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On the first day of Christmas, my lover gave to me...Matilda Campbell's plans to spend Christmas solo in the sun take an erotic turn when she encounters the handsome and enigmatic Miguel D'Oro on the plane to Mexico. As the CEO of a major firm, Tilda's used to being the one in charge--but now she'll have to learn how to take orders instead.In the spirit of the season, MiguOn the first day of Christmas, my lover gave to me...Matilda Campbell's plans to spend Christmas solo in the sun take an erotic turn when she encounters the handsome and enigmatic Miguel D'Oro on the plane to Mexico. As the CEO of a major firm, Tilda's used to being the one in charge--but now she'll have to learn how to take orders instead.In the spirit of the season, Miguel offers Tilda naughty gifts for each of the twelve days of Christmas. There's just one rule: she must accept them--and fulfill his commands--or face the sensual consequences. Intrigued and aroused, Tilda agrees to let Miguel take control of her pleasure.What follows is a week unlike anything she's ever experienced. From choosing her sexy new wardrobe and naughty accessories, to pushing her boundaries with BDSM play, Miguel satisfies every forbidden craving. But as their time together runs out, she must decide if there's room in her real life for her holiday lover and her newly discovered kinky side.31,000 words...

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Five Golden Rings Reviews

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2019-04-20 10:43

    ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.5 HOT HOLIDAY STARSWow. That was so good, I can't even begin to tell you. I think in some ways it was a fantasy I never knew I had, played out in the book. CEO, Matilda "Tilda" Campbell aka Roo, dumped by her boyfriend just as they are supposed to go on a holiday vacation to Cozumel, Mexico, meets lawyer and member of the family who own the Oro Resort where Tilda is staying, Miguel d'Oro on the plane. Though he is traveling there to fix some family legal issue, Miguel makes a proposal to Tilda of her giving up control to him and having a sexual fling, Tilda who's had a few drinks agrees and doesn't really explain who she is to him, agrees. "Perhaps I could entice you with an offer--one you wont want to refuse. A vacation rebound fling could be what you need. A vacation experience to fulfill your wildest fantasies. No strings attached. No one from home will ever know."At dinner on Christmas Eve, Miguel explains that each day of her vacation starting on Christmas day will be an erotic version of the song The Twelve Days Of Christmas. In giving up complete control, he will give her pleasure or pain at his discretion.Each day, Miguel strips away her inhibitions, her strict structure of what her life is and ought to be. Doing things to her, she never thought she would like, but increasingly finds she does.And the twelve days get hotter and hotter, until Miguel starts to change and things turn romantic. The rules change and Miguel nor Tilda can anticipate what they've found in each other and themselves by being what each other needs. I LOVED this holiday novella. It was HOT, SEXY, SWEET, and touching at times. I don't know about other women, but wow... if something like this happened to me, I would be in HEAVEN. It was an escape from all the societal norms and expectations. To think of letting yourself go like that and giving up control in a way that was safe and fulfilling, only to find who you really were, what you really needed and who you wanted to be with out of the experience. An amazing fantasy.

  • Future Slayer Girl
    2019-04-06 03:52

    I feel like I need a cigarette after reading this book. I kid you not, this is one of the hottest bondage themed books I have read in a very long time. It not only had a billionaire--but I believe the female lead was a billionaire also which made it that much more enjoyable to see a strong female lead that knew exactly what she wanted. I can't seem to gush enough about Tilda. She was independent, owned her sexuality, and was smart. She was willing to submit to all the demands laid out for her, and still keep her mind about her. This was a very unique and very clever spin on the 12 days of Christmas. I was turning each page and giggling wondering what Miguel had in store for her next. The story didn't just have the proper amount of smexy elements, but it had the right amount of emotional turmoil to keep the reader engaged and excited about each page turn. I was turned on by each creative way Miguel had to make her submit. I also enjoyed the fact that he totally underestimated her. He assumed she was one type of woman, and then when she opened her mouth and proved she wasn't stupid, he was tossed off his game and he had to accept the fact she was more than just--well a woman to toss aside and get bored with. Tilda made me happy. Jeffe Kennedy also made me thrilled that a woman was written with the power over her own sexuality and SHE was the 'billionaire' in a book. Miguel didn't want to tame her, yes, he wanted to own her, but not break the smart woman she was in the process. As a whole the story had everything. Great BDSM scenes, strong storyline, great characters, and christmas themed story that is great to read at all times of the year! *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Carina Press Via NetGalley*

