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Anna Vasquez has had enough. Torn after finding out her best friend committed suicide, she's determined to find out why this horrible thing has happened. But when she falls for her best friend's brother, Caleb, she learns a terrible secret. Suddenly she's left with questions and wondering if love really can conquer all....

Title : Tell Me Why
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Tell Me Why Reviews

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2019-01-11 21:50

    I had high hopes for this one but it really didn't work for me. Lacey Weatherford writes YA so when I saw she had written NA under a pen name I thought it would be a good read.This was very Young Adult and I really thought the big reveal was most unrealistic and so I dnf @67%

  • Jaime
    2019-01-15 18:06

    I have major pet peeves that this book touches on. 1. male pov clearly written from a woman, and lack of alternating language. Men do not think like women, some women authors can do a great job writing a male pov. This isn't one of them. Caleb is suppose to be a player, bad ass rock star, he sounds like a vaaj-jay. (if you know what I mean.) 2. all the characters are jamming and thinking the same thing. in real life people have different views of a situation. How does her mom, and her, and caleb, and etc... all think the same way about a situation. weird. not likely. 3. things are total drama but things work out like butter. um? how? Life is complicated. so why do these books work out like the biggest f*ck fest didn't just occur. 4. the teenage characters are more mature than I am. Not likely. 50 year old wise woman in the disguise of a 18 year old girl???

  • Denita Kee
    2018-12-23 17:38

    Spoiler alert beware!!! This is not your typical rocker love story. It is so much more! Poor Caleb and Anna have lived through absolute hell and the nightmare just won't stop. Jessie, Calebs stepsister and Anna's best friend, has just committed suicide. And to make it worse they are the ones that found her. Then Caleb discovers a suicide note that Jessie left him. This note holds a horrific secret between the two of them and gives the reason why she committed suicide. Jessie has had feelings for her step brother, who by the way they are not blood related at all, but Caleb never knew. She goes to his apartment one night to escape her patents fighting and finds Caleb drunk in his bed. She gets in bed with him and they have unprotected sex. During sex he calls her Anna then passes out. He has no clue what happened because he was so drunk. She sneaks out and never tells him because she now knows how he feels about Anna her best friend. She then learns she's pregnant with his baby. To save him and her and Anna hurt and humiliation she commits suicide. Caleb and Anna finally give into their feelings and admit their love after her death. They help each other grieve. Then Caleb's step mom Danica has an emotional breakdown and is hospitalized. Then he learns the wife beating bastard he thought was his dad is not really his father. His birth mom who deserted him overdosed and is dead. Then Anna finds the suicide note and leaves him running off to college in Los Angeles. Omg this poor guy can't catch a break. Oh then his bastard father shoots him. Lord have mercy my heart breaks for this guy. He kept the secret of Jessies death from Anna all this time because he didn't want to hurt her or for her to blame herself in any way. He gives her time as her mother advises but it's killing him. Their band who he is now the lead singer for, because Anna ran off to Los Angeles, is offered a record deal. But the producers wanted Anna too. Caleb goes to Los Angeles after Anna finally. They reconnect and forgive each other. Finally these two get the happiness they deserve. Boy this was an emotional rollercoaster but so very worth every second. I loved the original story so much. Cannot wait for the next book about their drummer Stix.

