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“THE EROTIC, GRIPPING SERIES THAT HAS DEFINED AN ENTIRE GENRE” (J.R. Ward) CONTINUES… After spending centuries in a prison of ice, Tatijana of the Dragonseekers was freed. Awakened in human form, Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world—one with more mysteries than she is prepared for. Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains, scarred by battle. Though the“THE EROTIC, GRIPPING SERIES THAT HAS DEFINED AN ENTIRE GENRE” (J.R. Ward) CONTINUES… After spending centuries in a prison of ice, Tatijana of the Dragonseekers was freed. Awakened in human form, Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world—one with more mysteries than she is prepared for. Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains, scarred by battle. Though the reason for his return could prove fatal if found out, he is drawn to the beautiful stranger who carries the scent of fresh earth, of forest, of the night itself. In time, Tatijana and Fenris will discover all that unites them—their secrets and pasts, their predators, and the hot flush of passion that stirs their souls. Yet just as surely, they’ll also discover everything ancient and evil that exists to destroy them.   Includes Never-Before-Published Original Bonus Material ...

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Dark Lycan Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-03-21 00:57

    5 Wolf Man StarsThat is not your choice, Fen, Tatijana reminded. I am no young child as Dimitri's lifemate is. I am centuries old and no one will ever make my decisions for me again. If my choice is you, then I will share all things a lifemate does, including exchanging blood. I am a woman. A warrior in my own right. I am an asset to you on the hunt and I refuse to be relegated to the role of a child with you making decisions for me.-TatijanaFirst read Sept 2013 Reread March 6, 2016Reread Feb 12 2017*Spoilers*"Aside from being courageous and a warrior, you're a truly beautiful woman, Tatijana Dragonseeker," he whispered. "I'm honored to be your lifemate, claimed or unclaimed."-FenNow that is what I am talking about. Dark Lycan was fan-fucking-tastic!!! OMG did I love this book. The last few books in this series were not that good for me. Although to be fair when a series is over 20 books long they can't all be 5 star winners. But this one Lord have mercy, it had everything I love in a Christine Feehan book. This book had it all. A new species of bad guys that are bigger, badder, and harder to kill. A beautiful love story. A peek into the Lycan world. Massive battles. Steamy love making. Past beloved Carpathian couples, new budding forbidden romances. Skyler and Dimitri. A party, Dancing and adorable Carpathian children. Everything!!!"I want you inside me, Fen. I want your blood in my veins, and your heart entwined with mine. I want our souls bound together, but most of all, right this minute, I want you and I to share the same skin."-Tatijana"I love you very much, sivamet. I would never want another woman . . ." "Of course not, because I'm your lifemate." He shook his head. "Silly woman. I fell in love with you long before I claimed you. It's impossible not to love you when I'm in your mind and see your kindness and compassion. When I see who you really are at your very core. I'm more than honored that you're my lifemate, but my love for you is all consuming. My heart and soul, my mind and body, all belong to you."-Fen and TatijanaI loved Fen. He was all Alpha, and hella badass, but he had the heart of a poet. He was serenading his woman and saving the day. He had a sweet, old world charm to him. He had his honor and he was loyal. Did I mention he was sexy......He was very sexy! I also really loved Tatijana. She had a horrible life but instead of letting it cripple her, she went for her freedom and grabbed it with both hands. She was very independent, smart, fierce in her own way but not a warrior as far as hand to hand fighting goes. She had a good sense of humor, she was caring and also very loyal. "He might look back, wolf man," she hissed, but she didn't pull away. "I could care less," he said, and kissed her. "Don't you dare get hurt. Not a single hair. Do you understand me?" "I understand you," she said, and kissed him back. "I love it when you go all wolfie on me."-Tatijana and Fen"I thought we all could use a little fun after . . ." She trailed off and looked at Mikhail. He shrugged. "You can say it, we got our butts kicked." "You've been saying it often enough to Gregori," Raven teased. "He so loves to tweak our son-in-law." "It's good for him," Mikhail was unrepentant.-Raven and MikhailI thought Titijana and Fen had a beautiful, heartwarming relationship built on mutual respect, love, and a ton of passion. They were very supportive of each other. Their personalities really complimented each other. They didn't wast time fighting. My God I was in fangirl heaven with all the past couples showing up. It was almost as awesome as Dark Celebration. I think I melted into a puddle of goo reading about Gregori and his two twin daughters, who by the way are so damn adorable it hurt! I loved every minute of Gregori I got. Then when Fen serenaded Tatijana in front of everyone while dancing with her I melted some more. OMG My poor Gary got hurt so bad in this book, but my awesome Gregori saved him! I ate up every minute I got with Skyler and Dimitri and was dying for more. I know their book is next and I know it's gonna be epic(because I have already read the whole series 4 times). I also really like Zev and thought his interactions with Branislava were hilarious and cute. This book ends with a cliffhanger. My poor Dimitri! I loved this book so much. It was a great read chock-full of adventure, action, and romance. There was never a dull moment. Now I have to hurry and start Dimitri's book because I hate leaving him that way........ Below I leave one of my favorite moments from the whole book. Dimitri telling Fen why he hasn't claimed Skyler."Yet you haven't claimed her." "Her father wants me to wait until she's at least twenty-five." Fen raised an eyebrow and then turned back to studying the Dubrinsky stronghold for signs Abel and Bardolf had already unraveled the safeguards. He couldn't imagine his brother living by anyone else's rules. "And you're abiding by that?" "Skyler and I have an understanding. When she's ready, she'll let me know. If she isn't twenty-five, well, hopefully her father and uncles will let me live." There was only the slightest trace of humor in Dimitri's voice. "She was adopted by Francesca and Gabriel Daratrazanoff." Fen swung around to stare at his brother in shock. "The legends? As in Gabriel and Lucian Daratrazanoff? They're alive? And Gabriel is her father?" "That would be the one." "Any chance he's not all that fond of her?" Fen asked. "He adores her." "Of course he does." In spite of the perilous situation they were in, Fen found himself grinning. "You shouldn't worry about this little fight we're about to enter, because your woman's daddy is going to tear you limb from limb."-Fen and Dimitri

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-03-04 22:43

    C. Feehan has created a New Species of EvilFenris Dalka...Carpathian and LycanFenris is a warrior and he is battle weary from fighting rouge vampires and werewolves. The last thing he expects to find while drinking in a run down bar, in the middle of nowhere, is his fated mate!!Tatijana of the DragonseekersTatjiana is finally free from her prison of ice. She had been locked away for hundreds of years, abused by her evil uncles. But now she is free to dance and interact with others. When she leaves the bar after a night of dancing, some unsavory characters decide to attack her. But the joke is on them, because they are being hunted by a rouge pack of werewolves.Well I'm not. Jumping for joy, I mean,that you're my lifemate. I can't have a lifemate right now. I've got issues.So the Carpathian series is based on Carpathians hunters killing rogue vampires. In this book, we learn that it is possible for a Werewolf or a Vampire to become a mixed blood. Basically a vampire/werewolf. When these beings go rougue, they are nearly impossible to kill. These mixed blood killers are the dreaded Sange rau.The Sange rau..Vampire mixed with WerewolfThis book was action packed. So much action, that I forgot it was suppose to be a romance. I also got tired of all the repetitive talking and explaining of what a Sange rau was. There was so much violence and bloodshed, that everyone kept needing to feed. I got soooo tired of all the feeding and sharing blood. There was Major overuse of the word blood. This one ended with a cliffhanger involving Dimitri. His book is next and I can't wait to see how his love story unfolds!!