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-04-24 07:41

    The twelve days of Christmas has never been so sexily demonstrated. Ms. Kennedy is a new to me author. Not sure what to expect, I dived in and was instantly charmed. This is a kinky delightful time. Matilda Campbell aka Tilda is on a trip to Mexico alone. Her loser boyfriend stands her up right before the trip. This is fortuitous since she meets a sexy man, Miguel. The spark between them is fiery hot as Miguel, the Latino Lover, treats her to some of the most fantastic sex.Ms. Kennedy creates a sensual romance. It's a fantasy come true. What woman doesn't want to be swept off her feet by a kinky dominant man? Ms. Kennedy's characters are sweet and realistic. The erotic journey increases in intensity each day. It's a lovely guide which can be easily pass to a lover for some "kinky time". Then you can thank Ms. Kennedy for adding a bit of spice in your life.This story could be just porn with the sex scenes. It's much more. The character development is good. The plot is easy to follow and tightly written. It's smooth and captivating. It's a pleasure to read a cohesive BDSM story with plausible scenes and a happily ever after. Recommended to kinky readers who love surprises.*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

  • ~Mel :)~
    2019-04-01 10:47

    WOW! Five Golden Rings Really blew me away! Jeffe Kennedy is a new to me author, so I had no clue what to expect from her books. She is insanely creative, I will be reading them ALL now. Five Golden Rings starts off pretty fast paced, and coming in at 108 pages (on my ereader) I worried that it would all feel rushed and an unlikely story. It didn't at all. It flowed well, and was quite believable. Matilda has not had much luck with men. So when she has the chance to spend her two week vacation with a sizzling hot "no strings attached" man she jumps on the chance. She agrees to receive one gift everyday for the 12 days of Christmas. I will never think of that song the same way again. Tilda is decisive, and I love how she went after what she wanted. I loved the journey into BDSM, and how well it played into the story. Miguel was clever and wickedly demanding. Overall this is every girls dream vacation! I would suggest this to anyone who would like a Hot Holiday Erotic read.provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

  • Zookie
    2019-04-18 05:48

    On the first day of Christmas my lover gave to me, and he continues giving you Christmas fantasies for twelve days. We dream of it, some would say we crave total submission, to leave all cares and troubles at the door and just feel and revel in not making choices, no decisions, heaven."Roo", delightful, naughty, unafraid, she is the sensuous personality inside Tilda "Roo" Campbell CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Inside every successful type A woman lurks her alter ego, the woman who wants to let go, to give over all the decisions and responsibilities to someone they can trust. Even if that someone is a total stranger.......... What if your choices in men are so bad you just give up. Dumped on Christmas Eve, is there no way to save the holiday?Miguel D'Oro, sexy, dark, sensuous, passionate, commanding, he is every womans fantasy come to life. Initially he thinks of Tilda as a distraction, he has family business to attend to but playing with Tilda quickly becomes his passion. Each day of the 12 days of Christmas we enter into his darkest fantasies he designs for Tilda. Mutual satisfaction that appears to have no limits, no boundaries.Erotic bedtime story, guaranteed to give "pleasant dreams". Take a chance, step on the wild side, a definite must read book..provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

  • Erica
    2019-04-23 06:30

    4.5 starsI definitely enjoyed this one - it had a clever construction that built the plot around the popular Twelve Days of Christmas and was simply a joy to read. I definitely would like to read more from Jeffe Kennedy in the future.Both Miguel and Matilda were absolute delights to read about. I really enjoyed both of them, especially how different, yet the same both characters were. I do wish this one had been a touch longer. I wish the last chapter of the book had been expanded into two or three, just to get a little more story in. I now am excited to check out what else Jeffe Kennedy has written, since if they are even a touch as delightful as this one was, I know I will enjoy them quite a bit.------provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

  • Sarah
    2019-03-26 06:39

    I read this novella as part of the Season of Seduction anthology.Tilda's plans to spend the holidays alone on an exclusive resort in Mexico are turned upside down when she meets sexy, dominant lawyer Miguel on the plane. Miguel is visiting his family's resort to sort out a legal problem for them but when Tilda catches his eye he makes her an offer she can't refuse. If Tilda agrees to follow Miguel's orders he promises her pleasure like she's never even dreamed of before. Tilda is a successful business woman who is used to being in control but the idea of giving herself over to Miguel both intrigues her and turns her on and she's more than up for a little holiday fun.Five Golden Rings was my favourite novella in the Season of Seduction anthology and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from Jeffe Kennedy in the future. I love the fact that Tilda knew what she wanted and was willing to go out and get it, she doesn't hide from her sexuality and is happy to embrace her desires and jump into the world that Miguel introduces her to. I think one of my favourite things about this story was the fact that Tilda is a rich and successful woman in her own right, she doesn't need a man to take care of her and she submits to Miguel purely because she wants to not because he pushes her into it. She is new to the BDSM lifestyle but finds it incredibly freeing to let someone else take control for a change. After reading so many stories where you have a rich billionaire businessman and a naive and innocent young woman it is so refreshing to read about a woman who is the complete opposite!Miguel is sexy as sin and I loved his creativity when it came to the gifts he presented Tilda with, they were such a fun take on the twelve days of Christmas song and I couldn't wait to see what new idea he came up with each day. He introduces Tilda to a completely new lifestyle and turns her world upside down but at the same time he completely underestimates her and I loved how she turned that around on him. My only complaint about Five Golden Rings is that I wanted more, not because anything was missing but because I was enjoying it so much I didn't want it to end!

