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Book Five in the The Thresl Chronicles series.When Duke Hellbur is accused of treason against his people, he bonds with medic Balaze to keep his human form and prove his innocence.When Duke Hellbur is accused of smuggling Thresls and selling them off to interested buyers, he undertakes a trip to prove his innocence. In order to retain his humanity, Hellbur bonds with a medBook Five in the The Thresl Chronicles series.When Duke Hellbur is accused of treason against his people, he bonds with medic Balaze to keep his human form and prove his innocence.When Duke Hellbur is accused of smuggling Thresls and selling them off to interested buyers, he undertakes a trip to prove his innocence. In order to retain his humanity, Hellbur bonds with a medic named Balaze…who didn’t exactly give his assent to the binding of their souls.Balaze admired the duke whenever he visited the castle, but finding someone attractive and wanting to be theirs for eternity aren’t the same thing. After surviving the death of his first Thresl mate, Balaze isn’t exactly eager to go through that pain again. However, the duke doesn’t take no for answer.Those who are guilty will have to be uncovered if the two men ever plan on finding peace with each other. When Hellbur and Balaze go off on an interplanetary adventure, can they find common ground or will their enemies tear them apart?...

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Duke Betrayed Reviews

  • Serena Yates
    2019-04-26 15:24

    The fifth 'Thresl Chronicles' book is as exciting as the first four, and I get more interested with each volume as the hunt for the traitors selling Thresls into slavery intensifies. The duke who was accused to be a ring leader at the end of book four is one of the main characters in this story, and the revelations of what he has and has not done held me captive from page one. Adding the gentle medic, Balaze, to the mix made the combination action/adventure/romance a great success for me. Not to mention that Friln and his mate Nelrin, as well as King Vohne play their parts – guaranteed to make this newest installment even better. Duke Hellbur, a somewhat remote and possibly even somewhat intimidating figure in the previous book, really comes into his own here. His past was pretty rough and what he has done to make sure the Thresls are as safe as possible is amazing. Not that it helps when he is accused of selling them off, but he is determined to prove his innocence – no matter what the cost. His attraction to Balaze is unexpected, since he'd already had a mate, but he decides to "go with the flow" so to speak, only to discover what being mated really means. If only they'd manage to catch the traitor so he can spend more time with his new mate! Balaze is a dedicated doctor, loves to help people, and can be a very strict task master where his patients are concerned. He feels drawn to the duke, but can’t quite believe he really has a second mate, nor does he want to face the possibility of more heartbreak. The most urgent concern is helping Hellbur find the traitor, and even though Balaze isn’t a fighter, he wants to help. He certainly is determined enough for two men and ends up doing a great job. The adventure that brings these two men ever closer is exciting, has many twists and turns, and gives some great glimpses as to what might happen in the next book. None of these external distractions can keep Balaze and Hellbur from exploring each other, and their passions flares as intensely as their anger when they do find the culprit.If you like stories with an evil plot, a futuristic setting, and paranormal elements, if you enjoy reading about alien cultures in the far future who seem to struggle with some of the same issues we do, and if you're looking for a hot read with two men who discover they have more in common than physical attraction, then you will probably like this novella. NOTE: This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • DeeNeez
    2019-05-13 13:08

    Wow! This is my first read of the Thresl Chronicles, and now I must read the others. It was easy to slip into this universe of cat-shifters. It was a fast paced adventure where master spy, Hell, awakes from a murder attempt to find himself bond-mating to his human doctor, Balaze. Hell has been framed, so off the fugitives go, traversing the universe following leads to clear his name. The book reads like a serial drama, so I would recommend starting at the beginning (which I will rectify myself), for the drama and mystery doesn't stop here obviously, this ends with a teaser to the next book.

