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Tori is a career woman at the top of her game. She has everything she ever wanted except a happily ever after. She is ready and determined to find it. When her friend Vivienne offers her an invitation to an exclusive online dating service, she decides—against her better judgment—to use it.A blast from her past is not what she expects.When Jack realizes he’s been set up witTori is a career woman at the top of her game. She has everything she ever wanted except a happily ever after. She is ready and determined to find it. When her friend Vivienne offers her an invitation to an exclusive online dating service, she decides—against her better judgment—to use it.A blast from her past is not what she expects.When Jack realizes he’s been set up with the one woman he’s failed to forget, he has two choices: leave or stay. Life doesn’t give second chances this easy, and it isn’t above him to let go of an opportunity such as this. After all, there cannot be a sweeter revenge....

Title : A Wicked Game
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ISBN : 19085928
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A Wicked Game Reviews

  • Lisa Filipe
    2018-09-17 15:41

    This is my favorite series from Evie Knight, and A WICKED GAME is such a fun addition to the series. From the first page you will not only be wondering what will happen between Tori and Jack, who had an incident in college, but you will also be cracking up!! There is much to be said about a little revenge...hahaTori and Jack embark on a "Friendship with Benefits" type of relationship, after putting aside the past events they'd shared, but neither wants to be the one to admit they have fallen for the other. Let's just say that Jack makes a "mistake" which in man speak means "Ran away from his feelings like a baby", and Tori moves on...kinda. Jack knows he needs to win his lady back, and you will just have to read to find out how.I can't wait for the next book in the Elite Series, and I am SOOO hoping it's Vivienne and the Man with the Sexy Accent!!

  • Liz F
    2018-09-07 17:34

    Here’s another winner from Evie Knight! I think that this book might be my favorite book she’s written so far. Although A Wicked Game is Book 2 in the Elite Classified series, it can be read without having read Book 1. But there is a caveat that should come along with Wicked Games: Don’t throw in the towel on the two main characters without giving them a fair chance!I can’t say if Tori, the heroine, was likable right off the bat or not. I think she was but then she wasn’t and then by the end, she was again. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I love when an author has my feelings about characters all over the place! As long as everyone gets their just desserts, good or bad, I’m a happy camper and in Wicked Games, I felt like Tori was a better person at the end of the book than she was at the start. Other than some questionable antics when she was in college, Tori really WAS likable. She’s a successful woman, in a career she enjoys and I found that to be really refreshing. A lot of us are working in jobs we (at best) don’t love but we stay because it pays the bills. So seeing Tori doing great work at a cool job was fun. I also liked that even after Tori fell for Jack, she didn’t let him run roughshod over her. When he dropped the ball and really messed up, she didn’t just give in. She kept her spine and her principles and it completely redeemed her in my eyes.Jack is the hero and he’s Tori’s nemesis! Tori pulled a prank on Jack while they were in college and it was so humiliating that he’s never forgotten it and he’s hoped he’d be able to get revenge one day. And he does. But that revenge isn’t so sweet and he has a hard time believing that it’s not as satisfying as he’d hoped. Now, Jack was also not so likable at the start of the book! He gets his revenge on Tori and it seems really harsh! It took me a while to warm up to him but once it became more and more obvious that he was a good guy, I was happy to see them together. I also enjoyed how Jack wasn’t easily swayed by Tori. Not that he played hard to get… he just WAS hard to get! LOL! But seriously, after he was burned by Tori so long ago, I totally get why he didn’t really want to get serious with her and could see why he was holding back.Of course, together, Jack and Tori are dynamite. Again, I didn’t feel that they were likable right away and I was thinking that I’d have to rate this book super low. But if you can just stick with it to, say, the halfway point, you won’t be disappointed! These two really grow on you and are a lot of fun! Neither one of them are saints; they’ve both been cruel to each other. Actually, we never really get the full story on WHY Tori pulled the prank on Jack but I’m not sure that it really matters THAT much. The only thing I could actually complain about was towards the end, where there is a “model” emergency and only Jack can save the day. I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw what was happening but by the end of the scene, it was so funny that I couldn’t remember why I didn’t think I would buy into it.Overall, I really loved this book. The HEA was a lot of fun, both characters became real people and redeemed themselves but managed to maintain their identities. I really liked at the very end of the book, the next book is set up BUT don’t worry! There’s no cliffhanger! It’s just a little scene to show you what’s up next and I, for one, cannot wait! I would recommend this book to ANYONE who likes contemporary romance with characters who really do 180’s in the likability department!

