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Rayla Tate dreams of escaping her ordinary world for a bright future in the art world. Throw in an overbearing aunt who is keeping major secrets, a disgruntled best friend tagging along to college, and a bunch of fae warriors waiting in the wings to claim her the minute she leaves her sleepy little town, and Rayla's dreams are about to shatter.She soon discovers she is a cRayla Tate dreams of escaping her ordinary world for a bright future in the art world. Throw in an overbearing aunt who is keeping major secrets, a disgruntled best friend tagging along to college, and a bunch of fae warriors waiting in the wings to claim her the minute she leaves her sleepy little town, and Rayla's dreams are about to shatter.She soon discovers she is a coveted Elemental with power she never knew she possessed--a power that could change the world. Everywhere she turns another man tries to woo her. The weird part is she's drawn to each one of them. Who are these strange men, and what dark power do they hold over her? Rayla must quickly learn to fend off these beautiful and seductive pursuers using any means necessary or find herself lost to the fae world forever....

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Five Reviews

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-05-23 08:44

    UPATED REVIEW after re-readQuick reviewCover: Visually Interesting RatingR – for mild sexual situations. Thumbs Up3.5Overall: Interesting.Characters: Okay.Plot: It was a new kind of story for me.Page Turner: In ways Series Cont.? Yes RecommendYesBook Boyfriend: ZachSUMMARY (50 word or less)The second time around reading was better. This story has a lot of potential and held a lot of good more so than bad. The story really took off towards the end. There is a hand full of hot guys and I can’t hide my excitement for all the drama.For my full review and a picture of Zach, see my blog post. spoiler)[Old ReviewSo, I really wanted to like this book. I was sucked in by the summary. Unfortunately, I just don’t think the book delivered and it pains me to say this. I really wanted to like it.I agree with other reviews, the plot was good. However, Christie Rich didn’t make me believe. The biggest problem I had was with the main character, Rayla. She starts off a skeptic about things around her, then the next thing you knew, she was overly trusting. Then back to being a skeptic, then back to divulging secrets to a virtual stranger. This may have worked, if the author would have sold me on Rayla’s personality being flighty or easily manipulated. But she didn't.The same can be said about the other characters in the book. The best friend Cassie never seemed like a best friend. Everyone in the book seems to fall in love instantly. Then there were a couple of phrases said by characters that reminded me too much of other books like Twilight and the Fever series. I might have stopped reading if not for the promise I would post a review. That being said it took me a long time to get through a book. I kept putting it down to read something else.Good thing I held on, nearing the end of the book, things took an unexpected turn for the better. Once I just accepted the undeveloped characters for what they were, I enjoyed the story when we really got to see Christine Rich's take on the fae. Yes, there were still some unbelievable parts like where the author didn’t deliver to make me believe that one could love so fast.But, there is a really good story buried underneath a whole lot that needs to be edited and characters flushed out. Still with that said, being the curious sort, I might just read the next installment.This story was just ok for me, more like 2.5 stars. I'm giving the author the benefit of the doubt, it takes guts to put your work out there. Hopefully, she will scrub through the story again and make me a believer. So, I’ve rounded up to 3 stars. (hide spoiler)]

  • Christie Rich
    2019-05-24 07:01

    I wrote this book so I love it.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-16 05:38

    Loved Five! FAB-U-LOUS!I mean wow what a cast of hunky men! I really enjoy books based on the fae and this one did not disappoint. Rayla was a likable heroine and I loved the twists and turns her love life takes. I do enjoy a good love triangle or square but sometimes they can be over done and annoying. But I really enjoyed this one and it kind of sneaks up on you. I am really looking forward to the next one.Ms Rich's debut novel is a winner and I am a fan!Now the pics!Ok let's get Rayla out of the way...   Now let's go for Mr. Tall dark and extremely sexy Zach, I am a total sucker for the black hair blue eyes... The extremely dark Jett...I couldn't decide between these two so you get both because one can never have to many pictures of half naked guys ;-)  Taylor the hot latin lover...  Finn... the fabulous Celtic dream, let's face it there is NEVER anything wrong with a man in a kilt!  And lastly but certainly not least is Luke the blond god! Now I know what you are thinking "That's Nic's favorite cause there are so many" but it's simply not true. For me the jury is still out on Luke BUT I just always get carried away pulling pics of Alex Pettyfer.... how can you not? Now let see how well I can stalk Christie Rich...Blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Google + & Facebook (like it now!!!!).Recommended for: Teens and AdultsRating: 4.5 Stars - Really enjoyed it!Follow me and my silly weirdness and enter my giveaway!shareAread