  • multitaskingmomma
    2019-05-22 11:10

    Original Blog Post: must say! Whooooohoooo! Thank you Amber Kell!Before you proceed: WARNING! Spoilers Ahead!Duke Betrayed more than made up for the slump that I felt Thresl was going through. This just boosted my love for the creatures and peoples. The plot is getting thicker, the supposed traitor is caught but is found to be the tip of the plot, and by all that's sexy-holy, Saint is just getting naughtier and naughtier and Mars better be prepared for his life is just about to get complicated - not that it isn't complicated enough.But let's just get back to Balaze and Hell. Forget about a romance here. Even these two admit theirs is not a great love story. What happens is they meet, and after years and years of stamping down on his animal needs, Hell finally gets to meet a mate who is more than a match. However, I beg to differ. In my opinion, this is a beautiful romantic romance that happened between the men. These two men may seem world's apart but frankly, they have more things in common. Both had lost their first mates and both had avenged their deaths. Both men were not looking for another but fate has its quirks and they find one another in the most dubious of circumstances. Hell is on a hospital bed after the bomb attack in Bonded Broken (The Thresl Chronicles #4) and who just happens to be his medic? Why, it's Balaze no less. The best of the best and trusted of the king and king-mate. Once Hell gets off his addiction and gets a whiff of Balaze, he knows this is the mate he had been unconsciously looking for. Of course, his animal instincts take over and no matter how precarious his situation may be, he can't help but bond with the guy. Of course, Balaze has always had an attraction for the Duke. Who can blame him. That is one hot guy! This does not mean he wanted the bonding though after all, he had already lost one mate, now another is here and he may just be the traitor everyone has been looking for.Both men get off-planet and tried to seek answers. Along the way, Saint meets up with them and waves his massive tail. The ancient Thresl has powers beyong belief and had been tracking his own mate for the past three books so now he has finally caught on. His naughtiness knows no bounds and just like a sneaky kitty, Mars may not know what he's getting into.This was a really fun book to read. It was fast paced, the plot was finally developing at a faster rate AND the characterizations were written oh so much better this time. This made me happy for the past two books were slumping it for me and I was personally unhappy and anxious the author may not get off. Well, fear not. This is a very entertaining book to read. The Saint affair is also thickening so now I am even more anxious for the next installment. I NEED to know now what this guy is going to get into next. Well, I know already because of that ending. And what an ending!

  • ~SexyBookWorm~
    2019-05-21 09:09

    Not bad but it would have been much better if the problems in their relationship had been worked out. They struggled so much during the book and I had hoped for the ultimate meeting of the minds, come to Jesus, moment in their relationship. But it never happened. That sucks. It's almost like a tease. the whole book we wait and anticipate the "moment"..then it doesn't happen. :-/ If it had happened it would have been a 5 star for sure bc the characters were great. oh well. .

  • V
    2019-04-23 13:28

    I think we are never going to found out who are the culprits until right at the end. I feel sorry for the Duke's servant thought.(view spoiler)[ I wish that instead of killing himself the author would have wrote a sequel about him finding his true mate (hide spoiler)]

  • Popcorn
    2019-05-13 11:23

    This did nothing to pregress the story with was a little annoying.

  • Sophia
    2019-05-01 15:37

    I really enjoy this series and love the Thresl cats and their mates so its automatic to just grab up the next book when it comes out. This book takes up right where the last one left off. It grabbed me early and left me even more pleased than ever with this series.The story opens with the medic, Dr. Walter Balaze, watching over the unconscious Duke in his care. Duke Hellbur has been healed from the explosion, but something else keeps his body down. Balaze is attracted to the duke and worries for him. Soon the King-Mate arrives to explain that the duke was taking experimental drugs to suppress his Thresl nature so he could stay human even without a bond mate. Balaze is not really worried knowing what those drugs probably did to the man's body.Hell wakes up to the best scent he's ever smelled and the best rest he's experienced in ages. A soft voice calls him 'kitty' and begs for him to wake up. He loves that voice too which is the source of the scent that screams 'mate' to him. Hell promptly comes to alertness, pounces on the pretty male and bites him to initialize their bond. His new mate is cute and shocked, but for the first time in centuries, Hell's body settles down from the war it was under raging for a mate. He shifts and barely begins to explain to his mate when Friln arrives to share that he's going to be arrested for treason which will hopefully draw out the real traitors. Friln says he'll wait until the duke is given his health clearance.With that bit of news, Hell grabs his mildly protesting mate and goes on the run to find out who set him up so he can clear his names. He now is doubly motivated because after he settles matters, he has a handsome mate to enjoy.Balaze understands the need to go with Hell for safety purposes, but he wish he meant more to Hellbur than a convenience bond and he wishes to be of real help on Hell's quest that takes them across the galaxy.The space adventure leads them to so many things. They gain the clues they need, find Saint, help a colony of suffering Thresls, discover what they seek, and also find that it serves to draw them closer in their bond. It all comes to a close leaving the door open for Saint and Mars' adventure.From the get-go, I was into this one. It offered the passionate mating, the danger of the chase, intrigue, relationship development and scene time with Saint. Hell and Balaze are great together. They've both been in a mate bond before, lost their mates, and know exactly what they want. I loved how both communicate well though Hell has trouble verbalizing his feelings. Their personalities fit so well together too. They were a blazing hot couple, but tender too. I enjoyed seeing both of them use their skills in this story.All and all, this was one of the strongest outings in the series in my opinion.

