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It's 1814 and Charlotte lives just outside the city of Boston. She always has something to look forward to—tending Mama's garden, visiting Papa's blacksmith shop, and embarking on her very own Scottish adventure!...

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Little House by Boston Bay Reviews

  • 02michellek
    2018-08-22 23:41

    Little House by Boston BayAuthor Maria D Wilkes By Michelle King p2 EnglishThe book I read is called little house by Boston Bay, the content in this book is it’s about a pioneer family living in Boston close to wartime. Some ideas in this book are how they deal with the British dealing with Boston; the time is this book is not in the Revolutionary war. It’s in the time around the war of 1812.The book was organized very well. The author of this book didn’t make any mistakes with the organization and that was really nice. I also like how it didn’t have any random parts to it. The person who wrote this book experienced all this, but when she wrote this book. She wrote it as like felt a little bit like a secondary source. Of course thought, it is not. I enjoy how the book is about a person experiencing the whole thing. It really made the book better, and it gave you details on how a pioneer life was like. The word choice in the book was very good cause it described the timing very well with the word choice. It was very proper with a little bit of western. For example, I saw the word lass. You don’t hear that word a lot anymore. It was nice how it made the book really unique in a special way. The fluency in this book, just like how all the other little house books are. It’s very simple with a little touch of western. That is mainly how they talked in those times. The conventions in this book are very simple. It is a lot different that what we do today. They grew their own food, and they didn’t have any heater or air conditioning. I am happy I read this book and it was really fun to read.

  • Rebecca
    2018-09-20 01:16

    I didn't like this one as much as I've been liking the Martha books set in Scotland, but I think that's just because I love Scotland so much. This book is really well structured, and I love how she takes little things, like a molasses jug, and uses it to link both the beginning and end of the story, and also to show how the little girl's life has changed in the meantime. Well and subtly done. I was also fascinated by how brick ovens were actually used--all the details of period life are, as usual, well done and interesting. I could have done with a bit more about the school and Charlotte's lessons and activities there, but there's a limit to what you can fit in a book for elementary school kids if you want to cover six whole months!

  • Rosa Cline
    2018-09-06 19:33

    This is the first book in the Little House "Charlotte Years". It is written for an older child so if you are an adult reading you may think it's 'below' you. But I found it a nice book to read before bed to help calm my mind of my busy day. It's a pleasant read and due to it being the 'first' one the beginning of the books was a little 'slow' learning who each character was and their behaviors etc. But stay with it as it does get better. Ms Wiley wrote this book just like she did the "Martha years" incorporating in the history of what was going on during that time in Charlotte's life.Charlotte is 5 years old and is old enough to start doing things to help her Mommma (Martha) around the house. She's old enough to also go to summer school where she meets her best friend. The war of 1812 has been going on for a couple of years and up until now it hasn't really affected Charlotte. But now her whole family has been talking of the war. Due to the blockade the store can't get items and thus Charlotte and her family goes without. They read the newspaper every day for news or her Papa brings news back from his blacksmith shop where the village 'hangs out' to talk. BUT after Washington City where Mrs. Madison saved George Washington's portrait from being burnt, they start knowing the war is HERE! A young man that the family has grown to love as part of their family that has been helping at the Blacksmith shop enlists and has to go off to war. Charlotte is super sad and doesn't know how to feel about the world around her changing.

  • Heidi-Marie
    2018-08-31 20:39

    Laura's grandmother came from Boston. Quite the proper young lady, but still a child to get into scrapes from her adventures.

