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Granny leads a secret life in the small, unique community of Fuschia, Minnesota. It’s not just her all junk food diet, multiplying pets, or her shocking bedtime attire that makes Granny one in a million. No, Granny is an undercover cop, charged by “the Big Guy” (the town’s police chief) of preventing theft in local stores. Granny takes her job seriously and daily foils manGranny leads a secret life in the small, unique community of Fuschia, Minnesota. It’s not just her all junk food diet, multiplying pets, or her shocking bedtime attire that makes Granny one in a million. No, Granny is an undercover cop, charged by “the Big Guy” (the town’s police chief) of preventing theft in local stores. Granny takes her job seriously and daily foils many shoplifters using her trusty spiked umbrella and amazing acting skills. When some startlingly brazen burglaries begin to occur that Granny can’t solve, along with mysteriously appearing bad guys, disappearing clerks, and misplaced Corvettes, Granny begins to wonder if she isn’t ready for the wrinkle farm. Maybe, it’s fortuitous when she accidentally-on-purpose falls in the lap of an attractive older gentleman who is soon roped into her wild adventures, as they try to figure out what’s happening in their little town.Show more Show less...

Title : Granny Hooks a Crook
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Granny Hooks a Crook Reviews

  • Barbara Coast
    2019-05-22 12:19

    Hey there Guys and Dolls, Let me introduce to you a sparkly and spunky little lady known as Granny ( Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestat) who is sure to have you in stitches with her quirky and determined way! Fuschia Minnesota would not be the same without their undercover super sleuth who comes across as a helpless old lady, and you can be sure she notices everything that is going on around town. She will investigate anything that seems out of the ordinary! Disappearances, duplicates, and disasters along with a menagerie of eccentric pets, businesses and townsfolk will be sure to capture your imagination and tickle your funny bone. There are mysteries to solve and Granny will not rest until she gets to the bottom of it all! Of course her kids who are grown-up do not know of her secret life as the Fuschia's undercover crime-buster.Bravo to Julie Seedorf for creating a fun-loving rascal of an old gal who is a SUPER, SPARKLY,SLEUTH who dresses for the part too! This story Granny is sure to leave you with a hankering for donuts, chocolates, wine and cozies!

  • Karen
    2019-05-11 17:41

    There is so much to love and admire about Granny, her undercover work and her menagerie of animals. I needed a light and humorous cozy this weekend and this one was delightful.

  • Kate Eileen Shannon
    2019-05-21 10:47

    I love cozies with senior sleuths, they are usually a lot of fun. But nothing prepared me for Granny. First her name – Hermoiny Vidalia Criony Fiddlestaat. There are quite a few names that are just a wee bit different. Or there is no name. For example, the chief of police is known simply as The Big Guy. As well as weird names there are weird buildings in Fuchsia, Minnesota – apparently the founder of the town was a wee bit eccentric and odd was his building code. (If you are poor you are crazy, if you are rich you are eccentric.) I can’t tell you some of the best things because that would mean saying ‘spoiler alert’ and we all read those even when warned. But I’ll tell you what I can without spoiling anything. Granny doesn’t like to get out of her cozy bed in the morning. She likes sexy night clothes. Granny, when left to her own devices, eats ice cream and donuts for dinner – which could be at breakfast time, she’s not fussy. She drives a 1957 red Corvette convertible. Unbeknownst to her children, or anyone else other than Big Guy, she works undercover as a store detective. Suddenly the town has a rash of large robberies and it looks like Granny is involved. I picture Betty White as Granny. The book is written sort of like a children’s book – only for adults – just something about the way the story is told, you feel like someone is reading you a story. Less skillfully done and it would have been a complete disaster. If you want something to cheer you up or are just looking for a fun read, this is it. I can’t wait to see what Granny gets up to next.

  • Melina
    2019-05-23 11:19

    This was a really lite an whimsical story, I absolutely loved it. If you are looking for a lite, quick, fun read, then this is definitely the book for you. Granny is definitely not your typical "granny". She likes to sleep in sexy lingerie and read Fifty Shades of Gray, all without her three children, Penelope, Starshine, and Thor, not knowing. She lives in the town of Fuschia, MN. This is just such a quirky and fun read. But Granny is also works undercover for the stores in the town "hooking crooks". Is she losing her mind and does she need to be sent to the wrinkle farm when she starts seeing a good looking young man that disappears and things that have been stolen from around town starts showing up at her house. I recommend this book, it will lessen your stress, for sure. Great job Julie, can't wait to read more about Granny and the whimsical town of Fuschia, MN.I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    2019-04-23 18:45

    I thought the story was funny!! It is a very short, fast paced read. Granny is quite a character, and the way she watches out for her neighbors shows she has a kind heart. The way she fools her daughters into thinking she's a frail, old woman is hilarious, but her son's got her number!!! The situations she gets herself into are laugh out loud funny!! I like her gentleman love interest, too, plus this Granny drives a hot red 1957 Corvette!!!! Enjoy!!

