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The beginning of the end. The Apocalypse.A nuclear fallout wiped out every living thing on the planet, except for a few thousand of us who took shelter in underground bunkers across the globe. Now, after thirteen long years, we were finally able to return to the topside to begin to rebuild.We thought we were alone. We were never more wrong.Before the fallout, scientists haThe beginning of the end. The Apocalypse.A nuclear fallout wiped out every living thing on the planet, except for a few thousand of us who took shelter in underground bunkers across the globe. Now, after thirteen long years, we were finally able to return to the topside to begin to rebuild.We thought we were alone. We were never more wrong.Before the fallout, scientists had worked on creating an anti-radiation vaccine (ARV). The first two attempts failed, but despite the incomplete tests and results, the government approved and distributed the third serum to the masses in an effort to aid those who had no shelter.It worked, keeping those who remained on the topside alive, but it also altered and mutated them. This new and infectious threat had completely outnumbered us. Now, we not only had to rebuild our planet. We would have to fight for it.My name is Abigail Park. I’m seventeen, and this is my story....

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ARV-3 Reviews

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    2019-03-14 07:25

    This book has an over all rating of 4.1 stars on Goodreads....then there is me.This sucker was at best a 1.5 star. Because stupid stuff happens. The world has basically ended because of some solar flares that shut off the energy system and the nuclear plants all went cookoo for cocoa puffs. Except for a select few people. The Preppers and some of the government all were prepared and had made elaborate hives underground. But before the government folks went underground they had to appease all the people that they were leaving behind and so they release an untested vaccine for radiation called ARV-3.Fast forward thirteen years. Abi is the teen Mary Sue of our story and she has been living underground all these years with her family and some other people. Her hive has been supporting several people all this time. Food for this many people just is hard for me to wrap my brain around but we will over look all that for the sake of my not being a bitch.In the meantime Abi and her family and all the survivors have all been training with weapons and all that jazz. Because might as well.Her father is the leader of this little hive and he has been in contact with the government peoples and now they have been testing all the soil and air and decide that it's pretty safe for people to leave their hives and join up to fight the good fight of re-starting the world.Then they find out that there are creatures up there. (Not a spoiler-calm down)..these creatures are the people that were just lucky enough to get that vaccine. They have mutated into a whole new ballgame of things. They also think people are tasty.We wouldn't have a story if Ali and her crew didn't plan on heading Topside to try and reach more survivors so you know what happens then.BUT before that we need a luurve interest. Throw in Finn. He and his mom are part of Abi's hive and she has been his friend all these thirteen years but right before they head out to fight the baddies this crap happens.*Gag*Anyways I'm not a fan. I liked the Arvies (the baddies) and thought this book could have been really good. It has a pretty decent premise but the characters were just sort of cookie cutter and frankly I was hoping for them to get eaten.Then you have the way that they get out of problems. There will be a snot storm a brewing and what do they do? They will fight but if that doesn't work say a prayer-miracle then occurs. My eyes rolled so hard that I flipped off the couch at one point. Then I look and there are many more books in this series....Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-03-21 08:48

    WOWTHISNEEDSTOBEAMOVIEThis was an extremely amazing book, think I Am Human / silos / romance / EVERYTHING AMAZING IN A POST APOCALYPTIC BOOK! OMG

  • Kathylill
    2019-03-02 13:50

    Oh my god this was partially really good but had so many faults. The good: I found the apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic world interesting but I was not convinced by the concept. According to the story, a massive solar storm wiped out all electricity on the planet. The following Nuclear fallout wiped out life on the planet, except for a few thousand humans who took shelter in underground bunkers across the globe. When the ejection is directed towards the Earth and reaches it as an interplanetary CME (ICME), the shock wave of the traveling mass of Solar Energetic Particles causes a geomagnetic storm that may disrupt the Earth's magnetosphere. Coronal mass ejections, along with solar flares of other origin, can disrupt radio transmissions and cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission line facilities, resulting in potentially massive and long-lasting power outages. So far so good. But, it takes 17h for a solar flare to reach Earth. There would have been enough time to switch off potentially dangerous atomic power plants.But let’s go with the story and assume all those scientists at NASA, ESA & Roskosmos, haven’t seen it coming, and the solar storm was like a GIANT GLOBAL EMP and everybody on this planet just wakes up without ANY electricity and EVERY SINGLE nuclear power plant was going to go Chernobyl on us. Life on Earth wouldn’t be over. Life in Europe and USA would be over. But let’s have a look at a picture of nuclear power plant around the glove: There is not a single red dot in Alaska and Canada, Africa, South America, Australia, large parts of Russia and Asia. Why not evacuate people to these countries, with sailboats and steamboats if need be. But let’s just go with the story. There are big, government hives and some small “family” hives, build by those who prepared for exactly this end-of-the-world scenario. How people can survive 13 years in a bunker is beyond me. The amount of dried fruits and noodles to feed 15 people for almost 5000 days… wow... is simply unbelievable. The amount of toilet paper alone is unthinkable! I found it not nearly enough explained how people survived that long without sunlight, without access to the surface in an underground bunker. Now, after thirteen years, people finally are able to return to the topside only to find the world full of aggressive mutants. I have to admit, I did enjoy the Arvies. They are crazed, milky-eyed creatures who have developed a deep hatred towards all survivors over the last decade and they totally like to bite and rip them apart. Also there is more to them than a Zombie-like almost dead status on the surface. They are feeling, communicating and strategizing human-like creatures. And they want revenge for what the government did to them. That was the best part of the book because you never know when one or several hundreds of them are going to pop out behind you. There’s a lot of action with guns, bombs and snipers. Loved it! Apart from this the story didn’t appeal to me on every other level. Almost all characters are very cliché: you have the ex-Navy Seal uncle who is depicted like a middle-aged Rambo, there is her Mom who constantly panics, her grandparents were kind of forgotten after their introduction, same with Abi’s cousin that never even gets mentioned again in the entire book! the people in the government hive were even more cliché and absolutely nobody contributed in any way to the story. That was kind of a letdown. It felt like the potential of group dynamics under pressure was totally wasted. The interactions remained unfortunately shallow and sketchy which also left gigantic-sized opportunities for plot holes that were filled by “deus-ex-machina”, literally. I have nothing against religion, but please spare me with prayers that are being answered and all the talk about karma and fate. There are like 3 major events where they are up to their ears in a shit storm and would you believe it, they pray to God and salvation comes. Unrealistic much? Have I mentioned the romance? No? Shame on me! How could I forget to tell you about ohmygodhejustlookedatmeisn’theawesome FINN. Finn who will always love her, be there for her, who even gives her an engagement ring, who kisses her senseless, love-lost. Kill me please! It was a lot of telling instead of showing involved. If not for all its faults, Abi’s ass-kicking character, the action and interesting drafted Arvies would have been enough to grant at least 1 or two stars more. But despite my misgivings, I am still interested in the next book in this series.