  • Jaime Krause
    2018-09-19 20:24

    If I was younger, I'd give this 5 stars, but the simplistic language distracted me.Still, the chapters are long and rich. And, this book holds one of my favourite chapters in the entire LH series.Roxbury, a suburb outside of Boston, 1814The United States is still young and the children of immigrants are first generation Americans - not so far off from their second gen friends.There is history that I've forgotten about and typically don't care for, but Little House books always whet my appetite in that regard. It's tough for me to imagine some things though, given the time. I keep seeing movie images, which may not be realistic.Charlotte Tucker is about 5 years old at this time, and she certainly has a child's imagination. The molasses jug, cider vinegar cruet, and butter dish are her Saturday family (respectively the father, mother, and baby).Her age makes her thoughts and errors more adorable and "forgivable" (for lack of a better word).If a Little House reader didn't already know, this shows that Martha did marry Lewis Tucker. They moved to the U.S. 15 years prior (so 1799). As a person living in 2017, even knowing that this really wasn't all that long ago, the fact that we're now in a 3rd century following the year is a bit mind boggling.Charlotte has two older brothers (Lewis & Tom), an older sister (Lydia), and a baby sister (Mary). At this time, the family is experiencing first-hand the issues of war as there is a British blockade preventing "everyday" things like molasses from coming into the States. Although she is young, Charlotte realizes for the first time the enormity of the world and how strangers' decisions affect her life.The reader gets a good sense of what life was like living in a large town outside of a larger city (Charlotte thinks of Boston as a 'grown up Roxbury'). - Lew continues blacksmithing in Roxbury and the Tuckers have a weekday boarder named Will.- I find it a little odd that although they attend a church service each Sunday, they call it "meeting." I forgot that church pews used to be purchased by families!- As an adult, I recognize that Charlotte and her siblings have immigrant parents, yet they're one couple of many who have come over to this new country. Compared to now, I wonder how difficult that truly was, and how they were really treated. Also, did they REALLY speak English? If not, how did that affect everything? It does say that Lew was speaking Gaelic, but that doesn't mean he didn't know English.- Having a garden, even while not living on a farm, was extremely important. - Students in schools had different books and the teacher taught from each one's book to whoever had it. Charlotte thinks that one book is likely not as good as hers; I'm wont to agree that some books would be a lot worse than others.The accuracy of almanacs always awes me, especially because predictions are made a year in advance. It's no wonder people relied so heavily on them - and it makes me wonder why we're so wrong in such predictions these days.I feel so bad for the teacher who had to deal with a two-year-old simply because the mother didn't want him (or her I'm sure in other cases) to be underfoot.Martha's Scottish song of Henry and Caroline made me laugh.I'm surprised that despite the small houses and all that kids even then knew little of where baies came from."In the Smithy" is my favorite chapter not only of this book but likely of all the Little House books. There is information on horseshoes which is interesting, but the best thing is that it has all but the third verse (Google search tells me there are 4) of 'Defense of Fort McHenry.' I've never seen all the verses anywhere else, not even in my U.S. History course, which was around the time I first read this.

  • Emily
    2018-09-06 03:13

    The story was cute but as an adult I enjoyed learning about the war of 1812. And colonial life during that time. We didn't learn much about that war in school and it's funny I've also recently read the Caroline American girl books and those take place during the war of 1812 as well. I also enjoyed reading about Martha as an adult too when I recently read her stories as a child.

  • Twyla
    2018-09-04 22:26

    My favorite part was when Charlotte made friends with Susan, and actually started to enjoy school. My least favorite part was when Charlotte tried to walk all the way to Scotland and back again before night.

  • Story_Girl
    2018-09-06 01:26

    Laura Ingalls Wilder’s grandmother Charlotte must have had a fascinating life, raised in a young America by two Scottish immigrants and living through the war of 1812. I learnt a few things from reading this book that I didn’t know before and I enjoyed it. What more can you ask for?

  • Kristen Luppino
    2018-09-10 02:35

    I enjoyed this more than some of three other first books in these series. Set in Boston besser the end of the war of 1812. Excited to read the next.

  • Erin Boyle
    2018-08-21 19:34

    I think this is the one where her brother gets his arm or his finger amputated! This book was deeply fascinating to me. That part was so exciting!

  • Dawn
    2018-08-26 02:15

    My eight year old daughter and I are having a delightful time reading about Laura's ancestors. While nothing is quite like the original Little House series, these are a wonderful read.

