products for their huge list of retailers. The products range anywhere from chips, to toothbrushes to...(you guessed it) books. Obviously, I usually pick the last. Anyways, about a month ago I agreed to review one of the books you see here, Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver. Normally...I am really good about checking a book out and making sure it's not a 2,3, or 4 in a series I have never even cracked a book on. This time? I was hypnotized by its cover. (Yes, I know...shame on me.) I DID read the synopsis, but to be honest...nothing really said "Hey, you daft girl...I'm part of a larger story!" so I jumped on the bandwagon. Sign me up! It wasn't until weeks later, when I grabbed the book from my TBR pile that I took a closer look."Oh shabby monkey nuts!" I very eloquently yelled from the foyer of my house. "I think I recognize this cover art!" (Yes...the same freaking art I was so captivated by before I even agreed to read the novel now released it's voodoo hold and a lightbulb went off.) So I took the book, stomped over to the desk, and began to research.It took 5 seconds, a 1 click to realize my mistake.But I'm no quitter! So I purchased books 1 and 2, said goodbye to civilization and got to work. The end result? This collaborate review. (Because why exactly would I introduce you to the last book in a series I've never even mentioned before?)**In the interest of saving everyone a little time (and because I smell like sweat and dust from cleaning all day and a shower would be grand right now) I've decided to start this review in the most direct way I know how:These books irritated the living crap out of me.They weren't bad (and thank the Lord I had them all to read at once or I may have committed suicide) but in the 4 years I've been reviewing, I have never wanted to punch a character in the face (with my foot) as much as I did the lead character of this series.Do you know that girl? The one that is incredibly strong, despite her situation. Refuses to let custom dictate her future, but makes every horrible choice possible? That is Alera of the Legacy Trilogy. I love strong women. I am personally encouraged by those that make a stand, defend their beliefs. But as a person who thrives on the joys of common sense, I found myself cringing in disbelief at the decisions made inside these novels. Yes..there is a love triangle. Yes, there is a war. Yes, people are dropping like flies around you, and your family is in a state of constant fear. I understand fully the trials and tribulations of your current predicament. What I don't understand, is your need to challenge EVERYTHING. Choosing your battles does not make you weak. It makes you smart.Alera's constant need to thwart everything in her path becomes cumbersome very quickly, and despite myself (and because of this trait) I found myself agreeing with her (totally egotistical, douchy, but ultimately loving) betrothed on more than one occasion. Speaking of her betrothed (and I use that word to keep from spoiling anything) I liked him. Putting aside the fact that he is a total jack...from the very first book, he has more growth that any other character in the series. Growth that his father (my favorite player in the entire story who I would later go on to blabber over like a 2 year old lost in Walmart) hinted at very early on.Say what?Ok, let's back up.In Legacy, Alera has a very difficult time with one of her suitors. She insist that he is pig-headed. Doesn't know a thing about love, and has some very screwed up priorities. This suitor's father (realizing that the match is going horribly awry) addresses Alera stating simply that: he will change, all he needs is perspective. One crazy war (that includes some pretty rad magic) and a near death experience later...he becomes a fairly decent guy. A guy that Alera is still a total B towards. (*ding ding* bad choice.)Book 1 also boasts her betrothed's nemesis. A nemesis that Alera instantly falls head over heals for. (Go figure.) A nemesis that I, even after 3 books, don't really trust...or like for that matter. I blame this entirely on character building. Whether it was a lack of focus or a lack of total growth, the fact of the matter is...I didn't believe their love story. His fighting technique, his tortured past, and his crazy ability to climb into her room every night by scaling the roof? Sure. His undying devotion to her? No.This led to a huge disconnect for me. It also made book #2 (Allegiance) the best book in the entire series. (FYI - If I was to base the entire review on the second book, it would get 4 stars.)Why?Because this is where everything comes to a head. The fighting, the secrets, the look at a desolate future. Book two captured everything that book one should have. Which brings me to book 3. The most...abstract of them all.Unlike in Legacy and Allegiance, Sacrifice (the book I agreed to review in the first place) was not just about Alera anymore. Instead it was about Alera and Shaselle. A character that was barely mentioned up until this point. So imagine my bafflement when she suddenly (and inexplicably) has her own line of narration. Narration that actually dominates the majority of the book. For the first half of the novel, the companion narration makes zero sense. Sure...she has a sweet little (totally rebellious) story, but the reason for Kluver's branching out is unknown. Instead it just feels like a lame attempt to add more depth to the plot. It isn't until the last few chapters (when Alera leaves the kingdom and we still need to know what is going on) that following Shaselle makes any sense, but I ask you this...was there not a better way to handle this? Carrier pigeons? Smoke signals? Some weird African clicking language? It just seemed (to me) to be a little too much. As interesting as her climbing out windows, drinking herself into a gutter, and trying to steal horses tirade was, I think trying to add her as a lead (when she was otherwise ignored) came across as a little desperate.Now...all that said (which appears to be a whole lot of negativity) I do have to give Kluver credit where credit it due, and that is her plot. Notwithstanding my utter irritability with the characters (minus all of the elite guards who I freaking LOVED!) the story behind them was exceptionally entertaining. Two kingdoms, hellbent on destroying each other because they have a difference of opinion when it comes to who deserves respect? (Men vs Women.) Who wouldn't like that? Add in a little magic, some jealousy and one big batch of "I told you so" and what you get is three 500 pages novels that go by in the blink of an eye. Not once did I feel stalemated, or like I was on the treadmill of backward motion. Instead the story had a fairly quick gallop in the forward direction at all times. (Even when they were stuck in a cave eating nothing but gruel and babying a recent kidnap victim.)All in could use some improvements, but I didn't want to gouge out my eyes with an a salad fork, so I call that a win. (For me...I kinda like my eyes.)This one is a toss-up. If you like historical fiction with a flair...chances are you will enjoy it. Everyone else, spend your money elsewhere.Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: People sometimes act big because they feel small.