  • Christina Racich
    2019-01-09 20:49

    So as some of you may or may not know, this is Sydney Snow's debut book and it was AMAZING!!! I was sucked in from the very first page, and had a hard time putting this book down! I laughed, cried, and my jaw dropped a few times from utter shock!! "Tell Me Why" has everything an amazing book should have and more!Anna is an eighteen year old girl with two incredibly loving and supportive parents and a bright future ahead of her in the music industry. Her entire life she has had her two best friends Jessi and Jessi's older brother Caleb by her side, and she could not imagine life any other way. Until one day their lives are turned upside down by tragedy, lies, and deception. Can Anna move on from the tragedy that left a hole in her heart and pursue her dreams, or will she give in to the pain and loss and lose it all?Caleb is a talented lead guitarist in the band "Fringe." He is good looking and has the women dropping their panties at his doorstep. He has had a few relationships that never lasted long because there is one person that he could never get out of his head....his sister's best friend Anna. After tragedy hits, Caleb takes a chance with Anna realizing that life is too short. However, the odds are stacked against them and a lie stands between their happiness and a pretty big secret that can destroy everything is on Caleb's conscience. Will the truth come out? Can love truly conquer all? Can one really forgive and forget and find happiness one deserves? I LOVED following the journey with Anna and Caleb! I quickly fell in love with all of the characters, and the band "Fringe" rocked my world! I laughed at the witty humor between the friends, cried when tragedy hit too close to home, and at times I was in shock and could not believe what I was reading! This is an absolutely incredible story that has so much emotion, loss, love, and just the right amount of passion that it left me craving more! This is one book I will not soon forget and I cannot wait for more from this group of friends in the future!

  • Julie
    2018-12-31 18:02

    Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Only a handful of people have read and reviewed this book so I really didn't know what to expect and I found myself being pleasantly surprised with the writing style, character development and overall premise of this book. I will tell you this though, that first chapter just ripped my heart out. It was so terribly sad and while I enjoy a good heart wrenching novel, I hoped that it wouldn't be that sad throughout the entire novel. It was seriously just a huge downer. But the book does pick up and while the focus is still on the suicide that happens within the first few pages, you're able to go on the healing journey with Anna and her friends. The characters were awesome. I immediately connected with Anna and Caleb and I found myself rooting for each of them separately and together within each chapter.Oh, speaking of chapters ... this one swaps pov with almost every chapter. Which worked out beautifully. I didn't feel that the story was stilted or slowed down with this constant swapping ... instead, it made the story have even more depth than it would have had if it were written in a different style. Overall, a really great book that grabs those heartstrings and yanks on them from the very beginning. I only had one issue with the book and that was the ending. I wish that it hadn't ended the way that it did and it was only because it jumped the timeline. I wanted to read about all of the stuff that was skipped instead of just being told how things worked out. I'm excited to see what the other novels in this series hold.

  • Jillyn
    2018-12-21 17:05

    This book drew me in with its promising blurb, involving suicide of a the main character, Anna's, best friend and her mission to figure out what events led up to this unexpected loss. However, I just didn't really feel this one.I never really connected or got a sense of the characters. Both Anna and her love interest, her best friend's brother Caleb, didn't feel all too developed for me. I didn't get emotionally invested in their relationship, which made it hard for me to be invested in the bigger story by default. I also didn't realize that Caleb is a musician, rocker-type. I'm not a fan of rocker/music romances. I'm waiting for one to blow me away but as a whole they usually just fall flat, like this one did. I also didn't feel like the POVs were different enough to be alternated- both voices felt the same. This wasn't a bad book, it just seemed like something I've read before (but I don't remember what off-hand). The reveal seemed a bit over the top, and the build up seemed a bit below it. I think that if you're a fan of rockers, there is a good chance that you will enjoy this more than I did. The writing was pretty solid and the story was okay, it just didn't rock my socks off. Thanks to Netgalley and Mark My Words Book Publicity for my copy in exchange for an honest review. This review can also be found on my nifty blog, Bitches n Prose.

  • *P
    2019-01-02 14:58

    I really had high hopes for this book but it just sort of fell flat for me. The introduction was amazing and did a great job hooking me into the story. I wanted to pull for Anna and Caleb but I just didn't feel it. They have gone through something horrible and they have years of friendship to base their relationship off of but it was disturbing that the actual acknowledgement of their feelings comes out of heartache and is riddled with Caleb's guilt. The big secret was a bit much for me to swallow. It only accentuated the craziness of Caleb's family unit which I found somewhat confusing to follow at the onset. Anna's family also left me scratching my head. Honestly I cannot believe two highly successful parents would be cool with Anna and Caleb. The girl was not even out of high school yet. Considering this is also a book about a band, it lacked the rocker vibe I normally enjoy. It did come through in the end though which was good but it left me wondering when that even took place. I think the last part would have been better as an Epilogue with some inkling to the lapse in time from the preceding chapter.Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-11 21:37