  • Christine
    2019-02-28 11:33

    One-word review: Absurd.Longer review:A completely implausible (both scientifically and sociologically) dystopian teen drama with a flat main character and secondary characters whose motivations were not well established. 1. Nuclear power plants are not atomic or nuclear bombs. This is an extremely common misconception, and I was willing to forgive it if the rest of the book was good. It was not. 2. The first few chapters were told as a massive information dump that failed to establish the profound impact being raised in a small underground bunker would have on a girl, nor did it do anything to establish the extremely close-knit relationships that would undoubtedly be formed between 15 people living in such close proximity. 3. Those 15 people had no new babies in 13 years. There is no form of birth control in existence with an expiration date lasting that long and the small bunker didn't exactly have the facilities to manufacture new options. And despite the need to conserve food, I'm not convinced it was desirable not to begin the reproduction of humanity within that bunker. (That second point is debatable. The first is not.)4. The main character suddenly notices how hot Finn is just before they leave the bunker, when she's 17 and he's 19. Wow, she went through puberty late! Come on, get real! This isn't high school and I don't care if you've thought of him as your best friend growing up. You have hormones. He has hormones. You're confined in close quarters in an intense survival situation. You didn't *just* notice him. 5. When they leave the bunker, they are met by zombies (who took an anti-radiation vaccine that mutated them). These zombies have done more than survive radiation -- they have survived the complete destruction of all plant and animal life on the planet and the fact that they like to eat one another. Wow.6. As Abby and Finn travel to the new government bunker, there is a painful love story unfolding in which he gives her a promise ring like they're in middle school. There's no reason the two can't just say they're married. What are they waiting for? A state-issued license? It's a harsh world and you're going to grow up quickly. If you want to get married, declare it and it's done. That way when you get to the new bunker you don't have to worry about the nonsense about boys and girls being separated and you can instead settle in the married bunk.7. The delay in training women for warfare in an intense survival situation was also unbelievable, although I do believe that with only a few thousand humans left, you wouldn't want to send the girls out if at all possible. 8. The social dynamic of the girls in the new safe zone bunker was difficult to swallow. I didn't understand any of the forces driving it, why Abby made an enemy within two seconds of entering, why she made a best bud in those same two seconds, etc. Eva's eventual apology made no sense either. I do enjoy dystopian and apocalyptic scifi. This is not a good one.

  • Stuart Keane
    2019-03-23 14:27

    First of all, I'm going to ignore the fact this book is aimed at Young Adults, purely because I don't read Young Adult books and focusing on it too much might ruin the review. Crap, did I ruin it already? No, okay. With that aside, let's approach the book in my normal way.ARV-3 is phenomenal. That's right, pure and simple. I'm a sucker for a dystopian thriller and this book ticks each and every category that enables this to flourish as such. Bleak themes? Check. Tragic Earth-crippling catastrophe? Check. A small group of characters that come together in order to rescue their planet from an otherworldly - or in this case, home-grown - menace? Check. Realistic characters that enforce face palms and vehement "don't do that" reactions from the readers? Check. The sinister power-hungry individuals that think the world is their oyster now it's been decimated? Check.It's a lot of checks, something necessary in order to pull off a story of this magnitude. Part conspiracy thriller, part romance, very Young Adult in it's approach but with plenty for the mature, adult reader, ARV-3 hits all the correct notes. Dystopian thrillers can verge on the epic (The Stand by Stephen King is one example, excellent) but the problem with epic is the ability to get lost, go too far too quickly and lose track of the books goal. Characters suffer and readers tire easily. The author doesn't do this, reigning in the story to a select group of people, people we can care about and watch develop before our very eyes. The author instead uses this book as the first chapter in what looks to be an engaging, must-read series, which means the characters can develop at a leisurely pace over a period of time, without being crammed into one volume. Told from the first person, we learn everything as it happens through the eyes of our seventeen year old protagonist, Abi. It works perfectly, building tension, terror and that nagging ability that, despite the monster threat on the Earth's surface, humans are still the biggest threat to the future of the world. This is what a dystopian thriller should be; human, but with the right amount of horror, the fear of the unknown and outright discovery. Abi may seem naïve to some readers but don't forget, we're seeing everything with her for the first time. You'd be the same if stuck underground for thirteen years too. And she's seventeen for God's sake. It's examples of realism like this that hook you and keep you turning the pages.There's one more thing this book has going for it. A love story. It may seem cliché to root a love story deep within a tale of tragic loss, devastation and apocalyptic undertone but the movies do it all the time and it occasionally works. For ARV-3, the love story is paramount, vital and important. Without it, the book would be a bunch of people running around and shooting monsters. And everyone's done that before. What Cameo Renae (awesome name by the way) does is to inject some humanity into the proceedings, which in turn lifts ARV-3 from a standard dystopian thriller to an out and out blast. Cliché well and truly diminished. 5*? Absolutely. I've not seen/read a more realistic dystopian thriller since the Fallout video games, something I had in mind the entire time I was reading this. Renae has created an original world, one so bleak, violent and unforgiving that any hope of humanity is a god-send. The characters, dialogue and scenarios are played out excellently and you will find yourself catching breath after some of the action set pieces. I hear a movie is in the works for this...I can't bloody wait!I popped my modern Young Adult cherry with this book and it was very special. I'm glad I waited. Essential reading.