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-03-20 23:04

    Completed review now posted...This book is absolutely amazing. I'm not joking when I say that, start to finish, Dark Lycan is white knuckles, edge of your seat action. As I said before, the Carpathian's world is changing in ways I never imagined it would. It's becoming more dangerous, more complex, and the stories are almost impossible to put down!Tatijana of the Dragonseekers lineage, after centuries of captivity at the hands of her depraved great grandfather, Xavier, an evil and powerful Mage, is tired of resting. She's finally free and she's ready to spread her wings - no pun intended - and learn of the world that evolved while she was trapped in an icy tomb. While out and about she finds herself in the company of Fenris Dalka, a man who is much more than he appears to be, a man with secrets he wants to keep hidden. It doesn't take long for them to realize that they are lifemates and, once they do, the passion they share sets the pages on fire.I am always amazed at Christine Feehan's imagination. The worlds she creates are unlike any others in their genres - and if there are similar worlds it's likely because she was copied. The stories are fast paced, exciting adventures filled with danger, romance and passion. They keep you guessing, keep you trying to puzzle out the problem, and keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night - or morning.I'm thrilled to have picked up the Carpathians again. I didn't realize how much I was missing them!

  • Georgia ♥ Team Dex ♥
    2019-02-24 02:00

    3.5 StarsCarpathian male in distress, no colours, BLAH, strong independent woman, lust, BLAH, mating rituals, healing rituals, bonding rituals, BLAH, incomprehensible rituals in strange languages, mythology BLAH, ancient evil vampires, BLAH freaking blah....Wolves, Sange Rau, The Prince, Gregory and his daughters and a healthy enticing dash of Dimitri and Skyler!!!The same old storyline that lost some of its awesomeness and hotness along the way. I keep reading because who cares, CARPATHIANS RULE!! and really it's about damn time for Dimitri and Skyler's story. We got teased enough! And turn up the heat a notch please...I think with this one Christine Feehan makes an interesting and much needed comeback ... WELL DONE! :) Keep it up!

  • Jen
    2019-03-13 18:09

    After the last book in the Carpathian series (#23), I was hesitant about how Christine Feehan was going to pull off keeping my interest. I began to think it was time to end this beloved series as things were becoming somewhat the same. I am thrilled to say that Ms. Feehan has pulled off an amazing feat of breathing new life into this wonderful series! The main enemy to the Carpathians have always been the vampires; but in "Dark Lycan" there is a new enemy in town and they are: a rogue pack of Lycans with two "leaders" who are "Sange rau."Fenris Dalka (brother to our beloved Dimitri!)happens to be one of these Sange rau; which basically means: mixed blood and that he is part Carpathian and part Lycan. This mix is deadly, and it just so happens that The Carpathian people are truly in danger this time. Their ability to fight this enemy is minimal. This is where Fen comes into the picture, and he is very leery of going to his Prince as he has feared being looked upon as evil.Of course Fen meets his lifemate Tatijana Dragonseeker at a local tavern, and even though the two of them don't believe they should complete the ritual of joining to one another, the pull is strong and they are immediately attracted to one another. I loved Tatijana! Even though she had been locked up in an ice cave for centuries and tortured by her own father; she was feisty and raring to go. She has a naive quality to herself; but her determination to be free and experience life to the fullest overpowers any hesitation she has. I had expected her to be traumatized and beaten down, but that was farthest from the truth. Then we have Fen, who was as loyal as they come. He felt like he had to hide himself from his people because of his mixed blood, and yet he was determined to protect them with everything inside of him. He literally put himself on the line many many times for his fellow Carpathians even knowing they might not accept him for who he is. Both Tatijana and Fen were extremely close to their siblings as well, and once they joined together they extended that protection to each others family.I loved the celebration that the Prince put on for everyone. In this scene we get to see familiar faces, and as a bonus we got to become aquainted with the many children of the couples that we have all grown to love. The best was seeing rough and tough Gregori with his twin daughters who have him wrapped around their fingers! That was priceless, and I became addicted to wanting to know how all of my favorite Carpathians were!On top of the familiar faces, there are some new ones that have been added too. I feel that Christine Feehan has set this story up as a stepping stone into new territory. It worked for me and I am eager to see where she will take this storyline with the Lycan people. I am absolutely dying for the next book which features Skylar and Dimitri! I have been waiting for their story since book 12 (I am guessing; but trust me it has been a long time!!)I am confident that their story is going to be explosive, emotional, and extremely entertaining! I can't wait! All in all, I am thrilled with this book and Ms Feehan will always be the "Queen of Paranormal Romance" to me!

  • Cyndi
    2019-02-21 21:55

    I absolutely loved it! One of the best in the series! Fen is an amazing hero- right up there with Gregori! Tatijana is a wonderful heroine too! They are a great couple and I loved seeing some of my favorite characters in this book!

  • Shauni
    2019-02-20 21:02

    Let me begin with FEEHAN IS BACK!! The last few books have left me feeling rather ifee about Chritine Feehan's Carpathian Series.. sure I was going to keep reading them but I sort of thought she had lost her way. But with Dark Lycan she came storming back and put the Carpathians right back on the map!!Fenris Dalka, who the heck is Fenris Dalka? Initially I was rolling my eyes thinking oh great another Carpathian we don't know and won't care about. But seriously, he was absolutely grand and not quite so unknown. A man who stood alone for centuries, an outsider in the Carpathian world and an doomed man in the Lycan one. Over the years his blood had mingled with those of a Lycan and he became what the Lycans feel is an evil creature. One to be destroyed without question. Not allowed to live. Even with such a sentence hanging over his head, should he be discovered, Fenris spent centuries hunting down both rogue Lycans, Vampires and the worst of them all.. Carpathian/Lycan (Sange rau)mixes who turned Vampire.Tatijana of the Dragonseekers had never known freedom, never had the chance to grow as a normal child and discover the world. She had been raised in captivity and since finally escaping she has spent much of her time beneath the ground healing. But now, she has a chance to explore, secretly. To discover the world around her. While she knows that she is wanted as a Lifemate she also knows that no man will ever again control her. So lifemate beware. But once she crosses into Fenris' site, the connection, the constant pull, changes her. The battle is heating up! The Carpathians have had two years of healing but now something wicked this way comes. It seems everything and everyone is traveling to the Carpathian mountains.. Darkness descends and this new evil is more powerful than even Mikhail and Gregory can imagine.. It's not just the Lycans, it's not just the Rogues, it's questionable if it's even just the Sange rau. As dark as this book gets with the worry of a new power.. there is some serious fun. It seems Gregory has lost the battle and those darling girls totally run the show (like they didn't start doing that from the very beginning). And it seems the next prince is going to have a female second in command.. Life is going to get interesting watching those Carpathians growing up.Dark Lycan also introduces the book many have been waiting for, Dark Wolf, Dimitri and Skylar's story.. and believe you me it is going to be a powerful one.. We see a lot of Dimitri in Dark Lycan and yes, we fall in love with him all over again.. And Skylar is growing up strong and proud.. One last thought.. Every time I am sure Ms Feehan is losing her touch, she creates a wonderful book like this one. When I least expect it, her book becomes one of her best. This book will definitely go into my top five of favorite Carpathian books..Shauni

