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IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO--BUT ONLY ONE TO MURDERDiscovering she has two left feet isn't the biggest problem for Laurel McKay when she agrees to learn a foxtrot routine for her best friend's Lake Tahoe wedding. Stumbling over the lifeless body of a sexy Russian dance star with her broken shoe heel stuffed in his mouth... is far worse. Almost as bad as running into the hunky deIT TAKES TWO TO TANGO--BUT ONLY ONE TO MURDERDiscovering she has two left feet isn't the biggest problem for Laurel McKay when she agrees to learn a foxtrot routine for her best friend's Lake Tahoe wedding. Stumbling over the lifeless body of a sexy Russian dance star with her broken shoe heel stuffed in his mouth... is far worse. Almost as bad as running into the hunky detective she dated briefly before he disappeared from her life.When another death occurs on the ballroom floor, Laurel finds herself waltzing her way into the dark secrets of the Golden Hills Dance Studio. Navigating kids, career, wedding planning and murder requires some fancy footwork. Can Laurel tango with a killer and stay alive?...

Title : Dying for a Dance
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ISBN : 9781492717225
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Dying for a Dance Reviews

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-04-06 09:39

    This book series has me hooked. I truly like amateur sleuth and bank loan officer, Laurel McKay. She finds herself in amazing situations and truly copes with her ready sense of humor and the thing is...I get the jokes!Jokes and murder? Yes, they do in fact go together like a fine glass of wine and dark chocolate. In this episode, we find Laurel attempting to learn to Foxtrot for her best friend, Liz's Winter wedding at Lake Tahoe. Laurel finds herself surrounded by a Russian cast just like on their favorite show. "Dancing With the Stars." A common woe for the dancers is broken heels and this is Laurel's as well. After breaking her heel then stepping on her own toes for an hour, she gratefully heads for home. Only to be stopped outside in the parking lot, by the sight of the dancing schools leading man, Dimitri's dead body, with her broken heel in his mouth.A brouhaha breaks out and handsome Detective Hunter appears. Laurel appears also as the police's main suspect. The romp to finding out who is the killer of the dancers and why they have Laurel in their sights as well will make you laugh, gasp, and in my case, never saw it coming, surprised.This was an excellent murder mystery. I can't wait for more.

  • Lelia Taylor
    2019-04-14 16:59

    I love traditional mysteries. I love them even more when they’re funny and Dying for a Dance is a very funny mystery. Laurel reminds me of a boss I used to have who was also a very good friend. Marilyn, like Laurel, was an attractive woman who usually had her act together and had a good man in her life (still does). She was one of those women it would be easy to hate because she seemed to have it all, you know the type? And then she would pull off a ridiculously silly and inept move, frequently involving her feet. One time, we were walking across an icy parking lot and she was suddenly not there—she had literally slid under a car. Another time, we were at a business dinner and she excused herself for a few minutes. On the way back across a tile floor, her feet went up in the air (she was wearing these shoes called Candies that were notorious accidents waiting to happen) and, the next thing we knew, she was flat on her back with her skirt over her face. All in view of our clients, of course.So when I read Cindy Sample‘s stories about Laurel, I have a clear picture of her in my mind and I’m laughing before I even start. Fortunately, the author does not let me down. In this case, I can relate to this essentially clumsy woman having to stumble her way around a dance floor or face the wrath of Bridezilla and Laurel is clearly relieved, in a way, when she gets involved in a murder investigation. What better excuse could she have to avoid the dance floor?Going along with Laurel as she annoys her detective boyfriend and a bunch of potential murder suspects, copes with her mother’s boyfriend who once suspected Laurel of murder, fends off amorous Russians and learns more than she wants to know about competitive dancing is pure fun and I really hope the third book is coming soon.

