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She’s champagne and cupcakes. He’s beer and burgers.Frankie Taylor has a perfectly organized life—including a checklist for her ideal man. Just when she thinks her dream boyfriend is going to propose, he dumps her instead. Heartbroken, she impulsively flees across the country. She lands in a small town where her only romantic prospect is unshaven, unsophisticated, and defiShe’s champagne and cupcakes. He’s beer and burgers.Frankie Taylor has a perfectly organized life—including a checklist for her ideal man. Just when she thinks her dream boyfriend is going to propose, he dumps her instead. Heartbroken, she impulsively flees across the country. She lands in a small town where her only romantic prospect is unshaven, unsophisticated, and definitely not her type.Jake Cookson likes living large. After the grind of playing hockey eight months of the year, he wants to party in the off-season. And while he doesn’t do commitment, he’s more than willing to have a summer fling with the curvy brunette who’s new in town. To his surprise, she’s unimpressed by his NHL fame, money, and athletic prowess.Can Frankie throw away her plans for the future and appreciate what’s in front of her now? And can Jake even pronounce the word relationship?...

Title : How The Cookie Crumbles
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ISBN : 18619573
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How The Cookie Crumbles Reviews

  • MiekeReads
    2019-05-09 13:17

    After reading The Tao of Hockey I was really looking forward to reading this book. I should have stopped with reading The Tao of Hockey. While I enjoy Ting's writing style, this book is very long, and honestly, a bit of a downer. (Oddly, as long as the book is the ending of the book is abrupt and unsatisfying which made the book length even more puzzling.)This book would not have been so depressing if you didn't have to read about the doormat antics of Frankie for about 50% of the book. (And again, 50% of the book is a LOT of pages.) While Frankie was a bit shallow and self-absorbed, she didn’t deserve to be treated as if she was not worthy of respect, and Jake did not seem to have any respect for her at all throughout the book.What was most disturbing about the crappy way Jake treated Frankie was that he seemed so completely unaware of how mean he was to Frankie. I get that 22 year old men are not generally looking for a wife, a dog and a white picket fence but this asshat wasn't so much immature as much as emotionally impaired. He didn't pick up on the most obvious of human emotions or behavioral cues. If all of my psychological knowledge was not in fact obtained through poorly researched television shows and romance novels, I am sure I could diagnose Jake with an impressive sounding mental disorder, or at the very least a chemical imbalance. As it stands with my limited education, I'll just have to say this man was a giant Man Baby Douche and not much fun to read about. Read The Tao of Hockey and pretend this book doesn’t exist.

  • Chelsy
    2019-04-27 12:13

    Melanie Ting does it again!I just finished How the Cookie Crumbles and I really loved this book! Frankie and Jake are so amazing! Mel has a knack for creating lovable, witty, down-to-earth characters. I fell in love with Frankie as a heroine, as she has the perfect combination of sugar and spice. And I love that Jake is this hot NHL star, yet off-ice, he reads as a regular, typical guy (with a weakness for junk food).Mel's writing is so real and genuine....she makes me feel as if I'm sitting in a coffee shop, listening to a close friend tell a story. I love picking up her books and getting lost in her characters' adventures. I also love that her characters have flaws that they face throughout her stories and get through them with wit and a bit of courage.Excited for Mel's new release (The Tao of Hockey) coming out soon & am already counting down to her next book!

  • Kate Willoughby
    2019-05-01 08:34

    I am not usually a fan of New Adult romance. I generally find the characters silly and immature and just as I don't care to spend time with silly immature young adults in real life, I don't really want to read about them either. However, this book was hilarious. I loved the characters. They felt real and their problems felt real. So often in romance you get conflicts that feel contrived, but that was not the case here. Jake verged on being obnoxious, but he was just charming enough not to make me want to slap him. I love how knowledgable about hockey Ting is, and because I am a huge LA Kings fan, I loved that the hero was a King. I did worry about her using a real NHL team... She did a great job with depicting the city of LA too. I couldn't find one thing wrong with any mentions of anything in LA. My only complaint is I wish the grandma had a bigger part. She was a hoot.

  • Candy
    2019-05-03 08:26

    So I had this on my TBR list for so long and when I finally read it I was so disappointed! This book could have been great based on its premise - but, the book is extremely long, then there's the whole douche-ness of Jake, he's very immature and only thinks about sex. Frankie is very superficial about looks and education. And the relationship is pretty much sex for him and she worships him and treats him like a king even though he treats her like trash. Then after her being upset and jealous with him and saying she loves him she gives them both free rein to "live free" for two years with hardly any communication then all of a sudden he's ready to settle down with just her, the end?

  • Amy Napier
    2019-04-26 07:31

    I really liked this book even though I wanted to smack Jake most of the time and Frankie the rest of the time. At one point I almost stopped reading because I couldn't imagine how the author was gonna redeem Jake enough to finish the book. She did it!

  • Gabriela Scheinberg
    2019-05-07 13:14

    This book was refreshing, cute and a nice read.

  • Peggy Kuntz
    2019-05-01 12:24

    Really good!What a great book! The storyline is a bit different from other romance novels, but in a good way. Strong characters and great dialogue. Highly recommend it.

  • Jackie Ziegler
    2019-05-09 14:29

    Jake is a hockey player for the LA Kings.. While he is not the drop dead gorgeous amazing body player he is a cutie but he is young and not ready for a relationship.. He just wants to play the field with any and all woman he canFrankie is a college student working 2 job to put herself through school. For the summer she visits her friend in Kingston, Ontario to get away from all the drama back in Vancouver.. She meets Jake and has no clue he is a hockey player. Jake wants her.. Frankie is hot and sassy.. Frankie doesn't really like Jake but starts to see a new side of him over the summer..Can Jake finally realize a relationship is not a bad thing? Will Frankie wait for him or is he just never going to grow up

  • Karlie
    2019-05-17 10:15

    I am rather disappointed with this book. The storyline had great potential but wasn't executed to its best. It was very long but not in a good way. I found myself skimming paragraphs to keep going. I don't understand the "part 1,2,3" but it could have worked if it actually jumped ahead in time. It had an epilogue which of course I always love a peek into the future but I wouldn't call it a HEA. Like I said I liked the storyline but it felt lacking in the spark department but the sexy spark way. I love hockey and Canada so it had those 2 positives. I didn't like they way they didn't really seem that into each other and never really did, it always felt forced. If someone asked me if they should read it I would probably say sure see if you like it but I would share my thoughts if asked.

  • Lillian Pollard
    2019-04-24 12:34

    No thank youI honestly didn't like either of these characters. The girl was based only for the first half but the guy was awful the whole way through. I feel like it was such a long story but then the end was too fast. We're supposed to believe one of the characters has changed but given 2 sentences of evidence. I get that the characters were young but the guy was an asshole I get that he was nice sometimes but when he was bad it was really awful enough to discount the times when he was good.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-19 15:34

    This book is much longer than 445 pages that goodreads says it is. The book took me almost 8 hours to read, and I am a speed reader, and I skipped some parts. I hated the ending, it just sucked. I liked the book, but if it was shorter and had a better couple I would have loved it. In real life, this couple would never make it, and that bothered me.

  • Stacy Barr-sooter
    2019-05-21 11:29

    HmmmI read the book every chance I got. It was a good read. I was disappointed in the end which can ruin any good book but I tend to look for the obvious endings. This book didn't have that. I will give another book by this author a try.