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ONE GOOD DECISION…Leaving behind an abusive father and emotionally scarred mother, Mali Struthers catches a bus to freedom. Atlanta University is the perfect place to discover her inner strength and special talents that lead her to a future she never imagined outside her father’s walls. Still learning to love herself, Mali must push past her own doubts to realize she deserONE GOOD DECISION…Leaving behind an abusive father and emotionally scarred mother, Mali Struthers catches a bus to freedom. Atlanta University is the perfect place to discover her inner strength and special talents that lead her to a future she never imagined outside her father’s walls. Still learning to love herself, Mali must push past her own doubts to realize she deserves everything she’s worked for, even the love of a man seemingly out of reach.…CAN CREATE A BAD DECISION As a star football player, Justice Bradford juggles his high profile relationship and aggressive groupies but with his best friend’s constant lure of temptation, he struggles to remain focused. He has the world at his fingertips until his plans are shattered by deception. Fighting depression, he’s re-routed on a dangerous path of self-destruction until, by chance, he finds a light in the darkness that makes him second guess his vow. When Justice is faced with his new reality, will he get his life back on track before he loses it all?…AND INCITE REVENGE. One of the hottest video models on the scene, Nicole Bunn is the epitome of a strong, focused business woman. Concentrating only on her money and the men that can supply her expensive lifestyle, Nicole runs from her own hurts scared to love anyone other than herself. Tired of waiting to marry into fortune, Nicole turns a chance meeting into a whirlwind of sex, lies and obsession that is bound to threaten her livelihood. Through a trail of lies and addiction, Nicole sees her love of money fracture so many lives, including her own. When Nicole is forced to choose between her love of money or a chance at true love, what will she decide?...

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Breaking Mobius Reviews

  • Aditi
    2019-03-06 08:29

    “You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”----Michelle ObamaA tale of three lives entwined fatefully and how their decisions change their course of life completely. T.R. Horne'sBreaking Mobiusis that tale which shows us that sometimes some good decisions can bring love and fortune upon you and sometimes taking wrong decisions might lead you on a path of deceit, jealousy and failure. Thanks to the author, T.R. Horne, for giving me the opportunity to read and review her book.Mali Struthers, a teenager, who has graduated from her high-school and has bagged a scholarship of Atlanta University on Dance Major. Justice Bradford, a senior year Atlanta University student, has earned the title of star football player in his college and has a relationship with his long-time high school girlfriend, Nicole. Nicole Bunn, an Atlanta University student, has bagged to act as a dancer in some videos for a popular-rapper and is in a relationship with Justice. Mali's decision to leave her hometown in order to pursue her dreams has helped her in winning a ticket to having a good life without her alcoholic dad and coward mom. On the very first day, she gains the attention of almost all guys in her university. Justice's faithfulness towards his girlfriend has only lead to heartbreak and destruction and his dedication towards the game has made him a popular player. Nicole's self- obsession over her power and beauty has made her take some wrong steps and ended up her life in dirty hell-hole, where there she never finds any real love or respect or career.The story is woven around these 3 protagonist's lives and how their decisions make them a different person. They say the road to destruction and failure ids easy but the road to success and stardom is equally painful and nerve-racking. The author has made Mali and Nicole just the opposite of each other- one's aim take her high on the ladder of success and other's greed over money and material needs takes her down the ladders of success towards failure. One's control over emotions and trust over one's heart makes her fall in love with respect and other's impulsiveness takes her away from any chance of love and respect. In between, Nicole and Mali, there is a guy named Justice, who is handsome, strong and loyal to his heart, which makes him more wannable among girls in his university and helps him to steal the heart of the most beautiful girl in his university. The authors power over the story is so strong, because it is easily evident not for a single second we get our minds away from her story. The characters are quite relatable and the issues that have been addressed are easily found among the youths of modern times. The greed over money can destroy one's future and the emotional control over money can make you achieve the highest power in the world. The chemistry between Justice and Nicole is very passionate and hot and it might burn your bed. But Mali and Justice's chemistry is something very sweet, innocent and delectable.The plot has got a quite a lot of mysteries to be unveiled, thus making the book a complete page-turner. Moreover, Nicole's impulsiveness and greed keeps us hooked till the very end and she is one true brave and fearless woman, who can go to any level to achieve success. No-doubt, Nicole is my favorite character since she almost manages to light up the whole book. So if you want to read a tale of lies, deceit and love and want to know about the world of rappers, then do grab this book for sure.