  • Christy
    2019-03-31 15:53

    Single mom Laurel McKay reluctantly agrees to take dancing lessons for a routine for her best friend’s upcoming wedding in Lake Tahoe. Klutzy Laurel trips during a practice dance, breaking the heel of her shoe. Later that night, that same heel is found sticking out of the mouth of one of the male instructors, dead in the parking lot with a pool of blood under his head. Laurel thinks things can’t get much worse but they do when Detective Tom Hunter shows up to investigate. Hunter pegged Laurel as a suspect in a prior murder and now it looks like the same thing is happening all over again. To add insult to injury, Laurel’s still reeling over the fact that Hunter dumped her without an explanation after a two-week dating spree. To make matters worse, Laurel’s mother is now engaged to Hunter’s retired partner, a man who also pegged Laurel as a murderer. When the wife of Laurel’s boss becomes the primary suspect, he asks Laurel to help clear his wife’s name. Laurel’s only too happy to do so and off she goes on another amateur sleuthing rampage, dancing all the way, with a whole plethora of suspects to investigate. This follow-up to Dying for a Date featuring Laurel McKay is another hilarious romp filled with twists and turns and a vexing mystery. Sample introduces her readers to the fiercely competitive world of competition dancing and does not disappoint with the sizzling chemistry between Laurel and Detective Hunter. Sample’s one-liners are amusing and her development of Laurel McKay as a caring, self-deprecating, everyday woman is well-done. This reviewer looks forward to the next in this series.

  • R.P. Dahlke
    2019-04-14 09:34

    Who would think that a simple bridal dance could become a problem? But when Laurel's best friend, Liz, decides that the entire wedding party will have dance lessons, trouble steps all over Laurel's feet. And it isn't only that she's clumsy on the dance floor, either. Someone has stolen her dance shoes, and when she finds one stuck in the mouth of a very volatile, very dead, Russian dance instructor, she knows she's in trouble—again. Soon, Laurel is shoved into the murder investigation when her boss's wife is arrested, because as her boss says, who better to solve the case than Laurel, who has a tendency to be in the middle of trouble anyway. Russian dance émigrés, jealous lovers, and suspects abound in this delightful tale of murder, and, with Laurel in it, mayhem. Smart, fun, and witty with just enough romance between Laurel and the deputy to charm any reader. Highly recommendedRP DahlkeAuthor of humorous mysteries:A Dead Red Cadillac, #1 in the Dead Red SeriesA Dead Red Heart, #2 in the Dead Red seriesA Dead Red Oleander

  • Ed
    2019-03-27 10:58

    #2 in the Laurel McKay series. Laurel is a divorced, mortgage underwriting, soccer mom in California Gold Country - she has two children (well behaved, in contrast to those in several other cozy series), a domineering, super-competent mother, and a police detective who gets her hot (in five minute encounters) - oh, and she also has a tendency to stumble over dead bodies. This is an enjoyable cozy series that would be improved if Laurel would break the cycle of hating Detective Hunter for his inattention only to fall deeply in lust if he touches her.Laurel McKay series - It takes two to tango --but only one to murder. Lead-footed single mom, Laurel McKay, agrees to learn a foxtrot routine for her best friend's wedding. After she trips her instructor, crashes into a pair of dancers and breaks the heel of her new shoes, she thinks her evening can't possibly get any worse. Then she stumbles over another dancer. A dead one. With her broken shoe heel stuffed in his mouth. The action moves from the California Gold Country to Lake Tahoe as Laurel searches for the killer amid the sequins and flying feathers of a ballroom competition.

  • Charlene Intriago
    2019-04-10 11:50

    I borrowed this and Dying for a Date by the same author a few months back and have been reading both books trying to return them in somewhat of a timely manner. (LOL)This time our heroine Laurel McKay is taking dance lessons for her BFF's upcoming wedding and along with the lessons she comes across a couple of bodies. She's pretty familiar with people in the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department because of previous encounters and she's back in their crosshairs again.Cindy Sample is a local writer and sets these light, highly entertaining Who-Done-Its in her local area. This time she's expanded up to Lake Tahoe. Her mysteries remind me of the TV show "Castle". You think you know who did it but then there is more evidence to point to someone else and by the end of the book the person who did it is the person you least expected. I like that.

  • Ron Chicaferro
    2019-03-22 11:01

    Author Cindy Sample has another hit on her hands. Dying for a Dance is a tense murder mystery that is loaded with funny one-liners and quips from soccer-mom-turned-detective, Laurel McKay. McKay is learning to dance for her best girlfriend's wedding. Little does she know that murder is afoot and McKay is in the middle of the action. McKay juggles kids (who are both wonderful by the way), a mom who is dating a retired cop, an ex-boyfriend who is a current cop that she wants back, as well as a full time job. She manages to squeeze in hunting for a murderer in a style that only she could come up with. Like the author's first book, Dying for a Date, Laurel McKay is an unlikely heroine that you find yourself rooting for every step of the way. An excellent book!