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-12 20:43

    Every single time I tell myself I am done with this series, something ends up pulling me back to try just one more. And every time, I regret it. In this case, Christine Feehan promised the beginning of a trilogy surrounding the long awaited Skylar and Dimitri pairing. True, this is not technically their book, but their HEA arc begins here. Feehan has been dropping little snippets of this couple for-ever. I have no doubt the promise of their story will drive even reluctant readers to pick up this book. And they will regret it too.The Skylar – Dimitri promise is real. We do get to see them finally moving toward their romance. At least, I can tell you that was not a tease. But I can also tell you that I was bored to tears and I had to force myself to finish the book. (P.S. Apparently, S & D fell in love off page. They were all “my love” and “beloved” to each other. I was like, wha?)The hero of the book is actually Dimitri’s brother, Fenris. He has been away from the Carpathian people for centuries. While out hunting vampires, he fell in with a pack of Lycans and exchanged blood with them, turning him into a hybrid of the two species. The hybrids, AKA Sange rau, are more than the sum of their parts. They are stronger, faster, and nearly impossible to kill –which is a real problem if they turn vampire. So the Lycans have an elite team to track them and wipe them out. They don’t know the difference between Capathian and vampire, so Fenris must keep his hybrid blood a secret.He is tracking a vampire hybrid (I refuse to call them Sange rau because I grew so sick of reading that in the book) when he stumbles across Tatijana. She is one of the Dragonseeker aunts who were rescued from the caves where they were trapped by Xavier. –Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about. No way you would be reading this if you haven’t already read the other books in the series.– Anyway, Tatijana doesn’t want Fen to bind her because she was held captive so long. Fen doesn’t want to do it either, because he is afraid to taint her blood with his own. But they can’t fight the pull of being lifemates.There is virtually no conflict in the relationship. Both Fen and Tatijana are good, loyal, selfless, and committed to doing right by the other. Translation: utterly and completely boring. The external conflict is twofold. One is the pair of hybrid vamps targeting Prince Mikhail. The other is the squad of Lycans tracking said vamps, who would destroy Fen if they find out what he is. Dimitri is there to fight along side with his brother, and he becomes an active part of the story that way. His relationship with Skylar comes in by extension.On the plus side, we get to check in with the Dubrinksi’s, the Daratrazanoff’s, and many of the other couples we have gotten to know over the years. We get to meet the babies… who are now preschoolers. I enjoyed that. I appreciated that Fen wasn’t the average overbearing alpha Carpathian man. I liked that Feehan tried to change things up a little with the Lycan storyline. But there is so much chanting and descriptive narrative; and not enough emotional build or investment. I just didn’t care about what was happening. Even the sex was meh. And while we are talking about the sex, I’m thinking Feehan must have a sex ghost-writer in this book. I think I only saw the word “velvet” once and there was “cock” all over the place. It’s like I don’t even know her anymore.One other note, the last 20% of the book is a blend of the tedious Appendices, a dictionary, and a preview of Dark Wolf. I rarely read a preview for an upcoming book, but since this will be THE Skylar Dimitri book, I did. And it was probably the most interesting thing I read. Which means A) I am going to read Dark Wolf; and B) I am a total sucker, because the last three books have just not been good and I am coming back yet again.Rating: D+/C-*ARC Provided by Penguin

  • AL
    2019-02-24 19:45

    A BIG SOLID FIVE STARS! Feehan has brought the ol' charm back (Yes!) but not exact. But it's a book that will make you happy! Not only did she brought the pure ol' romance back into the pages but took us back to the mountains! We met almost everyone in this book! The fight between the rogue Werewolves and the Carpathians and the Elite Lycans hunters was a great thrill to read! The Werewolves are super fast. It was a great challenge to the Carpathian hunters.... Loooove seeing Gregori's twin daughters LOL (the children are adorable!) and Mikhail's strong, wise decisions. Coming up a new way to tell the Lycan council the difference between a Vampire/Lycan a Sange rau the bad guys.... and a Carpathian/Lycan.. the good guys by just changing the name! Hän ku pesäk kaikak meaning Guardians of all.It was really EXCITING to read this book! The first 35% in the book was very slow. But the book caught ablaze right after Fen and Tatijana mated! Feehan introduced us to a new twist in the series. A new species. Blood mix between a Lycan's and a Vampire's blood. They are called Sange rau (Bad Blood) they are super strong, super fast, and hard to kill. And they are hunted by both the Lycans and the Carpathians. And that's how it began *squeeee*Many years ago, Fen and a elite Lycan hunter was hunting a Sange rau who was killing many humans and Lycans alike. They joined their forces and brought that Sange rau down. During their many wounds and battles, the two hunters exchanged blood and which turned them into a Sange rau *gasps* but they weren't aware about how a Sange rau is made by just exchanging a blood! The hunter was hunted by his own people. Fen was hiding who he was then, afraid he would be hunted by his own people too and the Lycans. 'Cause he is not a Carpathian exact and not Lycan either. Only his younger brother, Dimitri knew of his existence and helped his brother whenever he needed a help...Many years later. One day, Tatijana woke up and decided to go out and explore the new world and guess who she finds, her lifemate! Fen and her bonded very easily! It was romantic! And she is just AMAZING! And Fen is equally amazing and special!The ending was SPECTACULAR. It literally ended with a BANG! Cannot wait to read the next book which is Skyler's and Dimitri's! WOOHOOO! I hope Dimitri is okay and DAMN isn't SKYLER one powerful young lady?! I cannot wait to see Zev and Bronnie together too *SMILES*