  • Brooklyn
    2019-04-07 13:27

    I just... I just can't handle myself right now. I've waited almost three years for this. When I first was handed the book Legacy by my father, I wasn't all that interested in it. In fact, I waited until the last moment possible to read it. But once I'd started it, there was no turning back. I'd been hooked. I was infatuated with the series & the characters and waiting for the second book nearly killed me. The characters were perfect, with deep personalities and fantastic decision making skills. The plot was just what I want from a fantasy book as such, and the skill with which the book Sacrifice was written astounded me. I was blown away.So, to begin. COKYRI? RULING OVER HYTANICA? DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW INFURIATED I WAS? I WANTED TO TRACK CAYLA KLUVER DOWN AND BURN HER BOOK IN FRONT OF HER.Seriously, what the heck? Of course, I know its essential to the story line, but COME ON. I HATE THE COKYRIANS WITH A FIERY PASSION. Except for Narian of course, though he doesn't quite count. Also, whats up with Shaselle? Her purpose in the book was entirely... not needed. She was required maybe, oh, once in the entire plot and the rest of the time it was her running around with an angst cloud above her head. Seriously Cayla? She only even interacted with Alera once or twice. Shaselle was worthless. The only thing she did was push the story forward, MINIMALLY. Alera deserved much more time in the lights, as did Narian who was hardly even in the second book.I did enjoy more of the scenes with Narian and Alera as well though. It was a much needed reprieve from the dry sections that covered Shaselle. (WHO, AS I SAID IS UNIMPORTANT)Also, this entire time I'm reading the book, I can barely read out of frustration and anger. GOD. I just wanted them to get rid of the Cokyrians already. I CAN'T STAND THEM. I HATE THEM ALL. HATE HATE HATE. Their occupation was a much detested piece of the story. However, I appreciate it much more than I did Shaselle, who I believe should have been the one to fall and internally bleed to death somewhere in a deserted alley instead of Saadi who was kind, cute, and loving. HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO GET RAINED ON BY SHASELLE'S ANGST CLOUD. ULTIMATELY, IT KILLED HIM. That stuff is lethal. I feel bad for him. Rava. Where to begin with Rava. I alternated between wanting someone to torture her to death and wanting her to disappear into a black hole. There was no excuse for the things she said and did. She is an awful person at heart and doesn't deserve to live. That woman. She's almost as bad as Useless Shaselle. Ugh.AND WHERE WAS LONDON? I missed London and his solidness, his comfort, his advice, HIM throughout most of the book. It was unfortunate that he did not appear in this one as often as he did in the first and second books. I love me some London.I found the ending of the book, the very end, to be quite appeasing as much as I've ranted and raved about the book. I didn't like how much it skimmed over Hytanica fighting back and eventually getting rid of the Cokyrians since I need my action fill too, but I suppose it will do. Cayla did a fine job of tying up ends, for the most part. I will say, I was so happy at the end of the book I cried. Sobbed my little face off. Could anyone be more happy than I? Yeah, I don't think so. Narian, bless his little soul and heart and face and entire being. He was so sweet at the end when he showed Alera the tattoo he got, right before she told him he was poisoned that I cried a little then too. How astonishingly perfect. How perfect. On another note, back to my favorite part: When the stupid little snot nosed ugly evil mean buttfaced Cokyrians were kicked out. I was so happy when they were gone.But on the other hand...What an awful thing to do. Kill off Cannan? There was no NEED. It was OVER. My only question... WHY? WHY? WHHHYYY?I just can't get over myself. I can't get over the fact that this series turned out to be so amazing, so perfect. I can't get over the fact that Hytanica WHOOPED Cokyri's butt in the rising. I can't get over the fact that Narian and Alera are finally together for real for good. I can't get over the fact that Shaselle didn't die. I can't get over the fact the Nantilam is going to have a baby and there isn't going to be a sequel to show us if the baby is going to have her powers. I can't get over the fact that there won't be a sequel. I can't get over how FREAKING COOL Steldor was in this book since he'd always been portrayed as the enemy before. I can't get over myself or the book or anything. I died a little inside when I finished the last word on the last page. But, this. This is how I know that I truly fell in love with this series, and its characters. I bawled when it was over because everything was just so happy and beautiful and the Cokyrians were gone from Hytanica. Its too bad they weren't wiped out... But I'll take it. So now. I conclude this review because I really could go on forever, but I won't because my fingers might begin to ache from all the typing. Psssst! Can anyone tell me how to use gifs? Thank you! x)