    I was overly excited about this book when I first read the plot preview and I couldn't wait to read it. I was expecting this incredible story of grief, guilt, confusion, etc...I didn't get any of that. I thought it was a very juvenile read and entirely unrealistic. I feel that 2 stars is being incredibly generous. I mean it was twisted and not in a good way. I couldn't relate to any of the characters. To be perfectly honest with you, I felt the title of the book should have been Calen waits to get it on with Anna, because about 75 percent of the book involves the topic of him waiting to go all the way with Anna. I don't know, it just didn't do it for me at all.

  • Casey
    2019-01-12 22:43

    The book starts out intense and goes strong for a few chapters. Anna and Caleb have an intense chemistry and passion for each other. I liked the story, but something was just not quite there.

  • Raj
    2018-12-17 22:37

    2.5 starsi love Ms. Lacey's novels, but this one...not so much.

  • Lori Garside
    2018-12-24 18:03

    Holy shit! I don’t know how to describe this book without giving any of it away! Let me start by saying that this book was riveting from beginning to end. The writing is flawless, the characters are rich and popped off the pages into my brain. I devoured the book in just a matter of hours….I simply could not put it down. Do not miss this book. Put it on your TBR. Get it on your e-reader or in your local bookstore. Wish list it, or ask for it for a Christmas (or Hanukkah gift)….Just make sure you feast your eyes, ears and emotions with Tell Me Why!!!! Why? Well, let me tell you:Jessi is Anna’s best friend and has made some choices that disastrously affect everybody. Yes, that’s really all I’m going to say about her – read the book and you will understand why!Caleb McCord is Jessi’s 21-year-old step brother. He has always watched out for Jessi and Anna, and is the leader – and lead guitarist – of the band Fringe. He has loved Anna for many years, but has not let that stop him from taking advantage of the ladies available to a band member. Hell, he’s tall, tatted and HOT, and we all have lusted after band members a time or two! His parents are a complete disaster. His father, Hank, is an abusive asshole. Hank is the trifecta of abusive Neanderthals: Intimidating, callous, and armed. He terrorizes the family so much that Caleb left home as soon as he was able, but visits often to ensure his mother and sister are alright. His mother Danica is typical of many abused women-trapped in a horrible marriage and unwilling, or unable, to get out of it. Make no mistake, though, she loves her children fiercely! Annalise (Anna) Vasquez is a high school senior, a gifted singer, and has a major crush on her best friend’s older brother. He has always treated her like a bratty little girl and she wishes he would see her for the young woman she is becoming. Because of her incredible voice, Anna is the front for Fringe. She uses fake ID in order to perform in the various clubs where they are booked. Anna is tall, beautiful and has had her share of boyfriends. Surprisingly, and refreshingly so, she is a virgin. She’s never felt the overpowering urge she has heard of that compels her peers to have sex. Her parents, James and Melanie, are so open and loving I admit that I am very jealous (I know they're out there, but parents like that were sure not in my home) She is trying to decide where to attend college and whether or not to give up on the pipe dream that is Caleb. She would like to stay in Washington so she can remain with the band, but she has other schools to choose from besides UW. This is basically where we are when the story begins. Jessi makes a choice-and peoples’ lives are tossed like toy boats in an angry sea. Will Caleb and Anna ever discover each other, or will the fallout from Jessi's choices create to wide a gulf? Will the McCords and the Vasquez’s survive the coming storm? Lacey Weatherford is the bestselling author of the popular young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and Warlocks, and contemporary series, Chasing Nikki. Under the pseudonym Sydney Snow she is entering the New Adult Contemporary fiction genre, and what an entrée it is! I will admit that this is the first book of hers that I have read and will be heading to my kindle and commit 1 click mania! This book is incredible. It grabbed me and took me for a very emotional ride. This book is not for Ms. Weatherford’s younger fans as it deals with ADULT topics. It’s dark, but sexy and satisfying. Much to my joy, there will be more books to come in the series. Personally, I can’t wait!