  • Jennifer (The Nightly Book Owl)
    2019-03-04 11:23

    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review can also be read at The Nightly Book Owl. It seems as if those infected with the ARV-3 serum survived the apocalypse, but there were major side effects. There was something in the serum which caused them to mutate. They have become violent cannibals.The creature was completely hairless, and its skin creased with countless wrinkles, appearing scabrous and leathery. It was horribly pale. Purplish blue veins protruded and snaked all over its body.You can probably tell that this is a book about an apocalyptic world where a virus has spread. A serum that was supposed to save the people that were not fortunate enough to get to a hive underground turned them into cannibalistic monsters instead. Think The Walking Dead but with faster zombies/mutants. Overall, I thought this book was okay, but damn did I love the scenes with the mutants, called Arvies. I love the action, the chase, and the feeling of being trapped. This book got me in the mood to read other zombie books because it keeps you on your toes. You never know when an Arvy is going to pop out of nowhere, and eerily enough they’re not brainless. They communicate. That was, hands down, the best part of this book. There were guns. There were swords. There were bombs. In other words, I love the action. For this reason, it is a shame that the second half of this book took such a drastic turn. It went from being a kickass survival story into an average teen drama. Action was still there at times, but I wasn’t kept in suspense. I wasn’t itching to read what was next because it didn’t have the same feel or atmosphere at all. I would have easily given this book a three or four stars, but because of how average I thought the latter part of the book was, I cannot bring myself to do so.Just as I had it focused in my sites, its milky white eyes snapped up to me. What the --? It took me off guard, and was freaking me out, because its eyes never left me. It suddenly bared its teeth, and then… It held up its decrepit fingers, like a gun, and pretended to shoot me! This is the kind of stuff you find in the first half of the book.“OMG! Are they hot?” She whispered giddily, taking hold of my shoulders.I hesitated. OMG. Was she serious?OMG! Was he freaking serious.This is the kind of stuff you find in the second half of the book. Abi, the main character, and her friend Tina are constantly snickering and giggling, and it just takes away from the whole feel of the book. OMG yeah.The romance in this book wasn’t very interesting. I just never had a chance to see them as being romantically involved before the main character spelled it out for the reader. What happened to subtlety? I do, however, love the tight-knit group. Even though they’re not all blood related, they act as a family, protecting one another no matter what, and it’s very touching. I love the family dynamic going on here, and it’s one of the best parts of this book. Plus, Abi is pretty kickass. Overall, I am interested in seeing how this plays out, but at the same time, it’s not on my top priority. In the next installment, more action and Arvies would be great. A tear trailed down my face as we stepped further and further away from our past and headed north toward our future.

  • Karla Bostic
    2019-03-08 09:38

    I absolutely Loved this new world that Cameo created. I was a bit worried when I saw it was post apocalyptic, but that went away after the first page. I was immediately wrapped up in these character's and wanted to learn all about them and their lives. I became completely lost in their world and grew to love and care for all of them. They are met with challenges that we couldn't begin to know what to do with and together they meet the challenges they are faced with. Teenage rebellion is alive and well as we see this story through the eyes of a 17yr old girl. Her past 13yrs were spent in a hive(shelter) and she doesn't even remember what the real world looked like anymore. She longs to feel the sun on her face and the wind in her hair.Spoiler alterI have to admit reading about the garden of Eden was my favorite part of the book. Cameo uses such amazing ways to describe this chapter that you are right there experiencing every moment with them. Feeling what it would be like to experience these things for the first time.Absolutely 5* I would give it 10 if possible. No one writes a book to get lost in, the way Cameo does.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-10 09:22

    well holy cow. the first few chapters give you the background as to how the world is where it is in the current setting. Once the traveling begins the tempo really starts to pick up. And before I knew it I was reading the last page.Change, how we all hate it. This story takes change to a whole new level and by the time the characters adapt to one setting they are thrown into a sugar coated level of hell. Friendships and love are tested and in the end its love and loyalty to those you love that allow one to remain human vs a very pale image of humanity.By the half mark I forgot I was tired, didn't notice I'd gotten hungry and just read the story so quick that the app couldn't keep up with my reading speed- the past several hours are a blur, I'm still trying to pull myself back to our time!! Fun, fast paced, action packed story with a bit of romance- its going to be one of my new favorite series!!!

