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New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden’s sexy romance, FIRST TASTE OF DARKNESS, will take you to the dark edge of desire…It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Hot sex. No regrets. Jess Delaney has spent her life playing the role of the good-girl. On a trip to Vegas, she decides to walk on the wild side when she meets mysterious Blake Landon. Rich,New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden’s sexy romance, FIRST TASTE OF DARKNESS, will take you to the dark edge of desire…It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Hot sex. No regrets. Jess Delaney has spent her life playing the role of the good-girl. On a trip to Vegas, she decides to walk on the wild side when she meets mysterious Blake Landon. Rich, powerful, and carrying plenty of secrets, Blake is unlike any man she has ever met before.Blake is also far more dangerous than anyone she’s ever encountered. When enemies from Blake’s past attack, Jess finds herself caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. Her only hope of survival? Trusting a man who knows too much about the dark side of life…and a man who—with every sensual touch—binds her to him with a desire that burns red-hot. Once you step into the darkness, there’s no turning back…...

Title : First Taste of Darkness
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First Taste of Darkness Reviews

  • Leonor
    2019-05-18 08:31

    3.5 stars.I enjoyed this one. But it was mentioned a couple times hero's sexual past. He was possessive and protective of her. Heroine was not the usual heroine that I'm used to from this author but she was ok. No OW/OM.

  • Lyndi
    2019-05-13 11:34

    Very entertaining little story.

  • Darcy
    2019-05-23 10:15

    Whew, this was a hot one and a lot of fun reading it. I liked how Blake and Jess met, even better was their taking things one step further to one night of hot sex. Things should have ended there, however the couple didn't make it that far before they were thwarted by gun fire. You would think that would have been the end of things, but the pull for each other was too much. I liked that Blake kept coming for Jess, even when at times he should have walked away, but his instincts kept telling him to go to Jess. I especially liked the final choice that Blake made to be with Jess, it was the right one to make.

  • Amy R
    2019-05-16 10:31

    I am slowly working my way through the Wicked Firsts anthology and one of the stories I read recently was First Taste of Darkness by Cynthia Eden. Oh how I miss romantic suspense. I have been reading a lot of contemporary and paranormal romance lately, which I also like, but reading this one has reminded me how much I miss the romantic suspense genre. Jess Delaney is in Vegas on her honeymoon, although she is not married. It is the trip she and her fiance originally booked before she found him cheating, so now she is here on her own to get away. Boy is she in for a surprise. She finds fancy in Blake Landon's eyes, the very rich and powerful hotel owner in Vegas. She is sick of her safe life back home so she wants to do something a little dangerous, like Blake. She can see the bad boy in his eyes. Boy did Jess hit the jackpot with bad boys. Within about 24 hours Jess has been shot at and kidnapped all because of Blake. Within that next 24 hours she has been rescued and sent to the hospital for knife wounds. Is she ready to go back to her safe life in Florida? Um, yes. Right now. However, she and Blake have some amazing chemistry that is a lot more than physical and she isn't ready to give THAT up yet.As in true Cynthia fashion, even though this is a novella, the characters are well developed with plenty of secrets of their own and the story is full of action and suspense. There is plenty of passion to fan yourself but also enough love between Jess and Blake to make you swoon. If you are looking for a quick, romantic suspense read, you should try reading First Taste of Darkness, which is part of the Wicked Firsts anthology. You won't regret it!

  • Julie
    2019-05-02 12:31

    First Taste of Cynthia Eden.I loved First Tastes of Darkness. Jess' wedding didn't go though and now she has a honeymoon reservation in Vegas still booked, why wastes it! Her stay in Vegas turns into something more than she'd ever dreamed of, a one night stand. Blake is hot, rich and owns several hotels. The attraction between them is immediate but after their one night Jess disappears, and so does a priceless diamond which Blake thinks Jess has stolen. Is she innocent, was this chance meeting set up? This novella is cram packed with action, suspense, intrigue and steamy passion. A very entertaining little read. 5/5

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders
    2019-05-17 14:36

    "Once you step into my world," he murmured...,"you may not want leave." So Blake said right after they got shot at. Ha ha. *eye roll* Then quickly after that, they get it on in the limo. Oh yeah baby! Getting shot at is such a turn on! Gotta have priorities, right?Such ridiculousness aside, I liked Blake and Jess. They had good chemistry. I liked that Jess stood up for herself. She had attitude when necessary.

  • Ashley Nelson
    2019-05-12 08:26

    2.5 stars. Very predictable, I had the "villain" pegged from the start. Might have been better and more suspenseful as a longer novel. Not enough character development prior to the sex to make me care about them. I'm not fond of books starting off at a one-night stand, so that plus the insta-connection made this too ridiculous for me. The writing was ok, I would give a full length novel by this author a chance.