  • Vickie
    2019-02-22 00:53

    Finally.................. Christine Feehan has returned to what made her stories great. Character driven, action packed and a romance that was beautiful in its simplicity. Okay, the other "romances" weren't simplistic in the old fashioned sense, but hopefully you know what I mean. ;) We return to the Carpathian mountains and discover a new threat to the Carpathians existence, as well as a threat to the human world. Once Feehan introduced the two main characters into the story, it was nonstop action. There were a few surprises along the way and a lot of our old friends were there to help protect the Prince and their people. It was great getting to see them all again. I was a bit worried when she'd advanced the timeline by a couple of years, but it flowed smoothly and I didn't get the impression that we were missing anything. Well, obviously, we missed the details of several births, etc., but she did a great job in leaving the reader not feeling slighted in any way. And, of course, this is all leading up to Skyler & Dimitri's story. One that had to be hard to write. The pressure from her readers irked me to no end. I've always always said that I trust her (and other authors that I read religiously) to tell her characters' stories. And, if Dark Lycan was any indication as to how the next plot in this arc will play out, we are in for one hell of a ride. Well done Christine Feehan, very well done

  • Sarah
    2019-02-22 00:45

    Dark Lycan is the 24th book in the immensely popular Carpathian series, and it's also the start of a trilogy within the series focusing on the Carpathian/Lycan hybrids.After 23 previous Carpathian novels, Feehan has produced a novel that feels fresh and familiar, an unlikely combination. She's infused new blood into her Carpathians (literally and figuratively) with the creation of a new species that brings with it a new and powerful enemy in the form of the Sange Rau, a vampire/werewolf hybrid with the heightened abilities of both. Just as Carpathian hunters who choose the darkness turn into vampires, Lycans who choose their dark side turn into rogue werewolves. The mixed blood individuals are stronger, faster and smarter, and the Lycans don't care if they're good or evil, they want them all dead.Fen is a classic Feehan alpha male, with an edge - after years of living with the wolves, he is what the Lycans call Sange Rau, but he also has found his lifemate, meaning he's superpowerful but not evil. Although he's a new character to the series (as far as I know), his history was detailed and interesting, and a bit more than the standard "ancient warrior with incredible strength and skill as a hunter" background. Tatijana has come out of the healing Earth two years after her rescue from the ice caves, drawn by Fen's presence. Although she craves freedom after centuries of imprisonment, Tatijana quickly falls in love with Fen, fighting by his side and defending him to the Carpathians, who question why he has returned at the same time as the evil vampire Sange Rau. I thought Tatijana was a little too comfortable with people, and society, after spending her entire life encased in an ice cave. I understood her need for freedom, but wandering to a rough bar to dance alone seems like an odd way to taste freedom, even though she was under the lifemate compulsion to go there. So as much as I liked Tatijana as a character, her behavior seemed at odds with her history.The Lycans have their own hierarchy and elite hunters, and in Dark Lycan we meet Zev, the best of the best. He knows Fen as a fellow Lycan, and is falling hard for Branislava toward the end of this book. I can't wait to see what happens with those two, and to learn more about the elusive Lycan world as a counterpart to the Carpathians.One of the positive aspects of Feehan's stories can also be a negative, and that is her repetitive use of phrases. She uses the exact same phrasing repeatedly in each story to describe her heroes and heroines. Most often I appreciate this, as it really cements the intensity of the personality traits and physical characteristics, helping to solidify the character in my mind's eye. But after a while it makes me think "yeah yeah yeah" and makes me want to skim paragraphs. That being said, her word-building is fantastic and so believable, and I think her consistent use of repetition is the reason - any casual Dark Series reader (is there such a person?) has a crystal clear vision of the Carpathians, their world and their enemies as a result.Anyway, bottom line is I loved Dark Lycan and the fresh feel to this series, which is an unbelievable feat this far along. Along with the legion of Dark fans, I can't wait for Dark Wolf to finally see Skyler and Dimitri's story.

  • KatieV
    2019-02-28 02:07

    I enjoyed this installment. I was really interested to read the stories of the twin daughters of Xavier who were locked in ice for centuries.This story was about the twin Tatijana and Fen, a lycan/carpathian mix. I have enjoyed the injection of new mythology into the series. I believe it helps to keep things from getting stale. However, as some others have mentioned Feehan needs to dial it back a bit with all the ancient Carpathian and mage spells. YMMV, but sometimes it gets a bit repetitive.Interesting tale though and again a bonus of lots of Gregori, Mikhail, and other characters from other books :) I plan to keep reading, but admit I skipped several books between Razvan/Ivory's story and this one. I'll probably circle back eventually, but historically the books set in South America haven't done as much as for me. I think it's because we're so far from Romania and all my old favorites.

  • Barb Lie
    2019-03-15 18:01

    Dark Lycan is the 24th book in Christine Feehan’s wonderful Dark series. The Dark series has always been one of my top favorite series for many years. I would always look forward and anxiously await the next book. However, the three books that followed Dark Slayer were somewhat of a disappointment for me. I thought the three books were ok, but not up to the standard I was used to for Feehan. Well, I must say that in Dark Lycan….CHRISTINE FEEHAN is back. I loved Dark Lycan. It had the same exciting and adventurous storyline we loved, with a wonderful couple; a major villain, and many of our favorite characters from earlier books. It was like a homecoming, and I am happy to say this series is back on the front burner for me.Dark Lycan is Tatijana Dragonseeker’s story, and I for one have been waiting for her and Bronnie’s story since they were rescued. Fen Dalka, who is Dimitri’s brother, is the hero in this book, and he is awesome. Finally a hero who treats his mate as an equal partner, not just a sex slave. From the start, this story kept my interest, and it was just great to watch both Tatijana and Fen’s romance build. The crux of the story is a new breed of vampire & wolves, who have mixed blood of both, and are stronger and better then even the Carpathians. The new breed is a mix of vampire (or Carpathian) and werewolves, creating a breed called Sange rau Fen having just recently returned to the Carpathian Mountains to be with Dimitri, is both Carpathian and Werewolf, and hides that he is Sange rau, even from the elite wolves. He knows that the wolves kill the Sange rau, even if some of them are not bad, like Fen. But the wolves fear them as too dangerous, as they are so much stronger then anyone. While Fen hides what he is, he helps Tatijana, and immediately realizes she is his lifemate. At first Tatijana does not want anyone to control her, as most lifemates will try to do, but she begins to fall hard for Fen. Together, they are in the middle of this fight of the wolves and the Sange rau, against the Carpathians. This new breed has a hidden agenda that threatens them all.It is an exciting story, filled with action, bloody fights, and danger, with Fen, Tatijana, Dimitri and many of our Carpathians in the middle of this war. The main villain is someone new to us, but another vampire, who is the strongest one yet, with Mikhail constantly in danger.Dark Lycan was non stop entertainment all the way through. You could not put this book down, as it went from one action packed moment to the next. The romance between Tatijana and Fen was great, and their chemistry was very hot sexually. Again, I absolutely love when Christine brings in many of her other recurring characters that we have come to love, and they play a major role in this book…Mikhail, Gregori, Dimitri, Vikornoff, Natalya, Destiny, Nikolae, Falcon, just to name a few. We get to see an older and stronger Skyler for a short period, but we all know the next book, Dark Wolf belongs to Dimitri & Skyler, as the end of this book leads to that. Can’t wait.BarbThe Reading Cafe

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-02-20 19:06

    Way better Feehan! Her last few books were total bombs in my opinion. So much so in fact, that I stopped automatically buying her stuff. Dark Curse and Leopard's Prey SUCKED, frankly. But after seeing all the "Feehan Is Back" reviews I decided to give this one a shot and... Hhhmmm...better is all I can say. I wasn't all that into Fen and Tajitana (I think that's just me though), but the story line was very reminiscent of classic Feehan (although a little battle heavy in my opinion) and I loved seeing all my old favorites. Mostly, however, I am stoked about the glimpse into Dark Wolf and Dimitri and Skylar's story. We Feehan fans have been stalking her site and waiting for this one forever...which just sets up impossible expectations, I know, but oh well. So for reference, while not as good as the early Dark series books (Prince, Magic, Destiny, etc) it was WAY better than the later ones (Curse, Predator, and all those weird Dragonseeker offshoots). Unless you liked those...

