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Built on the Fringe of Central, where the sand meets the endless sea of Ether and the fog never breaks, the Far Shores is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of scientific discovery, remote from Central and a neutral party in the simmering conflicts between cartels. Shrouded in a sinister reputation, rumors of forbidden sciences, and layers of official secrecy, it is oBuilt on the Fringe of Central, where the sand meets the endless sea of Ether and the fog never breaks, the Far Shores is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of scientific discovery, remote from Central and a neutral party in the simmering conflicts between cartels. Shrouded in a sinister reputation, rumors of forbidden sciences, and layers of official secrecy, it is one of the most mysterious and isolated locations in Central – and, thanks to radical changes in the political and military organization of Central, it’s also the new home for both the Auditors and the students enrolled in the Program. Thrown into the unfamiliar and occasionally creepy environment of the Far Shores, Alexander Warner does his best to juggle an evolving protocol, a violent introduction to the realities of fieldwork, and the complexities of attempting to date a Changeling. Katya Zharova, on the other hand, focuses mainly on keeping Alex alive – generally by killing people with sewing needles.In the wake of the Anathema raid on Central, alliances crumble and allegiances shift. The Director is in open conflict with the Committee-at-Large, and is the target of an Inquiry directed by his brand-new Chief Auditor, Alice Gallow. The weakened Black Sun Cartel is consumed with internal conflicts, while the ascendant Hegemony starts to coalesce around new leaders. Cartels of all denominations eye each other nervously, uncertain how far the Anathema contagion has spread, and defection and sabotage are rife. In an effort to bolster the depleted ranks of the Auditors, dire and irreversible steps are taken. Old wounds are opened, and old rivalries are renewed, against the background of the expanding power of the Outer Dark.As the war between Central and the Anathema continues in the shadows, Alice Gallow and the Auditors battle an unlikely alliance of vampires, Witches and Renegade Operators, working toward an unknown goal and equipped with arcane technology years beyond anything in Central. Emerging from the Outer Dark, Alistair leads a powerful team of Anathema bent on evening the score with Central, the Auditors, and Alex personally. The Mistress of the Black Sun, Anastasia Martynova faces her most difficult trial in the form of an old and forgotten enemy, whose return will upset the balance of power in Central at the very highest levels. And from somewhere in the unknown expanse of the Ether, the Church of Sleep stirs ominously.The Far Shores is the third volume in the Central Series....

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The Far Shores Reviews

  • Jon
    2019-05-15 14:06

    I really enjoyed this entry in The Central series. The plot was intriguing and well-paced, and I really enjoyed the interaction between the main protagonist, Alex, and his appointed "bodyguard" Katya. The biggest thing I noticed is that while this series started out as another book in the "special kid goes to special school" genre, as the characters have matured and the antagonists have taken a more visible role, this series has deviated from that genre to something more akin to "secret organizations fighting a shadow war for the fate of the world". This turned out to be a very good move on Mr Rawlins's part, as he avoids the tired tropes and lack of common sense that normally characterize series that try to remain within that special school genre.I bought this book for $0.99 on the Kindle store - that is a ridiculously good value for the quality that you are getting, really to the point where I don't understand why he's selling it so cheap and worry that Mr. Rawlins might be seriously underestimating the value of his work.I'm really looking forward to see where he takes this series with book #4.

  • Mark
    2019-05-09 13:11

    As I was hoping almost all of the issues I had with the first two books in this series are missing from The Far Shores. It's enough of a turnaround that I might actually sample Rawlins other books! First and foremost the number of pages is almost the first two books combined. That left room for more storytelling and while it was likely a gamble, it is a gamble that payed off. I even managed to get broadsided by a plot twist! I'm anxious for the next book but that's not until next year. To be clear this isn't a series that you can jump in to anywhere. The characters are built throughout eaxh book and there would be no understanding at all of what's going on without reading the whole thing but I think it's worth it. Anastasia really comes in to her own in this book and the Black Sun cartel's machinations manage t become more murky and enigmatic. Eerie, a character I'd really hoped for more from, is slowly brought to the forefront with some well played reveals. Alex is, well Alex, and that's as it should be but the relationship between him and Katya takes a turn that I didn't see coming. Overall I think Rawlins finally came in to his own with this one and not a moment too late. I wish he'd risked a higher page count on the first two. The strength in this story is the characters and it's well done. We've gone from a story about Alex to a complicated tale about a group. This happens over the course of the books and while the cliffhanger ending is focused on Alex it is about much more than him at this point. Speaking of, I am not a fan of cliffhanger endings in the middle of a series but this is an exception. Rawlins ended this book in the right place. A good storyteller knows when to stop and create a new volume and despite my whining about his other books, it's obvious fromthe first pages of The Academy that he is that.

  • Craig6844
    2019-05-10 10:11

    The author has read too much manga. The MC Alex is too dumb dense to live. I had hoped that is was the result of programming that inhibited his memories, because of the way too insightful flashes he has in the narrative. I believed that central didn't mess with the mental blocks since a dumb but powerful guy was useful and easy to control. But no00 they threw a resentful half-trained kid to do wet work instead of using his much more useful catalyst ability upgrade trained operators. However that's manga logic for you, plot armor to the max. At least the dumb MC isn't also a OP hero too. Though I would have preferred the harem option vs the weird thing he has with the Fey Eerie. Since the dumb dense character is right out of a harem manga.But that the least of this series problems like how nanites are magic. Yeah I get that they just enable people who are able to manipulate the Either to do so but the author doesn't even both to create a framework to justify my suspension of disbelief. Seriously, it drastically downgraded my enjoyment of the story because the dude could be bothered to logically explain his magic system. He just says that shit just basically happens due do tiny machines and we don't know or really care. Anyway that just one tiny fraction of the plot holes that i saw. While the story is enjoyable so far i dont think ill read any more even if the author ever comes up with the promised books to finish the story.

  • Jim Kratzok
    2019-05-07 07:18

    Wow, too bad it's so early in the year because when I say this is the best book I've read this year, it would sound so much more meaningful if it were already December. It's also a very long book. One way I gauge how good a book is by whether or not I want it to end. Some books are just so mediocre that I constantly have to force myself to keep reading them. The Far Shores is not one of them. I didn't want it to end. In fact, ending as it did with an intense cliffhanger is driving me crazy. I want the next book in the series NOW!

  • Liquid Frost
    2019-05-03 11:26

    Well, I read the first three books quickly. In this (3 of 5) series, the main character, Alex, is still a bumbling jackwagon and it gets to be pretty annoying. There is good action going around but I find myself skimming quite a bit on this one. I know the other two books aren't out yet - and it would be great to see if Alex redeems himself and how the rest of the 'world' plays out - but if I forget about the next release, I'm okay with that.

  • Mnoraznan
    2019-05-03 09:14

    Everything seems in order except Alex.He's underwhelming, to say the least.Due to his pathetic existence, this is a 4 for me.Hope there's sufficient payoff in the next one.

  • Horninc
    2019-05-02 12:31

    Amazing storyline, but a bit abrupt ending. Zachary can do better. Five stars nonetheless.

  • Gwen
    2019-05-20 14:20

    This book is better than the second and the first. Again, it's a short book and it reads very quickly. I am looking forward to the last two of the series.

  • Jeff Grant
    2019-05-01 10:33

    It rocked! Zachary keeps on getting better with each book!