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Return to Sapphire Cay for Christmas. Lucas and Dylan invite their friends to share in their Christmas celebrations on the island along with Lucas’s sister, Tasha, and her husband. Christmas is a time for family, forgiveness, and to look to the future, and this year Dylan has to face up to all three.Unearthing the memories of two men in love, frozen in time and buried amonReturn to Sapphire Cay for Christmas. Lucas and Dylan invite their friends to share in their Christmas celebrations on the island along with Lucas’s sister, Tasha, and her husband. Christmas is a time for family, forgiveness, and to look to the future, and this year Dylan has to face up to all three.Unearthing the memories of two men in love, frozen in time and buried among the history of the island, Lucas and Dylan realize that sometimes loving someone is not always enough. It’s about being brave and taking the next step. To learn from the past to move forward.Family has always been important to Lucas since his own was struck by tragedy. Though Dylan disapproves of his methods, Lucas has nothing but good intentions about wanting Dylan to reconcile with his father. The two Grey men haven’t spoken properly in years, their relationship strained by heartache and mistakes reaching back into Dylan’s childhood. Forgiveness is a hard thing to give and sometimes even harder to receive....

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Christmas In The Sun Reviews

  • Nic
    2019-04-24 07:08

    This is one of those stories that is like revisiting family. It's feels like a family gathering where you get to find out what's happening with everyone, a sneak peak into the relationships and lives of those you care about.Primarily focused on Lucas and Dylan,the story takes place in the lead up to Christmas. Lucas wants Dylan to experience the full joy of family at Christmas but his interfering causes a bit of a (very short lived) rift between him and Dylan. As with any couple, these guys do have issues they need to work through but they love each other enough to talk it out. Plus have really fabulous make-up sex! Finding some old photos and letters that document a secret relationship from the 30s/40s, also reinforces how lucky they are to live in an age where they are relatively free to love each other.There are some small peaks of Jamie & Edward and Adam & Scott, although not enough to really satisfy my curiosity about these couples. The addition of Tasha and Liam plus a cute little stray dog completes the family feel.What I would love to see now is a full length books with the story of Alfie and Peter. There was so much left unsaid about this couple and I am totally intrigued to learn more about their love story, to find out who Alfie was and what really happened with him and Peter. Please RJ and Meredith?3.5 happy Christmas stars!I publish all my m/m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m/m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One!

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-05-05 11:26

    This story was a special treat for any fan of Sapphire Cay. The guests were gone and Tasha and Liam along with the rest of the island's crew were settling in for a family Christmas. The newest addition to the Cay family is Mutt, a stray dog that put a smile on even Edward's face. The story read beautifully as Ms Scott showed each of the couples and the entire group together relaxing and sharing intimate moments that the reader never gets to see in a regular book. I enjoyed the mysterious story of Alfie and Peter and Tasha's news. There were some rough times between Lucas and Dylan and some thoughts of growth with the Cay's success. I definitely recommend this look at the Sapphire Cay family for any romantic at heart.

  • Thomaidha Papa
    2019-04-25 12:29

    3~3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsOh my, this was a fun read and reconnection with Sapphire Cay. I must say that this Christmas story is unlike others. There is no white Christmas here, rather sunny and full with games, laughter, swimming and… well all sorts of incidents really.I was quite happy reading this book as it’s a gathering of all the characters/couples that make the Cay the paradise it is. The main couple of course are Dylan and Lucas, but make no mistake, we see them all there; Jamie and Edward, Scott and Adam (though they are a bit more floating) and the last couple is a hetero (don’t get all snippy already) Liam and Tasha, Lukas’ sister. Dominique escaped us as he just met and said goodbye to us since the beginning of the story, leaving Adam to take care of the Christmas food...Read the entire review here.Thommie

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-04-22 11:11

    It was great catching up with the whole gang again. Luca and Dylan, Jamie and Edward, and Scott and Adam. All three couples made an appearance here, but the book was mainly about Luca and Dylan. This book book had a really strong family feel about it. Did I like that? Hell yes! Do I want more of these guys? Hell yes! I adore this series and I have loved all of the books. RJ Scott and Meredith Russell have a great series going here and they could keep going with it... If they want to.This is a Christmas story, so bear that in mind. It had a really nice, easy feel about it. There was also a little bit of redemption here too. I won't spoil it, though. Just know that there is a character that was mentioned in the first book that made an appearance of sorts here.I would definitely recommend this book to people!

