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Molly Pink and her crochet group, the Tarzana Hookers, are always game for a new adventure. But when their newest member is accused of turning her wedding into happily-never-after for the groom, Molly’s chance to find the truth is hanging by a thread ... When Molly is invited to a major society wedding, she expects some wedding drama. Though she never anticipated this muMolly Pink and her crochet group, the Tarzana Hookers, are always game for a new adventure. But when their newest member is accused of turning her wedding into happily-never-after for the groom, Molly’s chance to find the truth is hanging by a thread ... When Molly is invited to a major society wedding, she expects some wedding drama. Though she never anticipated this much trouble. The bride is the daughter of Molly’s close friend Mason—and has been planning this wedding for a long time. But at the reception, things go amiss when the wealthy groom ends up dancing with the grim reaper. To make matters worse, the bride’s mother is found holding the murder weapon—and, as the newest addition to a reality show, she’s happy to fuel the media frenzy. Molly agrees to open her home to Thursday, the distraught bride, who needs a little peace from the paparazzi. But when it turns out that Thursday and her groom were on shaky ground, the blushing bride takes the spotlight as the prime suspect. Now Molly and the Hookers must quickly stitch together seemingly unrelated clues and high-profile suspects—before a killer strikes again… ...

Title : For Better or Worsted: A Crochet Mystery
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For Better or Worsted: A Crochet Mystery Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-02-17 12:14

    I read the ninth novel in this series first, and now, I'm going through the series from the beginning. This eighth novel of the series was just as interesting and entertaining as the other books of the series I've read. As was also the case with the other novels in the series, I found the writing style to be good, and the plot was fun. I really enjoyed the novel and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series but, unfortunately, I've had to stop reading them for now because I can't get the ninth book back from the library just now and because the tenth book won't be published until closer to the end of this year, but regardless of all that, I've really loved this series, and I really think that Molly Pink is one of the best amateur sleuth characters that I've run across this year.

  • Kristen
    2019-02-24 17:05

    This is the worst one so far. Molly is the worst event coordinator and party planner. She doesn't even know a party needs food! She is also rude and immature. Adults shouldn't roll their eyes at everyone and everything. Going between two men is immature and the two guys aren't even worth the trouble.

  • Jmlwallis
    2019-02-14 11:00

    Good book. I think this is the last in the series. If so, no more Molly pink. The thought makes me sad.

  • Christine
    2019-02-13 13:27

    I had almost given up on this series and I skipped a book but this was a pleasant surprise. Maybe it’s partially because it was a while since I read the last one, but this one had less of the things I remember basically just hating. Adele is still annoying but at a level that makes sense and isn’t just a caricature. The will she or won’t she drama is also much less ridiculous this time around.

  • Maria Longoria
    2019-01-25 15:15

    While the lure of yarn and crochet attracted me to this book, I have to say it wasn't as good as I expected. Too many characters to keep track of and the lack of depth and feeling with the main characters was disappointing. There wasn't enough crocheting going on in this book to keep my interest.

  • Cathy
    2019-02-01 16:14

    Not my favorite one! But I have a compulsion to finish a series when I start one so I'll give the next one a shot.

    2019-01-24 14:07 to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieFor Better or Worsted is Betty Hechtman’s eighth novel in the fascinating and fun Crochet Mystery series. If you have not yet read earlier books in this series, you can easily pick up this one and not feel out of place – the author stitches just enough details in the design to invite new readers to feel like long-term members of the Tarzana Hookers (uh, that’s ‘hookers’ as in crochet enthusiasts).I would love to be a fly on the wall when an author plots a new tale – after all, how often does one plot the murder of a bridegroom at his own wedding reception? And how many mothers of the bride would want to be photographed while plopped into the wedding cake … holding the bloody murder weapon? That’s a little over-the-top, no matter how Mom feels about her new son-in-law, even if Mom is a reality TV star. But could Mom have done the evil deed?Molly Pink is the Events Coordinator for Shedd & Royal Books and More where she and her friends in the Tarzana Hookers group meet to socialize and work on their projects together. Thursday, the bride (and widow) is a new member of the group. Thursday’s father, Mason, is an attorney and one of two men who want Molly’s undivided attention. Molly was headed into the reception and ran into her other want-to-be suitor, Barry, when the murder was found.After the initial police inquiry was completed, Molly snuck Thursday away to her home where she could avoid the paparazzi for the evening. Barry, however, is the detective in charge of Thursday’s husband’s murder investigation. Molly now has to see both Mason and Barry daily. SO not in her plan! Mason and Barry do not like each other, but they do agree on one thing. They do not want Molly involved in the murder investigation, but how could she and her fellow Hookers not try to find the bad guy – or gal? After all, Thursday is now one of their own! And Molly had already successfully solved other murders!The eccentric ladies of the crochet group take on a new project, one that will bring new customers into the bookstore and multiple challenges for Molly. This reader enjoyed seeing the Hookers in their unique personalities and talents as they work through this new project. (One of the results is one of three crochet patterns in the book; all three patterns appear fun and easy to do). But one of the Hookers is suspected of “yarn bombing” Tarzana with bright, fun crocheted items – could one of the group actually be sent to jail for this?Each central and peripheral character is uniquely well-developed. None of the regulars will fade into the woodwork, as each has at least one highly-memorable trait. I like Molly and her best friend Dinah best, maybe in part as Molly is more of a contemporary to me, but the group definitely couldn’t get along without Adele and Elise!The cover art is appealing, both the colors and design. From the crochet hooks, pup, and various crafts to the bright window, it is a fun. open invitation to throw open the panes and go for the story within that will not disappoint.The plot is very thoroughly and finely executed. No clue has gone unchecked, and there are no unresolved concerns at the end. It is perfectly stitched to the gauge that brings the suspense to new heights for the Hookers! There are plot twists and even u-turns that made me doubt every suspect I considered! And the solution is far from what one would expect, based on the initial clues.I absolutely recommend For Better or Worsted to adults of all ages who enjoy well-written cozy mysteries with women sleuths, needle crafts, and challenging crimes solved that include a bit of romance and a lot of fun. If you haven’t yet read one of Betty’s books, you are in for an exciting, suspenseful, and delightful ride!*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*