  • Gossamerblu
    2019-03-19 01:11

    I’ll start commenting this book from the cover. One would think that Feehan is big enough name in the world of romance to deserve an original cover, but it seems like no author is safe from repeated covers and elements on them nowadays. The next thing that bothered me was in audiobook, where narrator had problems pronouncing a lot of words, which wasn't exclusively his fault. First, throughout the whole book, Slavic name Tatijana that should be pronounced with 'y' as in word 'yellow' was pronounced "Tattyjanna", and that 'j' as in 'joker' was more than annoying. Feehan's "special" Carpathian language, that probably no one except author herself cares for, full of words that common reader will trip over presented a lot of problems for the narrator of the book. It was interesting to know about it, see Carpathians use few words, but it was books ago. Now it's only something unneeded but forced upon the readers (with all due respect to eastern European people whose languages were used to create this one). The same goes for constantly repeated healing procedures, often described in the tinniest details. I don't see their purpose anymore beside being a page fillers. Just a number of bloody fights that cause Carpathians such a grave injuries to need them, the whole commotion and gathering of characters when that happens, followed by going under ground to heal and usual rising before they healed is staggering. Maybe we wouldn't be forced to hear about the whole cycle over and over again if mighty Carpathians would stop losing chunks of flesh and probably the occasional body part during each fight. But, it's a romance book in its core, and here we come to the next set of page fillers. We get to hear a constant stream of praises Fen and Tatijana have for each other. They're both completely amazed with a miracle of existence of their lifemate and how "sexy" that one is, "she is turning him inside-out" like in every other book, only the names of the couples change.There's also a miracle of love. Tatijana was incased in ice for centuries with no end, she yearns for her freedom and doesn't want to be bound to anyone. That all changes after few minutes, and a short time later we have a usual "I want to be free, bind me to you" procedure, this time followed with ridiculous fertility ritual that used genitals-looking flower mentioned in earlier books. We also hear from Fen that he loved Tatijana long before he claimed her. How long was that? Five minutes? An hour? If it feels so long after such a short time, how would centuries together feel?Still, it's not all bad and repetitive. We come to a fresh idea for Feehan's books - the official introduction of werewolves as organized society, integrated into human world, modern in every way - except where it counts, cause in spite of them following everything that makes modern society, they're unable to think like they're in 21st century. Furthermore, it seems like almost no one in Feehan's books is using cell phones, watching TV or even listening to the radio. Every thought of modern technology is quickly put aside like it's toxic. However, there's another fresh idea, with officially introducing half-breeds of Lycans and Carpathians as more powerful, faster and stronger than either of the species, hunted mercilessly by Lycans because they equal them with mixture of Lycans and vampires that are far more dangerous enemies than just vampires or rogue Lycans. To add to Carpathian existential worries, even though their psychic women from jaguar line converted to Carpathians nicely, without infecting anyone and bringing new children to the Carpathian world, they're not sure if combinations with Lycans will be fertile, and sooner or later Lycan blood will wake up their inner wolves. It looks like Feehan herself is not sure if it's a good or bad combination, together with everyone else in the book, except Lycans, who will hunt and kill abominations if they spot them.The action in the second part of the book is decent, in spite often ludicrous, cartoon-like ideas for some of those fights, and there's a well written and open end of the book leading to the next one in the row, the long awaited story of Dimitri and Skyler. May it be better than this one. Still, in spite all the repetitions and redundancy, Lycans brought enough freshness to raise this book from the bottom. Both Fen and Tatijana are lovable characters and good fighters, with their hearts on the right place when it comes to their people and family. Two and half out of five stars, in hope that the next book will be better than this one.

  • Julie Ramsey
    2019-03-13 17:57

    Fenris Dalka or Fen, has been fighting vampires for a long time. So long that he no longer communicates with the Carpathian people (his people). While fighting a Vampire who was also a werewolf, he finds an evil that is terrifying, hard to kill and actually takes on the help of another fighter. The fighter who becomes a friend is a Lycan. Another supernatural living along with the Carpathians. But were the Carpathians have pulled away from the human world, the Lycans have embraced it. Mingling in there society and pretending to be humans, learning new ways to fight, new technology but always protecting there own. As these 2 fighters fight the enemy, wounds are inflicted, many over the years. Blood shared changes the 2 into something different, something close to the monster they fight. With these changes they are able to fight the new threat and eventually kill it but in the process the Lycans find out what his friend has become and is violently put to death, out of fear. So Fen hides as a Lycan, and hides during the full moon, because only at this time, can anyone truly know what he truly is. Now hunting rogue werewolves, with the Lycans, he sees signs that his enemy, a cross between vampire and werewolf may be back.Tatijana a Dragonseeker, has suffered at the hands of her father and had to watch atrocities. Year after year her and her twin sister had to watch there father torture, kill and experiment on all species for his quest for power and longevity. But they also learned all of his tricks and magic and waited for the time when they could be freed or rescued. After being rescued, they were both very weak and have been sleeping and healing in mother earth. But now Tatijana, wants to see the outside world. She wants to be independent and free. So she sneaks out in secret. She knows the prince bring males to both women, hoping one or both will find a life mate among the Carpathian. But after hundreds of years of torture, she doesn't know if she will ever be well enough to take a life mate.I have been a avid Christine Feehan fan for a long time. I was introduced to them by a friend and have kept up with the series. Pre-ordering a year in advance just to make sure I will not miss out on the books. This book was by far, one of if not my favorite of the entire series. The action starts early and does not stop. Fen is a man of worth. Even though he is old and has darkness in him, you fall for him quick. I loved, the fact I got to revisit with characters I have not read about in years. Seeing what is happening in their world was like visiting old friends. I would get so excited when we learn what was going on with characters from the beginning of the series. Christine Feehan has proven herself as a master story teller. Creating a world of wonder, love and a world that I personally love visiting. Knowing who the next 2 books are about just excites me even more. I am so excited to read the next instalment in the series. Skylar's story is one I have wanted to read for years. The expert at the end was a awesome teaser(mean but awesome)!! Can't wait for my next visit with the Carpathian people and yes, it has been pre-ordered for a while now!