  • Barbara Ann
    2019-03-20 09:35

    4.5 shining starsLately, I’ve been reading quite a bit of apocalyptic/dystopian fiction, and I am so pleased that I discovered ARV-3, which veers away from some of the usual zombie apocalyptic stories I’ve encountered. Renae has added an intriguing but disturbing twist to this plot because the antagonists aren’t merely zombies infected with a virus who’ve risen from the dead to wreak havoc on the survivors. Instead, they are living, breathing humans who have, over time, mutated into frighteningly violent, animalistic creatures after they took an untested anti-radiation vaccine hastily distributed by the government prior to the planet’s nuclear meltdown. Although the majority of the population was unprepared for this catastrophe, some doomsday planners were able to find safety in underground bunkers that they built and stockpiled for just such an emergency. When Abigail Parker, or Abi was just four years old, she and her parents escaped underground with several other families and hunkered down to live in an old missile silo. Abi has grown up in this insulated, but lovingly safe environment or “hive” with little memory of feeling the warmth of sunshine, the gentle breeze of the wind, or the grass beneath her feet. Now, after thirteen years below ground, contamination levels have been reduced and the story really begins once they resurface and begin their journey to one of the “safe zones,” a much larger, government controlled bunker where they can work together with other survivors to begin rebuilding the wasteland that is left. Renae does an amazing job with world-building to help readers visualize the “hives” or underground facilities that house the survivors and the desolate landscape now bereft of animals and vegetation; the only topside inhabitants existing are the vile, cannibalistic creatures, called “Arvies,” who’ve lost their humanity and now roam the earth seeking the destruction of those around them. They crave human flesh, and one bite from an Arvy is all it takes to infect and spread the mutation. Their existence makes the story all the more horrific as Abi and her group realize that these were people with limited options for survival, who took the vaccine trusting that it would protect them from radiation poisoning, but as a result, were turned into abominable creatures who still show some capacity for thought. Although Abi and her group are forced to fight these creatures, Abi initially struggles with guilt over taking another’s life, and this is one of many attributes that make her character so realistic and believable.At seventeen, Abi is perceptive, compassionate, loving, and wickedly gifted in the use of weaponry. With her trusty firearm named Hellfire, Abi proves herself over and over in helping her family and friends survive the multitude of crises they encounter. The story is well-paced and full of dangerous and suspenseful scenes that made it hard to take a reading break. Over the course of their journey I began to really care about this small group of survivors who are as close as family, extremely loyal, and always concerned for each other’s well-being.Furthermore, I also became emotionally invested in the burgeoning romance between Abi and her best friend, Finn, who has grown into a handsome young man right before her very eyes. They finally reveal their mutual attraction for each other after they go topside, and I appreciated how easily they were able to express their feelings for each other and take their friendship to the next level. The description of their first kiss is memorable and is meant to solidify their commitment to each other. However, just as I suspected, their relationship will be tested after they settle in at the government run underground facility where they are surrounded by other teens, one of whom is set on vying for Finn’s attention and affection. The love scenes are sweet, touching, and appropriate for young adult readers. Although I was sorry to reach the book’s conclusion since the plot is nowhere near finished, the author does provide a satisfying place to pause until the next installment is released. Overall, this was a well-written story with an engaging plot and relatable characters. I’m very interested in reading the next installment in this series, and I certainly recommend this book to teens and adults who enjoy post-apocalyptic fiction. I received an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review.

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2019-03-12 14:41

    I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Abigail Park or Abi is a seventeen year old girl who went underground to live in what is called a hive. Abi, her mother, father, uncle, aunt and cousin along with a few other families all lived in the hives for thirteen years. Abi was four years old when she went into the hive. Abi and everyone else in the hive trained every day how to shoot and fight in hand to hand combat. They also worked out to keep themselves in shape. They knew that they would have to fight with others when they went topside again one day. But they didn't know that what or who they would be fighting was a big surprise to all of them.Thirteen years ago when the fallout began the government created a vaccine hoping to help the people that had nowhere to go. People that had no hive to go to that would keep them safe and alive. Everything happened so fast that they didn't have time to test the vaccines properly. The vaccine did keep the people alive if what they were changed into could be called a live. They were not dead their hearts still beat so you couldn't exactly call them zombies but they were close.Abi fell in love with one of the few guys, Finn that was her age who lived with them in the hive. Finn and Abi spent a lot of time together. They trained together, they ate together and they probably played together as children. They were only seventeen years old but they knew what it was to be in love. They both would have given their own life for the other. Abi and Finn would have also do everything and anything to help their families too. Abi and Finn both had great big hearts with a whole lot of love to go around.I loved finding and reading a whole new and different story about the apocalypses. ARV-3 is one of the best books about the apocalypses that I have ever read. It will grab a hold of you starting with the very first word and will not let you go until you have read the very last word. I even read it on my phone while I was cooking. No joke I really did. I hope the next book in the series makes its debut real soon. I want to know more about Abi, Finn, Tina, Ava and all of their parents too. Their stories are ones that need to be told and I can't wait to read more of their stories. This is one book that I definitely recommend to all who love dystopian and apocalyptic.

  • Jacquie Talento
    2019-03-13 11:42

    Ms. Renae is one of those authors that you just know when she writes a story, you have to find a place to hide so you can read with no interruptions at all. Just make sure you bring food and water with you because you won’t want to stop reading till the final word is read. Add this story to another amazing read from Ms. Renae.We all have our theories of how the apocalypse might be, but Ms. Renae has you seeing it from a completely different perspective and one that you don’t want to miss. With the government’s knowledge of the eminent danger of radiation poisoning, Scientist work on a possible cure to protect those that won’t be able to find safety from the fallout. Failing the first two times, they opt to go with the third serum and have no idea what kind of a mess they have created for those that not only survived, but for those that wished they hadn’t and have created what is known to all as the Arvies. Abigail has grown up in the bunker along with 5 other families and now close friends. They have been waiting for the day when they can be allowed above ground once again to see the sun. The day has come and with it, many questions as to how they can make it to the safety of others that have survived the apocalypse. But new threats roam the earth and with that, the thirst for flesh and control. Abi and Finn, someone that she has been best friends with from the beginning have made a pact to always be there for each other and to have the other’s back. The connection and feelings the two have for one another is amazing and touching. But can the two as well as their families survive the changes the world now holds for them and can a love so strong fight for the freedom they all deserve?I was gifted a copy from the author for an honest review.

  • Miranda Copeland
    2019-03-11 09:40

    It is rare nowadays for me to pick up a book and not put it down, but this book had me hooked from the very beginning. The hive that Abi lives in is filled with a close knit family even if they are not related. Fifteen people in one hive and that is all they needed, but they wanted to go out of the hive and rebuild and see the world that they so dearly missed.Only one problem: Arvies, killing mutated humans and there are thousands of them. There only way to survive is to find a governmental safe zone.The journey to the safe zone is thrilling. It is action-packed and very exciting. Abi, right from the beginning is a real character model, killing every Arvie she shoots, but not only that she is extremely smart. She can tell when danger is near and she can spot when something does not seem right, especially in the safe zone.Finn. Abi's best friend and blossoming love. He gives her a soft side, a side that makes her bold. This is a pushing factor to this story and it's a good one. She is able to love deeply and focus on surviving all at the same time. I do admit she goes a little far at the end when Finn's life is in danger but who doesn't in the name of love?The safe zone: best thing ever right? Maybe not so much? There is only a little we find out about the safe zone and we should be finding out more in her next book which I can't wait to read.As I am told the grammar and spelling errors have been corrected, which will make it even more enjoyable to read again.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-24 08:20