  • Merisha28
    2018-12-31 15:59

    Tell Me Why by Sydney Snow Print Length: 215 pagesPublisher: Moonstruck Media (November 16, 2013)Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.Language: EnglishASIN: B00GQ0HS26My Review~First of this cover is amazing and makes me want to do book shimmies. Not counting stroking the hot cover! Love love love it! Ok I admit I have a heart fetish, but I love the emotions that you see on the models faces.Secondly, Sydney Snow(Lacey Weatherford) rocked my proverbial socks off with this emotional read! This book had me falling in love, shocked into silence, and my heart writhing in agony over the events that happened, although I'm tickled pink about the ending. I'm hoping this author writes about Caleb and Anna again in the future. This was my first book to read from this author. I was given this book through Amazon as a gift and I truly loved it. Although I caution the reader, the book has sexual situations in it. I would recommend a more mature reader for this book. With that being said wow wee what a fast exceptional read. You will follow the characters through the intense suicide and coming to terms with Jessi's actions and not counting the actions of Caleb and Anna. This story is all about love, forgiveness and overcoming tremendous obstacles that would have you looking for the easy way out, but finding a future amidst the chaos. The writing is superb and very fast paced not counting an emotional roller-coaster! I loved every minute of it and planning on reading more of this author no matter what name she goes by.Amazon Book Description~From USA Today Bestselling Author, Lacey Weatherford, under her adult pen name, Sydney Snow, TELL ME WHY, a New Adult Contemporary Romance!**Recommend for 18+ due to mature themes and adult subject matter."I love the heartache, passion, love, and hot sizzle that this book has! Absolutely incredible story that left me wanting more, and by far one of my favorite "Lacey Weatherford" books yet!!" Christina Racich, Pretty Lil Page Turner"Tell Me Why will make you think and feel things you never could have imagined!" Raquel Ariemma, Roc n' ReadAnna Vasquez has had enough. Torn after finding out her best friend committed suicide, she's determined to find out why this horrible thing has happened. But when she falls for her best friend's brother, Caleb, she learns a terrible secret. Suddenly she's left with questions and wondering if love really can conquer all.

  • Rachel Swords
    2018-12-30 19:48

    **5 out of 5 Stars**Read my full review at http://romancereaders101.blogspot.comI almost didn't buy this book. It was one of those books I went back and forth over since I had already reached my spending limit for books this month. (My husband seems to think he has me and my limit under control...right, he'd actually have to take my card away for that!) So I bought it and I'm glad I did. From the first sentence I was hooked. The prologue was horrible but not in the way your thinking. I was floored, crushed and devastated for Anna within minutes. This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions. It was smooth sailing for awhile then the bottom fell out from under me and I'm still reeling from the twist this book took. The writing style was excellent and it's written in dual POV. I loved the H/h and some of the secondary characters. It was suspenseful, drama packed, heartbreaking, emotional, with a great love story to boot. If you haven't already put this book on your TBR list I suggest you do it now.Things I loved...The relationship between Anna and Caleb...even when they weren't togetherThe loyalty to her best friend...even though she's gone.The plot twist...I never say that but this one was a doosey. If it can make me go "WTH" then it's something.The endingThings I hated...The plot twist (lol)...I hated what the suicide note did to himCaleb's father...what an a**hat!I'm giving this book 5 stars because it's amazing. You have everything within those pages that a good book should have and it will stay with you after you've finished.

