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Reproofed 2nd edition published March 2016Monsieur Touton, not much over four foot tall, a slight hunchback and passably good looking is shunned in his youth by the ladies but when Lilly, the housemaid, discovers his most unique physical quality one day when she walks in on him whilst he is bathing her eyes light up in surprise. Lilly wastes no time in taking him in hand,Reproofed 2nd edition published March 2016Monsieur Touton, not much over four foot tall, a slight hunchback and passably good looking is shunned in his youth by the ladies but when Lilly, the housemaid, discovers his most unique physical quality one day when she walks in on him whilst he is bathing her eyes light up in surprise. Lilly wastes no time in taking him in hand, actually both hands and his life is now going to change forever as she not only educates him sexually but makes him realise that he has one great quality which will appeal to many of the lusty ladies of Paris. He later is seduced by his Governess then Madame Royale a promiscuous friend of the family who suggests that he should earn a living using his prodigious talent. She introduces him to the darker side of Paris society, the can-can dancers, the shady clubs and other pursuits but she also arranges for him to set himself up in the local brothel as a gigolo. He soon gains a huge clientele, the Ladies intrigued and excited by the whispered stories of his unique dimensions and gentlemanly manner secretly flock to him for their sexual pleasure.This is his story, a most unusual one that is filled with his many adventures with those ladies. No detail is spared and there are frequent touching moments as well as he develops a relationship with a young woman whom he has the greatest respect for despite her calling....

Title : Monsieur Touton: Parisien Gigolo Extraordinaire
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ISBN : 19301669
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Monsieur Touton: Parisien Gigolo Extraordinaire Reviews

  • Natalie Smith
    2019-04-06 15:43

    I received this book in order to give it an honest review. Honestly there were times when I had to put the book down because it was so hot and so was I. While reading this book, I kept thinking this Moulin Rouge meets the well talented and well endowed Hunchback of Paris. Like the movie "Moulin Rouge" where the writer is telling/singing the story, this story also has a narrator that tells the story of a man who is faced with physical challenges, but are overcome by physical hidden talents. There are times when this man feels he is not beautiful and all alone with no one to truly love. His special talents help to satisfy women who seek to fulfill their sexual desires and as a result he is admired by many. The sexual stories are very explicit and for adults only. If you want something to steam up your night, then give this story a try.

  • Robin Peacock
    2019-03-31 13:51

    This is simply a pillow book; designed to titillate, amuse, and arouse the reader. I found it succeeded well in those respects. It is not meant to be a literary masterpiece but an erotic trinket. It is short enough to read in one sitting but that would detract from its purpose; it needs to be sampled sparingly, since it does tend to repeat itself but that is the nature of such books.This is the story of Raphael, or is it Randolph? The author swaps the name regularly but I suspect it is meant to be Raphael as that is the first used. Raphael is the proud owner of a prodigious member and a prehensile tongue which become the talk of the town and the most sought after entertainment in Paris. The story has no plot other than the retelling of the sexual exploits of the hero. He begins with a chamber maid and proceeds to the dizzy heights of the most famous and beautiful ladies of France.The story is told very much tongue in cheek and in the style of nineteenth century prose. The entertaining language in the dialogue is Frenglish and full of excessive but not improbable hyperbole. There are frequent uses of the French word, qui, which I understand to mean, who, in English. However, the word is misused. I assume the author means, oui, yes, rather than who. After the twentieth example, it grated and became a distraction for me.There were numerous typos. I list just some of them below. Befo9re. Vgolition. Its rising as I speak. Nipple’s, when it should be the plural, nipples.A good editor would have picked up on these. Many self-published authors skimp on the skills of a good editor but here is another example of penny wise, pound foolish. If the author did employ an editor then I suggest finding a new one!I found the book easy to read with some entertaining passages. I thought it would have been improved with some more extensive descriptions of the dress, buildings, and furnishings of the people and locations to generate a little more atmosphere. The typos and the errors of the name and strange use of qui merit the loss of at least one star. I will give it a generous four but only just!

  • Sarah Doebereiner
    2019-03-27 21:47

    I would like to begin this review by stating that this was the first erotic book I have ever read, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The mood and ambiance were consistent throughout. I enjoyed Monsieur Touton’s less desirable, physical traits. There was an interesting dynamic between his perceived inferiority in the daytime world, and his masterful sexual performances under the cover of night.The book is full of evocative imagery, but I felt disconnect between the antiquated language / setting and some of the more modern descriptions. I suppose to me the erotic scenes were almost too polite, if that makes any sense. You do this. I’ll do that. Please. Thank you. There were quite a few ‘delightful’ and ‘I do declare’ type statements that deflated the tension for me.Logistically, I found myself removed from the narrative by the sheer amount of orgasms and the fact that Touton didn’t suffer from any of the common pitfalls or difficulties of a small man so well endowed. There wasn’t variation in the women’s ability to accommodate his size either. There is very little character development to the point that it felt like an erotic movie only the world and character building got fast forwarded through. The hanging, inexplicable narration was jarring. The book is extremely repetitive both in the dialogue and spatial descriptions.Let me stop right there. I could continue to complain about these things and others, but at the end of the day, I have to ask myself if this book delivers on what it promises? Is it promising smooth character arcs or a cohesive plot that’s rough with challenges? The answer? No, not really. It’s erotic for the sake of titillating. I would recommend it for folks who are looking for some quick and dirty scenarios to file away in their spank bank. I would not recommend it for someone who needs progression or an emotional attachment in their erotica.I think it achieved what it set out to do, but there were shortcomings that could not be ignored.

  • Felicite Lilly
    2019-04-11 20:54

    I must start off this review by saying this is not my normal genre. However, it did pull me in. I would classify it as Victorian Erotica. First of all, LOVE the steam punk cover. It is an amazing cover, kudos to whoever does that part of the process for Charlie. The story was brought along by an "unknown" narrator. I would've like to have known who the narrator was to Monsieur Touton, however I did like that aspect so you knew which way the story was moving next. The sex was descriptive but the language the author used allowed for a comfort that I think would not be there otherwise. I really would've liked to have had A LOT more of Raphael and Tilly's story. A little blurb here and there just didn't feel like enough. Although I will say at the end, I teared up. You'll see why.Overall, An Eloquently written Victorian Erotica book. Nice work Charlie B.

  • Charlie B.
    2019-04-15 13:54