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2018-09-03 21:38

    Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★When Tori’s best friend gives her the invitation from Elite Classified for a one night stand she does not expect to see Jack on the other side of the door. Jack the nerdy guy she had always had a thing for even back in the day. Now he was really something even better and totally HAWT. Jack has never forgotten how Victoria cuffed him to his bed after getting him all worked up and then left. She had done it as part of a sorority dare and he had to live with the embarrassment for the next year. This was Jack’s opportunity to get payback and he was ready to take it. All he had to do was work her up, handcuff her to the bed and leave. Pay back is so sweet…or is it? Tori cannot believe that Jack left her cuffed to the bed and really wanting. If that’s the way he wants it, look out here it comes. Jack had left his jacket with his wallet when he left and Tori knows exactly what to do with the information he left behind. So what does any girl do to get her own back, she sends sex toys every day to his office of course? And of if you max out his credit cards doing it, oh well! Payback is so sweet…or is it?When the two continue to play the payback game neither expect the unexpected. They can’t seem to get enough of each other! What is going on? Will they put the games behind them and focus on the present? Can they find a way to keep each other? If you would like to find out what really happens between the two, read the book! It will keep you entertained until the last page! ~TSRBRHero: Jack Bloomberg 4 starsHeroine: Tori Michaels 4 starsPlot: 4 starsSteam Level: 4 starsCliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Yes! This is a fun, sexy book about how things can really become warped during college years. Our two main characters have a love hate relationship that needs closure or maybe not! Would I recommend this author: Yes! Ms. Knight is an incredible author that is a joy to read. Love her books and can’t wait to see what happens to Tori’s friends. Will Vivienne decide to use her invitation in the next book?***Received an ARC of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review***A Wicked GameEvie Knight

  • Alexa Nichole Demers
    2018-09-14 15:44

    Review brought to originally from...This was a quick read that was a great addition to the Elite Classified series. Tori played a prank on her crush in college and he has never forgotten what she did to him. He finally sees her again when Elite Classified sets them up by accident. Jack finally gets his revenge. But the only thing that accomplishes is starting a new game that might never end. They end up having an affair that neither one of them saw coming.Tori works at a magazine and she now has time for love. She goes to meet a blind date for a hot and steamy night. The man that walks in is the last person she wants to see. I thought that Tori’s character was hilarious. She can come up with some pretty hilarious pranks, I give her that. I love that she is the first one to fall. It’s great that she has him grovel a bit too. I mean he was kind of an ass.Jack has been imagining the ways to get Tori back for what she did in college. What he wasn’t prepared for is starting to actually like her company more than the game they are playing. He is the typical guy. He doesn’t want to admit that he has fallen in love. It is still just a fling. He doesn’t understand that it isn’t something that he can just decide until he loses her. He wasn’t the best at grovel but he was a hotty. Totally steam worthy.This book might have been short but that had nothing to do with the chemistry. These two had chemistry from the first page. And those intimate scene were downright smoking. This was another great book from Evie Knight and I think I like this series better than her In Bed With The Enemy series. Great read! Pick this one up for sure!