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Indie Inked and Netgalley.)17-year-old Abi has lived in a bunker with only a few select people for 13 years. Now it’s time to go outside and face the zombies on the surface.How long can Abi and her family survive? And do we really care?I usually like dystopian books, but this one was just a big miss for me.I didn’t like any of the characters in this book; they were all pretty stupid, short-sighted, and generally annoying. They made poor decisions, and didn’t seem to think about the bigger picture – just whatever it was they wanted at that point.The storyline in this was just peppered with things that annoyed me. Why leave the safety of the bunker if you don’t have to? Why waste ammunition that you might need later? Why say that people aren’t human just because they have dementia? Pretty darn shocking really.There was some romance, but I wasn’t really feeling it. It was obvious, and the romantic scenes weren’t really all that romantic. I also didn’t get how they were managing to sneak around when there were not only their parents around but zombies!The ending was a cliff-hanger, and it wasn’t entertaining, the best thing about it was that it was the end of the book! Yay!Overall; dull, with annoying characters,4 out of 10.

  • Pauline Creeden
    2019-03-17 12:27

    Cameo Renae is an author to watch! She’s one of the few YA authors left that keep the story clean while giving the reader tons of action, emotional roller coasters and unpredictable twists. With ARV-3, she takes the tired old zombie troupe and ramps it up by using not only fast “zombies”, but smart ones…with an extra strength add on (which would be a spoiler if I mention it). This makes for potentially one of the most terrifying infected types that are out there.Now the story is a bit slow going at first, with a large cast of characters who need introduction and a situation that could have been more delicately handled than dumped in our laps, but the author attempts to give the reader a ton of background so that she can get on with the action, so it’s forgivable. Once the group starts on their trek through the post-apocalyptic wasteland, we become attached to the characters and grow to love them. Then we take a hard left turn into a truly dystopian society and that’s when the book really starts to get interesting!4.5 Stars!If you are looking for a post-apocalyptic book with a touch of faith, give this one a try!

  • Shannon
    2019-02-21 06:30

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. WOW!! I absolutely loved this book. If you love YA dystopian, adventure, zombie like things, doomsday books this is definitely for you. Ms. Renae combined a fabulous story with an engaging story. I was reading this while sitting at the dentist while my son was having a root canal. 3 hours after starting I was almost done. I finished when I got home. This book held my interest from the first sentence to the very last. I am dying to read book 2 already! Excellent work!!

  • Marie
    2019-03-18 11:37

    Nooooooooo!!! I think my book was robbed of pages!!! This is my first Dystopian book & it was AWESOME!!! This book literally sucked me in & took me on an Arvie killing adventure!!! I love Abi & Finn!!! They are young but mature!!! They have lived through a tough childhood & have had to make do with what they have!!! This is why they love each other & why their love is strong for one another, because they've had nothing but each other growing up!!! I can't wait to read & find out what will happen & what the next adenture will be!!!Cameo you rocked this book!!! Thank you!!!

  • Evie
    2019-03-20 11:25

    A really awesome and thrilling (but also very sweet at times) apocalyptic story!

  • Donna
    2019-03-18 08:25

    You can see more of my reviews at My Blog I did not finish this book. My review is for the first 260 pages onlyThis is probably one of the worst books I've read (or attempted to read) this year. Right from the beginning the book was fraught with problems. Bad world building and one dimensional characters were just two of the problems. Ultimately, as my hatred for this book become more and more potent, I gave up on it.ARV-3 is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the earth or the sun shifted and then all the nuclear power plants screwed and killed everyone. Abigail Park's (Abi) family hid in an underground bunker for 13 years until the nuclear radiation started to fade away and the surface would become safe again. Unfortunately, for those who did not have a secret bunker, they would be vaccinated against radiation (theoretically, can that even happen?). This vaccination turned them into mutants called Arvies. Meanwhile, Abi's family emerges on the surface and begins their journey of finding others.Okay, so there are around 15 people living in the bunker. It's a big bunker, with many levels and even a park. Abi's dad built it way before the earth crapped out just because he was paranoid. It has all these high-class oxygen and water recycling machines. Her dad is a NASA scientist, and as far as I know, scientists at NASA don't get paid enough to be able to produce a well functioning bunker. Building a huge, comfortable bunker like that would cost a fortune, and I don't really see where or how he would ever get the money and the manpower to do so. Right when the book begins, I got blasted in the face by infodumping. Yep, we get to hear all about the earth dying and all of the characters in the bunker (who will still be boring and one-dimensional to me no matter how much time is spent describing them) and how much everyone trains and who does what in the bunker. ZZzzzZZZzz...Luckily, that part of the book passed.To then go into a barrage of insta-love and Abi's terrible personality.Abi and Finn fall deep into love (no surprise there!) and start mooning over each other 24/7. Obviously Finn is incredibly hot, nice, and strong.Abi is an unlikable character. She's one of those characters who's always bragging about how well they can fight, how well they can shoot, and generally how awesome they are. Abi actually says that she could easily take out a Navy SEAL and that she's an amazing shooter. She was so up herself, and I guess I would kind of understand if she could actually hold her own in a fight, but nope. When they leave the bunker, Abi craps herself at the sight of the Arvies even though she knew of their existence (okay, that's actually sort of understandable). When her uncle and Finn decide to go on a dangerous mission, Abi whines and brags to them about it until they allow her to go. When they do go, she freaks out completely and her uncle and Finn have to make up for her dead weight. Even worse, she ends up getting jealous when another girl talks to Finn and starts calling her a "bitch" for no reason.Ugh.Every other character isn't really worth talking about. There's nothing special or interesting about them.This book had so many common sense problems. If the Arvies are mindless cannibals, then why haven't they eaten each other off yet? There are approximately 15 people in the bunker and they have been there for 13 years. Abi claims that her father stocked enough preserved food to last them for many years. They never seem to run out of food in the book.So, let's assume that each character has three servings of canned/dried food every day. 15 times 3=45 cans or packages a day. There are 4745 days in 13 years. 4745 times 45=213,525 cans or packages.That food would be incredibly expensive and take up a lot of space. Given that the people in the bunker never go hungry and never mention depleting stocks of food, we can assume that they have much more. What the hell? How would someone even get that much food, and more importantly, how would they pay? The resources needed to keep 15 people alive for 13 years are huge. I find it really hard to believe that one paranoid scientist could do all of that.I mentioned before that everyone decides to leave the safety of the bunker and face the outside world. They were aware of the radiation problems are the Arvies, so why the hell did they leave? They went through a whole bunch of trouble to do so, when they could have just waited until it was safer. Given by the fact that one person dies and all the others are in danger and have nowhere to go, they weren't really well prepared anyway.There were countless moments in the book which made me scratch my head in confusion because of the poor common sense used. That was pretty much what the book was; a bunch of stupid characters and stupid decisions that eventually led to stupid outcomes. When Abi became jealous and petty, I gave up altogether. I would not recommend this book to anyone. However, I can see this book being liked by some people, due to some of the post-apocalyptic and survivalist elements. But stay away from this book if insta-love, stupidity, and stuck up characters bother you.An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    2019-03-02 06:21

