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An Anthology of dark tales from the acclaimed Wild Wolf stable of writers.Juicy chunks of fiction marinated in a piquant sauce of darkness and despair, just as you like it … bloody in the middle.23 short stories of murder, revenge and the supernatural. Lunatics and fanatics, wicked curses and monstrous creations, supernatural entities and demonic playthings. Savour every mAn Anthology of dark tales from the acclaimed Wild Wolf stable of writers.Juicy chunks of fiction marinated in a piquant sauce of darkness and despair, just as you like it … bloody in the middle.23 short stories of murder, revenge and the supernatural. Lunatics and fanatics, wicked curses and monstrous creations, supernatural entities and demonic playthings. Savour every morsel.Best-selling and acclaimed authors include, Rod Glenn, Ricki Thomas, Poppet, I S Paton, C W Lovatt, Jo Reed, A J Kirby, Mark Sinclair, Tony Wright and Kirsty Neary....

Title : Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails
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ISBN : 19284868
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 166 Pages
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Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails Reviews

  • Evans Light
    2018-09-25 15:44

    I picked this volume up primarily for Jacob Rayne's debut short story SEMANA DE FUEGO, and it didn't disappoint. My current rating is based soley on this particular story.In the same manner as Joe Hill's BEST NEW HORROR (but with a completely different genre setting), SEMANA DE FUEGO gives the reader hints as to where it's heading early on - maybe a familiar path, maybe not - but delightful nonetheless as the story unfolds to ultimately reveal whether it is playing into or against reader expectations.Jacob Rayne's prose is crisp, clean and confident, and I look forward to future work from this new author. Recommended.

  • Monique
    2018-10-14 14:32

    Gabby by Rodd GlennShort and sweet with a hint of the supernatural . Just enough to get the juices flowing.This was the perfect short story to start the book ,I was hooked!!Stormy weather by Jo reed Sometimes you can't trust a beautiful smile and boy did Karen find that out fast!!The voice by Kevin TomsettIf you think you're insane when you start to hear voices in your head I'd say you're not wrong !Cooking without onions by CW LovattEmotional intensity at it's finest,bottled up rage is indeed a recipe for disaster !Klingsor's first summer by N A Randall What starts out as a menial summer job ends in horror !!Mad Mary by Tony Wright Good old traditional spooky tale , very enjoyable!!Freedom's Wings by CW LovattI love this story !! It delves into the depths of a mans need for his dear Mary Jane the consummate companion!In Nomine Patris sine Spiritu,sine Filio,damnari in aertnum by PoppetWhat a punch this story packs !! Straight to the point it showcases the hypocrisy ,abuse and misuse of the bible and authority by the church ! Brava Poppet!!The Rat-catcher by Scott StanfordExcellent story and the end is a gruesome surprise !Scato-Illogical by A J KirbyA very Profound story of negative behavior and how it affects those surrounded by it.Sceptres de Delicatesse by PoppetBrilliant,brilliant,brilliant!! Having read this, I must quote Sir Walter Scott"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'.Waiting by Ricki ThomasThis one has me looking over my shoulder as I'm in my back yard! It delves deeply into the mind of a psychopath!Best of Show by Asher WismerWow!! Now this is a tale of sorrow if I ever read one!spending a lifetime trying to please someone but never succeeding!Happy Now? By David RogersI can feel the anguish and heartbreak that the character is suffering in this story.Everything Must Go by Kirsty NearyThis story really makes you feel what a junkie feels.Handling Snakes by I S PatonVery creepy !Dear Mrs. Burton... By Giles Richard EkinsThis story had the hair on the back of my neck standing up!New Beginning by Troy LambertWhat a very touching and inspiring story! This is the ultimate, being able to turn a negative into a positive .Preacher Man by I S PatonSometimes in trying to change a prophesy you can become a part of it.Semana de Fuego by Jacob RayneIf I'm ever in a country that celebrates fire week I'm on the first plain out of there! I'm chilled to the bone from this story !The Study in Blue by Jo ReedRevenge unlike anything seen before !The Room by Mark Sinclair I felt such a gripping tenseness reading this story,it keeps you on the edge.The Trojan Curse by PoppetThe one flaw that keeps women from ruling the world! What an eye opener ! In all, this bundle of Twisted Tails is absolutely Superb!! I highly recommend it!!

  • Lollie
    2018-09-25 12:48

    If you don't have a lot of time to read, or you prefer short stories, or you just want to read some excellent horror stories, Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails is tailor made for you. You'll especially want to read the stories by Chuck Lovatt. If I had one complaint about this book, it is that there are not enough stories by Lovatt. His tales are vivid, creative and scary, just the way I like them! Read it, my friends, and feel the goose pimples rise across your cold flesh.