  • Edwina
    2019-02-21 21:05

    5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT!! AMAZING AND ROMANTIC!!!, September 5, 2013By Edwina "I Love books" "Edwina "I ... (USA) - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Dark Lycan (Carpathian 23) (Kindle Edition)Wow!! I am almost speechless becasue Dark Lycan was so freaking Brilliantly written and Amazing. The Romance between Tatijana and Fen is just beautiful. I was so proud of how Tatijana's character was written. After all her and Branislava have gone through with their father Xavier, Tati has emerged as a very powerful Drangonseeker. She is Independent, Beautiful, Strong willed and a Fighting Machine. Tatijana has not let her prior horrible life dictate to her bright and beautiful future. Whats most important about the way Tati is written is she is not afraid to live and love. She is AMAZING. Fen is her Lifemate and WOW!! what can I say he is a different kind of Carpathian. I can't give anything away, but I loved him he is one killing machine. Fen is very very Hot and Sexy and very romantic. Fen is not afraid to show is love openly for Tati. Which is different from most Carpathians, but he is not quiet Carpathian anymore.The battle scenes in Dark Lycan are brilliantly written and scary. The scenes will have your heart racing an you sitting on the edge of your seat. If felt like I was in their watching the battles take place. Oh my heart dropped when my Man Gary was attacked. Ok don't get scared he's alive but what is he? I guess we will find out in the next book Dark Wolf. Reading Dark Lycan was like watching a movie. Christine Feehan wrote it so well you felt like you were in the scenes as you are reading.Oh!! we get to catch up with some of our favorite Carpathians too. We even get a brief glimpse of the children Gregori and Savannah's powerful twins Anya and Anastasia. The much waited for baby Prince Alexandru is born and almost 2yrs old. Stefan, Jacques and Shea son is present and since he is older he is watching over his baby cousins. Our poor invincible Gregori has his hands full with his powerful twin daughters. Falcon and Sara's adopted children are in the story too. Children have away of grounding a story and making it more believable. We also get a glimpse of Skylar WOW! she has grown into one power young women and I can't wait to read Dark Wolf.The new enemies of the Carpathians, the Sange Rau are some bad A_s's. They are far stronger and faster then the vampires we are use to and more intelligent. They make The Malinov's and Xavier look like babies.If I could give Dark Lycan 10 stars I would. The pace never stops. Christine has successfully brought the Carpathians into the modern age even Gregori and Mikhail. I do believe this might be the best book written so far. I HIGHLY!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND DARK LYCAN!! I am going to re read it NOW!!! LOL

  • Beth
    2019-03-05 19:11

    Christine Feehan writes memorizing stories with lots of gusto and imagination. Dark Lycan is a dramatic, dark, magical venture into the Carpathian world.I do have to admit this book seemed very similar to other books in this series and there is quite a bit of repetition... rituals, ancient languages, evil vampires, traps...for someone new to the series it gave them plenty of information to make this story a stand alone but for me I have to admit, I was tempted often and occasionally skimmed.Fenris' and Tatijana's love story was beautiful. Tatijana is an amazing character, strong, protective, independent and a freakin' dragon! Fenris is a new cross breed that hasn't really been investigated by the Carpathian's. Feehan leaves us wondering a lot about the Lycan, Lycan Council and the threat they might cause for the future of the Carpathians. I purchased Dark Lycan because I've read every book by Christine Feehan I could get my hands on...or should I say into my ereader. Actually, her books were my first venture into erotic romance and I started with Dark Celebration and went back and read them all. I tell you that because in book #17, Dark Celebration Dimitri first encounters Sklyer. Dimitri as the brother to Fenris, and Sklyer, his young life mate played a large second character role. I've waited 8 books and it looks like the next book Dark Wolf will finally be there story.Written by: Christine FeehanSeries: DarkSequence in Series: 24Print Length: 401 pagesISBN: 0349402175Publisher: Berkley Publication Date: September 3, 2013Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLCRating: 3.5 StarsGenre: Paranormal Erotic RomanceAge Recommendation: AdultFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-03-10 01:08

    Dark Lycan is the twenty fourth book in the Carpathian series, and it is definitely set up as a stand alone. Christine Feehan does an excellent job giving enough description and information that a new to the series reader could easily enjoy this book.Tatijana was held prisoner for centuries so she greedily explores the modern world and on one of her forays into the world she meets her lifemate, her one and only soul mate Fenris “Fen” Dalka. She doesn’t want a lifemate, because she views it as taking her freedom away, yet she quickly falls for Fen. I loved her for her ability to defend herself, and her strength and the way she enhances everything that Fen does.Fenris Dalka easily recognizes Tatijana as his lifemate, but doesn’t want to claim her because his very existence would put her in danger. The idea of these two strong characters both not wanting to be bonded yet realizing that they need each other and the struggles they go through while fighting outside influences gave this book a depth that I immensely enjoyed.My only complaint with this story was that it ended with unfinished storylines that I was dying to follow. They’ll pick up in the next book and I will be anxiously awaiting the next book. Ms. Feehan does a beautiful job of both wrapping up the main storyline while hooking us on to the storyline that will continue with the next book and I admire her ability to do so.I highly recommend this story, Ms. Feehan does another excellent job with this Carpathian story and I urge all of her fans to run out and buy this book. I also think this is the perfect book for a new reader to pick up and enter this wonderful world.Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-02-21 23:57

    What a amazing read!!! It has been a while since I have enjoyed a book so much. Dark Lycan is part of the carpathian series, but is also considered the first in a trilogy of sorts as well. Dark Lycan is a story about Tatijana and Fenris. When I started reading this, I found that It seemed to be full of zest and personality, that I have felt was missing from some of the books of this series, more of the more recent ones. Dark Lycan plays a unique setting where we see more of the Lycans mixed in with the Carpathians. We see familiar characters such as Mikhail, Gregori, Falcon, and Dimitri. Tatijana is one of the two sisters, that were imprisoned in ice for many years. Tatijana, is still healing emotionally, but she can't bear to be imprisoned, even if its good intentioned. So she goes on her own in the woods to be free, and she comes across Fenris, who is the older brother to Dimitri. But as their romance blossoms, so does the danger of a rogue lycan clan, whose leaders are two dangerous lycans mixed with vampire. There was quite a bit going on in this story, but I enjoyed seeing how it all fit together, I especially enjoyed seeing more of Dimitri and Skyler and seeing how their relationship has progressed. This story is full of excitement, suspense, danger, and a tender love story that will bring a tear to your eye. SPECTACULAR!!!!

  • Kelley
    2019-03-02 18:59

    All I can say is what an amazing job Christine did with this book. Fen is such a perfect lifemate for Tatijana! Come and watch how they bond together to try and defeat one of the deadliest foes they have faced yet. Along the way we meet up with old friends, and their children. By the time you come to the end of this story you will be anxiously awaiting Dark Wolf.This book was a total hit for me, from the first page till the last. I love how she is able to write a story that totally captures my imagination, makes me feel like I am in the story along with them.