  • Anastasia Riebs
    2019-02-25 11:50

    T.R. Horne's recently released contemporary romance title, Breaking Mobius, flawlessly and intricately weaves the lives of three broken individuals trying to make good. Each of her characters seem to be seeking salvation within their separate relationships. Justice Bradford, University of Atlanta golden boy, is well on his way to fame and fortune on the gridiron. Constantly surrounded by women attracted to his status as an athlete, he wants nothing more than to hold as tightly as he can to his relationship with his high-school sweetheart, Nicole, his super-sexy security blanket. As a model for music videos, Nicole Bunn is on her way to her own brand of stardom. The security Nicole seeks is of a different kind; having been orphaned at a young age and being separated from her sister when they were adopted into different families, Nicole knows that the only thing worth having is money, and a lot of it. Dazzled by the wealth she's surrounded by within the music industry, she begins to question whether taking the slow-track to financial success with Justice is her best option, or if accepting the advances of one of the rappers she works with might better fulfill her desire for a luxurious life. For Mali Struthers, avoiding anything coming close to even resembling a relationship is he most sure-fire way to make her dream of being a professional dancer come true. After all, she left old life back in Washington State and high-tailed it to Georgia as quick as that Greyhound could carry her for a reason; she'd left her abusive father and her mother where they belonged, in the past, and without even looking over her shoulder. There was no way she was going to turn out like them.Success, professionally and financially, provides the twist in the mobius on which the three find themselves derailed in their relationship paths and into wholeness.

  • J. Michel
    2019-03-24 13:54

    Breaking Mobius is the kind of book that the reader gets lost in, and the characters are so realistic that they seem like actual people. I found myself caring about the characters so much that I couldn't put the book down. I had to find out what happened to these characters, so I kept telling myself that I would read just one more page before leaving for work (I was late several times). I have to give props to the author for her clever writing style. The book is told in first person, but there are three main characters, and each chapter is told from a different perspective. I loved being able to get inside the head of each character. The story is about college students who get wrapped up in the world of fame and money, and it doesn't turn out well for everyone. I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't say too much. I'll just say that you have to read this book!The writing is fantastic, and there were several times that I laughed out loud at the clever dialog. There were plenty of steamy scenes in the book, but there were also some deeper moments. Breaking Mobius really is the book that has it all!

  • Majanka
    2019-03-02 07:36

    Book review originally published here: Möbius combines the story of three very different people in a tale of betrayal, deceit, love and lust. The book was written really well, the plot flows nicely, and there was plenty of romance mixed with suspense and mystery. The story is told from first-person POV for all three characters, but at the start of each chapter it’s mentioned whose POV we’re in.Mali is the first character we meet. She’s left behind an abusive father and a mother too used to the abuse to do anything about, to start her life anew at college, where she’s taking a major in dancing. She loves to dance and she’s really good about it. She becomes fast friends with her roommate, but apart from that, she doesn’t make a lot of friends. That is, until Justice, a star football player, has to take dance classes with her. They train together once a week, and Mali finds herself slowly falling for Justice – but he’s a more complicated person than she thought at first.Justice is suffering from a break-up with his long-time girlfriend Nicole, and he’s wary of starting a new relationship with anyone. He was actually a nice guy, and I thought he had a more endaring personality than Mali had. He was sweet, always keeping his word to anyone, and he was a good friend as well.Nicole is the third character we follow and she’s actually the most interesting character, because the mystery happens in this story arc. Nicole is a dancer in music videos, and she’s drop dead gorgeous, a fact she uses to her advantage to lure a successful DJ named Webby, into her web. When she meets a girl named Joy who provides an interesting challenge, and has a movie idea Nicole thinks might work out, she must consider what she’s willing to do and what she’s willing to give up for her dream – will it be money or real love for her?Nicole was the most intriguing character because she was complex. She had a lot to win or lose, and her story wasn’t predictable at all. For Mali and Justice however, I quickly predicted they’d end up together. But Nicole’s story was a mystery to me, I had no idea how it was going to end.This was a great book, with plenty of suspense, interesting characters and some very hot romance scenes.

  • Eliza Leone
    2019-02-23 06:32

    **I received a free copy of this book via goodreads giveaway.Overall I think this book was an interesting read with complex, real characters that was ultimately an emotional roller-coaster of a read. Filled with mature themes and every situation I can think of (sex, drugs, alcohol, physical/verbal/mental abuse, stalking, love, depression... this list goes on) it felt like the author took on too many themes at once. The book was broken up not into three shorter stories, but an alternating chapter point-of-view styled set-up that attempted to seamlessly cover all of the action occurring within the year of the story.Mali is a character anyone who has suffered from abuse can relate to. She's terrified of becoming her parents and for most of the story avoids her own happiness in order to distance herself for what she believe with consume her. A few things didn't add up for me though, one being the stalker who texts her night after night that she doesn't tell anyone about or is even remotely worried about. "You should be out alone," should freak anyone out.Justice is a rising football star that the story follows as he travels down the paths of deception and fame. Most of the "erotica" in this book is focused around Justice and his wanton use of women and alcohol while he struggles to move past his ex of six years and gets a grip on his future. He eventually becomes the love interest of Mali (not her stalker) but for a woman so afraid of repeating her mother's mistakes she doesn't seem to see them in Justice...Nicole is the third point of view in the book and she's probably the most unrelated. She starts out as Justice's girlfriend and after cheating on him for a man with money and fame begins a downward spiral of drugs, sex and backstabbing. Nicole's chapters were filled with very mature themes and she seemed to make every wrong choice possible within the year.Overall there Mali's chapters were my favorite and she seemed to be the most stable character even if unrealistic in some of her rationalizations.