  • CherryHee
    2018-09-19 19:14

    "A untuk Apel," ucap Charlotte. Tanpa banyak kesulitan ia mengucapkan setiap huruf dan ketika tiba pada huruf "J untuk Jaksa", ia melihat sekilas wajah Abner Dickinson dibagian belakang kelas. Ia melotot pada Charlotte dengan mata dijulingkan dan mulutnya menyeringai dengan mengerikan. Wajah itu begitu jelek sehingga untuk sesaat perhatian Charlotte pun buyar. Ia tahu urutan huruf berikutnya—ia benar-benar sudah hapal—tetapi wajah jelek itu! (aku ngakak dibagian ini LOL)Kemudian Tom melihat apa yang dilakukan Abner dan ia pun langsung meninju bahu temannya itu. Tom memang suka mencibir dan menggoda adiknya, tetapi jangan coba-coba kalau ada anak lain melakukannya juga. Setelah mengunyah manisnya Martha dan Duncan di Seri Martha, di sini aku menemukan Charlotte dan Tom kadang bisa semanis mereka. Walaupun Tom kelihatan lebih badung dari Lewis (nama yang manis karena sama dengan bapaknya lol).Charlotte kelihatan kalem dan lebih lembut daripada ibunya yang mana ini membuat sedikiiiiit (sekali) boring. Tapi karena Charlotte unyu dan kelihatan polos (apalagi diadegan dia mau pergi jalan kaki ke Skotlandia dan berharap bisa pulang sebelum makan siang hahahaha) Charlotte kelihatan manis dan pemikiran anak kecilnya seperti 'keluarga sabtu' cukup menghibur. Keinget dulu aku juga sering jodoh-jodohin benda mati githu hahaha. Ceplas-ceplosnya Martha masih kelihatan sampai kebiasaannya dia untuk mengumpat ditiru anaknya. Terus dengan manis dia bilang, "Baiklah, Anak Muda, aku akan menjaga lidahku, dan sebaiknya kau menjaga lidahmu juga. Kita berdua patut mengikuti teladan papamu dan lebih sering menutup mulut kita." Meskipun Martha mengulanginya lagi saat dia dengar kabar tentara Inggris berhasil membakar kota Washington hihi.Jadi manis juga, karaker Martha yang energik dan 'ga bisa jaga mulut' bersanding dengan Lewis Tucker yang pendiam dan tekun (yang mengingatkan aku pada sosok ayahku kkk). Dibuku seri Martha mereka sudah kenal sejak kecil. Jadi pengen lihat gimana hubungan percintaan awal mereka walaupun dibuku itu ada sedikit bagian yang secara ga sengaja mengulik hubungan mereka lewat dongeng. Aw pokonya buku ini manisss meskipun ga bisa ngalahin kemanisan Martha seri pertama (Rumah kecil di Dataran Tinggi) seri ini juga masih bisa aku nikmati. Nilai sejarah peperangannya terasa sekali. Efek peperangan itu pada lingkungan termasuk meja makan keluarga Tucker sendiri. Dan respon-respon masyarakatnya. Ada satu quote favorit dari Bang Will yang bijaksana. "Hanya karena sesuatu selalu terjadi dengan satu cara, bukan berarti bahwa hal itu takkan pernah berubah selamanya."