  • Dawn Parker
    2019-01-12 16:55

    Whew!! What a roller coaster full of emotions! This book has so many elements to it. It will be pulling on your heart strings for these characters especially for Anna and Caleb. I didn't want to put this read down!! So many things happening within the story that it was very entertaining to read. Anna loses her best friend to a suicide. She is stricken with her death and doesn't know why she killed herself. Anna finds comfort with the step brother. Anna has always loved Caleb and this situation makes it more challenging keeping her feelings at bay. Caleb is a couple years older than Anna and has secretly had a crush for her that has intensified to love over the years. He has tried to date other women but they have seen right through his rock star ways. Caleb is carrying around a secret he discovered after his sisters death. It's killing him because he has no one to talk to. His father is a jerk and his step mom suffers after the daughters death so he has to still be a strong man for everyone but inside he's dying. Caleb and Anna have sparks flying!!! The band that they are in are very supportive as well as everyone else. Caleb just knows that if his secret is discovered what would happen. *Completely amazing book!! :) One of the best that I have read all year! Looking forward to the next book in the series with Stix!**This is my honest opinion based on ARC.

  • Amy
    2019-01-11 15:04

    Great debut novel from this author under her pen-name of Sydney Snow. Having already read some books by this author under her own name of "Lacey Weatherford" I hoped this book to be as of a high standard of writing as those are and I wasn't let down. Tell me why is a lovely read. It is deep and meaningful and contains many emotions, both good and bad - love, friendship, trust, hurt, anger and shock to name a few. It has been written in a very interesting way by using both Caleb and Anna's points of views to narrate the book. As well as the many emotions there are good and bad characters, add this to the events that happen to them and they really tug at you and in some cases leave you wanting more. The storyline has highs and lows and takes you along for the ride, from the very beginning to the end. And as with all her books the ending leaves you hanging at a crucial point.I could see some links in the writing to the "of witches & warlocks" series of books, whether this was intentional or just the style of writing the author does i'm not sure. Don't get me wrong this wasn't a bad thing and the stories are on totally different levels and about different things.I can't wait to read more books by this author and the continuation of this series.

  • Laura Wilson
    2018-12-16 23:02

    I seriously loved this book, mostly due to the relationship between the two main characters, Caleb and Anna. I was rooting for them to get together from pretty much the beginning of the book. They were always so kind and affectionate towards each other, it was easy to get lost in this book. The mystery surrounding Jessi's death also kept me hooked, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. When the truth was finally revealed I was certainly shocked to say the least, it was totally unexpected. I had my own ideas as to why she committed suicide and I couldn't have been further from the truth. The ending was perfect, couldn't have been written any better than it was the perfect closing scene for their story, hopefully Caleb and Anna will be involved in the next book of this series to see how their relationship develops even further. Overall, this is worth more than 5 stars and definitely worth reading! It's currently only £0.77 on which is a small price to pay for such an amazing book! Any hopeless romantic like me will totally swoon over this story, which also has its hot moments! ;) go ahead and read it!

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2018-12-26 17:03

    First of all, I shamelessly read a review that contained spoilers. I wish that I hadn't because it kind of took the wind out of my sails. Therefore, there won't be any spoilers here. This is about Caleb and Anna. Caleb's stepsister and Anna's best friend commits suicide. Jessi's suicide causes a downward spiral for most of the characters in the book. I thought her actions were selfish. As you read on in the book, you will understand the reason behind her decision. Still think she's selfish. I felt that Caleb has everything on his shoulders and is taking all of the blame for everything. He doesn't deserve that blame or the wrath that others may give him. Caleb and Anna are in a band together. She is 18 while Caleb is 21. Caleb has always felt something for Anna, but the age thing was a barrier. FYI, Anna felt the same for Caleb. I just loved Anna's parents in this book. It's good to have a great support system. I liked that they fell for Caleb just as Anna did. Let me warn will be shocked with some bombs in this book. I won't tell you what they are therefore your heart can race!!!I can't wait for more of Fringe.