  • Tina
    2019-04-28 15:23

    Duke Hellbur is being set up. He knows he is not a traitor but someone close to him is. Can he find out the culprit before his name is tarnished beyond repair? In Duke Betrayed by Amber Kell Duke Hellbur is determined to find out who is using his name and connections to sell Thresls. In order to do so he must remain human and Balaze is the key to doing so. But Balaze has already lost his Thresl and doesn’t want to experience the pain of loss again. Can he forgive Hellbur for taking away his choice?I really enjoyed this addition to Ms. Kell’s Thresl Chronicles series. Hellbur is an honorable Thresl who has given his all to protecting not only his brethren but his king as well. And now someone has used his network to subvert everything his has worked for. And when his life is nearly ended it causes his body to revert to his cat form, a form in which he cannot use to clear his name. I really enjoyed Hellbur and Balaze. You would not have expected them to fit but they did. They had such different personalities and desires for the future but somehow as they followed the threads of deceit they meshed. Hellbur needed to learn what it means to really love and Balaze had to learn to trust his heart again. Ms. Kell wove their differing needs in such a way that it felt believable and real. The story was action packed and well written. I am a fan of this series and with this addition by Ms. Kell did not disappoint!

  • Mnix
    2019-05-21 07:10

    Outwardly Duke Hellbur is simply another useless royal living on the fringe, but behind the scenes he manages a spy network that locates and frees Thresls from slavery and pit fighting.Recently however, someone close to Hellbur has framed him, making it look as though he is the one destroying the precious Thresl population. Matters come to a head when the Duke is almost killed. On waking his Thresl side scents his mate in his medic, Balaze who has absolutely no interest in bonding with Hellbur. The stubborn duke won’t take no for an answer and ends up dragging Balaze across the universe to find the real culprit and prove his innocence.Balaze and Hellbur were both previously mated. This time it will be different. This time the connection will be more than just a physical bond. This time love will be what holds them together as they unmask the true villains.Duke Betrayed rings with powerful emotion and suspense. Tense drama and passion guide Hellbur and Balaze on their journey in the fifth story of the wildly popular Thresl Chronicles. The primary plotline focuses on the duke and the medic’s unconventional romance while the secondary story centers on the plight of the Thresls. Duke Betrayed amplifies a wonderful series with characters that rock.This book was reviewed by Lisa for Joyfully Reviewed (JR), and was provided by the publisher/author at no cost to JR for the purpose of being reviewed.

  • Beth doesn't writeenough reviews
    2019-05-15 07:36

    Of the Thresl Chronicles so far, I feel this one fell short. None of them are great novels and all are a bit scattered but this one was really scattered and there were several instances where I thought either 'well that was dumb' or 'well why don't they just...' In an advanced society that has interstellar travel, shape shifting abilities, scanners & advanced medical systems they don't have some way of making a simple phone call?Yes, all of this authors stories are novellas and yes they are simple brain candy, nothing serious and a good way to relax and turn off higher thinking but even I can only suspend so much disbelief even for a paranormal/science fiction story.I do plan to continue this series as well as her other work, I just hope I don't continue to be let down.

  • Thomaidha Papa
    2019-05-12 14:24

    3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsThe suspense continues in the Thresl Chronicles Series and book five Duke Betrayed picks up where the previous left us with Duke Hellbur being in the hospital waiting to get better so that King Vohne can interrogate him about his alleged betrayal. As we already know, Hellbur suppressed his change back to feral when his mate died in the Great Purge by using drugs. The absence of them during his healing causes Hell to shift back into his Thresl form when in the hospital and under the care of Balaze. Upon regaining consciousness, Hell understands that he has no chance of proving his innocence in this form and that the people who framed him are now free to take advantage of his people...Read the rest of the review here.Thommie

  • Ilona
    2019-05-08 07:33

    Well the Thresl story continued but still not with Saint's story :( However putting that disappointment aside I really enjoyed Duke Betrayed. There were glimpses of Saint and his mate but mostly it was about Hellbur and his romance with Balaze whilst trying to clear his name and help save the Thresl people. So naturally there was plenty of hot loving, all the usual misunderstandings, action and of course a little bit towards the longer Thresl storyline.

  • Marsha Spence
    2019-05-23 15:27

    I just love this series! CANNOT wait for Saint's story!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-26 08:22

    What a great story.

  • Teeny
    2019-04-29 12:19

    3.5 stars

  • Jess
    2019-05-08 12:26

    The duke is cute !!

  • Fadia Pierre
    2019-05-10 12:22

    The plot thickens, betrayl and conspiracies runneth over.

  • Lasha
    2019-05-09 10:12

    3.5 stars