  • Christi Snow
    2019-03-31 06:42

    My Review:Overall.... 4.0Performance... 4.0Story.... 4.0I went onto Twitter one night in December looking for an audiobook recommendation for a Christmas themed book. Jeffe Kennedy volunteered that she had one so I went to go check it out on Audible. Right now, I will confess that I can't usually listen to erotic novels or even really descriptive sex scenes via audiobook because it makes me cringe for that poor narrator that had to do the scenes out loud with an audience. So I wasn't real sure if this one would work or not for me. Well, rest totally did work for me. Not once did I wince or cringe with the audiobook descriptions in this book. The narrator/author combo was perfect and that's a HUGE thing for me...especially in an erotic romance.This is a Christmas themed BDSM book. Tilda planned a Christmas island excursion with her boyfriend who didn't let her know that he was bailing on her until she was already at the airport. As a result, she's pretty upset on the plane when she meets Miguel. Miguel, as the single lawyer in the family is headed to the family resort to take care of some business issues...not fun. But he sees Tilda as a means to add some light to the not-fun trip and offers her a deal. They will play for the 12 days of christmas...his rules, although she may end it at any time. And that sets them off on a very sexy couple of weeks. The book is told entirely from Tilda's perspective, but I really enjoyed it. Tilda is smart and has her own real-world pressures, but with Miguel she's able to let go of all that and simply have fun...maybe for the first time in her life. The book takes place on an island so it didn't have an over-the-top kind of holiday feel besides the fact that the gifts follow the 12 days song. So I honestly think it would work as a year-round read. It's pretty sexy, but the BDSM play never goes to the extremes at all. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it especially if you're looking for a shorter audiobook with some spicy sex.

  • Jennifer Y
    2019-04-18 08:37

    #AudibleRomanceFive Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy was a quick and very sexy listen for the holiday season. The take on 12 days of Christmas is a kinky way was fun and titillating. I've had it on my ereader for a couple of years now from Netgalley but for some reason it got lost in all TONS of ebooks on there. I finally got around to listening to it via #AudibleRomance package and I really enjoyed experiencing a new narrator. Emily Caldwell did a good job of bring Kennedy's characters and their story to life.

  • Sami ♥'s Books
    2019-04-09 11:46

    **ARC kindly provided in exchange for my honest opinion.**When Tilda's boyfriend breaks up with her as she's boarding the plane for their couples vacation, she plans to fly there spend the night and fly back home. But then she meets Miguel on the flight, she decided to take him up on his offer of a vacuum rebound fling.Each new day Miguel presents a new challenge, in a holiday theme that allows Tilda to expand her horizons and discover herself in ways she never thought possible.This was a quick hot read!

  • Berls
    2019-04-06 04:30

    I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.My Initial Reaction...I devoured Five Golden Rings. It was one of those deliciously steamy reads that is just entirely too much fun to stop reading!The Characters...Mostly, I liked Tilda, the main character from whose point of view Five Golden Rings is told. I think what I liked most about Tilda was the way she wanted to forget her insecurities and her day-to-day life and just be daring for once. She's a CEO for a Fortune 500 company, so she's smart and powerful - and yet she still has some insecurities. When we first meet her, she's at her lowest point. On a plane to Cozumel on Christmas Eve, alone, drowning her sorrows in margaritas. She's just been dumped and is taking her romantic Christmas Holiday alone. So when the very sexy and fascinating lawyer, whose family just so happens to own the resort that she will be staying at, suggests a very kinky rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Tilda's in. Why not, right?I enjoyed Miguel, too. He's sexy and delightfully creative - the Twelve Days of Christmas that he comes up with for Tilda is tintilating, and I was always anxious to see what the next day would bring. He's in Cozumel working on some sort of problem with the family business, something we don't find out about because he doesn't want Tilda to "worry her pretty little head" about it. Ok, he doesn't actually say that - but he sees Tilda as a pretty fling and he plays the role of the DOM very well. He has no idea that she's a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and she plays SUB so well, that he doesn't think otherwise. I found his attitude toward her annoying at times, but most the time it didn't bother me - it just fit the typical DOM/SUB relationship.The Story...If you're looking for a Christmas themed erotica, Five Golden Rings is where to go. Yes, it's set in Cozumel - so you don't have the snow and Santa or his elves. But you've got 12 days of DOM/SUB style sexiness, all centered on the "Twelve Days of Christmas Song." Jeffe Kennedy wrote some really creative adaptations to the song, and I enjoyed pretty much every minute. I was surprised by how well she played up the sexual tension - for an erotica she spends a pretty good amount of time making you wonder when you'll actually get to the moment, which I found added to the excitement. And when they did happen, the sex scenes were incredibly well-written, creative, and exciting.The relationship developing between Tilda and Miguel is well-done. It's obviously centered around their sexual escapades, but there's the added dimension of what's going on with Miguel and the family business. Tilda doesn't know what gong on - because he doesn't tell her - and as I grew to like Miguel more and more, I worried more and more about what was happening. And grew more and more frustrated that he wouldn't confide in Tilda and let him help her. So that element of the story worked really well as a sub plot.Concluding Sentiments...I really enjoyed Five Golden Rings, mostly for it's creative sexiness. The characters were likeable and the plot really worked to move the story forward. A fast, fun, sexy read.