  • Wei Cho
    2019-05-02 06:53

    I was thrilled with the theme of this book: the elements, and was kind of surprised when in the synopsis the Fae world was going to be included. But never mind that, I was expecting too much for this book, I raised the bar too high and this book just disappointed me. I thought it was going to be a great, action-packed, fast-paced book where the protagonist discovers she can wield the elements and have to fight bad guys and creatures. But nothing like that, this was NOT fast-paced, it took me so long to pass through the first couple of chapters. NOT at all action-packed because this book was so gullible and full of eye-rolling romance and friendship. In short, I expected more of this book.I will like to start with Rayla, the main protagonist. I didn't connect with her. Her friendship with Cassie was so queer, were they really best friends? They didn't seem like it, they were so cold and distant. Their conversations were stagnant and hard to relate to. It seems like they were mostly talking about inside jokes rather than something expressive of their friendship. Rayla seems too skeptic at first, then a true believer, and then back to skeptic again. Everything happened and changed so fast, I wasn't expecting any of this and there was no growth in the story at all. That is one of the main reasons I didn't trust Rayla to be a good protagonist. She also gave in to Zach very easily, I was expecting her to be stronger than what she seemed. But she was vulnerable, that makes me sick with hatred.Her conversation with her aunt was paused, at best. I didn't get anything out of it because Rayla seems to make of everything a joke, a really bad taste of humor in my opinion. The aunt didn't sound concern or worry, or angry, she was just plain and simple. She didn't seem to have any human emotion at all! There was poor character development, which is sad. Usually, if the plot of a book is bad, sometimes the character development saves it a bit. For this case, the plot was okay, development was terrible.Cute guys, Fae lords, in other words. All wanting to bond with Rayla. I must be honest that sometimes the time Rayla spent together with Zach and Luke were moments of sexual innuendos. I didn't like how Zach came too strong on her, proclaiming he loved him, and she reciprocated after just knowing him for a week! Believable? I don't think so. Zach called her "love" since their first meeting. Rayla felt uncomfortable, and you know it, but next thing you know, she is in Zach's arms, and kissing. Totally unexpected and betrayal of her true feelings. Then there is Luke, sweet, whom we know nothing about yet Rayla falls for him when they were alone in the room. Next thing you know, they are kissing. Utterly disgusting, not because of the kissing, but because of the inconsistencies of the characters, especially Rayla. She is naive, but I say she is plain stupid.There was very few mention of this magical world, I didn't see any magic or elements. Then again, not action-packed. The bonding ritual seem to go on forever, who should she choose to bond? We didn't find out because Rich thought it would be a good cliff-hanger to let the readers guessing. I don't need to guess. It is obvious who she is choosing, at least for me. Zach, the charming guy who won her heart, or Luke, the guy who said it didn't matter whom she chooses because as long as she is happy with a man, or Fae lord she loves, he is happy as well. Your pick.The other guys were just -fingernails on chalkboard- unbearable. It just made me sick that so many were trying to bond with Rayla, all after her. I cannot imagine how much she must've suffer. I don't know enough about mythological creatures to judge too much of the accuracy and portrayals of the different creatures, but I felt there weren't any information about these creatures. I wished there were more, at least the reader can get a better world-building. I feel Rich didn't do justice to these mythological creatures, and she scarred the faeries. And she didn't give justice to the use of "elemental power" in her book. They were not portrayed like this in "Lords of the Rings", which for me, is the closest to the truth about fantastical creatures (Fantasy). There were some typos and missing punctuation. In conclusion, what I disliked the most was that the story did not feel believable and the character development was just not there. I was expecting too much.I do not consider this book as a Fantasy Fiction. That is all I have to say.

  • Tanecia
    2019-05-05 09:45

    Five:An Elemental Enmity by Christie Rich, was a fast paced, action packed read! I honestly didn't know what i was expecting from this book coming in, because i usually pick the hardcore vampire love story over the pixie fairy tale. But this book was everything but cute and cuddly!This book is a "Breath of fresh air" compared to my own stereo-typical views of fairies: having wings, pointy features,fairy dust,and being plain cute and boring... But Rich's take on the fairy world is filled with scary mystical creatures and "fae" hotties that will make your mouth water... Five is about a not-so ordinary girl or so she calls her self a "grown woman" named Rayla, who is afraid of the dark and lives on a pig farm with her Aunt Grace, who has made it a point to shelter Rayla, her entire life. Rayla and her best friend Cassie escape their home town of imprisonment and embark on an adventure to St. Mary's College to enjoy the freedom of college life, so they think...Through out the course of this book Rayla is sure she is being stalked by something other-worldly, and begins to realize she is not going to have the normal life and freedom she set out for.... Rayla then finds out piece by piece what she is and about the power that's inside her that may not be hers to claim.This book was an overall great read! all the characters in this story were well thought out and the story line was tide together great! I was captured from the very first page of the book. This book is filled with magic,Mystical creatures, Hot Hot Fairy men,and action from start to finish. But the best thing about this book is that it may be about magic and things that don't really exist in the real world but Rich did make the characters relate-able in the sense of how teens fresh out of high school think they know everything that's out there in the world when we have no idea... We still have more learning to do than we think.... Rayla's character was whinny, sometimes self-centered, teenager know it all in a good way.. i could really relate to her because i was that way and probably still am lol! but i recommended everyone read this book its great for all ages, and i would DEFINITELY re-read and buy this book when it is available! P.S. and Who knows there might be a sequel?! Tt@NeverEndingStoriesBookBlog