  • FangirlNation
    2019-05-18 13:23

    In Granny Hooks a Crook by Julie Seedorf, Granny, whose family thinks she's just a silly little old lady, works as an undercover detective to stop shoplifting in her town of Fuschia, Minnesota. Tripping over thieves, spilling her water on people stealing tip money in restaurants, she manages to reveal criminals without blowing her cover as she seems like just your average clumsy old lady. But then a handsome young man seems to pop up out of nowhere, with no one else ever glimpsing him. Then strange things start happening. Her one cat, named Fish, starts bringing home his own pets. Her red corvette keeps disappearing from her garage and appearing throughout the town, and she starts to make errors in arrests. Furthermore, some major crimes take place, pointing to Granny, leading others to consider sending her to the "wrinkle factory," where she wouldn't be able to eat meals of chocolate or wear her "sexy grandma" nighty. Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-27 12:46

    4 STARS Fun mystery. Anyone reading this will end up smiling a lot. Granny has a lot of secrets she hides from her kids. She has a wild side. The characters are fun and I think thats a fun way to check on people living alone. (But I won't be doing any of those things.) The suspense is well done. I figured out some of it but not all. It keeps your attention and sad to see the fun end. Lots of Drama, action, laughter. It is also a clean fun cozy mystery. Granny is not your average grandmother. She works for the cops. When she sees a person commit a crime she accidental stops them with her umbrella or gets in their way while she pushes a button so police chief will come and arrest them. Just a few people know what she is up too. She has three adult children that she is fooling. A cat named Fish who keeps bringing interesting gifts to her. The animals in the story are fun characters. I like them. The setting is Fuschia, Minnesota. A small town. That is having a crime wave. But Granny is working on stopping it. I hope we will see more of Granny and Fuschia again.The pacing in the story was good and kept me smiling and reading more. I was given this ebook to read for reviewing and being part of Granny Hooks A Crook book tour.

  • Christa Nardi
    2019-05-22 17:43

    Julie Seedorf has a great imagination. The characters, from their names to their personality and physical characteristics, are very unique and quirky, including their names. In fact, as I read this, I visualized a cartoon or caricatured version obviously with lots of fuchsia detail. Granny is not the stereotyped grandmother although at times she is convinced she might be ready for the wrinkle farm. She’s also having some difficulty with remembering where she left her bright red 1957 Corvette and her cat bringing home another friend every day. It’s not immediately apparent why or how someone is emulating her, but it is quite clear that somehow her house is where objects missing from each of several burglaries show up, included a small forest in her back yard. Her adult children appear to be clueless except for her son. Her comrade, The Big Guy, is suspicious and only the distinguished man with strong arms seems determined to help her, whether she likes it or not. If you like cute and fun reads, you'll like Granny Hooks a Crook.

  • Annie
    2019-05-23 10:39

    Don't be fooled by the pulled-down hose, granny outfit, and umbrella cane. Hermiony Criony is watching your every move should you decide to do a little shoplifting. She'll press that alarm for the "Big Guy" and come after you like nobody's business. Then, once she's figured out where she left her car, she's back home playing the part of an old woman for the benefit of her visiting kids and grandkids. But there's a new crook in town and as the evidence piles up right in Granny's backyard, things don't look so good for the neighborhood binocular-totin' watchlady. Is Granny finally losing her marbles? Hurry on over to Fuschia, Minnesota and look for an old lady in "shopper's pose" wearing sparkly tennis shoes. This is a fun ride! Granny is sure to hop and skip right into your heart!Granny Hooks a Crook: A Fuschia Minnesota Mystery

  • Doward Wilson
    2019-04-22 12:21

    Pure comedy in the best way! Granny is the undercover security agent working for the local merchants association, helping the Big Guy put criminals behind bars. Granny drives a 1957 red Corvette, lifts weights and secretly wears hot-to-trot nightwear. Her family and friends see her as a helpless and weak old lady, with her falling down hose, messy hair and the umbrella that she uses for a cane, but she is far from it. Robberies and disappearances are plaguing the town of Fuchsia, Minnesota and Granny is in the thick of it. This was a delightful read as you fall into Granny's unique mindset and wonder along with her if she is really losing it or? I highly recommend this as a totally clean and wacky read. The characters are well written and all of us can some of Granny in us. The town of Fuchsia is a place we will want to visit often and the mystery plot was as devious and twisted as Granny's wonderful character. I can't wait to read the next two books in the series.

  • Sue Ross
    2019-05-09 16:35

    If you are ever down in the dumps Granny can cheer you up. Granny and her cat, Fish, live in the town of Fuchsia, Minnesota. Granny has 3 kids, none of which live in the same town, and Granny likes it that way. Granny drives a 1957 red corvette. This time, Fish, brings home a little white poodle. She begins seeing another granny, only this one has red hair, driving HER car. The other granny tries to befriend Granny. Many of the stores in town get robbed and the cashiers disappear at the same time? Is it just a lot of unhappy employees or is it a brilliant theft ring? Also add into the mix a handsome older man who winks at Granny and a handsome young man who disappears as easily as he appears and you have a funny and completely enjoyable cozy mystery. This is an easy read that will bring some sunshine to your day.