  • Amy R
    2019-04-10 08:51

    Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy is a gift to anyone that likes to read erotic romance with a little bondage. Not only do you get some saucy gift ideas for your significant other centered around the Twelve Days of Christmas, but you get an awesome romance story set on the warm beaches of Cozumel. Thank you, Jeffe.Matilda “Tilda” Campbell is on her way to Cozumel for a much needed vacation. She meets the handsome lawyer Miguel d’Oro on the plane and finds out she is staying at his family’s resort. The conversation continues and by the time they land, Tilda has agreed to let Miguel take her on a sensual journey that she has never experienced before in her life. And she loves it.As with all of Jeffe’s erotic romance books, in Five Golden Rings you are taken on the same intense journey of intimacy and emotions as the characters. It’s like you are living the story with them – not just reading it.Miguel and Tilda are both very intelligent people with high level careers, which I find very interesting. I think it’s because I picture high level business people as uptight and conservative even though I know that isn’t always true. Miguel and Tilda both usually get their own way in the business world so when Tilda decides to go with the flow and submit to Miguel’s demands, it is quite a change for her but very freeing. I think she enjoys not having to make any decisions. So different form her work life as a CEO. Miguel likes to get his way, and Tilda indulges him on this because he always makes it about her pleasure.The two of them are a great match and I love how they fit that whole “you can’t control who you fall in love with” idea. They try hard to keep things as light and as much of a vacation fling as they can, but their hearts convince them otherwise. The intimate scenes in Five Golden Rings are charged with emotion and not just physical release. They aren’t “cookie cutter” sex scenes either. They are incredibly hot and and will have you questioning your own boundaries when it comes to intimacy. You will want what the characters have.Five Golden Rings is a story about two people looking for a little no-strings attached fling, but what they find is something much deeper involving their hearts. If you like your contemporary Christmas romance stories hot and sexy, but full of emotion, I highly recommend Five Golden Rings.

  • L.E.Olteano
    2019-03-28 11:56

    Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on December 3rd 2013:Fluttering Thoughts:Worldbuilding: A lovely exotic Mexico vacation spot is the setting of some very hot Christmas fun.Characters:Tilda was the fun kind of a very capable, independent, and successful CEO who liked to let her hair down with a side of kind. Tired of compromises that translated more into her giving in, she takes the chance to go all out on her vacation and enjoy the experience to the fullest. She wasn’t all play though, and the game between Miguel and her soon became more than twelve days of kinky pleasure.Miguel was fun, the hotshot lawyer who likes his kink with no extra side of complications. He was charismatic and rather charming in his way, but I can’t say I responded to him as much as I usually do to Jeffe Kennedy’s characters. Maybe it’s the whole Latino lover thing that doesn’t really speak to me. Crazy, I know, but I just don’t respond to that as much as I do to other types. I like his compartmentalizing skills, you’ll get what I mean when you’ll read this hot little thing.Favorite character: Tilda, actuallyPlot: This is mostly a sexcapade story, so while there’s some story behind the smexing time, the focus does fall on the smexing time and it’s a good one.Writing:Third person narrative, Tilda’s POV. I loved Tilda’s voice.Curb Appeal: Hot cover, instant buy author name – compulsive buy material for sure.All in all, I really had a blast reading this story, and while it wasn’t exactly my favorite type of yumy guy or scenario it was still a total delight. If you’re looking for some hot stuff for these Holidays, give Five Golden Rings a chance and you won’t regret it.