  • Elaina
    2018-10-03 16:45

    The title of this anthology is apt, for these are twisted tails indeed, each different, each surprising. Well done to every contributor for creating an intriguing read, and well done Wild Wolf for putting it together for the rest of us to enjoy.Here’s a quick take of each ‘tail’:Gabby by Rod Glenn: A lesson to all men!Stormy Weather by Jo Reed: Beware the man who says he’ll make the sun shine just for youThe Voice by Kevin Tomsett: No getting away from the voice, even when you think it silencedCooking Without Onions by CW Lovatt: A warped outlook on marriageKlingsor’s First Summer by NA Randall: Don’t trust the big talkers!Mad Mary by Tony Wright: Boys will be boys…until time catches themFreedom’s Wings by CW Lovatt: You’ll be mesmerized by the masterful spliff rolling…!In Nomine Patris by Poppet: How the Word is twisted and betrayed- remember, forgiveness is earnedThe Rat-catcher by Scott Stanford: A father tries to save money and loses more than he bargained forScato – Illogical by AJ Kirby: Oh…crap!!!!Sceptres de Délicatesse by Poppet: Touché! Life’s a bitch!Waiting… by Ricki Thomas: Be very careful where you smoke, someone may be watchingBest of Show by Asher Wismer: Roses and death, a powerful little storyHappy Now? by David Rogers: A final solution to unhappinessEverything Must Go by Kirsty Neary: Junkies looking for a fix? Or something more? Love the colloquial language!Handling Snakes by IS Paton: A twist in the snake’s tale!DEAR MRS. BURTON… by Giles Richard Ekins: *shiver* my computer knowing the truth before I do would really creep me out!New Beginning by Troy Lambert: A tale of perseverance and hope despite terrible oddsPreacher Man by IS Paton: Wow, beware the fanatical!Semana de Fuego by Jacob Rayne: It’s Fire Week, when the locals burn idols…but that fire cooks up something too tasty…The Study in Blue by Jo Reed: Revenge is sweet…pea!The Room by Mark Sinclair: Be very careful of what you wish for…The Trojan Curse by Poppet: Get them from the inside! Gender war with a twist…Definitely worth reading, deserving each one of five stars! A gasp, a grin, a head scratch, a snort…yes, chances are, you will react in some manner!

  • Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)
    2018-09-25 13:53

    This is an anthology of short stories, all with a dark and twisted theme to them. This anthology is to showcase the very best Wild Wolf has to offer but also includes a couple of authors who are not in the Wild Wolf stable.I love anthologies. You can dip in and out of them at will, whenever you have a quick five minutes, but they are also really hard to review! This was a great introduction to Wild Wolf's principle genre of writing. Each story was deliciously dark, and as ever there were one or two stand outs. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting both new authors and authors I have had the pleasure of reading before. hopefully those not in the stable will be snapped up before too long!

  • Adam Light
    2018-10-03 13:51

    I bought this awesome anthology with no prior experience reading any of the authors featured within. I had heard of one, though. Jacob Rayne. I figured since I knew of him I would give the anthology a chance. Man, I am so glad I did. These stories are dark, disturbing and certainly twisted.Mr. Rayne's story was one that really grabbed me. I don't know where it was set, which I believe was the point, but I don't ever want to visit!Grab this book and you get a veritable grab-bag of horror authors both established and new to the scene. You will be happy you did.

  • Mya
    2018-10-10 11:44

    My first thought upon choosing this book was that it would have werewolf stories in it. I don't know why, but now I can't even remember if I read (certainly didn't remember) the synopsis. Either way, I knew two things about this piece before I started it. A) That one of my favorite writers, Poppet, had several stories in the anthology and B) It had some scary shorts. So it dawned on me about the third story in what "Wild Wolf's Twisted Tales" actually was: a collection of horror and bizarre tales from UK authors. I began to notice the voice in each tale, the cultural contexts and yes, I stopped looking for wolves. I was able to really enjoy reading this anthology. There were a few editing mishaps that threw me off and I really should reread this collection again due to my assumption fails. There are a few gems that truly stand out in this anthology. Of course Poppet has one story about a convent that stirred me in specific, but she does have a few more that are just as riveting like one about a female cult's demise. Semana de Fuego by J Rayne is a gem and "The Room" by Mark Sinclair was a lot on the side of chilling. I highly recommend this affordable collection (2.99 on Amazon for Kindle) if you are the type that likes bite-sized horror!

  • B.A. Morton
    2018-10-17 14:35

    I picked this up as free download. I don't usually go for short stories, but I'd heard good things about quite a few of the authors involved in this anthology so thought it a good opportunity to sample their work. I was impressed not only by the quality of the writing but at the mix of styles.It proved to be quite addictive. I read it over two days.Make no mistake this is a horror anthology so get ready for gruesome, scary, yucky, bizarre and downright chilling, but each story takes on its own slant and voice, and one or two were more shocking (to me) by what was merely inferred. Too many to mention a favourite, but one that sticks in my mind "Happy Now" probably the shortest of the bunch, and I'm not going to spoil it for you, but last line of the third paragraph from the end...oh my goodness...nooooo! A real heart stopper.If you like horror I'd definitely recommend this.

  • Diana Ridout
    2018-09-19 16:31

    Ranging from totally terrifying to bizarrely different and everything in between, this collection of short stories from well known authors was for many months my absolute must 'go to' book for all waiting rooms and journeys. Even though I have read it several times,still gets the occasional reread.Chosen with care, these stories are all excellent. One particular favourite is 'Cooking Without Onions', by C. W. Lovatt, a rather warped look at marriage ...

  • Rod Glenn
    2018-10-12 17:50

  • C.W. Lovatt
    2018-10-10 16:38

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  • Jacob Rayne
    2018-09-28 12:59