  • Heather andrews
    2018-12-17 22:46

    What an emotional book, and I really mean that in a good way! Anna she's always one for compromise, "okay. I promise. At least until your tests come back. Then we'll talk contraceptives." Caleb is honest (about some things) but when it comes to his feelings about Anna it's all laid out on the table, "long enough to have been mentally unfaithful to the last several girls I've dated. It was always you in my mind when I was with them." He stands up for his girl not taking crap from anyone, "Anna's my girlfriend; so get used to seeing her around a lot more." Anna doesn't like the choice of exercise Caleb chooses so Caleb has to explain certain things to his girl, "I have other ways of exercising - ways that I really enjoy, but you told me I had to wait a week before I could do them. So, I had to come up with a plan B." Also he's nothing but if not accommodating to his girl, "kneeling upright, I undid the button on my jeans and started unzipping my pants, mare than happy to accommodate her."

  • Mary Myers-Huff Barger
    2019-01-03 18:04

    I am floored by the fantastic writing in this book! From the opening (made me cry) and through out the book I cried, I laughed, I swore I would stop reading it because I was so frustrated. That for me is the sign of an author that knows what she is doing, pulling the heart-strings? Check! Left wanting more? Even bigger check!After a horrible event, Anna is left wondering if she will be able to carry on. She is in a band, her band mate Caleb, is also her best friend. They are brought together after a tragedy, but will a secret only Caleb knows be their undoing? Can they ever go back to when things feel right? And what about their band, Fringe?I never give spoilers in my reviews, I want to be fair to the readers and NOT give anything away. Caleb's life is one that I felt so strongly about, his is a story of survival.If you want an awesome story, told in a way that seems like you are viewing the characters lives this a book you MUST read.Bravo to Sydney Snow one this wonderful first release in this genre! You nailed it woman!

  • Lilly Heart
    2019-01-15 16:04

    This is another emotional book by Lacey Weatherfold as her other pen-name Sydney Snow. This is about two best friends who have known each other for years Jessie and Anne. Jessie is the step sister of Caleb who is the lead guitarist in the band that Anne sings with.She has grown up with Caleb and also has a major crush on him.Caleb and Anne become really close when Jessie kills herself. Anne wants to find out why she did it and asks Caleb for his help.When the truth of why she did it comes to light it's a shocking revaluation to both Anne and Calab. A true masterpiece. This book deals with issues that are hard to talk about, but it's done tastefully that it makes a great book and a really great read.

  • Julie Mcintyre
    2018-12-20 15:44

    There are not enough stars to even begin to rate this book. From the very first page it is evident that this book is going to be an emotional roller coaster. Sydney took complex relationships to a whole new level however, instead of leaving out the nitty gritty of the story line, she takes you along for the ride. I can't remember a time that i felt so connected to a set of characters as i did while reading Anna, Caleb, and Jessi's story. All of the characters have their own demons to battle, some feel they have to do it alone while other's take a different path. This was truly an amazing reading experience, I can't wait to read the next book!! I can only hope that Anna and Caleb's story will fold into Stix's :)

  • K.A. Graham
    2018-12-21 19:53

    OMG!!! This story was beyond emotional and full of tragic secrets and love beyond the limits! How one person can go through so much in his young life I will never understand, but Caleb does it, and comes out whole. Caleb and Anna have loved each other a lot longer than they could admit, and then when you think they're going to come forward...BAM!!! Secrets definately have a way of tearing people apart, and boy is this one a whammy of one! Can you come back from something so life altering? We can only hope so! I love every book I've ever read from Lacey Weatherford/Sydney Snow, and she didn't disappoint with this one at all! Caleb definately hit my heart with emotions, and how can you not feel for the guy? Good god!

  • Jeanine Walsh palinkas
    2018-12-17 21:05

    I did enjoy this book....a lot. After reading reading other reviews (which I honestly rarely do, but this time, I was looking for the right words for my feelings), I see why so many are mixed. First: I LOVE Lacey Weatherford! Her talent amazes me, and her stepping out of her norm made this a better read for me. Suicide is NEVER okay. I know that survivors guilt all to well and I truly appreciate the sensitivity and true emotions displayed by her characters. Second: YES! I think if this was described as a rocker book, that side of the story lacked. Although, the parts she hit on suited me just fine. Third: After so much turmoil, I'm glad Anna and Caleb got their happily ever after. No, I'm not sure it was believable, but hey, stories are written to lose ourselves in imagination, right?