    Even if the cover design could make you to think at whatever horror story you have in mind, I say to you from the beginning that this novel is part of a Young Adult series. I know this information may be superfluous for those who have read the description, but as books pertaining to this genre have more suggestive covers for young people (a bit too easy in my opinion) I wanted to mention this. It is a book for teenagers and I can go a bit further and say that is addressed mainly to girls. Why so? Before you jump with a wrong conclusion and accuse me of being sexist or with too masculine impulses, note that there are plenty of books or movies that I could name among my favorites that have as main character a woman. But in this novel, the feelings, thoughts and actions of the main character are a little too feminine adolescent, and I don’t think that the male readers, even if they are teenagers, will resonate and will recognize themselves much in the central character of this book. But I think it would not be bad for them to read the book and understand (could ever boys understand?) how a girl feels and lives the first love. This is not a criticism, just an observation. Maybe it's just me, maybe ... So, girls ... let’s start! ARV – 3 is an apocalyptic or, to be more precise, a post apocalyptic novel, but also with some dystopian tendencies. I hope you do not confuse the terms and if we are at the explanations time, apocalyptic concerns a world devastated like in the zombie stories and dystopian society refers to a coercive and dictatorial society (the novel "1984" by George Orwell is the best example) which is the opposite of the utopian one. Despite the premises and the set in which the novel operates, the story is a love one. There is not a Romeo and Juliet story, families are not the problem and the obstacle to their happiness, but the legacy that the old society had left them. It’s a poisoned legacy that has devastated the Earth's surface, an unforgiving and full of dangers one. It is a story about camaraderie, self-sacrifice, about the love for your dear ones, about courage and audacity. But is also a sensible tale, about the feelings and the beauty of first love. A fine and pure love, a young love full of hope that seeks a chance and a purpose in a broken world. A novel in which the sensibility is intertwined with violence, the gun metal coldness stand next to the lover’s embrace fire, and both the joy and despair claim the right to be the key words. A journey of a group of survivors who may be best described by simply saying: "Leap out from the frying pan into the fire". A fray that, albeit for the moment seemed taken only against the monsters that inhabited the new world, finds new enemies right in the midst of survivors. And so, the transition from the apocalyptic to dystopian does not seem so difficult. The denouement? You must have a little patience. You'll find it in the next volume or volumes. ARV-3 is a novel that starts without much preparation and you will be captivated by the moments of tensions and action even if the story is not filled with terrifying descriptions or sprinkled with grotesque images that are characteristic to apocalyptic genre. A book that brings sensitivity, but also force through the fight scenes that are not few. The author will enjoy you with her concise (in a good way), very visual and engaging style that will go directly to your heart. There will be something for everybody. Even if I said that the girls will be (or are) the target audience, I recommend the book also to the boys. There will be no time lost, and as I mentioned, maybe they will learn something about how the girls are and act.GZM

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    2019-03-12 09:29

    The world around us was desolate and bereft of life. Death in its many forms, was waiting. Our journey had just begun. We just needed to survive until we reached our new destination. The safe zone, over s thousand miles away in Montana. ***Living below ground for 13 long years, it is now time for Abigail and her family to go top side. They need to see if they can make it to another shelter, in hopes that they can restart earth and get her going again. What they didn't expect to find was the survivors who lived through the nuclear fall out and what they had become. I have had this book for quite some time, over 2 yrs to be exact. I think I got it back when the author put it on for free. I guess you can say I am late to the party. So anyhow. I was in dire need of a really good, zombie'ish book to read. And let me tell you, this book did not disappoint. It was so good and kept me quickly reading. I loved all the twists and turns that the characters were faced with and had to endure. It kept me on my toes and feverishly reading.There is some sweet romance that added to the story. Because if you know me, I like me some romance. But it wasn't too much that would turn those away who are not entirely fond of it themselves. I guess I would say, all of it was perfectly portioned! Great story, lovable characters, and of course...zombie'ish fiends. This book hit the spot and I look forward to reading more of the series. 5 Stars!