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-04-13 09:32

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: In this series finale, a young queen must find it in herself to free her people. But at what price will it cost her?Opening Sentence: The Captain of the guard instinctively glanced behind, scanning the palace’s third-floor corridor for enemies who might be monitoring him.The Review:It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of Cayla Kluver and her Legacy series. When I was given a copy of Sacrifice, the third and final book in the series, I jumped for joy. I couldn’t wait to see where Alera would take me next, in her not so normal life, built around a fantastic world filled with wonder and amazement. Reading Sacrifice was a little bittersweet. I didn’t want the series to end, but on the other hand I wanted to know the answers to my questions, and I wanted to know what would happen to everyone in the story and two kingdoms.The kingdom of Cokyri has taken over Hytanica. Alera and the citizens of Hytanica admitted defeat to protect her people. Appointed as the Grand Provost to Cokyri’s newly made province, Alera is still considered the leader, yet under the rule of the Cokyrian Empress. Alera has to find a way to balance life between the two kingdoms, sacrificing a little bit here in order to make compromises there. In the midst of it all, she must also maintain the respect of her people, her guards, and her court, all while pleasing the love of her life. It may seem a lot of a young woman, but Alera is no young woman, she is the true ruler of Hytanica.Alera has grown a lot with the span of this journey. I have seen her blossom into this monarch, fighting stereotypes and breaking tradition for the good of her people. In Sacrifice, she is tested every day, not only for her duties, but also on a more personal and emotional level. Regulations, love, and obligation weighs her down. But Alera has become such a strong person, especially given that women in Hytanica was never looked at in a leadership role.In a change of format, Kluver has added an additional point-of view. Shaselle has quickly become another strong woman in Sacrifice. To be honest, even if I understood the importance of her role in Sacrifice, I didn’t care for her. Shaselle was forced to grow up too fast, and she had a huge struggle breaking free from her spoiled and privileged life. She was too headstrong and stubborn, and at times I found her antics to be too much, too fast. I will say that she has a strong spirit, leading her life without a second thought. Shaselle added additional interest to the story and another plot device, but overall, I didn’t care for her.Kluver brought back the characters I love, like London, who is so loyal and brave. In my opinion he is one of the main characters, and I felt that without him, Alera would have been lost. There’s also Narian, who at times clouds Alera’s judgement, but at other times, adds important value. I had a love/hate relationship with him in Sacrifice, but he was still one of my favorite characters. And finally, one last important character to mention is Steldor. He surprised me the most. Growth, maturity, and kinship is what I would use to describe him. Steldor was another great character to get to know all over again.The setting of Sacrifice takes place within a new version of Hytanica. As Cokyri’s new province, Hytanica is no longer what it used to be. What was described as beautiful and peaceful in the previous two books, Hytanica has a sense of decay and ruin. Given the war between the two nations, Hytanica’s change became a character all on its own, providing an additional dimension to the story. It’s familiarity to the citizens, but also a newness to the reader provided an excellent backdrop of the story.Overall, I felt that Sacrifice was a good ending to the series. My questions were answered, the characters I loved received a good resolved end, and I felt content after I read the last page. I had a few things I loved, a few I liked, and some that I disliked, but they were all things of personal taste. I highly urge you to read Sacrifice and the rest of the Legacy series by Cayla Kluver. I don’t think you’ll regret it.Notable Scene:“You must help,” I pleaded. He strode past me heading into the corridor, and I called after him. “Wait, I’ll go with you!”He stopped and faced me, his brow furrowed.“No, Alera, you can’t. The High Priestess gave us two realms of responsibility. Yours is here, in the Bastion, seeing to the welfare of the Hytanican citizens. Mine is to command the peacekeeping forces and enforce her rules. This is my business, not yours. My effectiveness may even be hampered if you come with me.”I nodded and watched him depart, leaving me with hope but no concrete idea of what he intended to do.FTC Advisory: Harlequin Teen provided me with a copy of Sacrifice. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • Fantasy Writer 4 Life
    2019-04-07 09:24