  • J&B Reviews
    2019-04-10 13:54

    Yes Again!!I loved Cindy Sample's first book featuring Laurel and her friends and family but Dying for a Dance was even better. Once again I found myself laughing out loud. The mystery was intriguing and I didn't figure it out until right until the end. But the mystery itself takes a backseat to the wonderful characters in this series of books. I love Laurel and I love seeing the world through her eyes.These books are definitely must reads!!

  • Sharon George
    2019-04-03 14:48

    Cindy Sample's series is great fun. I enjoy her cast of characters and her setting.

  • Amber Garza
    2019-03-24 10:57

    Even better than the first in the series and that's saying a lot! Funny, witty with an intriguing mystery- a must read!

  • Michelle Beese
    2019-03-24 12:45

    I am hooked on Cindy Sample! Dying for a Dance was another fun read, and another surprise ending! Laurel McKay is so authentic, and part of her charm is not being perfect! I can hardly start the next adventure!

  • Chris Blackton
    2019-03-29 17:36

    This was an okay book. It dragged out a bit. Not as good as the first in the series. I will give the third book a chance since it came in a set.

  • Pam
    2019-04-10 17:45

    Great book I am enjoying them all

  • Patricia Foulk
    2019-04-05 12:34

    Dying for a Dance is mystery novelist Cindy Sample's second outing for single working mom Laurel McKay. Laurel, an "Everywoman" for the rest of us, shares her insecurities with a rapid fire , self-deprecating wit that makes you want to be her BFF. At the same time, we get to vicariously experience the cutthroat glitz of the world of ballroom dancing. In Sample's earlier "Dying for a Date," also available on Kindle, Laurel fell into amateur sleuthing after two dates she met through a dating service meet untimely ends, and not by natural causes. This time, Laurel's job is on the line after police pull in her banker boss and his wife when a popular Russian ballroom dance instructor with wayward hands and even more wayward ways with other folks' money is slain. And Laurel has other motivations as well: after all, the dead Russian was found with the stiletto heel of one of Laurel's dancing shoes in his mouth. Yes, klutzy loveable Laurel is taking dancing lessons under duress: her fire-breathing Bridezilla best friend Liz's dream of a cheoreographed routine for the "perfect" New Year's Eve wedding."Dying for a Dance" is even more of a hoot than Sample's earlier book, and the plot more layered. It's a real treat for leadfooted voyeurs's who tune in faithfully each week for "Dancing with the Stars," yet are clueless about the rigors these "dancers" must endure for "their art, and it's especially fun to enter their world with Laurel as your guide.Laurel's milieu (and Sample's) is California Gold Country, and the novelist makes her "Hangtown" setting a character in its own right, quite a tour de force considering the cast of colorful dance world denizens and Laurel's funky friends that populate this tale. Oh, yes, there's a handsome police detective to further complicate Laurel's life as well as her two spunky kids.Fans of Sample's earlier "Dying for a Date" will gobble up this sequel like Godiva truffles, and new readers will smile and chuckle their way through a romantic caper with enough menace and plot twists for the veteran cozy reader. Kudos to Cindy Sample for giving me a fun ride, a new take on ballroom dancing, and a mystery that kept me guessing all the way to the whirlwind climax on the snowy moonlit shores of Lake Tahoe.