  • Alexia
    2019-05-15 06:56

    What an epic book!! I was hooked from page one. I loved the characters, every single one of them. The story line was excellent, like nothing I've read before. Five had just the right amount of romance, action and humour - I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book! The descriptions of everything, land, human, immortal even troll was amazing. Christie this is an awesome book and I can't wait to read more of your work!

  • Sunny
    2019-05-15 02:45

    Reading Five reminds me of my feelings about eating moving theater popcorn. When I get to the theater, the popcorn smells so tantalizing it makes my mouth water. However, once I'm into the popcorn, it soon becomes too much - I am saturated by the taste of artificial butter and the salt makes me thirsty. I was so enticed by the summary of this story. It has all the right elements of a rich fantasy - an ingenue who discovers that escaping from her sheltered life brings risks because Kayla is an Elemental. As an Elemental, her powers will enhance any Fae Lord’s strengths and make him the most powerful Fae Lord. She is soon pursued by a gaggle of Fae Lords who each try to compel her to his side. In the midst of this chaos, Kayla is also struggling to find her own sense of self and independence. Author Christie Rich brings a story that is imaginative and creative. It is full of dramatic plot points. I embraced the story from the start and was constantly kept on edge. Perhaps this is also the book's weakness. With so many twists and turns, I was left wanting more - more descriptions, more explanations, more details, more development. One small example: one of the Fae Lords, Luke, makes a comment about how there is something discordant with Kayla’s name, suggesting that perhaps that is not her real name, but then the issues goes no where. It is not mentioned again. Hrmph! My biggest disconnect in the book is the love triangle that develops between Kayla, Zach, and Luke. It is a leap of faith for me to first accept that Kayla falls in love with Zach so quickly, especially given that fact that she knows that he is hiding information from her. Sure, he is a heroic figure saving her in several points in the story, but this relationship lacks trust. I did not feel that they spent enough time or real interaction for her to give him so much benefit of the doubt. However, the speed in which Luke becomes a contender in this love triangle gave me a little whiplash. We spend most of the book with Kayla and Zach. In a span of a few hour carriage ride, Kayla develops deep feeling for Luke. (view spoiler)[The feeling are so strong that Kayla can no longer make Zach her choice to be bonded with a Fae Lord.(hide spoiler)] This lacks authenticity to me. Kayla’s a strong character, learning to make up her own mind and coming into her independence. Her “insta love” for Luke felt like a disconnect. There are so many interesting elements in Five, it is worth the read. Like movie theater popcorn, despite the aftermath, I always go back for more....(I'll be looking for more answers in )["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sheri
    2019-05-15 06:50

    Rayla is pursuing her dreams by going away to college rather than staying close to home. Despite her aunt's protests, she sneaks off with her best friend, and that's when the fun begins. The whole story line of Five was different, and I appreciated that very much. The history of the Elementals and the Fae Lords was an interesting one. I really enjoyed the whole fantasy world that was created for this story. The book was action packed and fun to read. I mean really, who wouldn't want five hot Lords fighting over you? Rayla was a great character. She was funny and sassy. The story follows Rayla as she learns of her heritage and what that means for her. I like that she didn't fall into a heap and cry after learning about the Elementals, but really, with all those yummy guys following her around, what's to cry about?I loved the twists and turns the story took and am looking forward to where the author is going to take it next. I already have book two queued up on my Kindle and am anxious to get started!Interview with Christie Rich:http://makingconnectionsgroup.blogspo...Interview with 'Rayla':

  • Karla(Book Addict)
    2019-05-17 10:56

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  • Diana Stormblessed
    2019-05-09 08:01