  • ♑Namita
    2019-03-06 21:46

    It was a refreshing read. Christine did an amazing job no surprises there. The book was fast paced and action packed and I loved it. Answered so many questions, yet so many more were poised. I am really looking forward to Dark Wolf now. Highly recommended!!

  • multitaskingmomma
    2019-03-23 00:54

    Original Blog Spot: back 1999, I was laid out in bed and could not move on doctor's orders. This was hell on earth for me as I am typically a hyperactive individual and can never physically stay put doing nothing but stare at the ceiling or even come close to shutting down a mind that just goes on and on and on until sleep claims it. It was at this point of "restful duress" that I was handed by my nurse the book: Dark Prince. It was from an author I had never heard of before and knowing I was a fan of vampires and things that go knock in the dark, she thought I could be calmer reading about a dark, handsome Carpathian whose emotions ran negative until he set eyes on his Raven. That was the beginning of a beautiful obsession on my part for all things Carpathian. Twenty three books later, I still drop all to read about them.Dark Lycan is the rise of the Hän ku pesäk kaikak, or Guardians of all. These are Lycan/Carpathian mixes, darker, stealthier, quicker, and a hundred times more dangerous than the regular Carpathian or Lycan. On their own, either species is at the top of the food chain, mixed together, they are the most dangerous but unknown factor in the Dark Series. Their probability in the arc, hinted at in Dark Possession (Dark Carpathians #18), never hinted they would be something bigger. One must realize, to be a Guardian was to go through the change over centuries. And just like any Carpathian, once they claim their lifemate, they are the best, but if they turn vampire or lycan rogue, only an individual of the same mix can destroy them. These are dangerous times and poses as the turning point to more complicated issues than that of a mere psychotic mage.Fenris is such a Hän ku pesäk kaikak, but he thought he was something else, the dreaded Sange rau. His lifemate, Tatijana, is a Dragonseeker, one of the most ancient and powerful of Carpathian lineages. She was rescued along with her sister Branislava back in Dark Slayer (Dark Carpathians #20) and had remained underground for healing all this time. She comes out to discover the world.Their mating is a complication because of the Lycan mix. Complications can mean traditional fears and bigotry that could result to death by silver. All mixes are condemned by the Lycans, no matter they be hero or foe. Fen was hesitant to bind their lives together, but Tatijana is strong and willful and decided she is independent enough to want the binding. Their romance is sweet and erotic and never angst ridden.What I loved about this particular book is that author Christine Feehan did not waste her time in the romance which was a total given. She moved instead to pack this book with exhausting page after page of battles scenes. For the first time in 24 books, Dimitri got his ass whooped! This should not excite me, but it totally did. It's about time that guy had limitations, hehehehe and I loved it. For the first time, here is another who is more ancient than he is, more experienced, more intelligent and more lethal than any of the ancient warriors combined. Fen is all of these and yet he remained true to his people thus making him more than Dimitri. (I know this comment may drive some fans nuts but this is just my opinion so please, no net lynching!)This book was filled with so much action it would be easy to dismiss it and say it was all action and nothing else. Again, Feehan surprises many by actually getting the whole series arc to evolve with this new introduction of a mix and it just upped my admiration and fangirlness. Yes, the erotic sensuality is still predominant, but the plot just keeps moving and developing. For me, this is the turning point of the whole series and we will be seeing something different from where it all started. This is one of the main reasons why I still drop all when I see this on the shelf of a local national bookseller here. There are just some authors and series I refuse not to follow. (Note: This review was based on a hardbound copy. This format is equal to and exactly the same as the other digital formats contrary to some nasty rumors going on. I say this in defense of the author who is being unfairly accused of such nonsense. And yes, I have checked the digital copy and it is EXACTLY THE SAME!)

  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks
    2019-02-23 21:00

    As a die-hard Christine Feehan fan, I must tell you I have been eagerly awaiting this turn in the series. Ever since Dark Celebration, where Dimitri is revealed to be Skylar's Lifemate, I have been concocting possible outcomes to this gut-wrenching story. Then I was told by someone who has attended Ms. Feehan's conference that she was not going to write Dimitri and Skylar's story and I became frantic. When the continuation was finally announced I did a very public happy dance and began the countdown until I could have a copy of this much sought after story in my hands. Granted, it's not Skylar and Dimitri yet, but it's Christine Feehan in all her brilliance.Carpathian, Fenris Dalka returns to the Carpathian Mountains after an extended absence for his brother Dimitri, he has also begins tracking a rogue pack of wolves that is being lead by a Vampire/Lycan who is set on destroying every Carpathian and human in his path.Tatijana of the Dragonseekers has had a hard existence so far. She and her siblings were virtually encased in ice by their evil Mage father, Xavier for centuries. When she is finally freed from her prison she wants to experience all she possibly can without being under someone's thumb. Awakening one night, as she often did without her Carpathian guardians knowledge, Tatjiana goes off to a village tavern to experience some of the local normalcy. Fenris Dalka is there also, almost drawn nightly by the exquisite Tatijana. Once their eyes meet, they know their lives are changed forever. Fen attempts to deny his destiny because she is a wanted creature. No longer fully Carpathian, Fen has also become Lycan and once the two have merged, they are hunted by full Lycans, who call them Sange rau, or bad blood. Fen must hide his identity from an elite group of Lycan hunters who have been in search of the rogue pack of wolves wreaking destruction across the Carpathian countryside. When Tatijana crosses Fen's path, simple attraction is not even the issue but basic Carpathian instinct is and once Fen discovers his Lifemate in Tatijana and she restores his ability to see color and feel deep emotion, she is his biggest asset and his biggest liability.When Fen realizes that the rogue wolf pack is being lead by not one, but two extremely powerful Sange rau, he must risk his exposure to help save Prince Mikhail and his Carpathian people from assured destruction by these wicked creatures who are near invincible in a fight. Tatijana overcomes her disdain to being tied to her Lifemate real quick when she understands the consequences and throws herself into the fight for her race's well-being and the survival of her most honorable Fen.In typical Christine Feehan tradition, Dark Lycan teems with action, adventure and deep emotion. The Carpathians are like no other. They worship their women and children and protect their own and humans fiercely. This basic theme continually comes across in the Dark Series. Fen and Tatijana are amazing characters, both independent and both extraordinary in their differences. Their intense attraction is only the tip of the iceberg in this epic story. This is the 24th in the Dark Series and it is fresh and innovative with the Lycans finally having such a large role. The secondary relationship between brothers, Fen and Dimitri is a strong and thriving one. It's refreshing to see how protective they are of one another and how deeply they feel for their loved ones. Dark Lycan is a fabulous beginning to Dimitri and Skyar's tale. Ms. Feehan has a winner with Dark Lycan, a stellar continuation for the Dark Series. Now bring on Dark Wolf!!!~KIMBERLY~4 1/2 Stars*ARC Provided by Penguin4 Stars (Brilliant)