  • MaryBeth Magee
    2019-04-06 12:53

    Laurel McKay--single mom, mortgage underwriter and occasional murder suspect--returns to the mystery page in “Dying for a Dance,” a new release by author Cindy Sample. This time she’s taking ballroom dance lessons in preparation for an old friend’s wedding. Being Laurel, she simply must find a dead body and put herself into the middle of a murder investigation!Joining Laurel in her adventures are her family and friends, her coworkers at Hangtown Bank and a studio full of intriguing dance instructors. Oh, and let’s not forget Tom Hunter, the handsome detective who nearly charged her with murder in her last outing. Laurel is checking out murder suspects all over El Dorado County, California as she tries to assist the police with their investigation.Author Sample has struck gold again with this romantic mystery. Her use of the areas in and around Placerville (Old Hangtown), all the way up the hill to South Lake Tahoe will carry the reader into the a winter wonderland of Foothills mystery. Even more than in “Dying for a Date,” her first novel, Sample has woven a sassy yet frightening tale. Her plot details are carefully placed and bring the reader along for the adventure without spoiling the mystery. The action moves faster than a quickstep and with all the spice of a red-hot rumba. A lot of the fun comes from being privy to Laurel’s thoughts as she faces her own Bridezilla of a friend and tries to learn to foxtrot. She must deal with the budding romance between her mother and the newly-retired detective who nearly put Laurel away in “Date,” Tom Hunter’s former partner. Then there’s the nasty little detail that her silver dancing shoe was the murder weapon. Poor Laurel! Nothing seems to come easily for her, not even serving as her best friend’s matron of honor. When her boss’s wife comes under suspicion, she must step up the pace of her detecting to save them all.“Dying for a Dance” is available in both soft-cover and e-book formats. If you like intriguing mysteries, light romance, saucy characters and authentic locales, you’ll enjoy the well-written “Dying for a Dance.” This review is based on a review copy provided by the author. No restrictions were placed upon the content.

  • Carol Ryan
    2019-03-26 17:48

    When you are in the mood for a romantic mystery, without question, Cindy Sample is a go-to author. This is the second book in a series (Dying for a Date, being the first, but you don’t need to read the books in order). In Dying for a Dance the heroine (a forty nine year old divorced working mom) gets caught up in the ballroom dance world while innocently preparing to be in a wedding party. A series of murders occur around her. This book was at times funny, mentally challenging (who the heck was murdering, and why), and always entertaining. The setting is the foothills of northern California—the old gold rush locale. Ms. Sample manages to convey the area’s locations and diverse population effortlessly. Yet, you don’t need insider information to enjoy the story.I found myself savoring the book: looking forward to reading more, but dreading the end of the story. It was that good.

  • Marja McGraw
    2019-04-03 11:53

    Dying for a Dance by Cindy Sample is another delightful addition to the Laurel McKay series.This time Laurel has to take dance lessons as a favor to her best friend who’s getting married. In the process she discovers what a klutz she can be, but worse, she discovers a dead body, one of the dance instructors – and the heel from a pair of her shoes is stuffed in his mouth.Trying to learn the dance steps, taking care of her kids, and life in general becomes a merry-go-round that she can’t jump off of without problems. Once again she has to prove she’s not a killer, but this time she has family and friends to deal with, too. Oh, and I can’t forget her love life, which has been nonexistent up to this point. Yes, a little romance has been added.Cindy Sample brightened my day once again with this story and a character a lot of women can relate to. I highly recommend this series to everyone who loves a mystery and a good time.

  • Linda Lovely
    2019-03-26 17:59

    All The Right MovesWhile Laurel McKay, the harried, single-mom heroine of DYING FOR A DANCE, may have two left feet when it comes to dancing, her creator, author Cindy Sample, makes all the right moves in this laugh-riddled mystery. A follow-up to Sample’s debut mystery, this new tale offers the same ingredients that won DYING FOR A DATE so many fans— the return of a loveable, smart heroine, who can laugh at her own follies, a dreamboat detective we’d all like to meet, a zany cast of secondary characters, and a first-rate mystery. Plus the settings and costumes plunge us into the glittering and fiercely competitive world of ballroom dancing—a fun and fascinating introduction. A definite, five-star review for this energetic dance for mystery readers. Guesses about whodunnit will have you flipping pages faster than a twirling twosome. You won’t want this music to stop.

  • D.J. Adamson
    2019-04-04 15:54

    Who doesn’t like a Daiquiri? Who doesn’t like Hawaii? Who wouldn’t like Laurel McKay? Cindy Sample’s protagonist in Dying for a Daiquiri is just as tangy as the drink, and Cindy Sample can throwa surprise punch into a good mystery. No hangovers here. The reader finishes one book wanting another. This novel— as do any of Sample’s books— offer an entangled who-done-it with clues, without give-aways, and punch-lines by her protagonist that will have you laughing out loud. This is not just a summer read. This book is for any season, only I prefer my Daiquiri with a little sun.