  • Amy
    2019-04-20 09:42

    Sing it with me, kids! "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ..."Catchy though this ditty may be, it is not what's going through Matilda Campbell's mind as she flies from Philadelphia to a swanky Mexican resort at Christmas time. She was supposed to be going with her boyfriend, but he seems to have reunited with an ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, as these things tend to be in Hot Romance Novels, Tilda is seated across the aisle from a swarthy man who buys her a cocktail. It turns out that Miguel D'Oro (that's GOLD in Spanish, you know) is headed to the same resort, which happens to be owned by his family.The two have dinner together, during which Miguel makes an intriguing - and HOT - proposition: be his for the twelve days of Christmas, and in exchange, enjoy some of the most mind blowing sexy times Tilda can imagine. He will teach her Things. Good things. HOT things. Golden things.Tilda, clearly no idiot, says yes.And thus begins a myriad of scenes featuring some hot - HOT - headboard rockin'.Oh, Miguel. Why don't you exist in real life?And speaking of real life, all vacations must come to an end, and Tilda's does. So what happens next?There are occasional Real Life interludes into this story, sometimes to a distracting fault. I found myself not really caring about character development or family drama. I just wanted those two in the sack. Or on the hotel balcony. Or in the kitchen. Or the shower. Or on a boat.I wanted more MIGUEL. Naked, preferably.Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.Published on cupcake's book cupboard@VivaAmaRisata

  • Angela
    2019-04-04 03:34

    Read as part of the Season of Seduction anthologyBuddy read with SarahFive Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy - 3.5 StarsThis is my first time reading anything by Jeffe Kennedy, and I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised! Tilda and Miguel had some smoking hot chemistry and I enjoyed seeing them both explore it together. Miguel was creative and fun in his "twelve gifts" for Tilda. Watching Tilda let herself experience and enjoy - letting go of that control she maintains all the time in her normal life - was fantastic. I liked seeing that she was able to. Miguel I didn't feel like I got to know as well, but that was a conscious decision on his part. He kept things very much physical and his life separate from what was happening between him and Tilda.I admit, this irritated me. I get that he was looking for some fun, no-strings, tension-releasing sex....but it doesn't really allow me to see why they end up thinking a relationship of more will work. Because Tilda is not who she normally is when she's with Miguel in Mexico. As she says, she's on vacation - of course she's uncomplicated. With Miguel not sharing anything of himself but the sexual aspect, I didn't really buy into their desire to continue seeing each other when they got back home.Still, I thought this was a fun, sexy, Christmas novella and I'll definitely be looking for more from Jeffe Kennedy.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-26 04:30

    Tilda Campbell spends her days as a powerful and busy executive always busy and in charge. When her holiday vacation starts offs less than optimal, she decides it’s time to take some chances. On the plane to Mexico she meets a handsome man, Miguel D’Oro, whose family owns the Oro Resort. They quickly agree to a fling where he makes all the decisions and she goes along with it no questions asked. Through much of the story we actually know Tilda by Roo, her nickname. This moniker also seems to describe her vacation persona, which happens to be must less controlled that her CEO personality.Their liaison initiates with tame gifts and rendezvous although equally filled with desire and lust. Each day Roo’s gifts and quest becomes more risqué and she has to push her boundaries while choosing to continue with the game. She also has to remind herself “it’s just a fling; it’s just a fling…” All in all, this novella is a short sassy story to get heat up the holidays! The chemistry between Miguel and Roo is tantalizing; they have a certain je ne sais quoi and give and take that makes the book an even quicker read. I really enjoyed about halfway through when they’re relationship and connection starts to change. My only sadness is I want more…and really is that a bad problem. I will definitely pick up more reads by Jeffe Kennedy in the future.

  • Carien
    2019-04-10 09:51

    Jeffe Kennedy wrote yet another delicious story I could fall in love with.The idea of a naughty twelve days of Christmas was alluring and I loved how Kennedy translated the song into a sensual and intense BDSM romance.The story starts out uncomplicated enough. Tilda meets the attractive and charming Miguel and decides to take him up on his offer of a kinky Christmas, eager to explore her own sexuality. But what starts as a casual holiday fling, turns intense fast when their emotions get involved.I love how Kennedy writes her BDSM romances. She gives her readers the hot, steaming bondage scenes as well as a romance you can believe in. As in many of her other stories she shows how submitting yourself to your lover isn't necessarily a sign of weakness, but how it can be one of strength. Tilda sure shows she's strong enough to handle Miguel. All in all this story is hot, intense and very satisfying, and even though set in a tropical paradise it is a wonderful Christmas read. I can tell you this novella has earned a place on my list of Christmas traditions: bake a Christmas Bundt cake, watch The Sound of Music and read Five Golden Rings.