    Rayla is trying to escape her small town life by going to a good school half a country away, against her aunt's wishes. But as soon as she leaves the safety of her home, things start happening. Before she knows it she's thrown into the world of the fae, with fae lords after her, because she's supposedly an elemental, something she knows nothing about.I loved the first 60% of the book. In the last 40%, the plot started to come together, but not in the way I would have liked. I'm going to start with the bad so I can end with the good. I thought the big reveals were a little quick. The book started to speed by just where I wanted more meat. I could have done with a little more development, since I felt that was the most important part of the book. Another part I wasn't too keen on was that everyone seemed very quick to trust. For example, one of the characters wasn't who she appeared, and she just came out and told Rayla everything. Why? They barely knew each other. I couldn't buy into it. And of course this book had a love triangle. And yes, I have come across the occasional love triangle that didn't bother me as much, but this one felt forced. Rayla knew these men for all of a heartbeat and she was ready to bind herself to one of them forever? A strong heroine, I feel, would have fought to get away, not fought to choose. What happened to "I am woman, hear me roar"? A true, strong heroine doesn't need a man to define her. She doesn't just accept that she's going to be bound to one of them. She fights to stay herself.The best part of the book was the men. Fae are always portrayed as the hottest men that you just can't stop staring at. Even though I wasn't keen on the love triangle, I loved the description of the men, and I enjoyed watching them try to win Rayla over.I don't want to give descriptions or bios for our leading men since I don't want to give anything away, so just enjoy the eye candy.Finn - the sweet Irish lordTaylor - the Latin LoverJett- Dangerous dark chocolateLuke - Golden boyZach - Love the dark hair, light eyes lookI recommend this book for fae lovers who are fans of love triangles.For more reviews check out

  • Leanne
    2019-05-25 10:00

    *Received e-book through Read It and Reap program from the Shut Up and Read! Goodreads group from author; **More like 3.5 stars; also posted on under LeanneFive is told by the point-of-view of Rayla, a young woman running away from her overbearing aunt to college, who suddenly discovers she is an Elemental – one who can bond with a fae lord in order to combine their powers to rule. Because the lords can sense Elementals, she becomes the object of pursuit of five fae very quickly. These fae each have a specialty in an element of which there are five: water, earth, fire, air, and ether (spirit), and they bond for five of a human’s lifetimes (hence, the three-fold meaning to the book’s title). Rayla must figure out firstly, if she wants to bond and secondly, which one to bond to. This is despite the strong compulsion she feels for each one and that, at any time, they can kidnap her to Faeresia to bond against her will. Rich opens up with this intriguing premise, but I started getting a little frustrated with the character development. I noticed Rayla was too accepting of the existence of Elementals and fae (ascertained on a phone call from her aunt), and not suspicious enough of the new men in her life, especially Zach. She was unrealistically too trusting of him and did not question his reluctance to tell his entire knowledge of and personal connection to the fae, which are at odds with her vulnerable position. In addition, I felt her relationship to her best friend, Cassie, was disingenuous, and seemed more antagonistic than anything. Lastly, the sudden romances that emerges with certain characters appeared forced and manufactured, almost like convenient filler material. On the other hand, I did like certain components of Five and it did improve with further chapters. I liked the characters of Adam, Jessica, and Natalie, who were more authentic and compelling, and I hoped for more storyline with them. Likewise, the last few scenes with Luke, a fae lord, seemed quite sincere and captivating – I found myself supporting him to be bonded with Rayla and through these scenes, Rich was able to bring in more background information on fae history and realm. In addition, I especially appreciated Rich’s introduction of a secret human alliance with the fae for the procurement of Elementals and conversely, a secret Elemental group to protect and hide themselves from the fae. I thought this gave the plot a much needed depth to the world-building, and tension to the plot, helping to set up the sequel. Overall, Five was a fast read and an ambitious attempt by Rich at a first novel in a new series. I think it did have an interesting world concept and enough unanswered questions and plot developments to warrant reading the next book in the series. I would recommend this to young adult readers, who are fans of paranormal/fae romances, but not necessarily older adults.

  • Kelli Spear
    2019-05-03 11:05

    Generally speaking, when reading any type of fantasy/paranormal story, my least favorite genre is faeries. I don't know whether I find them boring or if the authors haven't done a good job of convincing me that this life would be great, but I typically tend to avoid them. So signing up to read this was a big deal for me. And I'd like to thank Christie Rich for changing my views of the Fae.In the beginning of the story, Rayla seemed like a brat. She was slightly selfish and mildly whiny and annoying. Not that I was a huge fan of Aunt Grace. She seemed like a sister of one of the witches from Oz. Thankfully, the book picked up once Rayla and Cassie left Moab. There was always something strange about Cassie and her family, I just didn't know what at the time. Once at school, things got truly interesting. Once finding out she was an Elemental, Rayla began being courted by a group of attractive men who were really faeries. I, of course, was drawn to the one not in the group.... Zach. The perfect combination of tall, dark, handsome, sexy, and protective; he was REAL. He seemed to want her as well as protect her from being bonded to one of the fae lords. Things seemed to good to be true.As much as I enjoyed the book, I felt there were holes in the story. Some things weren't explained or made clear. How did Rayla's mom die? And really, what guy that you just meet believes you're being stalked by mythical creatures? Also, the issues with her contacting her aunt. I understand they were blocking the information she held, but what makes Utah so special? Something else that bothered me was the love triangle. Obviously there had to be issues that don't allow Rayla to bond with Zach to keep things interesting but WHO is Jett really? Is Alithea her mother? And what changed her feelings toward Luke? I didn't see his appeal at all. Even when he opened up during their journey. Team Zach!!Overall, I really liked "Five". I'm slightly frustrated with the cliffhanger ending. Rayla is bound to get in trouble by doing something stupid (i.e. leaving Finn and Cassie in search of home). I guess I want to know if she will be bonded or not, and if so, with whom. I have a feeling there is a war brewing and only once this ends will we see the true decision Rayla has to make. I also am curious if her mother's motives were to protect her or if it is something else entirely. This is a great start to a series. Definitely looking forward to the next!