  • Melissa
    2018-09-15 22:30

    Although not written by Ingalls, Little House By Boston Bay continues in the spirit of her books. This time it centers on Charlotte, the grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is the first book in the series and starts when Charlotte is almost five years old.Most of the book details Charlotte's life and the almost year that it covers. Most notably, this book takes place during the War of 1812 and so there is quite a bit of information included in there; especially a copy of the Star Spangled Banner and other songs. Charlotte's days are filled with chores and playing with her new doll whom she has trouble naming. She also goes to school and meets a new friend named Susan and even tries to go to Scotland (although she doesn't realize how far away it is.) She listens to her mother's stories and helps with setting the table with her special "Saturday Family" (jars, bottles and etc. with condiments for the table).The characters in this book are mostly well written. I do think that Charlotte, being 4-5 in this book, sounds a little too old and mature for the age. But times were different back then so I could be wrong. Her brothers and sisters are present but not really developed too much; the same goes for her father. Where the characters really shine though is her mother. Her mother is a bright personality with a lot of oomph in her and there is quite a bit of detail written about her.Wiley has a nice writing style and it is somewhat similar in style to Wilders. She adds the same element of almost a diary type of writing as the other Little Houses' do, but doesn't have as much useful information within the pages. Out of everything that is described, it is not done in a way that makes me think I could repeat it like I could with the original series. However, there is a recipe for pounded cheese that almost seems doable by reading the description. This is a great book for kids and reading it at my age is probably why I find more fault with it in this regards. It is a simple story about a girl and her life.Not my favorite of the whole grouping of books but it wasn't bad either. The whole series from Laura's stories, to her mothers, and so-on are a charming group of books. They are perfect for cozying up by a fire and reading with your children, or even by yourself for reminiscing.Little House By Boston BayCopyright 1999195 pagesReview by M. Reynard 2010

  • Rea K
    2018-08-22 03:37

    Pop Sugar Book Challenge: Book by a Female AuthorRather appropriate for today, really. Takes place during the War of 1812. If I remember my history lessons, it's over in 1815, but don't quote me on that. All I remember is that there was a battle in New Orleans after the war ended because the news of the war's end didn't make it to everyone. There are several mentions of major war events and the blockade in Boston, as well as the war mentioned on a lot of the pages. Dolley Madison is mentioned. I love that she made sure to take George Washington's portrait when she fled the British. Francis Scott Key is mentioned and his poem is there for the reading. My favorite bit was reading about five-year-old Charlotte not knowing geography. "I'm going to go to Scotland. It's not very far" and all that jazz. Small children have the strangest ideas. But then, I'm not one to talk. When I was her age, I thought that some of my family lived in Alabama because of a city being similar in name to where they lived. Whoops. All I can say is I never tried to walk to Scotland. Children are so weird. It turns out that I had read this one when I was little. For some odd reason, I thought this was one of Martha's stories. I remembered the sand on the floor, the Saturday Family (not by name of course), and that's about it. But I REMEMBERED THIS BOOK. Cheers. It's adorable.

  • Ashley Perham
    2018-08-23 03:13

    For some reason I remember disliking these books when I was younger. I don't remember why. I love them now! I don't think they will ever by my favorite, but I love Melissa Wiley's Little House books for their detail and historical events, and this one is no exception. I also love Charlotte's emotion at the end. It's hard when things change! I do wish the reader was introduced to Will more though!Martha as a mother is amazing!!! And she married Lew!! Yay!! Part of me wants a book on how they got to America, but after the last Martha book being mediocre, I'm okay to let my imagination work. Also, Charlotte is verrry mature for a four year old. But I guess kids matured more quickly back then. (Like the line about Miss Heath being a grown woman of seventeen!! *snort*)This book was a pleasant surprise! I can't wait to get to the rest of the series!

  • Paul Lunger
    2018-09-18 21:15

    Melissa Wiley's "Little House by Boston Bay" is the opening book in the Charlotte Years which deals with Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother Charlotte Tucker. The story is set just outside of Boston in 1814 the penultimate year of the War of 1812. The story while keeping to the nuances of the series themselves seemingly lacks the decent character development notable in other books. It keeps the characters relatively simple in nature & goes on about the daily lives with little adventures along the way including a very interesting reaction to the burning of DC & the attack on Baltimore with the penning of "The Star Spangled Banner". Overall this is not the best of entries in this enjoyable series of books, but it's a quick & easy start to what will hopefully be better fare down the road.