  • Pam
    2018-09-06 19:37

    Tori is ready for her happily ever after. She has everything else in her life but that. When her friend offers her an invitation to use her exclusive online dating membership she takes the chance. She plans on a wild night she just didn't plan on seeing an old face. Jack can't resist the chance to get back at Tori for what she did to him years ago. The two start a game of their own with a fling never thinking it would be more. Now Jack my have went to far and Tori calls Game Over. Jack is a very sexy man who has never got over what Tori did to him years ago. He has a chance to drive her wild and he does. I love his way of getting her back. He doesn't want to call what develops between them a relationship and is afraid to get to close to her. He is smart, has a sense of humor and at times can seem like a jerk. He does do a few things to make it up. Tori in some ways was a mean girl years ago. She is good at her job and loves it but she doesn't have anyone in her life. She does give Jack another chance and she knows when to let go. She is a very sexy woman who has a wicked sense of humor. This was a quick hot read. I love all the action between Tori and Jack. I also enjoyed the funny moments it had. I laughed several times while reading it. Tor and Jack have a past they have to get past and they also have to see if they have a future. They are both hard headed at times and I could see they clearly belong together but are afraid to show it. While they have no problems in the bedroom they do have communication problems. If you like a hot story and a great series try this one.

  • LJT
    2018-08-29 21:29

    A Wicked Game by Evie Knight, is the second novella in her Wicked series. It is an extremely sexy, well-written story that I was able to devour on a Sunday afternoon. The characters are likeable and the plot is complete with emotion, friendship and heat. In addition, the hot purple cover is the perfect introduction to the passionate inferno that follows.When Tori Michaels was in college, she pulled a truly awful sorority prank on Jack Bloomberg, an unsuspecting guy that she had a crush on. Leaving him semi-clothed and handcuffed to a headboard for all the world to see. Now years later, thanks to an exclusive dating service, Jack gets his revenge. However, this is just the beginning as far as Tori is concerned.Tori uses Jack's credit cards to send candy, flowers and lots of sex toys to his office. Of course Jack retaliates, but something, like a magical force, transforms their anger and revenge into warmth and caring. Tori and Jack begin to see each other and share the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. Unfortunately, their sort-of relationship comes to a halt when Jack leaves for Tokyo on business for a couple of months and never calls or returns Tori's calls.Will love conquer all? When Elite Classified is in charge of making a match, it is more than possible. If you are looking for a quick, erotic romance, this book is for you.I was gifted this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Yazmin
    2018-09-16 18:30

    In A Wicked Game by Evie Knight, Tori is at the top of her game career-wise, but on the personal side she is still looking for her happily ever after. So when her friend Ariana offers her an invitation to an exclusive online dating service, she decides to use it.Jack accepted the invitation he was given by his friend to Elite, an online dating service. What he didn’t expect was to be set up with the one woman he cannot forget after her stunt in college. Now he has to decide leave or stay and finish what they started.While Jack decides to stay, it’s not for usual reasons any other person using Elite would. No, he plans to get payback on her. And so he leaves her in a very embarrassing situation herself. Which is how we begin the story, and why Jack and Tori begin doing all kind of crazy thing to get payback and one up one another again and again. But we all know that much feeling cannot only derive from their humiliation, and so begins their journey to their own HEA.I love this series, it’s HOT, it’s fun and it’s a fast read that I want more every time. I cannot wait to see who is next and what will happen.

  • Phuong
    2018-09-15 16:40

    A Wicked Game by Evie Knight was a fun and wickedly sexy story that I loved reading. Right from the first page, this author had me smiling and chuckling as Vivienne once again gave her invitation to Elite Classified dating service to her friend, Tori. Things were never the same again as she encountered Jack, a guy from her past who was looking to "even" the score naughtily and when she reciprocated in her own creative way, I couldn't stop laughing. I loved the chemistry between these two who had it in spades, the sex scenes were super hot and I enjoyed the witty dialogue. They had issues to overcome and I had a great time going along with them as they find their happy ending. I'm hoping there will be another story in this series.

  • Alyssa
    2018-09-11 18:25