  • Shanna
    2019-04-12 11:42

    That was the HOTTEST 12 Days of Christmas Ever!I have to say that I will never think of that song the same way again. So, Emma's dickhead ex told her he wasn't going on their planned xmas vacation to mexico after she'd already gone through security at the airport. So she finds herself on a long ass flight alone from Philadelphia to Cozumel, Mexico. While trying to get as drunk as possible on the flight, a handsome stranger across the aisle strikes up a conversation. And boy do sparks fly. Miguel D’Oro is a very wealthy man who has had his Christmas plans inexcusably changed, and now he has to head to Mexico to fix a family problem. When he sees the distress on the girl across the aisle’s face, he decides to make her an offer to put a smile on her face. He offers her the 12 days of christmas for her 12 day vacation. They will both be staying at the the family’s hotel, and so he has full reign. I really loved this story. The creativity used to demonstrate the song. Also the way the chemistry seemed organic, the way these two started off the relationship and the way in develops is executed really well for a novella. I definitely think its a must read for the holiday season.

  • Lea
    2019-04-08 04:51

    A HOT holiday in Mexico! I really enjoyed this book! There is plenty of hot sex but there is also plenty of emotion to go with it. The book was well written and flows beautifully. There are BDSM elements in this book, it’s nothing too extreme but if that offends you, you may want to pick another book.Tilda Campbell was dumped, at the airport, on Christmas Eve (way to ruin the holidays right) but meets hunky Miguel D’Oro on the plane. They agree to a no strings kinky fling over the holidays, an erotic 12 days of Christmas. It was great getting to see CEO Tilda so completely give up control (something VERY foreign to her) and watching Miguel wrestle with his growing feelings for her. I love this kind a erotic story, where what starts as just sex blossoms and we get the hint that there may just be a HEA for this couple after all. This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a scorching hot book with a bit of a holiday theme. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Helen Stothard
    2019-03-29 11:49

    That is the kinkiest version of twelve days of Christmas I've seen and I loved it! I thought it started out oddly, as if Tilda would meet a stranger on a plane and agree to twelve days of kink, but the story worked. Miguel came across as a bit domineering in places but it made sense as the story unfolded and you realised what was at stake for him, and Tilda's decision to be the opposite of her normal self also made sense.The ideas Miguel came up with for each day got better as the book unfolded, and as. Tilda loosened up a little bit more each day.The beautiful setting of Cozumel didn't hurt the story at all.This is a fairly short read, but it's packed full of kink and cleverly fits in the twelve days of Christmas verse. I look forward to more books from this author.

  • Hubbys Subbie
    2019-04-21 11:47

    During the crazy holiday season, I don't have much time to read. However, I am SO glad I made some time to read this one! It had a very fun premise (vacation fling), in a tropical location (yes, please), with a hot male (mmmmmm), and a willing newbie to BDSM (experimental and educational!). What could top it all off? The ending I was hoping for! (I'm not going to tell you if it was happy or not - just that it was the one I wanted.)This book had a lot of spice and a lot of great suggestions to incorporate hot sex into the holiday season. I even passed some of the ideas along to my Hubby. ;) It helped US have a merry Christmas! Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy via Netgalley in return for my honest review.

  • Tiffany Callan
    2019-04-04 11:52

    A brilliant read, Roo doesn't want the heavy romance boyfriends and Christmas bring and Miguel doesn't offer it, He instead offers 12 days of naughtiness and with what he's got and what he's offering she'd be silly to decline.It's a book full of kink play scenes, unexpected feelings and some surprises along the way.A good read for a chilly evening in front of the fire.Story: 5Characters: 5Cover: 5TJ x(I got this book in return for an honest review)

  • Patricia
    2019-04-02 03:28

    Sometimes when life serves you a raw deal open your mind up to new experiences and some bdsm play. And ta da you will experience the best 12 days of Christmas ever. Now just try and use your imagination to picture the gifts that accompany that :-)This book will have you living vicariously through Tilda and wanting your very own sexy...dominate man and all the gifts that he has to give~

  • Dawn Parker
    2019-04-06 06:53

    Cute and steamy book to kick off the holiday season!!I believe the author was very creative with the 12 days of Christmas and the chemistry between the characters. Loved that this book had an epilogue!Got an ARC for an honest review.