  • Anjana
    2019-04-27 10:41

    Okay, let me start at the beginning. Christie Rich has a wonderful way with words. She's descriptive about everything in a way that made reading the book thoroughly enjoyable. While the story started out unclear, the book kept me curious and got better with every chapter! The plot was really good! Five's got a fresh take on Fae that got me sucked into Faeresia by the end of it. I TOTALLY loved the parts with Styx! (Funny,Funny, Funny!) My only problem with this book was that the characters could've been developed better. Not much was said about Rayla's personality (I have to admit, she annoyed me at first but got tolerable as the book progressed). For someone who had a totally normal life, I found the fact that she believed her aunt about the Fae (after one phone call) a little unrealistic. Also, Cassie and Rayla were supposed to be best friends but from the beginning of the book, they kept fighting and their relationship was a little too hot and cold for them to be best friends.While the reasons were explained later, I still wasn't convinced that their friendship was genuine. There were just way too many secrets between them and the affection didn't seem real.I just didn't get Zach & Rayla. I mean, she just met him, she didn't trust him, but he was all over her and she was okay with it. I totally loved Luke! At least, they had some real conversation. He was kind and sensitive (not to mention totally hot!)I liked that his ego was bruised because he couldn't bond with her..I hope she ends up with him! I really can't stand Zach. I liked this book. It had a fast-paced and extremely interesting storyline. I would rate it 4 stars if it was edited better and more time was spent in developing the characters and their relationships. Maybe it's just me but I need more interaction to get attached to them. Everything just happened too fast and too much time was wasted on Cassie and Rayla. That being said, Christie Rich is extremely talented writer and has created a unique story with a new take on Fae.. I will definitely pick up the next part when it's out..!

  • Tamara
    2019-04-29 03:59

    Also posted on my blog http://bookruckus.blogspot.comThis book left me speechless for a couple of days... now that I've had some time to unwind and process, here's my review!Well, where to start? At the beginning I guess... So, I must admit that this book did not wow me at the very beginning. It started with a girl (Rayla), frustrated with her home situation, wanting to go away to a college that her aunt doesn't approve of. I figured, OK.... pretty run of the mill first chapter. BUT then on the way to college things get interesting. There's a panic attack, a motorbike... or is it a black Pegasus? LOL, and a best friend who denies seeing anything! And it only gets better :) Soon she finds herself; being stalked by gorgeous fae lords who want to bond with her (totally not what you're thinking, hahaha), she's dating a total hottie named Zach, and she's ended up in the cross hairs of a super creepy rich guy. But all is not what it seems... I read this in a day, it was that good! I loved Rayla... she is independant and not afraid to speak her mind when it counts. She seems smart, but can be a bit too trusting. Her friend Cassie; I didn't really like for most of the story.... pretty much up until the end. Her refusal to acknowledge that anything was amiss, and her cold-shoulder routine ticked me off. I love Zach, he's mysterious and a total sweetie... he has a huge secret though. I actually had him pegged early on :) The fae lords each have distinctive personalities, which made it very easy for me to decide who I liked and who I didn't. The storyline is well written, and has good flow, nothing seemed rushed or forced... it all came together nicely. The ending is perfectly written to make you want to read the next book!I definitely recommend this book for lovers of the fae, paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy.... YA or adult. The second book, Dark Matter, is now available as well.... so no long waiting period for that! YAY! It's next on my TBR list... so keep an eye out for that review too :)

  • Kristine Breines
    2019-04-26 06:06

    I got this book though Read it & reap it. I have wondered at many occasion to join in, I'm not much of a reviewer, really. But alas, I could not resist this book, and I was not mistaken to join. I read it in a day, and the next day I had to get book number two, so I've already red that too :3The first page of the book throws us right into the action of Rayla's argument with her aunt about going away for collage. So even though none of the "real" action of the story starts until a while into the second chapter, the interest of the story is kept quite well until then. The real "action" starts with Rayla's unexplained panic attack about the dark, as she and her best friend Cassie are driving for collage. And then a dark motorcyclist peruses them, the motorcycle momentarily turns into a Pegasus, and even trough it's apparent that she noticed; Cassie refuses say that she saw. All though the story is fantastic, and the writing alike, there are some things I found hard to believe. For example; the way Zack flirted with Rayla the very first time they met struck me as waaay over the top, and I find it weird that none of the people around them reacted, and that she at least didn’t get suspicious… I would have been… But it wasn’t something I got hung up on :) The characters are well put together, and distinguishable. It could have been difficult to tell the Fae lords apart, but Christie made a good job of building up their likable or not so likable traits. I didn’t like Cassie at first, as she refused to spill… but I’m guessing that was intended ;)All together I really liked the book, it was very well put together, and it had a very good flow. Some books I get the urge to put down once in a while and get a rest from, but this one was all the opposite, it was impossible to out it down, and I had no other choice than to keep reading. I really look forward to the third book (whenever that comes out)! :D