  • Zita
    2019-05-01 14:11

    The darker side is attractive…Jess Delaney’s marriage plans fell through, a stab to her pride but no great loss emotionally, so she decided to go on her honeymoon to Vegas alone. She’s been a good girl for way too long and when she meets a man who excites her like no other has she allows herself to go for a one-night stand but when a ride in the elevator to his penthouse turns into bullets flying toward her when the doors open she can’t wait to get away from him. Danger she didn’t sign up for. But will he let her go? And where can she run to since she is staying at a hotel that he owns. She also really wanted to be with him.Blake Landon is a rich man with a dark past who owns hotels. He’s made many enemies; some are even closer than he knows. A gorgeous woman comes into his sights and he can’t take his eyes off her from across the room. But when he takes her to his penthouse someone tries to kill him. Is it a coincidence that she’s with him when an attempt is made on his life? Was she a planned distraction? She runs but he follows for he really was drawn to this woman in a way that he hasn’t been to another and he now needs to question her. His actions are out of character when it relates to her and it is noticed.I very much enjoyed this sexy suspenseful short read but I do wish it had been longer for more character depth which I am used to from this author’s longer works. There is so much more I wanted to know about Blake and Jess’s history, not just to be told about it but to feel it. They are both very interesting and likable characters. Jess who has led a sheltered life in comparison to Blake handled herself quite well in dangerous situations, she’s a natural born fighter under stress which is a trait that I love to see in a heroine and I like how she embraced the darker side of life that she found herself in. Blake is a tough and protective alpha who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and protect what he considers his. They complemented each other well.3.5 stars

  • Juniper
    2019-05-20 09:23

    10+ stars!First Taste of Darkness is, honestly, one of the best novellas I've ever read! It was engaging, exciting, all-consuming, amazing. From the very first sentence to the last few moments of the book, Cynthia Eden sank her hooks into me and didn't let me go. I loved absolutely everything about this book. The action was explosive, the sex was HOT HOT HOT, creative, panty-melting... and the character development was excellent. Although it was a novella, Cynthia Eden was able to create a wonderful world that was addictive and beautifully compelling. I adored Jess as the heroine. She wasn't annoying or whining or stupid. She was intelligent, empathetic, loving, and strong but was also human and relatable as well. When she was held at knife point, she did the best possible thing, which I really admired her for. Blake Landon was a phenomenal character, as well! Not only was he sexy and dangerous but he was passionate and powerful but also loving and kind in his own ways. If you enjoy fiction of any kind, give First Taste of Darkness a chance. It's nothing short of literary crack that will suck you in the moment you sink your teeth into Cynthia Eden's masterpiece.

  • Tracie Runge
    2019-05-10 07:26

    Jess Delaney always plays it safe right down to agreeing to marry a man because those around her said it is the best thing for her. That is until it all falls apart, now Jess is going to Vegas and maybe for the first time she won't do what she should.Blake Landon has it all great looks, , money, women and the ability to get whatever he wants. But everything has its price and its secrets and Blake Landon has a big one that he must protect at all costs.Blake sees Jess at the bar and the attraction is instant, he knows she is what he wants. Jess it taken with the sexy man before her and soon she is throwing caution to the wind and leaving with him. When Blake gets Jess back to his room chaos ensues and Blake and Jess must do everything they can just to make it out alive. This isn't what Jess thought of for a night of sin but it will get much worse before it gets better. Love, Loss and Betrayal, Jess will be pulled into Blake's world seeing and feeling it all and when it is over just what will be left. I really loved First Taste of Darkness I found the characters endearing and the storyline compelling and would highly recommend other to add it to their read lists.

  • Liz
    2019-05-13 12:22

    Instalove drivel. 1.5 stars. I'm so sick of reading about rich playboys who sleep around but then find 'the one' amidst their hordes of girls and suddenly change their ways and declare love by 50%. Oh, and they all start greedily grabbing said love interest, declaring 'mine' like the poor equally stupid girl is their latest acquisition. Maybe they even buy a puppy together because the previously bad boy is now all soft and in love. And the girl can TOTALLY see this guy being the father of her children after knowing him 2 days and 3 shags later. And who needs a condom anyway when they're both so 'clean'? romantic. FFS! This is NOT an original idea, authors. Go think of another overused, unoriginal plot. I can't read this crap anymore. Don't touch this unless you're ridiculously intelligent and need some dumbing down.