  • RoloPoloBookBlog
    2019-04-13 04:48

    Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy(Novella #4: Facets of Passion Series)Source: PurchaseRating: 5/5 starsWhat could be better than Christmas in Cozumel at an exclusive resort with a hot man and the promise of rest and relaxation and some fantastic sex? Pretty much nothing; that’s one damn fine week Tilda Campbell has planned. Too bad all those plans got scrapped the second her man dumped over the phone while she was waiting at the airport for their flight. Balls!! With the week already planned and the time from work already taken off, Tilda boards that flight with the intention of mending her broken heart and salvaging what she can of the week. Little does Tilda know how radically her last-minute plans are about to change.Miguel d’Oro is on his way to the family-owned resort and Cozumel to negotiate a large and very personal deal. Though he would rather not be spending Christmas working, his plans begin to look up considerably when he meets Tilda Campbell en route. After a brief and very flirtatious conversation, Miguel and Tilda (aka Roo) decide they will not only spend the week together but they will do so in a most naughty and experimental manner. Though she has never done anything so reckless or exciting, Roo is willing to not only experiment but to also leave all of the planning and execution to Miguel. With a safe word in place, Roo and Miguel embark on their own wonderfully naughty Twelve Days of Christmas. The excitement and the sex play begin almost immediately with a sexy dinner and the promise of a gift the next morning. You see, though Roo has never done anything quite so naughty, Miguel has and he has planned a gift and event related to each of the twelve days of Christmas. True to his word, Roo finds a lovely little sex toy and significantly revealing outfit delivered to her the very next morning. Though nervous, Roo decides to play the game and much to her very, very great pleasure is rewarded by Miguel, his incredible stamina and, creative mind. Up to this point, Roo had no idea orgasms could be so plentiful and so damn good!! And so, the Twelve Days of Christmas begins . . . For most of the twelve days, events related to Roo and Miguel’s sexual relationship continue on with few interruptions, a great deal of inventiveness and, a great deal of pleasure. But, Roo is a very smart and perceptive woman and knows that things with Miguel and his negotiations are not going well. On several occasions Roo attempts to engage Miguel in conversation about his negotiations but is shut down each and every time. With only a few small outbursts, Miguel refuses to discuss the negotiations and when things finally come to a head, the Twelve Days of Christmas comes to an early end. Though Roo understands Miguel’s decision to leave, it does nothing to relieve the slightly unsatisfied and disappointed feelings she is experiencing. But, perhaps Miguel has one last play that will leave all involved totally and completely satisfied. The Bottom Line: I am all kinds of in love with Jeffe Kennedy’s Facets of Passion series. Each novella can be read as a stand-alone should you choose too, each read is full of interesting and naughty moments with only the tiniest bit of kink, each read has distinctly different and fully-developed characters and, each read is well written and fully resolved with no unanswered questions or loose ends. For me, these short, fast and thoroughly entertaining reads satisfy my need for good storytelling and erotica all rolled up into one naughty little package.

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    Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARSProvided you were both unattached, what would you do if a sexy, alluring man asked you to spend 12 days over the Christmas holidays with him abiding by his rules? Well, in Jeffe Kennedy’s Five Golden Rings we get to see exactly what happens when the CEO of a fortune 500 company who has just been dumped decides to take a chance when a resort owner and attorney makes that offer. This book is guaranteed to have panties flying all over the place, body parts tingling for the best reasons, and no doubt thinking all kinds of kinky Christmas thoughts.This was one of those books that captured me in the first chapter and didn’t let go. I love that these two made no promises up front other than to enjoy the time they had together and explore their kinky thoughts. It’s the fantasy of having that happen and oh man, what a glorious fantasy it was. Matilda (Tilda and/or Roo)Campbell is a self made woman, an important woman, and when she’s dumped right before what was to be a Christmas holiday with her boyfriend she’s feeling down and out. When Miguel D’Oro strikes up a conversation with her across the isle of the airplane and makes her a wonderfully wicked proposition she decides for once to let go and take a different path in life.I’m going to admit upfront that Roo was pretty damn brave giving in to all of Miguel’s demands without really knowing him. I do realize she had the advantage, Miguel being the resort owner; he of course would not want any negative publicity from a guest. I loved their explorations, the wildly wicked ways that Miguel taunted and teased her, the way he eased her in to things she was unsure about, and the way he admitted that he was confused by what he was feeling for her. I found it interesting that Roo was able to let go and let someone else lead entirely, it wasn’t easy for her and she fought it at first but I also think she found how much she needed her choices being taken away from her. Their scenes together were sultry, sexy, gripping, and arousing and I enjoyed every minute of them.This isn’t your typical feel good holiday story, this is one red hot sensual delight that will entertain and entice. If you want to read something different this holiday season, you can’t beat Five Golden Rings and I can guarantee you significant other will be pleased you did!