  • Nawnee
    2019-05-21 05:42

    I really enjoyed the story line in this book. I did find the main character a little sheltered, way to trusting. Rayla decides to go to a different town and college than what her aunt had set up for her. Wanting to keep her close to home but not giving her a good enough reason to stay Rayla rebels and get into bunches of trouble that she is totally unprepared for. Her aunt has told her nothing about herself or the reason she would never let her leave there small little town.I liked the authors writing style, she painted an intriguing world with words that anyone would love to visit. The author must also be a big believer in true love, and love at first sight. The overwhelming love stories that are going on in the background of the main plot are intense and the couples formed an instantaneous connection with each other. I actually liked the romance and love story aspect in the book and I thought the author explained enough about the fey for this to be believable. The only aspect of the story that threw me off a little was Rayla's lack of interest in her own abilities until the end, her trust in complete strangers, and how much of the story line was left hanging at the end of the book. Over all I loved this book and I hope with time the main character will mature and stop making rash decisions. I can't wait for the sequel and I hope it's coming out soon.Here is a quote from the book that I liked."He hugged me to him. It felt right to be in his arms. I didn’t want the moment to ever end, but it would eventually. It was why I couldn't completely give myself to him now. No matter what I did, the slow tick of time would steal him from me, one way or another."Christie Rich. Five (Kindle Locations 6122-6123)This was a free book given to me by the author and shut up and read discussion board thanks for the great read!

  • Cyndi Goodgame
    2019-05-22 03:42

    Rayla has a few big surprises in store when she sneaks off to the college of HER choice. She doesn't know she has been protected all this time from what she really is and who will come to get her. What is she? I'm not telling you that. But there's more to it than meets the eye.It starts out kind of slow, but as soon as she heads off to college, you are reeled in with wanting to know who the (bad guys...maybe good guys...who can tell when they are that gorgeous...and who cares, right?) are! Zach...Ahhhh!Luke...Hmmm! sweet!Jett...I'm not sure.I forgot the other one's name, but he's hot and full of sarcasm like the rest.I loved the set up with finding out the whole plot. That was my favorite tie in.The book does have a few quirks here and there. It jumps from scene to scene three times as in they were sitting in the diner but the next paragraph they are standing in her dorm door. So it needs a few transition sentences.One part has Zach shirtless, then in a sweater that he never put on. (He could have just gone shirtless the whole book. Rayla wouldn't have minded.The only element I didn't like is Luke. I can't say much, but I didn't like the tie in reference to Jacob in Twilight and her falling for a second dude. Not sure where that is headed, but I can't wait to read book to and find out.Overall, it was a new storyline. Not sure about the God and chruch references yet and how they will "save them all" but will not pass judgement until I see the end result.

  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp
    2019-05-14 04:01

    Wow, were to begin with this book...I would give this a solid 4♥'s. Hot fae guys (I'll take one of Luke, and one of Zach, maybe a few more to round out my harem) and a sassy female protagonist make this a very enjoyable read. I know technically this is YA due to the age of the main character, BUT it's college, not HS so it's older YA. There is some making out scenes, but other than that it is a 'safe' read for even younger teens.I had a discussion with the author, and I was surprised to find out that she had not read the Merry Gentry series. There are several similarities of the series (but NONE of the fae porn, fear not). Jett is like a twin to Doyle. Luke... well I can't decide who Luke would look like but he has a few character traits of Frost, maybe even Rhys. Zach is like Galen (in character, not visually) a little; the newer, more 'grown up' model of Galen. If you like Merry Gentry, Five is like a PG-13 variation.Ultimately, if you like fae (hot, yummy, drool-worthy fae) and magic, then this should definitely be on your list to read. The main character Rayla is learning about everything at the same time as the reader, and Rich's mythology of fae and supernatural is an interesting slant on other fae tales. I will most definitely put book 2 on my to-be-read list and look forward to other books from Christie Rich!