  • Jennifer Hines
    2019-03-16 07:55

    *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Breaking Mobius follows three college students on their journeys. It was kind of neat to watch how their paths crossed with and without them knowing.Mali was by far my favorite character. She was girl who was literally running from her past. Coming from an abusive father and a mother who never stood up to him made her basically run to college. She is a talented young woman who loves to dance and who does not get caught up in all the hoopla associated with succeeding.Justice has his moments. I felt a little bad for him when his girlfriend started playing around on him, but he was in love with his own reflection and kept going on about how toned his body was that I wanted to smack him. The whole drinking and taking anything home that wanted to go was insane. I wanted to yell at him that he shouldn't turn into a skank just because he had a broken heart, especially when he used to comment on his friend doing the same thing. I enjoyed how Mali and Justice's friendship evolved.Nicole was very self-absorbed and would do anything to get what she wanted. The lengths to the things she could do and the people she could betray were ever growing and in the end I think she got exactly what she deserved.This is a good book with a very satisfying ending. It seemed to play out right and despite all the ups and downs on the rollercoaster ride of the college life the way their stories entwined was perfect. My Favorite Moment: An interrupted dinner date. It was about time Justice stepped up.My Favorite Cat Fight Moment: Never answer another person's phone and think it'll be over when you hit the END button. Go Mali!

  • Melinda
    2019-03-20 10:51

    I received a free copy through Goodreads.---I would give it 4 stars.What a roller coaster ride for Mali, Justice and Nicole. I rather enjoyed this novel, so much so that I had to finish it right away...and I did. A lot of interesting plot twists, most are predictable, some not to much. The story revolves around the lives of Mali, Justice and Nicole and each of them gets to tell their story. There was a decent amount of character and story development, and we get to hear the background of the main characters and some of the secondary characters that help shape this story. The ending...yikes! Certainly wasn't expecting it to end like that. It was interesting to see how things ended for some of the characters, a little unexpected and a bit disturbing, given how much Nicole has changed so much within a short period of time. I would have liked a little more backstabbing and twists but there is still a decent amount to keep you entertained and glued for hours.The only detail I have issue with was the occasional use of certain words... like "her flower petals" and the "meat on her rear", had me laughing out loud. The words just seemed so... unexpected that it was a little laughable when I read it. Also, the description of say their clothing sort of bounces a bit. It sometimes goes from vague (yellow sundress) to too detailed (black Timberland boots, Levi jeans, etc), it felt a little unnecessary at times. Overall, it was a very interesting read and was definitely a hard read to put down without wanting to read more of it.

  • Omnipotent Dystopian Now
    2019-03-15 05:54

    Breaking Möbius is T.R. Horne’s second work, and I found it to be very well written with a good storyline. The reader experiences the story through the first-person view of multiple characters in an intertwining plot. There’s romance and revenge, and each character’s struggle will keep you reading to see what will happen next. If you’re interested in checking out Horne's author bio, this is what’s available on Amazon:T.R. Horne is a freelance relationship columnist, entrepreneur and budding author. She earned a Bachelor's in Communication Studies and Master's in Education with honors. Normally, she calls Atlanta, Georgia home and hopes to finish her doctorate degree in the next few years. She fancies murder mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense and erotica stories but usually gets hooked on reality television. T.R. Horne lives near Yokohama, Japan with her husband, son and dog.

  • Desirae Brown
    2019-03-18 13:56

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway, so now I an writing a short review. I really liked this book! It was an emotional roller-coaster, real, sad, humorous, and all the main characters were well written. I loved that every character had their own bask story that did allow us to see what made them into the people they are today. The only downside to this story was Mali ending up with Justice. She was so determined not to end up like her mother, but Justice was a drunk and did physical harm Nicole so why would she go and be with someone like that? Other than that I could not put this book down!