  • Michelle (Much Loved Books)
    2019-03-20 13:50

    "They knew it wasn't a matter of if it was going to happen - it was a meter of when". This has got to be one of my favourite introductions to a book, ever. I loved the prelude to ARV-3, it makes this story feel even more real with the whole ending of the world in 2012. While the world didn't end in 2012, the effects of the solar flare are real, and we get to see how catastrophic it was on the earth, the prelude is told by Abigail Park I had goosebumps from finishing it..Abi and Fin, part of the small group of survivors that hid in a shelter, learning survival skills and growing up till it was safe to go topside. Thirteen years after the effects of the radiation had worn off they make the choice to venture up and make the perilous journey to a bigger, better, safe haven.The first day going topside is hard on everyone, and with attacking Arvies it's hard for them to make their way to a safe zone, not once can they let their guard down and relax, each step ahead, each stop they plan to make must be thought out and considered wisely.ARV-3 has a way of drawing you into this world, and getting completely sucked into it, I was a bag of nerves as they began their journey, not knowing if they would make it to the destination. The desolation of the Earth is told with such stark detail that it was easy to imagine how bad it was, and how much destruction had been caused. The Arvies are not creatures that I would want to meet anywhere, even in daylight, and the description of them sounds scary enough.Throughout ARV-3 there were characters that I liked, and some I just didn't, but I will leave that judgement to you. One person who I did instantly like was Tina, I thought she was a good friend and roommate for Abi, and helps her immensely in the settling in period. There were moments I wanted to slap Fin for his behaviour towards others, yes I know he has grown up in a very sheltered environment but he seriously couldn't have been that naive. That being said though, Abi should have given him a chance to explain or at least explain to him what her issues where.The last few chapters of ARV-3 were beyond nerve wracking, I was once again a nervous wreck, worrying over what would happen to characters, who would survive and who wouldn't. Even though things went the way I wanted them to go I could not relax until they were on the way out.I enjoyed following this group of people as they try to make it in this new world for themselves, and while I did enjoy the story as a whole, there were one or two things that bugged me. One of the main things I disliked was although it was a tough journey, I felt like they got off too easy. They were rescued too easily and too soon and although the rescue doesn't go as planned, and things do happen which I won't elaborate on, I still felt it was too easy, that they didn't really get chance to get a full experience of this new Earth, or maybe I just wanted them to suffer a bit more.Overall I enjoyed ARV-3 and I like how Cameo has seamlessly gone from one genre to another without any major issues. Reading ARV-3 feels like it's a perfect genre for Cameo and I do look forward to reading what happens net for these characters.

  • Kendall {Book Crazy}
    2019-03-22 12:23

    I had been desperate to read this book! I'm a huge fan of dystopian, apocalyptic books, so I knew that I was going to love this one! And love it I did! This book was amazing! It was really unique as well! I haven't read anything quite like it! The plot of this book was insane! There was so much going on and there was never a dull moment that would ever make you want to put the book down! Like, ever! I loved that there was also plenty of background in this book about what made the world come to an end and how people survived! The aspect of the mutants was also pretty original, as they were kind of like zombies, but they weren't because the mutants were still human in a way! And also, their bites could turn you and they had to survive by eating human flesh! The mutants were a fresh idea and a new take on a dystopian, apocalyptic book! The plot also went in a different direction to what I was expecting, but I really, really enjoyed it! I was expecting the plot to go in a way of the characters trying to survive in the outside world with the mutants, and they did for some of the book, but then a lot of the plot was based in a compound of sort, which, if I'm honest, I was kinda expecting to happen in the next book lol! I did enjoy where the overall plot went though and I did think that this book was a standalone to start with, so it would have been perfect if it had been! I'm so happy it's a series though! The characters were amazing! Abigail was the main character and this book was written from her point of view! I loved Abi! There were some times in this book where I thought she maybe overreacted a little and she just had to listen, but apart from that, she was a genuine person who was having to adjust to living in a dangerous world! Abi was also such a such a fighter! She was always willing to risk her own life in order to save someone else's and that's something I strongly admired about her! I hope she stays like this in the next book! She was also acted just like a normal girl, but I loved that she had a bit of a rebelious streak to her too! She was willing to go to all lengths to find out the truth, which I loved! Finn was the love interest of Abi and I have to admit that I wasn't sure if there was going to be a romance in this book, but I'm so happy there was! Finn was such a sweetheart! He was there for Abi from page one and I loved how protective he was of her as well! Plus, he was so hot! My heart was in my mouth for Finn at the end of this book! I had no idea what was going to happen to him! The secondary characters in this book also added so much to the plot! I can't wait to see them develop in the next book! As I said, I thought that this book was a standalone when I first heard about it, but I'm really happy to discover that it's actually the beginning of a series! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and see what's going to happen next! Plus, the ending of this book left it at a great place, but I did think it was slightly rushed! The cover for this book is absolutely perfect! It represents what happened in the book brilliantly as well! I love it! Big thank you to Cameo for a copy of ARV-3!

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-18 13:24

    I received this book from the author for an honest review as part of a blog tour/blitz. This book was not at all what I expected and I mean that in the best possible way. I went into this book thinking I knew what would happen, but I had no idea what I was in for. This book was so full of excitement I has a hard time putting it down and I was very shocked when it was over, I was so invested and I was left hanging by the way, I just could not believe my journey in this world had come to an end, lets just say I needed a few minutes to recover. I really liked the bond and sense of family that the members of Abi's original hive had, and it was very interesting to see how after 13 years around the same group of people and shut off form the world adjusted to a much larger space and group of people. That also brings me to say that I am very suspicious of "the white city" and hope that as a family Abi's hive will figure out what the heck is going on there. I was very blind sided by a certain political figure, I thought he was a good guy, but apparently I was very very wrong.Cameo Renae created a very interesting post-Apocalyptic world and the idea behind the Arvies (which you need to read about to realise just hoe genius this is) was so cool and fresh in a world filled with zombie Apocalypse stories."They were akin to zombies, except the Arvies hadn't died. They still had a heartbeat, and blood flowing through their veins. They were still very much alive."I am still thinking about them I feel bad, yet they are trying to extinguish the human race, I think that it is very sneaky and smart giving the reader a soft spot for the enemy. Not only did she create a great and terrible world she also created great and terrible characters, I was angry with some, some made me smile, and on more than one occasion I was made to cry. Abi was a great main character she was strong willed, loyal, and had great wit, but she did tick me off with her quick and awful decision with Finn, but thank goodness she came to her senses. Finn wow what do I say....can I please have one???, he was strong, brave, funny and if I'm correct by the image in my head he is insanely HOT!There were so many other great characters on both the side of good and evil and even the unknown side. So read this book and discover them all.After reading this book and loving the style I will for sure be making time to read the Hidden Wings series also written by Cameo Renae because I really love her style.