  • Cassandra
    2019-05-05 04:45

    4 out of 5 starsOverall, I really enjoyed this book. I do feel as though we didn't get enough background and some things seemed pretty out there, (view spoiler)[Cassie's father giving Rayla a ton of money, paying for school, etc. (hide spoiler)] and while it didn't make sense at the time.. I guess it DOES get explained later but it bothered me for quite a bit.I really liked Rayla's character. Her relationship with Cassie bothered me in the beginning because they were always arguing and it was just weird in general for two girls who are best friends. As things progressed, we saw them become close again and that was nice.(view spoiler)[Roger being involved sort of threw me off and didn't seem to be necesary, same with Natalie. To me it seemed like a few things were just thrown in that really didn't need to be there, or maybe they will be explained in the next book.. I'm not sure.(hide spoiler)]The ideas and storyline were fun and interesting.. I just seemed to get a little confused in the middle but like I said, I really enjoyed the book anyway.

  • Alyssa Pivirotto
    2019-05-21 05:50

    I received this book through the Goodreads group, Basically Books. So when I read the description for this book I was instantly intrigued. The whole concept of Fae is not something I've read about before so I was excited to see what this would be about. Overall the book had a very entertaining plot and definitely kept me interested throughout the whole book. There were few grammatical errors and the ones present didn't disrupt the flow of the book at all. The beginning was a little slow and there was a section in the middle that I felt dragged a little but the ending was spectacular. Also Cassie's character in the beginning annoyed me a bit but as the story progressed I grew to like her more and more. At the end of the book I felt very attached to characters so I'll definitely give props to the author for writing such great characters that really grew throughout the book. Honestly I cannot wait to read the sequel and I would recommend this book to anyone.

  • Jacqui
    2019-05-12 04:40

    All I can say is WOW!!! One of my pet peeves is spelling errors, because it interrupts the story, there was one that I noticed but it didn’t bother me enough to break my focus on the story! I love the story line of the fey; it has an original twist that is cool. The need for an elemental’s powers is different most of the time the fey are so superior they need no one or no thing; it is nice to have a story where they depend on someone or something else. It would have been a nice touch if the story started from the perspective of one of the hunters on the hunt, so we could have some insight in their need and emotions connected with it; plus it would add to the climax having that little bit of information. I really enjoyed this book, I hope that the rest of the story comes out soon it is something I plan on reading!

  • NikkiPeterson
    2019-05-20 05:03

    Our main character is Rayla. She has led a pretty sheltered life and upon Graduation wants to go to college at St. Mary's College, nesxt to Notre Dame. Her Aunt won't agree to it and wants her to go to the local college. So Rayla and her friend Cassie leave in the middle of the night and drive to St. Mary's and Rayla vows she will call her aunt when she gets there.Little does Rayla know but she has just set herself up for the hunt. Five Fae Lords will try and claim her due to her being an elemental. Bonding with Rayla will augment their powers. Which will she choose? Jett, Luke, Finn, Taylor, or....Zach?I loved this book! I love the twists and turns in the story. I will defintely be readingas soon as I can!

  • Lanie Malone
    2019-04-25 05:02

    I got this book from Read It & Reap It. I felt that it started off a little slow but I can’t even tell you exactly where it picked up the pace. I went from about the 30% mark to the end in the blink of an eye. And when I hit the end I kind of wanted to toss my phone across the room because I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. I felt that some of the character interaction was a little off at some points but overall it was good. And I really wanted to snatch Cassie up by her hair and shake the snot out of her through most of it for being so wretched. Rayla’s relationship with Zach was also a little curious early on. On the whole, I thought it was a pretty solid start to what will no doubt be an excellent series. It was a pleasure to read and I don’t even usually like YA novels.  I give it four stars and I look forward to reading Dark Matter.

  • E.L.
    2019-05-11 09:59

    I absoletly loved this book! Five stars! The plot twists were great and it kept me on the edge of my seat while reading it. The story was different and new and lovely! Rayla is a great character and could definetly make my top five heroins (spelling?)of all times. I loved the Rambo moment, that cracked me up! I had a hard time putting this book down. I can not wait to read the next one and find out what happens. Will definetly recommend this book around!

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-04 04:45

    Love this book saga! Such beautiful places & people! Christie Rich gives such awesome descriptions of people & places that your mind can create these wonderful scenes. This is my escape from reality when things tough & the desire to "get away" comes to my mind. Such a imaginative & creative mind. I just can't wait til the next book comes out!

  • Leigh
    2019-05-03 05:51

    Wow! I loved the book!The characters intrigued me. Rayla with her innocence refused to allow circumstances to dictate her life.The fae lords with their stunning looks were a little overwhelming. I liked the twists and turns to this story. The author leaves you wanting to know what is going happen next. Can't wait for the next book!

  • Jeni Christen
    2019-05-19 10:04

    I loved the book personally, it had everything I wanted and more. I loved the story line and the character Rayla, she's a little insecure but still has a lot of spunk. I wish that there was a little more about the secret order, but I'm hoping to find that out in the next book. I can't wait!! Already started the next book!!! I recommend this book to anyone, it was a fantastic read!