  • Lezidezi
    2019-03-17 11:41

    I won this book from a giveaway which was great! The book was a little slow to start out, but the more I read the more I really got into it. The story was simple and uncomplicated which was refreshing. The characters were really well developed and interesting to learn about. I very much enjoyed the ending and the outing of everyone's business. Good book overall.

  • Natasha
    2019-03-15 09:41

    Met this author at the Chicago BookCon too. I'm a sucker for a good cover photo, so of course I bought this book.LOVED it! I read so many romantic books that I could predict a few things, but I was also surprised by several twists and turns -- brava!

  • Bridgett Brown
    2019-03-05 12:30

    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. Mali is the first character we meet. She’s left behind an abusive father and a mother too used to the abuse to do anything about, to start her life anew at college, where she’s taking a major in dancing. She loves to dance and she’s really good about it. Justice is suffering from a break-up with his long-time girlfriend Nicole, and he’s wary of starting a new relationship with anyone. He was actually a nice guy. Nicole is the third character we follow and she’s actually the most interesting character, because the mystery happens in this story arc. Nicole is a dancer in music videos, and she’s drop dead gorgeous, a fact she uses to her advantage to lure a successful DJ named Webby, into her web. Fantastic book!!!

  • Sophia Browne
    2019-03-18 10:41

    A little slow, but picks up.In the beginning, I wasn't fully drawn into the book as it seemed off to a slow start. The book does have good character development and having well developed supporting characters helped to tell the story. Would like to see more of these characters.

  • Carol Teter - Mauck
    2019-03-20 08:33

    It was a great book. I had a hard time putting it down.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-04 05:45

    I give a lot of 5 star reviews to excellent books but this book is PERFECT! For a debut novel, Horne has set the bar exceptionally high. Her style is amazing, writing in the first person, never missing a step as she seamlessly skips from character to character as the chapters move along.The plot is current and modern, more so than I've seen in long time. It took me back to my college days...although I'm sure mine weren't quite that steamy. :) I don't typically read romance novels because I can't stomach the trashy sex scenes with the lack of plot. This book puts them all to shame because it starts with the amazing plot and uses the carefully crafted sex scenes to keep you going in between.Horne has done a beautiful job of creating lovable characters, even Nicole who in the end, you yearn to wrap your arms around and tell her she can redeem herself. Mali is the girl we all wanted to be friends with, Deuce was my college best guy friend, and we all hoped to have the chance to choose between two great guys like Craig and Justice.I'm now a huge fan of Horne and look forward to her future works. Passing this gem on to my girlfriends who I know won't be able to put it down.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kim
    2019-02-21 05:54

    I am not a fan of this book. Breaking Mobius was listed in the giveaways under erotica. For me a good erotica novel incorporates the sex into the plot so well that the story could not be told without it. Breaking Mobius was a romance with sex thrown in as an afterthought. To me it seemed that the story was flowing right along and then the author realized that there had been no sex in the last twenty pages so a quick, overly descriptive bout of sex was thrown in.The story itself about three very different main characters and their journey to find themselves was interesting and the character development was good. The writing style seemed geared toward a younger audience than myself and I felt that changing from chapter to chapter among the three main characters in first person point of view left the story feeling disjointed.All in all, not a bad read, just not for me.

  • Senona Macias
    2019-03-23 09:46

    Won this in a Goodreads Giveaway.Loved it! This is a story that connects the lives of three individuals. Justice, a football player in college, on his way to the NFL. Mali, a dancer in college. Nicole a dancer as well and looking for Mr. Rich that will give her everything her heart desires. Justice and Nicole go way back they were sweethearts in high shcool. They end up going to same college to stay togrther. Nicole is working her way into dance videos and meets a rapper. She decides that the rapper can give her everything her heart desires and drops Justice. Justice is heartbroken and his game is showing it. his coach is sending him to a dance studio that can help his balance on the field. His teacher ends up being Mali.

  • Erika
    2019-03-16 06:36

    This story is fast moving and is told from the perspective of three main characters Mali, Justice, and Nicole. Each of them are involved to different extents in the entertainment industry, some are affected by greed and fame. Very enthralling read about the choices you make during your college years and finding yourself.I was one of the fortunate few to receive a complimentary copy through GoodReads First Reads and the author.

  • Brenda
    2019-03-23 08:28

    This was a free book from Goodreads. I liked this book. At first I thought it was going to be one of those trashy books but I have to say it has a good story to it. The trashy part is the personality of one of the characters. This story has a lot of different emotions. I was surprised at the ending and would recommend this book.

  • Wendy Jensen
    2019-03-15 13:38

    Breaking Mobius is about three college students, Mali, Justice and Nicole. Their childhood was all different and you can understand why they have chosen the path that they are taking. Their lives intertwine and it is a very interesting read.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • T.R. Horne
    2019-03-21 13:52