  • AjsBook Reviews
    2018-12-30 19:51

    Holy crap!! Ok so I had no doubt in my mind that this book would be good.. Considering who the author is but DAMN!!! It was realllllyyyy good!!! I was completely blown away. This story was amazing. I was intrigued and drawn in from the very first page. I could not put this down. The characters were well played. Nothing was out of place. A true love story. My heart went out to both Caleb and Anna. I had no idea which person to root for! I am so damn happy about this book. I recommend this for everyone to read!! It was a truly kickass book! Congrats Lacey for writing another flawless book!!!! Hands down... 5 STARS!!!

  • Jessy
    2018-12-29 16:39

    I wasn't sure what I was expecting with this book, but I ended up completely lost in it! It's a heart breaker guys! It starts off just right off pulling you under with sadness after Anna finds her best friend has committed suicide. It's a story of finding yourself after being lost for so long. Of finding love in the darkest places and uncovering secrets that you maybe should have left alone....but then coming back from that too! Lacey Weatherford has wrote a story that will hold on to your emotions and leave you wondering why you hadn't read this sooner! Great job to the author for going to a place that is hard to go to!

  • Mary Tatar
    2018-12-29 19:56

    What a phenomenal boo this was. The very first page starts with a huge tragedy. The mystery surrounding that tragedy kept me reading until the very last page. The relationship between the characters was noting short of amazing. I loved how close each character was with one another. The author tastefully addressed a very serious issue of suicide in this book. I thought she did a wonderful job relaying the after effects that suicide can cause.I would recommend this book to read. Just be warned it does address some serious issues. You definitely won't be able to part with this book after you start reading it.

  • Ashley
    2018-12-22 21:03

    This review can also be found at Seriously, I cannot emphasize how much I ADORE Lacey's books! She is seriously so talented, and these characters make me swoon.Caleb and Anna are the MCs in this one and Caleb is the typical tattooed rocker guy. Holy wow, I melted into a puddle not even ten percent in because I absolutely adored him. I did NOT see the twist coming, I had gone in a 180 direction, but everything worked out the way it was supposed to.Definitely a HEA, and I'm very much looking forward to Stix's book when it gets released. 5 big giant stars.*Received an ARC for honest review.*

  • Jessika Harper
    2019-01-01 22:53

    Holy crap!! Ok so I had no doubt in my mind that this book would be good.. Considering who the author is but DAMN!!! It was realllllyyyy good!!! I was completely blown away. This story was amazing. I was intrigued and drawn in from the very first page. I could not put this down. The characters were well played. Nothing was out of place. A true love story. My heart went out to both Caleb and Anna. I had no idea which person to root for! I am so damn happy about this book. I recommend this for everyone to read!! It was a truly kickass book! Congrats Lacey for writing another flawless book!!!! Hands down... 5 STARS!!!

  • Aydrea
    2019-01-14 15:40

    It was a good story, I really liked Anna. Caleb has his moments, but I always have a problem with guys who are manwhores and/or drink too much. That is just my opinion, but if you like bad boys you will love Caleb. The music stuff/lyrics were a nice addition, I loved that aspect of the story. This is one of the better NA's I have read, at least there is an actual storyline to this one. Wanting to find out what happened definitely kept me wanting to read. Also there are plenty of steamy scenes, if that is what you are looking for!

  • Brit
    2019-01-13 20:38

    3.5 stars. this book didn't wow me, it was just an OK book. I just couldn't get into it. and I found myself skimming through pages. I felt the author could of went into detail of the heroine. I felt completely lost while reading tell me why. and the hero just didn't really do it for me. I wanted to rate this book more stars but the story and plot didn't feel relatable to me. and the rising action (conflict) could have been a whole lot better