  • Danielle Smiley
    2019-04-28 06:05

    Being a blogger has some wonderful perks! One of those perks is the chance to read a book that an author has generously offered in exchange for an honest review. Back in September I had the opportunity to read Five and have just recently been blessed with book 2, Dark Matter. As the later half of Five was complicated (in a good way) and I have a poor memory, I thought I'd skim the last few chapters of Five to reaquaint myself with the details. I ended up rereading the whole thing. It just sucked me in; I couldn't help myself!!! It's simply an amazing read and I liked it even better the second time through.So what did I love? The plots of each book are complex, mysterious and intriguing. I love Ms. Rich's striking verbiage. She paints the most beautiful scenes, ones of which you can practically feel the texture without being bogged down with useless details. Her stories ooze with creativity and magic!Then, the characters: Rayla is the perfect protagonist. Likable from the start, but with room for character growth, I immediately connected with Rayla. That character growth (which I love) is steady, believable and well written. The characters surrounding her are well-rounded with their own back stories and issues. The antagonists (and those we aren't sure are which they are) are dimensional, not merely evil with their own inner struggles. Then there's the sizzling chemistry between Rayla and these mysterious fellas hanging around! You'd think that having so many men involved would not gel right with the reader, but Ms. Rich has an incredible way writing each of these characters in a way that you completely empathize with Rayla in not being able to choose. I was 100% Zach, but then came Luke ... and in book 2, there's even more!!! It's hard to express how well Ms. Rich writes chemistry. And the crazy thing is, there's never anything more than kissing. Rayla has standards (good for you, girl!).This book is full of the excitement and mystery of discovery. Rayla's best friend Cassie doesn't act much like a best friend, but -as it turns out- there's a pretty good reason behind that. Jessica's strange animosity makes sense later as well. Nothing is as it seems for poor Rayla. Rayla goes along trying her best to deal with these changes. I admire her tenacity. I did think there should have been more if an internal struggle when she decided to share with Zach the crazy details of what was going on, but that's really my only complaint. The book does end in a cliff hanger, but it's a good stopping point (except that I hate to be left wondering and tend to want that next book IMMEDIATELY and when I first read this, I had to wait and I hate that ... tee hee hee). See more of my reviews on my blog, Known to Read

  • Lizze Gorski
    2019-05-08 06:55

    Five is a coming-into-her-own/paranormal romance novel written by Christie Rich. As Rayla Tate is just beginning to figure out who she is and what she may want out of life, she also finds that life and the fae may have alternate plans in store for her. When I first began reading Five, I wasn’t a fan. Christie Rich was incredibly detailed and descriptive when giving the reader as much of the back story as possible, without giving away any plot twists and turns that may be in store later on. While those are typically both good things to have in a novel, they just seemed to make the first few chapters sluggish and slow-moving. However, I later found myself reflecting back on every “sluggish and slow-moving” detail as I read-on.Once the momentum picked up, it kept up a steady and engaging pace throughout the rest of the book. I found myself hanging on every detail, every description…essentially, everything that had irked me in the beginning now had me hooked. Christie Rich’s characters are very relatable and emotionally well-developed. She also has an ability to describe a setting and make you feel as if you are actually there, right next to the characters. I found myself experiencing the emotional ups and downs right along with Rayla as her life unfolds before her. In the end, I found that I didn’t want Five to end. In fact, I have to keep stopping myself from going back and checking the end of the book…just to make sure I didn’t miss anything or there wasn’t more to read that I somehow over-looked. For me, that's the sure sign of a truly great book, when it has the ability to get its hook in me so effectively that I convince myself there is more there, that I missed something. I know one thing; Christie Rich has made a fan out of this reader. And I know where I’ll be, on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next “Christie Rich novel” to be released.“Love should be the great leveler: The thing that obliterates all other emotions into the insignificant rubble they are.” Rayla Tate, Five, written by Christie Rich, Chapter Sixteen, page 170

  • Beth
    2019-05-07 04:51

    Rayla Tate and her siblings have been raised by her Aunt Grace since she was young. Her mother disappeared and her aunt has taken in her family. Rayla wants to go away to college with her best friend Cassie but her aunt wants her to stay local and is completely adamant that she not leave her home town. Cassie’s father assists Rayla, giving her the opportunity to go away to college with Cassie. They mislead her aunt and Rayla heads off to school, but almost immediately after leaving her home town strange things start to happen. Rayla’s life is not what she always thought it was, she is special an Elemental. Aunt Grace has been protecting Rayla all along, keeping her safe. Now that she’s left the town she is exposed and all the fae Lords want her power. She meets a wonderful guy named Zach and is being followed by a few more hunky men and she doesn’t know who she can trust.This is a wonderful young adult fae based story. The characters, sexual attractions and situations are extremely spellbinding and the ending was totally unexpected. Five could be the next new “Fever Series” for young adults. I just have one thing to say, I need to know what happens next!This copy of Five was given to me by Christie Rich and Making Connection YA @ Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.