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As the winter cold settles over Upper and Lower Canada, sparks still fly between the provinces. But while the fate of the colony is debated in the British parliament, a more pressing danger threatens the fledgling state: American militia is raiding across the border, intent on annexing the Canadian provinces by any means necessary.Following a battle along the border, a higAs the winter cold settles over Upper and Lower Canada, sparks still fly between the provinces. But while the fate of the colony is debated in the British parliament, a more pressing danger threatens the fledgling state: American militia is raiding across the border, intent on annexing the Canadian provinces by any means necessary.Following a battle along the border, a high-ranking American officer is wounded and captured. Brought back to Toronto, he is scheduled to be tried and executed in order to send a message to the encroaching Americans. The American colonel has a penchant for showmanship, and trouble always follows closely in his wake. But the American colonel’s boasts of escape and revenge are cut short when he is poisoned in his cell.All fingers point to Billy McNair, a young Canadian militia officer and the same man who saved the American colonel from dying from his wounds on the battlefield. Into this turmoil steps Marc Edwards, a decorated army officer who has traded his military uniform for a lawyer’s robes. Marc is convinced that the accused is innocent, and so, with the aid of Constable Cobb, he sets forth to track down the killer.But the investigation is nowhere near straightforward. Spies are everywhere, spreading lies and half-truths, and everyone has an agenda, some personal and some political. With time running out and the ever-present threat of attack from a foreign army looming, Marc must rely on his every skill to secure a future not only for his friend, but for his entire country....

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Death of a Patriot Reviews

  • Cybercrone
    2019-03-08 02:55

    A good read. I really like this series.

  • Gene Burdenuk
    2019-03-21 01:02

    This is the sixth volume, and in my opinion.the best of the continuing saga of Marc Edwards and his determined efforts to assist in forging a new Canadian nation independent of the republican United States in the 1830s We now find Marc actively pursuing a legal career, but encouraged to aid in the investigation of a murder that has serious potential political ramifications, both in Upper Canada and the United States. The capture of a high-ranking American officer, his incarceration and mysterious death and its potential outcome, frames the story. The novel, set in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan, provides an interesting and detailed description of the tense situation faced by Upper Canada, including the threat of an invasion by the United States. Gutteridge’s tale unravels like a peeling onion, each layer contributing to an understanding of the mystery, but not until the next layer is peeled off do we come closer to the solution. Vivid character development and description have always been a hallmark of Gutteridge’s writing and continues with this volume. The saga includes many of the unforgettable characters from earlier Marc Edwards’ volumes, including the wonderfully portly Horatio Cobb and his down to earth wife Dora. Gutteridge introduces us to a variety of new historical and fictional characters, who capture a clear portrait of everyday people in Upper Canada in the 1830s. We meet Evan Wilkie (able but unwilling), Caleb Coltrane, the scheming and diabolical American officer as well as Richard Dougherty, or Doubtful Dick, of questionable moral turpitude, whose disbarment from the New York bar leaves everyone speculating on his background. Mystery novelists employ a variety of literary devices and conventions in telling their stories. Louise Penny, for example, uses Inspector Gamache’s interest in food and wine to enrich her stories. Peter Robinson uses Inspector Bank’s interest in music and scotch to set his scenes. Not surprisingly, given his academic background as an English professor, Don Gutteridge uses classical, mythological and Shakespearean literary allusions to advance his story, with considerable success. One must be a careful reader to keep up with this creative and humorous writer. Gutteridge provides many surprises, false leads and plot twists in presenting a very readable and fast-paced tale. I can’t wait for the next volume.Eugene Burdenuk, Professor Emeritus Western University

  • Don Gutteridge
    2019-02-22 05:51

    Sarah Weinman, The National PostFor six books running with at least another six more to come, Don Gutteridge has been doing Canadian mystery fans a great favor with his Marc Edward's mysteries series. Set in the late 1830s, when the country was still a British colony and divided into Upper and Lower segments, Gutteridge amply demonstrates a time period when political turbulence was the norm, hangings were a semi-regular occurrence, and the importance of real-life touchstone figures, such as William Lyon Mackenzie and Sir John Coloborne, all without breaking stride on fast-paced entertainment.Death of a Patriot brings the action to November 1838, when Edwards is newly married and preparing a fresh professional start as a lawyer after years as a military officer. Quickly he's drafted to help with the defense of Billy McNair, a soldier arrested for attempted murder after pistol duelling with American soldier Caleb Coltrane, who himself is set to be tried and hanged so that the Canadians can send a message to their neighbours to the south. McNair garners sympathy even as the legal system must run its course. Then the American is found dead in his cell, and a battle duel becomes more serious business.As in is earlier entries, Gutteridge never lets the historical time period overwhelm the story or the characters, keeping the focus squarely on Edwards as he is alternately investigating and held back from helping McNair with his now higher stakes defense. As for the story that unfolds, it reveals Coltrane's trail of treachery stretching back many years, with emotional landmines planted in the past that are ready to spring in the present. With the help of a dramatic trial sequence, Death of a Patriot once again delivers the goods, setting things up nicely for Marc Edwards' next series turn.Sarah Weinman, The National Post

  • Merry Booth
    2019-03-08 04:03

    As published in Scene Magazine, London, Ontario:The year is 1838 and Upper and Lower Canada are populated by the oppressed, repressed and depressed slaves and subjects of the British Empire. The duty of every freedom-loving American is to take up arms, form militias, and hurry across the border to deliver these unfortunates from tyranny. That this could lead to the ousting of the British and annexation of the Canadas into the United States is a happy side effect and perhaps only an inevitability. Imagine the surprise when these liberators are met by Canadian militia and the downtrodden peoples they are trying to save are unreceptive, even hostile! During one of these skirmishes, a high-profile American officer is captured and, while awaiting trial, is killed and the Canadian militia-man who captured him and saved his life is accused and placed on trial for murder. Marc Edwards is called upon by friends of the young man to help prove him innocent and Marc feels that the best way to do this is to uncover the true killer. Edwards, a former army officer and war hero, who is now studying the law, pits himself against spies and patriots, looking for the truth while attempting to control his anxiety over his wife Beth’s pregnancy. Don Gutteridge gives us Death of a Patriot, his 6th in the series of Marc Edwards’ mysteries. Gutteridge combines history and mystery to success - although he changes some facts to suit the story, he is able to convey the feeling of the era - the way that people behaved, their mores and values, and the political climate. Bound to generate patriotic Canadian pride, Death of a Patriot is a political and emotional barnburner that will leave the reader satisfied.

  • Darlene Franklin
    2019-03-15 09:18

    I recently received this book on a Goodreads giveaway. If you are interested in history and relationships between Canada and America in the 1830's, this novel will encourage you to keep reading through the night. A wonderful mix of real and historical characters make this a realistic travel through early history of these two countries.

  • Peggy
    2019-02-24 07:09

    This was the first book I have read by Don Gutteridge, and I really liked it. It's set in 1838, in Ontario, providing good detail of the times, particularly politically and militarily. Some real people are named. It's a solid mystery, the perpetrator and motive are unknown until the end.

  • Eve-Lynn Swan
    2019-03-25 04:02

    Very good! Most enjoyable.