  • Julia
    2018-08-30 23:29

    Liked it a lot more than "Little House on the Highlands". Might even look into getting the rest of this series.Not sure why I liked it so much more than the first Martha book. Maybe because it felt like there was more action in it? Charlotte seems to be more adventurous as a child than Martha was. But I do like Martha as a grown up. Both books were written by the same author and published in the same year so I'm having a bit of a hard time pinpointing why I thought this one was better. Could be that this book felt more story-driven and felt like it had a purpose throughout the whole book and tied up all the ends nicely.

  • Faith
    2018-08-30 22:33

    Becky and I enjoyed this greatly! We loved learning all the details of Charlotte's life and learning about the War of 1812, especially the writing of our National Anthem. As a family we have resolved to visit Fort McHenry soon to visit the site where Key penned his poem! Since we'd just spent a week in Boston this summer, it was wonderful to read about it and Roxbury. We also enjoyed the lively character of Martha, Charlotte's mother. I worked hard to do a Scottish accent as I read aloud. I'm much better at an Irish one so I'm still working on it!

  • Julie
    2018-08-25 01:37

    I don't know how historically accurate these are, but I do love the writing style. They're so much more kid-friendly than the Laura books, which are written with the assumption that everyone knows what all the various equipment and ingredients and such are when even I sometimes don't know and I grew up on a farm. These are quick reads and my 5.5 year old is completely taken with Martha and her family.

  • Kasey
    2018-09-07 01:34

    I thought that this book was very fun and interesting to read. I would greatly encourage Little House fans to read the whole little house series beginning with Laura's great grandmother, Martha, and ending with Laura's daugher, Rose. It was so much fun reading about the different times these women lived in. Rated three stars because it is way below my reading level so it is a entertaining fast read.

  • Sadie
    2018-08-25 01:36

    I am really enjoying the Little House series, thus far. I liked learning about Boston and how the war of 1812 had an affect on everyday life. I must say that some of the fun of this book was actually seeing Martha as a mother. Having read her story already, it was fun to pick up on some of her references back to her childhood. Charlotte is a likable character and I will read the rest in the series.

  • HeavyReader
    2018-08-31 01:13

    This book is about the childhood of the grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's told in the same style as the Little House books and is very well done. The writing is simple and easily understandable to little kids, but also full of details. I enjoyed reading the book. Not a thrilling book, but I liked it well enough.

  • Rachel Thomas
    2018-09-12 02:14

    title: Little House by Boston Bay (historical fiction)author: Melissa WileyPublisher: Harper Collins Publishersdate: 1999summary: This is a story of Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother. It tells of her adventures growing up. It was a little slow in some parts but overall it was a cute pioneer story.

  • Paul
    2018-08-30 19:14

    Charlotte is the mother of Caroline Quiner Ingalls, known and loved by millions as Ma Ingalls. This series of books opens to us the childhood of Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother, and gives us a citizen's view of some very important events in American history.

  • Zoe
    2018-09-15 22:39

    I had always been curious about the many spin-off book series written in the 90s. This was the first in the series about Laura Ingalls grandmother, and though the protagonist is young, it rovides lots of detail about the war of 1812 and her scottish heritage.

  • Cindy
    2018-09-09 20:36

    First book in a wonderful historical novel series about Charlotte Tucker, the little girl who would grow up to be the grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Little House books were my favorite as a girl so these are just a delight for me to read!

  • Callie Stillion
    2018-09-17 19:23

    I was amazed by this book! Charlotte decided to go away from home because she wants to get away from her brothers and sisters. Her Papa finds her on his way home and took her home. Then Charlotte gets in trouble and she then live a happy rest of her life.

  • Cece
    2018-09-13 22:15

    I love this series! I find it interesting to read about Laura Ingalls Wilder's relatives. This book follows LIW's grandmother Charlotte (5) and her siblings Lewis (12), Lydia (9), Tom (7), and Mary (infant).

  • Ruth
    2018-08-30 21:12

    Charlotte (grandmother to Laura Ingalls Wilder) is so adorable!

  • A.K. Frailey
    2018-09-21 19:26

    I really enjoyed this story. The language felt authentic and the characters were honest and approachable. This was a wonderful classroom read aloud!