  • Maria Rose
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    This slightly sweet and extra spicy novella takes the traditional 12 days of Christmas theme and turns it onto its head in this decidedly naughty version as Tilda meets Miguel, the owner of a luxury resort while on vacation over the Christmas holidays from her demanding job as CEO for a medical supply company. She's come to get away from it all, and while Miguel is there on business, he's definitely not immune to pleasure and offers Tilda a different kind of escape, one where he follows the song everyone knows with his own kinky version of gifts for Tilda. For a woman always in control, it's a godsend and she is delighted to participate. But when they find emotions coming into play, and discover that their no-strings affair is having some unexpected side effects, can they take their sex-only fling and turn it into something even better for the New Year?What a refreshing treat! Unlike the more saccharine induced Christmas themed stories out there (which have their place for sure), there is nary a mistletoe or Santa in sight here. Sexy lingerie, sex toys and BDSM play are on the menu instead. As a result, the sex scenes between Tilda and Miguel are, as expected, super steamy and the inventiveness of Miguel's 'gifts' was quite enjoyable. The setting is idyllic, this tropical paradise, and I liked how Tilda embraced her sensual side and really got into the vacation spirit. But of course real life doesn't stop even while on vacation and it's Miguel who has the difficulties in this story, challenged eventually by Tilda to share what's really going on, despite his efforts to keep her in a 'vacation fling only' box, at least at first. Gradually the trust that started things off leads to a greater intimacy, that of sharing their thoughts and not just their bodies, and it was great to see Miguel realize that he could have more with Tilda if he would open himself up to the possibilities of a relationship off the island. The story has a lovely happy for now ending and was a delightful, sexy read. 4 stars. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the author for review.

  • Amy H
    2019-04-01 06:40

    I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..this was the best book so far! this was another short story in the Christmas collection. Matilda was going on a Christmas vacation. She was suppose to be having a romantic 2 week getaway, but she was dumped at the airport by her boyfriend last minute. Now, she was going to drink away her sorrows and enjoy her vacation single. while getting tipsy she met a man who was sitting across from her. he was lawyer and his name was Miguel. They ended up having great conversation about why he was missing a holiday. He told Matilda that his family's resort needed him ( being a lawyer) to short out some issues. Miguel found out that Matilda was single and just got dumped. He offered her the next 12 days of bless. no strings attached! how could Matilda say no! she has never had a one night stand let alone 12 nights! she wanted to enjoy herself, and how can you not say no to gifts! while staying in the same resort of while Miguel owns, she was awakened with gifts and letters everyday of things that she was suppose to do. She was pampered and got whatever she wanted, food, drinks, and didn't have to pay for anything. The thing was, that if she didn't follow his rules, he was going to punished her. She was never spanked before, but with all these little sexual gifts she was getting excited everyday to see what was going to happen next.Miguel didn't know that Matilda was a CEO for a big business. so when he Google her name, he would be shocked to see what he found. as, the days were going down slowly, Matilda realized that she was falling for Miguel. The only problem was that Miguel was not opening up to him, and started to become an asshole. Matilda was back in Pennsylvania, and was dreading being back. She knew Miguel scheduled a meeting with her, and if she accepts this was going to change everything. the problem was can Miguel commit to a relationship or did he just want to continue this little game.

  • Habrewer
    2019-03-30 03:43

    Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Matilda’s plans change at the last minute when her boyfriend backs out on their Christmas vacation. She decides to go ahead and take advantage of the plans they have already made, even if she has to go alone. She never expected to meet someone on the plane that would turn her life upside down.Miguel intrigues Tilda and she can’t believe she’s agreeing to submit totally to him during her time in Mexico. She has always been in control of every aspect of her life and she soon discovers that she likes having someone else making the decisions for her. She gives herself up 100% to the experience and never looks back. Each day brings new tests to her limits not only sexually but mentally and physically as well. In the end, Tilda/Roo discovers that she is tired of settling when it comes to her love life and plans to make some changes when she gets home.This was a sexy story about testing limits and finding yourself. Each day, Miguel surprises Roo with a kinky gift from the Twelve Days of Christmas. Some stretch her limits more than others but she refuses to use her safe word. She finds the whole experience freeing and wants to enjoy the whole experience.Both Tilda and Miguel are searching for something but neither is sure what they need. The more they are together, the more they see that there is something they are missing in the other. In the beginning they both looked at the experience as a vacation affair and things slowly evolve into something more. They are a good fit and I am glad they figured out a way to make things work.Overall I enjoyed the story and couldn’t wait to see what Miguel had in store for Roo each day. I give Five Golden Rings 4 Flaming Hearts.

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    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*This is a great little Christmas novella for those of us that like or love BDSM, as I do. I really enjoyed this story! I'm not big on Christmas erotica, but this was a refreshing read for the season or any time of year. Tilda aka Roo is going on vacation for the holidays in sunny beautiful Cozumel. She was suppose to go with her boyfriend, but he stood her up at the last minute, so determined to enjoy her exotic vacation on her own, Tilda goes alone, or so she thinks? She meets the handsome and successful Miguel on the plane. He invites her to join him for an out of this world, exciting arrangement, in which, they will re enact the twelve days of Christmas, in a sexy way. She has no idea what he has in store, but it's definitely shocking at times, and sexy as hell! Miguel is dominant, sexy and very imaginative, and well, your just going to have to read the story to find out what he has up his sleeves.I wish the story were longer. I really liked these two characters. Tilda is a strong woman and she doesn't whine or complain and Miguel is well, a dominant and sexy. Need I say more? So, this is definitely a must read! I could totally read more about these two!