  • Pyxi
    2019-03-21 12:45

    My review for: ARV-3 by Cameo Renae My rating: 5 out of 5 starsShanna RobersonOMFG! That about sums it up. This my first taste of Cameo Renae’s writing and she does not disappoint! It has it all from first love, zombies-like creatures, heart-thudding action, all wrapped up in a page turner package.It’s the end of days. The worst possible scenario has happened; a solar flare pitching the world into utter chaos. A new world without power and nuclear plant meltdowns dousing the world in deadly levels of radiation, killing all wildlife and forcing people to take shelter in underground bunkers. Suddenly, all the doomsday preppers were the hope for humanity’s survival. With the world in a panic and the government without any solution to the disaster, they approved a highly unstable vaccine to shield the radiation with dire side effects.Seventeen year old, Abigail Park hasn’t seen the sky in thirteen years. The Hive has been the only home she has ever known until now. Underground with fifteen other preppers, she has been waiting for this day forever. With her best friend, Finn and the other families at her side, they plan to go topside to make the thousand mile trek to government safe zone. But nothing could prepare them for what waited for them on the surface. Because the fallout isn’t the scariest thing possible and surviving has only begun. Cameo’s unique twist on ‘zombies’ is unlike anything you have ever read. It pulls you in from page one and doesn’t let go until the end. Even then, you want more! It’s gory, endearing and terrifying. Quite a feat for a dystopian novel but be warned . . .this book will definitely cause a book hangover. There is no putting this book down!

  • Fiona Wilson
    2019-03-01 07:46

    I honestly thought this would be just another zombie book like many others I have read recently, but I was very pleasantly surprised.The first few chapters of the book introduce us to the main characters. Abigail is a teenager who has been in an underground bunker most of her life, it is the only home she has really known. She is, for someone so young, an excellent shot. Finn is Abi's best friend and a few years older than her. When Abigail, her family and friends entered the bunker they knew that they would only be able to leave it after ten years, possibly more. This is how long the government decided it would take for the environment topside to recover from the disaster which sent them into the bunker in the first place.Thirteen long years pass and the members of the hive are ready to take their first steps outside. But what they encounter when they do leave shocks them all to the core. Abigail's marksmanship becomes extremely important, on more than one occasion, and helps not only her bunker family, but others they meet along the way.The journey which everyone undertakes is nothing they could have prepared themselves for. What they find along the way, and the trouble they have trying to reach a safe destination, leads them to be emotionally and physically challenged.Can this small group of survivors find safety? Will they make it through the new world they find outside? And if they do reach safety, will that turn into something else entirely?The writing is good, the pace of the story kept my interest all the way through, and the ending leaves it open for more to follow.All in all a great story which brings something new to the zombie/post apocalyptic genre in my opinion. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • K.R. Wilburn
    2019-03-06 07:30

    I was very surprised to find that I loved this book as much as I did. I don't normally dig on zombie books but thankfully this isn't zombies. This is mutants and it's done in a way that makes you worried for things that could happen. I suppose it didn't help that I began reading this book when news trickled in of a giant solar flare (gulp). This is the story of Abigail Park and her family and friends who have survived the last thirteen post apocalyptic years waiting it out in a missile silo. Instead of emerging to find that the world is ready to be rebuilt, they find it's still claimed, by people who were mutated by the false assurances of a vaccine distributed by a government who needed to placate the people until they could hide. For some reason I have yet to fathom, they decide to take their chances moving to the "safe zone" ran by the same government that created the mutants, or "arvies". I'm not sure yet if this is a post apocalyptic book, a horror book, or a straight up dystopian with some mutant sidelines. What I do know is that it is entertaining and fast paced and gave me something interesting to read while holed up against the cold. The only reason I didn't give it a five star rating is because it ended in the middle of nowhere again. I like books with resolutions rather than cliffhangers even though I know cliffhangers are crazy popular.

  • Tina
    2019-02-28 13:45

    What can I say about ARV-3 except that I love it!! A totally new take on "mutant" zombie-like creatures. Very creative and full of action. I was on the edge of my seat each time they encountered the mutants and in a few different situations that Abi put herself in.Abi is such a strong female character. She spent most of her life in an underground bunker after her family and a few others escaped the nuclear disaster that took out most of the population. She trained and became an expert marksman. She can carry her own in hand to hand as well. I love having a strong leading female who still has a soft side (especially for Finn).Finn also grew up in the bunker with Abi and is her best friend. They have a bond that has turned in a new direction. I absolutely love Finn. He is honest and totally swoony! My favorite character of all is Tina, wonder why. hehe I love this character. She is Abi's roomate in the safe zone and probably the best part of moving to this not so friendly place. Tina's father is the general there and let's just say I wouldn't want him in charge of my life.ARV-3 is a breath of fresh air. A completely new post apocalyptic idea and full of close calls and surprises. I absolutely can not wait for book 2. It's a must read and I highly recommend it!

  • Janie
    2019-03-05 12:34

    I was lucky enough to be given this by the author in return for an honest review.What a great read! We follow Abi a 17yr old who for the last 13years has lived underground due to the apocalypse.As Abi and the 14 other members of her hive decide to go topside to get to another safezone they face a huge journey and although it should be straight forward it isn't!!! Arvys (creatures that were once human) are crawling everywhere and they are highly infectious!! They face a perilous journey.This is a gripping and often nail biting read!!! This book has got it all it made me smile, chuckle and also cry.I seriously cannot wait to read to read the second book as I read this in less than an hour an half as it was that good!!!!An I need to find out what happens to Abi an the other's of her hive and whether or not they survive the safezone known as "The White City" and the Arvy's!!!

  • Cana
    2019-02-22 14:43

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a unique storyline in that it deals with mutants after the apocalypse. The balance between dialogue and narrative was superb. The characters were very well written and I fell in love with them. I did however get annoyed with Abi when she breaks a rule. It goes completely against the character and seems to only serve to make a story for later.The ending was a bit strange in that it seems to be abrupt but having said that it clearly leads onto another book so clearly that is why. I did really enjoy this book and the criticisms are very trivial to be honest. I would recommend anyone to read this book, I was slightly worried as i am not a zombie person but the story goes far beyond them. It is a great book.

  • Aimz
    2019-03-03 11:41

    I am so excited to get my hands on this! I can't wait. Is it out yet? Cmon!!!