  • Sandy S
    2019-03-15 23:47

    DARK LYCAN is the 24th installment and the first of a three part trilogy in Christine Feehan’s paranormal Dark Carpathian series focusing on the lives and loves of the supernatural beings known as Carpathians. Dark Lycan advances the series timeline two years.Some background about the series: All Carpathian males, must find their lifemates before they turn vampire or greet the dawn. Without a lifemate, the males no longer see in color, feel pain or experience emotions. A lifemate is the light to their dark. She is the keeper of his heart and the keeper of his soul.Fenris Dalka knows he has found his lifemate in Tatijana of the Dragonseekers but he also knows that her life is at risk as the lifemate to a Carpthian male who is something much more. Living with the elusive Lycan for centuries, Fenris is hiding in plain site and one wrong move could put him in the path of a hunter who is bound to destroy everything that Fenris has become.Christine Feehan has gone back to the stylings of some of her original storylines. For those of you who have read Dark Celebration, Dark Demon or Dark Slayer, you know that many of the previous storyline characters played a major role in these three particular novels, and with Dark Lycan, Christine has woven another tale of vampire, Carpathians, Lycans and something new. The secretive Lycans have resurfaced and there is a ‘new species’ of hybrid more powerful than anything the Carpathians have every seen. Looking to the future, there is a definite war on the horizon as the battles have already begun.The relationship between Fenris and Tatijana is loving and sensual but more of a surprise, there is almost an equal partnership, which is odd, considering the protective alpha that is bred into every Carpathian male. For two ancients, Tatijana and Fenris readily accept the world and all of its’ quirks, but Tatijana is the biggest surprise of all. She is a Dragonseeker female who had been imprisoned for centuries and with her latest bid for freedom she has enmeshed herself into the real world with very little difficulty. She is a proud female of the species and a competent warrior in her own right. After all, she is Dragonseeker and we all know what Natalya is capable of when pushed to her limits.For those who anticipate Dimitri and Skyler’s story in Dark Wolf, Dimitri is featured prominently alongside his brother Fenris in Dark Lycan and in doing so Christine begins to build on his upcoming story. Although Skyler is not physically present in Dark Lycan, she is with Dimitri, none the less.If you are a fan of the older Dark Carpathian storylines, Dark Lycan will have a familiar feel. We welcome back many of the previous storyline characters as well as get a glimpse at the next generation of Carpathian warriors and potential mates. Poor Gregori has his hands full.And of course, I am looking forward to Dark Wolf-Skyler and Dimitri’s storyline-January

  • Anna
    2019-02-25 22:56

    I am sorry to say that overall I found this story a bit lacking. I love the Carpathian series and I will always be a loyal follower but I should say that because the De La Cruz brothers are among my very favourites, Fen just didn't tick any of the right boxes for me. He is too easy going and just not aggressive and alpha enough. But then I guess he wouldn't have been right for Tatijana if he was anything else.I appreciate also that Ms Feehan had to drop the formulaic and therefore predictable way her earlier books were written however I did use to love the development of the relationships between the male and his psychic human even if it got a bit angsty at times. This relationship just came about too easily and for me there was too much focus on the fighting and not enough loving. This I guess is also because a new threat is being introduced but I hope she comes back a bit more to her couples in the next few books. A bit disappointed as well by the repetitiveness of some of the story facets - another trip to the ice caves, another giant crocodile... plus I really didn't like the ending, not nice to be left hanging in that particular way which detracted from the usual hea in a big way.Lastly, I have eagerly awaited Dimitri and Skyler's story as much as anyone but having read this book I worry that their relationship will also have been short cutted to the I love you stage when there was so much promise in an amazing story about their growth when the couple were first introduced. My impression is that Dark Wolf is not going to be what I had hoped and so for that I'm not looking forward to the book as much. I seriously hope I'm wrong!

  • Jessie Potts
    2019-03-09 23:55

    3.5 starsThis is (if you can believe it) the 24th Dark Carpathian book. I have to admit I have most of the series and found that they are hit or miss. I really love the ones with strong heroines and found myself not liking the more submissive ones. Dark Lycan was actually a bit of both because of how independent Tatijana is. In fact, she and her lifemate meet when she sneaks out one night to hit the local tavern. Her lifemate is Fen, who is not quite Carpathian and not quite Lycan. In addition to the intense romance, Dark Lycan is filled with war (another war book, yeah!); the powerful Sange rau, who are threatening Prince Mikhail and his people; and Fen and Dimitri's brother bond (woo, more Dimitri!). For those like me who are longing for Skylar and Dimitri … sorry, I do feel as though Dimitri and Skyler didn't have enough page time, and I honestly started feeling like I was missing the romance between the two, like as I was watching Fen and Tatijana, Dimitri and Skye were doing more interesting things behind the scenes. I also got sick of Sange rau (I felt like I could have created a drinking game about it). Other than that, it was a solid Christine Feehan book, and Carpathian lovers will be happy.To see more recs from this week check out the HEA Blog

  • Sheridan
    2019-03-21 23:49

    I enjoyed it, but I sort of got the cliffhanger vibe from it. I'm glad I read it years after its initial release. I would've died if I had to wait to see how this whole 'bad blood' thing for the Lycan species pans out. I was surprised to see that Tatijana had her story told before some other characters, but I was glad to see that she got her HEA. What I really enjoyed about this book (besides the action, suspense, etc) was the introduction of new characters to this world. Zeb, Fenris, etc. It took me a second to realize who Dimitri was. How it all ties together....Good book. I can see myself re-reading it. Vampire/lycan mix on the loose and a lycan pack to come in and save the day at the same time we're introduced to a Lycan/Carpathian many awesome plot devices.

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-03-13 18:51

    Favorite Lines “I needed to feel freedom.” Her gaze met his. “I needed this.”“The kind of lifemate who does not want to be claimed.”“You haven’t seen just how hot I can burn yet.”“Beloved. Heart of mine. I know you are weary. Forgive me. I cannot let you go. There is no other for me. You can do this—for me. For us. Fight for us, beloved.”“You are everything to me, and know this, wolf man. Should you go into the next life, I will follow. Look for me only minutes behind. I will not give you up.”Great book as always!I love how she mixed it up with Guardians! Those damn Lycans are very very stubborn! I a, very upset that no one has gone for Dimitri! This couple is beautiful both a little damaged by there past but come together to make them self whole!BRAVO FEEHAN!!!!

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-03-06 00:09

    Hooray for the public library for getting this to me before I could come up with a copy to buy secondhand.Excellent characters, plot, settings, everything.This is better than many in the series because characters from the community take part, influencing progress of the story, not just the hero and heroine. Fans of the series will be happy to see all their favorites.Worth buying brand spanking new at full retail.