  • Andi
    2019-04-23 14:32

    I read this book as a part of the Wicked Firsts anthology. Ironic as it is, this is the first book I have read by Cynthia Eden, and I can't wait to read more by her. I enjoyed her writing style and characters. I quickly made a connection with both characters. In fact, I would love to learn more of Blake's back story. I thought Jess' outlook and personality was endearing rather than corney. I liked she admitted she was scared, but still didn't walk away. I think one of my favorite moments is even though she thought she was being thrown away, she held her head up and refused to take the "walk of shame" because she made her own choices. That is a strong character. I hope to find more in her other books.

  • April
    2019-05-22 10:25

    Don't we all love a good girl who falls for an alpha that is dark? I enjoyed this little story, I just wished it was not as predictable. Jess is in Vegas by herself instead of being there on her honeymoon. In a hotel bar she is instantly attracted to Blake who has that dark air about him. What was supposed to be a 1 night stand turns into a battle for life.I wish the Arthur could 're write this story and flesh it out. I would love an emotional connection with the characters. It would certainly be more believable as to why Blake spilled his darkest secrets to a girl he just had for 1 night.

  • Djg
    2019-05-16 08:23

    Read in Wicked Firsts anthologyNow, Cynthia is my girl. I'm a big fan of her writing style so I'm predisposed to like anything she writes.Left-at-the-alter Jess is in Vegas for a fling. She wants to forget finding her fiancé and best friend together just before the wedding and sexy rich hotel owner Blake is just the man to do the job. Problem is, bullets start flying just when things are heating up.Things happen fast, maybe a little too fast and the villain was a bit obvious. But the signature humor and amazingly hot love scenes are pure C.E.

  • Beth
    2019-05-12 07:14

    All of her H/h are basically the same person. They have the same thoughts, the same stutters, similar situations, and resolutions. I shouldn't have read this one right after I read Mine to Hold, I felt like I read the same book with different names and slightly different situations. I always know who the bad guy in hiding is by the third chapter and yet I still keep going. I need to either give up on her books or read them months apart.

  • Linda
    2019-05-23 11:11

    Jess is in Vegas alone, not wanting the honeymoon reservation to go to waste, when what she thought just was a one night stand, turns into something more. Blake is used to love them and leave them, but when Jess accompanies him in the elevator, everything changes. He doesn´t want her to leave. But is there more to this chance meeting than she leads on?Action, suspense, angst (feeeelings) and smutty fluff in an awesome combo.

  • Whispers From
    2019-05-11 13:36

    GreatJess's fiancee left her days before their wedding. She goes to Vegas anyway, but decides to have a one night stand. Blake is rich, handsome, successful and own several hotels. When he first sees Jess, he must have her. Now a priceless jewel has been stolen from Blake and he thinks Jess did it. Short, sexy, and a little intrigue. I believe the " must have you, don't leave me" happened a little fast but still a good story.

  • MsChris1161
    2019-05-01 14:12

    This keeps your attention from start to finish with non-stop action and plot twists. Blake and Jess find plenty of time for steamy sex and falling hard for each other between trying to find Blake's would be killer and his accomplice.

  • Dani Hodge
    2019-04-23 09:14

    I purchase this last night and started reading it this morning, its definantly a small short read, but its packed with a lot of action and lust. The characters are really good and have you hooked the whole time. I recommend this to anyone looking for a hot short read, story line was really good.

  • Valorie
    2019-04-29 08:37

    Wow.......that was great. Another wonderful book by Cynthia Eden!

  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    2019-05-19 15:08

    holy hell there was a LOT packed into that short novella... action, intrigue, hot sexiness and even a sweet unplanned romance. loved it!

  • Emoore0916
    2019-04-30 07:25


  • Michelle
    2019-05-23 08:23

    I have no words. I thought the story held, it was detailed, it was plausible, and i loved it. I felt like I was able to see everything as it enfolded as if I was apart of the story.

  • Elaine
    2019-05-09 15:28

    Some nice twists and turns in the plot which I enjoyed.

  • Vee Paige
    2019-05-13 10:22


  • Michele bookloverforever
    2019-05-12 07:24

    reread today. first read many years ago. exciting. good plot and characters. Eden wrote a lot of short novels in this genre...And most were very good.

  • Riverina Romantics
    2019-04-22 10:31

    3.5 stars

  • Laz the Sailor
    2019-05-13 13:09

    Part of a collection. It was "fine" - nothing special.

  • Glenda Bettin
    2019-04-25 15:21

    wow really enjoyed this short story

  • Beatrice
    2019-04-22 09:36

    YUM~What more do I need to say? First Taste of Darkness is a short story by Cynthia Eden, it had a hot alpha male and it was delicious (and OH! so exiting)