    Loved the whole entire series.

  • Mitch
    2019-03-31 14:40

    I didn’t think I’d end up liking Sacrifice, considering half the book was terrible and my opinion of Alera went from grudging respect to intense loathing over the course of the story, but somehow, I did. Still, it’s kind of strange, because I really liked the first two books and her character is the same as it ever was - I guess I’m pissed at where Cayla Kluver took her story. At least Kluver decided to write this one in alternating chapters between Alera’s and former minor character Shaselle’s points of view, so I got another narrator to (sort of) root for, or otherwise this would’ve been a strong dislike.But yeah, I don’t know why Kluver would write an occupation story and make Alera a... collaborator. Even the word sounds dirty. She did though, and Alera just kept pissing me off, doing the bidding of the High Priestess, being in the dark about the suffering of her own people, at one point betraying her own men because she thought she was poisoning Narian. WTF!!! I thought she’s learned a thing or two after the events of the first two books, things about leadership, sacrifice (see what I did there?), hardship, and doing what’s right as a queen to her people, but, nope, her actions are painful to read and so naive they bordered the unbelievable. I hate how she’s just so clueless about everything, always with the best intentions for peace and whatnot in mind but it’s like she has no plan and just doesn’t get what has to be done. No wonder London and the others, the people who seem to actually care about the fate of her kingdom, kept her in the dark about everything. Instead, every time Alera learns another new little fact about how terrible the occupation is, stuff that she, as the former queen, should, umm, already know, I get madder and madder at this clueless do nothing figurehead who seems like she wants her people’s defeat to continue so she can continue with her policies of appeasement. So it makes the end, as she’s just waltzing in and resting on the laurels of the hard work that every single damn other character did while she didn’t lift a finger to advance their cause, a massive bitter pill to swallow.And what pisses me off even more is that Steldor, STELDOR, does more in the majority of the book than Alera. If one character started off making the wrong impression and then just doing everything right to bring his image up, it’s Steldor, because he’s doing everything in this book that Alera should be doing but isn’t. He’s looking out for her people, he’s planning the rebellion in secret, he’s doing the heavy lifting while Alera’s got her head stuck in the sand like an ostrich - in fact, I’d say he’s way more deserving of all the accolades she gets at the end of the book than she actually is. It doesn’t help either than many other characters, like London and Canaan, who had bigger roles in the previous books, sort of vanish into the background doing important supporting but unmentioned things, so it turns out Steldor and Alera are the ones with the biggest presence publically, and the comparison between their roles just reinforces my impression of how useless she is. I think I wanted to snatch the crown off her head and hand it to him at the end because only one of them demonstrated they deserved it and it obviously wasn’t her.Aside from Steldor, Sacrifice’s only other saving grace was Shaselle, who’s a really childish character but made the story a little more bearable, at least for me. One of the recurring themes of the last two books is the different cultures between the two kingdoms, and how the war really started as a clash of cultures, and I’m glad that part of the book at least is satisfactorily reinforced through Shaselle’s story. Even though Alera and her people are technically ‘the good guys’, it’s still a kingdom with backward customs, and Shaselle’s rebellion, especially her interaction with a certain Cokyri soldier, though not really important in the grand scheme of things, was both a nice distraction from Alera’s massive stupidity and offered the only conflict and suspense in the entire story. Even if her story, like the rest of the book, pretty much ends in a massive failure of an ending that glosses over the conflicts of the previous two books to the point that it feels like everyone, protagonists and villains alike, have taken happy pills in order to make the whole thing happen.Obviously, I’m not happy with Sacrifice. It’s not nearly the book Legacy or Allegiance was, character wise or plot wise. The ending is probably sugary sweet to the point of inducing tooth decay - yet still completely unsatisfying and unbelievable. But I'm happy enough to have read this final book, even if the focus of these books - Alera's story - turned out to be a massive fail.