  • Allison
    2019-04-30 17:29

    Story line was good, characters were cute, much too repetitive for my taste and what's with all the winking? Does everyone have facial tics? Since this was supposed to be funny I let a lot of things go and just read the story but I think the winking thing needs to be toned down a little. Also, if she's clear-headed enough to be assisting the Police as an Undercover then it would stand to reason they would not fall for her "frail little old lady" routine every time something happens. Seemed more than a little contrived but I tried to ignore some of that because this is a funny story. Ok, the animals coming in and out was actually amusing. I did enjoy their attack on the bad guys, I could picture that and it was funny. Granny's appalling eating habits was also funny and, might I add,sounded kind of delicious? I might read another installment.

  • Andrea Stoeckel
    2019-04-29 17:26

    This was a fast, fun read. Granny is a character with more on the ball than her community thinks. Two of her three kids are sure she's over the hill and catching up with the "wrinkle farm" crowd. She's the undercover lookout for the cops until a series of situations make her begin to question her abilities.A LOT of fun....and having lived in Minnesota for a while the mindset is spot on. Ms Seedorf, I hope I see Granny again soon

  • Theresa Patterson
    2019-05-23 16:27

    2.5 Stars out of 5.I finished this book just because I like to finish a book I've started whether I'm enjoying it or not.This book was bizarre and ridiculous. For example, the main character is a really old lady who leads a very eccentric and crazy life, to the point of it being super far-fetched. For me when I feel like I can't even connect or understand even a part of the main character, I can't get into the book and I don't enjoy it. However, I still finished it. :o)

  • Elizabeth Dodd
    2019-04-30 14:38

    Just as much fun as I'd expected from the description.You can't help but wonder how much is really happening and how much is Granny's imagination. That make it all work.Lots of silliness and a fun premise of Granny being hired by the locals to wander stores looking for shoplifters. Until she starts loosing her confidence, she does really well.A fun read.

  • gretchen
    2019-04-23 13:35

    Cute story. Really easy read....first book I've finished in a month! I loved the heck outta Granny! Every morning she made sure to check on her even crazier friends what a cute idea! This was a well written cozy, never woulda guessed who the killer was, caught myself laughing out loud adorable story! Looking forward to more!

  • Vicky
    2019-05-18 13:33

    Normally I enjoy mystery novels with elderly sleuths. This is not the case with Granny. The writing alone is way below average. Ridiculous. Super Grandma. I purchased the follow-up novel and put it well aside before I attempt to read it. There are much better choices in my bookshelf!

  • Bernice
    2019-05-02 14:42

    MARSHMALLOWMarshmallow. That's what my son would say. It didn't stress you but was a fun read. Just a little mystery and a few good laughs. Something you can read at night and enjoy without nightmares.

  • Terry Parrish
    2019-04-23 18:19

    Love that Granny! This is a fun and funny book. All because of Granny. Love her attitude. Just because she's 70 doesn't mean she can't have fun. Just a shame her family doesn't think like her. Would recommend this book to anyone who loves a funny read. Now its time to read another one!

  • Sandy Bartles
    2019-05-11 16:21

    I can't believe it took me this long to read this wonderful book! So different from other cozies. I love the quirky names and all the wonderful pets. I can't wait to purchase the next book in the series and see where the next story leads.

  • Melody
    2019-04-28 14:28

    cute easy read!

  • Jean Hansen
    2019-04-28 17:29


  • Sharon Mckee
    2019-05-21 15:32

    fun reading!

  • Sheila
    2019-05-09 14:46

    5 STARS

  • Sandra Holladay
    2019-05-04 12:35

    I'm giving this book a three star rating (low three) because the story line was ok, though granny couldn't possibly live only on food that had zero nutritional value. What makes it a low three is the writing, which I felt was very grade-schoolish (I'm thinking about a sixth grade level). I might read the next book in the series sometime, to see if the writing improved, but right now I have too may other books to get through.

  • BarbaraH
    2019-04-22 11:43

    Funny Granny A Looney funny tale of a Granny that works as a detective in the small town where she lives. Somebody is stealing From the stores in town and she wants to Know who. Many strange things happen along the way to try to make her doubt her sanity.

  • Missyjohnson1
    2019-05-10 14:21

    Don't know why I even finished thisThis book must be written for 8 year olds. They would likely get exhausted reading the same sentences over and over again. No real character development at all and Granny is boring. I am glad that it was only a $1 download.

  • Terry
    2019-04-29 10:34

    Fun readGranny is an energetic, can-do heroine. She is feisty and sweet, and good at catching criminals. This is s fun afternoon read. I am looking forward to the next Granny book!

  • Jo Pfeiffer
    2019-05-06 10:47

    Oh Granny!The story was good but in need of some editing. It was a bit confusing when the two sales girl's names were transpired. I think this would be a good series!

  • McCoy
    2019-04-23 18:48

    Okay, I like the series.Storyline is very funny at times.. some good ole lady reading, for those lady.. ah to be Granny, what a way to live