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-05-02 09:26

    I LOVED this! This is definitely a must-read for fans of this series as it revisits with all of the couples from previous books for the holiday. So sweet, and I loved the little plots for each couple, although most of the focus on this was on Lucas and Dylan. But now I really want to know more about Alfie and Peter! I want a happy ending for them too!

  • Ezinwanyi
    2019-05-15 14:27

    This book continued the journey Lucas and Dylan began in book 1, Follow the Sun. It’s the holidays and Lucas invited his sister and her family to spend the holidays in Sapphire Cay. He can’t help but feel bad as his lover Dylan looks longingly at the family’s interactions. Dylan’s mom died when he was young and the dad neglected Dylan in his grief. So now Dylan has no contact with his father. Lucas decides that he will help Dylan cope with his past hurts. Lucas contacted Dylan’s father and invited him to the island behind Dylan’s back, and that was the biggest fight I ever recalled in this series. While they were dealing with this issue, Lucas and Dylan found a box with letters and photos dated between 1935-1943. The letters were correspondence between Millionaire Peter French & a man named Alfie. It appears that Peter has a wife named Annalise, but was in love with Peter. It was the 1930’s America, so it was not acceptable that a man in Peter’s social standing would openly indulge in such an unacceptable relationship. So it appears they had a “Brokeback Mountain” kind of relationship on the island of Sapphire Cay.Their discovery really helped Lucas and Dylan to appreciate their relationship and to discuss where they wanted to go from here. They also decided they wanted to honor Peter & Alfie, by celebrating society’s growing acceptance of same sex union. They began are discussing making their relationship permanent in light of their discovery of Alfie & Peter. It was a good book because the holidays often provoke period of reflections. Both Lucas and Dylan decided to mend certain situations and move into a period of reconciliation with others. It was a nice holiday read.This book had everyone Jamie & Edward, Scott & Adam, who was now the head chef as Dominic retired to the mainland, Tasha, Scott and son Liam and a new Sapphire Cay pet, Mutt. I just wish the authors didn’t leave us hanging about Alfie and Peter. That whole saga was left wide open and now I am completely curious about it. If you enjoyed the first 3 books in the series, you will also enjoy this one. It is the exact same style, writing, and group dynamics as we have gotten used to experiencing in the prior books. I really like the flow of the series and I look forward to the next step in May.

  • Joanne
    2019-05-15 07:28

    I loved this, a perfect Sapphire Cay Christmas. Ful review coming soon

  • Suze
    2019-05-07 07:25

    I found this book a bit up and down - the beginning was a bit hard to get into but then other parts were quite intense and absorbing, then it would get a bit flowery for my preferences.I would have liked more exploration of the impact of prison on Adam, though the effects were seen with his panic attacks and lack of confidence. In some ways I thought that Jamie had moved on better than Scott - he was learning a trade at culinary school and had long term plans whereas Scott was still an itinerant worker effectively, albeit for friends.The series is character based and this one has little in the way of background story - the others had weddings going on.So overall, nice inclusion in the series.

  • Eve
    2019-04-27 11:22

    Oh man what a great Christmas on the Cay! I love Mutt, so glad to see the whole gang reunited for the holidays and the special discovery is great. I want to know so much more about Alfie & Peter. I'm hoping that will happen soon! I found this series late but I'm so glad I found it. I love these characters. The story pulls you in, each couple gets their time and the sex is so hot but not overly explicit porn. I love it every time! It's perfect!

  • Ann
    2019-04-24 12:22

    A great addition to the Sapphire Cay series. It was nice to have a tropical vacation and catch up with these guys for the holidays. Full review soon at:Then here on GR

  • Becky Condit
    2019-05-17 12:20

    Please see Josie Goodreads' complete review at quote: “It isn’t always about the happy ending,” Lucas offered. Sometimes it’s about the journey,”

  • Paul
    2019-05-13 10:22

    Loved catching up with all the folks at Sapphire Cay!

  • Sue bowdley
    2019-05-10 14:05

    Oh so loved catching up with Luke and Dylan....and the rest of the gang.....x

  • Andrea
    2019-05-14 12:16

    Enjoyed all the characters getting together again - nice quick read

  • Nikko
    2019-05-20 09:06

    Totally awesome!!!!!!