  • Debbie
    2019-02-08 13:20

    I haven't read the previous books in this series. While I could follow what was going on, this book focused a lot on the heroine's two-boyfriend problem and other relationships. I suspect I'd have better appreciated the relationship dynamics if I'd read the previous books.The characters were nice people and interesting. This was one of those books where the ending hit a lot of my pet peeves. I thought it was a clue-based mystery, but it's not. At the very end, the one clue that points to the true killer is referred to very vaguely. Molly knows what the object is and who whodunit is, but the reader is kept in the dark for a while longer. When whodunit tries to kill Molly, we're not told about Molly's critical actions until the excitement is all over. Also, I'd have thought that Molly was smart enough to tell someone what she knew and where she was going when she'd head out to confront a person she thought was a murderer. She doesn't. I assume Molly has been attacked by whodunits in the past as this is book 8 in the series, so I'm baffled why a reasonably smart person like her would be so careless about this.There was no sex or bad language.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

  • Sallee
    2019-02-16 18:10

    This series features Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers, a crochet group that meets at Molly's place of employment, a bookstore. The story starts out at a major society wedding. At the reception, the groom is found stabbed to death, the bride's mother is found in the toppled cake holding a bloody knife and the bride is huddled over the groom with blood on her hands. The bride who has the unusual name of Thursday is taken home by Molly to help her avoid the paparazzi.The bride cum widow is the daughter of Mason, a criminal defense attorney who happens to be a beau of Molly's. The investigating homicide detective, Barry is her ex-beau. Molly has set the requirements that they all be just friends. This only causes Mason and Barry to compete for Molly's attentions. Molly finds herself investigating the murder as after all, Thursday is living with her until she can find a place to live. While all this is going on, there is a yarn bomber on the loose.Some of the Hookers are suspected of this and this makes for a humorous side story. This story moves along nicely and comes to a satisfying ending.

  • Marie
    2019-02-19 15:21

    This was a cute story. Not exactly what I would call a compelling mystery, but it definitely fits the bill of a cozy. The usual characters are there - including Molly Pink and her Hookers. I always enjoy their banter, and as a few of these characters are eventually suspected of committing the crime, hilarity, obviously, runs amok. While I did enjoy the book, it wasn't my favorite in this series. It moved along at a comfortable pace, and had it's moments, but something about it seemed kind of... hokey. It was almost as if there were just one too many coincidences to make the whole mystery seem plausible. Don't get me wrong, it's a Betty Hechtman story, with great characters and a wonderful setting. The mystery just didn't hook me this time around. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

  • Esther
    2019-02-07 18:23

    This is pretty cute. The murder mystery part relies a little too heavily on the amazing coincidence, but sometimes life really does work that way, so it wasn't unbelievable. The thing with the crochet bomber was just dumb, and the way the cops acted was pretty far fetched. My biggest complaint, though, was that it consisted entirely of telling, with no showing. Themed mysteries are fine, but without that quality of good writing, they come across as someone who really wants to integrate parts of their lives important to them, but can't really figure out how. I liked the fact that the patterns and recipes were included; perhaps she should have simply been writing a novel, like the Elm Creek Quilt novels, or worked more on painting her characters instead of describing them. Then I might have cared about them.