  • Michele Drier
    2019-04-10 16:46

    Laurel McKay just wanted to learn enough ballroom dance steps to be part of her friend's wedding party, but things take a turn when male dance instructors turn up dead almost at Laurel's feet...and not because she couldn't follow. Once again Cindy Sample has written a good, fast, madcap adventure of the intrepid mortgage underwriter, not a career that normally turns up bodies! But you'll root for Laurel, who's trying to make sense out of her single-mom-hectic daily routine and stumbles over men...dead ones. Ms. Sample has developed a thoroughly likeble character in Laurel and I'm eagerly waiting for her next adventures!

  • Lynn Farris
    2019-04-05 16:40

    Weddings, dancing and a mystery - what’s not to love about this book? “Dying for a Dance” offers all of the elements of an excellent cozy mystery. The characters, the plot, the setting were all interesting. The writing was fast paced. I struggled to figure out what it was that stood out that made me really enjoy the book and I decided it was the tone. It is a feel-good book, it makes you smile. It almost makes you want to take ballroom dance classes too. Read more of the review on

  • Sara
    2019-04-04 14:56

    This is another fast-paced humorous mystery involving our amateur detective, Laurel. Like the first book of the series, this one takes place in my own backyard, as the saying goes. What do I like better, the story or the setting? I don't really know...perhaps both. Although this is the third of Cindy Sample's books I have read, it is the second in her series. I am looking forward to getting a copy of her most recent addition, Dying of a Dude.

  • Patricia Gligor
    2019-04-18 14:43

    Who would have thought that dancing can be dangerous? Laurel McKay certainly didn't when her best friend, Liz, asked her to be her maid of honor and insisted that everyone in the bridal party take dance lessons. Laurel is prepared to have her toes stepped on but she's not prepared when one of the dance instructors is murdered and her own life is put in jeopardy. "Dying for a Dance" by Cindy Sample has a little romance, a lot of humor and an intriguing plot.

  • Carrie
    2019-03-25 15:46

    I know not to expect in depth, character developing, deep reads from this type of book but this one needed a little more. For being the matron of honor at her best friends wedding she did hardly anything, a better role in that event would have worked better. Too much emotion wrapped up in a relationship that lasted 2 weeks and the ending flopped for me.

  • Glen
    2019-04-12 09:33

    A pretty good cozy set in my neck of the woods.Set in a highly fictionalized Placerville, CA, Laurel McKay is taking dance lessons for a wedding. As always, the dance studio is full of drama. Someone gets aced, and Laurel's shoe appears to be the murder weapon!She has to solve the mystery to clear her name, hopefully before the wedding.

  • Marie
    2019-03-30 10:51

    Dying for a Dance sounded like a good book so I decided to enter the giveaway and happy to discover that I won a copy! I enjoyed this tale of a woman who always seems to have trouble follow her. This time, her broken dance shoe finds it's way into the mouth of a dead dancer. Discovering this is a sequel, I look forward to reading it.

  • Kathryn Moore
    2019-04-07 12:59

    #2 in the Laurel McKay series. I really liked #1 so I was eager to read this one. It was okay, but not as good as #1. I'll try #3 and see if I want to continue with the series.The setting is dance. The murdered victim is found with the heal of a shoe from one of the dancers at the studio. Of course the owner of the shoe didn't kill him, but the evidence makes it look that way.

  • T.W. Fendley
    2019-03-31 16:38

    Looking for a fun read with quirky characters, a mystery AND ballroom dancing? Cindy Sample delivers it all. I read Dying for a Dance in one sitting and went away smiling. I missed the first book in the series, Dying for a Date, so that's next on my to-read list!

  • Katie Chapman
    2019-03-29 10:45

    Another Fabulous StoryFrom Cindy Sample! Cleverly written and filled with plot twists that keep readers turning pages well past midnight. Mystery without adrenaline, one of my favorite combinations.

  • Karen Hrdlicka
    2019-04-16 13:48

    This is the first book I have read by this author. It is fast paced and funny. Ms.Sample writes in a tone and manner similar to Janet Evanovich. The characters are likable and the situations the heroine finds herself in are laughable. I will definitely seek out other books by this author.