  • Marilyn
    2019-02-21 10:14

    Confession first - I'm a knitter; I can crochet, but I hate to do so. That may color my rating just a tiny bit. I loved the yarn bombing and that it contained a message. I agree that it is NOT like spray painted graffiti that is expensive to remove. Molly seems extremely disorganized and unprepared to be in charge of any sort of event. There are lots of things going on: the wedding, the murder, the bookstore, two competing suitors, a son, a house guest, planning a birthday party, lots of crochet get-togethers, sales of weight loss products, a visit from a boyfriend's mother, a bakery, pets, etc. It may be that because there were so many things going on that the book was so long.

  • Sherrill Watson
    2019-02-13 12:01

    I found the location fascinating, because I know the Valley -- I kept trying to figure out where things were! I didn't like so many characters -- maybe if I'd read the previous books I'd be familiar with the members of the Tarzana Hookers and their nicknames and foibles, and be able to separate them from the suspects. Anyway, it was a cute, cozy mystery, with a couple of twists & turns that were nicely unpredictable, and a somewhat surprising but satisfying ending. Not too literary for an average reader.

  • Tess
    2019-02-12 15:10

    Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers are back and I am very glad they are. At a high society wedding the Grim Reaper drops in for a short visit. That's when Molly and the Hookers step in gear to get the murder solved.Book 8 in the Crochet Mystery series is a great addition. Betty always seems to leave a small piece of herself in each book.FTC Full Disclosure - A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-07 16:08

    After reading several other cozies recently, Hechtman is a refreshing change. She can write, and knows how to write the cozy mystery without the saccharin sweetness of some other writers. I'm giving up on some other series I've followed, but not this one. My only complaint is that the constant pursuit by two men and their competitiveness got real old. This isn't "Friends;" readers don't need sexual tension to stay interested in this series. Molly should pick one (Barry) or reject them both and move on. Let's see the emphasis put back where it belongs in these books: murder and crochet!

  • Helen Drake
    2019-01-26 11:26

    Overall I enjoyed the book. There was the usual murder and lots of action. Molly is again torn between her 2 men. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments. My only problem is the actual murderer who comes out of left field. I believe a good cozy should provide enough info so the reader can eventually solve the murder. There was only one small clue to the murderer in this one

  • Diane Heath
    2019-02-10 16:20

    Giving this series another chance paid off. This was a fast moving funny story. Mason's oldest daughter, Thursday, is getting married. Her groom is found stabbed at the reception with her mother sitting in the wedding cake holding the knife..A "yarn bomber" is spreading crocheted graffiti through the town while Adele attempts to impress her boyfriend's mother....

  • Connie Easlick
    2019-02-08 12:03

    Well, I can say the butler did it and it won't matter. LOLI feel bad and good about this one. Sometimes you just know some form of justice is served.I really want Molly to stop being walked over by EVERYONE! She is so infuriating! Just tell both of those men to leave her alone for a while and see what happens.Enjoy!

  • Brenda Kirton
    2019-02-13 17:19

    An enjoyable cozy. As usual the only problem with this series of books is I can't read and crochet at the same time. That and the projects seem a bit fast. The mystery was good and well constructed. I like when the clues are there when I think back but not so obvious that I get annoyed that the main character doesn't notice them.

  • Pat Trezza
    2019-02-22 16:22

    I am very sad because this is the last book in this series till the next one out in November. I will miss Molly Pink and all her friends after 8 books they are like family. I really enjoyed this whole series. I would highly recommend this cozy mystery series.

  • Mary
    2019-02-16 16:23

    Another enjoyable read. Pink's lawyer friend's daughter is getting married and tragedy strikes at the wedding. Things have changed and she is searching for the killer of the groom and who is yarn bombing the town.

  • Laura
    2019-02-19 18:09

    not too sure 'bout this series, things are getting boring, the author's concern with this book was to bring main characters' Molly 2 "boyfriend" dilemma to the forefront---it worked. That outcome to be resolved in future books. I'm not sure how much farther I will go with this series

  • Amy
    2019-02-10 16:06

    It was cute and I actually was thrown... twice... about 'who done it', which surprised and delighted me. I believe I will go and find more of her works to read. Loved the patterns and recipes in there too - very nice touch.

  • Judy
    2019-01-30 14:02

    This is well into a series of "crochet" mysteries, so I wasn't familiar with the characters, but it was a pleasant read and included a couple of crochet patterns and a recipe.

  • Linda
    2019-02-16 10:09

    I really enjoy Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers. This one moved a little slower but I'm looking forward to the next one!

  • Patty
    2019-02-15 13:19

    I enjoyed the book and am going to see about making one of the patterns one of these days

  • Monica
    2019-02-18 13:04

    Pretty standard cozy fare, quick, easy, delightful.

  • Janice Yoho
    2019-02-23 17:05

    Her books just keep getting better.

  • Kathie
    2019-02-22 15:07

    great series

  • Gloria
    2019-02-20 13:08

    This is a fun series of crochet mysteries. Pink also works in a bookstore and gathers her Happy Hookers together in the bookstore...Books and crafts...lovely.